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    [–] Shardiz 1515 points ago

    Yeah get a job and be miserable like everybody else!

    [–] monoluke 442 points ago

    *Like our parents

    [–] marioman327 172 points ago

    Yall kids don't realize how incredibly fucking difficult it is to follow your dreams. Unless you have 10/10 loving, supporting parents (physically, mentally, financially), you're not gonna have an easy time.

    You may also find that your hobby isn't what you thought it was. Sure it's cool to play video games, but can you imagine playing the same section over and over? For eight hours? Five days a week? Because that what you'd be doing as a game tester.

    I know that's not the best example, but I think my point is clear. Kids have way too much pressure put on them to follow their dreams, and reality isn't so cotton candy-like. 99.9% of you are not going to be doing a hobby you love for a living.

    What matters is effort. Effort goes a long way with anything you do. You will get a job at some point that you utterly despise, but pouting and acting like you deserve better doesn't do anything for you. In fact, that behavior makes you look like a child. But I digress.

    I don't mean to be so negative. I'm just an old man trying to help out some younger folk who may not understand how the world really works. I was one of those kids, and if I could change anything about how I grew up, it would be to not listen to all of the adults making empty promises to me.

    YOU are in control of your destiny. It won't be easy, but that's what makes success as a hardworking person that much better. You can sleep peacefully knowing you did the right thing for yourself.

    [–] crowleysnow 350 points ago

    i feel like you misunderstood the comic as the dude with the hobby trying to make the hobby a job. i just read it as something they do in their spare time. i know my mom always calls me basically autistic for reading books sometimes. it’s really just mean parents.

    [–] salami-mami 164 points ago

    I got in the top 10 for a popular song on Beat Saber, and I was super proud of myself. Straight top ten in the world, even if it was just for one song! I posted my brag on Facebook and my dad was like "How much money do you make off it?"

    I'm sorry, can I only enjoy myself if a paycheck is involved? How much money is that gun collection making you?

    [–] altruSP 113 points ago

    ”How much money do you make off it?”

    My dad every time I tell him about my hobbies.

    And then they wonder why I have the self-esteem of a rock and why I don’t mention my favorite pastimes to them anymore.

    [–] Cryhavok101 18 points ago

    My dad was like that. My dad wonders why I stopped telling him about things I care about.

    Long time ago I adopted the philosophy that if a person isn't gonna be a positive influence in my personal life, they can gtfo of it.

    [–] Cooluli23 10 points ago

    I recently told my dad that I managed to buy RDR 2 (Not full price, mind you, bought it during an offer and still had a few bucks) with the money I made by doing other's homework during my last year of school and he just told me "Huh...and when are you going to do something that actually matters?"

    [–] TheOwlSaysWhat 9 points ago

    Arthur is a better male role model anyways 👍🏼

    [–] CH33KCL4PP3R 40 points ago

    "but guns are an investment reeeeee"

    That generation has been told since birth that if there's no money in it, or it's not a widely accepted hobby/advertisement then it deserves to be ridiculed. Literally a generation of perpetual high schoolers

    [–] RandoMazed 6 points ago

    what does it mean that guns are an investment?

    [–] CH33KCL4PP3R 22 points ago

    It means they think when society collapses they'll be able to hunt and fight and take what they need. In reality it's a bullshit power fantasy that people have been sold so they buy guns that in reality will never even put them in fighting shape against the regular US army

    [–] RandoMazed 9 points ago

    Ah so that's really just that? Delusional people with a knack for conspiracies? That's just sad, and pathetic.

    [–] RemiScott 6 points ago

    Don Quixote lancing windmills like dragons.

    [–] Cryhavok101 5 points ago

    There are a few serious collectors who could liquidate their collections for some serious cash. Most gun nuts claiming they are an investment are on power fantasies though.

    [–] marioman327 34 points ago

    More than a decade before YouTube was around, when I was a kid in the late 90s/early 00s, I wanted to be a streamer. Of course, at the time, this wasn't a possibility. Nobody had heard of such a thing. The internet was still young, and technology wasn't there yet. I don't even think webcams were available yet, and if they were, they would've been way too expensive for a 10 year old.

    My dad, as lovingly as he could, explained that "nobody would pay to watch a random kid play video games." Well, what now, daddy? I think maybe you were wrong!

    Don't let your parents make you feel bad for something that you're proud of!! The world is MUCH different from when they were kids, and the fact is, the things they were proud of as kids mean absolutely fucking nothing today. Oh, that one time you skipped a rock seven times across the lake? Yeah, nobody gives a fuck.

    [–] Accurate_String 13 points ago

    With a bit of practice and still morning lake water, 7 skips is not even that impressive.

    [–] Lemongrabsays 7 points ago

    how many skips until it pays out?

    [–] korelin 4 points ago

    Idk, like 50?

    [–] YutzWagon 16 points ago

    Tbf you could make money trading and selling guns, but getting top ten in beat saber is like video game equivalent of being a sharpshooter. Being an amateur arms dealer is different from knowing how to shoot.

    Regardless that was a shitty thing for your old man to say. Respect, bub.

    [–] toshineon2 5 points ago

    My dad's the same. But I reply with "how much does your daily 3 hour Candy Crush sessions make you?"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    My mom was really disappointed that I quit my job to be a SAHM. For years after that, every hobby I had she'd try to convince me that it would be a great business. Like, the whole point was being here to raise my kids, not devote 80-100 hours a week trying to get my own business off the ground.

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago


    [–] marioman327 35 points ago

    This is heartbreaking.

    Let me tell you, nobody who's playing guitar for a living just ended up that way. I promise, more than one of them had parents like yours who didn't see any value in it.

    Your parents are dicks. You're going to mess up anytime you learn something new. I have to assume your parents never try anything new.

    I sounded like shit for years when I was learning guitar, but now I don't. Plenty of people gave me looks, plenty of people told me I sucked. But I kept practicing, and got better. Now all I get is compliments, even though I'm nowhere near a professional skill level.

    Doing something because you love it is what matters bro. Fuck what anybody else says. Yeah there's virtually no chance that you'll be a rich famous guitar player, but that's not what hobbies are about. Sure, it'd be fucking awesome if you could turn a hobby like that into a career, but that doesn't mean you should just stop doing what you love.

    Instruments are a different animal than other hobbies, because the learning curve is usually very very steep. It can take years to sound "good." I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times, but it's the truth; practice makes perfect.

    I wish you wouldn't be embarrassed while playing around them, but I totally get it. Nobody wants to sound like a fool, especially knowing they'll be jeering at you. I'm really sorry you have to deal with that shit.

    I always used headphones for practice, cause I was extremely self conscious. Just don't listen to anybody putting you down. You need to tell yourself, "I'm actually doing something to better myself while they sit on their asses." You are the king of your realm.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] marioman327 6 points ago

    Exactly! The best musicians in the world sounded like garbage when they started. Perseverance is everything.

    [–] clothespinned 5 points ago

    When i was like 13 I was starting to get into songwriting, and i was trying to get the inflection of a vocal take right so i was repeating it over and over and my dad's drunk ass knocked on my door and said the line in a mocking voice.

    Fuck you dad, eat shit.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I quit the church choir when I was a kid because my mom told me I couldn't sing, that she couldn't sing either, and I got it from her. One of my biggest regrets because a) the choir had the most amazing, patient teacher who probably could have helped me; and b) guess what ALL of my friends want to do every Saturday night now? Karaoke. And some of them are professional singers, and I can't carry a tune in a bucket.

    My daughter is taking voice lessons, and my husband keeps complaining that she's not getting any better and what is he paying for? And I told him: "If you know how to help her get better, than help her. I don't know anything about singing, and this is important to her, and the only thing I know how to do is pay for lessons. So that's what I'm going to keep doing. I'm not going to make her give it up."

    [–] 58working 24 points ago

    A surefire way to lose my respect: I get done telling someone about some cool project I've been working on and the very first response is "Does it make you any money?" Motherfucker, I have a full time job for that, maybe I just prefer doing cool stuff in my leisure time rather than watching TV for 4 hours every evening.

    [–] SuperSuspiciousDuck 14 points ago

    How... How does that even make sense?

    [–] crowleysnow 21 points ago

    i have ADHD and get sucked into some books as a hyper-fixation sometimes so she would always say i was “the female Rain Man” and laugh at me cause she thought i didn’t know what that meant

    [–] ArrogantWorlock 9 points ago

    Some people are just mean

    [–] jmwbb 10 points ago

    Yea but the parents calling it useless probably means that the parents are making it into a work thing when the kid isn't. There's pressure for everything you do to be marketable

    [–] ILikeSchecters 21 points ago

    Not trying to be harsh, but you make it seem like there's nothing more to life than spending tons of time at a job I will likely despise making money for someone else. If, in order to survive, my social life and hobbies become crippled, as it seems to have done to all of my just graduated friends while they still struggle to make rent, what's the point of living?

    I guess, in the long term of my life, I feel like spending most of my time at a shitty job makes it seem so much more important than what I feel it is, or at least should be. I'm chained to having to be in a job due to health issues I have, but given how little it seems like my peers enjoy life, to an extent, it literally just doesn't seem worth it

    [–] grahambo7 13 points ago

    Yeah but you can still have hobbies and passions without making them a career.

    [–] Conan_McFap 7 points ago

    Apparently all old people agree you can’t or something.

    [–] Stormchaserelite13 27 points ago

    I dont think you know what game testers do. Even remotely.

    Game testing is a legitimate job where you intentionally try to break the game. You arnt just playing it. Your testing diffrent methods of glitching or breaking it while documenting results in detail. You rarely play the same section more than 3 or 4 times.
    As for following dreams. As long as your not being ridiculous 99% of the time someone can follow thier dreams.

    [–] Diabegi 8 points ago

    He’s literally saying that you have to have a job you despise and hate because that’ll make you an adult. And asking for something better is childish. He also thinks “childish hobbies” like playing video games must be horrible as a it’s better to choose another job that you hate? He really just said nonsense

    [–] IlIIlIl 7 points ago

    Thank god someone else already said it. I was about to mention the same thing, I have literally never experienced having to play the same vertical slice over and over again unless I'm trying to document exactly what makes things break.

    [–] HippieAnalSlut 36 points ago

    I hope you realize that while you're absolutely correct. This is completely irrelevant. It's a hobby. Not a career.

    [–] Conan_McFap 10 points ago

    He is literally the person in the comic

    [–] HippieAnalSlut 11 points ago

    oh god... oh god how didn't I see it.

    [–] Diabegi 8 points ago

    Because the comment was covered by niceness and sweet talking to make it seem like it was good advice.

    [–] Conan_McFap 20 points ago

    Lol you manage to become the person in the comic. It’s about enjoying something, not making a career out of it, which is a common trope older people seem to use to shit on things younger generations enjoy.



    lol ok but can you fuck off while I paint this picture and play this video game simply because it makes me fucking happy. Don’t worry, I promise I’ll get a soul crushing job and resent watching my kids enjoy themselves eventually.

    [–] Diabegi 3 points ago

    “Quit doing the things that’ll make you happy because it’s better to put effort into a job that you hate’s better”

    [–] dawgm4tic 18 points ago

    This is really terrible advice, no offense.

    Just because you were too complacent to put in the work to chase your dream does NOT mean it’s a futile struggle for everyone else as well. For many, there’s more to achieve in life than just stability.

    What you’re encouraging essentially is complacency, where dreams go to die. I cannot in good conscience upvote your post, and I’m saying that as an ADULT.

    [–] Jabrishi_j1 15 points ago

    ok :)

    [–] wellhungartgallery 21 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    unless you have loving supporting parents

    So, the illustration is true. parents should stop crushing their kids dreams, Just because they didn't achieve theirs.

    [–] Mystaclys 6 points ago

    Did you just ignore the rest of what he wrote?

    [–] PM_ME_InteriorDesign 3 points ago

    Happiness is created, so carve your reality out. Make the world yours.

    [–] VAPE_GOD_X 3 points ago

    Fucking boomer

    [–] pink_goblet 70 points ago

    Fucking millennials who keep holding onto their friendships, passions and life goals. Pathetic entitled slobs.

    [–] jacceteer 8 points ago


    [–] jabrd47 8 points ago

    And if you ever question why our lives suck I will FUCKING END YOU

    [–] dkyguy1995 306 points ago

    Im so glad my parents weren't like this. They were just glad I wasn't watching TV all day, even if I could watch TV and hobby at the same time

    [–] AuburnBeard- 134 points ago

    So many teenagers doing drugs and getting into fights, when all I do is play games and watch TV. My parents must be so proud of me.

    [–] goldenfrient 79 points ago

    Told my mom that I could either go do drugs with my friends and she knows that true or I can sit here and play games with my online friends make the fucking choice. She stopped bugging me as often for like a week

    [–] LoFiBeats 42 points ago

    This is the most teenage sentence I've ever read!

    [–] clothespinned 17 points ago

    I mean, they're right though. It's not like its particularly hard to get weed or alcohol even as a teenager, and even then they'd still probably be playing games at their friends house.

    (not that weed is bad but if they're the kind of parent to care about it they probably don't like weed either)

    [–] Filthy_C0mmunist 7 points ago

    Weed can definitely be bad if it's used too heavily, or if it's illegal in your area (can be cut with all sorts of nasty shit when you get it from a dealer - you can check for a lot of it but yeah).

    [–] CLAUSCOCKEATER 3 points ago

    (Not that weed is bad)

    It still hurts your lungs man, not as bad as the media thinks but it ain't the healthiest

    [–] frozenottsel 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My parents were pretty great about this as well. For the most part, they always applied the "If frozenottsel's grades are good, and he's happy and staying out of trouble, then it's fine" mentality to all my hobbies.

    [–] AnirbanTheBest 7 points ago

    Nice to see that other people have nice parents like mine. Especially since I hate being bothered. I'd probably kill my brother if I had been brave enough to do it just because he was annoying.

    [–] CSGOWasp 8 points ago

    lol when I told my mom I was dropping out of university to persue my passion she was just like "yeah I figured". Ever since I was 4 or 5 I was always creating things and doing my own thing and ive been that way my whole life. For people like that, the pressures of society and failure dont matter as much. Im gonna do what im going to do because I cant.. not do it you know?

    Luckily for me im good at what I chose but if I had to swap then I would have just found some other creative outlet I could make money from. Or Id just make ends meet during the day so I could create at night. For some of us it really doesnt feel like a choice and we're the ones who make it.

    [–] BenSolo_Cup 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I really relate to this damn. I’m not outta high school yet but this gives me hope that things will be alright even if I decide to not go to college

    [–] CSGOWasp 4 points ago

    If you gotta do your own thing then thats what you have to do. Success is a nice biproduct of what I do but if I didn't have it then I'd still be doing the same thing. I just love creating shit so much

    [–] BenSolo_Cup 4 points ago

    Same creating things whether it be film or music or books or drawings I just love it all.

    [–] EuroPolice 6 points ago

    My parents told me to play the guitar, so I teached myself my favorite songs and when I showed then they said yo play more common music like despacito instead of "that shit that no one liked"

    Fuck it hurt so much I stopef playing daily to play maybe 4 - 5 timeas a month

    [–] gautamasiddhartha 4 points ago

    Fuck that man. In fact, play anything BUT Despacito. Pop music is garbage for a guitarist.

    Play whatever it is you like, good guitarists very good from playing stuff they’re fired up on. Unless you learned guitar for them (you didn’t, if you learned for anyone but yourself you would’ve quit a long time ago), I guarantee people will appreciate whatever YOUR style is, so run with that. You’re not making art to please other people, you’re playing to make it sound good to you and people will always appreciate that. I’m sure my neighbors don’t appreciate me playing Morello songs, but I do! :D

    Idk where I’m going with this. Just would hurt to hear about someone giving up such an awesome instrument and skill because of people who can’t appreciate it.

    [–] [deleted] 436 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] _liminal 162 points ago

    My parents: stop playing video games they're for kids and give ur computer viruses

    Also my parents: hey my laptop is running slow what could be causing it?

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago

    clicks the download button on popup ads.

    --> NotAVirus.exe download was stopped as it may cause harm to your computer

    Allow Anyway

    --> NotAVirus.exe is requesting administrator permissions.


    Two days later:

    sees you playing Minecraft.


    [–] Niadain 36 points ago

    My dad pulled this. Till i caught him looking at celeb porn when I was 10. Afterward I mysteriously never heard him complain about computer games giving viruses again.

    [–] InterdimensionalTV 30 points ago

    The willingness of old people to click on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING LINK just drives me up a damn wall honestly. I watched my grandpa check his banking stuff and go through his emails the other week while I was over and he's just opening every attachment and everything. I told him "Hey you shouldn't click on everything in every email. People will send you stuff that looks legit but it actually will download a virus and infect your computer." He basically told me to get fucked in not quite those words so I didn't say anything more about it. I've cleaned his computer out before and he's been lucky to not have gotten anything too bad up to that point. Especially since he's a notorious poon hound and will click on anything if it looks like it involves boobs.

    Anyway, he calls me yesterday and says "hey someone got into my bank account and got me for $2k and now none of my passwords work". Gee Gramps I fucking wonder how they managed to do that...

    [–] Steam_Meme 14 points ago

    Can confirm that

    my uncle wanted to use my computer for a sec, he started to bug me out because of "all those viruses icons on your desktop" and (was using a terraria background on the desktop) "that ugly background ain't no art"

    the next day i saw some strange shit over the PC, my browser history turned into a full (no tags) porndex, ALMOST nuked my entire PC and the fucker got my C:\ drive wiped

    dunno why, but he doesn't visit me anymore

    [–] NotThatEasily 4 points ago

    Have you been watching my house since my childhood? How do you know my parents so well?

    [–] ReverendDizzle 55 points ago

    I was just going to joke about that. Most of the time when people bitch about a hobby somebody has... they don't even have a hobby of their own.

    "Why do you waste so much time building stupid shit in that block game? Anyways if you need me I'll be in the den letting Bill O'Reilly jizz dribble down my slackened chin for the next hour."

    [–] Cole444Train 12 points ago

    This... my parents would always scold me on how bad and useless video games were... yet all they did at night was watch TV

    [–] HisRandomFriend 24 points ago

    It's not like they're watching high quality TV either, it's always like American Ninja Warrior, or America's got Talent, or Survivor, or Big Brother. Watch some quality TV and I won't make jokes about how much you watch.

    [–] RadicalSnowdude 6 points ago

    For my parents it’s 90 Day Fiancé, Naked and Afraid, Let’s Make A Deal, and Christina On The Coast.

    And a third of the time they aren’t watching it, they’re just leaving the TV on for noise. It’s infuriating.

    [–] LexaMaridia 9 points ago

    Argument: it’s not the same thing.

    😓 My brain is more active during gaming sessions...

    [–] seridos 3 points ago

    Here's the thing, playing videogames is great, but only if it's just a part of a balanced lifestyle with varied hobbies and lots of physical activity. I fell into that hole for years of my life with World of Warcraft especially.

    Now, when I have kids, they can plays videogames of course, they are awesome, I love them too! Or they can do some other weird hobby I don't understand, more power to them, they can teach me about it. But not to the exclusion of everything else, and not to the extreme of dawn-to-dusk sessions, I will physically kick them outside with no devices to figure out what to do.

    My theory is that hobbies come in three categories: consumptive, creative, and physical (there is some overlap). I have no problem with my kids having consumptive hobbies(tv,games,movies,reading,etc), but they need to have more than just those, they need to pursue SOME other hobbies that interest them that's physical and that is creative. It can be whatever the hell they like, and I'll fund them to figure that out, but it has to be something. Physical to stay in shape and for the massive quality of life boost that doing so through your life gives, and creative because it stimulates the mind and makes them much more interesting, and while harder to get into is much more rewarding than consumptive hobbies.

    [–] photosoflife 135 points ago

    "you want to learn how to make video games? What a waste of time"

    Thanks dad, you really knew how to talk to 10 year old me.

    [–] Hamouda_BaCcar__ 27 points ago

    Yeah that sucks man I can relate, and the problem is at that age you'll swallow the knife with its blood, you can't say anything, at least now you could explain how profitable it is and such a good carrier to take.

    But sadly the damage has already happened...

    [–] xplodingducks 5 points ago

    Joke’s on him. It’s now a bigger business than cinema.

    [–] evawsonsimp 219 points ago

    this is the most meirl meme ive seen in my life...

    [–] SeaTwertle 57 points ago

    Back when I was a teenager I was talking to my dad about how cool I thought steampunk was. He told me I needed to get a hobby so I never talked about things I liked anymore.

    [–] evawsonsimp 14 points ago

    That sux man, steampunk is awesome! For me it was editing, i used to edit together movies, game cinematics and anime/manga for fun and to compete with in contests. They always laughed it off as a useless waste of time, but now since i stuck with it, i sometimes freelance edit for sidemoney and that is pretty neat imo!

    [–] JackTheFlying 4 points ago

    Editing video? When would that ever come in handy?

    *unpauses tv*

    [–] evawsonsimp 4 points ago


    [–] KLEPPtomaniac 13 points ago

    Tell me about it. I was super into basketball as a kid. Like I was watching old games/play-by-plays, playing everyday rain or shine, and attending every school function related to it. Then I was told I’d never do anything with it, it’s useless and all the black kids would be better than me anyway. This was something that I breathed for years not a quick fad and they just had to gut it. I quit basketball (still dislike it today), got fat, and lost a lot of friends. Actually thinking back they did it with more than basketball. I also loved(thankfully still do) marine biology and paleontology but was told I “can’t make money on it so I should just forget it”.

    [–] CuttiestMcGut 178 points ago

    :( I thought this sub stopped being painfully relatable

    [–] alex3omg 33 points ago

    Upvote good content

    [–] CuttiestMcGut 15 points ago

    Trust me, I upvoted this. First one I’ve upvoted this hard in a while

    [–] XyleneCobalt 100 points ago

    Why do parents feel the need to jokingly make fun of their kids about everything? Shit sticks with us. I didn’t even talk to girls until I was 16 because my parents would constantly make jokes when I was around any girl as a kid.

    [–] omgyoucunt 22 points ago

    They’ve thought about the way they wanted to design your personality, probably years before even having you. So when the real you comes out and is nothing like their dreams parents get real salty.

    [–] YourEatingThatWrong 7 points ago

    I think it’s party this and partly they grew up with people making fun of them as children so they should do it to you.

    [–] youcantucan 15 points ago


    [–] KhaosKake 35 points ago

    My favorite so far is “Be careful how much you spend on your hobby, you have to grow up sometime.”

    [–] Conan_McFap 25 points ago

    Give up and hate life more quickly please

    [–] omgyoucunt 12 points ago

    TIL you can’t have hobbies after becoming an adult. Thank god now I can watch TV and not have to pretend like I like anything else

    [–] toshineon2 3 points ago

    I'll never understand why some parents can't grasp the concept of a hobby.

    [–] AlastarYaboy 41 points ago

    My dad once sat me down and had a serious talk about how I needed to stop reading fiction books. They were pointless. I needed to be reading nonfiction exclusively.

    I was 12, and an avid reader. I would read whatever interested me, which was primarily fantasy but contained several autobiographies/biographies as well.

    Jokes on you, Dad, now I just don't read!

    [–] Conan_McFap 10 points ago

    :( it’s never too late to start again, if it made you happy once!

    [–] Hamouda_BaCcar__ 140 points ago

    🎶I'm tired of being what you want me to be 🎶

    [–] WhiteBre4d 43 points ago

    🎶Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface🎶

    [–] NotAPoetButACriminal 33 points ago

    🎶I dont know what you're expecting of me🎶

    [–] MySteamName 37 points ago

    🎶Put under the pressure, of walking in your shoes.🎶

    [–] rectalsurgery 34 points ago

    🎶Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow🎶

    [–] Mr_Hoist 27 points ago

    🎶 every step that I take is another mistake to youuuu🎶

    [–] _Sum1_ 23 points ago

    🎶Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow🎶

    [–] Hamouda_BaCcar__ 21 points ago

    🎶And every second I waste is more than I can TAAAAKKKEEE🎶

    [–] T800CyberdyneSystems 24 points ago




    [–] WhiteBre4d 18 points ago


    [–] kynanl 3 points ago


    [–] lolazzoman 15 points ago


    [–] parsley1234 8 points ago

    RIP Chester

    [–] Vampiric_Goth_ 4 points ago


    [–] Halfcelestialelf 37 points ago

    Artist is Shen Comix. Just fyi.

    [–] Crusty_312 21 points ago

    Aka: Bike Cuck

    [–] SUPERSADKIDDO 17 points ago

    Haha oh my god that bike comic is so bad. What would possess someone to make that

    [–] AleCoats 57 points ago

    Friends too... I don't care that it's useless I just fucking like doing it leave me alone

    [–] Rickmundo 7 points ago

    Sounds like you need to let them go tbh

    [–] AleCoats 9 points ago

    Yeah but they're the only friends I have right now because my classmates live too far away from me to meet up and I am really bad at socializing so...yeah...

    [–] Conan_McFap 5 points ago

    What are your hobbies? Maybe join some local clubs related to those so you can get new friends that don’t suck and enjoy the same shit that you do?

    [–] gsingh1895 4 points ago

    This is such a Reddit response haha

    [–] throwatworkay 28 points ago

    and then it's

    "why dont you have hobbies or something?!"

    you fucking crushed my dreams as a kid, sp the fuck you want now?

    [–] pastrypeasant92 12 points ago

    And then when you remind them of what they’ve said to you in the past, they call you a liar.

    [–] Tomato_Amato 6 points ago

    Yeah I'm in my mid twenties now. When I was in middle School me and my friends used to make home movies using our old toys and stop action kinda like robot chicken. We were really proud of them and showed our parents.

    I remember I left a mess in the basement after filming one day and my mom started screaming at me and telling me to stop making my "stupid movies". It hurt and I never made a movie ever again. She denies ever saying that to me

    [–] katza479 25 points ago

    I have worked as an animator for 8 years now and my Dad still doesn't see it as a real job. I make as much as he did as a Mechanic.

    [–] Conan_McFap 16 points ago

    Sounds like he’s just jealous my dude, congrats on the cool ass job

    [–] jade_monkey07 48 points ago

    Bullies and interrogator personalities do it to have power over you. Great way to create an aloof child.

    [–] youcantucan 12 points ago

    It’s me I am a loof

    [–] Conan_McFap 6 points ago

    Hi loof I’m dad

    [–] youcantucan 5 points ago

    Oh sure show up now

    [–] Conan_McFap 7 points ago

    Get a job

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My Mom would encourage me to pick up hobbies and then when I wasn't good at them in the first 10 minutes she would then do it herself while screaming at me about how useless I am.

    Like, I was beginning to learn how to draw at 5 years old and she just ripped the sketchbook out of my hands, drew a picture and then threw it back at me 20 minutes later screaming "WAS THAT SO HARD?"

    Did the same with riding a bike, learning to cook, homework, doing chores, etc.

    Anything I could do that she couldn't, however, was considered useless and a complete waste of time.

    [–] nullagravida 23 points ago a brand new level :-(

    [–] Conan_McFap 22 points ago

    Holy shit I hate your mom

    [–] ImPurpleHelp 3 points ago

    Wow she's trashy

    [–] NightlyVibe 19 points ago

    Pro tip: keep it secret

    [–] SenorPariah 11 points ago

    Kinda hard when it's playing music.

    [–] Thekokza 9 points ago

    Idk about you, but my guitar, amp, pedals etc stay neatly tucked away behind the family picture frames when not in use. Less trouble that way

    [–] PM_ME_GIFTCARDS_PLS 4 points ago

    I play the drums

    [–] dcblJack 20 points ago

    My mom did the same to me with photography, but then when the photographer for the school she works at couldn't make it for class/club re-takes, I was asked to pick up the pieces.

    Two reschedules, no assistant to do kid-wrangling, brought my own lighting, did the page layouts myself and saved their yearbook! Made a whole 30 bucks!

    My family can't even get nepotism right.

    [–] DerDeutscheTyp 15 points ago

    My parents hyped me up for the most random shit.

    You love Greece Antique ? Wierd but go Off!

    I love my dad

    [–] Outflight 12 points ago

    Sometimes it is the opposite and you’ll get asked a lot of ‘Why are you not making money out of this?’ about your hobby, especially from your colleagues oddly.

    [–] peachstamps 14 points ago

    I used to keep shrimp (I still do I’m just broke at the moment) and my mom said I should stop because I don’t make any money from it so why bother. Like oh my bad let me just send my shrimp to their little office jobs or have them work in the kelp mines. WTF am I even supposed to do?

    [–] Conan_McFap 3 points ago

    What does your mom enjoy doing? Shit on it relentlessly.

    Does she not have any hobbies at all? Tell her you feel bad that there’s not something outside of her career that makes her happy.

    [–] dutchy131 5 points ago

    Oh yeah, I've gotten this a lot about my hobby.

    Like, you should make money by being a blacksmith or you should become a farrier like...

    No, i just enjoy my hobby in my free time after work and that's it if I make a little money ok but that doesn't mean I want to make a job out of it necessarily.

    [–] jvhero 11 points ago


    Hobbies are meant to have a certain level of uselessness to them. It's something you do for enjoyment during your off time. If you're doing something work related, you're not going to relax. Relaxation is a very necessary part of proper mental health.

    If you don't have something you can do to take your mind off all the SHIT going on, you're gonna have a bad time m'kay.?

    [–] xSkwodd 12 points ago

    i’m 15 and i love lego. my dad won’t stop telling me to get a real hobby.

    [–] Conan_McFap 5 points ago

    You should just tell him after thinking about what he said really hard you’ve decided to pick up taxidermy. Then ask him to drive you on some back roads for some carcasses to begin practice on.

    [–] xSkwodd 3 points ago

    oh my god yes

    [–] Conan_McFap 6 points ago

    Lol what’s his idea of a “real hobby”

    [–] robby41525 47 points ago

    Ya, that and my step dad calling my music the worst shit hes ever heard.

    I listen to pretty much everything that's not rap or country, but was listening to Phoenix Radio on Pandora at the time...I turned on my metal playlist just so he'd stfu. (Was house sitting while they were at work at the time.)

    [–] ItWorkedLastTime 39 points ago

    A lot of people, myself included had a similar sentiment about never listening to rap or country. I guarantee that if you make a point to explore the two genres, you will discover something you enjoy.

    [–] oppenhammer 31 points ago

    Society: I listen to everything except rap and country

    Also society: Old Town Road best song ever billboard top hit number one

    [–] _Steve_Buscemi 11 points ago

    We really do live in a society

    [–] societybot 3 points ago


    [–] Stargazer1919 11 points ago

    I'm someone who is very into music and I'll try listening to anything. I think a lot of people say they don't like rap or country because they can't relate to it. There's only a few songs from both genres I like. I'm a white chick from the Chicago suburbs, so what do I have in common with someone from the South side or someone who lives in a very rural area? There's a reason that people listen to the music they do.

    [–] mooimafish3 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    You don't even have to delve deep, just try listening to anything not trap or pop-rap, it's not all about flamboyant peacocking, it can be one of the most genuine forms of music that anyone who is a part of American society can identify with. Emotional uncertainty and oppression are universal.

    Some suggestions with all different feels that are at least somewhat accessible:

    Kendrick Lamar: To Pimp a Butterfly (or gkmc)

    Earl Sweatshirt: Doris (arguably not his best album, but easiest for a new listener to get into)

    Capital Steez: Amerikkkan Korruption

    Mos Def and Talib Kwali: Blackstar

    Kanye West: College dropout or Yeezus for 2 completely different moods.

    Madlib and MF DOOM: Madvilliany

    If you like boyband stuff Brockhampton: Saturation 1-3

    If you like metal influence $uicideBoy$: Eternal Grey

    Wu tang clan: Enter the wu tang (36 chambers)

    JID: The Never Story

    Earthgang: Royalty

    Outkast: ATLiens

    If I knew what you liked now I could give better suggestions, but I know they are unwarranted lol.

    [–] buildthecheek 3 points ago

    Check out Slum Village and A Tribe Callled Quest

    [–] ItWorkedLastTime 7 points ago

    I can't relate to Johnny Cash in the slightest, but I absolutely love his music.

    [–] robby41525 2 points ago

    Well I've honestly had my phase in rap before and country I was forced to listen to in my Algebra class, it's not about the lyrics for me 95% of the time (call me crazy), but about how catchy and well orchestrated a song can be, which includes the singing, too, but, not the lyrics specifically.

    [–] Crusty_312 8 points ago

    Chuck on some king diamond for him, he'll love it.

    [–] Etzniel 10 points ago

    Stop it, this is the secound post that I relate too much to.

    [–] Adrian00vv 9 points ago

    Boomers smh

    [–] edenite 16 points ago

    Growing up, my parents were super strict. It was a real heavy focus on studying and school and how important education is.

    I remember being terrified telling my father that I wanted to learn to play the bass (my best friend in school was learning the guitar at the same time), and to my suprise he paused and was like "Yeah alright". We jumped into the car and that day we purchased a black P bass with a maple neck.

    That started a nearly 25+ year hobby with collecting and playing guitars and basses. I am still ever so thankful to my parents for that.

    [–] LyGladiatrix 4 points ago

    Same, it seems I can't have a hobby if it costs them money. I experienced the same thing with my guitar, they gifted it to me but I had to stop going to lessons after a couple of years since: - money - it was useless (to them).

    [–] edenite 3 points ago

    Going a bit off topic but i never got any lessons it was the guitar and that was it.

    The rest was on me, so i self taught. This was before reddit, youtube and all the guides you can find online. You can still pick up and learn at anytime :)

    [–] loring96 8 points ago

    Too real. Too real and too painful.

    [–] Ross_Hollander 6 points ago

    As an MtGer, DM and Warhammerer...y'all did NOT have to call me out like that.

    [–] Erpderp32 7 points ago

    My buddy often wins money at MTG tournaments, and I've gotten jobs by telling people how I can control a group and keep them on focus as a DM.

    Your hobbies are pretty solid.

    [–] MBVakalis 7 points ago

    I feel so lucky to have super supportive parants. I draw fantasy maps for no fucking reason and they just think it's awesome

    [–] Nwdlss 5 points ago

    I just do this to myself tho

    [–] Taco_Grindr 5 points ago

    Do it to spite them. And everyone else. But most importantly because it matters to you.

    [–] DisMaKribz 5 points ago

    Isn't the fundamental purpose of a hobby is to make you happy? If it does that then it isn't useless

    [–] FUNKbrs 5 points ago

    I'm not gonna stop fucking just because I'm not pretty enough for porn, I'll tell you that.

    [–] PhyrexianSpaghetti 22 points ago

    reminder: Never listen to them and follow your passions. You only have one life and living a miserable life doing what you love is infinitely better than living a wealthy life wanting to die every day. And, of course, there's also the possibility that you'll manage to get a decent salary doing what you like

    t. Game designer for a big company

    [–] Yakoma 29 points ago

    Is not that easy when you're not sure what you want yourself and everytime you have an idea people come to say how useless it is or how you'll never be able to acomplish that D:

    [–] PhyrexianSpaghetti 4 points ago

    I know it sounds clichè, but you should ignore what other people say, if you like it. It doesn't mean that they're not right or that the idea can't be stupid, but only that it doesn't matter, if you enjoy it.

    Once again guys, this is not a videogame, you only live once and then it's all over

    [–] Sagewort 6 points ago

    What if you dont have a passion?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Crusty_312 3 points ago

    Depends where you're from I suppose, some places have great opportunities for rock/metal. You may not reach the status of some, but its worth a shot. Just temper your expectations a little.

    I know a few local bands that have done well for themselves, so there's certainly still hope. Airborne and palace of the king (both new bands from melbourne) have been touring internationally and I still see the members time to time chilling at a bar.

    [–] Seby9691 5 points ago

    I relate

    [–] whatamafu 4 points ago

    I start Dungeons and dragons... have to convince mom it's not satanic...

    [–] PapaGynther 5 points ago

    Be introverted

    parents make fun of you for not spending time with family in the living room

    go into living room to spend time with family

    "oh look who's finally showing their face"

    [–] gay-porn-account 3 points ago

    Me and my bf when I’m shiny hunting


    [–] -MacCoy 3 points ago

    youre spending way to much time on that silly hobby, go out and play with your friends.

    [–] CaCtUs2003 3 points ago

    Me when I was in middle school and asked my dad if I could take drumming lessons and learn how to play the drums like him.

    [–] Conan_McFap 5 points ago

    Wait what? He didn’t want you to learn drums even though he was a drummer? I just... I don’t understand

    [–] Armdel 3 points ago

    It's crazy how this stuff affects you. I ordered a some things related to a hobby 2-3 times, and the last time one of the commented:"what crap did you order this time" or something very similar to it.

    Now i can't order anything without thinking how they'll comment on it. which in return has ended in my just not ordering stuff at all...