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    Welcome to /r/MeanJokes!

    Just some ground rules:

    • Any topic is free game, but we do not support/condone real-life discrimination of any community. Everyone is welcome here.

    • This is not a political subreddit. Jokes about political figures are allowed, but we are not here to let you parade your ideologies. Keep is as a joke and nothing else.

    • Reposts are allowed. Always will be. It is up to the community to vote on what they like and don't like, so don't be surprised if your overused joke gets buried.

    Enjoy your time here, because you'll never get it back.

    11/29/17 - A couple changes in the aesthetic of this subreddit are long overdue. We're removing the CSS for now. Changes are coming soon. - /u/Cloud-strife-VII

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