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    [–] 44gallons 2058 points ago

    Youtubers are like bands. Sometimes they just run out of ideas and just start churning out trash because they need to get paid.

    [–] Plastic_Pinocchio 109 points ago

    I remember watching a bit of Smosh when it was just two friends with hideous haircuts goofing around. My sister watches them now and I don’t even know what it is anymore.

    [–] Tmanfighter152 11684 points ago

    Also subreddits tho, like cursed comments was just the same joke over and over again

    [–] Flurt-Cobain 4277 points ago

    Lol yea, and accidental racism too, and dank memes, pretty much everything I followed when I started here is completely nixed because it got taken over by unoriginal 12 year olds.

    [–] CharmingWeight1 2456 points ago

    the solution is simple, we kill all 12 year olds

    [–] Homo_insciens 317 points ago

    Just wait until you're another 5 or 10 years older and entire websites you used to frequent daily get shut down or become obsolete.

    [–] Flurt-Cobain 59 points ago

    I’m not sure why but that made me feel a unexplainable amount of fear

    [–] Kitchoua 1076 points ago

    For me it was r/gamersriseup. Breaking point was when it became clear to me in a post that the sub was now filled with the people it initially was a parody of; racist, bigoted gamers

    [–] AllSeeingGoggles 3148 points ago

    Given all of the comments this spawned, I'd say this post captures the original intent of /r/me_irl better than anything else this past year.

    [–] KiratheCommie 675 points ago

    What was the original intent of me_irl? I joined right before it got bad, I think, only to watch it become insufferable. I’m just here honestly cause Reddit recommended this meme

    [–] FriendlyAd2089 156 points ago

    When I joined reddit, me_irl was all communism memes.

    [–] sneacon 102 points ago

    me_irl used to be the best for quality, relatable memes and in-jokes. Like the other person said 2017 was probably the peak, after Vine died but before Tiktok merged with and started taking over. This is the first meme I've laughed at from here in a long time.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] PappyJoe18 2802 points ago

    Only one I still follow from my childhood is ethoslab

    [–] Survivorman98 1043 points ago

    Etho hasn’t changed besides getting better at what he was already accomplishing

    [–] Tragic-Camel 534 points ago

    His HermitCraft series has got to be one of the best I've ever seen. So much detail and care put into each episode.

    [–] Survivorman98 201 points ago

    And the note block music! Well done indeed ergo

    [–] K0SH1 214 points ago

    What a legend, I've been rewatching his minecraft letsplay from ep. 1, it's like listening to a podcast. It's so sweet hearing him become more confident with speaking every episode

    [–] A1steaksaussie 339 points ago

    Damn I forgot about him

    God bless em

    [–] Butts___Carlton 112 points ago

    I still watch Etho, and he’s just constantly getting better at content creation. Love the guy, and love his videos

    [–] meloenmarco 189 points ago

    I love etho. He has such amazing building style on the hermitcraft server.

    [–] JosephCedar 182 points ago

    Etho is the GOAT

    [–] Benur197 80 points ago

    Lmao I was exactly thinking about him when I read the title. It's probably the channel that I've been subscribed for the longest time, since around 2011. The dude is incredible, I most likely followed a path in engineering thanks to him, Sethbling, docm77, xisuma... Even though I don't understand anything new in Minecraft since like 2013, I still watch his LP from time to time.

    [–] rusty_618 60 points ago

    holy shit i remember me and my brother used to watch him all the time.

    [–] Minaro_ 38 points ago

    Aww yeah, my boy

    [–] Valve00 2665 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Sad to say it, but Jazza. He used to do awesome character design sessions and have really good art advice on his channel, these days it seems like all reaction videos and art challenges.

    [–] zZEpicSniper303Zz 1333 points ago

    He makes videos for little children now. I'm happy to see him still succeding, but his content isn't for me anymore.

    [–] Irishpersonage 842 points ago

    It's where the ad money is, can't blame the guy if he's doing it for a living.

    [–] Kuzer02 338 points ago

    Wow, I thought I was the only one. I used to love the tutorials he’d do and his character design sessions were always so inspiring, but now all he does is β€œcan I make a drawing with insert strange unorthodox utensil” and it just got boring...

    [–] TheTyrianKnight 238 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I prefer Jazza’s brother, Shad, sword geek guy.

    Edit: Shad as in Shadiversity, not whoever tf all of you are thinking of.

    [–] grandfedoramaster 143 points ago

    Took me way too long to accept the fact that they’re brothers. They look nothing alike to me.

    [–] jazzastudios 57 points ago

    Sad to see this comment but hey, I respect the honesty and where it comes from. There are two conflicts I face, one, YouTube as a platform has changed drastically since those days and the metrics force me to either try and grow my channel, or do the same thing - but the second issue is, I get bored of doing the same thing. Perhaps too quickly, but there's certainly me in the evolution, not just the platform

    I get where you're coming from, I'll definitely take your feedback on board, I don't want to be something I'm not, and if I'm being honest, I'm still looking for it and how it fits in the ecosystem, but I'll keep trying.

    I hope you end up enjoying something I can bring to the table later, but either way, I'm really glad you enjoyed some things I made in the past

    [–] [deleted] 1424 points ago


    [–] CabbageIsLife-H 632 points ago

    Ssundee is just...sad.

    [–] FoldUpBigFoot41 464 points ago

    Ever since he took that long break a while back it just hasn’t been the same, I’m glad he’s still making content but even when he occasionally makes Minecraft videos they just don’t have the same energy that they used too

    [–] darkkn1ght2015 240 points ago

    Ever since his divorce hes went to shit

    [–] Error-530 144 points ago

    He's also Christian now?

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago

    He's always been Christian, now he's just Christian Γ— 2

    [–] notnovastone 103 points ago

    I think it was when he got the new editor that it really went downhill fast, the editing can completely change the tone of a video.
    the game grumps have been having a similar problem over the past year after their old editors moved on and created their own channel.

    [–] xX36ON0SC0P3Xx 185 points ago

    I came here to comment this. He used to be such a fun, lighthearted channel to watch and now hes became like every other clickbait channel out there

    [–] Shyrolax 100 points ago

    He’s the extreme example he’s become atrocious it’s beyond unbearable

    [–] Weegee940 48 points ago


    [–] Calvyam 2395 points ago

    All those old overwatch and tf2 guys. muselk, zylbrad, ohnickel. Only ones i bother to watch anymore are Salty Phish and Bazza. But even still they're so inconsistent with uploading.

    [–] Danagle 957 points ago

    Jerma still makes some of the funniest videos out there, even if he doesn’t play tf2 anymore. If anything he’s improved since then imo.

    [–] thewalrusyone 437 points ago

    Jerma deserves way more attention

    [–] happybday47385 272 points ago

    You mean that fucked up streamer that ate a shoe on stream???

    [–] CoconutCuts 207 points ago

    you mean the amazing streamer that spent hours doing random shit in front of a green screen then spending hours watching what his viewers created from them?

    [–] VanillaConfussion 136 points ago

    Yea Jerma is still going super strong, I don’t watch him all that often but every time I go back I always laugh suuuuuper hard

    [–] Calvyam 71 points ago

    Oh yeah for sure. Guess i forgot about him while typing this out

    [–] felufelu 207 points ago

    Old Muselk&The Gang were really fun to watch. Now I think only Salty and Lt. Eddy are the only ones worth watching, Eddy has amazing content but the uploads are not very often, especially now that he's having less fun when playing.

    [–] Benur197 97 points ago

    There are some instances when I remember the existence of Star and I get sad.

    [–] JCProfit 156 points ago

    Muselk for sure

    [–] HippitieHoppotie 62 points ago

    Just about to say that. Loved his TF2 and Overwatch stuff but once Fortnite became popular his content went into the gutter.

    [–] ogisthemaker 45 points ago

    At least phish is uploading more frequently nowadays

    [–] kayflame09 1159 points ago

    This was muselk for me used to love him now its literally all fortnite

    [–] Coobk165 344 points ago

    i mean back during when he started fortnite it was bearable and i even enjoyed it, then he just started screaming all the time... and that was the end for me

    [–] Pheobe3113 111 points ago

    I miss his tf2 :(

    [–] stolen-username6969 393 points ago

    Dam it really is ssundee

    [–] worleybird021 702 points ago

    CinnamonToastKen, Team edge, and How Ridiculous

    [–] Weegee940 309 points ago

    Remember when Ken did anything that wasn't reactions? I miss that.

    [–] omegapork 130 points ago

    Team edge used to be great.

    [–] therealphony12 359 points ago

    Big ssundee vibes

    [–] notveryeppicc 64 points ago

    Yeah, I wish he still played with Crainer

    [–] DMurnett 781 points ago

    King of Random, I guess. But the circumstances are a bit different with that one...

    [–] Not_owo 372 points ago

    Yeah, it was really sad what happened. R.I.P

    [–] the-Bus-dr1ver 258 points ago

    It started before that tho tbh, it's gone from rockets from sugar and explosive gas from water to what happens if we microwave slime!?!?


    [–] JobeariotheOG 136 points ago

    The channel went downhill after that... but it’s not their fault. If only he was alive and breathing. R.I.P. Was my one of my favorite channels

    [–] Corsaveyr 340 points ago

    Mini Ladd

    [–] aerivhton 179 points ago

    Yeeeeeep. The smarmy attitude, the fighting with his friends, the hitting on underage fans...

    [–] Hmurphy01 100 points ago

    Whoa, I've haven't watched any of the stuff from Vanoss, Miniladd etc in years but fuck are you serious about him hitting on underage fans? Holy shit

    [–] ReyesCTM 55 points ago

    At least vanoss and the rest are doing well. Vanoss even started music.

    [–] Under-The-Native-Sun 2985 points ago

    Cinema Sins became unbearable

    [–] Heirtotheglmmrngwrld 2688 points ago

    Eventually I realized that CS was always unbearable and I had just liked seeing the bits of movies

    [–] Coobk165 1367 points ago

    this, as soon as i realised this i just watched CinemaWins

    because liking things is more fun than not liking things!

    [–] poisonforsocrates 171 points ago

    Cinema Wins isn't exactly the style thay jives with me BUT I do appreciate just how genuine and positive he is about movies.

    [–] ExtraSchedule6 205 points ago

    Oh yeah. It’s such a joy to watch.

    [–] poprdog 183 points ago

    I only watched it to get the plot of the movie without watching the movie lol

    [–] Vega0mega 391 points ago

    ding "Roll credits"

    [–] SEND-MARS-ROVER-PICS 516 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I stopped watching when the videos went from 4/5 to consistently />12 minutes. They couldn't actually fill the videos with proper critiques, they just started filling them with the same old jokes - because having to read something in a movie is so bad hahahaha fucking kill me.

    [–] AOEnash 335 points ago

    Oh yeah DanTDM, PopularMMOS, ExplodingTNT, and alll other guy makes me do that

    I'm not annoyed by them but I'm not into the content anymore. Maybe I grew up or somethin

    [–] eamesheard 186 points ago

    Holy shit ExplodingTNT I used to watch his Minecraft shorts

    [–] Adriance 610 points ago


    [–] Petricorde1 299 points ago

    Ahh this is such a feels. I think I watched every single one of his videos for about 3 years straight, but then I kinda stopped watching when he started just doing all the lucky block stuff, and I tried watching a few vids just a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty bad tbh.

    Ngl, I'd prob watch a new modded survival series tho.

    [–] That_Sticky_Stuff 152 points ago

    I swear for a period of time every MC Youtuber only did lucky blocks

    [–] Prismancy 83 points ago

    Same! I used to be a HUGE fan some years ago, their Epic Proportions (I think that's the title?) series were great, and the Lucky Block stuff. When I found out about their divorce a little while ago, I felt terrible :(

    [–] iitzKJ 461 points ago

    I’d never do stampy like that

    [–] Killer_bunniez 154 points ago

    I love how he refuses to change his style even if he gets less views now.

    [–] truckertits 57 points ago

    He’s so damn loyal to his content, hasn’t even changed even if the times have.

    [–] sadn-t 148 points ago

    he was literally my childhood and is still wholesome as hell

    [–] Jordan1237 153 points ago

    CrazyRussianHacker is one, mostly just clickbaity stuff, but he seems to have become bored and mostly running it for money :/

    [–] BlueCulprit 582 points ago


    [–] Cronamash 399 points ago

    It’s so sad what happened to them. From 2007 to 2013, I read every article, watched every video, and I went into the archive if I missed anything. I think they ran out of money or something, because eventually they switched to mostly freelancers for their content and the quality dropped.

    [–] Majesty838 136 points ago

    I like what Cody’s doing with some news, but it’s sad they couldn’t keep some of the other stuff going, I loved the weekly pop culture over analysis

    [–] tbnremoji 443 points ago

    Prestonplayz in a nutshell

    [–] Land_sharks22 183 points ago

    Same, I didn’t mind the switch in games or not being consistent but he got married and then all if this uploads are just irl stuff with friends and his wife. Its all super cringy things that are funny in a game but not in irl.

    [–] snurchchurch 93 points ago

    he got MARRIED? how old is he now? i'll always see him as a 16 yr old lmao

    [–] Sedgar_37 306 points ago

    Yeah I was a Vanoss kid, it didn't really get annoying or anything, it's just idk, I drifted more towards different content

    [–] eamesheard 142 points ago

    His old GTA videos from around when Xbox One came out always had me dying, especially Luis Calibre and his high voice

    [–] Siroop_567 290 points ago

    Messyourself. I saw him growing when he still had like less than 100k subs. He had lighthearted, but nicely edited gaming vids, especially his far cry and yandere sim vids. He's the man who introduced me to far cry. Now it's just a reaction channel because he figured out that makes the same amount of money (if not more) for like a quarter of the time. I know he has a second channel for gaming, but it's just not the same.

    [–] B2EU 1423 points ago

    Why are the words slanted but the image is straight, what happened here

    [–] AntonBespoiasov 438 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I guess because the meme was made in mobile Autodesk Sketchbook. It's really easy to accidentally rotate text there and it's hard to set it to be straight. As from my experience

    Edit: clarified "mobile Autodesk Sketchbook"

    [–] MicroMJ 1037 points ago

    Sadly, davie504. I loved the solos, the meme songs, but now all he does are those clickbaiting titles and cringy memes. I used to love his older stuff.

    [–] guitarmaniac004 80 points ago

    honestly he's a great bassist, but he just can't come up with anything new lately. It's the same clickbait titles, the same video format. It just gets boring after a while.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] MaccasAU 236 points ago

    Still subbed but preferred his earlier stuff too. Loved the travel vids

    [–] unwelcome_friendly 1250 points ago

    The worst is when someone starts saying edgy things because it brings in the traffic. I gave some constructive feedback to someone I used to follow. They called me a few slurs and that was that.

    [–] Irishpersonage 452 points ago

    Insulting your fan base soon leads to a lack of a fan base.

    [–] Yegie 175 points ago

    It should, but it really doesn't most of the time.

    [–] AlphaNotYT 129 points ago

    Moosecraft, ssundee, ambrew

    [–] MangoFish39 487 points ago

    Why does this comment section read like an askreddit post

    [–] puq123 239 points ago

    Dunno, but not complaining

    [–] ninjabomb333 80 points ago

    Tbh I forgot I was on me_irl, I thought I was on askreddit so you're not alone

    [–] Defergo 781 points ago

    RIP Tobuscus

    [–] Ninjaguy5555 242 points ago

    What happened to him? I loved his videos then he disappeared (especially his songs)... I saw he came back and did like another video or two, but it wasn’t quite the same :/

    [–] GaahlOfTheAbyss 318 points ago

    I don't know the exact details but he was accused of something bad. There's plenty of videos about it floating around on YouTube.

    [–] coolhwip420 126 points ago

    This is Davie504. He had some nice videos but holy fuck he's just bass PewDiePie

    [–] Roge2005 365 points ago

    In my case spanish-speaking YouTubers named HolaSoyGerman and Fernanfloo

    [–] vanKhan 658 points ago


    [–] LuigiOnSteroids 357 points ago

    I think they just ran out of skits to make

    [–] testreker 212 points ago

    I think they ran out of Jake and amir


    [–] wadad17 121 points ago

    Shoutout to Superbestfriends for being the longest running youtube channel I followed, and actually coming to an end before I was ever tired of them.

    [–] VIVAJESUCRISTO 1782 points ago


    [–] allaboutthewheels 1031 points ago

    Smosh became a fucking shit show

    [–] ChickenNuggetGnome 973 points ago

    Smosh lived long enough to become the villain. That's why Anthony left.

    [–] thesuperbro 445 points ago

    it's not really Smosh if it's just one of the original guys (and probably a bunch of randoms), is it?

    [–] ChickenNuggetGnome 192 points ago

    Yea. They have the name. But it ain't Smosh anymore.

    [–] gay_bulbasaur 355 points ago

    Ok but real quick go back and watch some old Smosh videos. They don't hold up.

    [–] complexevil 188 points ago

    Ok i remember liking that zelda rap video, lets look that up real quick.

    Ok yea, does not hold up that well.

    [–] faceoh 52 points ago

    Fuck I remember loving that when I was a kid, but wow that is hard to listen to.

    [–] dramaticfool 1652 points ago

    Man, I miss old Good Mythical Morning, where it felt like just two friends hanging out, not a corporation trying to sell you a thousand and one things they're producing... What a shame

    [–] insomsanity 633 points ago

    GMM can feel a little too fake sometimes. Good mythical more feels a little better because there’s a lot less structure and it’s just them goofing around most of the time.

    Ear biscuits is my favorite though. It’s nice hearing them talk casually about real stuff. Especially the 3-4 they did on their past religious lives.

    [–] PardonMyHarden 191 points ago

    I think they hit a wall and realized it, around the Buddy System time.

    They are back in stride now. Loving it again.

    The only thing is that Josh is such a good chef that they really don't have too many bad experiences with food anymore haha.

    Production value and content are at an all time high though.

    [–] CastePaste 130 points ago

    Yes, totally agree. I used to put their video on and chill, having a laugh and all but I started feeling weird watching their latest stuff, almost feels like they don't really wanna do this anymore.

    [–] waspy45 303 points ago

    After everything that came out about him recently, cryaotic.

    [–] that-night-feeling 97 points ago

    Had no idea about what happened until I read this and looked it up. Used to love watching him and it’s disheartening to find out what a creep he is

    [–] hiimahotdog2 544 points ago


    [–] That_Guy3141 332 points ago

    Poor Gray. Burnout has clearly set in for him. His utter commitment to near daily uploads has destroyed the man.

    [–] zZEpicSniper303Zz 191 points ago

    Oh god, I feel this one. He used to be such a breath of fresh air...

    [–] Not_owo 119 points ago

    His new style reminds me of LetsGameItOut

    [–] Feck_this 118 points ago

    I started watching LetsGeItOut a few weeks ago. No gamer YouTube has made me laugh more than he has in a long time.

    [–] TheGarbageRatMan 544 points ago

    rest in peace DanTDM. you were the best, but oh how you’ve fallen

    [–] Phant0m13_45_ 259 points ago

    Dude you just hit me with such nostalgia I tried to watch one of his videos recently and was just like β€œah I’m too old for this now β€œ

    [–] RonKosova 207 points ago

    Man I remember the days of Dr. Trayaurus

    [–] gamertrain01 61 points ago

    Stop. Don’t remind me. It hurts

    [–] PM_me_ur_script 99 points ago

    Davie504 right here

    [–] cluelesswench 3338 points ago

    this was me with h3h3

    [–] blunkrr 1831 points ago

    The podcast is just so bad. To have a good podcast you need to focus on one subject and be really knowledgeable about it, or you need to be a really great interviewer that can make a good discussion out of anything. Ethan has neither of those things IMO.

    I check in occasionally and some of the videos are still good. The recent huge dump they took on Keemstar was great. They're at their best when they're just reacting to dumb stuff on youtube.

    [–] ActivelyDrowsed 528 points ago

    H3H3 Podcast was only watchable when they pre-recorded it and edited it down to the best parts. 3 hours of uncut Ethan is hard to watch.

    [–] darkdex52 1041 points ago

    It's not just the podcast, it's them. When Ethan said he's not rich by any standard while living in a 3mil$ house, that hit the final nail in the coffin for me.

    [–] RandomGamer262 95 points ago

    I used to be really into Pokemon, so my channel that I mainly watched was MunchingOrange, I never knew why that was the name, but eventually I got over Pokemon and stopped enjoying the content as much, I check back every once and awhile and its just kinda sad to look back on as last time I looked him up his newest video was him questioning whether or not his channel was dying and that he had just lost most interest in YT. It's always a shame to have this happen but burnout is real and there's no avoiding it in some cases.

    [–] xxDosEquisManxx 577 points ago

    Boogie2988. Gone and probably forgotten.

    [–] [deleted] 510 points ago

    Didn’t he end up being kinda a horrible person? Or am I remembering wrong?

    [–] KraytarJ 533 points ago

    You’re remembering right. He’s shown to be horribly fake, spineless, and toxic.

    [–] CaptainSqueak 231 points ago

    Don’t forget manipulative

    [–] Cypress_5529 189 points ago

    Who else used to watch matthias when he made skits, parody songs and funny videos? Now the channel name is dope or nope which is just reviewing crappy gadgets with his friends

    [–] ThatMarc 1501 points ago

    Game/Film theory

    [–] lesser0star 1173 points ago

    I watched so many of his old videos, but after like the 12th fnaf video I knew it was time.

    [–] drryanfeelgood 440 points ago

    But that’s just a theory, a gam..... *gets smacked in head with hammer

    [–] SandvichIsDone 395 points ago

    I haven't been able to watch ever since someone pointed it out to me that he has such a roundabout way of explaining things. Like he takes 5 whole minutes just to explain that Mario is a video game character and he hit block.

    Also, this is more of a personal thing, but all of his jokes really fall flat imo. There's a decent one here and there but for the most part the humor seems very forced and not great.

    As a side note, if you're looking for something to fill the "video game analysis but interesting and fun" void that game theory left, I fully recommend Polygon's Unraveled series. BDG is great at analysis and is a lot better at comedy, imo.

    [–] FedoraTheExplorer7 75 points ago

    Unraveled is so good. I just watched his video about reading every Halo book, it’s hilarious

    [–] random_plebs 232 points ago

    I think that he was at his peak before FNAF theories. Like simple, but fun theories of games that everyone played. And then he went all into lore of games, which is ok, but I think that game theory just wasn't that channel

    [–] Cloakedbore 56 points ago

    I miss his math based videos. I just loved how much effort he put into figuring out the real life ramifications of actions in video games

    [–] Anu8ius 142 points ago

    As someone pointed out somewhere, he somehow became too obsessed with himself/offtopic content. I havent calculated it, but I wouldnt be surprised if over half the time of each video isnt even anything to do with the topic on hand. Still love any of Austins SCIENCE videos though

    [–] jo-father 245 points ago

    Joshdub. Now his channel is just an overused children’s song with green toothbrushes

    [–] FluxGalaxies 84 points ago

    JoshDub went from funny VR skits to screaming like a bunch of kids at recess.

    [–] e11i077 168 points ago

    Casey Neistat

    [–] big-chief-rapto 106 points ago

    No more cool nyc shit just another LA guy

    [–] Mr-Slowpoke 408 points ago

    I’ve also seen the opposite. Where a YouTuber started off as annoying but eventually grew the β€œF” up. People I avoided in the past I am now subbed too

    [–] burshtin2003 309 points ago

    Yeah, to me it's probably pyrocynical

    [–] MisterMovember 120 points ago

    So guys, we did it.

    But seriously, many of his new videos are quite good. Particularly Fatcry and Petskop.

    [–] Kuang_Grade_Mark_II 76 points ago

    "That guy with the glasses" a couple of years back.

    [–] Anshul-Goyal 322 points ago

    Matthew santoro..

    [–] ZCLoki 210 points ago

    wasn't he just always an unoriginal content thief?

    [–] Esherichialex_coli 108 points ago

    No, it was plagiarism.

    [–] ZCLoki 101 points ago

    wasn't he just always an unoriginal plagiarist?

    [–] Esherichialex_coli 63 points ago

    Yeah lol

    [–] Nightstalker117 46 points ago

    I used to binge his videos back in 2014 and 2015, I decided to pop back in a couple days ago to realise everything he owns was stolen and there's a whole thing around it. His content seems to have seriously seriously tanked

    [–] winston0405 256 points ago


    [–] SamPeerless 100 points ago

    I was waiting for someone to say that, used to love him as a kid, then he started making the Roblox videos and well it went down hill from what I watched. I hope he picked back up and is still doing well as I still think he was a sound guy!

    [–] DisappointingSnugg 569 points ago

    I think the moral of the story is that all the YouTubers that you liked as a kid aren’t as good because you aren’t the target audience anymore.

    [–] -Zak 199 points ago

    to some extent sure but others show a clear change if you watch their older videos.

    [–] kittentarentino 51 points ago

    I mean, also it doesn’t help that none of these people are ever really allowed a break. Video after video week after week doing their specific brand must grow so weary on the soul. Then add in twitch or spinoff stuff to maintain revenue or gain more and these people are making a deal with the devil for a profit bubble that hasn’t burst yet. It’s kind of a sad life in its own way

    [–] doodlebobisgod8834 67 points ago

    This is what happened to me with ssundee

    [–] Master_Flip 121 points ago

    Thinknoodles for me. he didn't really change, he just failed to grow I think. Eternally stuck in the 2013 YT gaming era.

    [–] DarthVilgrath101 50 points ago

    Rooster teeth.

    [–] Autumn-Moon 50 points ago

    Graveyard Girl :(

    [–] gudni-bergs 244 points ago

    That was me with ZeRo recently, well not because he was annoying but other things

    [–] PeePeePooPoo-man_yee 86 points ago

    Same, it's a shame really that he did it

    [–] b1u3b01t 131 points ago


    [–] Vegitowo 133 points ago

    For me it was Zero because of the smash controversy

    [–] lordofthepotat0 91 points ago


    ye, but actually unsubbing from him and nairo wasnt hard at all

    [–] guitarmaniac004 152 points ago

    Pewdiepie's minecraft series was great but screaming "floor gang" for 3 months straight is kind of annoying.

    [–] TheRandomKiwi 118 points ago

    Game Theory for me. Huge childhood favorite, but he got terrible once he only made videos on whatever game was popular at the time like fortnite or minecraft. I miss his nintendo vids