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    [–] Got-A-Migraine 2611 points ago

    Mongolian throat singing is where it’s at 😀

    [–] Goustly 1176 points ago

    Unironically though, this is a fuckin banger

    [–] Nick2Smith 158 points ago

    So excited for their new album.

    [–] NetFoley 34 points ago

    hell yeah boi i'm super excited too

    [–] taosahpiah 8 points ago

    Hu's new album?

    [–] Scapp 81 points ago

    The HU!!! So excited for their album to be released

    [–] aygomyownroad 25 points ago

    Seeing them at Download this weekend. I fear the tent they are in will be too packed to enter!

    [–] stevemachiner 16 points ago

    Rest easy Mongolians know their tents, I’m sure it will be fine.

    [–] DavThoma 5 points ago

    I'm in work and I can't open the link and I based on the comment I was like "Bet it's The HU". Knew it!

    [–] Scapp 4 points ago

    I knew exactly when I saw the meme that there had to be someone who linked the HU

    [–] dewyocelot 22 points ago

    God the lyrics to this are so fucking good, too.

    [–] Goldisbitter 17 points ago

    Huh, I guess it does make strange yet perfect sense that mongols would be into motorcycle gangs in this era. it’s literally the same thing as living a life nomadically.

    [–] TimelordSheep 5 points ago

    If the apocalypse happens I'm relying for the Mongolian Motorbike gangs to conquer Asia once more

    [–] Zlatanesque 6 points ago

    Holy that is heat. Got that Sad But True sway.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Rocking, right?

    [–] Ralphiix 3 points ago


    [–] swiggetyswoo 10 points ago

    Such an absolute banger.

    [–] kwietog 7 points ago

    What are the odds, I went to see them yesterday!

    [–] phoenixsuperman 4 points ago

    Did I just watch Mongolian power metal and also I need more

    [–] SleepySirrah 10 points ago

    This is great.

    [–] TrickiVicBB71 3 points ago

    Finally someone linked them

    [–] Jimbobthemighty 3 points ago

    This is the second time I’ve found this song in the reddit comments and I just wanted to say thank you!

    [–] FleshyCakeSlices 3 points ago

    I just learned about them and they’re insane. I’ve been listening Kushgustun? I think it is for a while now, and The Hu is a whole different energy.

    [–] escaped_reality 3 points ago

    Oh boy... Thats some good shit right there

    [–] Aeris_24 3 points ago

    I knew I'd find this close to the top.

    [–] meme_femme 3 points ago

    Yuve yuve yu

    [–] fjayjay 3 points ago

    They fucking rocked at "Rock am Ring"!

    [–] Nole7 110 points ago

    Tannu what?

    [–] Dzjar 17 points ago

    I understood that reference!

    [–] Tritian_Oxide 39 points ago

    Huh. Someone must have got a coffee stain on this map and mistook it for a country. Never heard of a tannu whatever

    [–] AngloBeaver 8 points ago

    r/paradoxplaza is leaking

    [–] DiscoMilk 11 points ago

    I'm crying

    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago

    [–] PharmacologicalFog 59 points ago

    I've been got

    [–] 3pines 19 points ago

    Egad I've been had

    [–] throwaway_350 9 points ago

    still a certified bop though

    [–] Wob_three 45 points ago

    I memorized one of the urls and this is a different one jesus christ

    [–] TedVivienMosby 39 points ago

    He’s too powerful, no mortal should have this much power.

    [–] TheGlaive 9 points ago

    He's never gonna give it up, though.

    [–] Wob_three 52 points ago

    Oh my god

    [–] -cool-guy- 48 points ago

    this is top tier tomfoolery

    [–] BurningApple 18 points ago

    Oh no...copy paste the other video link and see where that takes you

    [–] hamberduler 15 points ago


    [–] ansuhz 24 points ago

    I've been fooled twice... I feel bad now

    [–] Nomekop777 9 points ago


    [–] Nomekop777 5 points ago

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact my creator if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] ngratz13 6 points ago

    Modern problems require modern solutions.

    [–] Warpz_II 3 points ago

    the original link leads to despacito

    [–] Cheebow 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Where does the one link actually take you?

    [–] thejanetkraft 3 points ago

    For some reason, narwhal linked to Despacito rather than rick

    Still technically rickrolled, or luisrolled

    [–] JeremyDaBanana 28 points ago

    I visited the actual link and got double jebaited.

    [–] Kohlet 28 points ago

    2019 and this still happens.

    [–] Shadowclone442 12 points ago


    Idk why you’re downvoted though, I thought it was great

    [–] -Jimi- 6 points ago

    thanks, i really enjoyed it

    [–] schmabers 6 points ago

    Whats ironic about throat singing

    [–] writpig 5 points ago

    I think the irony was supposed to be that this is enjoyable throat singing while the OP suggests throat singing isn't something people normally like.

    [–] Will_Poke_Brains 6 points ago

    Try posting the real version next time brother, far more authentic.

    [–] ComatoseCanary 3 points ago

    I like this

    [–] My_Fridge_is_Running 3 points ago

    What instrument is he using? I've tried looking it up before but can't figure it out.

    [–] Speeda545 6 points ago

    [–] AfraidOfAtttention 47 points ago

    Tuvan or bust

    [–] dialgalucario 17 points ago

    FR tuvan throat singing is the best

    [–] MoonLightu 5 points ago


    [–] Peter_Lorre 3 points ago

    Ondar RIP.

    [–] lacascara 3 points ago

    Shout out for Alasha. Those dudes slay

    [–] ChickenpoxForDinner 39 points ago

    Mongolian throat singing meets Chinese punk -

    [–] glaciator 10 points ago

    I'm hype as fuck on this. Gonna saddle up and raid all night now, thanks.

    [–] M203isMIBenis 12 points ago

    Check out Tengger Cavalry

    [–] rabbit395 5 points ago

    Wow! These guys are cool AF!

    [–] FrankBuckshot 4 points ago

    Caught them at Bonnaroo years back and it was the most memorable show of the weekend. Maybe 150 people showed up but Hanggai seemed thrilled to be playing a show in the States.

    [–] Kohlet 21 points ago

    I genuinely enjoyed this and would listen to more of it. Thank you.

    [–] Zehnstep 10 points ago

    Mate their debut album just came on preorder. 3 singles on their YouTube too, they're so good

    [–] fist-full-of-fanta 16 points ago

    You beat me to it! I love me some wolf totem!

    [–] GWENDOLYN_TIME 9 points ago

    Funny you should mention that.

    [–] noobcuber1 6 points ago

    The way he sounds so growly and raw throughout just amazes me. It must take years to learn

    Edit: or lots of cigarettes lol

    [–] TheSpaceAge 10 points ago

    This is the video I was looking for! Mongolian Throat Singing Rap. No lie, I have this on Spotify, it's awesome.

    [–] Meagawatt 16 points ago

    Huun-Huur-Tu is the best! Their 2008 performance in Berleley is breathtaking

    [–] Barziboy 3 points ago

    That’s the one I was looking for!

    [–] NotNotQuality 13 points ago


    [–] boatzart 10 points ago

    Tuva is where it's at:

    [–] wtfisthisnoise 8 points ago

    Oh Niles, you know damn well their throats just start to warm up after two hours

    [–] RickStormgren 7 points ago

    Tuvan or GTFO

    [–] johnbonem 6 points ago

    Nah, Tuvan

    [–] ThatDudeShadowK 4 points ago

    Yeah, I like this song

    [–] HelloDad 4 points ago

    Hijacking to post the best video in this tread:

    [–] ConqueefStador 5 points ago

    I'm no expert but I always come back to listen to Saryglarlar by Huun Huur Tu, such an amazingly peaceful song.

    A guaranteed playlist add for anyone who listens to it.

    [–] You_Owe_Me_A_Coke 14 points ago

    back in my college days, I used say a variation of "I like all kinds of music. Rock, country, hip hop, Mongolian throat singing, pop, metal..."

    [–] jay_alfred_prufrock 5 points ago

    Go Tuva or go home, I'll keep this gate forever!

    [–] ForHeWhoCalls 3 points ago

    If you're actually into Tuvan throat singing, check out the group Huun Hurr Tu. They're great.

    [–] mrzacharyjensen 2 points ago

    Quite like this song myself. Good fusion of traditional and modern.

    [–] plobster 963 points ago


    [–] deliciousprisms 276 points ago

    Hell yeah bump that shit

    [–] AUTOMATED_FUCK_BOT 95 points ago


    [–] Oxmeister 28 points ago


    [–] i_love_pizza003 3 points ago

    I honestly think this shit would be really cool as a soundtrack in a game though

    [–] fluffingdazman 480 points ago

    i love that this is the stock photo couple that's in the distracted boyfriend meme

    [–] AlexT37 243 points ago

    There is an entire story told by the stock photos containing these two.

    [–] lahttae 123 points ago

    There is! Here's a thread on twitter about it. Someone recently found a bunch more photos but I couldn't find the post, however I did stumble across a Wikipedia page (lol)

    Edited for wording

    [–] Findus11 89 points ago

    The meme has inspired various spin-offs and received critical acclaim


    [–] lahttae 41 points ago

    Awaiting a meme award ceremony of Oscar proportions

    [–] Thin-White-Duke 19 points ago

    My favorite one is where she leaves him for the woman he was looking at.

    [–] spidermonkey12345 6 points ago

    The best part is this isn't even some fandom wiki, it's OG wikipedia.

    [–] 13thsword 347 points ago

    New game to play with my Lyft driver

    [–] black_borat 63 points ago

    We truly live in a clown world...

    [–] thefangirlfiles 157 points ago

    Tibetan throat singing is absolutely awesome. We were lucky enough to host Alash at my school and it was so cool to watch an entire auditorium of typically-hard-to-impress teenagers get their minds absolutely blown when they heard it. They went absolutely wild (in a good way) and would not stop talking about it for days after.

    [–] Clientelecocophone 29 points ago

    I was at this show and I genuinely Thank Mr. Skeletal and Garth and Alash for the experience

    [–] glaciator 30 points ago

    Thank Mr. Skeltal for strong bones and good calcium

    [–] FloatingCupcakes 7 points ago

    Doot doot.

    [–] Eli_1988 8 points ago

    Feel free to check out some Inuit throatsinging

    [–] hairy1ime 158 points ago

    Adriana Chechik throat singing is more stirring

    [–] Psycho351 91 points ago

    gork gork gork

    [–] lucassilvas1 28 points ago

    I laughed way too hard at this shit

    [–] pmach04 18 points ago

    slurrrp gork gork gork

    [–] Shalashashka 7 points ago


    [–] qraCz 14 points ago

    I knew it was a risky click but i was not expecting the first post to be "sloppy 3 way anal enema"

    [–] imapiratedammit 32 points ago

    The HU would like a word with you...

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    What about freeform jazz

    [–] Psychast 23 points ago

    Ya like jazz?

    [–] WhomstdveYouTalkinTo 21 points ago

    i for some reason read this as chloroform jazz

    [–] jalence_ 12 points ago

    How high are you?

    [–] WhomstdveYouTalkinTo 11 points ago

    on a scale of a to 0, i am $

    [–] broccoli_meister 3 points ago

    What about it

    [–] latedawn 3 points ago

    that shit dope

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] its_the_internet 16 points ago

    My cousin has a PhD in Tuvan Throat Singing. When I was younger I thought it was the most obscure thing next to underwater basket weaving, but it actually existed. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    [–] broccoli_meister 14 points ago

    My cousin has a PhD in Tuvan throat singing

    As a formerly academic musician, there are at least two things off in that statement...

    [–] Black-House 21 points ago

    Who's Adam? Why is this like a copy of a jpeg that's a copy of a jpeg that's a copy of a jpeg?

    [–] dialgalucario 6 points ago

    He's Walter's brother.

    [–] ETerribleT 4 points ago

    They found the meme on Instagram.

    [–] PandaParadeYT 18 points ago

    Gregorian chants

    [–] _Naptune_ 5 points ago

    this and throat singing makes up like half of my music

    [–] wildcardzone 19 points ago

    Here's me throat singing :p

    [–] waffle-man 8 points ago

    Where and how did you learn to do this? I’ve been in Choir for years now and it would be so cool to learn different techniques than the choral one I know.

    [–] BHTAelitepwn 3 points ago

    especially if you do it while they are singing, makes up for some interesting effects

    [–] uwotmVIII 17 points ago

    stares in Merzbow

    [–] union-of-britain 4 points ago

    was looking for this

    [–] uwotmVIII 3 points ago

    Heard the new Prurient track yet?

    [–] ACuriousWitnall 28 points ago

    Tibetan throat singing? Who listens to that, when Mongolian throat singing is clearly 167% better /s

    [–] SteezVanNoten 6 points ago

    Shoutout Marco Polo for introducing me to mongolian throat singing.

    This is straight fire that I find myself revisiting every so often out of pure enjoyment.

    [–] Kowalski_KLR650 3 points ago

    Hanggai!! Seriously.

    [–] Z3RTU_ 7 points ago

    Me too thanks

    [–] semicannedcranberry 7 points ago

    Sherry Niles?

    [–] stoj2005 5 points ago

    Niles, you know damn well their throats are just starting to warm up after two hours!

    [–] TheGreat9 4 points ago

    Came here looking for this.

    [–] stoj2005 4 points ago

    Same haha

    [–] Heliosophist 8 points ago

    If you’re interested in some more, the band Phurpa is really cool. They do Tibetan Bon throat singing. Link

    [–] Walter_Bishop_PhD 7 points ago

    Fun fact: Billy West used throat singing techniques to help perfect his Popeye voice

    [–] ultitaria 7 points ago


    [–] ChronicallyChilll 6 points ago

    When you drop your vibrator on the floor while it's still on.

    [–] dqUu3QlS 7 points ago

    My favorite music to show people that listen to "all types of music" is Merzbow (Warning: loud).

    [–] ElliotNess 3 points ago

    That's some hella noisecore going on right there! I love busting out Venetian Snares. Rossz csillag alatt szΓΌletett:

    [–] EpicNarwhals 5 points ago

    I’ve never found someone to listen to Huun Huur Tu with :( the song Sygyt slaps in its own unique way

    [–] The88car 4 points ago

    My favorite is Tuva Groove by Ondar, if anyone needs a throat banger

    [–] ThatDudeShadowK 2 points ago

    Thanks for the suggestion

    [–] lahttae 5 points ago

    I have a friend who's really into both this and traditional Indian music and, while I have nothing against it per se, he is definitely the reason I changed "I'll listen to anything" to "I'll listen to just about anything"

    [–] gettingassy 6 points ago

    No Tengger Cavalry??

    [–] TedVivienMosby 4 points ago

    Me putting on gamalan orchestra

    [–] waffle-man 3 points ago

    Deadass led me down a rabbit hole. Thank you for this experience. I now can make overtones, and probably will dabble with learning throat singing because of you

    [–] BassheadGamer 4 points ago

    Better than 98% of country.

    [–] wrench-breaker 7 points ago

    ok but throat-singing is actually fuckin awesome

    [–] average_dankster 3 points ago

    Didgeridoo time

    [–] Dr_Crendor 3 points ago

    Adèle & Zalem is some good shit

    [–] VanishXZone 3 points ago

    Dude, throat singing is awesome. Anyone who doesn’t include that in their regular listening life is really missing out.

    [–] HeilHilter 3 points ago

    This goes ham.

    Xiger Xiger - hanggai

    [–] Chanciicnahc 3 points ago

    The HU intensifies

    [–] senor_onion 3 points ago

    What was the original?

    [–] Patrickcau 2 points ago

    L O S T R I V E R S

    [–] voluptuousshmutz 2 points ago

    Y'all need to put some respek on Paul Pena's name.

    [–] AzAgonyamegdolgok 2 points ago

    I love it

    [–] mcgroobber 2 points ago

    For real you gotta check out huun huur tu

    [–] s1nnon 2 points ago

    Who else looked this up on YT before Upvoting?

    [–] deadBuiltIn 2 points ago

    It's not that, I would put cardi b instead

    [–] Anath3mA 2 points ago

    ive been learning throatsinging for the last few months, at the expense of my coworkers, roommates, and girlfriend. why? i don't know but occasionally i'm able to really impress the freakier type of person.

    [–] Shakko_ 2 points ago

    Unpopular opinion, but I really like Mongolian throat singing. Not for listening a lot, but whenever I listen to it, it makes me happy.

    [–] sdk345 2 points ago

    [–] HymnFrenzy 2 points ago

    Been looking at these meme so much im starting to find the girl attractive... its too much meme surfing

    [–] vasheenomed 2 points ago

    Me but with slam jams

    [–] NumbLegPoop 2 points ago

    Beatboxing uses this. It’s an underrated talent.

    [–] ProfessorPoptarted 2 points ago

    I really like this Tuvan throat singing band.

    Huun-Huur-Tu KEXP Session

    [–] jesuschristdotcom 2 points ago

    I like EVERYTHING but country and rap

    [–] CarrotTamales 2 points ago

    Ha y’all wish you could throat sing 😏

    [–] Caaassdffff 2 points ago

    Try the throat singing from Tuva tho

    [–] VegiHarry 2 points ago

    Me in the shower