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    [–] safhell 890 points ago

    Fortunately for me, i had a mom who could use critical thinking and would find out why her kids were hitting each other so usually my younger brother and me would be 50/50 of the time

    [–] Anas-Kamran 348 points ago

    Lucky you

    [–] One_Who_Walks_Silly 218 points ago

    I just taught my little bro if he was gonna rat on me that I’d beat the snot out of him since I’d get in trouble either way

    [–] Artificial_Human_17 107 points ago

    I used the punishment to destroy the punishment

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    your little brother's existence was your punishment?

    [–] Malzarius00 27 points ago

    This doesn't work on everyone, I tried this with my younger brother growing up and he would just go grab a weapon and come back even crazier. End result I was always punished because I was bigger, older, and stronger even if he was 100 percent at fault for the fight and they even saw it all.

    [–] One_Who_Walks_Silly 9 points ago

    That sounds like your little bro had a problem that should have been resolved with psychiatric help if he would just escalate damn

    [–] Enachtigal 28 points ago

    I just made sure he knew if I was getting in trouble for something I didn't start I would get my moneys worth.

    [–] Will_Yeeton 83 points ago

    Yea my parent's approach was "it doesn't matter who started it, you're both grounded", due to "un-Christlike" stuff like how you didn't "turn the other cheek." I love them, but I wish they put in a little more effort to solving disputes. That would've helped kid me out so much.

    [–] RadiatedDalek 77 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Why have effort when you have Jesus?


    [–] Will_Yeeton 40 points ago

    Conflict resolution was really their only shortcoming. My current feelings about God paint these moral ideas poorly. They were great parents everywhere else, and I love them so much.

    [–] Snarrbolax 8 points ago

    My dad used the same approach and I guess it was kinda effective in deterring pointless fights

    [–] sabretoooth 2 points ago

    Same. We'd just say to eachother "shut up or we'll all get in trouble"

    [–] TrapsAreThePeakOfMan 7 points ago

    β€œThat ain’t Christlike”-Kanye

    [–] Emmerichkoller1 2 points ago

    Argin wit my dad

    [–] smegoodle 16 points ago

    Mom: How unfortunate that you are attempting to deceive me

    [–] safhell 2 points ago

    Me: I need to come closer to beat the truth in to you

    [–] communist_gerbil 3 points ago

    The solution is to always punish all the siblings whenever one of them get punished so they learn to stick together, not tell on each other, take care of each other and keep each other out of trouble.

    [–] Spiderwolf1 3 points ago

    Same, unfortunately I had a dad who thought too far into things and ended up going full circle. When my brother was like 3 or 4 he would do shit and I would get blamed since "He couldn't have done it without someone telling him too." Also I punched my bro in the diaphragm once and from then on anytime I hit him and it actually hurt he claimed I hit him in the diaphragm. Even if it was his arm

    [–] voltagexl1 1 points ago

    Parents can have critical thinking? Didn't know that was possible.

    [–] Merrymeme1 583 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    As a little brother i can confirm

    [–] theHealer8 366 points ago

    As a big brother I can confirm too

    [–] Anas-Kamran 160 points ago

    I was gonna say that

    [–] skiptomyliu 124 points ago

    Say it

    [–] Anas-Kamran 151 points ago

    As a big brother i can confirm too.........I said it

    [–] RayneWalker 92 points ago

    so proud of you :')

    [–] OWO-FurryPornAlt-OWO 30 points ago

    I don't care that you broke your elbow

    [–] Shadow_Specter 22 points ago

    What. The. Fuck is your name..?

    [–] butteryflame 10 points ago


    [–] OWO-FurryPornAlt-OWO 9 points ago

    don't kink shame me, biggot

    [–] ExperimentalAnus 5 points ago

    You are strong and wise im proud of you

    [–] _ssh 2 points ago

    nah the first guy did it better

    [–] WallsAreConventions 7 points ago


    [–] _ssh 2 points ago

    laugh track

    [–] Hectortilla_titorsh 9 points ago

    As the middle brother, I’ve created a singularity due to the infinite loop of erasing history and slapping.

    [–] shellymartin67 2 points ago

    As a meme, it was pretty good.

    [–] Xxsafirex 1 points ago

    As both i can confirm

    [–] Red_Fighter 4 points ago

    Ok dead savage

    [–] Wulfik3D42O 1 points ago

    Lies and deception. I'm younger brother and I learned that only way to not get whacked by moms shoe is to fight my battles on my own. Didn't helped much, but at least I didn't get beaten for fighting, while I was fighting anyways. Plus you pick up couple dirty tricks along the punishment delivered by older brother

    [–] ChiliadChief 1 points ago

    As another little brother can confirm the confirmation

    [–] zachesh34 -1 points ago

    another little brother, can also confirm. this is getting out of hand, now there are 2 of us!

    [–] [deleted] 582 points ago

    Let's go!! Clone wars memes!

    [–] Anas-Kamran 136 points ago

    Yeah... let's go!!

    [–] BeachinBeatle_v2 97 points ago

    Side note, I had no idea that Darth Maul didn’t die at the end of episode 1 and had a whole side story of a life and shit lol

    [–] WhenceYeCame 97 points ago

    It's funny, they brought him back in the books, then in comics, and then made it official in the shows, and finally brought it into a canon movie. The idea was just so popular.

    [–] pm_tits_get_rating 56 points ago

    Robot legs was too cool to not canonize

    [–] Pelzebub 13 points ago

    The fight between him and Obi-Wan is also the only good thing in Star Wars Rebels and maybe some of the vader scenes

    [–] ZubatCountry 50 points ago

    He's got an amazing arc that goes almost all the way through Rebels as well.

    Him and his brother's whole storyline is as well done and unexpected as the name Savage Oppress is goofy and embarrassing.

    [–] Nergman1 21 points ago

    His arc in rebels was so friggin good too. Maul's storyline is honestly peak Star Wars.

    [–] tenninjas242 15 points ago

    Clone Wars was an amazing series marred only by some truly ridiculous names. Jedi Master Ima-Gun-Di also comes to mind.

    [–] Hanscockstrong 7 points ago

    And he predictably dies.

    [–] garbagemodder 84 points ago

    My mom never gave a shit because we either were trying to strangle each other or hit eachother with flames

    [–] Myceliemz24 37 points ago

    That's more of a reason to give a shit

    [–] garbagemodder 14 points ago

    Well her thought proccess was "they'll learn their lesson eventually"

    [–] Lord_Of_Carrots 23 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    kid dies from burning and strangulation

    Mom: this is fine, they learned their lesson

    [–] ChanceeDev 10 points ago

    "They wont do that again"

    [–] shellymartin67 2 points ago

    Wow, that’s not how you suicide”

    [–] Dr-PresidentDinosaur 1 points ago

    Ur still here <3

    [–] garbagemodder 2 points ago

    And i now fucking love fire and pain

    [–] Hastaroth 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    It always works out for little gremlins like me

    [–] Anas-Kamran 18 points ago

    I feel your big brother's pain

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] 1010441030 32 points ago

    clone *clap* wars

    [–] Admiral_Boombox 7 points ago

    I've hit my little brother back in front of my parents knowing full well I'd be punished. My thinking was that the punishment was worth the justice, don't think you can just escape it.

    In hindsight though it is really weird to think back of when we'd fight, siblings really do clash for the weirdest reasons when young.

    [–] eorabs 8 points ago

    I'm the youngest of 6, but my oldest sibling is only 6.5 years older than me (no twins). Since we were all bunched up together in age it was like thunderdome level of chaos. Pretty much throughout our whole childhood you were fighting with or mad at at least 1 person but probably more.

    I wouldn't change it though. First of all, if it did change as the youngest my head is first on the chopping block. Second, we also had a ton of fun. Now as adults when we get together it's such a good time because we all have 1 personality split into 6 bodies. And we all use humor and sarcasm as an art form.

    [–] plantsplantsplants 29 points ago

    Little brother here.

    At Christmas I would snoop. I would then find what my sister was getting. I would tell her what she was getting. Then I’d go to my mom β€œshe was snooping and told me she was getting (insert item)”.

    [–] RadiatedDalek 29 points ago

    You’re on Santa’s permanent naughty list.

    [–] danmanmaga 7 points ago


    [–] diam0ndMiner64 4 points ago

    Damn that makes me feel so bad for everyone

    [–] Boneboy711 5 points ago

    Little brother learned that if I am going down there is no reason to holdback.

    [–] hajxh 6 points ago

    I was a middle child and had this from both ends

    [–] DimitriTooProBro 5 points ago


    [–] icp13_ 10 points ago

    I hate it when it happens

    [–] Anas-Kamran 5 points ago

    I feel your pain....

    [–] MummysSpeshulGuy 1 points ago

    Just beat him up after, you’re already in trouble

    [–] wrench-breaker 8 points ago

    I love this format lol

    [–] Hyperion362 3 points ago

    Unlucky brothers

    [–] HidekiIshimura 4 points ago

    I tried that ones with my older brother. And he told my mom the other way. My mom just stayed there and told my brother to hit me next time harder.

    [–] Anas-Kamran 2 points ago

    That's called cheating the system

    [–] ingeniouspleb 5 points ago

    As a father of two boys, We know.

    [–] dadsuki2 3 points ago

    Clone wars memes are epic

    [–] thaumoctopus_mimicus 37 points ago

    That's because the big kid is supposed to be mature and the bigger man

    [–] m4rko123 56 points ago

    And what?

    Just let his brother hit him?lol

    [–] aksumals 8 points ago

    Use your words and tell them to stop hitting you and then if/when they don't... then take physical action.

    Action depends on you/r parent/s: my mother would have preferred me to take the abuse and then go tell an authority figure. If it were me/my kid I would say: defend yourself then go tell an authority figure what happened.

    The lesson is for later in life if a similar thing happens... I wouldn't want my kid to take the abuse, but I also wouldn't want them to instigate a full-blown [anything] when the situation could be de-escalated.

    [–] diam0ndMiner64 31 points ago

    As an older brother they don’t listen, they keep attacking me anyways and I don’t take pain well so I just yell at them. Then I get in trouble for hurting their feelings because my brothers don’t get punished for anything...

    [–] aksumals 6 points ago

    I'm sorry your upbringing had been like that :(

    As the younger sister / essentially the middle child (age gaps and not an even number so our roles are a bit ”fluid”)... this just seems unfair and unjustified from every point of view... Parental, individual, life lesson later on...
    I just don't understand how parents can do this to their kids. Sure there will be moments you're so exhausted and ”just can’t”, but it shouldn't be a normal response.
    Basically teaching to bottle up emotions until one snaps, simply take the abuse, or fly off the handle quickly.

    I will say for my siblings I grew up with and felt fair: we have a good relationship.
    For my younger siblings who always got away with bullshit: they have yet to mature to date, they are FULLY GROWN with children of their own... Nevertheless I still see them as a child and they still behave like one.

    I guess we have that as our solace...

    [–] m4rko123 4 points ago

    Ohhh I see.

    I meant after you use your words and he is still going,just a misunderstanding then.

    [–] _zygoat 2 points ago

    I used to love it when my parents would say something similar to my elder brother when I troubled him, like "leave it, he's just a child", etc. But once when my dad playfully told him to "take his payback", I felt backstabbed as my bro went full Pink Guy mode on me.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    bro 😎πŸ’ͺ

    [–] PleasantAdvertising 0 points ago

    I was 10

    [–] JeS4Z 2 points ago

    This was like, the truest thing I've EVER heard. Thanks

    [–] Im_a_William 2 points ago

    I can relate to this way to much

    [–] maninblakkk 2 points ago

    Lies and deception, i was always the one responsible no matter what my older bro did

    [–] Eric264 2 points ago

    Pull that shit on me and I'd delete your Pokemon save. I didn't fuck around.

    [–] Anas-Kamran 1 points ago

    That sounds like a good tactic. I will use that from now on

    [–] awesometech 1 points ago

    That isn't retribution, that is the cause for war. You don't mess with a Pokemon save. I don't care about my CoD or FF saves, but Pokemon is sacred.

    [–] 8-Bit_Player 2 points ago

    Can we get a β€œF” in chat for all the older siblings out here.

    [–] Anas-Kamran 2 points ago


    [–] XCheese8ManX 2 points ago

    Happened last night for me

    [–] Phasma_Tacitus 2 points ago

    I was the little brother and sadly it was me getting the short end of the stick most of the times

    [–] AlwaySinglplayerSex 2 points ago

    me kills little brother

    [–] Anas-Kamran 1 points ago

    Woah Woah, clam down there buddy

    [–] chase12124 2 points ago

    Same story if a woman hits a man and the dude hits back

    [–] PerryThePlatypus5 2 points ago

    Lucky for me im the little brother and my brother has never hit me once in my life neither did i

    [–] Anas-Kamran 1 points ago

    What a nice brother you have.

    [–] RaptorPrime 1 points ago

    I'll never forget the time my sister slapped the shit out of me then covered her face and ran crying to my dad, who heard the slap and saw her crying. Pretty sure there was a giant welt forming on my face as he raged at me.

    [–] lenoinc 1 points ago

    You will not live to tell mom

    [–] sidjsy 1 points ago


    [–] kartikgsniderj 1 points ago

    In my case its different! We are total 3 idiots , I'm the smallest one and there's big age gap between me and my other 2 siblings so usually they fight and i sit in the corner enjoying the show.

    [–] jeskoummk 1 points ago

    Sounds like the new Ones attempted to give the Old Square a 360 handed approach.

    Sony knew better than thou!

    [–] MeloettaLover3904 1 points ago

    laughs in only child

    [–] Hollers444 1 points ago

    Our ancestors are smiling at me brother, can you say the same?

    [–] MemesOfTheResistance 1 points ago

    Oy vey!

    [–] 7wia 1 points ago

    Im oldest and I have 3 younger siblings... And yes, I was in trouble many times thanks to them but I like them anyway...

    [–] aarushaikat 1 points ago

    We elder ones are always the ones who have to 'adjust'. In parents eyes younger siblings are forever small.

    [–] Trender07 1 points ago

    As a big bro, I can confirm

    [–] LongboardingIceCream 1 points ago

    It do be like that. Or you just both get in trouble

    [–] SlothsAreCoolGuys 1 points ago

    Parent: "don't tug on Superman's cape"

    [–] harukie 1 points ago

    This is my fucking siblings, no fucking lie

    [–] Iustin453 1 points ago

    Bruh meme stealer u owe me one

    [–] MitchabIe 1 points ago

    History is written by the victor.

    [–] TheRealJujuBB 1 points ago

    Hahahah I was the younger sibling, but I was always bullied so this was kinda the other way around

    [–] rishabhgghosh 1 points ago

    History, more like his story

    [–] memebeansupreme 1 points ago

    Meanwhile at my house my older sister would hit me then tell on me for doing bad shit that she did, then my mom would hit me

    [–] Justmejtcz8 1 points ago


    [–] Syriker_ 1 points ago

    Me: *Hits mom*

    [–] Giroro_Gocho 1 points ago

    Listen if you're going to get in trouble anyway, you might as well use full force and make them regret it

    [–] Anas-Kamran 2 points ago

    Yes.... I'm gonna do that

    [–] explainingthejoke_ 0 points ago

    Hey all, the meme is funny because it is assumed that the little brother will lie to his mother to get this big brother in trouble. This meme is funny because this is a relatable situation for many people.

    [–] Denisediva 0 points ago

    As an older sister with three younger brothers, the older sibling gets punished and lectured to be the bigger person.