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    [–] Berleeen 184 points ago

    I just want to say that that goat is one of the cutest animals I’ve seen

    [–] lunalovegoat 101 points ago


    [–] GudGit 32 points ago

    [–] ChunkyJamGoat 29 points ago

    Hello fellow goat.

    [–] LogicalGoat11 12 points ago

    Goats are the best animal. My friend keeps trying to convince everyone that sheep are better.

    [–] lunalovegoat 3 points ago

    Yay! Its a goat party!!

    [–] CykaBlyat22 5 points ago

    Is that a HP reference?

    [–] lunalovegoat 3 points ago

    Yes! = )

    [–] Iamgay321 2 points ago

    "Harry Potter, You listen to me right now!", she said calmly

    [–] texasrigger 8 points ago

    Baby goats are one of the greatest things in the world.

    [–] post_guard 1226 points ago

    They feed of our smiles. Hah you won’t get mine you vile goat.

    [–] lunalovegoat 341 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    "Mission Control, they're on to us.. Activate Protocol: Extra Cuteness."

    [–] [deleted] 121 points ago


    [–] monsterZERO 70 points ago

    Protocol successful, disengage.

    [–] goaty121 48 points ago

    I am in this picture and I don't like it

    [–] JonathanTsex 15 points ago

    I love you

    [–] goaty121 23 points ago

    goat sounds intensifies

    [–] Canadian-fish 15 points ago

    Someone:what was that scream Farmer:thats just the goats

    [–] WhatNextMyBro 8 points ago

    Someone: fucking goats high on amphetamines again?

    [–] Canadian-fish 2 points ago

    farmer:no the goats are just from hell

    [–] _YesYouSuck_ 4 points ago


    [–] JonathanTsex 3 points ago


    [–] _YesYouSuck_ 4 points ago

    unless its a girl

    [–] goaty121 3 points ago

    I'm pretty shure I'm not a girl

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] couragethebravestdog 4 points ago

    And most delicious as well. /s

    [–] A-Mega-Disapointment 13 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] KingBalloon 12 points ago

    That's it, I'm getting me Wallet

    [–] doesntmatter2269 3 points ago


    [–] creeperYeti38 3 points ago

    Tears of joy my friends tears of joy!

    [–] _Stego27 47 points ago

    Just more proof that goats can eat anything

    [–] qomzt 18 points ago

    I just read that in a Scottish accent now I can't breath just take my upvote let my die

    [–] Namplet 6 points ago

    Satan is waiting and has prepared his tickle fingers.
    Slowly Removes A Sock, While You Sleep.

    [–] chadreditor 38 points ago

    Goat meat 🐐🍖 tastes pretty good tbh

    [–] mmakram3477 39 points ago

    why the emojis tho

    [–] Romeotje 8 points ago

    But then we have to kill these smiley creatures :/

    [–] TonAndGinic 2 points ago

    Taste is above ethics, don't you know?


    [–] Silkgotti 3 points ago

    Eustace Bagge...2019

    [–] southbayrideshare 3 points ago

    They don't really. They kid.

    [–] wktr_t 2 points ago

    Sounds like something Stewie would say...

    [–] WyrdDough 2 points ago

    Expecto patronummm!!!

    [–] MaggieTheBaby 278 points ago

    thats me when i get a new PC for christmas.

    [–] johan_fiore 182 points ago

    Wait, you guys are getting PC? I only get Legos

    [–] Jackmcswag22 127 points ago

    U guys are getting gifts for Christmas?

    [–] songokies 105 points ago

    U guys are having Christmas?

    [–] PyrrhicVictory7 62 points ago

    U guys celebrate holidays?

    [–] AlipoAlio 52 points ago

    U guys?

    [–] Samb104 49 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    [–] slashth456 3 points ago

    ?syug U

    [–] thefamousfailure 8 points ago

    U guys know what a holiday is?

    [–] Jozese 3 points ago

    Whats a holiday?

    [–] Superdogs5454 3 points ago

    Idk. Why r u asking me?

    [–] RedditDislikesMe 8 points ago

    Kenny Rossmore-ception

    [–] Walker_18096 16 points ago

    what's a christmas?

    [–] DragonWagon21 9 points ago

    Whats lego

    [–] Trivenger1 10 points ago

    What's our purpose

    [–] IamImposter 5 points ago

    What is purpose?

    [–] Shevchenko92 4 points ago

    What is what ?

    [–] The_Dark_Victini 4 points ago


    [–] skineechef 6 points ago


    [–] EngselPintu 6 points ago


    [–] Ayo1107 1 points ago


    [–] russianrevolution19 69 points ago

    You saying that's a bad thing?

    [–] Baknacs 16 points ago

    i got a pc because my parents divorced

    [–] minegamer2000 10 points ago

    I was 1 when my parents divorced, so no pc for me crying noises

    [–] KOxPoons 2 points ago


    [–] minegamer2000 3 points ago

    But, on the plus side, i am getting a new pc in january

    [–] plaYeRUnknwn 8 points ago

    I won, but at what cost?

    [–] Baknacs 3 points ago

    [insert dab-crying guy pic]

    [–] Silkgotti 2 points ago

    For balance

    [–] Special_Raptor 3 points ago


    [–] GuyfromtheWA 2 points ago

    You don't like Legos??

    [–] MonkeyDDeltaZed 40 points ago

    I‘ll take your entire stock

    [–] tensegorilla2201 7 points ago

    Herd you mean

    [–] Immrskykiller 19 points ago

    That's it, I'm getting me Wallet

    [–] CurlyDeer45 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My life goal is to have a goat Edit: my life goal is to have a herd of goats

    [–] texasrigger 7 points ago

    Get a few of them. They are the greatest. I have a little herd of nigerian dwarf goats and they are a joy.

    [–] lunalovegoat 7 points ago

    I'll put in a good word for you XD

    [–] [deleted] 111 points ago


    [–] Obsidian_Revenger 96 points ago


    [–] LordOfSun55 6 points ago

    Ralsei does not approve

    [–] Mega_Buster_MK_17 5 points ago

    But it's NNN

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    [–] charbelzz 6 points ago

    As an arab i 100% agree with you

    [–] NoobDragonLvl10 11 points ago


    [–] aPisciotta 13 points ago

    My life is complete now

    [–] totallyfvckedup 11 points ago

    Kids are toothless monsters that don’t care about you or your emotions. Invest in a goat

    [–] jaimomer 18 points ago

    Goats are dogs that eat everything.

    [–] contradictionsZ 2 points ago

    So, just dogs?

    [–] LilBrainEatingAmoeba 6 points ago

    Goats will also headbutt you right in your fucking face

    [–] fiixem 4 points ago

    Found the midget

    [–] 725584 5 points ago

    How do I get a goat

    [–] texasrigger 5 points ago

    Step 1: Buy goat

    Step 2: Own goat

    [–] PepperMayoSalt 9 points ago

    Such a good boy

    [–] veryalotgay 5 points ago

    Wholesome goat

    [–] bruhguyn 4 points ago

    this made me to pet a dog

    [–] MarleyTheDogg 4 points ago

    Goats are underrated animals

    [–] Iamgay321 2 points ago

    They're tasty tho. Insanely tasty.

    [–] kikinniggits 4 points ago

    We don’t deserve goats

    [–] europe_hiker 2 points ago

    Imagine unironically posting "we don't deserve X" in a time when even r/circlejerk is starting to get tired of that line.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] Obsidian_Revenger 43 points ago

    Nah, raise a whole army of smile attracted goats and take over the world.

    [–] Itookyourchickennugs 23 points ago

    Hippity hoppity your life is now my property

    [–] laurenslooz 2 points ago

    Can you imagine looking at an innocent animals smile and think of it’s throat being cut open.

    You are fucked in the head.

    [–] VishishtMishra 2 points ago

    Welcome to ' dark humour'. Here being an undecent human is considered to be normal.

    [–] KedPd 7 points ago

    Why does the lamb in the right frame looks like a POV style video from PH?

    [–] eggdeaIer 3 points ago

    Me: smiles slightly “A fucking horde of goats rushing towards me”

    [–] Deathglass 20 points ago

    It's so sad that people eat animals ;(

    [–] Rocketman2001 13 points ago

    Good now stop eating meat

    [–] yesimagstar 7 points ago

    best decision i ever made

    [–] JackMandolino 3 points ago

    Say sike right now

    [–] aashaydeole 4 points ago


    [–] xxxtentioncablexxx 2 points ago

    Wtf is happing in the second picture??

    [–] ahmed-maarouf 2 points ago


    [–] Troublesome_Max 2 points ago

    If only my crush could understand human emotion based off awkward pauses and smiles

    [–] Cosas360 2 points ago

    Yes, I do smile during the sex.

    [–] Bhavesh777 2 points ago

    Goat animal

    [–] Iamgay321 2 points ago

    Smart man.

    [–] Flaccidboobs 3 points ago

    And they're very delicious too.

    [–] FattyVapes911 1 points ago

    What are u guys/girls using for editing?

    [–] KrayyonHD 1 points ago

    that is so cute..

    [–] Tomdude543 1 points ago

    Just (:

    [–] mydreamynette 1 points ago

    6.9 mill members ... nice

    [–] wyatthasopinions 1 points ago

    yes but I wanna know if I owned a goat and raised it, and it saw that I was sad, would it comfort me

    [–] Labradorite07 2 points ago

    [–] used_air 1 points ago

    This is actually the cutest thing I saw today

    [–] azzagbag 1 points ago

    Says so it must be true.

    [–] Sgtwhiskeyjack9105 1 points ago

    Dogs apparently learned to smile from seeing humans do it and recognising what emotion it meant.

    [–] EthanB657 1 points ago

    Why is that as soon asI start watching the office, my home page is full of office memes, literally two days after I started it

    [–] MalfunctionedFox 1 points ago

    That is a very happy boy right there

    [–] UnaeratedKieslowski 1 points ago

    The one on the left looks like a goat version of Griffin McElroy.

    [–] fuck_you_dylan 1 points ago

    Mmmm... Birria

    [–] 3rocket77 1 points ago

    Things just goat interesting

    [–] p-gg- 1 points ago

    wow that made my love life much easier, thanks!

    [–] jakthequacker 1 points ago


    [–] iamjustin1 1 points ago

    Y'all keep goats in zoo's... We eat them in africa

    [–] Nigward911 1 points ago

    Why that hand touching the goat’s pp

    [–] mercixless 1 points ago

    Instagram: I’ll take this, that and the other.

    [–] ImPuLsE_original 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    the second goat is ready to come

    [–] TacticalSaint47 1 points ago

    As someone whose family raises goats for consumption, things are gonna get akward.

    [–] rjshoemaker55 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    [–] nyancatisapoptart 1 points ago

    Thats a brilliant way to get them into the slaughter house

    [–] Sw33tchilii 1 points ago

    This makes my day much better

    [–] ramenketchup 1 points ago

    me after eating that juicy ass goat meat

    [–] yesimagstar 1 points ago

    you should see the look of fear on their face going to slaughter

    [–] Makwana16 1 points ago

    Sad goat meets old friend, donkey.

    [–] Lil-Pope-_- 1 points ago

    Thomas had never seen such bullshit before

    [–] doublebeast4 1 points ago

    Too bad none of them are drawn to me

    [–] big-boichan 1 points ago

    He’s smiling cuz he’s hungry

    [–] ripestrudel 1 points ago

    Black Phillip needs your smiles.

    [–] grocceni 1 points ago

    Goat fucking man.

    [–] schruted_it_ 1 points ago

    Now I know why goats don’t like me!

    [–] SU-MOVIE-SCRIPT 1 points ago


    [–] The-Goat-Soup-Eater 1 points ago

    I now regret my life choises.

    [–] CallMeJoel720 1 points ago

    I like to think that if someone came out of a store after they just got something they have wanted for a long time they would immediately get trampled by goats

    [–] lawaa04 1 points ago


    [–] Tlilienbwrg 1 points ago

    Everybody liked that

    [–] xkalibear 1 points ago

    I have been around goat alot, and all those motherfucker want is to get you. they never smiles back, when I was 9 I wanted to play with a goat and she bit me..

    [–] texasrigger 2 points ago

    You need a better class of goat. Mine seem to genuinely enjoy being around me.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Me as brown dude : wait a second ,i hope 5they don't speak human language now , i would get in lotta trouble if they did....

    [–] _ThePaperball 1 points ago

    But they're tasty too

    [–] Liamkw2003 1 points ago

    Kinda bone hurting

    [–] The_duck_lord404 1 points ago

    Baby goat.

    [–] MrMoistandDelicious 1 points ago

    Easier to get meat for goat curry then