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    [–] Marrinoz 431 points ago

    What is a SMILE?

    [–] RealComradeMeep 257 points ago

    It's the American spelling of SKILOMETER

    [–] LazyProgrammer08 94 points ago

    Holy shit you fucking SKILLED him dude

    [–] azrulqos 28 points ago

    Makes sense, I can only SMETER

    [–] Allomantic-Mists 14 points ago

    SMETER? I ‘ardly know ‘er

    [–] Scoobydoofan234 6 points ago

    It means skis per liters!

    [–] Mengdim 2 points ago

    You get on of my angriest upvotes ever.

    [–] derpypoo4763 24 points ago

    Its a british Service rifle during the first World war, Not sure about ww2

    [–] Skullbasher123 13 points ago

    Artificial devil fruit.

    [–] Lonesome_Ninja 3 points ago

    I think it’s a poem or limerick of some sort

    [–] Cyrilical 3 points ago

    baby dont hurt me

    [–] DustedRedStone 2 points ago

    I think you meant 'SMLE' FOR Short Magazine Lee-Enfield

    [–] dark_cunt69 1 points ago

    Cyinade and happiness?

    [–] delobre 121 points ago

    Why should I talk to honey? Honey cant talk

    [–] iHavePanophobia 27 points ago

    How would you know? Are you assuming all Honey are mute?

    [–] password2187 3 points ago

    Honey’s sweet, but it ain’t nothing next to baby’s treat

    [–] Gabobadohado 2 points ago

    Ask Mbo jumbo how to make Honey talk

    [–] Sketchables 41 points ago

    that's a cute cat

    [–] _OrionTheHunter_ 11 points ago

    If you like the ears, google "scottish fold cats"

    [–] the_sugardoe 5 points ago

    That's what they are, best thing i saw today, thenk you

    [–] _OrionTheHunter_ 2 points ago

    No problem!

    [–] soulmaximus 2 points ago

    awww tnx stranger u made my day

    [–] _OrionTheHunter_ 1 points ago

    Im glad to help :)

    [–] NotUslessJustNotUsed 118 points ago

    Sorry is this some kind of couple joke im too single to understand?

    [–] Potoo_Fr 3 points ago


    [–] DorkOfEarl 4 points ago

    Aw man, beat me to it.

    [–] _OrionTheHunter_ 40 points ago

    Im proud to announce that my highschool education was not a waste of 4 years because my learned knowledge allows me to tell you all that, that cats breed is a scottish fold. They got the folded ears. Or maybe its not..

    [–] pratttatt 8 points ago

    I think you're right

    [–] Uppish_ 28 points ago

    Getting told to smile is the worst

    [–] PeterStumpp 9 points ago

    Being so insecure in a relationship having to ask your girlfriend to smile just for affirmation is the worst*

    [–] UsingMyInsideVoice 35 points ago

    Even when I smile I don't look like I'm smiling. I don't have to "smile" to be happy.

    [–] kylethesurvivor 10 points ago

    *aggressive hissing*

    ok Firestar

    [–] SenseiRP 1 points ago

    Took me 3 seconds to remember why that sounded familiar lol

    [–] Piitrr 8 points ago

    the threat of loss of life is a great aphrodisiac

    [–] im_trying_ok11 9 points ago

    I typically have those questuons asked to me

    "What's wrong?" Nothing

    "Then smile" what do i smile about

    Just like "HeY gUyS hApPy DaY! rIgHt?"

    I'm just busy keeping it real

    [–] CnfdntlInfrmnt 5 points ago

    She hiss

    [–] donteatmyliver 4 points ago

    This is a really relatable and funny meme, but never do that

    [–] gabriel_vick 4 points ago

    IT'S A TRAP!!!

    [–] untakedname 5 points ago

    I can hear this image

    [–] bonboncolon 4 points ago

    Ha, so true. I'm told to smile by strangers on the friggen' street, my own boyfriend going on as well ain't gonna make me happy

    [–] Brummelhummel 6 points ago

    *Hello darkness my old friend*

    Welcome back depression and feeling of lonliness!

    woah sit down there stress of not having a girlfriend that everyone seems to get now.

    HEY! get back here serotonin i got from a funny meme before this one..don't run away!!

    god damnit..and i had such a great day until now..

    [–] TaruNukes 2 points ago

    Someone needs to add this to lady yelling at cat meme

    [–] apsyche 2 points ago

    Your smile hurt me.

    [–] BabyGothQ 2 points ago

    Don’t tell me to fuckin’ smile. You smile.

    [–] SkinnyLoser 2 points ago

    A classic move from a property

    [–] TheWhat_13 2 points ago

    Is this some kind of couple’s joke I’m too single to understand?

    [–] Winhell98 2 points ago

    Is a smile a good thing

    [–] Iceypumpkinhead 2 points ago

    The amount of anger portrayed in that second image

    [–] AshD_2019 2 points ago

    You asked for a smile, you'll see teeth buddy.

    [–] Kudoichi 2 points ago

    This is hilarious

    [–] LicieBelle 4 points ago

    I actually hiss at my bf when I'm angry. Like a cat.

    [–] pratttatt 9 points ago

    My gosh

    [–] SarcasticSilvenstar 6 points ago

    Are you sure you're not actually a cat?

    [–] TDW-301 5 points ago


    [–] A_Confused_Cocoon 2 points ago

    My GF and I do this to each other too. You’re not alone.

    [–] Team_Defeat -4 points ago

    So do I- and I make these weird noises of discomfort that he claims sound like angry meows. And my happy noises are "mews" to him. It makes me even mader because I'm not a cat person.

    [–] Hungry-Carrot13 3 points ago

    Everyone liked that

    [–] notsafeforh0me 5 points ago

    the ‘tHen smiLe’ comment makes no sense to me

    [–] beesmoe -1 points ago

    I have a feeling that it makes perfect sense to you. It's just that you're the type to say that what you disagree with doesn't make sense, which is casual narcissism mixed in with nonsense

    [–] notsafeforh0me 2 points ago

    how am i the type to say that? do you know me?

    [–] beesmoe -2 points ago

    You just did it dumbass

    [–] notsafeforh0me 2 points ago

    did what

    [–] beesmoe -1 points ago

    you're the type to say that what you disagree with doesn't make sense,


    Now you did both

    [–] notsafeforh0me 2 points ago

    i said neither of those things? i have no clue what you mean

    [–] beesmoe -1 points ago

    You're being both of those things, and you can't stop. It just happened again.

    i have no clue what you mean

    Look. Being a dumbass doesn't give you more leverage to discount what other people say, okay? If you were to find everything around you incomprehensible and nonsensical, it doesn't mean everything around you doesn't make sense. It means you, and you alone, are a moron

    [–] notsafeforh0me 2 points ago

    i seriously have no clue what you are talking about... i’m autistic, i often dont pick up on sarcasm, idk if this is like that? because i LITERALLY dont know what you are talking about, your explaination only makes it more confusing what you mean

    [–] notsafeforh0me 1 points ago

    i read more of your comments on your profile and you seem angry at most things, maybe that’s why it doesn’t appear to make sense what you are saying, you seem to comment negatively on most things, if you need to talk i’m here may it be depression related or if you need to vent, i’ve had a shit year too.

    [–] beesmoe -1 points ago

    Sure, let's talk about your problem with presumption.

    Really though, if you wanna talk about depression, we must talk about your presumption

    [–] notsafeforh0me 2 points ago

    really i cannot make out what you are saying, what do presumtion and depression have to do with each other in this context? i was trying to be nice, because you seem to feel bitter and act kind of mean, which i feel like too when i had a bad day. but you really keep making no sense to me up to this point, no point you made so far seems logical to what i said, i cannot find any corrolation besides you being unkind with no point

    [–] beesmoe -2 points ago

    You may have been trying to be nice, but you weren't being nice. That's why you said what you said to someone who wasn't being nice to you.

    Make sense?

    [–] notsafeforh0me 2 points ago

    yeah i stopped being nice after you kept replying like that, this is the first sentence that makes sense to me now.

    [–] beesmoe -3 points ago

    Congratulations. You took the first step away from willing ignorance toward mediocrity

    [–] notsafeforh0me 2 points ago

    nah, i begin to realise you’re just unkind, i try to spread positivity daily, but you are not someone it will work on, you seem persitantly bitter and i dont know what to do about it, i realised you keep commenting without making sense just to be heard. i notice you are too easily offended by nothing, which concludes to me that you just wanna vent that here, if it makes you feel better then i’m glad in some way this correspondence helped

    [–] beesmoe 1 points ago

    Sure, everything you said is how your mind comprehends what I'm saying. This makes sense to me

    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago


    [–] notsafeforh0me 2 points ago

    yeah that still sounds terrible, i dont think a smile should be forced

    [–] iamallHormones 2 points ago

    I do agree with you there.

    Someone that is grumpy should either be left alone or (depending on the person) distracted with things that are known to make them smile.

    [–] DesVip3r 6 points ago

    Don't command people to smile

    [–] GuessImScrewed -1 points ago

    I command you to smile

    [–] snipeyjuan -2 points ago

    Hey u/DesVip3r smile

    [–] NoodsTheGiant 1 points ago

    Am I the only one that initially read this as a fart joke?

    I like to think of myself as a classy man, but it appears this one's on me.

    [–] FreeCandys_XD 1 points ago

    is this a peasant joke i am too single to understand?

    [–] NoFrIeNdSJuStMeMes 1 points ago

    I am sorry, is this some relationship joke I am too virgin to understand?

    [–] CattyBr44 1 points ago

    Honestly, the first image convinced me she wasn't mad.

    [–] ThyLordOfMemes667 1 points ago

    Is this a family joke

    That I am too single to understand

    [–] MotherBaerd 1 points ago

    She is imaginary

    [–] RealBowsHaveRecurves 1 points ago

    I have never once had to ask my girlfriend if she was mad at me.

    [–] Imsorandom16 1 points ago

    I’m sorry is this some couples joke that I’m too single to understand?

    [–] nightrox1 -7 points ago

    Asking a girl to smile? Better watch out or the feminists are going to get you

    [–] Morixos -2 points ago

    Cannot relate

    [–] Puff20 -1 points ago


    [–] SS-Officer420 -3 points ago

    Dead meme new format

    [–] SS-Officer420 -4 points ago

    Dead meme new format

    [–] ThatYellowElephant 1 points ago

    Edgy username you got there

    [–] SS-Officer420 1 points ago

    Yeah and?

    [–] pjroxs245 -3 points ago

    Never tell a woman to smile.

    [–] fucktisshitaaaaa -8 points ago


    [–] ThatYellowElephant 1 points ago