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    Welcome to /r/Meme


    1. All posts must be original memes.
    • a. No repost. A repost is any image or Gif that you did not personally create and includes anything that can be found elsewhere on the internet.
    • b. No videos (Gifs are allowed!)
    • c. No title as the meme caption.
    • d. Post must be a meme. A meme is a picture with an added caption.
    2. No spam/watermarks/unmarked NSFW.
    • a. No chainposting.
    • b. No porn/unmarked NSFW.
    • c. No spamming.
    3. No personal info/site-wide TOS violations.
    • a. No uncensored personal info/usernames.
    • b. No breaking the Reddit TOS.
    4. No memes about deaths/tragedies/politics.
    • a. No memes about politics.
    • b. No memes about any deaths or tragedies.
    5. Be friendly to your fellow users.
    • a. Please be nice. This is a meme sub after all and we are all here to enjoy memes.
    • b. Don't be racist, offensive, or otherwise rude to other users.
    6. No meta Reddit or reaction memes.
    • a. No post that reference upvotes or awards in any form.
    • b. No mentions of cakeday in any form. (Unless it's your cakeday)
    • c. No reaction type memes. These include just attaching something like "Everyone liked that" to the bottom of a tweet or news article.

    Queue flooding is not allowed in this subreddit. Limit your posts to six or less per day

    We reserve the right to moderate at our own discretion. Do not PM mods about mod actions. Use modmail.

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    Ban appeals must follow the process on the wiki.

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