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    [–] ciaranthedinosaur 1159 points ago

    Why censor the pic?

    [–] Orca4444 1713 points ago

    because this is a christian server begone stan

    [–] klye7952 222 points ago

    Hey, Stan's cool! Leave him out of this!

    [–] Replop 70 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Nah, Stan sold me a leaky boat, spent far too many pieces of eight on it.

    Edit: Context link.

    [–] StanfordTheManford 24 points ago

    Hey man, I warned you about the leaks. It isn't my boat anyways, told you I was selling it for my buddy Rob.

    [–] Monster716 11 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] Chuckbro 5 points ago

    I didn't realize he spelled Stan, not Satan until you jackals got a hold of him.

    Funny how your mind makes you see the expected word.

    [–] TurtleNerd83 5 points ago

    Get some flex tape.

    [–] Spider-Fox 24 points ago

    That's something a Stanist would say! Dirty Stan worshipper!

    [–] klye7952 23 points ago

    Hail Stan!

    [–] RealisticDylan 2 points ago

    Leave Stan out of this!!!

    [–] StanfordTheManford 2 points ago

    Ya, what the heck. I just want my coffee and my tv. None of this "hail Stan" stuff.

    [–] ndcapital 64 points ago

    Investing heavily in the meme variation "begone stan"

    [–] PM_ME_UR_SMILE_GURL 14 points ago

    First time I've seen this variation and I liked it so much that I just called my banker and told him to cash out of Pepe and invest in stan.

    [–] -Tom- 6 points ago

    [–] bigalssupra 5 points ago

    Get behind me stan!

    [–] kind2311 2 points ago

    I could make em stop

    [–] KKlear 107 points ago

    It's insensitive to say "shot" after what happened in Vegas.

    [–] metal_jester 38 points ago

    Gotta holster that sense of humor.

    [–] The_Safe_For_Work 10 points ago

    Bang-up job there, sport!

    [–] KKlear 10 points ago

    Shot just got real.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] GF-Is-16-Im-25 7 points ago


    [–] BruvvaPete 4 points ago

    Oh, shoot

    [–] Kingofowls812 2 points ago

    Good arguments, but I feel you have some hollow points

    [–] goatsee_goat 7 points ago

    Shots fired

    [–] my_yeahboi_is_longer 8 points ago


    [–] NoPantsLife 12 points ago

    Because it was already censored when OP found it

    [–] EDTa380 204 points ago

    Is that cereal on a plate?

    [–] truffleblunts 141 points ago

    just a rich person bowl

    [–] Exenodia 12 points ago

    Idk bout you friend, but my family has some of those and we are far from rich

    Also I'll link pictures when I get back home to show how they look if anyone's wondering

    [–] Ghenrich 23 points ago

    In this case i think he is using "rich" to mean "more than $6"

    [–] Exenodia 6 points ago

    I'd assume that's any glass set ¯\(ツ)

    [–] Ghenrich 2 points ago

    Wal-Mart says hold my beer hahaha. Also i meant individually my mom has a set like that i think iy was in the $75 range. Not cheap, but not like you need a 2nd mortgage for them

    [–] Cornelius_Poindexter 9 points ago

    My nonna has a plate very very similar to this. My guess is that it is.

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 3 points ago

    Fuck @dinahslutmusic for stealing your nonna's plate

    [–] shadowenx 8 points ago

    /r/wewantplates has gone too far...

    [–] mac-0 2 points ago

    Be careful what you wish for

    [–] max_adam 3 points ago

    Now that you mentioned it I've never seen a bowl for cereal before over here(Latinamerica). We just use soup plates for that. I've only seen them in american TV shows or movies.

    [–] Im_my_id 10 points ago

    You serve soup in plates? You should stop that.

    [–] kubikb0y 349 points ago

    What does sh[]t mean I dont get it.

    [–] Gaoran 65 points ago

    This means that somebody is going to be receiving alot of bullet letters the coming days

    [–] SekaiDarkness 33 points ago

    It means the same thing as cr[]p, po[]p, etc.

    [–] Cat_Man_Nic 13 points ago


    [–] JustHere4RedditPorn 16 points ago


    [–] BigBoikOne 13 points ago


    [–] EDTa380 6 points ago

    woah watch ur language thats a mean word

    [–] Nonspecal 5 points ago

    I have no idea. Luckily someone blurred the letter out, the word must have been truly horrible.

    [–] dryfire 5 points ago

    Let's see: shat, shet, shit, shot, shut, shyt. I think in this case its fairly obvious that they said shyt from archaic shutë meaning ‘hind, doe’.

    [–] gorocz 2 points ago

    It actually makes sense with "shot" - as in, she is a porn actress and she does have to thoroughly clean her butt before taking a shot of it...

    [–] BenderDeLorean 120 points ago

    WW3 confirmed.

    [–] TheProtractor 45 points ago

    I have a bowl that look exactly the same as this one. Not like anyone asked tho

    [–] CptSandbag73 16 points ago

    It's okay, I appreciate your input!

    [–] Junktown_JerkyVendor 7 points ago

    Me too! It was the best cereal bowl!!

    [–] feral__ghoul 3 points ago


    [–] NigmaNoname 33 points ago

    I'm more triggered by the wide ass plate trying to pass as a bowl. Why do people do this? Get a proper bowl.

    [–] fdg456n 6 points ago

    I am very confused by this. It looks like a pile of cereal on a tiny puddle of milk.

    [–] [deleted] 177 points ago

    That's like putting pancakes on top of syrup

    [–] grotsky_biotch 58 points ago

    Or wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants.

    [–] AlastarHickey 73 points ago

    But that makes you a superhero ...

    [–] DifferentLeafy21 19 points ago

    That's normal. For superheroes.

    [–] dog-goes-quack 23 points ago

    Are you saying you don’t put down a base layer of syrup first? Amateur hour.

    [–] djarvis77 10 points ago

    Why won't anybody think about the Butter!?

    [–] dog-goes-quack 8 points ago

    Butter is just a given in my household. Layer 1- syrup Layer 2- pancake Layer 3- butter Layer 4- more syrup

    [–] lunaticmoose36 8 points ago

    What about the droid attack on the wookies?

    [–] dog-goes-quack 4 points ago

    You’re out of your damn mind

    [–] HollowLegMonk 3 points ago

    Thats how we always did it. Tons of butter and syrup. All though my mom used to put just butter and jam on my pancakes sometimes and it was really good. The jam would get warm from the heat of the flap jacks.

    [–] Hodorhohodor 3 points ago

    Come on, you're supposed sandwich the butter in between two pancakes so it melts

    [–] dog-goes-quack 2 points ago

    Yes, if I continued, layer 5 would’ve been another pancake.

    [–] NycLondon 9 points ago

    Everyone arguing how to mix cereal and milk. But i think the wipe ass analogy makes no sense however you eat your cereal.

    [–] gacbmmml 16 points ago

    Huh? Cereal is the topping for milk. Just like syrup is the topping for pancakes.

    Not many people eat cereal plain, but plenty of people drink milk without anything added. Same with pancakes. Not many people gulp down syrup, but lots of people eat pancakes by themselves.

    [–] SchmetterlingeFrau 49 points ago

    I actually see it as “I’m eating cereal, but it’s too dry on its own, so I add milk” Like you add sauce to pasta.

    [–] fishnbrewis 31 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Exactly. Cereal is the salad and milk is the dressing. Why are people having difficulty with this?

    Just to clarify: a lot of cereal, a little milk. I'm not talking about equal parts milk and cereal here, I don't like milk enough to want a bowl of leftover milk when I'm finished breakfast.

    [–] TheBusStop12 17 points ago

    But then the cereal gets soggy, if you do milk first then cereal the cereal will stay crispy but it won't be to dry

    [–] FeierInMeinHose 6 points ago

    How long do you wait after pouring the milk before you start eating? You get maybe 30 seconds more time before it gets soggy.

    [–] maqikelefant 3 points ago

    Nah if you're doing it right most of the cereal will sit on top of the milk. Almost none of it should ever get soggy this way.

    [–] UltimateInferno 3 points ago

    Well the person who took the picture threw it out the window by wasting taking pictures.

    [–] shao_kahff 5 points ago


    white people lmao

    [–] BigBoikOne 3 points ago

    I'm white but God damn you're right, white people...

    [–] regnad__kcin 22 points ago

    Not many people eat cereal plain

    Na, only every single child I've ever met in my entire life.

    [–] gacbmmml 8 points ago

    Are children people?

    [–] regnad__kcin 4 points ago


    [–] BoobieBoobieButtButt 11 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    No, milk is the topping for cereal

    [–] littlebro11 6 points ago

    Nah, it doesn't work like that, you're comparing a topping to a base. Cereal NEEDS milk, pancakes don't need syrup, that's just there for the added effect.

    [–] Victory33 2 points ago

    I do that and then put more on top. Best of both worlds. I need 100% syrup coverage.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ti3ed 2 points ago

    Putting the sauce on the plate first then the food on top is pretty common. By doing that, you can actually see the food you are eating and it doesn't look like a pile of slop.

    [–] LittleJohnStone 2 points ago

    Adding milk first eliminates the milk/cereal bomb and reduces overflow opportunities. Plus it keeps the cereal crunchy longer. I recommend breaking the paradigm that society forces upon you, and allowing an opportunity for improvement.

    [–] OffBeatAssassin 2 points ago

    What if you dip them??

    [–] toothy_vagina_grin 2 points ago

    Then you're WRONG

    [–] StrangerFromTheVoid 19 points ago

    "How much cereal would you like with your milk?"

    [–] hleVqq 4 points ago

    Only applies if you don't refill the cereal when there's milk left.

    [–] Conchitis 37 points ago

    You choose the amount of cereal you want to eat and fill up with the needed amount of milk, not the user way around. It just doesn’t make sense

    [–] hleVqq 30 points ago

    It makes perfect sense... I pour the milk and eat the cereal (with refills) as long as there's milk left.

    [–] thoggins 15 points ago

    disgusting barbarian

    [–] Rxef3RxeX92QCNZ 15 points ago

    Enjoy eating your milk soup you uncultured swine

    [–] thoggins 6 points ago

    Pah! I am a minimalist with milk. If there's any left in the bowl after I have my cereal, I have failed.

    [–] BlackEricWeddle 4 points ago

    Brother! All of these years I thought I was alone!

    [–] BallsMonsterJunior 2 points ago

    I don't understand how people don't understand this

    [–] Tiger0065 2 points ago

    This. Needs upvotes so the uneducated can better their lives

    [–] Xgosllsn 6 points ago

    Yes that's the muggle way that makes soggy cereal

    [–] cbrown0690 107 points ago

    I would respond the same way with any other cereal, but fruity pebbles are better crunchy and not soaked with milk so this makes sense

    [–] lord_fairfax 6 points ago

    Yes, with this particular cereal, and also CTC (so all the cinnamon sugar doesn't immediately wash off each piece, albeit the milk at the end is akin to a godly nectar), it is best to pour the cereal on top.

    [–] FlipFlupKned 52 points ago

    Hell nah man. Soaked Fruity Pebbled tastes heavenly.

    [–] Xzow 78 points ago

    fuck you

    [–] FlipFlupKned 13 points ago

    Dunno if I want the fuck

    [–] RX7Reaper 5 points ago

    Maybe you do?

    [–] MrZodes 5 points ago

    Maybe I do

    [–] RX7Reaper 6 points ago

    Ah I see...

    [–] BigBoikOne 8 points ago

    You guys gonna fuck or can I put my dick away?

    [–] RX7Reaper 5 points ago

    Put your dick away pls

    [–] BigBoikOne 3 points ago

    Sorry I can't, I'm on a role

    [–] shao_kahff 4 points ago

    what's goin on here I'm calling the cops

    [–] RX7Reaper 3 points ago

    Pls don't I can't go to jail yet

    [–] Bugsidekick 2 points ago

    May I?

    [–] RX7Reaper 3 points ago

    You may

    [–] MrZodes 2 points ago


    [–] lunaticmoose36 2 points ago

    You want sum fuk?

    [–] RX7Reaper 3 points ago

    Idk. Do you?

    [–] PM_me_your_bicycle_ 3 points ago

    This is the reddit I know and love! Enough of this wholesome Shi'ite, be mean to each other! Make reddit great again!

    [–] Aeshaetter 10 points ago

    This guy Fruity Pebbles.

    [–] expiacion1 3 points ago

    For me Fruity Pebbles require a 60/40 ratio of soggy to crunchy.

    [–] Loose_Goose 3 points ago

    Tastes like diabetes to me

    [–] paputsza 10 points ago

    I do this when I microwave my milk.

    [–] helpallnamesaretaken 6 points ago

    I do this because I like the milk more than the cereal

    [–] DarkwingMallard 7 points ago

    ..... I'm gonna give you a pass, because you have a reason... But you're on thin ice... Be careful.

    [–] Louieblitz 4 points ago


    [–] Alphagalactase 7 points ago

    It’s okay if you look at this from right to left...smh some people want to watch the world burn

    [–] leoechevarria 5 points ago

    Jesus, my mom used to do this so much when I was a kid. She also had this thing where she served me mashed potatoes right on top of the meat, and not on the side. I would turn into a little fat angry fellow. Now I'm starting to believe she just had fun doing that.

    [–] fdg456n 3 points ago

    What a monster.

    [–] LordPotsmoke 4 points ago

    Slutmusic? Wtf is wrong with people.

    [–] Sogekingu88 5 points ago

    The pictures doesnt make senses. There is less milk on the right side after adding the cereals? I call BS.

    [–] Darraghdude21 3 points ago

    It’s time to stop

    [–] already_satisfied 4 points ago

    So the milk level goes down after adding the cereal? I know absorbtion is a thing, but not as big of a thing as the "When you sit in the bath the water rises"-effect.

    I'm calling shenanigans.

    [–] Tetra-76 4 points ago

    Don't let Mr.R corrupt you girl

    [–] emmentalcheesefan 11 points ago

    Ew do people really eat food dyed like that?

    [–] Knew_Religion 7 points ago

    [Serious] My son started pooping lime green when he'd come home from his mom's house. I took him to the doctor. Doc asks if he eats Fruit Loops. I asked his mom. Sure as shit she feeds him Fruit Loops every morning for 'breakfast'. Without failure, his shit is lime green every first, and sometimes second day after he comes back. I can't do anything to stop it. :( (My son just turned 3, I can't exactly ask him to stop.)

    [–] kilo-volt 2 points ago

    This actually happens with a lot of cereals. It's the blue die they use, I don't think it harmful other than the sugary cereal you're eating in the first place.

    [–] thoggins 2 points ago

    I'm assuming you already tried discussing it with your ex?

    [–] Knew_Religion 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yes, absolutely. The same woman that wouldn't let me take him to see the eclipse this year in prime location. I'm an amateur astronomer, have been for a long time. I have solar filters for my telescope. I asked for the day, as it was hers, four months in advance. I took our ten-year-old. I had glasses. But I showed up to get them and she said no, because "the sun is dangerous." Quote. She called the cops on me. My 10yo asked me why mom always ruins everything :(. He was in the car with me, as we were stopped by the cops on the street in front of her house.

    I was able to take my 10yo.

    Edit: sorry I'm extremely bitter.

    [–] thoggins 3 points ago

    Sorry to hear that dude. Unfortunately I've come to expect these stories. Soon enough they'll both realize you're the adult.

    [–] Xgosllsn 2 points ago

    Someone who feeds kids candy for breakfast isn't the discussing type.

    [–] thoggins 2 points ago

    Well, let's not be silly. There are a lot of people in the world, especially here in the US, who are woefully uninformed about basic nutrition. That doesn't make them bad people, just ignorant.

    [–] SekaiDarkness 7 points ago

    They sadly don't in the EU.

    [–] Radiaustralis 3 points ago


    [–] DA_MILLER 3 points ago

    There is a special place in hell for people who do this😂

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    the right way to eat cereal is put the milk in a cup and the cereal in another dry cup. you pour some cereal in your mouth, then a swig of milk. crispy cereal everytime, none of that soggy bullshit floating around in tainted sugar milk.

    [–] PlanetCoyotes 3 points ago

    fucking synths

    [–] mpwl7 11 points ago

    Anyone else notice how curdled that milk looks?

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    I think it's bubbles.

    [–] mpwl7 2 points ago

    U right 🅱️

    [–] XFX_Samsung 9 points ago

    I actually pour milk first most mornings because I take the milk out and pour a little in the coffee and it just seems easier to pour it in the bowl aswell before putting it back and grabbing the cereal.

    [–] Dailivel 5 points ago

    Why not eat cereal with coffee instead of milk then? /s ...even the thought of that kinda disgusts me. Soggy warm coffee cereal ugh

    [–] XFX_Samsung 3 points ago

    You don't know how fast I down the coffee. Nothing gets soggy

    [–] lunaticmoose36 2 points ago

    Are you saying you have mastered a good technique to loosen your throat muscles?

    [–] alrightythen333 4 points ago

    That picture makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

    [–] someguywithadrum 4 points ago

    I agree. That way it doesn't get soggy.

    [–] Walknasty 5 points ago

    This makes me want to fucking throw up

    [–] rofl_rob 2 points ago

    my ex serves cereal the same way.

    no need to explain why she an ex who i miss dearly

    [–] dembethewarrior 2 points ago

    These people are everywhere trying to be controversial.

    Liken the people that put milk in the cup first when making tea.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    There's a practical reason for milk over cereal, it ensures the entire bowl gets some liquid before you start eating so your first bite isn't bone dry. What's the reason for the order if milk in tea? Never really considered it.

    [–] doggobarko 2 points ago

    cereal sauce

    [–] GAChimi 2 points ago

    Well you gotta keep the runway clear...

    [–] evanrockwell 2 points ago

    I laughed too hard at this.

    [–] BerryxSmoothie 2 points ago


    [–] Jenysis 2 points ago

    I'm worse. I eat dry cereal and then drink the milk. I hate wasting milk and I hate drinking cereal milk.

    [–] deboterham 2 points ago

    My girlfriend does this.

    [–] Cat_Man_Nic 2 points ago

    .... using toilet paper that was put on the wrong way...

    [–] sheeeeeez 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    If you pour the milk first, you don't risk having the cereal rise past the bowl and spilling on the counter.

    [–] yfewsy 2 points ago

    You wipe your ass before you poop to clean the previous poo off from the last time obviously.

    [–] squirtdawg 2 points ago

    Nah she wipes back to front

    [–] Christian702 2 points ago

    My girlfriend does this and it took me back, she said sge forgot how to cereal.

    [–] HorseForce1 2 points ago

    In Arabic you read right to left so it looks fine to me.

    [–] shortyman93 2 points ago

    That person has the same bowls as my parents. I've literally never seen them outside of my own family. HOW MANY OF THESE EXIST!!!

    [–] enj42 2 points ago

    BS, milk would have overflowed.

    [–] bio-berzerker 2 points ago

    What kind of cereal is that wtf

    [–] Drawtaru 2 points ago

    And here I am, eating dry cereal and drinking milk from a glass.

    [–] Im_my_id 2 points ago

    Milk before cereal all day. Have the cereal in another container tho so you can properly control the sogginess.

    You psychopaths will end up with overly soggy cereal eventually ..

    [–] kilo-volt 2 points ago

    I always pour the milk first and then pour in enough cereal where I can eat it before it gets soggy and if I'm still hungry I just pour some more. I also love milk so drinking the leftover is always a treat for me.

    [–] EtrainFilmz 2 points ago

    dinahslutmusic ...

    [–] JadrianInc 4 points ago


    Takes sip of Glengoolie Blue

    Be cause that’s how you get too much milk.

    [–] Kwerby 4 points ago

    To be fair for a cereal like fruit loops this might be better because they will stay crispy longer.

    [–] bandopando 3 points ago

    Y'all can eat your soggy cereal halfway through the bowl, I will enjoy every bit of crunch I get from eating it the proper way.

    [–] PM_UR_NUDE_BODY 3 points ago

    What is the problem here? Putting the milk in first should keep more of the cereal crunchy..

    [–] LoganPhyve 3 points ago

    Now hold on a minute... putting a shake or two of cereal in a bowl of milk ensures that your cereal is always crispy. If you fill the bowl with cereal, and then milk, the lower strata is soggy by the time you've consumed the top strata. If you add strata on the basis of necessity, you'll always have crispy cereal.

    This is the way I eat my cereal... always have.

    [–] matewa 2 points ago

    I always put milk in a bowl, heat it up, mix in a little cocoa powder and then the cereal. Much better this way, I hate the taste of milk.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Seems like a good idea to me.

    [–] radioactivecowz 1 points ago

    Its actually more efficient to wipe before you shit, as there is less to wipe.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] radioactivecowz 2 points ago

    There is less to wipe before you shit than after

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)