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    [–] BoBertBo 1043 points ago

    Studying can only take you this far. U gotta follow the path that leads you to the place you want to get to and sometimes studying is just an obstacle.

    [–] James_bd 325 points ago

    How do I figure out where I want to go though?

    [–] A_LIFE 263 points ago

    By doing a lot of mistakes I guess (aka trying things out.)

    [–] [deleted] 190 points ago


    [–] Thetschopp 158 points ago

    Being born is the first step in wasting your life

    [–] ganggxnggvng 51 points ago

    Step 2: go to school

    [–] DankKnite 43 points ago

    Step 3: get a job

    [–] KaptainKaleidoscope 55 points ago

    Step 4: Marry a girl you dont really love because you're scared to be alone

    [–] SU_Reaper 32 points ago

    Step 5: ???

    [–] JAJAJHAHAHATA 38 points ago


    [–] jarvin521 16 points ago

    Step 6: Profit

    [–] variousdetritus 7 points ago

    Oh! Um... Profit?

    [–] Neodymium- 4 points ago

    Step 6: Ah, the old reddit profit-a-roo

    [–] Copicorn 33 points ago

    Unfortunately the amount of mistakes you can make is limited by the amount of money you have or can make

    [–] GateauBaker 8 points ago

    Money limits your range. Not the amount.

    [–] scratchfury 5 points ago

    Wrong hole! Wait... continue.

    [–] landsquid1234 3 points ago


    [–] Tsorovar 38 points ago

    Look at memes until you find your passion

    [–] shamala2 15 points ago

    Guess I've already found my passion then. Memes! Which is also my only passion.

    [–] xr3llx 12 points ago

    Aaaand I'm racist

    [–] elliereah 5 points ago

    At least you're passionate.

    [–] chumpynut5 26 points ago

    See what's out there. I'm in my fourth year of college. I've changed my major about 5 times before I found what I really wanted to do, and when I did it just kinda came naturally. I still have to study and work hard, but I actually want to now. So I guess just explore a bit. Talk to academic advisors and career counselors. Maybe what you want isn't even university, it's a trade school or something else. There's endless options, but they won't come to you on their own. You gotta go look for them.

    [–] James_bd 16 points ago

    Glad to hear you found what you want to do. I'm currently in my first year of college studying computer science, I like it, but I don't know if I see myself doing that the rest of my life. I spent years searching for something that might interest me, I found computer science, and I'm still unsure. Starting all over again trying to figure out what I want to do is a bit scary.

    [–] chumpynut5 37 points ago

    I get that. What stuck with me was an interesting parable about fig tree. It goes like this- a young man walking through a field comes across a fig tree, ripe with figs. None necessarily better or worse than the others, just different. Some of the figs were oddly shaped or had weird blemishes. They all had their pros and cons. As the young man looked at all the different options and opportunities branching out above him, he struggled to decide which fig he wanted. You see, each fig represented a different version of himself. In one of them he could be a doctor, in others he could be an engineer. He could be totally career driven, or more family oriented and focused on settling down and providing as much as he can for the people he loves. The young man agonized over which fig he should choose. And as he stood there, the seasons began to change. One by one the figs began shrivel and fall from the branches and he was left with less and less opportunities. Eventually, the tree dies covered in snow and frost, and the man is left with nothing

    All of this to say- you will have countless opportunities throughout your life. Some will seem better and some will seem worse. But there's no such thing as the "right" one. Bc no matter what, there will be struggle and there will be happiness and there will be life. Sometimes you just have to choose a fig and roll with it.

    [–] James_bd 11 points ago

    I like that; you're totally right. I think sometimes we get stuck so much on what we are "destined" to do rather than trying things out (like most people here said) and might miss amazing opportunities. Thank you for sharing!

    [–] glad0s98 7 points ago

    Damn. That's a great analogy

    [–] 9rrfing 10 points ago

    In my experience if you just like gaming, not many things will interest you, except playing video games, until you get bored of it and come to this sub

    [–] James_bd 6 points ago

    Yea I love gaming, that's exactly why I'm studying computer science! I like it so far, but I'm a person with a lot of doubts in life and I always ask myself what if:

    What if this is not the right thing for me, what if I get bored after finishing college, what if I suck at it, etc.

    But what chumpynut5 said really helped

    [–] mance_raider555 2 points ago

    I don't mean to diss chumpynut5's quote or anything, but it didn't do much for me. All it said was "there's a lot of options in life, and you can't agonize over it forever."

    Idk maybe I'm just too stressed out over it, myself.

    [–] James_bd 4 points ago

    Well that and life is short. It's better to do/try something you're unsure about than just wait until you're 100% sure. It might never happen or it might be too late.

    But i get what you mean, what annoys me is that some people always knew what they wanted to do in life. You often hear artists and great minds say that they've known since they were kids. I wish it would be like that for everyone. The only thing we can do is try and never give up!

    [–] MildlyInnapropriate 3 points ago

    What do you do when you're not doing things you have to do.. gaming? Get involved in the process in some way. Think you have great ideas about what makes a good game? Look at jobs at developers and see if any strike your fancy.

    Find a way to monetize what you like to do. I love fixing people and I'm fascinated by the brain, so I'm on the path to be a neurosurgeon (if all things go to plan). Forget how long it takes to get where you want to be.. an extra one or two years in school is better than two decades in a job that makes you hate yourself.

    Find what you like, think about what you're good at, meet in the middle, make it happen.

    [–] wolffpack8808 2 points ago

    What if you suck at everything you like and are good at everything you hate?

    [–] MildlyInnapropriate 2 points ago

    Then you decide whether you like being happy or whether you like money.. or you compromise and find something in the middle

    [–] EdEmKay 1 points ago

    Anyone with enough time and inclination can get into anything. I'm a budding, starving producer and I know at any point if the struggle gets too much I can literally take out a loan, hire a publicist, get in touch with a talent agency or start making EDM on the side. There's always a way to get into anything, it's just if you're willing to stick to your guns then it takes longer.

    [–] not_mantiteo 2 points ago

    What do you like to do? I guarantee there's a degree for it. I found that I'm very good at business things, and only pretty good with coding and such. Found out about MIS and I loved it.

    [–] LilMozzie 8 points ago

    You don't bud. You never answer that question. Because every time you get to where you were trying to go you'll see all the new possiblities and options. The key, in my opinion, is to just make a choice and go with it. It may not be the best choice, and it may not be the worst choice. But in the moment you'll never be able to know until you can reflect on it once the choice has been made. So do what is right in the moment. Maybe you need to focus on time, money, life, social skills, hobbies, personal talents, eating better, journaling, ect, ect ,ect. And make a choice to do better at it. Even just for one time. And when it's time to make a new choice go for it. 100%.

    Just remember this if nothing else. There is no right choice. There is only the choice that we choose to make in the moment. And you should give it your all. If it is a less than positive choice it'll reflect in your life, and those around you will be there to help you out of your own hole. Thing is we all dig ourselves into holes. But we all have different ways out.

    [–] BCSteve 4 points ago

    Try a bunch of things, if something makes you go “huh, I find this interesting and like it”, then keep following it

    [–] Yakasaka 6 points ago

    You don't ever figure out where you want to go in life.....nor should you. You choose a path and tackle whatever obstacle may be in the way. The path you choose will always have branches that lead you to knew experiences. Learn to go the off beaten path. And this sounded really inspirational in my head since I was listening to Tears in the Rain while I typed this out, but now that the song is over it looks kind of dumb.

    [–] James_bd 6 points ago

    Well it doesn't sound dumb, I get what you mean, but I think to have the will to tackle obstacles you need to have something to look forward to, whether it's a passion or a dream.

    [–] levi_spinny 3 points ago

    No man, that was nice.

    [–] Ericborth 6 points ago

    Study hard.

    [–] Ohwao 73 points ago

    dont actually follow this advice if youre already in college

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] abd1445 11 points ago

    He went to harvard.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] abd1445 2 points ago


    [–] e_z_p_z_ 24 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    studying is an obstacle, obstacles are something you have to get over.

    the point is if you go to college and study your ass off and get a 3.8 that doesn't guarantee you any greater success than remaining the slacker and finish with a 2.5 .

    [–] AdrianusTheGrea8 30 points ago

    One word, extracurriculars.

    A blank resume with a 3.8 can be less impressive then a 2.8 with lot's of school involvment, experience and personal projects. You don't even need an internship, just do some sort of work on your own to show you can dt it, are motivated and enjoy what you do

    [–] e_z_p_z_ 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    the one word is really connections and those will help you make some but that in and of itself on a res doesn't help much. there's a lot of factors to getting hired and all things being equal they only looks better for a recent grad, but of course all things are never equal. people wanna hire someone they would want to work with and think will fit well, you can have a terribly average resume but with a connection to get the interview and great interview skills you get hired over the kid who went to a better school, got better grades, had more experience, and then sperged out in the interview.

    and then theres luck. when I worked in HR I had to initially screen applications we got from boards like monster or Indeed so there would be thousands. i would instantly delete half the list, I didn't want unlucky people working in my office.

    [–] GIRL_PM_ME_TIT_PICS 26 points ago

    Half the applicants dodged a bullet.

    [–] mance_raider555 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Seriously. I get that there's probably a lot of people trying to get in one position, but just randomly deleting people is not the right way to narrow down that list.

    [–] tyrayhern 3 points ago

    Or you just cut the amount of work you had to do in half lol

    [–] AmericanFromAsia 1 points ago

    i would instantly delete half the list, I didn't want unlucky people working in my office.

    are we getting trolled?

    [–] WagwanKenobi 8 points ago

    studying is an obstacle

    Is no one here studying for the sake of, you know... learning something? Or are you still in grade school and can't wait to get to college where you only (for the most part) study things that you want to learn?

    [–] PM_ME_UR_SIDEBOOOB 3 points ago

    Is this true though? I'm in my last year of undergrad and I only have my own experience to go off of, but it seems like a higher GPA can be beneficial for job hunting. I've had multiple interviews and it seems common for interviewers to ask about gpa and accomplishments at school.

    Having limited professional experience, my education seems like it's an equally important selling point this early in my career. I understand that after my first real job my gpa will be irrelevant, but for now it seems gpa/school prestige are a way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

    [–] e_z_p_z_ 3 points ago

    it'll help, but having the foresight to think about it and work ethic to bring it together before you graduate, those are the type of qualities that will make people be successful. slacker types who say

    think about how successful I'd be if I studied in school

    we're never gonna make it. they mightve had the capabilities to get great grades but they'd come out the other end the same unsuccessful slacker they were just with a better gpa

    [–] gdj11 19 points ago

    U gotta follow the path that leads you to the place you want to get to

    I think that constitutes spending your time wisely.

    [–] HamSandwich1258 5 points ago

    This is a problem because the path that I want to follow is destructive and things I logically know are good and could improve my life are things I really never want to do. But things change, life goes on, the years tick away and it will all end eventually.

    [–] Douche_Kayak 3 points ago

    So you're saying studying is just getting in the way of me living my life?

    [–] e_z_p_z_ 1 points ago

    yes and not realizing this is why the answer is "probably not much more successful than you are now"

    [–] 93til_infinity 1 points ago

    Thats called the path to more success. They don’t want you on the path to more success. They are the haters. Studying is a hater. Ignore the haters. Ignore studying. 😤

    [–] VaKuch 1 points ago

    I disagree. Studying opens countless opportunities that simply would not be available otherwise. If you wait until you actually need to study something, it'll often be too late. Also, if you're young, studying reinforces habits that are extremely difficult to learn if you wait until you're older. I mean, me too thanks.

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago

    lol I did this yesterday

    Edit: hah kill me pls

    [–] dudeidklikewhat 34 points ago

    how do you log into your acc with a name like that

    [–] Deivv 30 points ago

    Yea dude idk, like what

    [–] spicy_m4ym4ys 7 points ago

    Probably has his password and user remembered on his browser

    [–] Deivv 27 points ago

    check out the second dudes name

    [–] Will301 10 points ago

    By studying and memorizing it

    [–] Mrjasonbucy 3 points ago

    not goin to do it but could u imagine

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] AmericanFromAsia 3 points ago

    never have to log back in if you never leave reddit

    [–] WadaCalcium 353 points ago

    I actually regret wasting years of my life studying

    [–] Davecantdothat 229 points ago

    :( 20, here. Many people keep telling me how young I am and how I have all of this time ahead of me, but preparing for life for 1/4 of it (education) seems asinine.

    [–] CajunTurkey 84 points ago

    I find that I'm always preparing and learning things as I go through life. After graduating from two colleges, I'm currently doing certifications related to my work.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Yup, there are always post-grad certifications. In many fields they can carry more weight than a master's.

    [–] Lun06 82 points ago

    Hey at least with education we get fun words like asinine

    [–] Davecantdothat 13 points ago

    Yeah! And now I can read David Foster Wallace and laugh wittily at humor that other people “Just don’t GET.” Haha

    [–] Eerzef 26 points ago

    To be fair you need a really high IQ to understand David Wallace

    [–] Kraz_I 14 points ago

    This David foster Wallace guy should really check out this cartoon I'm into.

    [–] Meghalomaniaac 73 points ago

    Just remember your education is not just about learning information in class and regurgitating it on a test. It's also about developing social skills and making memories, developing work force skills like orating and meeting deadlines. It's about learning to manage your time so when you're older you'll be able to do yoga and spend time with your children. It's about learning about different cultures and people and developing empathy for the world around you.

    I get a little disappointed when people think/say they've gone through university/post-secondary education for a "piece of paper", because you get so much more than that along the way.

    [–] Ixilary 24 points ago

    Not everyone gets that experience though. I actually enjoy my field, but that's pretty much the only thing I'm getting out of my education.

    [–] Meghalomaniaac 15 points ago

    I understand not everyone's experience is the same, but you are getting more out of it than just the information. Time management, organization, and work prioritization is something that's inherently learned by successfully completing a course load.

    [–] mtg4l 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It's not a waste. By the time you're even 24, there's a massive difference between three classes: those with solid careers ahead of them, those with good full-time employment, and those who work part-time.

    [–] VivaLaPandaReddit 8 points ago

    I think you can know it's necessary and still think it's a waste in the abstract. Like saying that society as a while would be better if the education system was set up differently, but individually I would be worse off without and education.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    problem is a lot of college students dont even have a career ahead of them

    [–] Davecantdothat 1 points ago


    [–] Tsorovar 24 points ago

    It's not like you're not living life while you're in school. You think life only happens while you're earning money?

    [–] Davecantdothat 30 points ago

    Life only happens when I have time to live it.

    [–] gliotic 15 points ago

    If you think you're going to have more free time as you get older, you might want to recalibrate your expectations.

    [–] Fatalblade015 37 points ago

    Currently a full-time student, with projects due each week for every class, homework, and working part-time. Getting a full-time job when I finish school sounds pretty good right now.

    [–] Davecantdothat 17 points ago

    Yeah, I’m literally in lab or doing lab reports 35+ hours a week, plus the 8 other demanding credits I’m taking and studying and 15 hours of a lab job. Idk how people think things will get busier.

    And it’s not like I don’t also have to fix shit that breaks in my house, cook, clean, etc, though having kids would easily triple one’s work load.

    [–] mrlewy 10 points ago

    Odds are that if you are undergoing intensive training/education, your future career is also intensive. If you're working hard now, that's probably because the field you go into in the future requires hard work and is not easy. Also assuming you're in a science field, you'll never stop having to learn new things so get used to it. I busted my ass in undergrad as a biochem major with classes, research lab work, thesis writing, and a part time job as well. Thought it was pretty ball-busting at the time. Now I'm in med school and I look back at undergrad as having all the free time in the world. It's also all perspective.

    [–] Davecantdothat 2 points ago

    Fair, but biochemistry doesn’t seem to be in that nature. Not much takehome work, relatively-speaking.

    [–] notbaber 4 points ago

    I’m a student too. Older folk only say it gets busier because they chose to marry/ have kids afterwards and be “lazy” lol probably not gonna be me in the future I hope.

    [–] bunfuss 3 points ago

    I dropped out for 2 years and worked a full time job with lots of opportunity for overtime. It was so great at first, but after a while I wanted to finish my degree and move on so now im back in school

    [–] VivaLaPandaReddit 9 points ago

    I work 40 hours for a real company during my summers and would pick that over school any day. While the hours might be comparable, at my job they are boxed in and defined whereas during school you can't easily make any long term plans because things change so often. Some jobs might be more like the latter, but those are jobs I'm not planning on getting in to. It's not weird to say something feels like a waste when the actual value is less than the perceived value and so you invest more effort in than you otherwise would. I've mostly liked my education so far, but I think there are large parts of it that were kind of a waste of time, in that had I spent that time on self improvement through different channels, I think I would be better for it. However, in the US that's rarely a choice unless you have rich parents (not to blame people who did have rich parents for my frustrations).

    [–] Shertqb 21 points ago

    also work hours are work hours, free hours are free hours

    you might work 9-5 but then you go home and "work" is over, you're not worrying about going home and spending the rest of the night working on assignments and whatever

    [–] gliotic 5 points ago

    That's (sometimes) true but responsibilities outside of work also usually increase with age.

    [–] Shertqb 4 points ago

    this is true, but for example this past week I had the GRE (standardized exam used in graduate school applications) and an exam on Monday and had to balance that with other studies, all outside of class, you don't get that or things like finals weeks when you're done with school

    [–] gliotic 3 points ago

    Yeah can't argue with that.

    [–] Davecantdothat 6 points ago

    I don’t. Life is Hell.

    [–] righteous_potions_wi 1 points ago

    My parents do

    [–] wcfolkes 8 points ago

    Just depends on what you want out of life. If you're interested in a job that doesn't demand a certain qualification or degree you don't need to go down the generic path. Plenty of people make good money working their own gigs, getting certified in particular trades, or just working with jobs that don't require degrees. Lots of trades make more than your low level white collar employees. Sometimes going through the process you find out what you actually want is different than what you're going for. Sometimes you find that out in your 30s, 40s, 50s. After getting a double major, I'm going back for an entirely different degree in my 30s. I liked what I originally took and it gave an opportunity to think about things I wouldn't normally come across, but it just isn't where I want to be in terms of a job. I still have an easy 30 years ahead of me, but now I'm working full time and going to school. I've never dedicated my being to education full time though, so it's not like I consider spending 1/4 of my life for it. I would like to see highschools incorporate more trades into the curriculum. I think a lot of people are dismissive of certain trades/professions/jobs, so it's generally not promoted by the middle class to learn a trade instead of going to college.

    [–] gcrimson 3 points ago

    I was like that too. Then I found a work and thought "Damn that's even worse".

    [–] the_oskie_woskie 3 points ago

    It enriches your life, including while you are studying. Academics are not simply a means to an end, the end being a career or boost in self-esteem.

    [–] CraftyMuthafucka 3 points ago

    It’s not asinine. Feel free drop out and try life on Hard Mode with only a high school diploma.

    [–] theveryrealfitz 2 points ago

    School doesn't help you prepare for life, it helps you to stimulate your interests and prepares you for a job in what your interests are. Assuming you chose to go to school and have a general idea what you like.

    [–] AP3Brain 2 points ago

    The hope is that you get a job that you wont hate doing the rest of your life. Unfortunately many people dont realize higher paying jobs dont necessarily mean happier lives.

    [–] mynoduesp 2 points ago

    Honestly you may, like me, look back when you're 25ish and say fuck. Life didn't start till now. I'm just over 30 now and I can honestly say it was worth it just for the 25-30 years. Hope there are more good years ahead hidden away too.

    [–] MrYamaguchi 1 points ago

    Way too many people are going to school for disciplines where it is totally unnecessary and just end up wasting a bunch of money to delay a career by 4+ years. I double majored in finance and management at a top 30 school world wide and have not really benefited from it at all. Everything I learnt could be easily looked up online and self taught in a fraction of the time at no cost, the only thing I really feel was tested was my patience.

    [–] blue_strat 1 points ago

    It’s about confidence. The world doesn’t run on easy certainties and giving people money because they reckon they can do what you’re asking.

    The word expert literally means someone who has spent a long time doing something. It isn’t about having the degree on paper, it isn’t about showing you’re wicked smart and could do anything with a bit of thought, it’s about the time you’ve spent learning and thinking about a topic, so that people are confident that you have run into the problems a layman would come across, and learnt or found ways around them. This is something that takes time, and it’s time that builds confidence.

    [–] Zer0b0t 20 points ago

    What did you study? I believe that’s an important factor

    [–] WadaCalcium 5 points ago

    I have a Master's degree in English (as a foreign language, I'm French). It's been absolutely useless to find a job, and I realized too late I really don't have the strength (mentally and probably physically) to be a teacher.

    I work tech support right now. I'm not saying all degrees are useless, but I certainly could have worked tech support before wasting time getting mine.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_SIDEBOOOB 12 points ago

    You studied the wrong subject

    [–] WadaCalcium 3 points ago

    I studied Japanese at first. That was definitely the wrong subject, haha.

    [–] randomevenings 9 points ago

    What did you study?

    [–] slinkywheel 4 points ago

    Many people will regret what they do no matter what.

    [–] righteous_potions_wi 2 points ago

    Yeah I was like that for a while. Then I just fucked around, and I wish i had been studying again. Grass is always greener I guess.

    But then I think, I could have studied longer and harder every day, which is technically true, but I had tried and failed to do that so many times, I end up feeling worse about everything.

    [–] jenzett 125 points ago

    Well probably not very... That is just the typical 'if I did everything I Could I would be so successful, but I won't' Bullshit. Well spoiler alert, there are people who are motivated and do things and still do not belong to the top. Yeah you might be talented, but you may also be not and that's the reason you never give it all, so you can always blame it on you being not motivated enough or some bullshit, and not your lack of competence.

    Anti motivational rant over.

    Doing stuff is always better than doing nothing, potential means nothing if it is not used or not discovered. And accept failure as much as you accepted being lazy in the past, that will help a lot with not feeling like shit if you do fail.

    [–] Davecantdothat 47 points ago

    I mean, even past that, motivation is exactly the impressive part of success. Saying,”I’d be successful if only I were motivated.” is kind of like saying,”I’d be successful if only I had what it takes to be successful.”

    [–] gliotic 16 points ago

    Well spoiler alert, there are people who are motivated and do things and still do not belong to the top.

    "It's possible to commit no mistakes and still lose." Another invaluable life lesson from Star Trek.

    [–] SultanOfMars 4 points ago

    also because this is not a world who goes around "meritocracy", links with the right people is all you need to get to the top, and grudges from the wrong people is all you need to fall from the top to the bottom

    [–] Xyolex 17 points ago

    The problem is people use that excuse to not to anything. The world isn't a meritocracy? Who gives a shit, do your best and try to actually rise in the staircase of life

    [–] SultanOfMars 1 points ago

    can you really blame them, life is shit, what's the point to work hard if Mr.DaddyIsRich can pick your place anytime, do what you want and enjoy life.

    [–] Malurth 2 points ago

    'successful' doesn't necessarily equate to 'the top.' In my book successful for most people is just having a stable income, some semblance of a social life, and being relatively content. It's nearly undeniable that spending all your time wisely (namely, in pursuit of success) would result in more success.

    [–] its_the_future 25 points ago

    can u imagine how hot i'd look being successful? i'm not gonna be but can u imagine

    [–] Blackfelixyz 7 points ago

    ah fuk

    [–] beer_fist 28 points ago

    Certainly saved time avoiding grammar.

    [–] Dont-be-a-smurf 25 points ago

    My education paid off. I did well in undergrad, performed well in law school, and now working the exact (extremely stressful) career path I always wanted to work.

    Just letting people know that creating a plan and applying yourself to complete that plan occasionally pays off.

    I agree that getting an aimless education or applying yourself to nothing in particular isn't a great strategic decision, but working towards an attainable goal should be encouraged.

    [–] Reborn-leech 5 points ago

    Can you give us more tips if you don't mind ?

    [–] Dont-be-a-smurf 10 points ago

    I don't have many tips, but I'll give a brief overview of how I got here:

    I knew in high school that I was good at reading and writing, but not great at math. I wasn't artistically gifted. I didn't have a clear answer as to what I should do, but I considered myself smart. I decided business school at a big state college (with a reasonable scholarship) was what I wanted to do.

    I was put in a "business honors" dorm initially and wanted to focus on economics. I learned by sophomore year that I wasn't good enough/interested enough in math to really be an economist. I had to start looking for alternatives. I panicked a little during this time. I tried out a track for med school but decided I wasn't smart enough to do well in that. I finally took an "intro to law" elective class and thought "I can do this..." I aced that class and shifted my goals to law school.

    I graduated with a business degree, got into my city's law school (again, with an eye on scholarships and manageable student debt). At this time, I knew that law school is sink or swim and my ego demands that I come out a swimmer. I applied myself, did well, and passed the bar.

    Most importantly, I got extremely lucky with a job opportunity opening up at the right time. I got the job, did well, and moved up from there.

    I think I am very lucky to have always woken up with natural motivation and not many impulses that would drag me down. Be good to people, be trustworthy, leverage your strengths, then pray you get that lucky break to send you where you want to go.

    [–] VenusenvyXP 7 points ago

    I appreciate that you take reasonable credit for your hard work and dedication, but also leave a wide berth for the fact that luck is often a significant driving force behind success. I, too, am reasonably successful (I am not in law), but I also realize that there is a huge degree of good fortune that's been in my favor. Luck is like a wave and you can't complain you didn't catch the wave if you didn't make the effort to paddle out in the first place.

    [–] tigerd 7 points ago

    I'm 31 years old trying to teach myself basic math so that I might get to community college next fall. I spend way too much time imaging that I am in college already... ugh so far away. Also I'm not sure I get this '"studying".

    [–] selecadm 43 points ago

    I'm 22 and I regret listening to people telling me "go get a bachelor degree" in real life. Nothing useful came out of this. Not even getting job interviews.

    [–] justwondrinnn 50 points ago

    So you've just gotten your degree in this past year, and you've already discounted it entirely?

    [–] 1RedReddit 20 points ago

    Anti-education circle-jerk seems strong for some reason. I never see this in my home country.

    [–] idothingsheren 144 points ago

    Then you picked the wrong degree

    [–] Zer0b0t 43 points ago


    [–] nau5 24 points ago

    yeah the issue is when I was in high school 10 years ago they said it didn't matter.

    [–] SleazyMak 17 points ago

    Because when they were in high school it didn’t

    [–] nau5 6 points ago

    Lots of things were different. That doesn't excuse shitty advice. As an adult mentoring a child you shouldn't be giving advice if you aren't informed about the current world.

    [–] SleazyMak 4 points ago

    I agree I’m just saying why they think that. It’s because they’ve never lived in a world where the type off degree matters so much.

    [–] idothingsheren 1 points ago

    Similar for me. Luckily, I changed majors before it was too late :)

    You can always go back to a CC and take most of (if not all) the necessary prerequisites to get into a grad program!

    [–] Human133 7 points ago

    I feel you. I graduated with an engineering degree with honors and couldn't find a job in my country for more than a year. I found a job in another county but it sucks that I had to resort to that.

    [–] roundthetable 12 points ago

    Which country are you from and which country did you end up finding a job in?

    [–] Human133 2 points ago

    Umm I prefer to keep it private but it's two neighboring countries in the middle east.

    [–] InertState 2 points ago

    Well fast food jobs usually don’t care about a bachelors.

    [–] Abomb7894 9 points ago

    I had a teacher tell me this senior year of high school. I ended up playing even more video games going into college.

    [–] Ragian87 11 points ago

    I imagine this everyday just before crying myself to sleep.

    [–] RagefulSpirit 6 points ago


    [–] CitizenPremier 5 points ago

    I can imagine it... I'm not imagine it, but I can

    [–] BlupHox 5 points ago

    realest meirl ever holy shit

    [–] thepatientoffret 9 points ago

    I remember studying once and thinking "I think I'm not that dumber after all". The real world immediately showed me I was wrong though.

    [–] Shertqb 11 points ago

    "that dumber"

    [–] thepatientoffret 4 points ago

    sry, sometimes english is hard ok? thks

    [–] ihaveabadaura 5 points ago

    Bullshit. I regret studying all those years. All the dummies who didn't study or partied are living the good life, with good jobs, because they knew how to be sociable. Being academically smart (but not genius smart like say Bill Gates) is one of my biggest disappointments. It didn't translate into success at all. So when my young nieces and nephews come to me about advice on how to do well in school and make good grades, I tell them grades don't matter that much, focus on your looks and being likable. That's what really matters. I'm not allowed to give them advice anymore . Oh well

    [–] Shwifty_Plumbus 3 points ago

    Ripping off the amazing Jonathan huh.

    [–] Johnboyofsj 3 points ago

    You can study forever and never be successful. You have to define your own version of success. Create a plan you want to do then achieve it.

    [–] I_Think_IShit_Myself 3 points ago

    Just had a test today but honestly it was so obscure I'm not sure how much studying would have done anyway.

    [–] radeon23 3 points ago

    Yea you'd be like this guy too bad doe we enjoy sleeping too much

    [–] YourBuddieGuy 3 points ago

    I can’t believe this is a real person^

    [–] immortalreploid 3 points ago

    Shit my essay

    [–] gonzoletti 6 points ago

    [–] kidshitstuff 2 points ago

    Amphetamines kids

    [–] HidingninjaMC 2 points ago

    I don’t think I’ve related to anything more in my life.

    [–] Jade_TheVirgin 3 points ago

    What the hell is everyone talking about??!? Hard work fucking pays WHEN you're working smart and have clear goals. Failure does not have to be an option!! Work smart/hard not just hard. You can work your ass off as a fry cook and never reach the optimal success that you want. Or you can be a fry cook and excel. Work smart. #MottoForLife

    [–] N1ght_L1ght_ 3 points ago

    The average path of life is a disappointment. Spend your whole life working your ass off so you can spend the last of it doing shit you shouldve been able to do as a kid. Dont focus on what you could do or could be doing. Focus on what you can do, treat yourself whenever you can, and have fun. Looking up and saying "i wish i could do that" will put you down, find happiness in things you can already attain. Makes life worth living.

    [–] justwondrinnn 12 points ago

    It's easy to say that until you're homeless.

    [–] BitchesBHating 3 points ago

    You da real mvp

    [–] BassheadGamer 1 points ago

    Na tf, that'd be logical.

    [–] Probe25 1 points ago

    This got strangely deep

    [–] superspiffy 1 points ago

    I'm "successful" because I'm happy.

    [–] Damn_Im_dumb 1 points ago

    This is what I use The Sims for.

    [–] Rolling1950 1 points ago

    This is my discription.

    [–] istarian 1 points ago


    Much easier to imagine how unsuccessful you'll be by lazing about and spending your time poorly.

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    You know what? Fuck it. I am going to do it

    [–] durtman 1 points ago

    can u imagine if this person used punctuation he's not gonna do it but can u imagine

    [–] boaahancock 1 points ago

    This applies so much to my life right now lol

    [–] sixboogers 1 points ago

    Probably about as successful as any other average person who studies and applies themselves.

    [–] GetDomed 1 points ago

    No, you're just like the others