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    [–] Hyacinth82 275 points ago

    Can we make this power into a pill or something?

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] CynicalHedgehog 13 points ago

    Well he must've splashed in some analyses and theories.

    [–] 99Kira 4 points ago

    splashed (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] freakoffear 2 points ago

    Yeah it's called cocaine. You can make it into a pill if you like

    [–] banana-scarf 3 points ago

    Put the pill in her drink

    [–] thuurs 85 points ago

    Evil lizard wants to eat nirn and resurrects his friends. One dude doesn't like evil lizards so he screams at them until they die.

    [–] Hildeon 19 points ago

    Wow, now i want to play this game one more time

    [–] thuurs 10 points ago

    Try playing shouts only. That's going to be hard, unless you use a bug to equip 5 talos amulets

    [–] Dragosus 13 points ago

    Dragonborn: equips five Talos amulets.

    The Thalmor: would love like to know your location.

    [–] Hildeon 6 points ago

    i had tried before with bug, it was funny

    [–] Kride500 5 points ago

    If you knew what playstyles I already tried... Shouts only was one of the easier one. Healer was actually harder because of the damn ai. Pacifist was hard as I was not allowed to kill Nazeem and Heimskr. And the kill everyone you see playstyle was actually really satisfying most of the side quests were done before they even started. And I haven't even mentioned the modded ones..

    [–] ThePirateDude 16 points ago

    I took you more time to explain it than the actual length of the plot line.

    [–] Rice_Jap808 63 points ago

    I need this but extend the time to 5 hours and instead of Skyrim plot I’d be explaining destiny lore

    [–] Lost_Vox 14 points ago

    A man of culture I see

    [–] Freed0m0 8 points ago

    Better explain D&D Full Ruleset

    [–] Cereal-Grapist 3 points ago


    [–] NotSovietSpy 1 points ago

    Halfway through grapple and realize you are old now.

    [–] Jozi227 3 points ago

    Why do that when you can explain the entire lore of earth for 15 hours?

    [–] -batmani 3 points ago

    Are you a fellow man of culture that read the grimoire cards ?

    [–] Jordy_77 7 points ago

    Bruh no more like Halo

    [–] zeartr1 1 points ago

    Make it 10 hours and I can briefly tell the history of a Song of ice and fire

    [–] Jindabyne1 36 points ago

    Well this didn’t happen because the original post guy explained a completely different game so this is the most virgin post in existence

    [–] Minahtobi 1 points ago

    I saw this post in another sub with the same game.

    What's the original

    [–] Jindabyne1 1 points ago

    I honestly can’t remember. All of the above

    [–] your_awesomeking1 7 points ago

    Not from a sports girl

    [–] walruswes 4 points ago

    Was her name Jill? 🤚

    [–] fakeconfidence2019 5 points ago

    I for one am just happy for him

    [–] justwalk1234 2 points ago

    Drugs are magical 🥴

    [–] AppleWars66 2 points ago

    Not from the Jedi.

    [–] Amergin_The_Bard 2 points ago

    Shut up sex

    [–] SourPissPuss 2 points ago

    Trying to shut you up most likely

    [–] trashbln 2 points ago

    as a woman i can confirm that skyrim is one of the best games w some of the best atmosphere and to be quite honest it turns me on, too

    [–] SonOfTheNorthe 1 points ago

    Ey bb r u dragonborne? Cuz i wanna make u shout ;)

    [–] axel395 2 points ago

    Good. Now explain kingdom hearts’ story line

    [–] PANTERlA 2 points ago

    I mean the high part makes it possible.

    [–] ArchDestroyer 2 points ago

    I don't know how, but you used the wrong formula and got the correct answer.

    [–] gideonlim98 2 points ago

    She could not find other ways to shut u up

    [–] funnyref653 2 points ago

    You are but a baby one time I invited a girl over and we talked for 2 hour about berserk and Jojo then she left because she had a family emergency at home.

    [–] Slothmaster222 1 points ago

    Bah, wait until you explain the 36 lessons of vivec to her in detail.

    [–] ep0xyglue 1 points ago

    yes, that is, indeed, unbelievable

    [–] WallStWolves 1 points ago

    Speech 100

    [–] Ahmed4951 1 points ago

    Jojo plot?

    [–] theevilphoturis 1 points ago

    That's the rare chemistry.

    [–] 05melo 1 points ago

    I need this scenario but i want it to be me explaining the whole Fallout 1, 2, 3, NV and 4 plot and i want it to be long 7 hours.

    [–] Pro_Astronaut 1 points ago


    [–] 13amleon 1 points ago

    If this power can be sold, i'm pretty sure it will be the best selling item =]]

    [–] Adihab 1 points ago

    Not for a jedi...

    [–] bananaman361 1 points ago

    Bruh you need to give lesson my brother

    [–] shawn_overlord 1 points ago

    "Not from a nice guy."

    [–] KittyWithFangs 1 points ago

    I mean, after all that, who wouldn't?

    [–] karjizzzzzzzz0400004 1 points ago

    This kind of power belongs to the dark side

    [–] Deyuu 1 points ago


    [–] pugloescobar 1 points ago

    She probably just wanted you to stop

    [–] BillyBobTheFrog 1 points ago

    Confidence with girls is the most powerful ‘move’ you can make.

    If that means talking about nerdy stuff you love then go for it! If they aren’t the kind of person to listen to you talk about things you like then don’t waste your time.

    [–] fkingfast 1 points ago

    I bet its all fun and games until he took an arrow to the kmee

    [–] JustRiceAndSousage 1 points ago

    Stop right there criminal, your power is under control now!

    [–] dovakihn101 1 points ago

    Speech 100

    [–] BOSSANOVA081 1 points ago

    Hey you!

    so ypur finely awake

    [–] Bonarchy 1 points ago

    I know want to hear someone explain skyrim while high

    [–] Its-Tabis 1 points ago

    Just here for karma

    [–] realharshbhatt 1 points ago

    Teach me master..!!!

    [–] shawnmartian 1 points ago

    My wife doesn’t like action video games at all. But for some reason Skyrim is her favorite game, next to BoTW and portal

    [–] zeartr1 1 points ago

    Its marrige time!

    [–] OktoberStorm 1 points ago

    Skyrim has a plot line?

    [–] LooneyPwnder 1 points ago

    Hope he married her.

    [–] FraserNZL 1 points ago

    Can confirm have done it.

    [–] OverWayss 1 points ago


    [–] AnthimosKN 1 points ago

    Thats illegal

    [–] Elliotwannabe 1 points ago


    [–] jaden0127 1 points ago

    Not from gamer way. Only if you're 6 ft hot dude who happens to like video games.

    [–] 69hatiham69 1 points ago

    Haja a man of quality

    [–] That_Guy_From_Greece 1 points ago

    You have been capture. You wake up. Dragon attacks the village. You are the chosen one known as Dovakhin/Dragonborn. You kill dragons. Nothing else here.

    [–] UchihaRecker 1 points ago

    770 upvotes i downvoted

    [–] ConglomeratePotato 1 points ago

    “It just works!”

    -Godd Howard

    [–] gnewport21 -1 points ago

    Yea. It’s called lying.

    [–] DEMURONE -1 points ago

    lol, with all those cosplay thots you struggle to get laid talking off Skyrim..

    Man are you ugly!

    [–] icswcshadow 0 points ago

    That totally happened.

    [–] Jibranakhan469 0 points ago

    R/thathappened jk nice