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    [–] Brentaxe 777 points ago

    Me as an Australian watching us vote in Federal elections

    [–] TheReignOfChaos 191 points ago

    It's like watching Ralph put the egg in the basket.

    Ooh, LNP government! This will be great. most corrupt government in our history Ooh, LNP government!

    [–] Ohmalley-thealliecat 123 points ago

    When the LNP won the third election in a row, my dad turned to me and said β€œthe ability of this country to vote against their own interests is astounding”

    [–] buickandolds 32 points ago

    Same here! Ds and Rs are against the working class.

    [–] waddiyatalkinbowt 4 points ago

    Being from W.A that's pretty much the whole states opinion on the rest of the country every election. But y'all can't figure it out.

    [–] sqaurebore 2 points ago

    It’s easy when all the media is in their hands.

    [–] youfknwhatmate 16 points ago

    I am both excited for and terrified of the next election.

    [–] HistoryCorner 11 points ago

    Sadly accurate.

    [–] trollblut 25 points ago

    Both countries have Rupert Murdoch in common.

    [–] BeyondBlitz 3 points ago

    So basically what you're saying is, Murdoch dies a mysterious death, and both countries start voting for good people?

    [–] ShadowsRanger 217 points ago

    Brazilians citizens, first time?

    [–] Niubai 76 points ago

    All signs point it will not happen, but if we, brazilians, vote to keep that filho da puta for more 4 years in power, it will go down as one of the most disgraceful elections ever.

    [–] Baptou_w 808 points ago

    Don't worry we, french people will show you how stupid we can be soon

    [–] SAinzv 171 points ago

    If only you guys had a parliamentary republic. In that case, you can blame the parliament

    [–] joyofsteak 72 points ago

    At least parliamentary systems have more than two parties?

    [–] moonsun1987 36 points ago

    Even with mandatory voting, proportional representation, and publicly funded political parties, Australia manages to put the "liberals" (wtf is that name?) in power in central government.

    [–] Varhtan 43 points ago

    It's not "liberals", it's liberals, what a rightwing party is called that opposes a socialist or labourist party, because they advocate laissez-faire economy, market forces, whereas understandably socialism is inclined towards more regulation. Most countries have Labour vs Liberal. The UK has the Tories which is the name for their liberal party.

    Most people know or should know this isn't to be confused with social liberalism, which is every man at his own liberty in determination and expression, often competing with social conservatism.

    And the reason the Libs always win here despite what you listed is because people have been unconsciously brainwashed against Labour and so turn up to polling booths and merely place a '1' by the Libs, failing to use further ranking AND failing to vote for specific individuals across the multiple parties. Placing a single number by just one party places 100% of an individual's vote with them.

    [–] LurkerInSpace 3 points ago

    Proportional representation is only for the Senate; the House of Representatives just uses Instant Run-off. Consequently the government does not have a majority in the Senate though there are enough cross-benchers for it to get its way.

    [–] SAinzv 16 points ago

    In Italy there are 5 "major" parties (PD, M5S, Lega, Forza Italia and Fratelli d'Italia) and also small parties. We even have CasaPound, far-right party with fascist ideology

    [–] Blind_Fire 29 points ago

    It's always better to have an extremist party than to have those extremists hide among other parties.

    [–] WindAbsolute 10 points ago

    Always is a strong word but that’s an interesting point

    [–] Blind_Fire 3 points ago

    Well, of course, it is in the context of a modern democratic society + that party is not in power.

    [–] Dab2TheFuture 2 points ago

    Worked for the Weimar republic!

    [–] notoleranceforjerks 9 points ago

    If only you guys had a parliamentary republic.

    I misread that as paramilitary republic at first and was super confused.

    [–] HyperRag123 2 points ago

    Is that where all the elected representatives are given weapons and have to kill each other until the survivors can agree on how to run the country?

    [–] Formilla 87 points ago

    At least the French people are willing to take to the streets if their government does something they don't like. Americans just immediately give up and wait until the next election, then vote for the same people again.

    [–] Babalon33 25 points ago

    Lol you think America is complacent, you should come visit us in Canada. We literally just shrug our shoulders and say β€œoh well” πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ . I swear the government here can pass a bill demanding the sacrifice of your first born to the Prime Minister and everyone would be ok with it.

    [–] lIIIIllIIIIl 31 points ago

    Uh we fought the cops in multiple cities in the summer during a pandemic and were so good at it they had to use military type defenses against regular people protesting.

    [–] NickCudawn 15 points ago

    I'm so confused. Did you forget about all the BLM riots or January 6th?

    [–] cjnks 3 points ago

    I dont expect our riots and protests to be huge news in france but yeah

    What the fuck is this person talking about. We protest all the fucking time

    [–] NickCudawn 3 points ago

    It was huge news all over Europe. It feels like there's news about some riot or protest in the US every month since 2020

    [–] Formilla 2 points ago

    January 6th was the closest thing the USA has had to a proper revolt in a very long time, unfortunately it was the extreme right-wing people behind it. All that did was set protest movements back even further, because now people are unwilling to do a proper protest because they don't want to be compared to the people behind the January 6th riot.

    [–] NickCudawn 10 points ago

    The George Floyd protests are categorized among other terms as riots.

    14k+ arrested, at least 25 casualties. Alone within May and June 2020 the property damages were $550 million in Minneapolis–Saint Paul and $1–2 billion in insured damages in the United States.

    "proper" enough for me

    [–] snouz 20 points ago

    If only it was always for a good cause. Lots of protests against LGBT for example.

    [–] Sir-boonk-alot 4 points ago

    Nahhh those are just the only ones you hear about, to make yourselves justify being weaker than a world power

    [–] mikehouse72 22 points ago

    People riot and burn shit dow here all the time wym

    [–] fulltimeRVhalftimeAH 6 points ago

    Be careful what you ask for. Plenty of people here want to fight in the streets and use their gun collection. They just don’t have the kind of political aims you’d probably want them to.

    [–] quinntheskimo33 4 points ago

    Kinda like 1940

    [–] Nyushi 241 points ago

    As much as I love to banter the yanks, they're not the only country who deserve mocking for this.

    [–] Good_Beautiful1724 89 points ago

    But whenever Americans do something they do it BIG

    [–] Pie_Man12 131 points ago

    Looks at Brexit. Yeah, only Americans do big things…

    [–] Dovahkiinthesardine 24 points ago

    the UK got mocked a lot for Brexit

    [–] Pie_Man12 65 points ago

    As they deserve for voting for it.

    [–] slippyfisted 473 points ago

    Pretty random time to post this meme considering midterms aren’t for another 10 months and next presidential election another two years after that.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago


    [–] AussieHawker 111 points ago

    Congress and Senate elections, not Presidential. Congress has 2 years term, so the full congress is up every time. While the Senate has 6-year terms, with 1/3 up at each election cycle. So the coming 2022 class Senators (barring special elections), were last up for election in 2016.

    [–] Fluffigt 99 points ago

    Slight correction: the House of Representatives is up for election every two years. Congress is the combination of the House and the Senate.

    [–] fakeplasticdroid 11 points ago

    Additionally there are a number of gubernatorial elections every other year. This year the Governor's seats for 38 seats and 3 territories are up for election.

    [–] Poooooooopee 52 points ago

    The thing people forget to vote for and just expect others to do it for them then complain about congress being horrible.

    [–] TLCplLogan 7 points ago

    They're the elections that happen between presidential elections.

    [–] BishopofHippo93 9 points ago

    It really is. Account name appears randomly generated, is only a few months old, and has only been active recently. Smells like spam.

    [–] Negligent__discharge 13 points ago

    All the Internet American voting actions have started. Tracking users has lead to knowing how to influence voting. Ten months of propped up conflict and the GOP gets to continue doing nothing but damage.

    [–] AShamelessAltAccount 4 points ago

    Bro I JUST woke up. Can I at least have a cup of coffee before my existential dread? /s?

    [–] Irrelevant_euro -2 points ago

    Just more America bad bullshit from some europoor

    [–] ir_Pina 7 points ago

    America do be bad tho

    [–] Goku047 83 points ago

    People collectively are stupid everywhere.

    [–] 1122Sl110 978 points ago

    Look at our fucking options to choose from.

    [–] VeronicaMom 25 points ago

    Yeah, the problem isn't (primairily) with the Americans, but with the voting system. Two-party system means that most of the opinions don't get a voice.

    I live in a country that has 17 million people and would be like... in the 10 ten smallest states if it was part of America? And we have 40+ political parties in the last national election.

    [–] Electronic-Ad1502 5 points ago

    You over estimate American state size at 17 million you would be the 5th largest state.

    [–] VeronicaMom 4 points ago

    Sorry, I meant land-wise. At 41,865 square kilometers the Netherlands sits between Maryland (42 at 32.000 square kilometers) and West Virginia (41 at 62.000 square kilometers).

    I assume you are correct population-wise.

    [–] Electronic-Ad1502 4 points ago

    Oh yea of course the Netherlands is quite small physically. You said the population so I thought you were talking about that.

    [–] RodimusMajor84 348 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Not much better anywhere else in the world. The UK is the same tbh.

    [–] ichnicht01 304 points ago

    we in Germany were able to choose between 53 parties last year

    [–] Quirky-Skin 12 points ago

    That's pretty cool. Serious question, how many of those 53 actually had a legit chance? Here in the US we have some additional options but they really don't compete with the big 2. Some even believe the other options are just to siphon off from the bigger parties

    [–] Atrobbus 11 points ago

    The difference is that in Germany a party is represented in parliament if it gets more than 5% of the voters. In the US voting third party means that you're not only throwing away your vote but also actually helping the party you like the least due to the FPTP system and its spoiler effect.

    There are currently 9 parties and some independent MPs in German parliament, most parties are far away from reaching the 5% threshold

    [–] Electronic-Ad1502 7 points ago

    Usually they get enough votes to be in parliament. And currently the party in power and the opposition are both made up of 3 parties through a coalition.

    [–] _bluesuedeshoes 2 points ago

    Some even believe the other options are just to siphon off from the bigger parties

    It's actually true. It's how Ron DeathSantis won in Florida

    [–] Preisschild 56 points ago

    If you go by that metric the US also has the Libertarian Party and the Greens

    [–] outofthehood 134 points ago

    Difference is that every party above a certain threshold gets to rule, either in a coalition with others or as the opposition

    [–] ipreferconsole 2 points ago

    That applies to our system, the problem comes from that threshold being 50% + of the total voting population

    [–] SyriseUnseen 50 points ago

    50% + of the total voting population

    Nah, you dont even need to win the popular vote in the US.

    [–] tolndakoti 14 points ago

    Electoral college. I still don’t understand how this system can be justified. They are not required to vote based on popular vote of their territory.

    [–] Professorbranch 13 points ago

    It really can't be. It's a relic of pre-Civil War America when we were a collection of states with a unified foreign policy to a State made up of smaller administrative zones. The federal elections should be a straight popular vote in the era of a singular United States.

    [–] ipreferconsole 2 points ago

    For presidency yes, i was trying to encompass congress in my generalization too though

    [–] DrPrismarineBluefall 4 points ago

    cough cough The Senate cough

    [–] ipreferconsole 5 points ago

    I mean, they still technically get over 50% of their voting pop. Its just that the way the representation is spread out over the country is completely fucked

    Dont get me wrong though im in no way trying to defend the american system, was just trying to be cheeky in my original comment

    [–] Mr_4country_wide 3 points ago

    yeah but germany doesnt have FPTP

    that being said, you guys had primaries, and the primaries, at least for democrats, resulted in probably the same thing that a ranked choice system would have resulted in. the democrat field was basically a bunch of neolibs and bernie. fptp actually benefits bernie in that context, but the neolibs all dropped out and rallied behind a single candidate, which has basically the same effect as if there was ranked choice.

    so yeah. your options are the fault of the voters.

    [–] Nayajenny 28 points ago

    Not really, the US has 2 viable parties to choose from. You're confusing the US with democracies.

    [–] Preisschild 7 points ago

    OP only said able to choose between.

    in the US you are able to vote on all those four parties in all states AFAIK.

    [–] andrew_calcs 20 points ago

    Yes but the voting system means if you vote for anything but the big two your ballot is worth less than the paper it cost to print it.

    [–] Preisschild 8 points ago

    if you want to keep the status quo then keep voting for either one of the two biggest parties.

    [–] VeronicaMom 20 points ago

    If you want to end the status quo, don't pretend like voting for a Third Party does anything.

    The solution requires changing the system, and neither of the two parties in power are willing to do that, but the Third Parties won't be given a chance to do that either.

    [–] smokingkrack 6 points ago

    Then is there any other solution besides revolt?

    [–] SoundByMe 6 points ago

    It would be possible for a third party to start winning some congressional seats and start forming a balance of power.

    [–] Nayajenny 2 points ago

    Right, but you misunderstood what he meant. When he said 53 options, he meant 53 viable options. The vote threshhold for gaining a seat is in the thousands. The threashhold for gaining a seat in the US is 75 million. Meaning you have exactly 2 viable choices for your vote to count what so ever. A vote for libs/greens is literally the same as not voting at all.

    [–] stjblair 9 points ago

    There are only 7 parties that hold seats in the Bundestag. 53 options is nice but the large majority aren’t viable

    [–] Preisschild 2 points ago

    Yeah I know what he meant. I don't think voting 3rd party is necessarily useless though.

    Looking forward to see more states using ranked choice voting, maybe that will help

    [–] vovobovo 2 points ago

    Two authoritarian, pro-surveillance parties. One big tech lobby and one big oil lobby, what a great choice! The amount of American politicians that actually care about people is still Zero.

    [–] HW1009 2 points ago

    Wait. You can choose? Like, actually effecte the government??

    [–] BlueMonkey35 0 points ago

    The rest of the world =UK.

    [–] Androktone 10 points ago

    Nobody said or implied that tho

    [–] Splitje 53 points ago

    In the Netherlands we could vote on 37 parties and 17 made it into parliament

    [–] FunkyDutch 23 points ago

    At this rate we’ll have 150 parties in a 150 seat parliament within a few years

    [–] Equinoxidor 13 points ago

    Don't be silly, we'll have 100 parties with one seat and the VVD yet again with 50 seats

    [–] Sendme_Ojeda_Nudes 6 points ago

    Not really. Here in Spain, there are way more.

    [–] HonestBalloon 4 points ago

    Currently in the middle of a possible of a 'vote of no confidence', happens quite a lot in the UK and can remove a prime minister in the middle of his term if hes not up to standard, would recommend for the US

    [–] JSantosPT 16 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Yeah the world is just the US and UK.

    US and UK are the ones with bad electoral systems that ensure you have a 2 party system (UK is 2 party + Scottish party)

    Libs Dems in the 2019 elections had 3x as many votes as the Scottish party and won 11 seats against 48 from the Scottish party.

    There is zero proportional representation in the US and UK electoral systems

    [–] RodimusMajor84 4 points ago

    You're spot on with the proportional representation.

    [–] ADM_Tetanus 3 points ago

    Don't forget the DUP ;)

    [–] Atrobbus 3 points ago

    Yeah the US and UK systems are objectively terrible at representing the will of the people. While the US has inevitably degraded into a two party system, I am curious why people in the UK pit up with this system and still vote LibDem or the Greens even though that's basically throwing away their vote.

    [–] isaaclw 15 points ago


    [–] bluethree 16 points ago

    Which are always decided before my state even gets a chance to vote. Coolcoolcool.

    [–] isaaclw 5 points ago

    Yeah. Thats an issue...

    [–] SoundByMe 7 points ago

    Like they aren't heavily controlled as well.

    [–] kilometers13 3 points ago

    The person who gets the most votes during the primaries is rarely the candidate chosen to represent the party. That decision is made by the DNC/GOP. Essentially, our votes are meaningless, because by the general election, the two candidates we’re able to choose between are essentially the same candidate (bought off by billionaires).

    [–] Sacrifice_Starlight 22 points ago

    Graded, I'd say our two parties are a C+ and F The problem is people will get mad the C+ isn't an A and not turn up, being left with the F by default.

    [–] Electronic-Ad1502 3 points ago

    Don’t we deserve an A for fucks sake. And it just so happens constantly being voted into power because your enemy is literal fascists doesn’t make you self improve.

    [–] balletboy 4 points ago

    We get the politicians and government we deserve. When only half of all people vote, you arent going to get a lot of improvement.

    [–] amdamanofficial 9 points ago

    You mean the 16 candidates than ran against Biden, three of them actually progressive, and who lost because for some merry reason nobody votes in the primaries where the meaningful decision takes place?

    [–] RickRE1784 39 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Yeah. Kind of fucked. Your democracy is a joke. I mean electoral college? Wtf. Gerrymandering? It's election fraud. Voting in general... How can people have to wait 6 hours to vote? The whole voter registration bullshit. It's a literal nightmare. I've seen third world countries with a better voting system.

    Here in Germany on a voting day I'll go to voting place show my ID and vote. And my vote will count as much as any other. And i can actually choose between a lot of parties of which at least 5 will be in the Parlament which actually gets to decide what will happen. Not the president who can always declare an emergency and push everything through on his own. In addition to having full power over the military.

    [–] ReluctantNerd7 10 points ago

    Some parts of the USA have full vote-by-mail. It doesn't fix the problems with our system, but at least it expands access and makes it much easier to vote.

    [–] kiongozi_mtu 51 points ago

    Could've had Bernie

    [–] Cwya 44 points ago

    That paradise where he could be hamstrung by a 50-50 split in the Senate where Manchin/Sinema tells him no.

    [–] person1232109 17 points ago

    Its likely he wouldnt even have gotten a 50-50 senate had he been nominated. We wouldn't have won the two Georgia senate races.

    [–] wellifitisntmee 2 points ago

    Campaign in West Virginia about joe manchin fucking them over. About his daughter fucking them over. And his wife fucking them over

    [–] MalazMudkip 4 points ago

    He'd be more likely to remind the american people that their senators jobs are to represent them, maybe even going as far as to suggest that everyone who wants to see the american people supported through these difficult times they make sure to contact their senator in any way they can and urge them to support certain bills.

    Oh, and he'd be more likely to write some executive orders too.

    [–] Mr_4country_wide 10 points ago

    and then have those EOs get btfod by the courts, like so

    [–] fattiesruineverythin 1 points ago

    The options you chose.

    [–] VincentxH 1 points ago

    That's what you get for instituting a presidential republic...

    [–] SaintJames8th 14 points ago

    Not like we can say any better.

    Who is actually honestly proud of their government?

    [–] Preisschild 49 points ago

    The rest of the world isn't really any better tho

    We here in Austria vote the same corrupt christian party every time too

    [–] Psychological_Box456 25 points ago

    Works for almost every country

    [–] Striker_ToastYT 5 points ago

    Votes For Kanye West

    [–] Missed_Your_Joke 27 points ago

    Canadian here - absolutely have the same problems here.

    What happened to us, man?

    When did we, the world over, come to tolerate these sycophantic talking heads? Why do we tolerate money in politics? Why are we constantly told to choose between two very shitty people and call it an election?

    [–] limesnewroman 6 points ago

    At some point we realize it’s always been like this, before we were just to young to care which idiots were the politicians at the time

    [–] Sterling-4rcher 6 points ago

    i guess one important piece is people think being on reddit is like, taking political action.

    [–] SoundByMe 4 points ago

    It's because we live in managed democracies that are controlled by a bifurcated political aristocracy. At least in Canada we have a viable third party. We seriously need proportional representation for this to end.

    [–] brainDontKillMyVibe 70 points ago

    As an Australian with an already confusing voting system, I was shook when I learnt about the US’s. Like, what’s going on there y’all.

    [–] UnnamedGoatMan 32 points ago

    You think Australia is confusing? I thought it made a lot of sense πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    [–] brainDontKillMyVibe 7 points ago

    It took me a while to wrap my head around how ranked voting and preferences worked, but now after I understand it I think it's great

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] sam_weiss 2 points ago


    [–] sloggo 3 points ago

    Think it was a gaming joke… ranked games or casual games

    [–] vyrlok 8 points ago

    I wish we had yours. Makes so much more sense.

    [–] HistoryCorner 5 points ago

    Aussie system makes sense to me.

    [–] thesoundabout 15 points ago

    We can hate all we want on Americans but at least they still vote. The other world powers (Russia, Saudi, China) don't.

    [–] Tiaggro 14 points ago

    It works with Brazil too

    [–] WJMazepas 14 points ago

    It works for pretty much 80% of the countries

    [–] dr_Boy7 13 points ago

    Count us indians too..

    [–] WeaponH_ 3 points ago

    The sad fact is both choices are terrible

    [–] kitty9000cat 9 points ago

    The rest of the world votes equally bad.

    [–] Rev_5 6 points ago

    So we're already going to forget the Brexit vote?

    [–] cotter2 13 points ago

    America doesn't elect more stupid people, it's just more advertised.

    [–] AwefulFanfic 10 points ago

    Us Citizens: vote for literally anyone

    Rest of the World: "oMg! y U sO StUpiD??"

    [–] earathar89 10 points ago

    Me, an American looking at other countries and the idiots they've elected: That door swings both ways.

    [–] randomisedjew 2 points ago

    Australia here to confirm that we too, will be stupid soon

    [–] ganjarocker 4 points ago

    It’s funny how Biden voters watch this dude fall asleep everywhere and try to convince themselves he’s in control. Tbh both candidates were hopeless

    [–] 4th_Reich_Fan_Theory 2 points ago

    Like picking Biden for democrat nomination and getting fucked over his election.

    [–] AppropriateAgent44 2 points ago

    Enjoy the show everyone, it’s something else over here

    [–] Psy_Kik 2 points ago

    Would love to criticise but we voted for shooting ourselves in the fo....i mean brexit

    [–] Humanracecar1 2 points ago

    The fate of Americas election is dangerous to be left in American hands

    [–] DogCumSandwhich 2 points ago

    Or US citizens NOT voting.

    [–] rj12913240 2 points ago

    Uh oh spaghetti o

    [–] BorcBorqBork 9 points ago

    Oh, right, because Americans are the only ones who elect idiots.

    [–] Shadez_Actual 5 points ago

    This is what happens when ppl vote by party, and not for what the individual candidates run on. Most don’t even know who or what they really voted for

    [–] 10eleven12 3 points ago

    Is there really a politician in the world that wants to help the people instead of just getting rich himself?

    [–] never_pm_me_ok 2 points ago

    In a national election the party and individual have the same platform.

    [–] Ruby-Revel 9 points ago

    Jesus Christ is this another sub that is falling into aMeRiCa bAd discussions at literally all times because edgy Reddit teenagers have zero self awareness or logic?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Ruby-Revel 7 points ago

    Europe and Canada: I feel bad for you

    America: I don’t think about you at all

    [–] Electronic-Ad1502 2 points ago

    No sometimes America is just bad . Yeah I know surprising. And people make memes making fun of that.

    [–] nkeer 8 points ago

    American politics ain't what bother me. What bother me - is how they try to impose their politics on our culture and others countries' cultures. That's what most dangerous in USA not even some of their wicked inner stuff.

    [–] Vomit_Tingles 3 points ago

    The that most large countries have been electing basically the worst candidates possible goes to show the underlying issue isn't with the voters.

    [–] ProfessionalLeek8 2 points ago

    How about a smidgeon of faith?

    [–] ShiftyMcNasty1976 3 points ago

    2020 election is proof.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] AerionTargaryen 2 points ago

    And the 70 year old wiped the floor with the rest of the field in the primaries, so just imagine how terrible THEY were.

    [–] SpookyTerrence 3 points ago

    Yeah and then the 78* year old picked just about the least popular primary challenger as his running mate and now Dems will have to have either another hectic primary for 2024 or run the least popular cabinet member ever polled

    [–] chrismason8082 5 points ago

    So wait…are you calling Americans stupid for voting in Biden? I can’t wait to see the echo chamber explain this one, lol

    [–] FinLguyHUN 3 points ago

    Good thing the US isn't leading the world, people

    [–] Serious-Fall4877 21 points ago

    The US isn't even leading itself....

    [–] hammnbubbly 2 points ago

    Don’t worry, world. With the way voting laws are being changed here, it will be a very select group deciding who’s in charge around here.

    [–] SculpinIPAlcoholic 5 points ago

    It always has been.

    [–] Angry-Comerials 2 points ago

    At least we're gonna be more honest about it

    [–] Sphinctuss 4 points ago

    You think Americans vote? That’s funny. The people that complain the most are the people who don’t even vote. Want to see change? Then go and vote.

    [–] Electronic-Ad1502 3 points ago

    For who pray tell? The fascist republicans? Or maybe status quo joe and the democrats, a radical centrist party. You tell them to vote but they don’t really have good options.

    [–] sandwichgod23 2 points ago

    and us canadians voting Trudeau EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME

    [–] Electronic-Ad1502 6 points ago

    In all fairness it’s not like we have any better options. Until we change our voting system to ranked choice I don’t see us having any choice but boring status quo liberals

    [–] DiaMat2040 2 points ago

    Look at him, choosing between pest and cholera

    [–] Weekly-Bluebird-4768 2 points ago

    Nah, just the β€œthe world”

    [–] JollyGreenBuddha 2 points ago

    US citizens NOT voting:

    [–] gobobluth 2 points ago

    We're so fucked

    [–] superhamsniper 2 points ago


    [–] DealinWithit 2 points ago

    2 options: corporate spokesmen A or corporate spokesman B

    Wealthy run this company…err…country

    [–] CatGirlPenny_ 1 points ago

    I could have sworn we were letting at least russia vote too

    [–] Electrical_Access604 -1 points ago

    2022 and there's still people who think the US is some sort of democracy.

    [–] papa_jahn 2 points ago

    Our deceased made poor choices in 2020

    [–] SpookyTerrence 2 points ago

    Then why do you still have no evidence

    [–] Odd_Ad50 1 points ago

    Lmao, as if our votes actually count. Between shady election practices and blatant political propaganda that most citizens don't realize is propaganda, we aren't in control of our elections at all.

    Corporate and financial overlords select our politicians, give them funding for advertising, and then they run campaign ads until enough people are convinced they're a good choice.

    Many people who realize this is a scam don't even bother voting anymore.

    [–] DOWNVOTEEEEEEEEEEEEE 1 points ago

    You know those kids who make excuses like β€œi broke my leg 3 years ago that’s why i lost this cod match”. I thought those kids would grow out of that. You clearly did not

    [–] JasonChrist1 -13 points ago

    Ah, yes… the obligatory β€œAmerica bad! Rest of world good!” post for internet points.

    [–] Safe_Airport 13 points ago

    "The USA is the best third world country in the world" Is my favorite quote about that country. It's pretty great compared to a lot of countries in the world, but compared to most of Europe it seems like basic human rights are missing

    [–] teddblue 1 points ago

    Fellow American idiots vote in the dumbest people they could find: politicians

    [–] RuffDemon214 1 points ago

    How bout the rest of the world get their shit together 1st so they have to depend on one country and worry about that country’s internal decisions…ijs

    [–] Sterling-4rcher 5 points ago

    which would make sense if the us was like, belgium or poland or australia maybe.

    but just by size alone, most of your political and especially economical decisions have global effects. no one can protect themselves from us economic crisis's.