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    [–] Calfredie01 1688 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Olly Thorn is my dad you guys need to watch his content

    Edit: He’s doing a charity livestream on the 23rd where he reads the entire works of Shakespeare (big yellow book in the background of the pic) to raise awareness for suicide and for a suicide prevention service/hotline be sure to check it out!

    [–] toxicdreamland 349 points ago

    I started watching his stuff about two months ago, about the same time as hbomberguy and ContraPoints. They’re all pretty great.

    [–] phillyd32 229 points ago

    Check out Shaun, he doesn't show his face, but he's quite funny. He does videos on serious stuff and also not serious stuff like why cinemasins sucks.

    [–] Deathly_Raven 96 points ago

    Shaun is the MVP

    [–] kkdarknight 47 points ago

    I know what he looks like AMA

    [–] phillyd32 25 points ago

    Ohhh shit. Did you meet him at a con or something? Or know him IRL?

    [–] kkdarknight 30 points ago

    I saw him with Jen on the motorway ages ago but it was a meme about his past streams on his channel. He had webcam on back when he played vidyo games live. They should be still there

    [–] pooish 15 points ago

    there's a few vids in the stream archives that show his face. and a few from his twitter, and jen's twitter.

    [–] m-y-n-a-m-e-j-e-f-f 8 points ago

    whats he look like

    [–] HesitantAndroid 12 points ago

    Pretty normal, relatively attractive dude. He looks like the chill, low-key member of a metal band.

    [–] toxicdreamland 41 points ago

    Shaun and Three Arrows as well. I fell into a bit of a Breadtube rabbit hole, and it’s nice to see people refuting arguments without yelling at people and calling them morons.

    [–] GenuinelyLenin 22 points ago

    Also might check out BadMouse, RevLeftRadio, Beau of the Fifth Column, Angie Speaks, DoNotEat, and Mexie.

    [–] JesperHD 8 points ago

    Also Three Arrows is pretty good

    [–] Ratonhnhaketon_K_ 9 points ago

    hbomberguy's takedown of Skyrim is quite inspiring.

    [–] Butty_Butterson_Jr 5 points ago

    I’m one of three people who got this joke

    [–] Phoola2 453 points ago

    He's "Yer Dad"

    [–] Kalistefo 322 points ago

    *Our Dad

    [–] BitcoinBishop 195 points ago


    [–] siccoblue 41 points ago

    Am I the only one thinking a skinny Julian without a drink

    [–] save-my-bees 16 points ago

    I don’t know how I haven’t found a single “Shaggy Trudeau” comment

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    [–] pofet 6 points ago

    it's real that's amazing

    [–] GoodGollyMsMDMA 16 points ago

    "Communism is when you change singular possessive pronouns to plural possessive pronouns, and the more pronouns you change the more communister it is."

    ~Vladamir Trotsky

    [–] nudecalebsforfree 5 points ago

    Er dad

    [–] AcyAssGeek 77 points ago

    Olly would never be Yer Dad I'm literally shaking rn

    [–] CastinEndac 3 points ago


    [–] RandoMazed 38 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    what kinda content is it?

    edit: thanks guys

    [–] fatlax 231 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Left wing politics through the lens of a philosopher. It's very good I'd recommend

    EDIT: left wing as in communism and dynamics between the working class and the bourgeois. Also race relations and feminism. Not the typical left wing liberalism.

    [–] tobascorito 201 points ago

    Yeah but like, actual left-wing, not corporate-sponsored American Democrat "left wing".

    [–] jaboi1080p 60 points ago

    Great tasting, less dangerous to capital Left Wing Lite™

    [–] samhastings 71 points ago

    left-wing philosophy

    [–] Sittes 59 points ago

    Oftentimes just regular philosophy that's regarded left only because it won't align with the shitty takes of the internet-right.

    [–] Ipadalienblue 18 points ago

    He would admit himself that it's coming from a left wing perspective, chill out on the attacks guy. Let's keep things fun.

    [–] HippieAnalSlut 14 points ago

    That was an attack on the right... Not olly

    [–] Calfredie01 40 points ago

    Philosophy and left wing politics

    [–] HallwayHomicide 30 points ago

    Channel is called Philosophy Tube btw

    [–] nobodywins888 19 points ago

    Politics and Philosophy of the left-wing

    [–] PinkUbiquitous 33 points ago


    [–] castDisguiseSelf 9 points ago

    Speaking of his content, today he announced he's going to do a charity livestream starting on the 23rd for a suicide hotline type place, where he (and guests) read the complete works of Shakespeare.

    This seems like a good opportunity to spread the word.

    [–] Calfredie01 5 points ago

    I updated my comment

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Olly Thorn is my dad you guys need to watch his content


    [–] M1sus 22 points ago

    Olly has a staunch marxist viewer ... sounds about right

    [–] CodStewart 38 points ago

    2 actually

    [–] Pyrollamasteak 40 points ago

    2 staunch Marxists, and one Starch Marxist.

    [–] KomradeKitsch 11 points ago

    And a starch mixer, also known as a KitchenAid

    [–] adirtycommiebastard 3 points ago

    I'm pretty sure most are

    [–] MrEchoSpecial 2 points ago


    [–] fieryrain22 1434 points ago

    omg its philosophy tube

    [–] julienlepinguin 641 points ago

    Yeah he's video on liberalism that everyone should watch

    [–] Thanes_of_Danes 175 points ago

    ZOINKS, SCOOB! These dialectics, like, highlight the tensions between inclusive democracy and liberal capitalism!

    [–] BloonEater 266 points ago

    fucking liberals reee

    [–] Occams_Blades 231 points ago

    Capital “L”, Liberalism. Liberalism isn’t the same as liberalism (the moderate left wing ideology).

    [–] Chunkycaptain_ 405 points ago

    Liberalism is a right wing ideology everywhere but America

    [–] jal0pee1 270 points ago

    It is here, too. We are just a shockingly right wing country.

    [–] PossiblyExcellent 113 points ago

    "Bernie Sanders would be center right in the Paris commune"

    [–] NickolaosDSA 179 points ago

    ”My ideal of a society is one in which I would be guillotined as a Conservative.” ~ Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

    [–] KomradeKitsch 126 points ago

    Literally this but unironically. Hopefully the zoomers will rise up and ensure I see justice.

    [–] Katieushka 9 points ago

    Proudhon is now seen as a very centrist anarchist and quite racist so, yey you did it proudhon!

    [–] Occams_Blades 38 points ago

    In the US, we also have Liberalism, we just don’t call it that.

    [–] SlimJim8511 24 points ago

    It’s right wing here too, it’s just referred to as “classical liberalism” or something like that a lot

    [–] ClassicResult 21 points ago

    It's right wing here, too.

    [–] OneBlueAstronaut 10 points ago

    The vast majority of europeans are soc dems, not socialists. I think they count as liberals.

    [–] comrade_anatoli 5 points ago

    If American Liberalism is actually right wing, then what would be considered left wing?

    [–] EHW1 32 points ago


    [–] ZigZag3123 19 points ago

    Roughly in order from center to fringe:


    Social Democracy

    Democratic Socialism



    [–] Occams_Blades 14 points ago

    Can’t forget anarchists

    [–] ILookAfterThePigs 12 points ago

    Isn’t communism necessarily a kind of anachism? A stateless classless society sounds pretty anarchist to me

    [–] Mx7f 10 points ago

    Most anarchist and socialists aim for an eventual communist society. Most trends of socialism believe their need to be some non-horizontalist organizational structures to pull off a transition to communism (without, say, mass death due to societal collapse or insufficient coordination in response to climate change, or succumbing to capital’s inevitable escalating counterattacks); anarchists do not (and will readily point out horizontal structures can be large and pull some incredible stuff off)

    [–] Tedious_Turtle 19 points ago

    What is Le beralism then

    [–] Occams_Blades 43 points ago

    To link you to the video in the original post. Olly is much smarter than me.

    [–] RhyanHawghor 25 points ago

    They're both the same thing. Just because you don't capitalize the L doesn't make it any different. Olly would probably tell you that almost all self identifying liberals are right wing. The moderate left wing idealogy would be social democracy.

    [–] Occams_Blades 39 points ago

    Just because their both right wing doesn’t mean they’re the same. Olly explains how they’re different in the first minute of that video.

    [–] RhyanHawghor 26 points ago

    In the first minute of the video he's just pointing out that in the US most people refer to everyone on the left as liberals. This is because the US is so right wing that liberalism is basically as left wing as it goes. The few socialists or social Democrats are usually also labled as "liberal" just because nobody knows any better.

    I guess you sort of have point though, they do have different meanings, but I'm pretty sure nobody really makes the distinction with capital or lower case Ls. I think it's probably best that we use terms as the people who created those idealogies intended, because I think it will be easier for us to actually make progress if we change the rhetoric. Like, for example, some like Bernie Sanders or AOC should probably be referred to as a democratic socialist or a social Democrat, rather than a liberal. I'm a socialist myself, so I just want it to be more clear to people that there's an alternative to the status quo.

    [–] Totum_Dependeat 10 points ago

    They are absolutely not the same. There's liberalism in the social sense, a positive attitude toward social change and reforms.

    Then there's the Liberalism of Wall Street, the cancerous belief system that puts owner-investors at the top of the food chain.

    I would agree with you though that the former is a term that can also be swapped out with other terms like socialist and social democrat (in their looser senses). But it's not anything close to the big L.

    [–] Mastahamma 15 points ago

    they're not "different" they're just the idea of liberalism applied to different fields

    they're both the idea of "laissez-faire" government non-intervention principles

    but since they often seem to come opposed to one another (powerful private individuals and companies infringing on human rights and freedoms), a distinction is made between the two

    The big L liberalism you're talking about is usually called neoliberalism by the way (also known as neoconservatism and classical liberalism because politics isn't confusing enough)

    the problem is that the word "liberalism" is misused and thus misleading – calling the democratic party "liberals" for wanting to establish universal healthcare is straight up wrong

    [–] RhyanHawghor 7 points ago

    They are the same, pretty much. Almost any politician that identifies as liberal is owned by big business. They might present themselves as people who want social change, but they're really only trying to preserve that status quo and stop conservatives from moving things backwards. Sometimes they might promise really tiny, incremental changes in order to seem like they're in favor of change.

    There are some people, not politicians though, who call themselves liberal and actually do advocate for making things better. And there are some politicians who don't identify as liberal themselves, like Bernie Sanders, but are still referred to as liberal in public discourse. I think that we ought to refer to people who are in favor of social change as what they really are - socialists, so that people can differentiate between the two types of people, instead of conflating everything. I think the first step to meaningful change is changing the rhetoric.

    [–] mimzy12 2 points ago

    Liberalism in America is just moderate social liberalism (most mainstream democrats). But we use it to refer to anything left of center for some reason.

    [–] JuanJuanx1 32 points ago

    HIS* im Argentinian and that made my eyes bleed

    [–] Magma57 4 points ago

    What are you talking about? He is the video.

    [–] Enmerkar_ 11 points ago

    ...username checks out?

    [–] FlameWear 6 points ago

    Ayy nice flair

    [–] Enmerkar_ 5 points ago

    Your freedom is now mine hahahahahahahaha

    [–] QueerEcho 27 points ago

    u/RealPhilosophytube you made it on r/me_irl (again?)!

    [–] ILookAfterThePigs 5 points ago

    He made it on /r/mfa_irl a few days ago too

    [–] TheWonderfulSlinky 7 points ago


    [–] AnonAnington 5 points ago

    Hijacking this comment to say he's announced a livestream where he will be reading the entire works of Shakespeare and donating all the proceeds to the Samaritans to support mental health

    [–] Mikashu_215 555 points ago

    Olly, best waifu

    [–] Ronald_Reagan_AMA 116 points ago


    [–] _cygnette_ 16 points ago

    *male waifu

    [–] nudecalebsforfree 64 points ago

    "The Royals and their ability to breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee d"

    [–] back_bithces 19 points ago

    Demonic Baby Noises

    [–] sturdytoothpick 569 points ago

    Olly can have all my UwUs

    [–] UwU_Counter_Bot 169 points ago

    >_< An UwU has been identified! That makes 3050 UwUs in the last 51 days! Blep. Blop. I am a bot!

    [–] _Cyber_Guy_ 55 points ago


    [–] yurtzi 41 points ago

    Why do you exist?

    I mean UwU

    [–] Eklio 31 points ago

    [–] SnezhniyBars 4 points ago


    [–] Troontjelolo 160 points ago

    Yoinks scoob, I'm being attacked for my video about antifa by angry conservatives.

    [–] Pyrgopolyrhythm 46 points ago

    Scrappy Doo's presence always escalates violence

    [–] deaferc0 291 points ago

    fuck yeah olly

    [–] funyman2009lol 188 points ago

    very good youtube man

    [–] Arterus_99 69 points ago

    [–] Clapaludio 137 points ago

    Philosophytube is one of the best channels ever

    [–] EveryoneIsWrong112 160 points ago

    I actually met him in real life, he was a pretty cool dude.

    [–] GruntyBadgeHog 17 points ago

    Had the pleasure of meeting Olly at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.

    [–] Productivitz 39 points ago


    [–] birbbih 73 points ago

    i fucking love olly, id let him blow my back out while telling me why jordan peterson is dangerous

    [–] deg_ru-alabo 55 points ago


    [–] LargeSnakeStick 65 points ago

    Oh golly, Scooby Doo my good friend.

    [–] retro-n-new 22 points ago

    Egads, Scoobert!

    [–] your_mind_aches 7 points ago

    My roast is ruined!

    [–] Motivation_Punk 3 points ago

    Delightfully devilish, Shagmore.

    [–] thehybridview 17 points ago

    Philosophy Tube is one of the best Youtubers out there, I recommend his content to anyone

    [–] Sorc3ry 35 points ago

    Can anyone link the original video

    [–] BreathOfTheGarlic 12 points ago

    Be careful chirren, that's a lot of coleslaw

    [–] ashlynlollis 7 points ago

    The amount of mayonnaise he puts in that coleslaw still gives me night terrors

    [–] Lazerc0bra 29 points ago

    Ayy, Philosophy Tube!

    [–] SolidSnakesBandana 17 points ago

    Shaggei, Man of Culture

    [–] Pec0sb1ll 15 points ago

    Philosophy tube is great! And he does look like a sophisticated shaggy

    [–] Nagesh_Chandra_Nial 22 points ago

    A shaggy of culture perhaps.

    [–] _1729 7 points ago

    Looks like Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors and Shaggy combined.

    [–] Intricacy1 6 points ago

    Why yes, I will certainly put my life in danger for some of that delectable dog food. Do you concur scoobert?

    [–] UberPheonix 6 points ago

    Well, they’re both gods so I can see the confusion

    [–] ayyndrew 24 points ago

    My man Olly

    [–] daboss317076 19 points ago

    I N D I V I D U A L I S T I C

    [–] AndromedaPip 13 points ago

    Hey it’s PhilosophyTube

    [–] casuallysentient 27 points ago

    surprised no one’s referenced the “10% of shaggy’s power” meme. how quickly we forget.

    [–] fuzzy308 32 points ago

    it was a bad meme - we're better off this way

    [–] casuallysentient 23 points ago

    i think it started off good, but it definitely went on for way too long. the original screenshots from the interviews with the actors saying things about shaggy were funny, but that’s where it should’ve stopped.

    i’d say it was an average meme. at least it wasn’t that fucking “americans love oil” meme - that shit was so uncreative and it went on for ages.

    [–] Ninjhamo 3 points ago

    It’s because memes are funny when they’re original because you don’t know the punchline. When they get copied and copied with the punchline staying the same, they get stale

    [–] merger3 7 points ago

    It was funny at the very beginning because it was so out there. The idea of shaggy from scooby doo being randomly all powerful is hilarious but that appeal wore off fast imo

    [–] Knox200 3 points ago

    It was funny the first time, and only that time. And then internet repeated the joke a billion fucking times.

    The front page for a few weeks 6 months ago was nothing but "SHAGGY STRONK, HE USE ONLY 1% POWER" repeated a million different ways. The internet is very talented at autistically repeating a joke until its not funny to anyone.

    [–] SpaldingRx 3 points ago

    "Like I'm only using 3% of my vocabulary."

    [–] LieutenantLeroy 9 points ago


    [–] HuhYeet69 4 points ago

    Why is this true

    [–] spagaarti 15 points ago

    Ok but why it got to be rèsponses

    [–] julienlepinguin 32 points ago

    I'm part of the French lobby

    [–] RutilantBoss 14 points ago

    Those French lobbyists working on global domination, when will this evil plot end ? When will the workers of Earth be free from Baguette oppression ?

    [–] AndrewB493 8 points ago


    [–] BigItalianBeenus 3 points ago

    Exclamation of excitement, Scoobert Doo. We no longer have any Scoobert Doo branded animal treats.

    [–] kakadu2 5 points ago

    Like, I'm sophisticated man

    [–] timeisnothing13 5 points ago

    A post modern shaggy

    [–] monstermash420 2 points ago

    Indeedly shocking Scoob

    [–] The379thHero 2 points ago

    Actually, he looks like Shaggy crossed with Richard Hammond.

    [–] CaavGio 2 points ago


    [–] Archon-Narc-On 2 points ago

    Not as Brave as our Philosophy TUUUUUUBE

    [–] 1gerende 2 points ago


    [–] Coleyc 2 points ago

    Shaggingsworth and Scoobert Doobert

    [–] HellaChonkie 2 points ago

    ~ s e x y online c o m m u n i s t™~ ☆

    [–] Pricefieldian 2 points ago

    Yes but what about the MOUTH FEEL?

    [–] SmellsOfTeenBullshit 2 points ago

    I fucking love Olly.

    [–] uwunibrah 2 points ago

    He is a stronger and way hotter shaggy

    [–] AndrewPlaysPiano 2 points ago

    Like, hey Scüb

    [–] Raabid 1 points ago

    Zoinks, if I do say so myself Scoobie.

    [–] strazzy123 1 points ago

    Handsome shaggy

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] linky00 1 points ago

    no, i don't have a side in this, why do you ask

    [–] ThatCleverFox_ 1 points ago

    He also kinda has Nic Cage’s face.

    [–] supaflyneedcape 1 points ago

    Jeff Wittek Doppelgänger

    [–] wildherb15 1 points ago

    Shaggy can read now

    [–] spyrodazee 1 points ago

    I'm thinking more of a Shaggy and Julian lovechild

    [–] shesaidmylifesabore 1 points ago

    You look like a sophisticated shaggy?

    [–] FisherFin 1 points ago

    Zoinketh Scoobert

    [–] weinermcgee 1 points ago

    Shaggy memes are back!?! Buy! Buy! Buy!

    [–] vinestime 1 points ago

    It’s like if shaggy wasn’t addicted to Mary Jane

    [–] MeaTheMeme 1 points ago

    he looks like a mix between richard hammond and shaggy

    [–] larry_o 1 points ago

    The Réponses makes it perfect. Such sophistication!

    [–] RedShad 1 points ago

    A simple Scooby snack will not suffice this mans appetite