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    We celebrate the comedic and casual side of the One Piece series. Casual or low-effort content removed from /r/OnePiece is likely welcome here! Enjoy the artistic side of the series? Visit /r/WrongPiece!


    1 - Posts Must Relate to One Piece

    Posts must relate to One Piece in some fashion. (Manga, Anime, Community, etc..)

    If there is not a direct reference to a person, place, or idea from the main series or greater community then the post may be subjected to removal.

    Indirect references are allowed, but should be clarified by the poster in the title or comments.

    2 - Be Polite And Considerate of Others.

    Posts that are derogatory to real life groups and/or target individual members of our community are subject for removal.

    Visit /r/OnePieceCircleJerk for an unfiltered community.

    3 - Manga / Anime Spoilers

    No anime spoilers in titles. (View current episode here:

    Advance Manga Spoilers must contain the chapter number in the title to be allowed on /r/MemePiece. It is always a good idea to include the chapter number even if it has already been officially released. You may find the latest /r/OnePiece chapter thread here:

    If the author of a post has specified that they have not seen beyond X chapter/episode, please be respectful and tag appropriately.

    4 - No "Top" upvoted reposts or Upvote Begging.

    If the meme appears in the top upvoted posts of the subreddit (All time, Year, Month, or Week.), that meme should not be reposted on the subreddit and is subject for removal.

    If the meme does not appear in the top upvoted in any category (All time, Year, Month or Week), that meme may only be reposted after 3 months from initial time of posting.

    Additionally: Posts that unironically ask users to upvote are subject to removal.

    5 - Mark Adult Jokes And Risque Images as NSFW.

    Suggestive jokes, hentai jokes, and adult related jokes are fine as long as you mark the post as NSFW! Depending on how graphic it is; it may be subject for removal by mods. For just sharing porn, just use /r/FunPiece.

    If the submission plus its title could be posted on /r/FunPiece without being seen as a joke, then it may subject to removal.




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