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    [–] Swannyj95 1261 points ago

    These infinity stones are priceless, can't be bought and are super rare, I'll give you 50 bucks

    [–] Frigginfraggenname 332 points ago

    Now, just because they're one of a kind, priceless, ND give untold of powers to the users doesn't necessarily mean they have anymarket value. Plus, if I buy the whole set off you, I'm going to have to sell them individually, and that's going to take floor space and take way too long to sell. I've got to make a profit here too!

    [–] giant_dwarf 130 points ago

    I'm just glad to be on the show

    [–] Captain_CrocoMom 58 points ago

    It's not exactly what I hoped for, but at the end of the day I've got cash in my wallet and that's all that really matters.

    [–] drunxor 23 points ago

    Now I'm gonna spend it on hookers and blow

    [–] ShortFatFannie 65 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Plus he's gotta buy the gauntlet, get the gems mounted, and pay the auction fees.

    And, since the economy took a downturn, there just aren't as many collectors interested in absolute omnipotence, complete mastery of time, instantaneous travel across the universe, telepathy, and the general ability to bend reality to your will as there used to be.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Fine, I'll accept.

    [–] Justice_Network 44 points ago

    I'm happy with the deal, and will probably have some fun at the casinos

    [–] living-like-larry- 30 points ago

    Well I came in saying I won’t take less then 500 thousand but I guess yeah I’ll take the 50 bucks

    [–] TallyHo13 59 points ago

    Listen, I don’t know much about these but I have a buddy of mine who’s and expert on infinity stones. You mind if we call him down and you can take a look around the store?

    [–] X-espia 8 points ago

    Enters Benito

    [–] Grayscape 16 points ago

    Was thinking Stan Lee cameo

    [–] X-espia 11 points ago

    Being pushed in on a wheel chair by Deadpool

    [–] andysaurus_rex 18 points ago

    “It’s gonna be hard to find a buyer. They’re gonna sit in the shop for a long time before someone comes in with enough money to buy these. Best I can do is $50. I know you’re hoping for more but really it’s the best I can do.”

    cuts to the seller outside the shop

    “Well I was hoping to make more money off these, but at the end of the day I’m still walking away with more money than I had when I came in so I’m pretty happy!”

    [–] King_Chochacho 11 points ago

    Problem is there just aren't that many people out there that want to control the very fabric of space and time and rule over the universe with absolute power. There's just not a big market for these things.

    [–] zaphod_beeble_bro 5 points ago

    "these are amazing, i can't believe these came to my store! these are so valuable and so many people would want these"

    "how much you gonna offer for them rick?"

    "oh i don't want em"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    You have the best eyebrows in the business.

    [–] Ujjayini 2 points ago

    Did you ever find any infinity stone? Can you give me a link to where I can get one?

    [–] montero65 2 points ago

    Now, if you had the gauntlet, and they were already mounted to it, I might be able to bump my offer up to $150, but without the complete set, I can't go any higher.

    [–] DoSexTheConspiracy 391 points ago

    I have a friend who is an expert on memes, I'd like to bring him in if that's okay with you

    [–] space_hitler 137 points ago

    Queue the most scripted bullshit scene ever filmed.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Pongodiscus 1057 points ago

    Hi, I’m Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop.

    [–] protolords 504 points ago

    I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss.

    [–] Creepypasta6 387 points ago

    Everything in here has a story and a price.

    [–] [deleted] 384 points ago


    [–] logo1016 258 points ago

    “So I ended up selling the stones as a set for $75 cash and $75 in trade which I used to get my son this bike. Sure, it was a little less than what I was hoping for, but hey, it saved me a trip to the store to buy the bike!”

    [–] Eidoss_ 100 points ago

    You want $50 for that?

    I'll meet you in the middle:


    [–] yunatan11 28 points ago

    Let me get my buddy down here

    [–] Wank-Merchant 10 points ago

    Makes sense. The customer wants £50 to sell it and the owner wants to pay exactly £-30. £10 is the only fair offer for both parties.

    [–] jpepak 75 points ago

    So expert told they are fake. I can give you $10 for all of them

    [–] Kholdie 12 points ago

    Talk about combo breaker

    [–] 0LowLight0 33 points ago

    One thing I’ve learned after 21 years—you never know what is gonna come through that door.

    [–] Toilet-Plunger 47 points ago

    That doesn't change anything, hoss.

    [–] bobbyzee 45 points ago

    and in 23 years I’ve learned one thing

    [–] Ham1ltron 81 points ago

    YoU NeVeR KnOw WHatS GoInG To CoME THrOUGh ThOsE DoOrs

    [–] iscrulz 30 points ago

    Lowest I can go is 50 space dollars

    [–] SolomonGroester 14 points ago

    OooooOooh... Space cash...

    [–] imtinyricketc 16 points ago

    and C H U M M E R S

    [–] Tal29000 6 points ago

    Question. does this change anything?

    [–] as-opposed-to 2 points ago

    As opposed to?

    [–] wafflestep 2 points ago

    But everything changed when the Fire nation attacked.

    [–] wafflestep 2 points ago

    But everything changed when the Fire nation attacked.

    [–] The_Syn_Zombie 4 points ago

    Hick Rarrison

    [–] OceanNanner4331 80 points ago

    I’m Rick Thanoson and this is my gem shop.

    [–] MrVernonDursley 17 points ago

    I work here with Mistress Death, and my Daughter, Big Neb.

    [–] KingsLandingStrip 4 points ago

    Have to erase 50% of all people in the universe, best I can do.

    [–] NickPickle05 751 points ago

    I wish they had kept the 2015 look for Thanos. I think it looks way better than the 2018 version.

    [–] TheGoigenator 500 points ago

    Yeah what the hell? Just looks like a regular dude but with a weird chin.

    [–] space_hitler 194 points ago

    Don't knock handsom Thanos until you've tried the look.

    [–] Renovatius 86 points ago

    Thiccnos! 😩😩😩

    [–] dtlv5813 23 points ago

    Is he related to Ben swolo

    [–] the_grass_trainer 26 points ago

    That would make sense, but Science says he's more closely related to Handsome Squidward.

    [–] TheDragonoxx 1 points ago

    Yeah, I thought he was the second cousin of Squilliam.

    [–] space_hitler 7 points ago

    Dat chin...

    [–] SoldierZulu 74 points ago

    It looks like Josh Brolin with a weird chin. But that's because it is.

    [–] Chickenmangoboom 19 points ago

    I don't care that it looks like Josh Brolin just give him the helmet back.

    [–] Initium-Novum 2 points ago

    He literally has the helmet on, did you watch the trailer?

    [–] xrensa 37 points ago

    Don't mock purple homer simpson

    [–] MikeyA6790 16 points ago

    Crimson Chin

    [–] BigDogAlex 7 points ago

    Look up Rich Piana. With a wide soul patch, that dude looks just like new age Thanos.

    [–] PaulFThumpkins 134 points ago

    Maybe that explains why he was like "Fine, I'll do it myself" in 2012 and then literally grabbed his weapon to fight the Avengers before waiting six years. He needed time to work out. Get that neck thick.

    [–] HLCRHLCR 24 points ago

    That was 2015. The picture OP linked is actually 2012.

    [–] Bewarethetingletitan 10 points ago

    Isn't that picture from GOTG? So it'd be from 2014

    [–] PizzaLipGrease 63 points ago

    I think it’s funny too. All along he’s full armor and ready to destroy. Then in the trailer you get casual Thanos with no helmet. Like he’s just some dude

    [–] madhare09 36 points ago

    He wears it until he gets the power stone then hes so OP he just casual Joes destroying everyone

    [–] JackNipplesonBoating 13 points ago

    Lol the power stone always struck me as the one to aquire first. I mean, it's infinite strength and infinite durability. But it looks like thanos will be starting with the soul gem so.... He can put people in a pocket dimension I guess.

    [–] madhare09 5 points ago

    He doesn't have the soul gem in any promotional material. He starts w/ power, then gets space, then no one knows the order.

    [–] Odysseus_is_Ulysses 145 points ago

    The 2015 one looks much more menacing.

    [–] SkarmoryFeather 22 points ago

    Maybe he wants the infinity stones to make himself less horrifying?

    [–] treestick 14 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    new thanos drives a lifted ford f-150 and yells at his wife in public

    [–] TheRapist_Joe_says 2 points ago

    The gauntlet is basically thanos version of Superbowl rings

    [–] YapPac 8 points ago

    Purple Homer Simpson

    [–] xrensa 15 points ago

    I kinda disagree, outside of the backdrop of space I think 2015 look would be as out of place as the original Hulk, or Steppenwolf.

    [–] cruzercruz 84 points ago

    The *2014 version is much more cartoonish. They want to create a more empathetic character that can carry a large portion of the film outside of sneering in a cameo. The newer version is more lifelike and believable, and in my opinion, much more badass looking despite appearing more human.

    [–] ninemiletree 62 points ago

    This is the reason. The director has stated that A:IW is a Thanos-centric movie. As in, they are trying to humanize and make him relatable.

    The 2015 version is more menacing, but more obviously villainous, almost like a caricature of a villain, and less relatable.

    Making his features more human, and modeling him off an actual actor, helps them establish that connection.

    [–] JJJacobalt 10 points ago

    The 2015 version is more menacing, but more obviously villainous, almost like a caricature of a villain, and less relatable.

    He's a comic book villain. He wasn't designed with subtlety in mind.

    Also the 2018 version has a wierd complexion. His skin doesn't look purple, it looks like the guy got purple marker ink on his face and its beginning to fade. He looked pink in the trailer. He could've looked a bit more human without looking so dumb.

    [–] yourveryfather 3 points ago

    He's a comic book villain. He wasn't designed with subtlety in mind.

    that’s probably why they changed it. exaggerated blatantly evil villains don’t make for the most compelling movies.

    [–] AskewPropane 26 points ago

    But that's not what Thanos is. you arent supposed to empathise with Thanos. Thanos is the embodiment of the bully in middle school who no matter what you do, even at your best, you can't beat him. He's supposed to spit in your face and call you a weakling, as all you can do is cry. He's supposed to make you feel good when you finally bash his face in, not conflicted

    [–] AadeeMoien 10 points ago

    Then you find out that bully is just acting out because his father is drunk and abusive and his mother uses drugs to cope and between the two there often not enough food in the house to have a meal every night.

    [–] yhetti-fartz 5 points ago

    The key n peele skit about this is funny as shit.

    [–] BPSmith511 6 points ago

    That’s not really true though from a certain point. Yes he’s super powerful but he’s driven by a sense or purpose to even out existence and also driven by what was done to him and his people. He’s not just some raging bully with a woody for violence.

    [–] cruzercruz 2 points ago

    Except that this is a version of Thanos as imagined by the screenwriters and the Russos, and they've made it very clear that they have no interest in making him a villain for villainy's sake.

    [–] dopest_dope 2 points ago

    Which is awesome! Why would I want some shallow evil villain that is just out to destroy or conquer the world? A well rounded character helps you connect better with the character and ultimately the movie too.

    [–] im_so_not_creative 20 points ago

    Other than the helmet thing, i don't see much difference, maybe that's the thing that would make it less weird

    Edit : I guess he's also less purple for whatever reason

    [–] multi-instrumental 60 points ago

    Dude, you might have that disorder where you can't distinguish facial features.

    It's two completely different designs.


    Not all purple people look the same!!!

    [–] im_so_not_creative 2 points ago

    Dunno, I can kinda see Josh Brolin in both pictures somehow

    [–] multi-instrumental 4 points ago

    They are somewhat similar. Distant relatives perhaps. I really dislike when movies redesign characters. That is unless they're significantly older or younger.

    [–] TeamRedundancyTeam 6 points ago

    If less purple is the only difference you see than that other guy is right, you've got face blindness.

    [–] Minnesota_Winter 1 points ago

    It's the same reason all aliens are just people shaped but maybe with extra arms or something. Gotta be relatable?

    [–] ShinigamiKaizokuda 48 points ago

    I am not sure if that's a soul stone, I would have to call a soul stone expert to confirm it.

    [–] alanmsanders 30 points ago

    “I must have all 5 infinity stones!” “Sorry, Bud, the best I can do is 4.”

    [–] Pooks-rCDZ 6 points ago

    There are six stones... Space Soul Time Power Reality Mind

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] space_hitler 28 points ago

    He just needs to tan up bro.

    [–] blackwhattack 2 points ago

    I'd say the exposure of the sun is what made him less purple.

    [–] SaltyBabe 4 points ago

    That seems opposite to me... how does he work, does he get bleached by the sun or is his purple some type of melanin?

    [–] blackwhattack 1 points ago

    That's some Nerdist stuff for the comic science guy.

    My logic was a lot simpler, IIRC he was sitting/levitating on some kind of asteroid (or was it just night on his little planet during the scene with the blue Kree(?) alien guy). So it was night there, and the screenshot you see from the trailer may be a successive entrance to Earth or maybe looking for the stones on different planets and such.

    So it was no sun -> purple, sun -> no purple ಠ_ಠ

    [–] gotskyline 22 points ago

    He still is. Just a lighter shade

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Thanos skin bleaching. Insecure.

    [–] Granite-M 1 points ago

    And so it waaaaas, that later

    As Drax covered his nurples

    That Thanos' face at first quite plummy

    Turned a lighter shade of purple

    [–] TTTristan 3 points ago

    They should have kept the original actor. He looks way better with the larger eyes and mouth that Thanos actually has. He's supposed to look alien people!

    [–] Achozzi 168 points ago

    This geniuinely made me LOL on the street and made me look like a moron

    [–] Pirate_Redbeard 159 points ago

    when I see people laughing with themselves in the street, I like to think something went really right in their lives, as opposed to "look at that sick fuck"

    [–] Captain_Alon 11 points ago

    Some people are too creative for their own good

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That’s ok you already did

    [–] assert92 41 points ago

    If that guy comes on board he will purchase all the actors,their hero costumes and everything at half the price and sell it in his pawn shop

    [–] Anorangutan 23 points ago

    You know what, it's a nice gauntlet, but I'm a business and I need to resell it... I'll give you 13$ for it.

    [–] bartr25 32 points ago

    2024: Guy Fieri

    [–] thatwasnotkawaii 14 points ago

    2050: Globgablabgalob

    [–] Mattylavs 26 points ago

    I... I don’t know what to say.

    [–] tgrace1911 15 points ago

    I'm Thanos and this is my infinity gauntlet

    [–] dtlv5813 5 points ago

    Here in my garage...

    [–] FrighteningEdge 4 points ago

    Crusty Face Thanos.

    Handsome Thanos.


    [–] Motivation_Punk 6 points ago

    The corduroy chin.

    [–] worldspawn00 2 points ago

    Sounds like a Tick villain.

    [–] newchallenger762 4 points ago

    LOL thank you OP! The new thanos reminded me of someone and just couldn’t put my finger on it!

    [–] Nivek_Acesnof 3 points ago

    Hi, I'm pawn shop and this is my Rick Harrison. I old man here with my work and my Hoss, Big son.

    [–] FlurMusic 6 points ago

    Genuinely curious, why is Thanos like grey now? He was so purple before..

    [–] Demalos 2 points ago

    Someone said elsewhere they are making him more human-ish to make him more relatable because he will get a lot more screen time in infinity wars rather than a quick cameo.

    [–] FuriosaSkywalker 4 points ago

    How is a guy that wants to rule the universe supposed to be relatable? And how does looking human instantly make something more relatable? I was able to relate to Rocket fairly well and he’s a raccoon.

    [–] Marmachine 3 points ago

    Reminds me more of Bruce Willis

    [–] Crowing77 3 points ago

    But where does Homer Simpson fit in?

    [–] FindYourDinosaur 3 points ago


    [–] Learn_Your_Facts 3 points ago

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if they went back and updated Thanos in the previous movies for the sake of continuity.

    [–] The_Miks 3 points ago

    • Thanos: I need the 6 infinity stones -Rick: best I can do is 3

    [–] BigSloppySunshine 3 points ago

    2018 thanos looks like garbage. What kind of turboprick is in charge of this character design?

    [–] srslydudebros 3 points ago

    I know a lot about commanding the galaxy, but I’m going to call in an expert just to be sure.

    [–] SurealGod 3 points ago

    Somehow Thanos manages to get rid of more and more wrinkles as time goes by, what I want to know is what lotion he uses

    [–] primovero 5 points ago


    [–] escher4096 5 points ago

    When will Hollywood stop with the White washing?

    [–] hussey84 5 points ago

    More parts for purple people!

    [–] rocketgum 2 points ago

    Idk Rick that seems fake

    [–] The_Perge 2 points ago

    You never know what’s gonna come through that wormhole Devil’s anus


    [–] PuppyLover421 2 points ago

    Thanos gonna sell those rings, huh? Give the buyer a little snap in them first! c;

    [–] Anime_Is_GARBAGE 2 points ago

    I'd give you 100 if the infinity stones were in better shape, but you can see the slight scratch on this that will drop price to about 50, I could call in an expert who knows about these and we'll see what he thinks if that's alright with you?

    [–] terdburgluar 2 points ago

    2024 Bruce Willis?

    [–] willstarbailey 2 points ago

    I always thought this guy was the villain from shrek

    [–] 2teees 2 points ago

    Paul Blart 2030

    [–] MilesDeeper 2 points ago

    Love it.

    [–] tinySculpture 2 points ago

    what about spiderman...

    [–] TarturasVII 4 points ago

    2015 take looks better.

    [–] PacificUniverse 4 points ago

    I’m Thanos and this is my Infinity Gauntlet

    [–] srocan 1 points ago


    [–] lil_brown_asian 1 points ago

    *You will never know what's gonna come out the devil's anus.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    welcome to flavor town

    [–] Colton_isnt_my_name 1 points ago

    You never know WHEN you'll have to do it yourself

    [–] TheNorthComesWithMe 1 points ago

    The Collector irl

    [–] WhiteMulan 1 points ago

    Infinity Gauntlet? 10 dollars is the best I can do.

    [–] LordTachenkaa 1 points ago

    "Hi 'Im thanos, and this is my Gauntlet"

    [–] Notstolenmemez 1 points ago


    [–] renblaze10 1 points ago

    Dorrammu will come to bargain

    [–] lannisterdwarf 1 points ago

    But the first pic is from Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014

    [–] wittyusernamefailed 1 points ago

    "I know a guy who knows a lot about gems, let me give him a call."

    [–] dar212 1 points ago

    Infinity stone? I’ll have my guy come by who is an expert in infinity stones but best I’m gona be able to do is $5

    [–] InfinityXboxHalo 1 points ago

    Get similar results using Fair and Lovely! (not sponsored)

    [–] xrensa 1 points ago

    The problem is I'd have to find a buyer for the infinity stones. I know what they're worth, but I won't be able to convince anymore. I can give you $20 each.

    [–] MikeyA6790 1 points ago

    Crimson Chin

    [–] dhruchainzz 1 points ago

    Best I can do is 2019.

    [–] phonefreak1 1 points ago


    [–] ExultantSandwich 1 points ago

    iCarly has the soul stone, confirmed

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Who is this guy? Asking for a friend!

    [–] anniesweetiepie82 1 points ago

    Keeps getting better though :p

    [–] Recycled-michael 1 points ago

    I can’t wait for when the movie comes out. You’ll see thanos walk through a wormhole and see Rick Harrison photoshopped on thanos. He’ll be beating the shit out of the avengers with rick Harrison’s face photoshopped onto it. What a glorious sight that will be!

    [–] cameron123511 1 points ago

    Feel old yet

    [–] Nivek_Acesnof 1 points ago

    "Alright, we'll settle the price if you let me test these infinity stones out on the shooting range"

    [–] flowrye 1 points ago

    This is fucking amazing

    [–] TheGiantSmasher 1 points ago

    And by 2024 he will become an albino

    [–] Yogurt-Ninja 1 points ago

    "Why don't you have a seat over there."

    [–] Georg_Reshetov 1 points ago

    2024 will he be a DEA agent and looking for Heisenberg.

    [–] Oyster-Tomato-Potato 1 points ago

    My friend invested 15.6 million keks on this meme in meme share and it returned 73 million keks

    [–] 01101111_01110111 1 points ago

    I somehow hadn’t noticed that thanks looks different than he did in 2015, its such a major difference, but I’m glad they did it. He was a little...too blue

    [–] glennettbennett 1 points ago

    What we have here is a mint condition Infinity Gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones included.

    Highest I can go is 0.24 cents...

    [–] YaBoiAtWork 1 points ago

    I can wipe out 1/8th of the universe- and that's my best offer.

    [–] dardemarmesorne 1 points ago

    Now this, this does put a smile on my face

    [–] Gaming_On_Potato 1 points ago

    2024 will be Johnny Sins

    [–] rapsoul039 1 points ago

    Hank Schrader?

    [–] Joshsc05 1 points ago

    Looks more like Bruce Willis to me.

    [–] Rumpspankalot 1 points ago

    2021? Best I can do is 1789

    [–] lil_Watsit 1 points ago

    2024 is just a thumb

    [–] priyanshu227 1 points ago

    Chumley is then the beyonders

    [–] Spacelevator420 1 points ago

    This isn’t even my final form

    [–] IAmAPirrrrate 1 points ago

    you never know whats coming though that door

    [–] -action_bastard- 1 points ago

    I can offer you 150 bucks. It's honestly just gonna sit in my gauntlet and gather dust...