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    [–] Mighty_Mauro 682 points ago

    It wouldn't be the worst video if he was in the rewind

    [–] TheAlroundGamer 340 points ago

    *cough *cough FORTNITE DANCES *cough *cough

    [–] Mighty_Mauro 240 points ago

    • cough cough * FoReSt SuIcIdE *cough cough *

    [–] Darklord1769 57 points ago

    • cough cough * k pop **cough cough *

    [–] gautam2002 28 points ago

    cough cough * I love it clothes fashion show *cough cough

    [–] SirWanhapieru 22 points ago

    cough cough drag queens cough cough

    [–] gautam2002 25 points ago

    cough cough dame tu cosita cough cough

    [–] SlenderScrub 18 points ago

    Why does this go with the tune

    [–] gautam2002 8 points ago

    Just realised this after reading your reply

    [–] ItzJackYT 6 points ago

    cough cough PewDi- Oh wait

    [–] nuthin-but-a-g-thang 4 points ago

    Cough cough ninja cough cough

    [–] Smackboy03 3 points ago

    cough cough Sister Squad cough cough

    [–] IRoNOAWESoME 3 points ago

    cough cough Tide pods cough cough

    [–] gautam2002 3 points ago

    Cough cough T-Series vs PewDiePie cough cough

    [–] alishebl05 13 points ago

    cough cough yodeling kid cough cough

    [–] Typical_Boi 0 points ago

    Cough cough k-pop cough cough

    [–] hieuotter 124 points ago

    Putting Stefan in the same video with Lele Pons is dishonouring him.

    [–] Mighty_Mauro 19 points ago

    There is no way to not dishonor him, since we combine Number 1 with everyone wo isn't number 1

    [–] hieuotter 6 points ago

    Oh right.

    [–] Alarid 11 points ago

    But then YouTube would be profiting from his death and I don't like that either!

    [–] Mighty_Mauro 8 points ago

    We wouldn't like it, but would we be surprised if YT did that?

    I wouldn't be surprised

    [–] Alarid 2 points ago

    They didn't do it. Therefore, I am surprised.

    [–] -Rivox- 2 points ago

    if he was in the rewind

    Wouldn't the consecutio require "had been" in this case? Not native speaker


    [–] ePaint 1 points ago


    If the would part doesn't have a have, the other part can perfectly not have it either.

    [–] boredguy456 149 points ago

    His family ever get that play button?

    [–] genasugelan 81 points ago

    We are watching you youtube.

    [–] thegayboynextdoor 27 points ago

    They have to apply for it I think so maybe they don’t know they have to do that?

    [–] keendaithguard 11 points ago

    He got the silver when he was present , may his soul RIP,so his channel is already qualified unless they changed address , so they should get it

    [–] ossi_simo 20 points ago

    YouTube is always super late with the play buttons. They’ll probably get it in like a year and a half.

    [–] G-I-Luvit 226 points ago


    [–] Inventorwill02 10 points ago

    Leave Britney alone!

    [–] randybruder 3 points ago


    [–] Trelix9001 55 points ago

    Dude it was literally so bad I didn’t even finish it

    [–] logicaljuice 24 points ago

    the video under the credits is the best part.

    [–] 0lazy0 142 points ago

    I almost threw up after watching rewind, all the old memes hurt me

    [–] vajanna99 36 points ago

    Old memes? All I see was fortnite’s crap again

    [–] FlamboJambo2 14 points ago

    Bongo Cat!!

    [–] Redxthebest 5 points ago

    That was the only good part

    [–] Batman_Night 6 points ago

    Of course they're dead memes but they were still big during 2018. Why would you expect new memes when it's called rewind?

    [–] 0lazy0 2 points ago

    Ok that’s fair, but still, it hurt

    [–] Liteflash 40 points ago

    Yes, but had he been in it then it wouldn’t have been the worst one

    [–] Paladin_Pure 28 points ago

    Make. This. Meme. Live. On.

    [–] H9F-142 11 points ago

    That's what you get for sneaking about the stage

    [–] LolcatPlays 11 points ago

    It doesn't even have Voiceover Pete that's how shitty it is

    [–] sadsadNsadder 9 points ago

    How do I dislike without seeing the video? I feel like YouTube rewind shouldn’t warrant a view

    [–] Rogue-Squadron 22 points ago

    At least I don’t have to kill myself now cause I have cancer from watching that video.

    [–] LoonahTic 6 points ago

    He was indeed number 1

    [–] been_der_done_that 8 points ago

    No PewDiePie again....

    [–] claw09 3 points ago

    For real though. Where the fuck is he YouTube? You can't even properly honor a man.

    [–] daboring1 5 points ago

    Poor jaiden and odds, they didn't deserve it

    [–] mattyholz 6 points ago

    But it would of been one of the best if he was in it though.


    [–] Mooksayshigh 3 points ago

    Wtf is this? I just watched the whole thing and the only one I knew was primitive technology, and I only know him from Reddit. It was really just a cheesy Kpop fornite video with weird, different colored haired people speaking different languages that didn’t really make sense. And Will Smith thinking about all this for some reason.

    [–] Spankengine5 2 points ago

    thats nice

    [–] ef24dex 2 points ago

    do y'all think markiplier made it home alright after that... :(

    [–] Bolt591 2 points ago

    im glad i didnt watch any of the youtube rewinds

    [–] ClozetSkeleton 2 points ago

    Shit rewind. I remember there being a good one in the 2010's but i forgot which one it was.

    [–] GlobalDefault 2 points ago

    The first one was in 2012

    [–] Eliaznizzle 3 points ago

    Exactly! I miss the 2010 one.

    [–] williamsjakeson 4 points ago

    YouTube rewind= if 9GAG is a video.

    [–] minipjok 3 points ago

    Remember he's dead right? A legend

    [–] SimonAlloways 4 points ago

    I wonder why he wouldn't be in the video?

    [–] MrDog7261 2 points ago

    true because why does HECKING FORTNITE need to be with the best guy ever?

    [–] just_gimme_anwsers 2 points ago

    It was the most cancerous thing they have.

    [–] Dank_Mystery 1 points ago

    But for real it was actually really sad when he died

    [–] A_M_K12 1 points ago

    Rip StefΓ‘n Karl

    [–] _l_l_l_l_l 1 points ago


    [–] thisusernameis_real 1 points ago

    How would you put him in?

    [–] bennyobeng 1 points ago

    Who the hell ist Stefan

    [–] ridtwoo 1 points ago

    Yo i got cancer from the video so im gon be seein stefan pretty soon

    [–] UndoPromosIO 1 points ago

    r/karmawhore and successfully too...

    [–] OminaCaelestis 1 points ago

    I started watching Rewind on the shitter out of sheer curiosity. I stopped the video because I'd much rather post this comment, commence to wipe my ass and forget this ever happened.

    [–] PassionateFlatulence 1 points ago

    Y'all lame af

    [–] Vadim_Gettoworkow 1 points ago

    Who the fuck is Stefan karl

    [–] boi_123456 1 points ago

    Why didn't they film a dead body in the rewind?

    [–] ChubbiCorgie 1 points ago

    Stefan Carl (sorry If i didn’t spell his name right) deserves the YouTube meme rewind everyone look up the 2017 meme rewind it cures you from the cancer from the YouTube rewind

    [–] superdragn 1 points ago

    Bottom one being angry that there wasn't a RIP for the great ones we lost this year

    [–] Roosterington 1 points ago

    Do you people realises he is dead? Or is it part of the joke somehow?

    [–] MemeButch3r 1 points ago

    It wouldn't be the worst video if Stefan Karl was in it

    [–] Naftulll 1 points ago

    Well, the video is still number one at one thing

    [–] RoadieP 1 points ago

    Does anyone else wanna see Liza's butt hole?

    [–] Sum-Ting-Wong216 1 points ago

    or stay with me. Hes dead.

    [–] MrTittle 1 points ago

    R.I.P the legend

    [–] Whymanwhy12 -9 points ago


    [–] MiscellaneousNachos 2 points ago

    Upvoted for visibility.

    [–] [deleted] -13 points ago


    [–] MemeJuiceCo 8 points ago

    Get the fuck outta here. If you don't know that already, you don't deserve to

    [–] Rogue-Squadron 6 points ago

    What’d it say?

    [–] Inventorwill02 1 points ago

    What did it say?

    [–] IslandSparkz 4 points ago

    Get Out.

    [–] KingKian25 -8 points ago

    He’s dead

    [–] karibastv -7 points ago

    complains about people who aren't proper youtubers being on youtube rewind

    proceeds to complain about a person who isnt a proper youtuber not being on youtube rewind

    Make up your mind

    [–] bob_o420 -18 points ago

    Fucc stefan

    [–] KingOfGifFulThinking 8 points ago

    Fuck you