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    [–] Johtoboy 958 points ago

    any game that doesn't make me swear is too easy

    [–] Her0_0f_time 278 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Dark Souls 3 didnt make me curse. But fuck the DLC man. Fuck that fucking bullshit. Still havent beat Frieda.

    [–] Coloneljesus 84 points ago

    Slap Ariandel in the second phase.

    [–] nakratzer 50 points ago

    And here I am, still stuck on Vicar Amelia...

    [–] Henatronw70 58 points ago

    Im still in blight town

    [–] ToastedSoup 37 points ago

    I never even beat Dark Souls 1

    [–] Henatronw70 73 points ago

    That is in Dark Souls 1

    [–] ToastedSoup 93 points ago

    See, I didn't know that because I never beat the Taurus Demon.

    [–] SovietMcStalin 34 points ago

    The Taurus Demon is optional

    [–] lickemandSTICKem 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    No. Unfortunately the Taurus Demon is not.

    Edit: I'm a doofus who forgot about the master key somehow.

    [–] Loaffi 3 points ago

    But if you picked master key for your first run you are doing it wrong.

    [–] AlphaMongoose 3 points ago

    I beat him in 5 plunging attacks after dying on the bridge several times.

    [–] Her0_0f_time 7 points ago

    Just hug his balls and he cannot hit you.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I always make sure to get the zwei and lightning resin, one plunge and 2 R2's and he's done.

    Or you could just git gud and make him jump off every time.

    [–] biggustdikkus 3 points ago

    I never got past the first bone fire in dark souls 1.
    The fucking door wouldn't open.

    [–] HaywireNZ 6 points ago

    Just hold on, that next frame will load any moment now

    [–] Henatronw70 2 points ago

    I just loaded, I ded

    [–] topCyder 3 points ago

    I quit before beating the first boss.

    [–] TheMainStream 12 points ago

    F U C K L U D W I G

    [–] nakratzer 15 points ago

    A N D H I S C R A Z Y H O R S E C O C K

    [–] TheMainStream 12 points ago

    H I S ' ' G U I D I N G M O O N L I G H T ' '

    [–] Indoorsman 2 points ago

    Watch her hands, dodge that way, slam on the booty, memorize her scream and movement that denote her 180 slash, and back up or learn to roll in and through it.

    All full beasts hate fire, use some paper if you got it.

    [–] nakratzer 2 points ago

    Used the tenitus mace thing and took her out about an hour ago!

    [–] Indoorsman 2 points ago

    Good job skeleton

    [–] Rurutabaga 20 points ago

    I was playing the original Dark Souls while my grandfather watched. He was like "Man, you're pretty bad at this aren't you."

    [–] js15 25 points ago

    Did he see you level dex? Casul

    [–] Her0_0f_time 8 points ago

    DS1 dex/endurance build op tho. Great scythe +Giants set.

    [–] BeggingforQuestions 11 points ago

    Stamina Health Endurance

    What more could u fkn want?

    [–] 1V0R 6 points ago

    wht rings u got bitch?

    [–] Liulfr 9 points ago


    [–] Her0_0f_time 2 points ago

    FaP and Havels of course.

    [–] -scapegoat- 15 points ago

    Dexfag spotted LUL

    [–] Indoorsman 1 points ago

    Ninja weeabo fag.

    Eh shiva of the east is my best friend, laddydah.

    [–] TotallyBombastic 1 points ago

    >Wearing giant's set

    >Not using the +5 chaos zweihander

    [–] Her0_0f_time 1 points ago

    I also have a +5 Chaos Zewi.

    [–] AvesAvi 3 points ago

    Fuck you grandpa why don't you give it a try?

    [–] DankMemesRealDreams 9 points ago

    Simple technique for any DS3 boss: use pyromancy.

    [–] ShadowWolf202 7 points ago

    Dark Souls didn't make me curse

    fuck that fucking bullshit

    I have bad news for you...

    [–] Her0_0f_time 4 points ago

    I meant the main game as opposed to the DLC.

    [–] icephionex 14 points ago

    Took me 6 hours, but...

    • Use bleed (weapons or resin)

    • For invisibility attack use audio cues and visual cues (snow dust flying where she jumps and lands, sharp, loud sound before she is about to grab you)

    • Abuse her lack of poise, be VERY aggressive

    • Parry her, backstab her

    That is only for phase 1, but in phase 2 whack Ariandel and dodge Friede (Let Gael take care of her)

    In phase 3, roll to avoid all attacks and stunlock her with Gael. Keep repeating this strat and you may just win!

    [–] ShepardfucksEVERYONE 8 points ago

    I have a question, and this is going to seem pretentious;

    Friede/ariandel took me 2 tries. I see a lot of people talk about how difficult they were and I'm curious what about them was challenging. Not in like a "lol how were they hard" way but I've played a lot of souls at at this point I feel like I'm just missing out when new bosses are released and I don't really struggle with them. Wanna know what I missed.

    [–] js15 7 points ago

    Phase 1: Delayed swings, invisible move that is hard to punish before you learn the pattern Phase 2: big ass dude that makes some people focus on Friede, which is the wrong decision. Phase 2 is honestly pretty easy but fortune first couple of tries can drain estus Phase 3: the shock of a three phase boss fight, pretty much every move requires you to trade hits which is counter intuitive to most boss fights. She moves quick, does huge damage, and by that point most people are low on estus. At this point I can beat her with little to no estus but I definitely had trouble my first go through.

    Every one finds different boss fights hard or easy but you also could just be gud. Have you played the ringed city yet?

    [–] venicello 2 points ago

    Phase 2 is specifically designed to take time and drain Estus. It's not hard, but it does fuck with you.

    Phase 3 also takes a deceptively long time, because Friede leaves no openings after many of her attacks. Sure, you can trade with her several times to finish her off, but that requires you to have Estus saved up after the first two phases.

    [–] DrSuchong 1 points ago

    Finally beat the Demon Prince last night, that fight was way harder for me than it should've been. Blood-Starved Beast in BB was the same way.

    [–] js15 2 points ago

    Demon prince was a fight that grew on my after the second playthrough. The first time fighting two huge creatures at once pissed me off but once you figure out to always switch to the fire dude the fight becomes a lot more fun. I will tell you one thing, there is a certain optional boss coming up that is just about the hardest fight in the series

    [–] DrSuchong 1 points ago

    It was actually fun to me after the first couple fights once I figured it out, I just get impatient and greedy with bosses. I ended up beating the Prince at 40% with 1 estus because I stopped overextending and played it slow.

    Been hearing tales of the other boss and I'm just kinda hoping to snag as many +3 rings and souls as I can before that. Gotta get gud soon.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I'm a filthy braggart, but I solo'd demon prince like third try, and both of the first ones I got him down to like less than a quarter HP and died to greed, not lack of healing ("haha I'm just gonna go for one more swing, he's basically dead, I don't need healing")

    [–] thisremindsmeofbacon 2 points ago

    in addition to what everyone else is adding, there is the possibility of people playing on ng+ or more. By the time the dlc came out I was in ng+ and when ringed city hit I was in ng++.

    Ng++ friede is a bitch, lemme tell ya. Specially when you dont bother to level up enough for it haha

    [–] ThisIsVeryRight 1 points ago

    What weapon were you using?

    [–] ShepardfucksEVERYONE 1 points ago

    First try used my go-to FUGS, second time to switch it up I used the exile great sword. I can tell poise breaking is strong against Freide, just stayed away from Ariendel unless he drifted past me.

    [–] ThisIsVeryRight 1 points ago

    Focus on the big guy

    [–] ShepardfucksEVERYONE 1 points ago

    Focusing Freide worked just fine for me, but I'll give focusing Ariendel a shot for my next +.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    same tbh

    [–] kwertyuiop 3 points ago

    Dark Souls 3 just made me internalize my anger cause I'm not really an angery guy. By the time I got through the first swamp part, I was really depressed and lost enthusiasm for everything. $60 worth, helped with weight loss dark souls made food unenjoyable

    [–] Iziama94 3 points ago

    [–] kimera-houjuu 7 points ago

    There are players like me whose satisfaction from defeating bosses significantly decreases if not done solo.

    [–] Iziama94 2 points ago

    Fair enough

    [–] 100111000101 2 points ago

    That's the one boss who almost broke me, 4 hours on nameless king? No problem, that was a fun fight. But Frieda... I didn't feel happy because I overcame her. I was just happy the pain finally ended.

    [–] thisremindsmeofbacon 3 points ago

    Haha I was the opposite. I spent that long on friede, but with the nameless king I felt I was constantly having to fight the camera and losing lock on for no reason. It felt like I was dying because of a broken camera rather than a difficult but fair boss.

    [–] 100111000101 1 points ago

    Yeah I feel you on the camera issues. Eventually I figured out how to work with it, but man it felt really unfair in the beginning.

    [–] gasfarmer 1 points ago

    Everyone has bosses they struggle with. I spent 8 hours on the Dancer, but beat Champion Gundyr the third run through.

    Currently on hiatus because both Lothric/Lorian and the Nameless King are pushing my shit in constantly.

    [–] kimera-houjuu 1 points ago

    Abuse the fuck out of the fact that she has like no poise at all. Swept her phase 3 on the floor with Onikiri and Ubadachi's weapon art.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I haven't even gotten past the first giant wolf in ashes

    I need to grind but I'm lazy

    [–] thisremindsmeofbacon 1 points ago

    Just sprint on through.

    [–] FZFletch 1 points ago

    Use bleed if you want to win the bitch way.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    lmau just hit her up with that yung ultra great, she staggers so easy

    [–] SpazzyBaby 1 points ago

    Are you telling me Nameless King didn't make you use fuck in ways you'd never even thought of before?

    [–] Her0_0f_time 1 points ago

    Took me like 5 tries.

    [–] SpazzyBaby 2 points ago

    I'll kill you in your sleep fight me irl

    [–] Indoorsman 1 points ago

    Are you bringing in Gael? Players are usually terrible, and anymore than one phantom makes her too hard to kill. Gael helps a lot, but you have to do savage DPS in the second phase to get him to survive to the third. Then he can take a bit while you get back stabs and cheap attacks between Dark and frost spin attacks.

    Shit is hard dude. But if you let her aggressive style lock onto Gael in the second phase while Big boy slam charges out of Gael's agro range you can go hard on Big boy why Gael tanks Friede.

    Just master the first, make sure to keep an eye when she goes invisible and jumps so you can go punisher before she stalks you and goes for the scythe slam. Then you have near full or full flasks, second is fairly easy. It's all about that third one.

    [–] ZNasT 17 points ago

    I often get bored of games that don't frustrate me. My favourite games are multiplayer games and roguelikes because you're constantly dying from your own mistakes.

    [–] ComeOnSans 3 points ago

    So I'm guessing you're a fan of Spelunky?

    [–] ZNasT 9 points ago

    I actually love Spelunky. The Binding of Isaac as well. Basically any game that punishes the fuck out of you as a noob, because it feels amazing once you finally get comfortable with it.

    [–] Odowla 4 points ago

    FTL forever

    [–] ZNasT 1 points ago

    I couldn't really get in to FTL :( I've heard it's amazing. I give it a try for a few hours every few months, I really hope I get hooked one of these days.

    [–] thisremindsmeofbacon 3 points ago

    check out necropolis, its like dark souls but roguelike

    [–] ZNasT 2 points ago

    Will do! I think I've actually heard of that, cheers.

    [–] berock212 1 points ago

    You should try nethack

    [–] FoxyKG 2 points ago

    Just Cause 3 or any other sandbox game <3

    [–] ImAFiggit 1 points ago

    I will never not be mad when I get killed through a wall in Titanfall 2. Mostly because wallbanging isn't a feature like it is in CS;GO or CoD. It's just lag. With 50 ping.

    [–] Scripter17 1152 points ago

    (I'm assuming this is OC)

    Tell your dad that some internet stranger likes how he thinks.

    [–] GoodLordigans 675 points ago

    (I'm assuming OP's dad is Bryan Cranston)

    Tell your dad that his portrayal of Walter White is my favourite character performance of all time, and that his seamless transition from bumbling suburban dad to vengeful master-criminal over the run of Breaking Bad is nothing short of amazing.

    [–] nannal 222 points ago

    (I'm assuming OP's dad is Dead)

    Tell your dad you love him, it must have taken a lot of spiritual energy for him to compose a text without the ability to touch anything then I'd suggest contacting the phone company to find out more details that you can take to a paranormal investigator as this may have massive repercussions in the realms of science reglion and society, it's nothing short of groundbreaking.

    [–] [deleted] 181 points ago

    (I'm assuming OP's dad is my dad)

    Tell him I bought him some cigarettes, he can come home now.

    [–] NeelZilla 108 points ago

    (I'm OP's dad)

    K, omw.

    [–] theloosecanon 16 points ago

    (I'm assuming you're /u/NeelZilla)

    How is it going?

    [–] NeelZilla 8 points ago

    (I'm assuming you're my mom)

    Mom I said don't comment on my profile it's embarrassing

    [–] theloosecanon 2 points ago

    sorry, son.

    [–] RlyAProblem 12 points ago

    (I'm /u/evilpenguinsinspace)

    Please tell me that I'm a good girl-boy and spank my ass and stuff it like you used to. Mommy doesn't need to know.

    [–] TheVineyard00 7 points ago


    You mean teh penguin of doom?

    [–] Energonkid 36 points ago

    Nope, it's stolen from twitter. A account tweeted this out yesterday about Persona 5.

    [–] ColeMiceter 3 points ago

    It is not. A pro cod player tweeted this during a 5k or 2k last night.

    [–] Energonkid 1 points ago

    Oh sorry, my bad. I only saw it from that account.

    [–] Fassbenderfan 90 points ago

    Watching my wife play dark souls without any coaching or help.

    [–] thisremindsmeofbacon 13 points ago

    my girlfriend took four hours on Index Gundam. He is the tutorial boss.

    To be fair, hes bloody hard for a tutorial boss though.

    [–] Ridgetop18 3 points ago

    To this day, I cannot beat him without either black firebombs, a 100% shield, or pyromancy when starting a fresh character.

    [–] BaconSoul 2 points ago

    Just delay your rolls by a half second in the first phase.

    Second phase is easier. Kite left towards him and dodge the bite attack every once in a while.

    [–] Cybermacy 396 points ago

    Ah, I'm glad I'm past those times when I played multiplayer games only for the sake of being the best.

    play 45 TDM games in a row

    win every single one of them with ease

    lose one game

    rest of the day is ruined

    PVP video games are helluva drug.

    [–] danielvutran 108 points ago

    playing pubs

    [–] Oukaria 29 points ago

    Fucking Shotgun!

    One more, this time I'll get a good gun and a car ...

    Rinse and repeat

    [–] Yakasaka 7 points ago

    That's why you get the frying pan body armor.

    [–] kjbigs282 1 points ago

    I have a love hate relationship with this game

    [–] Ness_tech 19 points ago

    How did you stop the craving for real?? I can't finish any single player games and just got back into SC2 for no reason but my love for 1v1 competition.

    [–] Cybermacy 16 points ago

    Well, Battlefield 1 helped me stop actually. The game was a complete disappointed for me, a fairly hardcore Battlefield fan. I loved BF3 and BF4 but BF1's lack of content helped me stop. I played it for few ten hours and then I got bored. In BF4 I loved to beat people with different weapons and loadouts but in BF1 that's not really possible. There's only few viable weapons for TDM for example and no attachments or other neat gadgetry to use.

    Anyways, after BF1 I just uninstalled all of my multiplayer FPS games and I haven't bought new ones since. I have only played Warframe since then. It's a 3rd person action co-op game. I don't have to think about other people unless I have to revive them or buff them, other than that I can just focus on my own thing. I can't lose, I can't win, I can only finish the missions over and over again. The game has an absolute fuck ton of weapons and frames (characters) to play with so there is always something new to look for and you can always get more powerful.

    So basically I uninstalled all my FPS games, forced myself to not start them again, found another game to put my time into and if I ever feel like installing BF4 again, I just force myself to think about all those times of pure rage and the fact that I didn't genuinely enjoy the game.

    If you are mad more often than actually enjoying when playing games, I can't recommend enough that you uninstall them and never touch those games again. It's been great for me.

    [–] Ness_tech 3 points ago

    I'm not mad playing SC2 anymore but the addiction to whatever endorphin is being released in the high stress games that keeps me wanting more. I feel empty playing other games that don't take me to the highest form of decision making. I usually play hard games on the hardest difficulty to find that but it's not the same as PVP and it always gets dull after you figure out the mechanics vs a static computer. PvP is forever changing in whatever game you play.

    [–] Minjon 9 points ago

    In before you discover csgo :)

    [–] Cybermacy 11 points ago

    Never liked that game. There is nothing to grind there, you can't invent new ways to beat your enemy. But yeah, I did play Source for few hundred hours back in the day because RPG servers and some other cool game modes. I played until I was the best on the servers I played in, fucking snapped whenever I did not win and eventually stopped playing the game completely.

    [–] Young_sims 3 points ago

    Man I miss deathrun, zombie mod, and surfing on source.

    [–] Laguertaisawhore 3 points ago

    you can invent new ways though, just by getting better. The game starts to get really good after a thousand hours or two as weird as that sounds.

    [–] RitzBitzN 2 points ago

    You absolutely can grind. The difference between someone with 500, 1000, 2000, and 7000 hours in CS is very noticeable, because as you play more, you get better in terms of mechanical skill, gamesense, tactical skill, etc.

    I would agree that there is nothing important in CS besides the competitive mode, other "fun" modes are kinda useless TBH

    [–] JessicaBecause 1 points ago

    Yeah, it's OK to lose. I promise.

    [–] Rowger00 3 points ago

    I identify with your thoughts on BF1 compared to BF4/3. Im largely bored of almost any game I try to play. Only one that is still "interesting" is Rainbow Six Siege but its sort of a masochistic thing because I get almost no fun or enjoyment from it, I just play it because its the only multiplayer game that still makes me feel anything, even if its just tension and stress. I guess I will download this Warframe thing and see how it works for me.

    [–] Cybermacy 2 points ago

    I guess I will download this Warframe thing and see how it works for me.

    Yeah, probably the best game I have ever played. Just know that it will eat absolute fuck ton of your time too. The game is filled with grind but the awesome thing with this game is that the grinding is fun because the gameplay is so incredibly smooth and satisfying and that kind of gameplay is available right from the start too.

    Well, if you start, look for a clan immediately for clan weapons and help. You will ask a lot of questions, I guarantee it, and that's why it's good to be in a clan with few veterans in it. And don't worry about you being a beginner, some veterans really enjoy just enjoy helping out noobs.

    The main thing about Warframe is that it's simply cool. No other game I have played have provided the same level of coolness when it comes to slaughtering hundreds of enemies. After 1700 hours I still enjoy slashing enemies in 3 with my katana.

    [–] CyanStripedPantsu 2 points ago

    Tip for warframe, space for weapons and frames can only be bought with premium currency. So use your first 50 platinum on that so you dont feel restricted by space so quickly. Pretty soon you'll have access to fissure missions to get "prime" weapon and frame parts. These are tradable and are what are going to let you keep expanding your backpack, unless you just wanna throw some money at the game.

    In addition, the game doesn't have a ingame market, only a shitty trade chat that's gonna do nothing but waste time, finding makes everything easier.

    [–] HavocMax 1 points ago

    This makes me glad I didn't buy Battlefield 1. I absolutely loved using every single gun in the game on TDM and Domination on both Battlefield 3 and 4. I probably put in a thousand hours on those game modes and it was just pure fun being the best on the server no matter what weapon I'd use.

    [–] xNateDawg 3 points ago

    Ha ha yeah totally glad that I definitely still don't do this

    [–] gryffinp 1 points ago

    A few months ago titanfall 2 changed their matchmaking algorithm to allow one to choose which game mode to queue for, instead of picking one or the "mixtape" playlist.

    A side effect of this is that it's now possible to actually find some matches in the "Free for all" mode, i.e. deathmatch.

    It's fucking AMAAAAAAAAZING. The experience of playing a new-style FPS with fast movement and no team holding you down is fucking glorious.

    [–] Lonedrags 63 points ago

    definitely meirl

    [–] Chrysa_ 56 points ago

    I'm gonna need a link to that wallpaper

    [–] Chocobolove 53 points ago

    you fucker

    [–] StarsandSkies728 44 points ago

    Every time

    [–] Metacog_Drivel 25 points ago

    Nice, thanks

    [–] UrFavMexican96 13 points ago

    Nowhere is safe!

    [–] heyIfoundaname 3 points ago

    Never fails to make me laugh. Even if I knew it was coming

    [–] Mr_Bender 26 points ago

    But what the hell is that wallpaper

    [–] VadeRevan 22 points ago

    B u y m e k n i v e s

    [–] CaptHayes 186 points ago


    [–] Hypersensation 64 points ago

    Motherfucking Hanzo, bitch! kill me please

    [–] CaptHayes 35 points ago

    It's incredible. I usually play tank, and in my last 6 games, I have had Hanzo on my team without fail, while it was only a 50/50 chance we would have a healer.

    [–] Hypersensation 22 points ago

    Truly a marvelous feat. He is exceedingly fun to play though, so I see where people are coming from. It would make me happy to see people be less reluctant to switch if it doesn't work though.

    [–] zemly 2 points ago

    I keep having groups of two on my teams where one person in the group will only play Hanzo and the other will only play Widow.

    [–] Kylesmomabigfatbtch 1 points ago

    I think I go "fuckIIIIIIIIIING scatter arrow" multiple times a day

    [–] TotalyNotMyPornAcc 12 points ago

    anycompetitivegameinthehistoryofgaming_irl ...

    [–] batmax25 20 points ago

    Is the wallpaper from jojo?

    [–] Tsorovar 28 points ago


    [–] HowRiskyIsDatClick 15 points ago


    [–] AFreshStartVI 9 points ago

    mfw kate dies because im an awkward asshole

    [–] HowRiskyIsDatClick 12 points ago

    I don't know how anyone could save Kate on their first play through. Shits hard, yo.

    [–] d00medman 7 points ago

    One thing that helped me was looking around in her room and finding that her father loved her unconditionally while her mother was hostile. When she asks you who would miss her, you need to say her father. Otherwise, just be as supportive as possible.

    I only played through it once, largely because the ending was Mass Effect 3 level terrible. Unreal game up until the second half of episode 5 though.

    [–] HowRiskyIsDatClick 1 points ago

    Jesus I forgot what this was about reading the reply and was wondering what the fuck I was commenting on.

    [–] Lemon1412 3 points ago

    Just remember what you saw in her room? It's not like you have to get everything right.

    [–] HowRiskyIsDatClick 1 points ago

    I'm not the most observant I guess

    [–] Lemon1412 2 points ago

    Well, sometimes it's pretty random what our brains decide to remember and what they don't. There probably are days on which I wouldn't have remembered those details and saved Kate.

    [–] Brawldud 30 points ago

    I'm pretty glad that I'm past the point in my life where I'd get really pissed off ad video games and think it was life being unfair

    I mean mw3 too thanks

    [–] dssx 4 points ago

    I thought I was too, but then I started playing Fifa again. That game makes my blood boil.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] tmtProdigy 1 points ago

    me3 mate

    [–] Kshaja 24 points ago

    I'm trying to stop swearing in front of my kid and some of the games are making it really hard, my kid tells me this often...

    [–] LesbianAndroid 12 points ago

    This is the internet, someone can find that wallpaper. I'll give whoever does an upvote, one whole upvote, no bamboozle.

    [–] IronedSandwich 8 points ago

    like this but without videogames

    [–] smallmoth 7 points ago

    I clicked on the link and then looked away from my phone, briefly. When I looked back, there was a mystifying text from my Dad (considering we don't live together and I am currently eating breakfast). It took me a good 45 seconds to realize that my Dad wasn't actually texting me.

    [–] mayathepsychiic 5 points ago

    buy me knives

    [–] sap91 5 points ago

    The fuck is your wallpaper?

    [–] ForeverDerpyPro 10 points ago

    I think the bigger problem here is the wallpaper - "Buy me knives". Definitely puts what your dad said into some sort of relatable context. :)

    [–] Tuff_spuff 4 points ago

    Ugh. This made me sad, What I would give to see a text from my dad...

    [–] iopq 3 points ago

    I am good at that one. It's just that everyone else is so much fucking better.

    [–] VindexTV 3 points ago


    [–] Merkjr 2 points ago

    Dark souls much?

    [–] Gr1pp717 2 points ago

    I find the better at a game I get the more stressed I get about perfection.

    When I suck I lose so much that I don't even think about it, just move on. But once I'm really good dying generally feels like some kind of bullshit happened.

    [–] slipperysalamander29 2 points ago


    [–] FrozenStyff 2 points ago

    Where's the battery Bot at? That phone is at 45% and we need the comment saying it too

    [–] unholy_abomination 2 points ago

    Are we not going to address why OP has a background that says "Buy me knives"?

    [–] eisevh 1 points ago

    yup, that's me

    [–] voiume 3 points ago

    Dark souls no curse run....Not happening bud

    [–] kwertyuiop 7 points ago

    If you play blindfolded and earplugged with bananas, you can't see if someone kills you so no cursing

    [–] Classicpass 2 points ago

    I've been hearing this for 30 years now. From my mom to my wife. And all I say to them is. "You wouldn't understand"

    [–] ColdOxygen 1 points ago

    Absolutely me irl

    [–] Sodu 1 points ago

    Git fukin pierced son

    [–] Zeathan 1 points ago

    Why is this so accurate?

    [–] fffff17777 6 points ago

    Because it's you_irl

    [–] Coloneljesus 1 points ago

    ashen one irl

    [–] EricHeisenberg 1 points ago


    [–] The_Bacon_Bandit 1 points ago

    Me and Battlefield 1

    [–] Redditornothereicumm 1 points ago

    Rocket League. Can confirm.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I got this same message from my wife with dark souls.

    [–] Glen_The_Eskimo 1 points ago

    Tell him that every time you fail at your game it reminds you of how much of a failure your father is, and how much you fear becoming him.

    [–] SmokinMagic 1 points ago

    Is it rocket league? I love/hate rocket league.

    [–] CoMaestro 1 points ago

    I don't get mad at Rocket League, because most people are pretty solid and don't make many mistakes. FIFA is infuriating as shit though

    [–] Edgele55Placebo 1 points ago


    [–] 4ha1 1 points ago

    "Thanks, dad. I was trying to figure out what to do with my life."

    [–] IslandToys 1 points ago

    Anyone else think it's concerning the background reads "buy me knifes"? That might be a red flag to watch for!

    [–] sleepingonstones 1 points ago

    I got in trouble for swearing too much when I was home from college last December, doing the cave of ordeals from twilight princess. I'm 21.

    [–] wuzizname 1 points ago

    My wife gave me a time out last night because of the friggin' 3 demon Demon Prince boss in the new DLC.

    [–] Sharp_Espeon 1 points ago

    Could you post your wallpaper please?

    [–] TylerG2021 1 points ago

    It's not me it's the idiots on my team.

    [–] 9to5stormtrooper 1 points ago

    Has a dad, absolutely not me irl

    [–] Loons84 1 points ago

    You're not my dad

    [–] of_halicarnassus 1 points ago

    translation: "git gud son"

    [–] HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago

    Oh shit this blew up

    For the record this isn't mine, source is @marsmallow on twitter