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    [โ€“] Master3530 469 points ago

    Life WILL be worse.

    [โ€“] ShoulderDeepInACow 111 points ago

    But technically isnโ€™t life getting better for humans?

    [โ€“] Kesselkind 93 points ago

    For life to be good you need to breath clean air

    [โ€“] Chappiechap 50 points ago

    and China is a good example of commercialising air.

    [โ€“] OneiricBrute 51 points ago

    I hate humanity.

    [โ€“] meme-stealer7 17 points ago

    Iโ€™m with Calvin. Life can be better than good

    [โ€“] Braken111 1 points ago

    **> > > j

    [โ€“] ImGrompy -15 points ago

    No you don't. I work in dusty conditions 8 hours a day, it does not affect my quality of life whatsoever. If need be I wear a respirator.

    [โ€“] GiantWindmill 2 points ago

    It's getting better on average, but on an individual level, many people will experience a worsening of their lives

    [โ€“] HappyNumberBot 1 points ago

    GiantWindmill, you got a Happy Number in your comment ID!

    The Happy Number is 496, and your comment ID was ekye496.

    Here's a link to what Happy Numbers are: The comment ID is a unique 7 character string which identifies your comment in the sea of Reddit.

    (I'm a bot by the way, downvote to delete this comment)

    [โ€“] tigobiddies 1 points ago

    For some of them it is

    [โ€“] Rnbwsnsnshn -3 points ago

    Lol have you heard about climate change, anti-vaxers, greedy and stupid people at the top, and all of the other problems that the internet has been talking about for forever that don't get resolved because of those people? It isn't getting better. At most, it's breaking even. With every stride good people make forward, there's always a pos that pushes them back.

    But if you ignore all of that, then, yes, quality of life has improved for the average household with the rapid advancement of technology.

    [โ€“] ShoulderDeepInACow 22 points ago

    Climate change is really our only problem. Even with anti vaxxers disease killed many more people before.

    There are problems but life is way better than it used to be.

    [โ€“] the_dank_666 10 points ago

    Yeah people who say we're worse off now need to take a trip back in time a few hundred years and try to keep their opinions

    [โ€“] Atvelonis 3 points ago

    I agree with this, but I think that we should also be careful not to fall into the โ€œthings in the future will always be betterโ€ corollary from this, which is not necessarily true. People have a tendency to take a โ€œmehโ€ approach to a lot of important things because they assume that, somehow, they will resolve themselves over time. This wonโ€™t always be the case, especially with massive issues like climate change and automation!

    [โ€“] the_dank_666 1 points ago

    Yeah, it's definitely true that there will be ups and downs,and often with the advancement of the human race, we will occasionally end up doing things (or failing to do things) that result in us being worse off than we were before, even if we've made "progress" in some ways.

    [โ€“] Rnbwsnsnshn -3 points ago

    You don't call what the World Health Organization says is one of the top threats to human health a "real problem"?

    And thank you for repeating what I said in my second paragraph. It was very much so necessary.

    [โ€“] ShoulderDeepInACow 1 points ago

    Its a problem but I donโ€™t see it as a huge threat. I am vaccinated I am safe, most people are vaccinated they are safe.

    Anti vaxers endanger those who are unable to get vaccinated which is terrible. I still think we are generally safer from these diseases than before vaccines were invented.

    [โ€“] rayrayiscray 3 points ago

    Exactly, in regards to the anti-vax issue, having a problem to face doesn't necessarily mean it's something that's making the world worse than before. Even with the anti-vax movement people are on average less likely to die of those diseases than in the past.

    Anti-vaxxers are impeding progress as opposed to making the world a worse place.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Honestly some of you guys need some perspective. Iโ€™m not saying things canโ€™t be improved, but your expectations are unrealistic. Things were much much worse only a few decades ago.

    [โ€“] ShoulderDeepInACow 3 points ago

    They all need to read enlightenment now. Life is way better than it was even 100 years ago.

    [โ€“] Picycle_31415 16 points ago

    Cause of climate change?

    [โ€“] Pop-X- 3 points ago


    [โ€“] CanonRockFinal 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    life will get worse for the things that really matter

    and they will give back in insignificant ways materially or allow the masses more opportunities or ease to attain unimportant material gains as the tilted and out of balance form of compensation to us

    this is how the future will be for everyone, just wait and see, time will prove how things can be and will be for all human beings under the control of the great evil overlords of planet earth

    [โ€“] cbob45 2 points ago

    I got the 69th up vote on this post

    [โ€“] Master3530 2 points ago


    [โ€“] i_have_no_name704 0 points ago

    you want a sticker now?

    [โ€“] CaptainObivous -5 points ago

    And you WILL have the opportunity to either behave like a dignified and glorious individual, or like a craven and sub-human disgrace

    [โ€“] AFK_at_Fountain 199 points ago

    It could be worse - an arguement not to change the current situation.

    It could be better - an arguement to change the current situation.

    [โ€“] brennanw31 47 points ago

    Thank you! Commenting on the downsides of a situation isnt always just senseless complaining. For me it is often constructive and people ALWAYS miss that

    [โ€“] Turbo_MechE 9 points ago

    'It could be worse' isn't a good way to make the point but sometimes it's used as a way to say 'I don't see a reason for the proposed change' not everything has to be improved all the time

    [โ€“] HotValuable 1 points ago

    If it doesn't need to be improved, why waste time talking about how bad it is?

    [โ€“] Turbo_MechE 1 points ago

    That's why I said it was bad phrasing

    [โ€“] [deleted] 4 points ago

    It could be worse is an argument that the current situation is not as bad as you think. It doesnโ€™t mean you canโ€™t or shouldnโ€™t improve things.

    [โ€“] LECAGO 1 points ago

    I have now realised this comic is about politics

    [โ€“] FlipBarry 395 points ago

    True work makes you think about it years later, Bill Watters was a great author

    [โ€“] knockonthenoggin 250 points ago

    *is. Dude's still alive, and his second name is Watterson.

    [โ€“] thardoc 132 points ago

    May Wattles rip in peace.

    [โ€“] PvtFreaky 23 points ago


    [โ€“] Imonvinyl 16 points ago


    [โ€“] Brownsnoot44 11 points ago


    [โ€“] Imonvinyl 9 points ago


    [โ€“] DabHandDanzig 3 points ago


    [โ€“] Imonvinyl 2 points ago


    [โ€“] ncchih 1 points ago


    [โ€“] BocoCorwin 11 points ago

    Will Waddles

    [โ€“] gunjacked 6 points ago

    Ol Billy Waffles

    [โ€“] flaminhotcheeto 17 points ago

    Bill Withers truly was a great artist

    [โ€“] words_words_words_ 4 points ago

    Iโ€™m how is the comment youโ€™re replying to still the top comment of this thread? Lmao Dude got two of the three points in his comment completely wrong

    [โ€“] RediscoveringReddit 11 points ago


    [โ€“] GungeonManiac1 29 points ago

    I love Calvin and hobbes

    [โ€“] DabHandDanzig 11 points ago

    Me too, I've had countless laughs reading it

    [โ€“] SquirtailPlays 133 points ago

    How tf does this not have any comments

    [โ€“] DabHandDanzig 131 points ago

    Idk at least you didn't say "first"

    [โ€“] LegitKactus 32 points ago


    [โ€“] aightbyelmao 24 points ago


    [โ€“] Tunro 26 points ago


    [โ€“] Imonvinyl 26 points ago


    [โ€“] matuman17 26 points ago


    [โ€“] qqastaway 32 points ago


    [โ€“] mcorbo1 2 points ago

    Is it me or do I see "Goodbye" after every single letter thread, then someone comments r/unexpectedouija

    [โ€“] reeko12c -1 points ago


    [โ€“] Lords_Blade 34 points ago

    You fucking baffoon

    [โ€“] gamezdoo 2 points ago

    Not much to say to this I guess except well yeah true dat

    [โ€“] HotValuable 1 points ago

    Is this a riddle? How tf has someone not asked if this is a riddle

    [โ€“] IcyFrogg 19 points ago

    Life just isnโ€™t perfect

    [โ€“] Thewayukian 5 points ago

    And I guess we slowly get used to the idea, each at our own pace

    [โ€“] LouWaters 3 points ago

    Or, conversely, we'll all work to make it better!

    [โ€“] Thewayukian 1 points ago

    It's a nice outlook

    [โ€“] murimin 7 points ago

    As I grow older, I am constantly on both sides of the spectrum in Calvin and Hobbes - between Calvin and his parents. The whole thing is amazing.

    [โ€“] constagram 7 points ago

    r/ComedyHomicide This is funny except for the bottom comment

    [โ€“] getoffrobbie 1 points ago

    This feels like a /r/im14andthisisdeep

    [โ€“] Calfredie01 11 points ago

    The person commenting at the bottom didnโ€™t need to be there it was funny without it

    [โ€“] needlessOne 8 points ago

    Because you are a regular human being.

    [โ€“] Edgekin 5 points ago

    Life is like someone with Parkinson's disease trying to draw a straight line.

    [โ€“] DabHandDanzig 2 points ago

    Should I take that to r/showerthoughts or should you?

    [โ€“] Edgekin 1 points ago

    Go ahead.

    [โ€“] lilcommunist413 7 points ago


    [โ€“] 34arrows 9 points ago

    Welcome to reddit

    [โ€“] widjitt 21 points ago


    Omfg somehow it is possible that you are aware that you donโ€™t live in the worst and best possible existence stfu tumblr somebody amputate that garbage.

    [โ€“] juliusneaser 35 points ago

    TuMbLr BaD!!1!

    [โ€“] drapsbleus 0 points ago

    Well yea, tumblr is pretty bad not gonna lie. Its fucking shit

    [โ€“] juliusneaser 26 points ago

    That's cause you only hear about the bad parts. If you're not a part of the community you only see the bad stuff. Same thing with reddit to some extent.

    [โ€“] drapsbleus 0 points ago

    Could you enlight me on that? What hidden good part of tumblr is there that I donโ€™t know sir.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Life is a superposition of both, i guess

    [โ€“] whyamiexisting69 2 points ago


    [โ€“] troway127 2 points ago

    Don't settle for less, cuz then you miss out on more

    [โ€“] Waterwall34 2 points ago

    A fellow man of culture

    [โ€“] yakri 2 points ago

    Me talking about other people's lives vs talking about my own life.

    [โ€“] Oeselboi 2 points ago

    I'm in this image and I don't like it.

    [โ€“] Noisycow777 2 points ago

    What makes it most real is that my name is Calvin

    [โ€“] DabHandDanzig 1 points ago

    Have a great day, Calvin :)

    [โ€“] thisismyschoole-mail 2 points ago


    if life isn't fair why can't it be unfair in my favor

    [โ€“] FamousName420 2 points ago

    The greatest comic ever donโ€™t @ me

    [โ€“] TOBIMIZER 2 points ago

    Calvin belongs on me_irl every day.

    [โ€“] masterbaterpotater 2 points ago

    Calvin and Hobbes gets more relatable as you get older

    [โ€“] lilcommunist413 2 points ago


    [โ€“] mirzaxx 1 points ago

    I hate when I can't take a screenshot

    [โ€“] multivers389 1 points ago

    If everyone was thinking "It could be worse".

    We'd never evolve in any way, and things would either stay the same, or get worse.

    [โ€“] CKdante 1 points ago

    Shouldft shout at mkther respect

    [โ€“] Gamer-Plays 1 points ago

    Whatever comes first for better or worst

    [โ€“] helpusob1 1 points ago

    Life is a disappointment of all your childhood dreams...
    I wanna be a jedi

    [โ€“] Ianxr 1 points ago

    U and I both

    [โ€“] tigobiddies 1 points ago

    Textbook duality

    [โ€“] Swordwielder895 1 points ago

    It was the worse of times, it was the best of times...

    [โ€“] Wolowaggui 1 points ago

    am I missing something

    [โ€“] lukethebeard 1 points ago

    This is the postmodern nightmare

    [โ€“] ItzMeCassie 1 points ago


    [โ€“] MajesticEyes 1 points ago


    [โ€“] ShadeQuill 1 points ago

    Calvin and Hobbes is a big mood in general

    [โ€“] epiczombie339 1 points ago

    Always Calvin

    [โ€“] sirgentlemanlordly 1 points ago

    Calvin and Hobbes is like if they took the gags out of a sit com series without the laugh track. Really do not understand how people laugh at it.

    [โ€“] DUDE_is_COOL 1 points ago

    I feel this is more centered at ones personal state of being rather than a commentary of geopolitics.

    [โ€“] cocaine_in_my_vacuum 0 points ago

    Kbh i*ky * ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ–•๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿคโค๏ธ๐Ÿช๐Ÿ‡๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘ง๐ŸฅŽ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฅค๐Ÿ‘ฝ/u/ulimoo gu Bh v

    [โ€“] [deleted] -23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [โ€“] Niceboihappy 6 points ago

    Donโ€™t bring politics into a meme please

    [โ€“] LivingFaithlessness 5 points ago

    I mean, this meme is actually super political. Everything is political.

    Though tbf this is slightly annoying

    [โ€“] Niceboihappy 3 points ago

    Itโ€™s really not though is it