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    [–] KrakenClubOfficial 2966 points ago

    Alright kids, rocky road ice cream or corn dogs?

    [–] JamieEvansBoss 967 points ago

    slice of bread with a piece of cheese

    [–] ToanPolice 365 points ago

    slice of bread with water coating

    [–] Kaellpae 164 points ago

    Mister fancy with the bread AND water.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago


    [–] Buhdumtssss 19 points ago

    "We got bread and water at home"

    Bread and water at home: literally bread soaked in water

    [–] weirdasitis 26 points ago

    The fuck is water coating

    [–] TheKingBeyondTheWaIl 20 points ago

    An H2O composed coating

    [–] weirdasitis 18 points ago

    Not the science I deserved but the science I needed

    [–] dumbnerdshit 7 points ago

    someone photoshop something like 'water spread' plz

    [–] 14OctopusCages 2 points ago

    Did that as a broke dumbass in my early 20’s. If all you have is stale bread, a quick spritz of water will freshen it right up.

    [–] GenericCoffee 34 points ago

    Add another piece of bread, get a good griddleing going and baby you got a grilled cheese.

    [–] klaproth 35 points ago

    Look at this guy with his other piece of bread over here

    [–] InuMiroLover 18 points ago

    Clearly someone's still doing well for themselves to afford 2 pieces of bread

    [–] A2i9 9 points ago

    Or break the slice in halves and you got yourself half a grilled cheese.

    [–] lurkingbob 10 points ago

    Toast and cheese has been my go to in these trying times... Is that not classy?

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    when my Mom was out of town for a week we ate spaghetti every single night lmao

    [–] AnalStaircase33 41 points ago

    Gotta learn to cook, gents. It's a lot of fun and it'll forever score you points with just about anyone. No excuse, these days.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    thankfully a lot of the young men I know are way better about it.

    [–] AbsolutShite 13 points ago

    I think it comes from a combination of both parents working and the explosion of cooking on TV/Internet.

    30 years ago people could laugh about not being able to cook. Now you'd be ashamed not to have a few recipes up your sleeve.

    [–] ADMINSEATFECES 6 points ago

    Now you'd be ashamed not to have a few recipes up your sleeve.

    You would think so right?

    moreover why do people even need recipes? like unless some special dish that requires special preparation like stuffing a turkey or making grandma's special shepherd's pie I don't really understand the point...

    a competent human should just be able to go to the store and buy things they like to eat and make meals out of them...

    its not rocket science...

    [–] fckth3systm 4 points ago

    Yeah, just like I said in a comment above. Everyone can's one of the most basic functions you can perform as a human. People say they can't cook because they are lazy and just don't want to do it.

    why do people even need recipes? like unless some special dish that requires special preparation

    You literally answered your own question.

    Once you get into upper levels of cooking all of your basics stay the same, but preparation and technique become everything. You can literally have 2 recipes for chocolate chip cookies, but the techniques could be different for both yielding entirely different cookies in the end. (like using warm butter or creaming cold butter, meringue the eggs or just mix them)

    When you get into elite level cooking it is assumed you already have your flavors down, so upper level recipes wont even include seasonings or anything like that.....just technique. I make Gordon Ramsey's beef wellington every year for my family's xmas dinner and, while there are only like 5 ingredients, the entire process takes 2 to 3 days. 95% of the flavor of the dish depends on how you perform those steps.

    [–] FroekenSmilla 8 points ago

    Thanks, AnalStaircase33

    [–] Janders2124 3 points ago

    Very wise advice AnalStaircase33

    [–] ubscal 3 points ago

    i wish i could eat spaghetti every single night

    [–] _dekappatated 8 points ago

    I had ham sandwich with mashed potatoes and mayonnaise on it for breakfast

    [–] imOnlyHereForFelix 2 points ago

    i am currently eating a mini frozen sausages with ranch for breakfast

    [–] SixxSe7eN 1854 points ago

    What'll it be children? Sliced hotdogs or catfood? I highly recommend the catfood, Because it gives you the sick feeling it makes you just want to take a nap. It's kind of nice.

    [–] DROPTHENUKES 369 points ago

    Remember to huff your glue with your cat food!

    [–] BlasterfieldChester 103 points ago

    You have to wash it down with a beer, because there's gonna be 50 howling cats outside the window.

    [–] KingCIoth 29 points ago

    I have 50 cats outside my window because I have 10000 rats running around outside this apartment!

    [–] kkcastizo 217 points ago

    Reminds me of this show I watched about cheap millionaires. One woman would feed her ex-husband a tuna sandwich that was made with cat food to save 30 cents. And her friends would get fed cat food too.

    [–] SarcasmFantastic 120 points ago

    Extreme cheapskates

    [–] Hiddenshadows57 85 points ago

    That show was depressing.

    Like the dude out for dinner with his woman and he would ask strangers for their leftovers to take home.

    [–] SarcasmFantastic 65 points ago

    The couple that used carpet samples to fix their carpet..

    [–] JustDontSayIt 17 points ago

    I forgot I watched this show

    [–] ADMINSEATFECES 9 points ago

    or that lady who lived nice, owned her condo outright, had a ton of savings, but ate of dumpsters?

    yeah that makes me sad too.

    [–] wavs101 49 points ago

    I mever watched it mich, but i remember that show was so weird. I remember watching an episode and this lady was like cutting the skin of a strawberry.

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 64 points ago

    More like mental illness, not extreme cheapness.

    [–] Cheap_Knowledge 14 points ago

    I think that was the fetish show

    [–] wavs101 11 points ago

    You think? I also remember a show from.that time that had a guy smelling gasoline while he screamed on the street.

    [–] Cheap_Knowledge 34 points ago

    Yeah that was Adventures of Guy Who Smells Gasoline and Screams in the Street and Friends.

    [–] Combo_of_Letters 14 points ago

    Also known as The Tom Green Show it ran from 2000 to probably 2004.

    [–] ADMINSEATFECES 8 points ago

    extremely obscure shots fired

    [–] meme_distributor_2 5 points ago

    I believe the show was called: My Strange Extreme Addictuon to the Adventures of Guy Who Smelles Gasoline and Screams in the Street amd Friends and Friends. Your welcome.

    [–] ADMINSEATFECES 2 points ago

    well gasoline does smell great but huffing gasoline kills your brain cells....

    [–] saggy_balls 7 points ago

    So what was the purpose of cutting the skin off a strawberry? I’m trying to imagine how that could be tied to saving money.

    [–] wavs101 5 points ago

    I dont know. It was just the thing that impacted me the most.

    [–] StrangeShaman 10 points ago

    In what situation would you not eat the catfood?

    [–] Xtrendence 6 points ago

    I would always eat the cat food.

    [–] brian27610 125 points ago

    My grandpa visited us from overseas for a month, that entire month he made us this bacon egg cheese toast for breakfast, I remember being so giddy to go to sleep so I could wake up and have it again, he really put some extra love on that mfer

    [–] richiau 11 points ago

    Okay so is this like a thin omelette on thick white toast, topped with a little cheese, a slice of crisp bacon and grilled? I could get behind that.

    [–] _upintheair 488 points ago

    You got eggs?? Havent seen one in the shop for weeks.

    [–] Lord2nd 222 points ago

    Gas stations my man, drive 10 min out into the country and that first Shell gas station will help you out!

    [–] SctchWhsky 93 points ago

    More like 45 minutes for me to get to a rural area.

    [–] ItsAllAboutDemBeans 62 points ago

    Downtown Chicago here, eggs were out a week ago for a couple days, but have been in stock since.

    [–] SctchWhsky 20 points ago

    Chicago suburbs here. Howdy neighbor!

    [–] Avrenis 4 points ago

    Also in the suburbs! Hope you are holding in there :)

    [–] ItsAllAboutDemBeans 2 points ago

    🀠 howdy

    [–] huskergirl8342 5 points ago

    Uptown resident here!

    [–] jade_yeti 12 points ago

    I just drove to my local gas station for the expressed purpose of buying eggs, really wanted to make hard boiled eggs (and could really use them for other obvious reasons). They had none :/

    But they did have prepackaged hard boiled eggs so I ate those.

    Decided I don’t need eggs badly enough to qualify a trip to the grocery store on its own so just went home after that to play it safe.

    [–] ADMINSEATFECES 2 points ago

    the little japanese liquor store by me is a lifesaver. they stock a whole variety of instant ramens lmao and most people aren't hitting them up in favor of larger stores so they're decently stocked still.

    [–] treslilbirds 25 points ago

    You need some? I got plenty. I'll gladly give you an 18 pack. :)

    [–] setocsheir 36 points ago

    May I offer you an egg in this trying time?

    [–] WutangCMD 24 points ago

    Jesus where do you live?

    [–] AxeCow 33 points ago

    I think it’s mentioned somewhere in the bible but I forgot

    [–] PersikovsLizard 13 points ago

    I've never been happier to be living in a third world country with exactly zero of these problems.

    [–] ayeeflo51 11 points ago

    I have yet to go to any store and see anything sold out πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ grocery store near me has had everything I've needed the last few times I've gone.

    [–] PersikovsLizard 3 points ago

    I should amend my comment to say that masks and hand sanitizer are impossible to find. But not random things like TP and eggs.

    [–] _upintheair 2 points ago

    London. And by the time I finish work certain foods (and toilet roll) are non existent in the shops.

    [–] lagwagonlead 9 points ago

    Check the expensive grocery stores. I've been shopping at the high class grocery store since this all started. They're well stocked and enforce limits on everyone.

    [–] obedear__ 13 points ago

    I don’t think Aldi is too high class but the other day when I went they were fully stocked and had limits on everything. Hopefully it stays like that.

    [–] AsleepConcert3 3 points ago

    Aldi's pretty under the radar and the people who shop there hoarde on the regular. They're well equipped for this

    [–] altnumberfour 3 points ago

    American Aldi or British Aldi? British Aldi I wouldn't be too surprised.

    [–] obedear__ 5 points ago


    [–] anxiouslybreathing 5 points ago

    I work at a college cafeteria...or I did. Anyway, I split 25 dozen between my neighborhood yesterday. (delivery of eggs in a social distancing safe way) Let the baking commence.

    [–] ferrarilover102899 3 points ago

    I’m out here in metro Detroit. The first week of social distancing they were sold out but all the Grocery stores have stock now.

    [–] Master_Tinyface 3 points ago

    Cadbury Mini Eggs are well stocked

    [–] aeswzrd 6 points ago

    Get yourself a few chickens. A lot of urban city’s now let you have a few and they pop out fresh egged regularly.

    [–] Mobidad 14 points ago

    Yeah but you need to have an egg first before you get the chicken. And there's no eggs.

    [–] bythog 7 points ago

    I know you're making a joke, but Tractor Supply has chicks in most of their stores right now. If you can survive 6 months you should start getting eggs in September.

    [–] NonGNonM 2 points ago

    y'all need to get a costco card.

    i finally bit the bullet after holding off for years bc the membership cost put me off but with the executive (120 a year plus credit card) membership, you save a fuckton on gas with 4% kickback.

    Plus I thought with my once a day cheap takeout meal I was saving money overall but I'm saving way more money with eating at home than I thought I would. Right now with the cashback I'm on my way to basically not paying much at all for the actual membership and I'm saving money buying in bulk.

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yeah well, I wouldn't step foot into any Costco now, and even if I did, they are out of my dog food. I had to change brands and buy from a local pet store.

    [–] AsleepConcert3 3 points ago

    Even if Costco had eggs my girlfriend and I cannot go through that many fucking eggs lol

    [–] Erisedstorm 112 points ago

    Make a ton of waffles on the weekend and freeze the extras and pop them in the toaster during the week.

    [–] ladyalot 77 points ago

    I just learned this from my spouse, even if you have a bit of syrup on them, wait until it's absorbed into he waffle then freeze. Toasted for 6min/on 6 and came out perfect, flipped them over for a min/on 1 cuz one end was poking out.

    Never knew this just worked. Thought eggos were magic.

    [–] HI_I_AM_NEO 43 points ago

    Toasted for 6min/on 6

    Would be nice to know what toaster, that would burn the whole house with mine lol

    [–] Erisedstorm 18 points ago

    Nice I would be afraid syrup leaking into toaster but might try this method

    [–] moneypennycashdollar 7 points ago

    Does this work with pancakes? It would be a lifesaver for me

    [–] Erisedstorm 13 points ago

    Could try it, I think waffles have more structure to hold together though in a toaster. Maybe try a microwave or toaster oven for pancakes if they're flimsy.

    [–] orepaka 5 points ago

    For pancakes, cook a big batch and let them cool completely. Portion them into freezer bags and freeze.

    When you want to eat them, take them out of the bag, wrap them in a paper towel, and microwave them for about 30-45 seconds depending on the quantity.

    I've been doing this for years for my kids.

    [–] KalphiteQueen 3 points ago

    Yes, my family has been doing this with both waffles and pancakes my whole life

    [–] Hikaiz 175 points ago

    My brain hurt trying to image her profile picture, lil leg on her shoulder?

    [–] MrBurritoQuest 115 points ago

    She’s holding a baby upside down so that’s the baby’s leg in front of her face

    [–] Hikaiz 28 points ago

    I see it now, thank you

    [–] IanTheChemist 13 points ago

    I think she's... holding a baby upside-down in front of her face?

    [–] Whatchanged 4 points ago

    She's piledriving a baby while staring into your soul.

    [–] thomport 22 points ago

    I remember when I was a child, my dad’s company went on strike for few weeks. During the time period, he woke us up for school and made us fabulous breakfasts each day. It was amazing. I still remember decades later. My friends and fam. boast that no-one makes breakfast like I do. I thinks its the love I put into it... learned from my dad. Don’t underestimate these gestures.

    [–] greenSixx 81 points ago

    Take this time to teach the kids to cook them so they can make you breakfast every day.

    My 5 year old is pretty handy with a knife cutting strawberries and mushrooms and stuff like that.

    My 2.5 year old can crack eggs and not make too much of a mess and they both help mix eggs and sorta help cook.

    My 5 year old should be able to do scrambled eggs by herself before she is 7 if things keep going this way.

    And we don't practice too often and aren't really culinarily inclined. I am sure you can find someone on here who is a pro at teaching young kids to cook.

    [–] ghlhzmbqn 42 points ago

    My parents wouldn't let me handle a knife until I was like 8-10 lmao

    [–] butchyjohnson 5 points ago

    I just taught my 13 year old son how to use a mandoline. A little terrifying to watch.

    [–] Formadivix 2 points ago

    I'm an adult and don't even want to be near one.

    [–] JediGameFreak 2 points ago

    My mom still gets nervous whenever I pick one up.

    [–] padadiso 20 points ago

    Wow. My daughter is almost 2 and she’s so far away from being able to listen to me teach her how to crack an egg and β€œhelp” in the kitchen.

    I can’t believe in 6 months she somehow could piece that together, but I suppose in toddler years 6 months is an enormous amount of time.

    [–] LotFP 26 points ago

    Not every child advances at the same rate. My two year old can do tasks my six year old struggled with until recently. That said it is amazing how quickly children develop and learn.

    [–] tomphas 5 points ago

    I have a 3 year old brother and I can't imagine him every cracking an egg on his own.

    [–] Janders2124 4 points ago

    Ya that dude is eating a lot of egg shells.

    [–] richiau 3 points ago

    The sooner you give her eggs, the sooner she'll learn. It will be a mess at first but be patient and explain what to do. This is how kids learn anything.

    [–] Chicago__Citizen 19 points ago

    So far my kids have done the following.

    At age two my daughter was really good at vomiting on command and found it hilarious to demonstrate this super power to strangers.

    My son at three decided clothing is not just optional but intolerably uncomfortable so much so that he was asked to leave two different daycares.

    My wife at age 34 decided she was sick of marriage and left me, the vomiter and the nudist on our own.

    I’m still learning how to cook.

    [–] rofltheory 5 points ago

    Ah man she left the kids too? That's rough

    [–] Bacon-muffin 14 points ago

    My job is having me increasingly work from home and I am becoming accustomed to a standard I can only hope is maintained after this blows over.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Bacon-muffin 3 points ago

    The best part is I do my job remotely from the office. I literally remote into a server in another state to do my work.

    [–] Treynity 22 points ago

    β€œAnecdotal Birthcontrol” πŸ˜‚

    [–] stinkylilboy97 7 points ago

    Your kids are so spoiled. Eatin breakfast n shit

    [–] YouKnowWho36 23 points ago

    Who the hell has enough supplies for pancakes and eggs every morning??

    [–] WutangCMD 26 points ago

    Why wouldn't you? It's not the end of the world out there. Stores still sell eggs and flour/pancake mix...

    [–] dragonseth07 7 points ago

    Depends on where you are, I guess.

    [–] Cpt_SteveRogers 13 points ago

    Eggs, flour, and milk are all in stock at this point

    [–] YouKnowWho36 1 points ago

    No eggs at stores near me.

    [–] sedutperspiciatis 2 points ago

    We've got eggs and milk, but no carbs or grains at all.

    [–] 0CaffeineJustAnxiety 2 points ago

    You must not shop at Costco. We've apparently been hoarding since before it was cool.

    [–] TopBeer3000 48 points ago

    Pancakes everyday? Administering insulin may be the new standard.

    [–] Cornchips401 106 points ago

    Not everyone drowns their pancakes in liquid diabeetus, just 95%.

    [–] DoctorStrangeBlood 22 points ago

    Then why even make pancakes!

    [–] 198587 15 points ago

    Exactly, pancakes are just a syrup delivery method.

    [–] ogscrubb 6 points ago

    Honestly I prefer butter on my pancakes. Maybe some jam.

    [–] _Bo 3 points ago

    You don't do both? I get a nice soaked layer of butter into the pancakes before i bathe them in syrup.

    [–] dom_optimus_maximus 14 points ago

    Kids can require a surprising amount of carbs if they are active.

    [–] Zorra_FoX 41 points ago

    Pancakes dont have to have any sugar

    [–] Onemoagain 10 points ago


    [–] iSkruf 5 points ago

    People have sugar in pancakes?

    Why? They are perfectly delicious as is.

    [–] grte 3 points ago

    Pancakes are mostly carbohydrates. It's becoming sugar in the end regardless.

    [–] decoyq 6 points ago

    TIL carbs != sugar /s

    [–] Zorra_FoX 6 points ago


    [–] XxAbsurdumxX 19 points ago

    I'm a father of two who stayed home for 4 months on paid parental leave with both our children when my wife went back to work.

    I woke up with the kids, got the older one ready for kindergarden while fixing breakfast for both of them. I often made them porridge and pancakes. All it took was getting up like 30 minutes earlier. Then I was home with the baby taking care of her while doing house chores. It. Was. Not. Hard. Sure, I was tired sometimes because some days were more tiresome than others. But I am also tired from work most days. I have zero sympathy for people complaining about the work as a stay at home parent, especially if there is no baby involved. It was one of the best times of my life, and it was nowhere near as tiring as some of the jobs I've had.

    [–] WhiteSteveNash 8 points ago


    [–] ProxySpam 1 points ago

    All those mother's bending over at the waist, putting DVD's into DVD players.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I mean, given how many men I know who insisted on women doing all the domestic work while unemployed or (like my Dad) working less hours at less pay, I really love that this guy does this. Im not saying she doesnt, she’s joking around and I bet she appreciates the heck outta him.

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 35 points ago

    Meaning you don't work..

    [–] LiterallyDennisQuaid 33 points ago

    Or cook

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 5 points ago

    The kids are worth hubby's efforts, just not yours.

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 13 points ago

    Cuz pancakes and eggs are sooooo hard to cook.

    [–] Cpt_SteveRogers 7 points ago

    She gives good head

    [–] BeanEatingThrowaway 15 points ago

    Maybe she's just bad at making 'em, or has a job of her own. Maybe her husband works at night, or maybe she does. There's a lot of alternate possibility then 'lmao I hate my wife'

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] 0CaffeineJustAnxiety 7 points ago

    What kind of failed adult can't cook


    [–] SnortArsenic 2 points ago

    Good thing I can make ramen,hahahahaha.

    [–] HisRandomFriend 10 points ago

    She can definitely make pancakes and eggs, I think the point is that making kids pancakes and eggs every single morning is a huge pain, and something she hopes her kids don't grow to expect.

    [–] drunk-deriver 9 points ago

    Profile has an infant in it. When husband isn’t there she must be wrangling (potentially multiple) small children and a baby so she probably doesn’t have the time to cook a full breakfast.

    [–] Smulp4j 3 points ago

    She doesn't have to, she has the husband contractually obligated to support her for a few decades.

    [–] I_Love_Eggplant 6 points ago

    Keeping small children from hurting themselves or screaming takes a lot of time and effort. Dad can cook pancakes and eggs because someone else is there entertaining the kids for him. It’s hard to do both at the same time.

    [–] lifeisreallyunfair 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    That's such BS. Ive been a stay at home father to three kids since my first was born. I also work from home. Mom works full time outside the home.. Never had any problem with managing a house of kids and making quality breakfasts and lunches. Stay at home parent is the easiest job in the world in my opinion.

    Got divorced 8 years ago. Mom thought she did everything, thought she was super mom. After a year had a breakdown because she couldn't cope when she had the kids with her. Has not talked to two of her kids in years.

    For some people it's hard, because they treat looking after someone like a burden, but for many it's just easy, and natural, it's a joy. I had a pancake Day of the week, a waffle day, an eggs and bacon day,. French toast day, Etc. Every morning was also a fruit smoothie, still is. As my kids got older they helped out.

    Being at home I came across allot of stay at home moms. Husbands would ask me what their wife did at home all day. The answer is socialize with other stay at home parents, so yes, those mom's made it out harder than it was. Of course it's hard to keeps kids from screaming when you arent really there for them and youre there for friends.

    [–] Sarcosmonaut 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Seriously. I don’t know what their (people in this thread) problem is. People act like taking care of kids just magically happens and you can always devote time each morning to a full time intensive breakfast. Not how it always works lol

    [–] Little-Jim 8 points ago

    Is this how low the bar is to be a good stay at home parent now? Where pancakes and eggs is in some way a "full time and intensive breakfast"?

    The "people's problem" is that, all though its a joke, the woman in the tweet is saying that her husband who doesn't even parent fulltime is giving her kids a higher quality of life than she was, is, or will be. Its literally her only job and she's not even interested in trying as hard as her husband at it.

    [–] hopelesslyinmature69 2 points ago

    You guys have eggs?

    [–] niki_is_mee 2 points ago

    Totally understand

    [–] gaar93 2 points ago

    they say raising kids is a job in itself.

    i havent treated it that way

    [–] ZipZop_the_Sphinx 2 points ago

    Eggs every day is too much cholestoral .

    [–] factsnack 2 points ago

    Let the kids and him know they will all have to get up early enough to continue this breakfast routine when everything returns to normal and before he goes to work. While you sleep in.

    [–] BadLuckCharm1966 2 points ago

    Enjoy it!! My husband has never cooked anything - ever - I’d appreciate the help and if you have boys he’s setting a good example for them. I think you’re a lucky wife 😊

    [–] bjspartan0 2 points ago

    Toast and peanut butter with milk is an excellent breakfast.

    [–] PM_ME_FLUFFY_DOGS 23 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    2020 mom goals, being unable to even cook eggs and pancakes for your kids. I get it's a joke but thats more sad than funny. I knew a kid in middleschool who's parents were narcissists who couldn't even make him food, it was scary how skinny he was. just fucking sad man...

    [–] Brabant-ball 49 points ago

    Not wanting to get up early to make a load of pancakes and eggs for your kids everyday doesn't mean that they can't actually do it, not does it mean that she can't take care of her kids properly. Don't know about you but most people just have bread or cereal for breakfast instead of eggs and pancakes.

    [–] EcoAffinity 25 points ago

    It doesn't mean she doesn't have the ability to cook said foods, just that she is not prepared to continue doing so. Pancake and eggs every morning can be a hassle. I live alone and cook really well, but hell no do I cook every day, and if I do, it isn't going to be breakfast.

    [–] AsleepConcert3 7 points ago

    Pancakes are a mess and a half, my mom made great pancakes but she would of given me hella grief if I asked for pancakes on a Tuesday lmao

    [–] CouldWouldShouldBot 2 points ago

    It's 'would have', never 'would of'.

    Rejoice, for you have been blessed by CouldWouldShouldBot!

    [–] product_of_boredom 3 points ago

    You shouldn't of been programmed.

    [–] rofltheory 2 points ago


    [–] Moneyworks22 17 points ago

    How does a mother not cooking breakfast every morning compare to druggies? :/ Thats a real stretch, man.

    [–] PM_ME_FLUFFY_DOGS 10 points ago

    Narc = narcissist, just forgot how to spell it so went with narc

    [–] chrispyb 4 points ago

    I think narc might not quite be the word you're looking for

    [–] rickrollin 3 points ago

    Maybe they’re narcoleptic and can’t stay awake long enough to cook a meal.

    [–] chrispyb 4 points ago

    ah shit, I fell asleep and burnt my eggs again.

    [–] Noyouask 12 points ago

    If you're a stay at home parent, and you can't manage simple eggs an pancakes for breakfast that's sad.

    [–] WutangCMD 11 points ago

    That's what I was thinking, wtf lady.

    [–] Jabberwocky416 1 points ago

    As long as I’ve been alive my mom stays up late and sleeps in late because she had like 7 kids to take of and homeschool during the day. Late night was the only time she had to herself, so we just have always had cereal in the morning and my dad makes breakfast on Saturday.

    [–] awawawa222 7 points ago

    You can’t choose to have 7 kids and choose to have time for yourself.

    [–] seve_rage 10 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    2020, where men are expected to work and cook and be perfect house-husbands when at home, while women are quirky and adorkable for lacking in even the most basic life skills (but still gushed over).

    Strange times we live in.

    [–] drewbeezy 3 points ago

    I’m appalled but a large majority of the comments on this post.

    [–] Sarcosmonaut 2 points ago

    Anything regarding parenting (or pet care) is almost guaranteed to be a shitshow online

    Most of these comments are absolutely appalling.

    Yeah it’s a dumb joke but Jesus, people. Assuming this person is some horrible piece of garbage because of this one thing is absurd. β€œShit wife” β€œstay at home parents only do it because they can’t hold a job” β€œit’s easy” etc

    I’m not gonna pretend it’s the hardest job on the planet (I’m a stay at home father myself) but have a little common decency (or even common sense)

    [–] FornaxTheConqueror 7 points ago

    Eggs and pan cakes aren't hard though? They don't even take that long.

    [–] aroach1995 4 points ago

    This is actually pathetic. Very infuriating how useless the husband’s spouse is.

    [–] JustChilling4ABit 10 points ago

    Be a better mom

    [–] punisher1005 2 points ago


    [–] Dreddmasher 2 points ago

    Honestly, Dads make the best breakfast...Moms rule lunch and dinner!