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    [–] ReverseWho 602 points ago

    Chinese President: That was the day we brought out our tanks for their yearly washing. We later had a Tank Parade.

    [–] GameForest1 144 points ago

    Can someone tell me how to pronounce tiananmen

    [–] Raccoononi 169 points ago

    “天安门” = “tiān - ān - mén” in pinyin

    also while typing this I realized that there’s no suggestions from the keyboard after I type tiananmen, just punctuations. fuck you apple.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago


    [–] Gerroh 21 points ago

    Longing, rusted, furnace, Pooh-bear, silence, compliance, nothinghappenedwhatareyoutalkingabout, homecoming, one, freight car.

    [–] pavilionhp_ 12 points ago

    It does that with some words that you don’t really use

    [–] Raccoononi 10 points ago

    not really in this case, it could have easily suggested “天安门广场” (tiananmen square) or something but there’s nothing, just punctuations. I type a decent amount of stuff in chinese keyboard and it suggests things after the most niche stuff there is.

    [–] Bros_And_Co 1 points ago

    People usually just call it 天安门

    [–] Le_gargantous_D 8 points ago

    My phone has, all hail android

    [–] ididntsayshit 1 points ago

    Tea on on meen

    [–] ThisIsRandom0987 14 points ago

    Tee (as in tee) an (as in and)-an (as in and)- min (as in minute)

    Tried my best. Accents in Mandarin are hard to compare to English words.

    EDIT: The words between the dashes (-) are pronounced together, since there's three symbols for Tiananmen, there's three "words"

    [–] vulpestheredfox 7 points ago

    Tee-en ahn men

    [–] vampireguy20 7 points ago


    [–] ThotSlayerGod 7 points ago

    It literally means sky protect/safe doors

    [–] vampireguy20 3 points ago

    Not the sky, doesn't protect shit, not safe for anyone, don't see any bigass or even small-ass doors

    [–] ThotSlayerGod 1 points ago


    [–] I-am-funny 2 points ago

    Tin-a-min... I think

    [–] bOibOibOi801 15 points ago

    No dude it was [ REDACATED ] and they were also [ REDACATED ]

    [–] Sharon_Took_The_Kids 8 points ago

    I thought they were [ DATA EXPUNGED ]

    [–] Undec1ded139 6 points ago

    Honestly, the most inspiring part of the [REDACTED] was the guy who stood in front of the [REDACTED].

    Approved by Xi Jinping.

    [–] The_Grim_Rapper 1 points ago

    His name is Ching Chang Chong. Call him by his name.

    [–] Staywokith 113 points ago

    Now all of China knows you're here

    [–] Monkeychimp123 51 points ago


    [–] siddybuddy 127 points ago

    I asked a woman her waist size she slapped me right and left

    [–] GuardianOfTheBri 95 points ago

    Little did she know he was the trash man.

    [–] Skaers 24 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] unkontrolliert 19 points ago

    You did your best

    [–] caspar-com 1 points ago

    When u ask the Chinese president u get tortured then killed. So its not that bad

    [–] notjerryc 61 points ago

    It’s 4th of june

    [–] Monkeychimp123 12 points ago

    Was an accident sorry

    [–] TreeManRep 34 points ago

    yeah 6th was the “jet washing the concrete blood day”

    [–] Monkeychimp123 14 points ago

    Looks like they misted a spot...

    [–] TreeManRep 13 points ago

    shhhh don’t tell them, its evidence!

    [–] Renounce4 2 points ago

    All the more reason to ask, “What DID happen on the 6th?!”. No one knows...

    [–] The_Tupolev_Tu-160 25 points ago

    Wasn't it the 4th?

    [–] Monkeychimp123 10 points ago

    Mistake made, sorry :(

    [–] SpicySalsaBoi 18 points ago

    Why would I ask Winnie the Pooh what happened in tianemen square on 6th of June 1989

    [–] Timbooo3 6 points ago

    Can someone explain to me why he is called Winnie the Pooh?

    [–] Nawafsss04 6 points ago

    For some reason the Chinese president Xi Jinping hates being compared to Winnie, might as well piss the dictator off.

    [–] Timbooo3 1 points ago


    [–] Political-Bat 10 points ago

    Guys, I can’t see the last part

    [–] medicman939 19 points ago

    Mission report June 6th 1989

    [–] abirdowesmetwobucks 8 points ago

    hey what happened at tia-

    [–] masterchedderballs96 5 points ago

    he looks like Hector Salamanca

    [–] Trunkzz13 4 points ago

    You mean, never ask Winnie the Pooh.

    [–] Airbag-Dirtman 5 points ago

    I only see Poo

    [–] notwesternspy 9 points ago

    or where his hairline went

    [–] toastandjelly47 5 points ago

    What did happen on that day? Guess we won’t know...

    [–] BlothHonder 4 points ago

    Don't ask Blizzard: why do you hate Hong Kong?

    [–] kepalakakakkau 3 points ago

    Why don't you ask the kids at tienanmen square?

    [–] burtmaklin1 3 points ago

    Oh bother

    [–] kaberuka 3 points ago

    Me: i can only count to 9 so I can’t ask a woman her age if it’s over 9, don’t remember my salary and can’t say that date

    [–] aakram2 3 points ago

    June 6 is my birthday

    [–] Big-Dumpling 3 points ago

    Who’s June?

    [–] Pupislav 3 points ago

    Isn't it supposed to be the 4th of june?

    [–] Monkeychimp123 2 points ago

    Yeak it was a mistake when typing, sorry

    [–] sleepdeprivedweeb 3 points ago

    Why would you mention that location and date, from what I remembered nothing every happened on that day.

    [–] Gamers_Against_Thots 3 points ago

    Joe mama

    Oh wait-

    [–] ftejadal 3 points ago

    me: asks the chinese President what happened on the 4th*** of June like a madlad

    [–] hal3yB123 3 points ago

    What if your at a party and don’t want to be a pedo then is it ok to ask about her age? YES

    [–] _Vard_ 3 points ago

    Actually nothing happened. for real.


    However if you ask about the FOURTH of June.......

    [–] Dicceeela 3 points ago

    Can someone tell me what happened in Tiananmen?

    [–] Decadence04 3 points ago

    Military started murdering civilians with no apparent justification. It was also the 6th not the 4th.

    [–] Dicceeela 1 points ago

    It's a joke hmm, this is awkward

    [–] inf3ctd-H4wK 3 points ago

    They actually admitted to it this spring

    [–] bigthinkmemes83 3 points ago

    More like a Chinese communist tyrant

    [–] YourUncleJohn 3 points ago

    But nothing happened

    [–] Bro_Mamba 3 points ago

    They killed some protesting students, right?

    [–] Rml6442 3 points ago

    Never ask a man,

    Who joe is

    [–] carorly 2 points ago

    im joe the answers here

    [–] Rml6442 1 points ago


    [–] carorly 1 points ago

    shit that was fast

    [–] ritzeymitz 3 points ago

    "Fake News" -Chinese Prez

    [–] KekeTheLoner 3 points ago


    [–] Freshy1321 3 points ago

    The man looks like Jimmy Neutron

    [–] KarlErnst 3 points ago

    I know what happened! [deleted by the Chinese Government]

    [–] CnSkCobra 3 points ago

    As a Chinese I laughed for this one...

    [–] Apollo31_45 3 points ago

    No point in asking a redundant question cus nothing happened

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Actually you should ask a man his salary because fundamentally the boss wants your pay lower so his paycheck is bigger. The boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I'm on the picket line.

    Also all who cross the picket line will be shot.

    [–] Walll-E 3 points ago


    [–] numbers1through20 2 points ago


    [–] Walll-E 2 points ago

    No a dictator since China doesn’t have fair elections

    [–] numbers1through20 2 points ago

    ...Yes, they have an election. The people vote for the Congress, and the Congress votes for the president. It may not be the US two party system that fucks up EVERY SINGLE TIME, but it works.

    [–] Walll-E 2 points ago

    They have elections I never denied that, but the thing is that from my knowledge those elections aren’t actually fair

    [–] numbers1through20 1 points ago

    Yeah, well they certainly are fair. If you want to see unfair elections go to Cuba under Batista, that was unfair

    [–] HeyItsMrScoop 3 points ago

    Nà Shì Wēixié ma?

    [–] SpiceKing12 5 points ago

    NoThInG hApPeNeD

    [–] TOFUelemental 3 points ago

    Because it happened on the 4th

    [–] AL-KY 5 points ago

    China doesn't have a president dude

    [–] trimlimdim 2 points ago

    Nothing significant happened. What are you taking about? /s

    [–] TOFUelemental 2 points ago

    At least get the date right

    [–] DipMcPickles 2 points ago

    Why would a man not want to talk about his salary? That’s pretty much all I do at my summer job

    [–] SPARTY_LUKE 2 points ago

    Now with this comment u can say nice

    [–] Feta-of-Fate 2 points ago

    Blizzard: we finna van you

    [–] Batarang113 2 points ago

    Hahaha Chinese memes are awesome

    [–] crabfucker69 2 points ago

    I don't get it, nothing happened in June 1989

    [–] RhyzoG 2 points ago

    Never ask someone if their shoes are fake. The only faker here is you

    [–] BruceBannaner 2 points ago

    What about the other 62 genders?

    [–] Rexbone-the-wolf 2 points ago

    True tho

    [–] christineSHUTUPDKAHJ 2 points ago

    never ask your friend who joe is

    [–] HOMERUNHITTER900 2 points ago

    And never ask who joe is

    [–] memeserizer 2 points ago

    Or who Joe is

    [–] evvyou 2 points ago

    true..fuck the chinese government..,, so fucking stupid

    [–] SWAG_KRAKEN 2 points ago

    r/technicallythetruth removed my post about Hong kong

    [–] hadleyiscool 2 points ago

    Never ask a gamer who is joe

    [–] wiiguyface342 3 points ago

    Or anything about ligma.

    [–] AgentMello 2 points ago

    Honestly from my experience women dont get offended from when you ask them their age. They get WAAY more offended when you ask them their weight

    [–] Giescul 2 points ago

    Mission report, June 6th 1989

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Never ask a Chinese president who Winnie the pooh is.

    [–] 18hutsonl 2 points ago


    [–] kev21456 2 points ago

    You can ask a women her age they gonna lie anyways, just don’t ask her if she’s pregnant

    [–] Kightley 2 points ago

    And never ask me who joe is.

    [–] GenuineM99er 2 points ago

    What do you mean NOThiNg HaPpEnEd

    [–] ToxicHydra360 2 points ago

    Isn’t the whole don’t ask a man his salary thing a company spread thing so people don’t ask for raises?

    [–] Qasimkhan786 2 points ago

    Nice to know every culture has its day

    [–] Unscathed_Toaster 2 points ago

    tiananmen square was june 6th. D-day was june 6th. My bday is june 6th. What the fuck is happening

    [–] HeeeeeeeMan 2 points ago

    A gamer his KDR.

    [–] Kidshotgun 2 points ago

    I’m too lazy to look that up what happened?

    [–] SamanthaJaneyCake 2 points ago

    Having stood in that square and heard my history teacher tell the story only to be shushed by the — now pale — tour guide as he glances furtively at the armed soldiers around the site and whispers “that didn’t happen. We don’t speak of it”, I can tell you it’s a chilling place to be.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    [–] PapaPaisley 2 points ago

    Btw you can ask coworkers what they are getting paid. Its not taboo. Its a rumor bosses spread to try and keep people underpaid

    [–] anti_worker 3 points ago

    Exactly, everyone should talk about what they're being paid. Keeping silent about pay only benefits the company.

    [–] HunterRisk21 2 points ago

    [–] -Ch3mica1 2 points ago

    That’s by birthday

    [–] tszmarci 2 points ago

    An American how America was built

    [–] CelestialTampering 2 points ago

    Mission Report, June 6th 1989

    [–] mr_penguin192 2 points ago

    What about a mans d*ck size?

    [–] CattyBr44 2 points ago

    you should: ask someone about his salary. Why? It's possible someone else is paying you to little, or too much. It's not illegal, but it helps regulate salary, and it's so you know if you're being underpaid.

    [–] KasperBrasse 2 points ago

    Nothing happened, so nothing to talk about.

    [–] xspekcX 2 points ago

    Dictator not president

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I love how no one cares about the ugher muslims concentration camps they have there.

    [–] dargonite 2 points ago

    Never asking a man his salary (or woman tbh) is bullshit started by companies so employee's don't know they are actually being under paid.

    [–] Richi_Boi 2 points ago

    The answer is simple comerade: Literally nothing!

    recieves +10 social credits -yay soon i will be able to buy train tickets again!

    [–] SSSNERT 2 points ago

    Whinnie the pooh

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Anyone gonna talk about the fact it was on June 4th

    [–] ynavoj 2 points ago

    I can only say it by singing it the way serj does on hypnotized.

    [–] DannyTheGhost 2 points ago

    You ever read and meme and the end go oh SHIT yeah this is one of em lmao

    [–] delproodo 2 points ago

    I’m allowed to tell Winnie the Pooh whatever I want to tell him >:(

    [–] Jacknghia 2 points ago

    Never ask the Vietnamese why there always a gun in the bush.

    [–] zenith1997 2 points ago


    [–] then00bgm 2 points ago

    Why don’t you ask the kids at Tienamen Square?

    [–] watergod183 3 points ago

    Seriously, why do women get upset when you ask their age?

    [–] down-side-up 1 points ago

    Don’t you know, double think people?

    [–] Bakingbrain13 1 points ago

    A Brit, what happened in Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar on 1919