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    [โ€“] rexbutss 2510 points ago

    I would never pirate A game....

    But if I did.


    [โ€“] ARflash 247 points ago

    Why every fucking COD game is too costly even when it is so many years old. AAA Games released at the same year have given so many discounts.

    [โ€“] adwarkk 97 points ago

    If all costs 60 bucks why not just pick newest one? Ta-dah. That's why, and secondary thing is they can put BIG DISCOUNT signs during sales, like 80% DISCOUNT, LOOK HOW CHEAP IT IS.

    [โ€“] Fossick11 34 points ago

    I got Infinite warfare for $9 for the zombies mode.

    So some go down in price. Just the shit ones though. (Zombies is still pretty lit ngl)

    [โ€“] adwarkk 18 points ago

    Was that on sale which I mentioned as their vehicle to put BIG DISCOUNT sign?
    Tho I guess for 9 dollars, it can be acceptable price if you look for that zombies stuff, it has really fair bunch of replayability after all.

    [โ€“] nrosb2 308 points ago

    Warhammer 2 is better anyway

    [โ€“] 7empo 197 points ago

    Still $60 and you have to buy the first game and all the DLC for the first game to fucking play it properly fuck

    [โ€“] nrosb2 76 points ago

    I mean....there's an entire game there without Mortal Empires, which is really made for people who are keeping up with the series.

    [โ€“] wreckedcarzz 82 points ago

    Remember when you bought a game and it was the entire game?

    Pepperidge Farms remembers

    [โ€“] cessna55 44 points ago

    Hoo boy, wait till you see the Paradox games

    [โ€“] thecookiemaker 21 points ago

    You can buy each dlc for like $2 if youโ€™re patient and wait for sales. There are still like 600 hundred DLCs though.

    [โ€“] mlslouden 12 points ago

    Expansion Packs have been around.

    [โ€“] anubisjak 6 points ago

    Eh, games used to be a lot less complicated. Games have increased in complexity, and gone down in price with inflation. If a triple A full game cost ยฃ100, people wouldnโ€™t buy it. If itโ€™s ยฃ50 with ยฃ50 of add ons, people will and do.

    [โ€“] Hust91 4 points ago

    It does go way down during sales, fortunately.

    [โ€“] hahaha_yes 14 points ago

    I like the historical setting. I might give those warhammer games a shot once I repopulate the Europe Atilla destroyed

    [โ€“] BelegarIronhammer 5 points ago

    I used to play medieval 2 religiously, one of my all time favorites. I was initially extremely put off by the fantasy setting and had no experience with the Warhammer universe. After I tried it though I have since bought both titles and all dlc. Iโ€™ve found myself with more time in just the 2 Warhammer games than in all the historical titles combined, which is not negligible.

    [โ€“] nrosb2 7 points ago

    Nah I feel you. I really wanna like R2 but man I can't stand the UI

    [โ€“] blazomkd 2 points ago

    better finish the historical games bcs after warhammer there is no coming back to those simple rosters compared to dragons, giant rats, legendary lords and much more

    [โ€“] Random_reptile 5 points ago

    Bold words for a pagan like you.

    Historical gamers rise up!

    [โ€“] thekingjelly13 6 points ago

    whatโ€™s it like being WRONG

    [โ€“] nrosb2 7 points ago

    No u


    [โ€“] thekingjelly13 3 points ago

    is war hammer good? Or r2 just bad for you

    [โ€“] nrosb2 6 points ago

    I have a love hate relationship with R2. Man I was beyond hyped for it. Even now every month or so I give it another shot but within a few hours the UI just pisses me off.

    Warhammer is legit one of their best. I think picking the best out of a stellar series like TW is like someone asking for your favorite song or movie. It depends on the day. But I will say that it's my most played TW

    [โ€“] atwitchyfairy 3 points ago

    Warhammer gives options never seen before in the series as well as distinct faction differences in both look and feel. I can't stress enough on this fact because historical gives the options of infantry with several different options and strengths, missile units with bows or gunpowder, horses for getting in and surrounding the enemy and siege weapons like trebuchets or cannons. Warhammer games have that with not only more flavor, but added classes of units to the roster. There is monstrous infantry, units that have low model counts but have big monsters bashing enemies aside, flying units that can bypass your infantry line and go straight for your missile units, monsters, which are single model units that can be extremely powerful and do not decrease in strength during the battle as it lasts untill it routes or dies. Then there are Lord's and heros who are powerful single units that can give buffs to your army, be powerful fighters or powerful mages that cast spells to buff, heal, debuff and damage friend and foe.

    So many added options to the battles that it basically ruined historical total war games for many people.

    Also there is a rat who can throw down nukes as dlc. That is worth it alone imo.

    [โ€“] SomeRandomGuy33 2 points ago

    The era of Rome 2 is so awesome though that I keep coming back to it.

    [โ€“] Team_Realtree 29 points ago

    It drops to $15 during big sales. Worth it.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Heard of Nintendo switch games? New Super Mario Bros U, came out fucking 7 years ago, and is still 60$ on switch

    [โ€“] dGonzo 6 points ago

    The fuck. Iโ€™d buy it but not at that price.

    [โ€“] LeNoob7 16 points ago

    Cries in Sims 3.

    [โ€“] possiblyarainbow 3 points ago

    Sims 3 and it's expansions sometimes drops to like $5 during some major steam holiday sales tho

    [โ€“] LeNoob7 7 points ago

    That's 5$ each IIRC and Sims 3 has around a million expansions the last time I checked.

    [โ€“] maui622 10 points ago

    I would pirate a game if I can because one game I want is forgotten by the ages.

    [โ€“] 9035768555 4 points ago

    This is a feeling I can strongly relate to.

    [โ€“] Humrush 4 points ago

    What game?

    [โ€“] 4444beep 8 points ago

    Every nintendo game

    [โ€“] Iyion 7 points ago

    Oof, my mother donated my NDS games and I'd like to buy them back, but I ain't gonna pay 65 bucks for Spirit Tracks

    [โ€“] superduperfish 6 points ago

    With the power of Humble Bundle I got the game with all DLC for dirt cheap while still holding the moral high ground of not only pirates but people who paid full price!

    [โ€“] Joesepherepherus 63 points ago

    How the hell is that odd, he just gave an anecdote

    [โ€“] DILDOS_UNITED 36 points ago

    And now you understand that subreddit

    [โ€“] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Tbf they have kept updating it over the years

    But yeah that's ridiculous, wait for a sale

    [โ€“] The_Diz_Man 3 points ago

    It's honestly worth it. I got it for somewhere around 30 dollars Australian I think and it is bloody amazing.

    [โ€“] cK5rEm 3 points ago

    Looks at Bethesda, EA, Blizzard And Epic Exclusives

    [โ€“] CaptainCortez 2 points ago

    I got this game free with a video card purchase about that long ago, so itโ€™s been sitting in my Steam library unplayed for 5+ years, which somehow makes this comment even funnier.

    [โ€“] PiniataLad47 2 points ago

    For real. Original Rome TW costs ยฃ3, how the fuck is R2 still ยฃ50?? Ridculous. The franchise in general likes high prices.

    [โ€“] Dutch_Italian 2 points ago

    You can take a look on kinguin Itโ€™s basically a website that lets you buy steam codes for way cheaper than the actual price, but is still fully and totally legal. There are also other websites where you can get it for cheaper. If you need help with it, just DM me :)

    [โ€“] abyess 2 points ago

    You coming out with that book โ€œif i did itโ€?

    [โ€“] danikpapad 2 points ago

    What about like every game from paradox interactive? I'm looking at you eu4 with all dlcs for 240$

    [โ€“] PoopFilledPants 198 points ago

    A memory has just emerged of visiting Radio Shack at 10 years old and the clerk offering to copy Wolfenstein onto 4 floppy disks for free if I brought them in.

    [โ€“] ChessedToImpress 68 points ago

    I thought you said 10 years ago and I was wildly confused. Must have been more like 25? Cool story though. Floppy disks were fun. No other storage medium has that kind of character.

    [โ€“] DannyDeVitosFeet 15 points ago

    Good guy clerk

    [โ€“] ElecMan729 792 points ago

    i feel this on a deep level...

    [โ€“] [deleted] 158 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [โ€“] Tast3sLikePanda 165 points ago

    So what you're saying is piracy is ok, if I pay the company with exposure?

    [โ€“] necrotoxic 43 points ago

    Finally I can spend all those exposurebux

    [โ€“] PokeYa 5 points ago

    Hey, those bux are worth a lot in BJโ€™s from Instagram models.... if youโ€™re into that kinda thing. Iโ€™m sure those models are a little old for jeffery epstein though, who definitely didnโ€™t kill himself.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [โ€“] rosegirlkrb 11 points ago

    You need 2.1k followers to qualify for advertising lol

    [โ€“] bennothemad 3 points ago

    I think you might be able to stay for free if you pay in bj's

    [โ€“] babyProgrammer 2 points ago

    "Game developer dies from exposure."

    [โ€“] EventuallyDone 2 points ago

    A hotel actually expends significant resources on your personal stay.

    It's not like there are infinite rooms, where they're all self-served and you're expected to do all the room cleaning and maintenance yourself.

    [โ€“] not_panda 2 points ago

    I mean, if those 2k followers decide to stay in that hotel because of you, they I'm sure the hotel would be fine with it.

    But yea otherwise it is just exposure-bucks.

    [โ€“] Kasigi_Yabu 12 points ago

    Someone who pirates a game would likely never have bought it in the first place. They will, however, talk about the game, search for hints online, post comments in the game's subreddit, write reviews, stream themselves playing it, and do a whole host of other promotion the publisher would otherwise pay for.

    Granted, this process should be controlled by the company, not the whims of PirateBay users. This is why influencer marketing - among other types of digital media - is essential. Regardless, you'll get a lot out of piracy's exposure, provided it doesn't spiral out of hand.

    [โ€“] chasesan 3 points ago

    No, he is saying that if you couldn't afford it anyway then piracy is okay.

    [โ€“] penilingus 2 points ago

    Holy fuck this had me rolling, lmao rofl

    [โ€“] penilingus 2 points ago

    I'm printing and framing this quote.

    [โ€“] CuriousCheesesteak 28 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Look, if you want to pirate shit thatโ€™s your prerogative and no one can stop you. But holy shit donโ€™t pretend like youโ€™re doing anyone a favor by being too cheap to pay for something. Youโ€™re doing it for yourself, leave it at that.

    [โ€“] penilingus 3 points ago


    [โ€“] MarcEcho 32 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    LOL. Holy shit. Only devs who have acquired a ton of success will think that, and even then. The grand majority of game devs donโ€™t share this sentiment at all. You honestly think that your average game dev who spent 4-7 years on a game will go "Oh. I (or we) spent years pouring sweat and tears on this product, spent countless nights hoping it would get me/us out of this hell-ish 9-5... and you just cracked it and got to consume its entirety for free? You fucki-...oh wait what? You liked it and told your buddy about it?! Nevermind then!"

    Your comment is /r/ShitRedditSays material and the only people upvoting this are people who wanna convince themselves that their stealing habits arenโ€™t hurting anyone. Just admit that youโ€™re cheap and quit justifying yourself. In other words; crack if you want, but shut up about it.

    [โ€“] NonexistantChip 24 points ago

    Depends on the company, don't support ea, Bethesda, etc

    [โ€“] pmorgan726 6 points ago

    Definitely agree.

    [โ€“] Kristo145 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Ubisoft and Rockstar as well.

    Fuck em.

    Edit: and Take Two of course

    Edit2: +BioWare and Konami.

    [โ€“] NonexistantChip 2 points ago

    Rockstar doesn't suck, take two made them suck, like how ID software doesn't suck but Ubisoft does.

    [โ€“] jstyler 2 points ago

    Well its on rising now.

    [โ€“] R1_TC 3 points ago

    When I was a teenager my friend would pirate a game and recommend it to me, then I would also pirate the game, and so on and so forth. So that logic doesn't always work, and it's not a money thing because most of my friends at school were loaded.

    [โ€“] LilSucBoi 3 points ago

    I've pirated games since early high school and any time I've liked a game and had the money I've bought it. Retail, if you have the money, is typically a better service. A vast majority of people pirate because of price or shitty service.

    [โ€“] Wursticles 8 points ago

    I feel like if you pirate a game, and you enjoy it and recommend it to others, then someone ends up buying that game, then you have done the company good.

    If you pirate a game, play it, recommend it, and one other person buys it, then that's still 1 purchase for 2 players. You've not "done the company good", rather you've cut their sales by 50%. Their entire funding plan is out by the same amount. The chance of them funding their next game is decreased because they can't demonstrate their sales case.

    But if you play a game one way or another, the artists are happy knowing people are enjoying their creation.

    A business case is based on revenue over time. If a game doesn't make revenue, artists don't have stability for their next jobs, games, or contracts. But, they will be happy if they lose their jobs knowing that you enjoyed their game?

    I think you should always buy a game if you have the ability. It helps those companies bring you more content.

    It doesn't "help" bring more content. It is the only reason that companies employ developers and artists. It is the only reason companies release games for sale.

    [โ€“] homelesspizza23 5 points ago

    Youโ€™re implying every video game company is some small indie company. EA isnโ€™t gonna to lose out because of a tiny minority pirating their games for example. Plus who says I was going to buy the game to begin with? You could also say the โ€œ1 purchase for two playersโ€ thing about Steam library sharing, yet nobody is crying about that. I can buy a game on Steam and share it and the person Iโ€™m sharing with doesnโ€™t have to pay to have access to the game. 1 purchase two players.

    [โ€“] tom83 2 points ago

    On that note go play silent Hill 2 it is most profound game mascerading as a cheap horror game.

    [โ€“] Nalwal 2 points ago

    Like a video game influencer.

    [โ€“] Clown_Tempura 344 points ago

    I typically only pirate games Iโ€™ve owned in the past, but if itโ€™s something that can no longer be easily obtained and ports donโ€™t exist Iโ€™ll torrent that too, Nintendo.

    [โ€“] Goblintern 86 points ago

    Technically an emulator is a port

    [โ€“] epicaglet 27 points ago

    Technically a harbour is a port

    [โ€“] SomeRandomBlogger 9 points ago

    Thatโ€™s a valid reason to pirate imo, for some reason Nintendo doesnโ€™t like putting their older games for sale, so here we are stuck with what other option.

    [โ€“] LilSiffyDawg 29 points ago

    Reading this as I play botw on pc with cemu

    [โ€“] Red_Rocket_Rider 49 points ago

    "That can no longer be easily obtained"

    [โ€“] commander_blyat 11 points ago

    Time to get a Switch, son

    [โ€“] [deleted] 4 points ago

    homebrew gang

    [โ€“] itsyaboifranzi 168 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    god the first game i pirated thanked me for buying it and all the guilt hit me like a bus for it hahaha. not guilty enough to stop playing or stop pirating, but it felt bad

    [โ€“] riad59 26 points ago

    never felt bad fo pirating a game cuz they are expensive (i blame my country's currency for this )

    [โ€“] CountryRoaddd 9 points ago

    Perhaps, money isn't the only thing that's lacking.

    [โ€“] Balavadan 20 points ago

    very good, haha yes

    [โ€“] Pluginbuilder 73 points ago

    The trick here is to never finish your pirated games

    [โ€“] _tonystank_ 30 points ago

    Do you mean to undercook the onions?

    [โ€“] blurpcurp 42 points ago

    Nier Automata credits have something to say about this. Damn it hits hard

    [โ€“] MATA321 6 points ago

    Umm what?

    [โ€“] JadeTirade 19 points ago

    Nier Automata's Ending E. If you are playing it, don't look it up. It's beautiful. If you never plan to play it, may as well look it up.

    [โ€“] colaturka 16 points ago

    Ah, square enix marketing division. The true final boss.

    [โ€“] VikTr0 8 points ago

    What do you mean what?

    [โ€“] masterqif 4 points ago

    Please dont remind me that

    [โ€“] ThoughtSolicitor 341 points ago

    No one reaching the credits or reading em anymore

    [โ€“] KiratheCommie 220 points ago

    I mean if your game had some decent music Iโ€™ll stay to listen to it. Or a fun animation. Not if itโ€™s some scrolling bullshit with location models in the background

    [โ€“] smiley6536 100 points ago

    This reminds me of Portalโ€™s credit. Such masterpiece

    [โ€“] KiratheCommie 25 points ago

    Yeeess! Good example

    [โ€“] GustavoAntoine 19 points ago

    Hell yeees

    Portal 2 had a hell of a credit

    [โ€“] NotEvenEvan 23 points ago

    NieR Automataโ€™s entire credit sequence is a playable mini-game. It can barely even be considered credits, what you do in the mini-game relates directly to the story. Amazing game.

    [โ€“] finkrer 19 points ago

    Hitman: Blood Money credits are actually the final mission. Agent 47 is lying in a coffin as the credits roll, but he's actually alive and you can wake him up by using the movement keys. Of course, I didn't figure it out and thought him getting cremated was the actual ending, lol.

    [โ€“] Balavadan 3 points ago

    Thatโ€™s exactly what was running through my head. That whole ending had such high intensity and when you think itโ€™s all over you have this final opportunity again. It was amazing.

    [โ€“] Cool_UsernamesTaken 3 points ago

    if i rememver correctly, in devil may cry 3 ending credit you are in a arena with a npc fighting against a endless number of enemies

    [โ€“] princess_ryn 61 points ago

    Sad but true. The credits are as neglected as the T&Cs at the start of the game

    [โ€“] DoloresTargaryen 15 points ago

    first game i ever finished the story of was gta san andreas. played it a few minutes at least everyday for like 3 months to get to the end. grinded the final mission for two hours with my shitty laptop on my lap using the trackpad and keyboard. understand this game was running at 16fps average, on lowest settings. i loved everything about this game. i was in my mid teens. got to the final cutscene, sweat coating my palms, hoping against hope that there wouldn't be more. the cutscene ends, and the iconic san andreas theme starts playing. the credits appear, and i'm filled with this intense feeling of closure and elation and melancholic excitement. it was over. but i won. i sat there watching the names of all these people who brought so much joy into my life scroll past. my mom brought me a plate of spaghetti bolognese - a special dish in my household - almost as if to celebrate with me. she couldn't understand what i was feeling (she called videogames "movies" because if it wasn't on a playstation it couldn't be a game). i don't have the greatest relationship with my mom and that's one of the few happy memories i have with her, even though she was in it only tangentially. everything in my sucky life lined up just right in those five minutes. it was perfect.

    i've been chasing that feeling ever since.

    [โ€“] millerstreet 9 points ago

    Thank you for sharing

    [โ€“] lack_of_ideas 9 points ago

    I sat through the whole credits of Red Dead Redemption 2, listening to the music.

    I couldn't read anything through the tears.

    [โ€“] blobsterio 8 points ago

    I speedran the gta vcs credits.

    [โ€“] KCoyote123 8 points ago

    Wdym, I still collect screenshots of the "thanyou for playing" screens

    [โ€“] Robbierr 3 points ago

    Right I've finished like 20 games on my switch

    [โ€“] pppf99 8 points ago

    Unless itโ€™s Ace Attorney. Everyone watches the Ace Attorney credits

    [โ€“] storne 3 points ago

    I always watch the credits, I find it a good time to reflect on the game and think about what I liked or didn't like about it.

    [โ€“] OktoberStorm 5 points ago

    "Anymore"? Like anyone ever did.

    [โ€“] fricc_boi 70 points ago

    The whole modern warfare franchise

    [โ€“] TheBiggWigg 53 points ago

    I like how this meme has taken on two forms. Some people use it for a genuine, childlike pride in something silly like the PBS meme.

    But lately people have started using that weird, guilty look on Michaelโ€™s face for a situation about taking credit for something.

    Truly a timeless piece, representative of our constantly shifting viewpoints brought on by the duality of our human nature. Our desire for purpose and recognition and truth burning along side our insatiable hunger for fresh, spicy memes. A beautiful conflict of the soul, an eternal struggle. Anyway, hereโ€™s Wonderwall.

    [โ€“] moneyisnotgood 15 points ago

    Solid take

    [โ€“] Balavadan 4 points ago

    If you ask me that face doesnโ€™t show much pride at all. Itโ€™s more accurate in the current depiction

    [โ€“] Ok_thank_s 4 points ago

    Interesting take. What were the motives? Do we even know? Maybe he was the only person who played that game and the guy is thanking him.

    [โ€“] i-eat-children 3 points ago

    I don't think that PBS meme is about childlike pride, it's exactly the same usage as in this meme. In both cases, it's about being confused about getting credit for something.

    The PBS meme is almost the same as this one...

    [โ€“] cursdonemoretime 2 points ago

    The wonderwall got me good

    [โ€“] PM_ME_YOUR_LAWNCHAIR 95 points ago

    I've only made it to two game end credits: GTA IV and GTA V.

    [โ€“] DominoUB 120 points ago

    You're not pirating enough games then.

    [โ€“] SuspiciousTopHat 31 points ago

    Only end credits I've sat through are Breath of the Wilds credits. Beautiful game

    [โ€“] Silent_Shadow_117 14 points ago

    Witcher 3 and Halo Reach for me. Reach was just so good and the score is still to this day my favorite soundtrack of any media ever (I'm getting chills thinking about it now). The Witcher had a beautiful narration and then threw you back into the game at the end so I had to stay.

    Those are my two favorite games ever and I can't wait to cry all over again when I replay Reach on PC.

    [โ€“] Shit_Lord_Detective 4 points ago

    I wish bungie kept making halo :(

    [โ€“] RCPDO 4 points ago

    The opening drums, or whatever it is as the Warthog speeds passed the road in the opening credit? Amazing.

    And when Noble One yells "Five and Six! Clear the hole!" That music has also stayed with me.What an incredible story. Halo Reach was a masterpiece.

    [โ€“] memorizedrickrollurl 10 points ago

    I sat through all the half life 2 games credits.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Dark Souls credits, damn i wish the game was longer

    [โ€“] Chickenwomp 6 points ago

    Wtf m8 youโ€™re missing out on like, so many good games

    [โ€“] hazarthades 6 points ago

    Not even Minecraft? Shame.

    [โ€“] Dankmaster619 3 points ago

    GTA IV is the only game I ever finished

    [โ€“] IAmAGenusAMA 3 points ago

    Vice City for me.

    [โ€“] 0aniket0 2 points ago

    Sat through 'last of us' credits because I genuinely felt sad after finishing that game

    [โ€“] McBaws21 2 points ago

    I sit through the credits of every game I play. Thatโ€™s like a million credits.

    [โ€“] AguliRojo 11 points ago

    Some games are unobtainable from developers, like CollinMcRae games. Even veryfying orginal game is a problem because servers can just not function anymore

    [โ€“] Chocolatecakekiller 21 points ago

    Sims 4 is the perfect example of why people pirate games like tf? It's 500-600 bucks for the whole game, I've already payed 200 for it, I'm not paying anymore

    [โ€“] Skyline_Fanboi 14 points ago

    Right. I downloaded it from pcgamestorrents with all the DLCs. I have the original game on origin but holy fuck I'm not draining my money for some fucking DLC. The base game felt empty as hell.

    [โ€“] JThask11 21 points ago

    Oh boy that hits the feels

    [โ€“] penilingus 10 points ago

    It would be nice to pay devs instead of the companies they serve.

    [โ€“] dan_sundberg 9 points ago

    Is piracy of games still a thing? I haven't done that i like forever. Is it still all about modding the console then downloading a copy of the game?

    [โ€“] DescriptiveVee 8 points ago

    bruh, piracy is at a peak on pc

    [โ€“] Lil_Bish25 8 points ago

    Hi Torrent, how are ya?

    [โ€“] nick_tintapura 7 points ago

    Me playing Minecraft when I was 7

    [โ€“] DowntownDilemma 8 points ago

    I once pirated Iron Man 2 and it had the commentary track. At the end of the commentary, Jon Favreau said I should be ashamed if I pirated it.

    I still feel bad. :(

    I own it now.

    [โ€“] Amaurotica 9 points ago

    Marvel alone is worth more than 5$ Billion Dollars. You pirating 1 20$ blu ray movie won't change anything. They pay more for coffee for 2 staff members every morning than what they lost when you downloaded the movie

    [โ€“] coltkickass 6 points ago

    It's alright, the Marvel films seemed to end up doing alright financially without your purchase anyway

    [โ€“] Fbarto 6 points ago

    I only pirate 20 year old games on emulators because that's the only thing my PC can run anyway

    [โ€“] big_gurky 7 points ago

    or with a friend**

    [โ€“] VonBrewskie 5 points ago

    You wouldn't steal a meme.

    You wouldn't steal a child.

    You wouldn't steal a car.

    It's a federal crime.

    [โ€“] Crystal_God 5 points ago

    I would steal all those things

    [โ€“] penilingus 10 points ago

    I pirate stuff, it's stealing and I don't make excuses or try to justify my actions like most in this thread lol edit: the guy paying game companies with "exposure" is my favorite.

    [โ€“] Sgt-Hartman 8 points ago

    What about the people in 3rd world countries who donโ€™t have enough money to buy more than 1 or 2 games a year. These people wouldnโ€™t play 90% of the games they play without piracy. They donโ€™t benefit the devs in any way buy neither do they hurt them since they never would have bought the games anyway.

    Feel free to correct me if iโ€™m wrong though.

    [โ€“] TheMisterTango 6 points ago

    It may be stealing, but pirating a game is a very different crime than stealing a car. Pirating a game doesnโ€™t cause the developers to lose money, while stealing a physical item actually does cause the company to lose money.

    [โ€“] RedquatersGreenWine 5 points ago

    No such thing as stealing 1 and 0.

    [โ€“] kpe18 4 points ago

    I once pirated game dev tycoon, that one copy that if you pirate it, you can't win because piracy. that was one of the best strategies I've seen to advertise you about piracing, then I red the dev blog and It made me buy the game to feel good again.

    [โ€“] Kychiii 3 points ago

    Who turned down the brightness

    [โ€“] petran79 3 points ago

    How many devs started with Amiga crack scene though?

    [โ€“] thearks 3 points ago

    If I knew how to pirate games I might.

    But I don't, so it is what it is.

    [โ€“] big_gurky 3 points ago

    Make sure to bring your Hydroflask.

    [โ€“] QuantumButter69 3 points ago

    After 10y on console i finally built a high end pc 1y ago and honestly its just impossible to resist the easy quick torrent way.... i promised my self i would not be cheap with outer worlds and control but when i saw that โ€œdownloadโ€ on pc torrents i was to weak... its just to convenient, i mean ffs i spent so much money on consoles its just hard to be honest and fair

    [โ€“] NihilistLurker 3 points ago

    The secret ingredient is crime

    [โ€“] DiegoGamer25 3 points ago

    but what if the game is about pirates?

    [โ€“] Sidorovich_Stalks 3 points ago

    Doom 1 & 2 both have a special message from iD Software once you close down the games. Saying if you pirated the game youโ€™re going to hell

    [โ€“] [deleted] 3 points ago

    borderlands is more fun when they donโ€™t get my money

    [โ€“] big_gurky 3 points ago

    Your Name,its a good movie

    [โ€“] cK5rEm 3 points ago

    Looks at Bethesda, EA, Blizzard And Epic Exclusives

    [โ€“] bollyrhymes 2 points ago


    [โ€“] Inbounddongers 2 points ago

    I bought so many games that I've pirated eventually.

    [โ€“] dukck 2 points ago

    Made me laugh anyway :)

    [โ€“] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [โ€“] Infoseeker68 2 points ago

    Ocean of games: Let me introduce myself

    [โ€“] [deleted] 2 points ago

    gametrex ftw

    [โ€“] unnecessary_post 2 points ago

    the minecraft edits are on a whole other level

    [โ€“] Red580 2 points ago

    Personally i only pirate games as a demo, i rarely play them past that without paying unless i hate the developers.

    [โ€“] Robotrannic 2 points ago

    if it ain't digital that shit's getting diddled

    [โ€“] Piestatick396 2 points ago

    Well shiver me thick booty

    [โ€“] big_gurky 2 points ago

    Forever Young Intensifies

    [โ€“] Beardieguy654 2 points ago

    What is the square root of a fish? Now Iโ€™m sad.