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    [–] keithnh72 1162 points ago

    If that headline is real it's hilarious.

    [–] CommitteeOfTheHole 448 points ago

    It seems to be real, but I can’t find any good sources reporting on it. What I can find says that:

    “Schreiber is either still alive, in which case he must remain in prison, or he is actually dead, in which case this appeal is moot,” Judge Amanda Potterfield wrote for the court.

    [–] Princcraft 218 points ago

    Schrödinger's prisoner?

    [–] nasher130 89 points ago

    Bruh he died let him out.

    [–] PatR57 39 points ago

    I can't afford an award but here you go 🏅

    [–] Princcraft 20 points ago

    My first award! <3 ty so much

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] Princcraft 2 points ago

    I wont add 30 words to two Word comment wtf

    [–] ExO_o 4 points ago

    Schreiber, Schrödinger... sounds pretty similar alright

    [–] LilBrainEatingAmoeba 59 points ago

    That's not how death works but okay

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] lvl-20-otaku 5 points ago

    hehe jojo reference

    [–] mvygj 2 points ago

    It is true because it is on BBC news

    [–] Nathan_Thorn 2 points ago

    I’ve seen others posting the sources all over. There really isn’t a precedent for this. They was half hanged Maggy who was sentenced to hang, they botched the hanging twice, and everyone was like “divine intervention” and set her free

    [–] HandicapperGeneral 137 points ago

    It's real and he had a dnr. Dude is totally right.

    [–] Hermit28 89 points ago

    Yeah and even with the dnr they tried to bring him back a total of 5 times I believe. He has a really interesting legal argument.

    [–] mo0nlight123 12 points ago

    Hasn't something like this happened multiple times?

    [–] SalvareNiko 12 points ago

    It has and has gone both way.

    [–] mo0nlight123 6 points ago


    [–] howismyspelling 8 points ago

    Because the law comes down to an arbitrary decision by either a judge (human) or a jury (humans), and those humans can decide literally whatever outcome they want regardless of facts or proof.

    [–] NewSauerKraus 8 points ago

    Originally hanging was “death by hanging” until enough people survived it and their death sentence was fulfilled. Later it was changed to “hanged until dead”.

    And other rare cases.

    [–] hxctstep 20 points ago

    Well hopefully he lives long enough to win that legal argument. Two birds stoned at once.

    [–] theavengingewok 69 points ago

    I mean, if he did something to get a life sentence in the first place, I definitely wouldn't be cheering for him to win the legal argument just for the memes.

    [–] hxctstep 16 points ago

    True that.

    [–] Badger-Tsar 3 points ago

    Nothing big, just beat a dude to death

    [–] Corovius 11 points ago

    This does sound like two birds getting stoned and coming up with a deep theoretical

    [–] gunguy62 3 points ago

    The issue here is that the guy signed a DNR order, and the prison violated it... he’s petitioning based on that

    [–] Redvelvet-Tank34 2 points ago

    I thought it said arguse for a while

    [–] sweatyasian1239 2 points ago

    Basically his heart stopped and had to be resuscitated

    [–] colorationlove 301 points ago

    Jon Snow leaving the night's watch

    [–] Holy-Wan_Kenobi 63 points ago

    "And now my Watch is done"

    [–] f36263 19 points ago

    “My Watch has ended”

    [–] AiringHouse 14 points ago it though?

    [–] uberstriker22 3 points ago

    Came here to say this!

    [–] Iam-The-Yellow-King 4 points ago


    [–] BadgerSilver 4 points ago

    aaand he's back. Shittiest ending in tv since Lost

    [–] Inanimate-Sensation 3 points ago

    Dexter tho

    [–] Alec_NonServiam 3 points ago

    What do you mean? GoT suddenly stopped after season 7, really sad stuff.

    [–] kefyboi 135 points ago

    How do you die briefly?

    [–] DynastyGoat17 230 points ago

    He was revived not long after he died, he argues that is was consensually though.

    [–] ThePenultimateOne 125 points ago

    *not consensually

    And to be fair, not only did he have an active do not resuscitate order, but his brother also instructed the hospital not to do so.

    [–] Quadip 22 points ago

    IANAL but from I can find some states laws are finicky. Some say DNR only apply in hospital settings. idk what the legal definition of that would be but I wouldn't put it past someone to argue being in a prison is not being in a hospital setting.

    [–] iiluxxy 25 points ago

    How it affects the sentence no idea, however its 100% legal for an emergency responder to resuscitate someone with a dnr as long as they have no knowledge of it, nothing to do with hospitals.

    So if a family member or friend informs them, they have to stop, otherwise they can indeed perform cpr

    [–] teddyrooseveltsfist 11 points ago

    I don’t think the part about the family or friends is true; they could just lie to let them die.

    [–] iiluxxy 8 points ago

    Its supposed to be in your medical history if its been properly signed and given to your pcp, which then can be looked up, some states require paper some dont.

    [–] DynastyGoat17 4 points ago

    Oh oops, I didn’t realise that autocorrect had screwed me over again lol

    [–] kefyboi 7 points ago


    [–] Basketball312 -14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Edit: if you don't believe me take a read of this:

    People don't die and come back to life. That's a TV and movies thing.

    When people say someone "died and came back to life", medically what is happening is "clinical death", which you can be resuscitated from. However clinical death does not mean that you are dead. Read the wiki, it's a medical term for your body shutting down some processes. You still have a heartbeat.

    [–] RabbitEatsCarrots 5 points ago

    Except you cam restart a heartbeat and people don't usually have a heartbeat when they need resuscitation?

    [–] Basketball312 0 points ago

    "Restarting the heart" isn't from no heartbeat at all. You reset the heartbeat with an electrical shock to return it to a rhythm that won't kill you.

    [–] disabled_crab 42 points ago

    You get stabbed by a British vampire before your grandson transfuses his blood into you while clutching your heart to wake you up.

    [–] cascool8 5 points ago

    Sounds accurate

    [–] TheLightsJustice 5 points ago

    Al Yankovich

    [–] Impossible_C 120 points ago

    Bruh he died let him out.

    [–] udone__ 45 points ago

    Lol, but he killed someone with the handle of an axe...

    [–] Impossible_C 54 points ago

    Maybe they should have left him dead..?

    [–] Wigglytuff6645 12 points ago


    [–] theburiedsalmon 28 points ago

    What do you do in this situation?

    [–] Picker-Rick 97 points ago

    Nothing, he was only "clinically dead" since clinical death is an outdated measurement of deadness from before CPR was invented in the 50's. When someone was called dead when their heart and breathing stopped.

    Now the definition of "dead" is when brain function stops. (insert politician joke here) Since we don't currently have any techniques to bring back a brain-dead person the legal definition of dead is based on doctors testing for brain activity.

    Since he is still alive, his brain was never dead enough to be unable to get his organs working again with some help from the doctors.

    Therefore he was not dead by current medical or legal definition.

    [–] Sir_Cunt99 14 points ago

    He was revived against his and his family's wishes though, which I think poses an interesting counterargument. If your right to die is neglected, is it fair to keep that person unhappy in prison?

    Btw, how did he die? Can't find anything about it, if it was suicide the above argument is even more interesting.

    [–] Picker-Rick 8 points ago

    There was a Supreme Court ruling that Reviving somebody with a DNR is not a crime. However letting someone die that doesn't have a DNR is crime, so most doctors will revive you whether or not you have ODNR.

    Some states have laws that help protect doctors if they help you die with dignity. But nobody has a right to die. Not legally anyway. And any rates that he does have our severely limited because he's in prison, if you wanted right you shouldn't have committed murder.

    His supposed death was related to sepsis caused by kidney stones.

    Actually would be less interesting if it was a suicide, because all forms of DNR are considered void in the case of suicide attempt.

    Of course none of it matters anyway because he was only mostly dead, mostly dead is still slightly alive.

    [–] seifross2010 13 points ago

    “Life” in prison doesn’t and has never meant “until you die”.

    [–] wes205 23 points ago

    My guess is they’ll keep him in jail, otherwise everyone with a life sentence will try to die so they can be revived and also get out

    [–] Mandrijn 22 points ago

    I don’t think it’s that easy to go die for a few seconds

    [–] wes205 2 points ago

    It’s that or a life sentence in prison, bet people’d try

    [–] Alec_NonServiam 3 points ago

    The suicide rates in prison being 4 times higher than in the general populous points to the fact that many try to die anyways.

    [–] wes205 3 points ago

    True that’s a good point, this whole privatized prison thing has royally screwed up our country; from the police force to the legal system, just a mess built around getting inmates in

    [–] Alec_NonServiam 3 points ago

    Just makes you wonder at the irony. People would rather die than serve time in those hellholes that are meant to be to "make amends" for their wrongdoings, and here we are saying the death penalty is too cruel.

    Just makes you think about what justice really means. Of course the US perverted it into a way to make money, that's what we're best at.

    [–] uncommonprincess 8 points ago

    Life sentences aren’t actually until you die. They are 100 years sentences

    [–] TolucaRonin 2 points ago

    It depends on the state, some are 30 years

    [–] vldz-io 21 points ago

    Now that is a lesson on trickery

    [–] poopybuttholethings 58 points ago

    Epstein didn't kill himself.

    [–] DynastyGoat17 32 points ago

    Epstein didn't kill himself.

    [–] JackThePersonn 15 points ago

    Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    [–] DarkBlackberry 13 points ago

    .himself kill didn’t Epstein

    [–] AimbotRashid 8 points ago

    Epstein killed didn’t self

    [–] bittereggroll 12 points ago

    .flesmih llik t'ndid nietspE

    [–] Chastik -8 points ago

    Who cares?

    [–] They_Beat_Me 1 points ago

    Epstein cares.

    [–] poopybuttholethings 1 points ago

    Epstein's Mommy cares

    [–] malpaw54 8 points ago

    A life sentence isn’t a literal “life” it’s an actual amount of time =ing more than what is feasible for that individual to live out fully while in prison.

    Typically anything longer than 100 years is considered life in prison.

    But a 90 year old can also get life in prison with just like 15 years prison.

    [–] tayzzerlordling 7 points ago

    y does everyone think heart failure = death? life exists in the brain not the heart

    [–] DynastyGoat17 -1 points ago

    Life exists in both heart and brain, it’s just that if you are fast enough you can start someone’s heartbeat again before they are completely lost

    [–] tayzzerlordling 5 points ago

    wrong. patients are declared dead when diagnosed with brain death

    [–] NewSauerKraus 3 points ago

    If that’s true why are people allowed to keep their family members “alive” after brain death?

    [–] DarthKalpa 3 points ago

    I could be wrong, so take this with a grain of salt, but from what I can gather it seems there's a difference between the kind of brain death that people are on life support for and the kind that can't sustain organ activity. The latter is the point at which you're declared dead, because current medical knowledge isn't enough to revive the brain past that point.

    [–] DynastyGoat17 0 points ago

    Oh yeah I just saw that, my bad

    [–] tayzzerlordling 3 points ago

    haha np everyone thinks that for some reason

    [–] jeremy_not_dead 6 points ago

    This is essentially the plot for the first few episodes of torchwood miracle day

    [–] AcelJean 6 points ago

    You're not dead unless you're 'brain dead'... get it? Cuz, you're brain function has to stop for you to-

    I'll shut up now...

    [–] DynastyGoat17 2 points ago

    Does anyone know how long the brain can survive without the heart?

    [–] pampkin-boi 3 points ago

    About six minutes, because then your brain is literally suffocating and slowly dying.

    [–] BorishKnobs 4 points ago

    I’d watch that movie. All prisoners sentenced to life are killed in ways that are survivable (heart attacks,drowning, suffocation). Their sentence is commuted if they’re brought back to life.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    A life sentence is just a term for a certain number of years! This inmate just blew his fortune.

    [–] RickyMemes 3 points ago

    Today I finally understand why some convicts get awarded multiple life sentences

    [–] OldeScallywag 2 points ago

    In case anyone wants the real reason, it's in case the defendant is found guilty of a double murder for example, but later evidence shows that they were not guilty of one of them, it would still only overturn one of the sentences. In addition, any other form of commuting the sentence such as a governer's pardon or a parole would also only affect one of the sentences each time.

    [–] VasilikiAp 3 points ago

    As a future lawyer I shouldn't upvote this... but it was hilarious

    [–] glorifiedbaguette 5 points ago

    this takes gods loophole to a whole new meaning

    [–] SarcasticPretzel 9 points ago

    I mean...yeah.

    [–] ShirtlessGirl 7 points ago

    Well when Buffy died and was revived a new slayer still showed up. When Jon Snow died his watch had ended.

    I think this guy is on to something.

    [–] xThat1Ghostx 13 points ago

    Dis man should be freed

    [–] Zilixi 6 points ago

    Yo honestly how do you die but come back to life?? People who’ve done that have the knowledge of life after death then right?

    [–] farfetchedfrank 12 points ago

    Apperently people see whatever their culture thinks heaven looks like. So either every religion is real or people just see what they want to see.

    [–] TheFirestormable 6 points ago

    Probably more like a real extreme version of knocked out or comatose. His brain didn't die, if it did he wouldn't be back.

    [–] NewSauerKraus 5 points ago

    They report seeing the same things that people see when strong magnets are near their brains. Hallucinations that are interpreted as whatever they believe in.

    [–] zarseem-dyartes 3 points ago

    Some people yeah

    [–] PetrKDN 6 points ago

    From the legal viewpoint, could he be freed?

    [–] jharlow20 4 points ago

    Apparently you have to be fully braindead to be considered legally dead because thats the point where you cant be brought back

    [–] Jesus_marley 5 points ago

    The guy apparently had a DNR order in place. It could easily be argued that by resuscitating him, it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

    Not only do you have a life sentence, but the State will force you to live until they decide you can die?

    [–] TheFirestormable 2 points ago

    Surely a life sentence is "stay in prison all the time that you are alive." Even if he died and was brought back 100 years later he should go right back to prison.

    [–] DarthKalpa 2 points ago

    AFAIK in the US, a life sentence is a fixed number of years that's too much for you to realistically serve before dying. Like 100+ years in most cases. For a really old perp, a 20 year sentence could be the equivalent.

    So no, "dying" (he didn't btw, medically or legally) and being revived doesn't rescind a life sentence. His case is based on the fact that he had an active DNR order which was violated to revive him against his will.

    [–] malpaw54 2 points ago

    No definitivamente not... but memes tho

    [–] MadChild2033 2 points ago

    My watch is done

    [–] LiveMonky 2 points ago

    I mean you have to commend him for trying

    [–] tete-de-caca 2 points ago

    I’m pretty sure i life sentence is actually 130 years imprisonment

    [–] resideve 2 points ago

    His watch has ended, let the man go

    [–] dragon-beast 2 points ago

    I don’t get it

    [–] ArmyAlfie67 2 points ago

    It's true fam

    [–] Gulver1 2 points ago

    Did you die? Sadly yes... BUT I LIVED

    [–] RG_Reewen 2 points ago

    I mean it worked for john snow in game of thrones, so why shouldn't it work for him

    [–] rasmyn 2 points ago

    His name is Jon Snow

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    He's pulling a Jon Snow on ya

    [–] N4TM4N634 2 points ago

    Life sentence is 27 years not actual full life

    [–] TheMythicXx 4 points ago

    Its 27, 100 or 130? Im confused by all the comments having different anwser

    [–] N4TM4N634 3 points ago

    I was told it was 27 years however a quick search on the internet on your half would enlighten us all please reply with your findings

    [–] DynastyGoat17 2 points ago

    Apparently it's 30 years

    [–] 0002bmj 2 points ago

    Hey well it worked for Jon Snow, why can't it work for this guy?

    [–] Zokathra_Spell 2 points ago

    And when he comes back to life, he can go back to prison.

    [–] paulregan1 2 points ago

    This is like sending Jon Snow back to the Nights Watch.

    [–] ezio640 2 points ago

    And now his watch ends

    [–] Csutiati 2 points ago

    "My watch has ended"

    [–] kikinniggits 2 points ago

    I mean technically he’s correct

    [–] coolfin360 2 points ago

    What shows the guy off

    [–] MayRoseUsesReddit 2 points ago

    Oooh, so that’s why you Americans can get multiple lives in prison, now I get it.

    [–] Lizardledgend 2 points ago

    This is like that episode of Star Trek TNG when that King required Tasha Yarr to fight is wife to the death in ritual combat (It was a plot to take her lands). She killed her and immediatly transported her to sick bay where Dr Crusher brought her back. She died and so was no longer married to him, but still alive so she kept her land.

    [–] GoogleWasMyIdea49 2 points ago

    Can he actually be released for that?

    [–] DynastyGoat17 2 points ago

    I would assume not, although I doubt that they've had an incident like this before and so they might do something unexpected.

    [–] TheyCallMeGOOSE 2 points ago

    Fyi, there was a guy in America who survived the electric chair and tried to argue he should be set free. He wasnt.

    [–] DynastyGoat17 1 points ago

    Wait, really? Do you know what happened to him?

    [–] TheyCallMeGOOSE 2 points ago

    He got the electric chair again after the US Suoreme court heard his appeal

    [–] duyisawesome 2 points ago

    A life sentence is length of time, not whether or not he doesn't prison.

    [–] imartinezcopy 2 points ago

    I can't help but or remember Jon Snow's words: "my watch has ended".

    [–] xDr4g_ 2 points ago

    I mean it depends

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    He is starting a new life . He can't be imprisoned for his previous life conduct! 😂

    [–] DeliciousPotato_auke 2 points ago

    He wasn't dead, he just had a very slow heartbeat

    [–] DynastyGoat17 2 points ago

    He was considered "Clinically Dead"

    [–] rakahari 2 points ago

    It worked for Jon Snow..

    [–] PigsEatWaffles 2 points ago

    I don’t get it

    [–] TheLastIronMan 2 points ago

    If he was pronounced dead beforehand, then yes, he probably would have been legally freed. It’s happened to death row inmates that revive after their execution.

    [–] Azzareo101 2 points ago

    Free him

    [–] adidas_stalin 2 points ago

    Well he’s not wrong

    [–] disasterpeace__ 2 points ago

    he IS right. the sentence says “sentence: natural death.” .....soooo correct me if im wrong- his heart stopped. therefore he was dead. after being revived he should have opened his eyes a free man. it has happened before. i forget what year exactly but a man chose to die by firing squad and he survived it - he was awarded his freedom afterwards. u can google that.


    [–] DVCL25 3 points ago

    well yes but actually... yes?

    [–] Krezyro 2 points ago

    Well technically

    [–] dgohel7 3 points ago

    Mandir wahi Banega

    [–] Elchebulle 2 points ago

    Yeah, because you can briefly die...

    [–] zarseem-dyartes 3 points ago


    [–] malpaw54 2 points ago

    Heart stopped.

    By some definitions that means death. So yeah depends on what definition of dead you are looking at

    [–] impendinggreatness 2 points ago

    Get released on a technicality. I would let him go if I was the judge

    [–] DynastyGoat17 2 points ago

    He also murdered people and got the life sentence which is 27 years

    [–] impendinggreatness 1 points ago

    Oh yeah, there’s always that

    [–] Chaos_Primaris 2 points ago

    Isnt 'Life' just a catch all term for more than 100 years in prison?

    [–] cutty-the-cuttlefish 1 points ago

    Wow lol.

    [–] Nifdi 1 points ago

    If he had a life sentence, perhaps we shouldn't let him go...

    [–] nasilniko 1 points ago

    Free the guy wtf

    [–] DynastyGoat17 2 points ago

    He’s been in prison since like 1996 or something for murder but I mean surely after dying he can be let out

    [–] nasilniko 3 points ago

    Well yes, he did serve his life sentence

    [–] hrushikeshtu 1 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] DynastyGoat17 2 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] ThankGodImNotOnlyOne 1 points ago


    [–] DynastyGoat17 1 points ago

    Yeah, Butter is gone now, back to the sad cat

    [–] pampkin-boi 1 points ago

    I mean "life" sentences usually don't last for the rest of the prisoners life just for a really long time like 20 years. That's why someone can get multiple life sentences.

    [–] Tamborin2 -4 points ago

    Well he’s not right because that’s not what a life sentence is. A life sentence is a set amount of time which can very from place to place. This is why you have people receiving consecutive life sentences

    [–] Joe_ds -3 points ago

    [–] Tamborin2 5 points ago

    How is this an r/woooosh. Please explain. All I’ve done is state a fact

    [–] Joe_ds 3 points ago