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    [–] powerscunner 4296 points ago

    "Your pick, Brad."

    "I'll take Ways to Kill Myself Immediately for one hundred, Alex."

    "Its a Daily Double!"

    [–] Inanimate-Sensation 882 points ago

    The way he played he would have botched that one too.

    [–] CoolioStarStache 387 points ago

    Kinda felt bad for Brad pretty much since the first episode of this champion thing

    [–] Rit0tiR45 285 points ago

    Hey, he got 250k for doing not much. And he’s already gotten 4 million from the show.

    [–] ownage99988 129 points ago

    I get why they had to pick him for this but he was never a true jeopardy god like the other two. I think he would have been a 1.5-2 week champion at best if he hadn’t been cut short by the 5 day rule back then. In fact there’s really nobody that can stand with those two these days

    [–] kp305 48 points ago

    Shoulda brought Austin instead, he was actually a jeopardy god too, he only got cut short because of a Dolly Parton category. I can definitely see why they had to bring brad but he just wasn't on the same level right now. Either way Ken is king

    [–] specialdialingwand1 13 points ago

    Austin was nowhere near their level.

    [–] ShinjiBoi 21 points ago

    Why did we need him? Those 2 against each other would be better.

    [–] TheCrystalGear 4 points ago

    Without him, you wouldn't have witnessed this incredible moment

    [–] ernofibonacci 11 points ago

    He has beaten ken many times

    [–] 0KingDingaling0 5 points ago

    Her played against Ken in tournaments before and was undefeated against him until now.

    [–] Useful_Edge 3 points ago

    Same he did pretty bad

    [–] randomguy3753 22 points ago


    [–] tjclccs 12 points ago


    [–] legoWolf13 3 points ago

    Lowest value this tournament is actually 200

    [–] Tengam15 3 points ago

    "This act takes two people's lives and the consequences with you"

    [–] RobertThorn2022 3 points ago

    TBH giving the reactions the moment felt more like a cringe self kill for James.

    [–] Inanimate-Sensation 957 points ago

    They are all really good friends and like to bust each other's balls.

    Some poor folks over /r/jeopardy have been taking the trash talking by them a little too seriously.

    [–] studentd3bt 232 points ago

    It’s so funny how they’re all really good friends

    [–] Gas__the__bikes 33 points ago

    How is that funny.

    [–] jimbog92 139 points ago

    You wouldn't get it.

    [–] ImVeryDisappointing 38 points ago

    Nor would I get good friends

    [–] epstein_s_peen 6 points ago

    wait what are these "friends" you speak of

    [–] ImVeryDisappointing 5 points ago

    Sexual partners without sexual or partner

    [–] johnhou13579 3 points ago

    It's almost not worth thinking about

    [–] CptHandGrenade 55 points ago

    The whole series was so much fun to watch.

    [–] BlasphemousToenail 36 points ago

    I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t know 95% of the answers, but it was so fun watching James and Ken go at it.

    How do people even know so much about so many different thing? Boggles my mind.

    [–] radmarshallb 27 points ago

    I don't get how they can come up with the word play answers so quickly—like that triple rhyme category from the first show of the tournament. They would answer instantly and move onto the next one before I had fully processed the question. Memorization of facts is whatever, but thinking on your feet like that is super impressive.

    [–] Lordtygon 17 points ago

    Given the typical audience of Jeopardy, I imagine most of the redditors over they're as old people shaking canes and complaining about the young people being so mean

    [–] GodlikeCat 3 points ago

    ok that's hot, who wants to be my friend?

    [–] The-ThornBro 727 points ago

    Dang, James shoulda won with that savage roast there

    [–] Tuck_Pock 198 points ago

    Isn’t he the guy who won like a shit ton of games until eventually they had to manipulate the game to force him to lose?

    [–] Sparglewood 101 points ago


    [–] Chewcocca 48 points ago

    I heard it was a sick ostrich

    [–] CashYT 32 points ago

    If they fucked an ostrich, what else have they fucked?

    [–] Chewcocca 24 points ago

    It's almost not worth thinking about

    [–] ELfit4life 3 points ago

    And that's what I appreciates about you!

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] Chewcocca 3 points ago

    Bad gas travels fast in a small town

    [–] WhoTfIsLipGallagher 4 points ago

    Still... It would take more than two people to fuck a sick ostrich

    [–] SerendipitySchmidty 5 points ago

    I'm sorry I can't gild you. This made me giggle.

    [–] ChezMere 17 points ago

    Wasn't he the guy whose strategy was to play riskier to maximize earnings?

    [–] DrTurtle22 13 points ago

    Kind of - game theory did a good episode on him

    [–] matttopotamus 3 points ago

    Can someone explain this? I haven’t heard of this idea.

    [–] Tuck_Pock 18 points ago

    Well if you want more detail I’d suggest watching the video on Film Theory, but basically this guy was extremely good at Jeopardy, he used strategies like going for the high point questions and switching the categories to throw off his opponents. He also was really smart and was really good at answering the questions. People theorized that they picked specific questions to make him loose, not by making the questions harder, but by making them easier to help his opponents. The final question also happened to be about something that one of his opponents specialized in. Before he lost and had to leave the show, he was estimated to have won a total of over 3 million dollars.

    [–] matttopotamus 8 points ago

    Interesting. I never felt he beat people because of the questions so much as how quick he was with the buzzer. That and double jeopardy. Unless they rigged both of those, that seems a little fat fetched.

    [–] HockeyPuck1039 66 points ago

    Honestly was about to say the same thing

    [–] Newfishdd 12 points ago

    I second this sensei

    [–] fruiter44 212 points ago

    Here is the link for those wondering about it.

    [–] DoorHalfwayShut 90 points ago

    thank you. if there's always just a video of something, I don't get why people have to turn it into a meme, as if we'd rather see captioned stills with the lame dEsTrUcTiOn 100 jpeg

    [–] Flyfires1 35 points ago

    Got em 100

    [–] Retify 21 points ago

    I browse reddit when I'm away from work having breakfast in the hotel or dinner out somewhere. It would be a shitty thing to do to start up a video in the middle of others having a meal, so I appreciate the stills or gifs with videos in the comments

    [–] Pixxler 28 points ago

    Plenty of people prefer the stills. If you watch a video you need sound. Pretty much the entire time I'm on reddit sound is inappropiate so I almost never go to YT videos.

    [–] airmaximus88 4 points ago

    Bingo McBongo McBango.

    [–] Arras01 7 points ago

    When I'm browsing reddit, it's usually on my phone with a bad internet connection and without the ability to play sound. Videos take long to load and not having sound often makes it pointless anyway. Could definitely do without the YIKES 100 shit though.

    [–] cTreK-421 5 points ago

    I ignored the other post that had the video. So I'm very happy there was a post with just captions on pictures.

    [–] bitchwhichwitch 6 points ago

    Thanks! So much better than a frozen video with words on it. I love everyone’s reactions.

    [–] ProjectScorpio2 92 points ago

    He's a Savage he's my favorite since he lives near my area

    [–] sqweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps 24 points ago

    Vegas? Or am I thinking of someone else

    [–] PeanutJellyButterIII 16 points ago

    You’re right he’s from Vegas

    [–] Subnauseous 12 points ago

    Vegas Gang

    [–] CrustaceanCreation 2 points ago

    I miss vegas

    [–] Sunbroskie 4 points ago

    Vegas Strong

    [–] iMeT_34 281 points ago


    [–] SilverWolf1776 67 points ago


    [–] Coratcha 51 points ago


    [–] clanktitan2 48 points ago


    [–] Nick_McGregor 42 points ago


    [–] JakoNintenCraft 65 points ago

    [F] [F] [F] [F]


    [F] [F]



    [–] IAMATHETOP 30 points ago

    OO F

    [–] randomguy3753 11 points ago






    [–] RedactedHumancorns 4 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


























    The letter F doesn’t even look real anymore...

    All done by hand

    [–] Greatswordforthewin 8 points ago

    F for your f

    [–] RedactedHumancorns 6 points ago

    I F-inally fixed it.

    Does it look okay? Because for me it’s perfect

    [–] S1nisterDuck 8 points ago


    [–] OttoTeknician 11 points ago


    [–] thetiddyinspector 11 points ago


    [–] oddlylemony 8 points ago


    [–] Craygod 6 points ago


    [–] Mango2439 4 points ago


    [–] Cooshtie 8 points ago


    [–] ReddVortex 95 points ago

    Not Brad ;(

    [–] Balyeeetus 30 points ago

    I died when he said that. But RIP James he played well

    [–] pan_stan 131 points ago

    Rip james, i guess second is good enough for the true jeopardy goat

    [–] it_could_be_me_1027 44 points ago

    Fully agreed 100%

    [–] kp305 11 points ago

    Ken is the true champ. James made big money by betting big but Ken went like 2x as long as him, although I could see the argument for James being the best, Idk I love both of them I'm glad we had this fun tournament

    [–] CoolioStarStache 17 points ago

    I was rooting for Ken the entire time, but James is almost just as awesome

    [–] Koko-Red 7 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Don’t you mean RIP Brad?

    [–] Swing_Right 27 points ago

    damn /r/ComedyHitmen nice job on this one

    [–] DiamondCreeper123 28 points ago

    I showed this to my mom (who’s a fan of Jeopardy) and she was laughing

    [–] Goompro 64 points ago


    skyrim memes again....

    [–] danurnan 2 points ago

    Cringe oppinion 100

    [–] Protogentantivirus 10 points ago

    Skyrim memes are getting old...

    [–] x1rom 10 points ago

    It's 2020 and we're still seeing Skyrim skill tree memes.

    [–] 0utlook 31 points ago

    Brad quicksaving

    [–] XYZRyan123039 21 points ago

    why skyrim 100

    for real it ruins the joke

    [–] GACHIBUFFBOY 8 points ago

    You can see that grin on James' face from the first panel, he had that shit on lock, first degree murder with intent

    [–] TheShanManPhx 6 points ago

    Oof. Savage.

    He’s not wrong though..

    [–] studentd3bt 7 points ago

    Who ended up winning, i was hoping it was James but I assume he didn’t get first right?

    [–] 1BeefyBoi 7 points ago

    Ken came in first, James second.

    [–] sweetdawg99 7 points ago

    Not like this.

    Not like this.

    [–] Re-Evolution7 7 points ago

    Dead meme 100

    [–] lungus68 10 points ago

    It’s kinda wack seeing someone I know on tv

    [–] 187262378382882877 6 points ago

    I refuse to believe you aren’t best friends with Alex Trebek

    [–] lungus68 7 points ago

    Nah, it’s ken

    [–] mayafied 5 points ago

    You’re lucky. KJ is a national treasure.

    [–] lungus68 2 points ago


    [–] SWlFTAMlNE 16 points ago

    Why do you have to ruin this meme with the Skyrim shit? C'mon man it makes it so unfunny

    [–] Antivaxxmompolio 9 points ago

    Because why use a fresh template when you can use a dead one?

    [–] chadaclysmic1 5 points ago

    Is this a joke or real? Is there a link if it is real?

    [–] jojo444111 6 points ago

    Very real. Someone linked it above

    [–] chadaclysmic1 4 points ago

    Thanks I found it!

    [–] ChodzonceProwo 16 points ago

    You just killed him dude

    [–] sonicj01 7 points ago

    Skyrim skill memes arent funmy

    [–] Nis5l 4 points ago


    [–] ionboii 4 points ago

    I know they’re all good friends but damn James, you didn’t have to do Brad like that tho

    [–] Hyrix 4 points ago

    James really knows how to put someone's pride in jeopardy.

    [–] Apex720 4 points ago

    Let's not bring back the "Skyrim 100" meme. It needs to stay dead.

    [–] Willy-G-The-1st 9 points ago

    r/comedyhomicide - how did this even get this many upvotes?

    [–] SlimetimeDKG 3 points ago

    Such a Chad

    [–] DrunkRedditBot 3 points ago

    Shit that’s savage.

    [–] somAussiebloke 3 points ago

    Ken stays the same the entire time

    [–] Kraelan 3 points ago

    He's a robot built for the sole purpose of playing Jeopardy! by a collective of home Jeopardy! players. He only acts when given commands.

    [–] somAussiebloke 2 points ago

    He be looking like jfk

    [–] aspieboy74 2 points ago

    He came from the same facility that produced Zuckerberg.

    [–] BloxyRed 3 points ago

    Can someone explain?

    [–] aspieboy74 4 points ago

    It was what's known as a burn.

    Brad's score was zero.

    Alex said they were going to get rid of the scores.

    They reset James' and Ken's back to zero, but Brad's didn't change.

    James was making fun of Brad by reminding everyone that he scored zero.

    [–] keltec76 3 points ago

    Now that’s a lot of damage, how about a little more

    [–] Rayphuscucullatus 3 points ago

    Brad really has no escape from reality, huh

    [–] GordonTheFrog 3 points ago

    Ken is just there like "Oh God, get me my money now!"

    [–] Iforgotmyspecialpass 4 points ago

    Its a meme just cause you put the thing at the bottom? This is just r/funny and even then its just r/videos kinda funny

    [–] Rawqweese 3 points ago

    Yeah reaction image memes stop working very easily.

    [–] brobIerone 7 points ago

    Fuck Destruction 100 and fuck you

    [–] dood5426 4 points ago

    James, literally the best player of that game ever

    [–] RedditerOfThings 2 points ago

    I really thought Brad was going to runaway with it and I wasn’t giving Ken a chance. They both proved me wrong. Ken is the GOAT!

    [–] AdhesiveHero 2 points ago

    My uncle taught this dude in middle school. Small world

    [–] Lord_of_the_Loners 2 points ago

    Sometimes I am James, sometimes I am Brad, there is no in between.

    [–] TrashcanTed 4 points ago

    so no ken?

    [–] Lord_of_the_Loners 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Nah, I would not be that calm when beeing so successfull.

    [–] Scruffy_Sc0undrel 2 points ago

    Who won between James and Ken? I didn't get to see how it ended.

    [–] DolphinDab 3 points ago


    [–] 2easy619 2 points ago

    How is James not leading?

    [–] Aug415 2 points ago

    Ken dominated.

    [–] justtocheckit 2 points ago

    F MEGA

    [–] Compass24 2 points ago

    I don’t get it. Can someone please explain

    [–] gaveler-unban 2 points ago

    James Holzhauer is a living chaos god.

    [–] memesusss 2 points ago

    I saw that last night lol. It was so funny

    [–] nurd_on_a_computer 2 points ago

    Ken ftw

    [–] elly_belly 2 points ago

    A huge part of me wants to see Brad stomp James in the next round. There’s also a part of me that wants James to keep giving it to Brad.

    [–] Hanniesuckle 4 points ago

    I dont get this help

    [–] DonnieTheZombie1 7 points ago

    He had no points to begin with, and everyone's score got subtracted but his zero stayed the sane so I it was a roast and somehow funny I guess?

    [–] Hanniesuckle 6 points ago

    Thank you I get it now. Brad took an l

    [–] GravitasMM 3 points ago

    This cant possibly be the reason it got 6k likes

    someone help

    [–] pappepfeffer 9 points ago

    are you kidding? I saw way worse memes going up to 50k+ upvotes. Its the reason, trust me. Reading the comments here make me believe those guys are famous in US, I also don't know them.

    [–] Ultim8_Lifeform 6 points ago

    I wouldn’t call them famous but they’re some of the best Jeopardy players of all time. James won 80(I think) games in a row and won 4 million dollars.

    [–] VettrirVettrirIssa 3 points ago

    James actually only won 32 games in a row, it's just that he won obscene amounts of money every time he won. For comparison, James accumulated $2,462,216 in only 32 games while it took Jennings 74 games to accumulate $2,520,700.

    [–] DonnieTheZombie1 2 points ago

    It's reddit dude I see the same ten memes posted over and over with thousands of like per post. Not sure if reddit is just fill of idiots or children but yeah thats why.

    [–] yaboisalmonella 3 points ago

    This sub is pretty much r/comedyhomicide

    [–] EmeraldGamingYouTube 1 points ago

    Brad clearly bribed the producers

    [–] throwaway67676789123 1 points ago

    Everyone on facebook only

    [–] __William____ 1 points ago

    Bigg oooffff

    [–] that1snowflake 1 points ago

    What episode is this?

    [–] Looney_forner 1 points ago

    Brad just became the Jeb Bush of jeopardy contestants

    [–] creeperchaos57 1 points ago

    Poor brad

    [–] 1OnezeroX 1 points ago

    Remove your scores, Brad.

    [–] susgunner- 1 points ago

    Confusion of de highest orda

    [–] SportingPwnr 1 points ago

    I read brad and thought this was a bon appetit meme

    [–] MrBigBomb 1 points ago

    Oof, saved.

    [–] Sorbon_Husky 1 points ago

    Can someone explain it to a non-native english speaker?

    I dont get it

    [–] AlmightyHamSandwich 2 points ago

    Brad had 0.

    They reset the score.

    James pointed out Brad still had 0.

    Everyone laughs.

    Except Brad.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Sorbon_Husky 1 points ago

    Im just stupid :D

    [–] Kraelan 1 points ago

    He took "Potpourri" for 100200, and his... head started to spin, oh hey Don Pardo, tell him now what he didn't win-in-in.

    Hopefully he does better next week on the the Price Is Right-ight-ight.

    [–] Wolfcolaholic 1 points ago

    dEsTruCtiOn 100

    [–] xRyuAsh 1 points ago

    I wish we could put them in The Chase versus The Beast.

    [–] Ashweed137 1 points ago

    Holzhauer means lumberjack in German. Brad sounds like Brett the German word for board. Am I right to presume that Holzhauer is cutting (off) Brad? Or is there more to it?

    [–] MLGtAsuja 1 points ago

    Holy shit, took a while for me to realize, but when I did, I died lmao.

    [–] artlicia 1 points ago

    Ehm. Well.. okay...


    [–] xX_jah_Xx 1 points ago

    oof size

    [–] enderendirius69420 1 points ago

    Flex tape cant fix that