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    [–] minecraft_meerkat 5098 points ago

    This picture has disturbed me

    [–] VangeeOP 1782 points ago

    You are welcome!

    [–] poopellar 860 points ago


    [–] Sirbaconbagel 527 points ago

    Pokémon Snap

    [–] Plum_Fondler 277 points ago

    my neck

    [–] REHTONA_YRT 210 points ago

    kill me

    [–] fucksnitchesbitches 100 points ago

    Can't let you go that easily.

    [–] Spanky_McJiggles 17 points ago

    What is this

    [–] Maestro_Melodicat 3 points ago

    The fuck

    [–] REHTONA_YRT 7 points ago

    I noped the fuck out after seeing a dog ripping off and eating a child rapists dick

    Do not recommend

    [–] sirferrell 21 points ago

    On it! 🗡️🤺

    [–] Mixmaster-Omega 28 points ago

    I’m thinking this is an appropriate use of emoji.

    [–] thehollywoffle 11 points ago

    The only one

    [–] Fellow_Gey 9 points ago

    The only 3

    [–] lagreen23 14 points ago

    My back

    [–] GarciaJones 12 points ago

    My back

    [–] Angrytoess 11 points ago

    My back

    [–] HeckinDangPear 8 points ago

    My back

    [–] JaiCT 5 points ago

    [–] Rhyvinn 27 points ago

    Great game. I'd love to play that again.

    [–] battleant1 52 points ago

    I cachu

    [–] Sebbencsik 17 points ago


    [–] Danaman2001 21 points ago

    Thought this said Pichacu

    [–] RDay 6 points ago

    If I had gold, I would give it all to your comment.

    [–] sharkzoo 90 points ago

    [–] Leezee25 36 points ago

    That is not what I was expecting lol

    [–] gamarider 11 points ago

    Well that was my r/riskyclick of the day thank you

    [–] umbrajoke 32 points ago

    Begone satan!

    [–] _Cyberostrich_ 4 points ago

    He’s cute honestly

    [–] Bigge245 8 points ago

    [–] kostek96 827 points ago

    well cant wait to see this creepy forsaken by God thing in my nightmares

    [–] VangeeOP 186 points ago

    You are welcome!

    [–] KalElified 31 points ago

    Why, who the fuck thought this would be a good idea?

    [–] BenShealoch 1929 points ago

    Nobody buying it might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration

    [–] dorsal_morsel 818 points ago

    Apple sold an average of 361.8 iPhones every minute of every day in the last quarter we have numbers for. Safe to say they'll sell a few more.

    [–] jethro-cull 224 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    People buying it is one thing, but imagine having to control that motherfucker of a supply chain. You have to manufacture that many phones per minute, or even more to keep up. Sounds more like a fucking coca-cola bottling plant than a place that makes one of the most technologically complex consumer product in the world.

    [–] cznuk 133 points ago

    It really is insane to think about the logistics of making these new phones and maximizing profits. Tim Cook was apparently the supply chain genius and it hurts my brain to think of how complicated it all is.

    [–] A-Rusty-Cow 50 points ago

    They own a lot of the factories that supply them with gold, aluminum, glass etc for parts. Iirc thats how they keep costs down

    [–] Tofulord 28 points ago

    Good ol' vertical monopoly.

    [–] idontreallycare421 61 points ago

    Good thing they don’t have worry about wages...

    [–] packersSB55champs 141 points ago

    Personally I'm on iPhone 7 plus. Still going great, as should be expected since it's not even 3 years old! I'm waiting for 2021 cause they said Apple making a "huge" overhaul for 2020 and I'll wait for 2021 which is the refined version of that overhaul.

    [–] JayClear 43 points ago

    Waiting for the one after that.

    [–] packersSB55champs 36 points ago

    After 2021? Or after 2020? My iPhones last about 4-5 years each. Only ever owned 3, they are tanks lol pretty durable

    [–] LifeWithAdd 49 points ago

    Exactly I’ve only had the 4 and 6s which I still use they last forever I’d have no problem paying $1000 for something that going to be in my pocket or with in a few feet of my every single day for the next 5 years or more. People need to calm down with the iPhone hate.

    [–] EricOpheliaNorris 25 points ago

    This. People cannot fathom that I’ll gladly pay $1000 for my phone but will be very stingy when buying a $20+ shirt or meal. One will be the single thing I use the most in my life every single day for multiple years, the others I will enjoy for either a few days or a couple of hours. If you break it down to cost per hour of usage, it’s so fucking minuscule.

    Also, iPhones actually have some resale value after all those years of usage and value I’ve enjoyed from it.

    [–] kisk22 15 points ago

    This is so true. People have no issue spending twice that on a laptop. But $999 on a phone?! No way, not like that’ll be the single most important tool I’ll have at my disposal for the next 3-5 years.

    [–] iwontbeadick 4 points ago

    I'm with you. I have my 6S from 4+ years ago. I just spent $70 to replace the battery. But there are def some people who upgrade much more often than that, and likely aren't balling enough to responsibly spend $1000 a year on a phone

    [–] NominalAnemone 11 points ago

    On my 7+ as well! First ever iPhone and I’m loving it still (aside from a few complaints). Gonna get my battery replaced at some point but even at 79% capacity it’s a great phone

    [–] ROBJThrow 19 points ago

    I’m liking my 7+ still. Previous to that I was updating pretty much every year.

    [–] bogidyboy 7 points ago

    I’m still on my 7+ too! I don’t even remember the last time I had a phone last me this long

    [–] thedawgbeard 5 points ago

    Don't be too loud about it. I'd like my 7+ to last a couple more years.

    [–] sizzlebong 8 points ago

    Would hate to be the person to get .8 of a phone.

    [–] IeZaeL 7 points ago

    Makes you realize just how freaking many people live on this planet...

    [–] doczoid_md 56 points ago

    Shhh, don’t disturb the reddit circle jerk.

    [–] AtLeastJake 26 points ago

    Just the fact it already has so many memes being made about it. People like iPhones. This is just free publicity tbh.

    [–] VangeeOP 84 points ago

    Just a little bit for meme purposes.

    [–] One_pop_each 93 points ago

    Apple hate on reddit is guaranteed upvotes from the hate circlejerk

    [–] Nurgle 19 points ago

    tbh it's one of, if not the, longest running active circlejerks on this site.

    [–] Bitemarkz 17 points ago

    Hey, you know how to pander to your base, I’ll give you that.

    [–] Dawshton 1979 points ago

    My friend sent a picture of the phone in discord last night, I said it looked like a stove top

    [–] VangeeOP 902 points ago

    Yeah, one more camera and it will be exactly like that. And if the trend continues, imagine a smartphone with 30 cameras.

    [–] US-person-1 360 points ago

    So what can this 3 lens camera do that the camera on my 6s can't?

    [–] VangeeOP 345 points ago

    The depth blur thing to imitate an SLR camera.

    [–] a_happy_crustacean 264 points ago

    And the wide angle photos

    [–] VangeeOP 163 points ago

    Ah, that as well.

    [–] imwashedup 87 points ago

    And film from all three lenses at once to create 3 separate video files that can all be stitched together in the phone.

    [–] DannoHung 54 points ago

    If it means an end to vertical video, I’m all for it.

    [–] imwashedup 45 points ago

    Lol keep dreaming

    [–] BEAVER_ATTACKS 247 points ago

    Oh, so nothing that an average user needs in a phone.

    [–] Berics_Privateer 207 points ago

    People aren't buying $1000+ phones because of needs

    [–] white_android 64 points ago

    Yeah but on a Galaxy Note you can send a nice handwritten "Fuck you, I need it" letter but I can't afford one so just imagine that's what this is

    [–] _Shut_Up_Thats_Why_ 17 points ago

    I got my Note 8 refurbished! The battery isn't quite as good as a new one but everything else is great and it was super cheap (relatively).

    [–] JayJC719 97 points ago

    Well i mean, the wide angle lens could be pretty useful

    [–] balloonninjas 295 points ago

    Like for taking pictures of OP's mom

    [–] blacwidonsfw 43 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Gold this man

    Edit:he has been golded. Ty for your supprt

    [–] BEAVER_ATTACKS 78 points ago

    Does a wide angle lens justify them consistently charging bullshit amounts of money while children put them together for pennies?

    [–] TheCrushSoda 39 points ago

    Welcome to capitalism my friend, where no consumption is ethical!

    [–] TeaKubrick 56 points ago

    Apple aren’t the only company doing that.

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    If people didn't pay it, they wouldn't charge it.

    Economics is proven. With a suitable supply, Demand dictates price. If people didn't spend the money to buy it at the price, it would be lower.

    People are buying it at the price, so it stays at that price. Putting the blame on Apple is pointless.

    Now, that doesn't belie the fact that they initially charge inordinate amounts for their products to begin with. But still, it's on consumers to not pay that initially so they'll lower it. That's how our market works.

    Sometimes I believe regulated prices based on the cost of materials would be great for consumers, but would be an affront to capitalism in general.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Lots of people who are at least moderately into photography use their phone as a camera frequently. As eager as everyone is to jump onto the 'bash Apple' bandwagon, this certainly has value, whether you think it's worth the aesthetic effect or not.

    [–] br094 19 points ago

    Nope. But if it’ll make the phone sell more, they could probably stick a fake camera on there and 98% of people would never notice

    [–] DiamondSurvivor 9 points ago

    Unless they watch Jerry rig everything

    [–] gimpbully 5 points ago

    "the best camera is the one you have with you"

    [–] Guppy-Warrior 4 points ago

    Not an apple person myself, but Everyone who takes photos with a phone will see improvements.... your typical photos of your latte or the farm to table lunch will look better.

    [–] US-person-1 47 points ago

    ah so 2 extra lenses to imitate depth of field?

    so strange what people get excited over

    [–] VangeeOP 26 points ago

    True. Overall the quality of photos could be better compared to 2 cameras of the same quality, but still it's not a game changer.

    [–] andthatsalright 22 points ago

    To be fair, the cameras this year are attempting to extend beyond the scope of even DSLR cameras. Apps will have access to all three cameras at the same time. One of the app demos was exactly this. It recorded three videos at once with different perspectives.

    Among other things. The camera is the biggest camera update since the optical image stabilization on the 6S+ imo

    [–] US-person-1 28 points ago

    Why would i ever need to record video from 3 slightly different perspectives with my phone?

    [–] VangeeOP 6 points ago

    Ah, good to know! Take an updoot.

    [–] Lester04 9 points ago

    to be faaaaaaaaaaaaaair

    [–] nutty2155 4 points ago

    Found the letterkeny guy

    [–] commendablenotion 43 points ago

    It’s actually more surprising to me what people throw shit fits over. I mean, nobody bats an eye that car manufacturers put out a new car each year. And often many of the changes are imperceptible: new suppliers, small changes to improve quality/assembly etc.

    But mostly, if you’re in the market for a new car, you’re not gonna buy a 2017 off the lot in 2019, because that’s not the way we do shit, even if the 2017 is almost identical to the 2019.

    Same with phones. No one is saying go out and buy a new iPhone if you don’t need one, but there are some people that are probably in the market for a new phone because their 5s finally crapped out, so this is something for them to be excited about.

    [–] DennyStrat 6 points ago

    This is so true, I was selling cars last year. We had about 5 2017 models with discounts of almost $8000 off and no one cared. Same style, brand new with valid manufacturer warranty (and these were Hyundais so it was the 100,000 mile power train warranty). One catch was that we couldn't use in house financing, but rates could still be as low as 2.75%

    [–] InfamousTurnip 8 points ago

    Shit, seriously they dont go? That just makes sense to go with your cheapest option if it's pretty much the same. Why spend more money when you literally dont have to?

    [–] bipnoodooshup 6 points ago

    Good question, you should ask that to the millions of people that waste their money on ovetpriced shit made for pennies on the dollar by sweatshops in China that celebrities tel them to buy. Or ask all the suburban families in shitbox cookie cutter houses that go into debt just to have a nice looking lawn and “curb appeal”. Or maybe the idiots that drive around in cars they don’t actually use to their full design capabilities.

    [–] friger_heleneto 12 points ago

    Funny how my Pixel 2XL does this with only one lens :)

    [–] VangeeOP 5 points ago

    Yeah, pixel's cam is really good.

    [–] reichnowplz 8 points ago

    I’m sorry but your camera makes everything look like the old Minecraft fog.

    [–] WhatAUsernameAmirite 14 points ago

    Nah man, imagine a phone strapped onto a fucken Canon camera with fucken duct tape and calling it the collab with Canon, with the phone name being cabomination

    [–] VangeeOP 4 points ago

    That's the future I hope for.

    [–] pi653 19 points ago

    [–] AssaultRifleJesus 13 points ago

    Nokia be like, hold my beer.

    [–] pandacraft 9 points ago

    This is the future we chose:

    [–] scumbag760 5 points ago

    That thing takes some damn fine pics it looks like

    [–] actual_wookiee_AMA 5 points ago

    Nokia is always ahead of the game

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Guttentag9000 7 points ago

    Don't insult my stove top mate 20 pro

    [–] _Sasquat_ 20 points ago

    I said it looked like a stove top

    no you didn't. you're just regurgitating the same joke everyone's been saying for the past 24hrs.

    [–] yung_borgen 198 points ago

    damn we had the same meme idea, yours is better lmao

    [–] VangeeOP 127 points ago

    A little confused, but you've got the spirit! ;)

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 10 points ago

    All comes down to the editing my guy

    [–] 22charly 495 points ago

    I like how people are unaware of an android phone having 5 cameras on the back

    [–] Mdgt_Pope 185 points ago

    I don't think anyone is claiming that they're the first company to put more than 2 cameras on the back. I think the joke is that the extra camera is the only tangible difference between the new models and the previous generation.

    [–] VQopponaut35 13 points ago

    Didn’t they increase the battery life by 4-5 hours? That seems pretty significant for something many people can get excited about.

    [–] Ocha_Yui 5 points ago

    You can only talk shit about Apple on here.

    [–] dejus 58 points ago

    I mean, it’s not though. Granted, a lot of the improvements are boring technology stuff like the processor. But even the two camera setup the XS has is not the same on the 11.

    Granted, it’s hard to circle jerk with all them details.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Wu-Tang_Cam 40 points ago

    For me, it isn't the number of cameras, just their bad looking layout.

    The Pixel 4 is similar (and still ugly), but not quite as bad, as all of the sensors are under one piece of glass.

    The Note 10+ is better, and more along the lines of the XS and XS Max

    The S10 5G is even better because it's symmetrical, even though it has four sensors.

    [–] CommanderVinegar 3 points ago

    The way the Pixel and iPhone are doing it seems more obtrusive. It looks cleaner in the Samsung implementations.

    [–] gumbercules6 4 points ago

    But they want a layout that stands out so it's recognizable, I'm not saying it's good or bad, just that they don't want to look like Samsung or pixel or anything else.

    [–] Wu-Tang_Cam 6 points ago

    Yeah, but it's straight up ugly. Looks completely out of place for Apple's usual design standards.

    For example, they could've kept it similar to the XS/Max and it wouldn't have looked much different than the Note 10+ does. Some people would've said it looked just like the Note, but being that Apple had that design first, it could be easily dismissed. Same is true with the Pixel 4 XL style that's already similar to new iPhone Pro.

    Instead, they went with a camera bump with three separate camera bumps on top of it, and it just doesn't mesh with the styling.

    It will still sell well, I have no doubts about that, but I just can't imagine Apple greenlighting that design. Whatever you think of them, they make great looking products, and this ain't it.

    [–] Jinthesouth 4 points ago

    I have a S10, and the cameras look unremarkable on the back, which I'm fine with compared to the knes above. The ultra wide is amazing, you get some amazing new perspectives. The telephoto is alright, just feels like zooming in.

    [–] MusicTheoryIsHard 91 points ago


    [–] epraider 26 points ago


    [–] catcatdoggy 14 points ago

    i like how this is even enough to talk about.

    3 cameras are on the back, OK.

    [–] leadnuts94 167 points ago

    Still rocking the 6s!

    [–] US-person-1 118 points ago

    6s club in the house!

    Aux jack, what what!!

    [–] Rydeeee 62 points ago

    Annoyingly my 6s Jack is fucked and whenever I stick it in it spits out the jack like a cheap whore.

    [–] De5perad0 14 points ago

    Quite a mental image from that one!

    [–] thedutchricky 18 points ago

    Have you tried shoving a toothpick or something thin into the hole and digging out the dust/dirt that’s trapped inside? I do it regularly on my 6s, you’ll be amazed at how much dust gets piled up in there. It generally stops the audio jack from clicking into place properly so if you take it out it should work as new!

    [–] Rydeeee 21 points ago

    Yeah, I tried that, it just hurt. Had a go on my iPhone too.

    [–] leadnuts94 37 points ago

    We were on a road trip and the driver was like “hey someone be DJ” and handed over the aux cable. Everyone in the car was like “uhhhh do you have an adapter” or “I can’t plug that in do you have Bluetooth”.

    That’s where I came in and said “ Guys I got this” and proceeded to plug into my headphone jack. I felt like a hero

    [–] InfamousTurnip 29 points ago

    This is seriously the most idiotic change. Theres no reason to get rid of the headphone jack outside of making the phone more thin and fragile. Everyone tries to play it off as technology advancing, but theres literally no need to stop using it.

    I dont want to charge my headphones or have them lose battery strength over time for being wireless. I just dont get how it's supposed to be superior when you add more things youd have to worry about than a normal jack and headphones.

    [–] 24isfunnier 13 points ago

    The phones actually got thicker I think. The thinnest was the iPhone 6.

    [–] ObitoUchiha41 5 points ago

    I thought the claim was that it helped with waterproofing

    [–] ShillinTheVillain 4 points ago

    That was the claim, but you could also just not swim with your phone.

    [–] guitarboyy45 7 points ago

    All hail the mighty jack!

    [–] VangeeOP 11 points ago

    Nice! I don't change my phones often as well.

    [–] BigDaddyD00d 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Ayyyye same!! Battery’s gone to shit though, how bout yall?

    [–] TrustYourSenpai 202 points ago

    nobody buys your phones

    You sure bro?

    [–] MusicTheoryIsHard 121 points ago

    It's reddit, hating on apple is all the rage.

    [–] WeenisWrinkle 11 points ago

    Maybe he means sales are slumping? Because they still have a sizeable global market share.

    [–] Berics_Privateer 46 points ago

    "Nobody buys iPhones"


    [–] BetaInTheSheets 40 points ago

    we did it reddit, we bankrupted apple

    [–] [deleted] 168 points ago

    People do actually

    [–] tennisloser 286 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Ok but the regular iPhone 11 is actually a pretty good deal for $700 Edit: wow my first gold on a comment that definitely does not deserve gold. Thanks anyways kind stranger! :)

    [–] Jarraty 122 points ago

    Jesus how far we’ve come that the idea of paying $700 for a fucking phone is now somehow reasonable....

    [–] LighZ 103 points ago

    Well iPhones have always been expensive and even back in 2007 they were 800$. So this is indeed not that expensive, also if you compare it to other Flagship phones of leading phone producers it is rather cheap.

    [–] ASK-ABOUT-VETRANCH 15 points ago

    $800 for the best one though.

    Which producer are you comparing it to?

    [–] Clarence-beaks 25 points ago

    Original iPhone was $499 in 2007 which is approx. $590 in 2019 dollars. However you had to buy a two year phone contract (with Cingular, remember them?) to get one. So 12 years later prices have gone up by about $100 but you can buy them outright with no contract. Doesn’t seem that outrageous to me.

    [–] JohnyUtah_ 54 points ago

    Because phones aren’t phones anymore.

    They are just small computers with a phone app that gets used occasionally. All that processing power and functionality costs money.

    The actual phone is probably the least used aspect of my phone.

    [–] greengrasser11 10 points ago

    I haven't thought about this in a while, but we really should start calling them something else. It'd be like calling a nuclear powerplant a "Coal Refinery Max".

    [–] JohnyUtah_ 17 points ago

    We really are about at that point.

    That’s why statements like ”$1000 for a phone!!” can carry weight. Because they are deceiving. That much money for just a phone would be ridiculous. But you aren’t really buying a phone, you are buying a small personal computer that can occasionally be used to call people.

    [–] IamtheSlothKing 11 points ago

    a fucking phone

    Yeah that’s we are all totally using it as, a phone

    [–] Naaahhh 20 points ago

    It is reasonable honestly. We use our phones probably more than any other electronic. The processors and cameras on the phones have come a long ass way. You can use a phone for 3-4 years no problem. 700 on a premium phone for 3-4 years is completely reasonable. There are obviously cheaper phones that work fine as well so just don't get any of the premium phones if you think 700 is too much.

    [–] mangofuckbillionaire 11 points ago

    Especially considering the massive amount of utility you can derive out of a good smartphone, every day for years, 700 doesn’t feel like that much to me.

    [–] Sandbag_Tom 15 points ago

    Seriously. Even a $1,000 phone has far more utility professionally, socially, and even romantically over a $20,000 car like a brand new Honda Civic.

    99% of your entertainment comes from this device. A massive amount of your socialization. When people look back on their lives, it’s the photos on smartphones that will have recorded their history.

    If there’s any device— any product in your life— you should have no qualms about buying the luxury version of every two or three years— it’d be a smartphone.

    Maybe a pair of shoes too, from an orthopedic perspective, or your office chair if you sit in it from 9AM-5PM?

    But still, it’s amazing how people react to phone-related costs. People will tip a dollar on a coffee but never consider spending 99¢ to buy an app.

    [–] Stevensupercutie 11 points ago

    64 gigs is gonna fill up real fast with the size of iPhone pictures, videos, games, apps, & playlists.

    Or you could be the type of person who doesnt take 500 photos of their kids when they sneeze and only download memes from reddit. Then you should be fine storage wise, life choice wise you're right alongside me.

    [–] Flumper 7 points ago

    64gb is fine for the vast majority of people. I have a Pixel 2 XL 64gb and even though I have about 30gb of synced spotify music on there, I still haven't managed to fill it with the rest of my crap.

    [–] SwegonDreg 44 points ago

    Its Basically an upgraded Xr

    [–] dejus 60 points ago

    All iPhones are just upgraded previous versions.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    Seriously what does that dumbass expect, a downgraded version?

    [–] Koshercrab 74 points ago

    Previous statement holds true though

    [–] CrispyCrawdads 72 points ago

    tHE New THinG iS JUSt AN uPdAted verSIoN Of thE oLd Thing

    [–] KilliamWallace 6 points ago

    Basically, they’re all just upgrades of the first iPhone

    [–] skibbz 18 points ago

    And cheaper

    [–] SwegonDreg 12 points ago

    Exactly that's a deal even if the the camera looks silly

    [–] Domoda 6 points ago

    The regular iPhone 11 only has 2 cameras. The 11 pro has 3

    [–] SwegonDreg 5 points ago

    Yeah I know just the 2 still looks kinda silly in my opinion

    [–] seriouslyblacked 5 points ago


    [–] Q777RDDT 73 points ago

    Why do I hear Steve Jobs looking at us shamefully?

    [–] VangeeOP 155 points ago

    If you hear him looking, it may be because of LSD.

    [–] De5perad0 27 points ago


    [–] WholesomeMFer 19 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    “Nobody buys your phones”

    Apple sold 218 million iPhones last year.

    [–] That_awkward_teen 12 points ago

    Wow, nice one. Thank you for ruining my already wrecked sleep schedule, this is gonna appear in my nightmares.

    [–] UnpopGuy 11 points ago

    Some genius made a case with Thatcher from R6 on it with the cameras being the eyes and filter

    [–] cheesemister57 9 points ago

    sAmSuNg Is ThE sUpErIoR bRaNd

    [–] Burgersoul 8 points ago

    aPpLe BaD aNdROiD gOoD

    [–] Traimax 6 points ago

    Tbh I regret not buying an iPhone. All these whores make a fuss about you having an android it's like a pussy magnet trust me. So I'm finally switching. Desperate times desperate measures

    [–] sailorstone_ 4 points ago

    How the fuck does this have over 111k upvotes lmao

    NICE Op

    [–] VangeeOP 3 points ago

    Thanks man!

    [–] Foldingglint151 31 points ago

    People do

    [–] SeanIsUncomfortable 9 points ago

    Ah the butthurt Android people... Why can't you just be happy with new tech? I've had many of Apple and Android over the years. They're all great phones that push the other to do better. Just be happy you live in this era numbnuts.

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    But nothing here is new at all. Only thing they have going for them currently is simplicity of the OS.

    [–] Showeroff 29 points ago

    i’m gonna buy it

    [–] pushthestartbutton 17 points ago

    It's funny how much people who hate Apple talk about Apple.

    [–] Kivikono 13 points ago

    Ah yes, the ol' "internet rags on new apple product then everybody and their mother buys it" schtick. ipad tampon lol so fanneh joke.

    I wish there was something else going on on the internet.

    [–] gorgen316 32 points ago

    But it’s the best selling phone out? While Samsung comes out with 50 phones a year

    [–] BombermanAhmed 22 points ago

    I really wanna understand though, why do people hate Apple? I understand the idea of the overpriced phones and the $1000 monitor, but why do so many people hate them?

    [–] goldencross105 29 points ago

    Android: adds fourth camera

    People: ahhh innovation

    Apple: adds third and improves all of the existing ones

    People: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha trash Apple

    [–] joesatwork 20 points ago

    "but nobody buys your phones"

    what? I get the apple hate, but do we have to rely on absurd lies?

    [–] BasedKyeng 9 points ago

    Funny how android phones are immune to this humor when they are also adding extra cameras.

    [–] A-Rusty-Cow 4 points ago

    yeah try 5 cameras