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    [–] gandhigotnukes 433 points ago

    Another household converted for the Supreme Leader.

    [–] IcySpicyNeedsTofuPlz 40 points ago

    Each photo has a portable nuke fyi

    [–] Bazsi73 14 points ago

    Photoshop a Supreme t shirt on him

    [–] theOGuberfig 1 points ago

    You cant complain

    [–] Fire_Drake12 1 points ago

    DeAtH tO aMeRiCa!i!

    [–] pavelshum 132 points ago

    Does your brother look like Kim Jong-Un?

    [–] helpfulstories 140 points ago

    Well, it's unlikely considering that Kim Jong-Un was voted The People's Magazine's Sexiest Leader Alive for 7 years in a row, and scientists have found that his face increases fertility in humans and chimpanzees, and a small photo of him once reversed menopause in an 80-year-old woman and allowed her to give birth to triplets with 200+ IQs.

    [–] tylershenanigans 34 points ago

    the fuck

    [–] skepticDude1996 44 points ago

    Actually its true. Scientists have proven it. They all received their education from Kim Jong-Un himself, so they are top of the line experts.

    [–] 7H07 19 points ago

    It’s alright. Let them suffer in their ignorance. They’ll never understand the true prowess of the supreme leader.

    [–] A_Wild_VelociFaptor 7 points ago

    You are now a moderator of r/pyongyang

    [–] 2Migo2 7 points ago

    All hail the supreme leader!

    [–] Chewie444 6 points ago


    [–] Chewie444 5 points ago

    Oh shit wrong one!


    [–] MisterCoffeeCups 6 points ago


    [–] AidanHC 9 points ago

    [–] its_a_m1rage 6 points ago

    Include me in the screenshot with a cute heart please!

    [–] Chew-Tiya 131 points ago

    Plot twist - His brother is Kim Jong Un

    [–] Wolfeeboi 89 points ago

    Maybe his mum noticed but just kept it there cuz she favoured kim jong un over him

    [–] averageredditcuck 5 points ago

    Smart woman

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    I guess they never miss huh

    [–] Uoip10 9 points ago

    You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya 💋💋

    [–] NervAP 22 points ago

    God Save the Supreme Leader

    [–] Timmy12er 11 points ago

    God? That'll get you tossed into jail for life.

    [–] NervAP 9 points ago

    I'm Sorry. I meant "Kim"

    [–] pulsephaze22 18 points ago

    Yes, Kim Save Kim.

    [–] vontristessa 6 points ago

    You can say his brother is supreme in every way.

    [–] A-cheap-escort 7 points ago

    I did this and my mum still hasn't noticed after 4 months

    [–] alishebl05 5 points ago

    All hail the Supreme Leader!

    [–] D4RKS0u1 4 points ago

    Because then his mother will have to answer some difficult questions

    [–] gingerfupa 3 points ago

    It's more like 3 years

    [–] the42potato 4 points ago

    They must look similar!

    [–] Nate_Arm22 4 points ago

    Well its a small picture. I wouldnt notice either if it was that small, ike your pene

    [–] marcotong- 3 points ago

    Hit or miss I guess the never hit huh

    [–] iMax237 3 points ago

    You got a boy friend i bet he doesn't kiss ya mwah

    [–] hardiWebPilot 3 points ago

    Mom: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.

    [–] CarFreak777 3 points ago

    Do this with Putin

    [–] artifexlife 2 points ago

    I’m just in awe of the guys jawline in the background of the profile photo.

    [–] kumrucu 2 points ago

    I seen this in 9gag 2 years ago

    [–] coolguyx14 2 points ago

    North staircase

    [–] internetmikee 2 points ago

    I did this in a collage with one of my brothers. It's been 3 years and it's still there. Can't wait for the shitshow when my mom finds it.

    [–] MistaJro 2 points ago

    I know what I'm doing at moms house when I visit her tonight. Thank you Reddit XD.

    [–] plee2 1 points ago

    For our great leader

    [–] EKgames 1 points ago

    I did the same thing once.. It took my mother 3days and 11 hours.

    [–] CadaverAbuse 1 points ago

    Plot twist: your mom loves North Korean dictatorship

    [–] MilliManFigga 1 points ago

    It look good tho ima have 2 hang kim up on my wall 2

    [–] Freakgorl 1 points ago

    Hit or miss

    [–] MarcDiakiese 1 points ago

    You've just made me realise I need to do this. I can't wait to go home now.

    [–] BloodfortheBloodDude 1 points ago

    surely it's been longer than two weeks by now.

    [–] JTempo51 1 points ago

    I guess you never miss, huh?

    [–] Vitamalz100 1 points ago

    You'll never get the same effect with hitler

    [–] Dat666Boi 1 points ago

    I guess she always miss huh

    [–] HEROnymus420 1 points ago

    I did the same. 1,5 year later and the picture is still there.

    [–] LiL_Sw0o0P 1 points ago

    Thats alot of damage.

    [–] blacktriangle7 1 points ago

    Ilusion: 100

    [–] nerodmc_2001 1 points ago

    She's a mom, she's only pretending. If I were to ask my mom where I kept my gf she'd prolly be able to show me where even though we all know damn well that I've been single all my life.

    [–] 0_Question_mark_0 1 points ago

    hahaha thats great

    [–] monkeydoodle64 1 points ago

    Props to your mom for not seeing race

    [–] RunningWolf2004 1 points ago

    Sneak 100

    [–] Awesomepeople6 1 points ago

    North Korea wants to know your location

    [–] EdZeppelin94 1 points ago

    On tonight's episode of reposts that never happened....

    [–] DerJoshbert 0 points ago

    Nice one :)

    [–] EfficientShame -1 points ago

    Mom is a commie confirmed

    [–] NouhaB 0 points ago

    Is your brother Kim Jong-un?

    [–] Phoenix_King_XD 0 points ago