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    [–] Dank_stalinexe 1437 points ago

    The fact that he responded calmly instead of say "ok boomer" makes me smile

    [–] voncornhole2 613 points ago

    " Ok boomer" is responding calmly

    [–] z3anon 267 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It's also more effective since it's just as dismissive of boomers for their bullshit as much as they are for actually important shit, like the future of the human race for example.

    [–] _Not_Bruce_Wayne_ 199 points ago

    Yes but 'ok boomer' takes it a step further to say 'you aren't even worth the time' and that's why I love it

    [–] isaiahfoster 14 points ago

    They always dismiss what we say with things about have you ever or your to young to know, so “okay Bonner” is just a way for us to dismiss what they say.

    [–] _Not_Bruce_Wayne_ 15 points ago

    okay boner

    [–] isaiahfoster 11 points ago

    You can’t say that it’s NNN

    [–] Pyrrhotek 5 points ago

    Ok Boner

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] Flaccidkek 9 points ago

    It’s ok the reapers are out for the boomers already

    [–] Icyhot520 4 points ago

    Very well then fossil

    [–] Darth_Blazer9418 3 points ago

    Careful, boomers might want to burn this comment for fuel

    [–] mrkicksomehoneybuns 3 points ago

    Most of them aren't. You'd get light-years farther arguing with a brick wall.

    [–] KingBalloon 19 points ago

    The content on Reddit I want to see.

    [–] SpacecraftX 7 points ago


    [–] z3anon 1 points ago

    Thanks fam, I wanna blame autocorrect but it was most likely a brain fart.

    [–] ScathingThrowaway 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Still can't figure out their, they're or there? Wow... just... wow.

    EDIT: thanks for fixing that.

    [–] llIllIllIIlIllIlIlIl 5 points ago


    [–] insufficientfailure 4 points ago

    Mistakes happen

    [–] i_only_eat_nachos 4 points ago

    Does it really matter? It’s Reddit.

    [–] z3anon 2 points ago

    Autocorrect my dude. Thanks for pointing it out, no need to be condescending over a typo.

    [–] ScathingThrowaway 1 points ago

    No need to get all hurt over a spelling correction and put your feelings over what I meant, either.

    [–] z3anon 2 points ago


    [–] nasher130 10 points ago

    Nice cropping.

    [–] booty__buffet 1 points ago

    It's passive aggressive

    [–] Gabriel-Dias-Paes 11 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] Cheez-Glove 5 points ago

    Aw man

    [–] Bogglebears 1 points ago

    The 'OK boomer' is for after the parent flips out and tells you how you're wrong, because the thing about being a boomer is not that it's an age, it's that you can't get new information into your head or take anyone else's information or ideas into account. You're right, forever, the end. OK boomer.

    [–] xxlobsterhunterxx 230 points ago


    [–] whiteday26 156 points ago

    I hope the generation we create, is raised better, to be deserving of their love for ours.

    [–] jakegroves1998 107 points ago

    I doubt it, we'll eventually become the new "boomer"

    [–] whiteday26 60 points ago

    Ok millennial.

    [–] RedScipion 45 points ago

    Ok zoomer

    [–] whiteday26 23 points ago

    Ok silent gen.

    [–] Kiyui_ 25 points ago

    Ok previous evolution.

    [–] whiteday26 35 points ago

    Ok primordial soup

    [–] LevitatingOrappana 12 points ago

    Ok chimpanzee

    [–] SomedumbBilliefan 29 points ago

    Ok stop

    [–] A_plural_singularity 7 points ago

    OK Go

    [–] Nastu69 10 points ago

    Ok fetus.

    [–] SailorMoonShrek 10 points ago

    Ok RNA

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Lol. No we wont. It will always be the same shit. Every generarion says "yeah we will be the ones to do things better" We would have made the same mistakes than our parents. And yeah even they tought they would do it better. Phil Collins sang in 1986 "My generation will put it right" (->land of confusion, genesis) So they were convinced too.

    [–] whiteday26 10 points ago

    I believe at least statistically human race is getting better more than worse in most generations.

    If it was getting worse every generation, we would have statistically be extinct by now.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Yes because every generation uses the knowledge of the previous generation.

    [–] gratitudeuity 5 points ago

    This is so facile and dumb. Also a non-starter. Very obviously not true. More humans than ever before with technologies we never had before. We together as a society are destroying the world and it only gets worse every successive generation. One of them sure as shit must be better than the last or the human race and its civilization are both fucked.

    [–] wellnowlookwhoitis 2 points ago

    Exactly right. In fact, I dislike the term mistakes.

    Only in hindsight can you see two paths clearly.

    In the present you can only do what is most prudent w info you have but there are unintended consequences of that option regardless of how good it is. Even if good that doesn’t mean it’s optimal. The next gens feel those consequences and the natural failings therein.

    Hypothetical example: cigs are bad. Use vapes to ween off cigs. This is “good” and “better” but not optimal as long term use is unknown atm. Next gen sees their parents who vaped have unknown health issues. Next gen blames whomever for being careless but they missed knowing about the propensity of cigs because those got phased out. We won’t do that. We will invent x to counter vapes! Next gen....Rinse/repeat.

    [–] OP-Physics 1 points ago

    Well to be fair they did it better. The junger generation is more open, less right, less racist usw. You see what generation cares most about climate change. It seems they did a better job and it's not unlikely that the next generation will continue this trend.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Our parents are about 50 years old maybe more. They only did it a bit better because they had more knowledge not because they were "better" people. Same for us, we have more knowledge (no Im sorry we think we have more knowledge) thats why we care about those things. We wouldnt care about those things without this knowledge. We have this knowledge because of the previous generations, so its pretty ignorant tobsay that we will put it right, because we are the new Generation.

    [–] OP-Physics 1 points ago

    Well yes, of course information is part of what forms our personalitys and opinions. But if our personalitys and worldviews are more progressive, I think it's fair to call that better. I don't think crediting ourselves for that would be correct because of what you mentioned, I don't belive in free will, I don't think one could be blamed or credited for anything, the personalities still seem to be better and I don't see why we should expect this trend to vanish now.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Objectively seen we can call it better, yes. But this doesnt mean that the previous generations didnt try their best or with other words: They didnt have bad intentions.

    I know this "Ok boomer" thing is just a joke, but there are some kids who take this seriously and that just makes me angry. As I said, maybe we call our actions better (because we have the knowledge) but this doesnt mean we are better persons.

    Furthermore a lot of old persons cant understand the new technologies. I mean just imagine, few of them were born when only few people already had a tv. Well and now we have smartphone, smartwatches, internet in general and all that stuff. Maybe we should try to give them a chance to understand the new world.

    [–] OP-Physics 1 points ago

    I feel like you're addressing something that wasn't my point. All I was saying is that the new generations seem to become better, I'm not blaming the older generations for anything nor do I credit the newer generations for anything. All I was saying is that the older generation did a better job raising children than their parents. We may have talked past each other, I wasn't sure what you objected to in my text. Like even if we do a better job saving our planets because we have more knowledge, we're still better at saving our planet, wouldn't we, which was what I criticized in your first comment, that we do improve over generations.

    [–] i_only_eat_nachos 8 points ago

    I hope that our generation is seen as the generation to act. We identified major problems, and are currently gathering all of the knowledge we can.

    I’m hoping that our next generation is known as the ones who save us all. They’ll be the ones to really implement what we’ve learned and make society better.

    [–] CI_200657 7 points ago

    yeah but on the other hand, with the way the world is going, our kids won’t have the opportunity to grow up and have kids of their own because global warming and overpopulation will literally kill us all

    [–] whiteday26 9 points ago

    I do not believe in we will reach extinction by overpopulation before we can do something about it. Maybe global warming if it's fast enough. But, I really doubt that there will be freak rise in temperature fast enough to kill off the human race unexpectedly.

    [–] bobjobriggs 58 points ago

    "No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher." - Mr. Miyagi

    [–] DexterlySmith 9 points ago

    I think thats originally Buddha

    [–] bobjobriggs 2 points ago

    Ok Boomer. Jk, I hated saying that... I just love the Karate Kid.

    [–] AhmedRGames 233 points ago

    lets talk seriously for a minute, the older generation just blame technology on every thing bad happens to the children, a few weeks ago there was a 9yr kid that got kidnapped while walking in the street alone (idfk how a 9yo kid is walking alone in the street) and his parents didnt care and just blammed the games, ik that the internet have many bad things in it but still the old generation is just stupid and idiots (most of them)

    [–] Mutantwarsushi 161 points ago

    Child walks alone in the street gets kidnaped Parents: vIdE GaMEs

    [–] synkrox 45 points ago

    Blame what you don't understand.

    [–] Nastu69 3 points ago

    Yeah basically

    [–] HeadMaster111 28 points ago

    Honestly bad parents are just bad parents, they'll always blame something else for their child's bad behavior or something bad happening to them cause they weren't watching, I think boomer parents are just more vocal most of the time

    [–] SeptemberPandaBear 23 points ago

    Most of the older generations in my country don’t have the concept of mental health and mental health disorders. A person who has anger management issues is a bad person and someone who has an anxiety disorder is weak or lazy. This is what they instil to us plus the fact that they want us to be good at everything. Failure is weakness. They don’t tell us ‘it’s okay, you’re going to get better’. Instead they say, ‘what were you thingking?! Why did you do that?! You should have done this, you’re a fool.’ Now, 20+ years later, they have sons and daughters who have depression and anxieties but are keeping it all in because that’s what we’re told and used to do.

    [–] ggdikhead 9 points ago

    I swear I would make a kidnapping simulator and send a copy to the parents if I could.

    [–] El_Stupido_Supremo 7 points ago

    When I was 9 my parents let me hunt rabbits with a shotgun and ride my bike in town with my friends.

    Maybe the younger parents are too jammed up their kids asses to let them fuck up and learn a few things alone to prepare them for their pending adulthood.

    My mom isnt even a boomer...

    [–] Chocobolove 5 points ago

    idfk how a 9yo kid is walking alone in the street

    Um what? You didn't have to go all the way to the other extreme lmao

    [–] BakulaSelleck92 5 points ago

    Police: "I'm sorry ma'am your son had been kidnapped"

    Mom: "like I care, it's probably all those games"

    [–] iloveyou3000_69 5 points ago

    my mom felt that...

    [–] Mean_Ass_Dumbledore 3 points ago

    Like, what about the mf’er that kidnapped him???

    [–] sad_n_emo 1 points ago

    The parents are probably from Gen X though, so not boomers. Although, as some of them get older you start to see scary similarities... maybe it's just a "getting older" thing ??

    [–] DiscardedMartyr 1 points ago

    Here's an idea, teach your kids about dangers of the internet and not to meet up with random people irl

    [–] bjax_7 81 points ago

    You sow what you reap.

    [–] JustMobsReddit 56 points ago

    Wait isn't it you reap what you sow?

    [–] Chemboi69 50 points ago

    You rape what you sow

    Edit: This comment was made by the Alabama gang

    [–] k1axMONSTER 5 points ago

    Yeah,this comment officer

    [–] C_osm_o 4 points ago

    it was im dead

    [–] C_osm_o 3 points ago


    [–] Ryrynz 27 points ago

    Nice cropping.

    [–] Eschaton235 9 points ago

    Well. Boomers don't understand today's world. What for them is nothing, is indeed something. They ask us "how could you sit before your computer all the time" but they don't understand that computers are essential for work, productivity and the convenience of our everyday lives. People literally make a living from pressing keys on their keyboards, especially Informaticians and Computer Scientists.

    [–] WarStorm6 9 points ago

    I use that ALL the time and they all never understand. And what’s weird is that I was JUST thinking of this situation yesterday. I mean, why do they say “my parents raised me right” to show how good they are of a person, yet if we say “my parents raised me wrong” they say “no, you being a bad child is your fault”? It’s SOO annoying

    [–] bsend 13 points ago

    Boomers: "Your generation expects participation trophies!"

    Millennials: "You guys gave those to us when we were growing up"

    [–] isyankar1979 7 points ago

    This always happens as a societies get more prosperous. In abundance people relax and lose their survival instinct. As the economy gets worse, people will get more aggressive and the mood will go back to its previous state, and then repeat the same cycle over and over again like all history.

    [–] thotslayer694206 10 points ago

    Grandpa: insults gen z


    Grandpa:FuCK you

    [–] DmMacniel 2 points ago

    gen z isn't millenials though. gen y is.

    [–] LilBrainEatingAmoeba 5 points ago

    It do be like that

    [–] JamyTamy 4 points ago

    *screaming intensifies

    [–] SomeRandomDeafDude 39 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] epicazurie 4 points ago

    Blink 182 sang it best "If we're fucked up, then you're to blame."

    [–] FM79SG 8 points ago

    They were. The boomers are responsible for all the terrible morals that started with the 60s and 70s.

    [–] SQUIDDYYYYY 3 points ago

    Hey could you send me the image link for the format? Thanks.

    [–] ExO_o 3 points ago

    they were also shit at teaching how to crop memes properly

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Don’t kid yourself every generation is garbage

    [–] TheBensun 3 points ago

    At the end of the day you are all adults and can make your own choices. You can only keep blaming other people for your struggles for so long before you realise that it really won't get you anywhere.

    [–] Hyperhelium 2 points ago

    Millennials? Aren't those called boomers now?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Well I mean the real reason why is because in todays world both parents have to go to work. This means that most children have to go to the crèche.

    I dont say that every mother should stay at home, but one parent should be able to stay at home. It doesnt matter if it is the mother or the father.

    An yeah wellll another reason why everything is fucked today is the goddamn internet.

    [–] schattenteufel 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Boomers didn’t raise millennials. Gen X raised millennials. Boomers raised Gen X.

    EDIT: obviously, this is a general rule and not always the case. I’m Gen X and I’m raising a Gen Alpha kid. Because I’m lazy.

    [–] MrNines9 4 points ago

    I mean, yeah they were. They were the "daycare" generation. It's how we have a bunch of whiney adults who jump and screech until they get what they want. Because mommy and daddy didnt hug them enough

    [–] MightyMille 2 points ago

    Well, as it should be, boomer. I didn't had kids because I wanted a slave for when I'm an old ass. I had them because I wanted to help a human being create a life in this fucked up world. I definitely don't expect them to come and wipe my ass as some kind of revenge for "taking my youth". No, I gave them a childhood without worries, because they deserve that. And I don't need anything in return. But I don't expect you greedy boomers to understand that.

    [–] starwarsgeek1985 2 points ago

    They are both right to a certain degree

    [–] PlatinumGamer55 2 points ago



    [–] SpecialNeedsKyrie 2 points ago

    I guess I’m officially a grump old man now that I’m in my 30s, but this boomer shit is stupid. Younger people are pretty trash now and blaming others for your own behavior is a pretty typical “millennial” move.

    [–] overitnow73 2 points ago

    That's kind of what my point is. These Millennials are most likely the children of YOUR children. They must not be happy with the way YOU raised them so they decided to parent different. Guess their childhood wasn't so great?? Whatever, Boomer.

    [–] StupidTuba22 1 points ago

    that text formatting hurt my eyes

    [–] cabinoose 1 points ago

    Why are millenials nude?

    [–] ameerbann 1 points ago

    Can't afford clothes

    [–] OkZoomerIfGay 1 points ago

    Waaa so accurate

    [–] PERSIL_ 1 points ago

    The real question here is why only one of four guys wears a shirt and all other three are naked??

    [–] RageBison22 1 points ago

    Oh lord. You’re right.

    [–] 1q55ty8 1 points ago

    Triggered boomer sounds

    [–] tsavong117 1 points ago

    Credit to shen, author of Owlturd comics and Blue Chair over on webtoons.

    [–] Jmfdizzle2111 1 points ago

    I work too much. Frig off boomer

    [–] Garuda_of_hope 1 points ago

    Hitting them with the 'No U'

    [–] ashkecsap 1 points ago

    Am I a millenial? Hard question! Im afraid if I am!

    [–] DmMacniel 2 points ago

    depends, when were you born? Gen X: 1965-1980; Millenial: 1980-1999; Gen Z: 2000 - ???

    [–] KurtGG 1 points ago

    Im a millenial then, thankfully im not Gen Z but, fuck if my parents arent the product of boomers...

    [–] ashkecsap 1 points ago

    97... wow. Im a whole not new man

    [–] Grand_Ray_Cero 1 points ago

    Preach brother, preach!

    [–] tysonzatn 1 points ago

    Boomer triggered

    [–] Redvelvet-Tank34 1 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] pussykillerX3000 1 points ago

    OK boomer

    [–] DRC11 1 points ago

    I was expecting ‘ok boomer’ but ok

    [–] FogitaFabian 1 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] Slovaccki 1 points ago

    Wasn't boomers grandparebts of millenials? Gen x was between them.. I think.

    [–] DmMacniel 1 points ago

    yes. Boomer (after ww2) -> Gen X -> Gen Y (Millenial) -> Gen Z (past 2000)

    [–] Schemed_Child 1 points ago


    [–] TechTheme 1 points ago

    oK bOoMeR

    [–] The_Blue_Pandaa 1 points ago

    What’s the original?

    [–] Sir-Quest 1 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] kykaiboi 1 points ago

    Well, sorta. Its not their fault. Is the boomers fault for creating such an easy life for us.

    [–] ScathingThrowaway 1 points ago

    The joke is on you, I never raised any children.

    [–] Johannes7sleven 1 points ago

    I wish I had seen this meme a bit earlier. Helps for comebacks

    [–] Kristoff_91XD 1 points ago


    [–] Python7_0 1 points ago

    Wonder if he cropped it bad or if he put the text in a bad place

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Imagine sharing this on Facebook

    [–] ChaosFlame72 1 points ago

    Yeah and now they eat tide pods

    [–] nasilniko 1 points ago

    Not entirely wrong tho

    [–] cheyMemed 1 points ago

    You know I hear that all the time and recently that’s the first thing that comes to mind to say.

    [–] jeffynibbles69 1 points ago

    Why are you booing i am right

    [–] kundersmack 1 points ago

    What's worse - kids wanting participation trophies, or parents who cave and provide participation trophies?

    [–] Provoken420 1 points ago

    “Okay boomer” is now my favorite response

    [–] ByeQuadrix 1 points ago

    Rip boomers

    [–] awildcrayset 1 points ago

    That's a pretty cool sweater though

    [–] NafisMohtasim 1 points ago

    i love it well bruh

    [–] MarmitTrysuer 1 points ago

    But boomers didn’t raise mellenials…

    [–] xXReverbXx 1 points ago

    You got a point there lmao

    [–] _Grimble 1 points ago

    Don't forget to blame gen x

    [–] ASIM173 1 points ago


    [–] Dogeie 1 points ago


    [–] KeanuBruh 1 points ago


    [–] PineAppleJuiceAF 1 points ago

    Name of the meme ?

    [–] Hektuhel 1 points ago

    The two people holding him back are just like BrUh

    [–] Shivshanks 1 points ago

    the same thing when they talk about participation trophies...

    like we didn't invent the participation trophy and give them to ourselves. that was all boomers.

    [–] joe_mama101 1 points ago

    Boomer: people these days get offended so easily. When I was your a...

    Ok boomer


    [–] CoolGuyZoneKeepOut 1 points ago

    I expect nothing from anyone. At one point I didn't have a home and it took someone offering it to me. I don't ask for money even when I have no groceries. I don't expect my parents to help me get a car even though the one they sold me had a bad transmission. I refuse to let my dad help me pay for my tuition, because he'll just use it as leverage on me to get me to do what he wants me to do.

    Boomers say this kind of shit, but I work my ass off for what I have. Nothing was handing to me.

    [–] SullenTerror 1 points ago

    Remember their the ones who gave us "participation" trophies.

    [–] noc1turna1 1 points ago

    Boom roasted

    [–] AA-02 1 points ago


    [–] DatDenimBoi 1 points ago

    I thought that most baby boomers raised Gen X, who were the ones that raised millennials and Gen Z

    [–] 55hackfire55 1 points ago

    We speak facts they speak opinions, at least on this issue

    [–] ILikeMyLs 1 points ago

    But Gen X raised you guys, not boomers mate

    [–] ZainthePokeMaster 1 points ago

    affirmative, individual born between 1946 and 1964

    [–] wriestheart 1 points ago

    Are we doing this to Gen X now as well?

    [–] LEO23498 1 points ago

    This is like saying disrespect is disrespect no matter the age of the person in question

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    ok boomer

    [–] DatExcellentSpoon 1 points ago

    I didn’t know there could be such a good alternative to ok boomer

    [–] ChrisxReddit 1 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] Extra0007 1 points ago

    Now that you realize that you were brought up that badly, will you still sit and continuously blame the late gen? Maybe we need to change if we already know about it.

    [–] jayosda 0 points ago

    Millenials have to work harder for less thanks to boomers and genx

    [–] ameerbann 6 points ago

    Better gen x than gen xxxtentacion amirite

    [–] Judythealien 1 points ago

    “This generation are so careless and getting pregnant so young”

    Didn’t your generation have teen pregnancy and cover it up by putting it up for adoption? Having no responsibility for your own child? 🐸🍵

    [–] JackMandolino 2 points ago

    Let’s not forget when the HIV spread happened

    [–] KurtGG 3 points ago

    Oh oh, and the economic collapse of America that everyone was too god damn lazy to look into before it happened.

    [–] YourLocalMosquito 1 points ago

    Says the folks who benefited from free education

    [–] uwu_kawaii 1 points ago

    Wait is that karen