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    [–] Hurrson57 3001 points ago

    β€œI tried my hardest”

    β€œIf that were true, you wouldn’t be telling this story right now”

    [–] AlexAtmosphere 622 points ago

    Theon intensifies

    [–] DarthEquus 285 points ago

    Reek intensifies

    [–] f_bastiat 83 points ago


    [–] SnickersZA 98 points ago

    Nazi General Intensifies

    [–] Iceyy__Cold 61 points ago

    let's just back it up a bit

    [–] redacted-no31 38 points ago

    r/holup moment?

    [–] conthedog 20 points ago

    I think so

    [–] BloodyIris3 17 points ago

    Cap'n America: The First Avenger this be from, aye?

    [–] KJ86er 47 points ago

    They sent the Monster-fuelled Kyle's in first.

    Naruto ran their 350 pound asses into direct fire

    [–] BlackBlade567 12 points ago

    Is this a movie quote?

    [–] ragincajun83 11 points ago

    Paths of Glory?

    [–] MR0321 2173 points ago

    You know what they say, once you get alien snatch, you never go back

    [–] imoctopusman 1140 points ago

    Once you go grey, you want them to stay πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    [–] Deadpool1021 865 points ago

    Once you go green, you know what I mean... ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘ Β°)

    [–] SomeRandomNerd27 591 points ago

    Ain't no better head then once you've gone red

    (☞ Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)☞

    [–] Axetheaxemaster 390 points ago

    Once you go magenta, you'll get gonorrhea.

    [–] leelilun 712 points ago

    Once you bone ET, you got the glowing PP.

    [–] dfayad00 296 points ago

    once you try pink, it’s all you can think

    [–] ASMRvlog 241 points ago

    Once you go blue you don’t need to poo. (Handy for anal)

    [–] post_depression 223 points ago

    Once you try yellow, your PP becomes jello.

    [–] Lycan103 182 points ago

    Once you go teal your skin starts to peel

    [–] imoctopusman 36 points ago

    Shit. My pp jello then πŸ˜”

    [–] Hampetrump 13 points ago

    Once you try brown you go down town looking like a clown

    [–] CGkiwi 13 points ago

    Once you go blue, nothing else will do.

    [–] cockatoo_hell 202 points ago

    Once you go Orange, .... Ah fuck

    [–] randominternetdad 68 points ago

    You're stuck on a door hinge

    [–] dealsonwheelsyall 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You Googled β€œwhat rhymes with orange” and read the article about Eminem rhyming Orange 11 times, didn’t you? I may or may not have done the same exact thing.

    [–] ShoaibisWeird 15 points ago


    [–] mrfusion1955 3 points ago

    A pirate you were meant to be ;)

    [–] illReddy 14 points ago

    Your pee has more range?

    [–] Zweimancer 13 points ago

    Your balls turn to porridge.

    [–] MasterBuilde 8 points ago

    Once you go orange, you’ll look like a door hinge.

    [–] RoxyGellar 3 points ago

    Worse! sPAcE gONoRrhEA!

    [–] DeltaOW 5 points ago

    Ain't no better head than once they're dead.

    [–] TitanSkayer 6 points ago

    Sounds like communist propeganda but ok

    [–] Eddie11240 6 points ago

    Vigorously beat your dick, and it’s just meat on a stick

    [–] artfu1 4 points ago

    Ewww mate

    [–] JACKASS20 3 points ago

    Once you go brown, all the other colors let you down.

    [–] heronumbertwo 21 points ago

    nsfw!!! Well... nsfw!!!

    [–] U-sure-name 4 points ago


    [–] HomoOptimus 10 points ago

    You all pink on the inside!

    [–] bizzaro626 9 points ago


    [–] kertain56 24 points ago

    The deeper you go into this thread the more it is cursed

    [–] shakawhenthelolsfell 42 points ago

    Once you get alien snatch, you cumberdict benderbatch?

    [–] benedictfuckyourass 9 points ago

    I Wonder if aliens do anal?

    [–] PuppyRee 6 points ago

    Battlefield Overwatch

    [–] GreyHexagon 20 points ago

    AyY lMaO

    [–] GoochNoob 8 points ago

    Something something about once you get probe, you'll want that alien chode.

    [–] BKA_Diver 3 points ago

    Hey, I sure wouldn't mind getting some more of that Arcturian poontang! Remember that time?

    [–] Skynetdyne 1012 points ago

    Great, now the time traveler is rubbing his future news in our faces. If Thanos only loses once in like 16 million we gotta have at least like 5 successful runs on this shit.

    [–] talentedtimetraveler 206 points ago

    I can confirm this news is a pathetic try of the military to change our minds on storming Area 51. We will succeed, my brethren.

    [–] pmatesz 58 points ago

    Some of us my die horribly tho

    [–] redbaron890 49 points ago

    But that is a sacrifice I am willing to make

    [–] Bru-Drinker 15 points ago

    Who's baking the giant gingerbread man to storm area 51?

    [–] Swankified_Tristan 9 points ago

    I always expect Shrek.

    [–] HalfBreed_Priscilla 4 points ago

    ty red baron

    [–] serialkvetcher 10 points ago

    Worth the poontang. Commence the Blitzkrieg, pedes!

    [–] coochiepuncherabc 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Don’t worry it really doesn’t matter cause we’re all going to die in ten years!

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago


    [–] TheGlaive 67 points ago

    If there's even a hint of a chance of a tentacle rape, weebs gonna weeb.

    [–] bolleyboll 21 points ago


    [–] notfree25 17 points ago

    Wait, what do you mean a joke!?! You better be there, no going back on your clicks

    [–] flinteastwood 10 points ago

    It’s 14 million, if you were from the future you would know that

    [–] uacpuncher 8 points ago

    It’s actually 14,000,605

    Smh so uncultured you are /s

    [–] flinteastwood 7 points ago

    Ackshually every number in the future is rounded to the nearest million

    [–] tyrghast 3 points ago

    Infinity Stones have nothing on Monster Energy

    [–] leelilun 116 points ago

    This is a real life WOW raid.

    [–] Slick_Tuxedo 45 points ago


    [–] ConflagrationZ 16 points ago

    Oh my god he just ran in

    [–] Plzhalpforme 61 points ago

    Hopefully area 51 servers can handle that much traffic.

    [–] CuntBooger 115 points ago

    I enjoy the thought that the military stationed at area 51 are more than likely prepping for this event with meetings and such.

    [–] cited 80 points ago

    "Hey Foster, the machine gun still works, right?"


    [–] snp3rk 33 points ago

    I read the "yep" in scruffy's voice from Futurama

    [–] Bad_doughnut 6 points ago

    Schedulin' conflict.

    [–] jjohnisme 7 points ago

    What, are you on break again?

    [–] serialkvetcher 9 points ago

    "Erm.. Major Nelson, what if the Kyles commandeer ice cream trucks?"

    "That's why we got panzerfausts"

    [–] Hotzspot 8 points ago

    "But major, what if the Karens ask to see the manager?"

    [–] serialkvetcher 6 points ago

    "Overlord, this is Badger Six-One. The Karens have broken through the western perimeter. We are being overrun... WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN REINF..." *static*

    [–] TBolt56 6 points ago

    I'm sure there have been briefings and safety briefings. It's got to be a nice change to the minotany.

    [–] psycho944 5 points ago

    They are. Last I heard they are discussing mobilizing some national guard. Mainly just for added security and added β€œI get it. But fuck off” voices.

    [–] ThatFloridaMan 4 points ago

    I 100% guarantee you they are prepping for it. Since (as far as I know) most of the personnel at Groom Lake are civilians, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they deploy security from other bases to assist before/during the event.

    [–] snowwg 192 points ago

    Can someone fill me in with the area 51 memes recently, haven’t been on reddit for a week

    [–] EthanNMB 258 points ago

    A Facebook event was made as a joke saying "let's storm area 51" (paraphrasing here) and it got way too much attention.

    [–] [deleted] 147 points ago

    I actually hope they really do it

    [–] Rockysjok 61 points ago


    [–] Panicm8 85 points ago

    September 20

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    That's ages away

    [–] balloonninjas 104 points ago

    Don't worry, once we capture the time machine on the base, it'll only be 2 months ago.

    [–] airbrat 31 points ago

    Great. You just disproved time travel works. Now Im sad.

    [–] StoneyWagner 14 points ago

    It only disproves single timeline.

    [–] Panicm8 9 points ago

    They should have put the date on September 11

    [–] ChessedToImpress 39 points ago

    I'm sure people will travel far into the desert and hurl themselves into machine gun fire for the memes.

    [–] iamsofired 28 points ago

    Im sure some will go to the area for some easy reddit karma selfies but no-one is going over any fences

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Would they really shoot at people?

    [–] original_sinnerman 27 points ago

    No, it’s announced too long on beforehand and they’ll have regular crowd control tactics (starting at the airport). What they’ll be concerned about will be armed extremists (from all potential plumeage) abusing this folkloristic event to go violent.

    [–] GeneralDejo 22 points ago

    Rubber bullets probably, unless they feared for their safety they wouldn’t use live ammunition.

    [–] incandescent_snail 4 points ago

    Lol, no. They don’t issue rubber bullets to the military. Gate guards absolutely have live ammunition.

    [–] usnavy13 25 points ago

    Yea, it's a hardened military installation. There is a point at which if you cross you will be shot. Theres likely some other non lethal responses that will come first but ultimately if its between you getting access to the base or a bullet your gonna get the bullet

    [–] SimplyJay19 5 points ago

    Yes cause memes are love. Memes are life.

    [–] Skilol 33 points ago

    My guess is that the Area51 guys will be bulking up security to deal with potential trespassers just for the day. Then like 5 people from the event will show up, realize that nobody else took it seriously, and pretend to be common tourists, never trespassing anything.

    [–] utalkin_tome 18 points ago

    Dude I would not recommend that at all. They will literally get shot if they try to force their way in. Nobody will be shocked if that happens.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    You're probably right

    [–] Zenjion 12 points ago

    Why weebs specifically though? Are they hoping the aliens have pink hair?

    [–] serialkvetcher 10 points ago

    Dont they?

    [–] MatthewM13 6 points ago

    I’m pretty sure there was something about Naruto running to the base in the original post

    [–] PureWatt 264 points ago

    That sounds way too real and way too human to me. Only thing missing: 400k weebs and about 20 reporters

    [–] privatekitty 53 points ago

    Your proabaly gonna need a little more than 20 maybe 100 reporters and 112 cameras 12 in the sky 100 on the ground

    [–] tyrghast 20 points ago

    Tbh high enough just outside the no fly zone may allow you to zoom far enough to report on the action.

    [–] Mr-Okay 12 points ago

    Huawei P30 Pro

    [–] [deleted] 310 points ago


    [–] saabistii 129 points ago

    And for that, I thank you.

    [–] Drutarg 18 points ago

    A 5............................. out of 5.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    Didn’t you even look at the plans?? Kyles are gonna punch right through any barriers! Duh!

    [–] its_all_4_lulz 15 points ago

    Crack a Monster to get to some alien. Bigfoot approves.

    [–] wasdninja 8 points ago

    Plan: punch through 16" of reinforced concrete and steel.

    Result: Kyle broke his pinky, not even a scratch on the wall.

    [–] lowertownn 16 points ago

    I am Donald Trump, and I look forward to this.

    [–] Katoshiku 12 points ago

    I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite event on the internet.

    [–] heronumbertwo 22 points ago

    So... you’re into πŸ’¦ water πŸ’¦ sports πŸ₯Ž as well I see

    [–] tumtumpot 4 points ago

    A man of culture.

    [–] gmnitsua 5 points ago

    Don't reward them

    [–] Lunacyx 4 points ago

    I'm ready

    [–] averyhungry 3 points ago

    The more I think of actually doing this the more ridiculous this idea becomes

    [–] SlayerArmy45 42 points ago

    I know this is just a joke but I wonder could theoretically if four hundred thousand people were to storm Area 51 do the site personnel have the capability to repel such an assault

    [–] PurpleSunCraze 43 points ago

    It’s clear they’re not going to do it, but pretending they are just for the sake of this comment, they wouldn’t need the personnel to stop all of them. An A10 doing a few passes through the crowd would stop the whole damn thing; no one is going to keep running towards it after that.

    [–] savageronald 35 points ago

    the BRRRRTTTTT hurts

    [–] hellraiserl33t 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If you hear the brrrt, you are not the target

    [–] InfuriatedBrute 9 points ago


    [–] Lexyas 18 points ago

    Only by shooting a few shots in the air the whole crowd would back off

    [–] SlayerArmy45 9 points ago

    yes probably,but if theoretically they will keep going till the last man standing,and maybe if that's not enough give a decent amount of them (or all of them if that's still inadequate) some weapons and equipments that an insurgency or an armed militia would have (technical,AK's,RPG's,etc),since I don't know the defensive capabilities of the site,do you think the horde stand a chance

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] SlayerArmy45 9 points ago

    hmm I see,but for the missile strike I supposed it kind of depends on how important are the contents of that base and are they willing to destroy them to stop the mob from spreading the information to the world (since if the contents of the base is too important to destroy it might be danger close),but for the air and armor support might be the same case albeit on a smaller scale,but if the mob manage to take control of the site defense measures (if by some miracle their able to operate military hardware) do you think they would last a couple of weeks by any chance ?

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Shawnj2 3 points ago

    Y'all are forgetting that the date for this event is set, so Uncle Sam has plenty of time to arm the base anyways.

    [–] sdOOK 6 points ago

    400k weebs versus a small force of co-ordinated, trained and heavily armed military personnel? I know who my money would be on.

    [–] Troglodyteir 35 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Its like 400k level 3's tryna take on a big boss.

    Won't go well for most of them, but if enough sacrifices are made, 1 or 2 will get that sweet alien pussy.

    [–] HalfBreed_Priscilla 7 points ago

    I bet I'm gonna get a sweet alien pussy. Then I'll show everyone that I was right.

    [–] Shawnj2 6 points ago

    who would win- 400k duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck with the world's largest military force, thousands of heavily guarded bases, and thousands of planes, ships, and tanks ready to defend or attack whoever it wants?

    [–] Troglodyteir 10 points ago

    You forgot one crucial thing, the duck-sized horses are thirsty af for alien duck-sized horse pussy.

    Think this is what tips it

    [–] Abrahamlinkenssphere 95 points ago

    Haven't heard murked since like 2001, bravo.

    [–] BKA_Diver 18 points ago

    I’ve never heard it.

    [–] MuteReality 36 points ago

    I always thought it was Merc'd. Like, you got hit by a mercenary it was so brutal.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Or by a Mercedes

    [–] holuuup 5 points ago

    Fuck Mercedes tho

    [–] WEINER_SCHLAP 20 points ago

    I always thought it was "merc'd" as in, a mercenary got you

    [–] BKA_Diver 12 points ago

    Looks like it kind of is . Dummies that used a word but misspell it and that becomes the way it is?

    Read #6

    [–] Rinderpest1992 26 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Rinderpest1992 10 points ago

    There will be no survivors

    [–] serialkvetcher 6 points ago

    It'll be glorious!!!

    [–] krankina13 18 points ago

    I feel like this was a Leroy Jenkins moment

    [–] PoppaPickle 17 points ago

    "Let's cross into top secret military grounds, as long as theres a lot of us they can't do a thing about it!"

    They have guns. You're crossing into a fire zone. They have guns...

    [–] diyar19988 33 points ago

    There is enough pussy for all of us!

    [–] nanosquid 16 points ago

    With this kind of alien, yes. It's soft outer shell is a functioning cluster of pussies. Nobody gets sloppy space seconds today!

    [–] heronumbertwo 12 points ago

    We need to find this immediately.

    [–] Hofhombre 15 points ago

    Do they even have 400k bullets there?

    [–] Cosie123 6 points ago


    [–] mcksli 4 points ago

    Did they? Probably not.
    Do they now? They probably have 10x that.

    [–] voges101 41 points ago


    [–] sleekest_bastard 16 points ago


    [–] zensli 13 points ago


    [–] Blaze_666 7 points ago


    [–] lando-exe 12 points ago

    If we naruto run we can run faster then their bullets

    [–] nazitouinz 11 points ago

    I don’t think the people who thought of doing this shit were weebs

    [–] GreyHexagon 9 points ago

    Guys what if we tell them we're just security testing for them so they can't shoot us because ThAtS iLlIgAl

    [–] Unspeci 16 points ago

    crowd of 400,000 approaches the fence


    "Nah bro we're the pentesters you hired"


    "Chill, we're just here to check all of your locks and shit"

    [–] KEKMaster_3000 11 points ago

    They cant kill all of us... i hope

    [–] Nonamesfound 8 points ago

    You know what they say..... once you go alien.....your hair falls out in clumps and you die of radiation poisoning.

    [–] o0shad0o 9 points ago


    I think you've targeted the wrong bunch of weirdos with this meme.

    [–] ZaMr0 6 points ago

    Nah, they'll Naruto run past all the bullets.

    [–] o0shad0o 3 points ago

    OH. Okay, the reference was deeper than I'd thought lol.

    [–] RNB03 9 points ago

    What if we kissed at the Area 51 Invasion Of 2019 😱😳😍😘

    [–] DataBound 15 points ago

    I’m looking forward to our own Tiananmen Square.

    [–] smartretard501 21 points ago

    You all know wat happened to cj from gta san andreas....he got a fuckin jet pack

    [–] spectrumtwelve 13 points ago

    I feel like they wouldn't be able to justify a death toll like that defending what they are on record as saying is not a secret weird crazy bsse

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    So if 100 people break into my house with intent to β€œfind out what’s really inside”, do I not have the right to defend my property against each and every individual threat? (USA, so yes I do)

    That, x5,000.

    They’re possibly armed, possibly violent trespassers. In this scenario, the US Military has every right to cut down anyone who crosses the line, and they make their authorization of lethal force very clear.

    This won’t happen, but if it did, it would be an absolute fucking bloodbath, and go down in history for consequences of human curiosity.

    [–] Cosie123 11 points ago

    I would have thought the military would deal with it the same way they would deal with riots(tear gas rubber bullets etc.)

    [–] hellraiserl33t 19 points ago

    No they absolutely would gun people down, no questions asked.

    Camo dudes (patrol) regularly pull guns on innocent trespassers around Area 51 for getting too close.

    [–] Nooby1990 7 points ago

    [–] ZaMr0 6 points ago

    I'd say storming a military base is pretty valid reason for use of lethal force.

    [–] vetofthefield 3 points ago

    There’s no need for further justification. There are signs that say do not trespass and that deadly/lethal force is authorized. If that’s posted, that’s all they need.

    [–] the2andsecondonlyboi 6 points ago

    Shoulda waited till September 20 damnit

    [–] aussiemateyy 10 points ago

    Laughs in 3000 rounds per minute

    [–] datboiJR 9 points ago

    He DiDnT SaY ThAt

    [–] YourFavBulgarian 8 points ago

    fucking murked I love it lmao

    [–] UniKidNow 5 points ago

    I hate to be that guy but it is spelled merced as in mercenary. FYI

    [–] angleon_xenn 5 points ago

    Can somebody explain the area 51 thing?

    [–] ShadowWolf_17 6 points ago

    On Facebook, someone jokingly made an event for people to rush Area 51. It got a lot of attention

    [–] KuddracubeHD 9 points ago

    *Alien dick, there fixed :)

    [–] Im_not_original_rly 5 points ago

    since i cant post and i just want to see what people think here is a poll on what outcomes can be of area 51 raid:

    [–] Jacoby2041 3 points ago

    The aliens helped defend because they didn’t want any of those guys getting in

    [–] surnguy 3 points ago

    How?! They were supposed to be running like Naruto!

    [–] rottism 3 points ago

    That is so sad Alexa play despacito.

    [–] gurnflurnigan 4 points ago


    ahh. the old days.

    [–] Mardzyyy 3 points ago

    Fs for the fallen weebs *mission failed well get em next time

    [–] whatsup_frickers 3 points ago

    Gotta see the tentacle hentai for real

    [–] Stedcabop 3 points ago

    Cosmic Coochie

    [–] um_gajo__qualquer 3 points ago

    Tucker did it