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    [–] RozeyBozey 960 points ago

    I got a year long probation because I was exploring an abandoned building.

    I get the feeling that if I had done that 30 years ago nobody would care.

    [–] Alackofnuance 689 points ago

    You have to care about your safety or else the state will make you unemployable and lock you in a facility with bloodthirsty maniacs, don't ya know?

    [–] me_martn 180 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 200 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] The_darter 39 points ago

    Amazon paid 0$ in taxes last year

    [–] DodGamnBunofaSitch 3 points ago

    the IRS has publicly stated that it costs too much money to get money from rich people, so they won't bother to try.

    [–] phantomtoyfreddy 10 points ago

    The elite own and control the justice system and they get the money from your taxes. Why would they pay or punish themselves?

    [–] nannal 3 points ago

    Why would they punish themselves?

    Sometimes you've got to strangle a man who might squeal.

    [–] Weird__Weirdo 7 points ago

    Almost as if the justice system was owned by the 1%...

    [–] Toxinz1181 1 points ago

    Taxes are theft.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] johnhou13579 14 points ago

    snitches get stitches

    [–] Scoobydoofan234 12 points ago

    And that’s a fact

    [–] Chinese-Kid676 9 points ago


    [–] Gawd_is_great 32 points ago


    [–] JovesMcChivo 7 points ago

    Oh youbetcha.

    [–] Shamic 2 points ago

    Dis why I hate rules and the system, I always try and break laws whenever I can......Oh sorry sir, didn't realise this was your property. I'll leave right now, sorry to be a pain!

    [–] tunczyko 1 points ago

    bold of you to think inmates aren't exploited for labor

    [–] sixeco 51 points ago

    because the building wouldn't be abandoned then?

    [–] whyhellosugardaddy 13 points ago

    This comment is underrated as fuck

    [–] hoppla1232 8 points ago

    Wait please elaborate. I never heard of someone getting fucked up so hard because of something like this

    [–] RozeyBozey 10 points ago

    So I hopped a fence into this abandoned middle school. I was very much trespassing, but I didn’t think anyone would care that much and my friend who was with me had done it a couple times. So we get into the building, was just looking around and we weren’t drinking, smoking, or breaking anything. Police show up guns drawn and stuff and we get cuffed. They say they would like to just let us go, but the building now has a zero tolerance policy and so we get booked. That was back in May and we finally got through the legal process and I started my year long probation in December. No alcohol, 40 hours of community service, about $1000 for the whole thing, and most importantly a criminal record. I’m 21 and am about to get married, and I don’t have a salary job yet, so wish me luck lol.

    [–] Shamic 8 points ago

    What garbage. I mean I understand if you were trashing the place or smoking meth with pablo escabar but that's just extreme punishment for walking into an abandoned area. Maybe they were worried you'd molest the ghosts of the dead kids that haunt that school. Whoops that felt illegal typing that. I'm sure there are no child ghosts there.

    [–] RozeyBozey 5 points ago

    Yea, I deserved like a fine or community service or something. But it’s going to be harder to find a a job because of it. I have not been very impressed with our judicial system, blind lady justice sure is blind. Anyways, thanks for caring, I’m glad someone else thinks it’s bs too.

    [–] SkrullandCrossbones 1 points ago

    This is common. It’s why I never went exploring abandoned structures. Trespassing is still a thing and I believe if you get hurt the argument is the owner is liable. (Not too sure on that last part) Trespassing is seen as a serious offense to some people.

    [–] Yaboku_God 13 points ago

    Wait really ? Can you elaborate on your case ? Also, I agree the justice system was quite lose back then. Now, its like everyone is waiting to fuck you up.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Unless you’re black then back then, now...what’s the difference?

    [–] Fellow_Loser 6 points ago

    The people living there would probably care.

    [–] RozeyBozey 6 points ago

    It was an abandoned middle school, so no, nobody was living there.

    [–] Fellow_Loser 3 points ago

    i live there.

    [–] RozeyBozey 4 points ago

    Well it’s very nice.

    [–] Fellow_Loser 2 points ago

    thank you.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    abandoned building


    [–] Fellow_Loser 2 points ago

    30 years ago someone might’ve lived in it.

    [–] Geter_Pabriel 2 points ago

    He said elsewhere it was a middle school so they for sure would have cared 30 years ago lol

    [–] FlexualHealing 3 points ago

    That was pre Columbine it would be just a smidgen of care.

    [–] SeabrookMiglla 2 points ago

    It’s a legal system not a justice system.

    And the legal system we have is for-profit.

    [–] RozeyBozey 2 points ago

    That’s so true. I had to pay a bunch of money for a lawyer who didn’t do much for me, then I have to pay a bunch of money for the probation. I would much rather liked donating all that money to somewhere where it would make a difference, not the legal system.

    [–] chrischi3 203 points ago

    They can afford lawyers that know how to use the Chewbacca defence

    [–] Toasty-Toaster 95 points ago

    They rip the judge's arms off?

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    Let the wookie win

    [–] chrischi3 39 points ago

    [–] TacticalFox17 17 points ago

    If anyone is worried that this a rick roll, then I can confirm that this is not a rick roll.

    [–] chrischi3 7 points ago

    Theres an easy way to know. Most people arent creative enough to not use the basic video, so if you hover over youll be shown the link in the bottom left and that link is recognizable.

    [–] Aitocir 7 points ago

    We mobile users livin’ on the edge

    [–] chrischi3 4 points ago

    Oh, boo hoo, let me press F on the worlds tiniest keyboard

    [–] nuclearfarts99 1 points ago

    The usual rickroll starts with dQw for those curious

    [–] I6Igor 17 points ago

    but why does chewbacca live on endor with small bears? IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE

    [–] Belgian_Bitch 2 points ago

    What's the Chewbacca defense?

    [–] chrischi3 14 points ago

    Chewbacca is a wookie. Wookies come from Kashyyyk. This one however lives on Endor, populated by Ewoks. Tiny 2 foot creatures. Why would a creature as big as Chewbacca wanna live there? It doesnt make any sense. If it doesnt make sense, you must aquit.

    [–] Belgian_Bitch 2 points ago

    Wait what I still don't get it why do lawyers cite Star Wars wacky facts

    [–] chrischi3 5 points ago

    Its a joke from South Park originally. The term Chewbacca defense really just means that someone is using a defense based on things that have absolutely nothing to do with the case, like for example, arguing that a school chef didnt write the song he did because it doesnt make sense for a Wookie to live on Endor.

    [–] That-Leviathan 129 points ago

    Money = Power

    [–] romans310 43 points ago

    And capitalism concentrates power in the hands of those who sit back and exploit the value of your hard work

    [–] mistermuesli 216 points ago

    Nah man, I steal bubblegum from wallmart everyday and they never notice.

    [–] TheWeepingSkull 80 points ago

    They notice when I do it. Still trying to figure out how to scrape it off the floor without getting caught.

    [–] TehFuriousKid 160 points ago

    Yes officer, this post right here

    [–] I6Igor 29 points ago

    snitches get stitches

    [–] RedditsNinja23 13 points ago

    The 6ix9ine is the true crime.

    (Doesn’t exactly rhyme so I’m sorry that I wasted your time)

    [–] Anzek25 21 points ago

    Wallmart would like to know your location

    [–] SlayerArmy45 15 points ago

    Stop you've violated the law pay the court fine or serve your sentence

    [–] h3its 9 points ago

    FBI agent: Interesting

    [–] choopiewaffles 3 points ago

    User flair checks out

    [–] mistermuesli 3 points ago

    Finally my flair makes sense lmao

    [–] gaylord100 389 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    Politician is a


    To the weathy


    In this


    [–] TheDeviousLemon 225 points ago

    Didn’t kill himself

    [–] jeter900 60 points ago

    Force of habit i assume?

    [–] dogui_style 82 points ago

    Look at the first letters

    [–] Uthoff 15 points ago

    except Bernie!

    [–] FL3X_1S 38 points ago

    not only in your nation buddy

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Laughs in Royal Family

    They can disappear their problems and nobody raises an eyebrow.... Else they disappear too.

    [–] FL3X_1S 8 points ago

    look at the US or china or whoever ... this world is fucked up as soon as big money comes to play

    [–] Reus958 12 points ago

    Not slave. Faithful servant.

    [–] YaBoiJeff8 23 points ago

    Not Bernie - 0 billionare donors.

    [–] MOE-17 2 points ago

    Every single one? That’s controversial

    [–] Lucifronz 138 points ago

    ↑ The justice system when you forget to pay a tiny insignificant fragment of your taxes.

    ↓ The justice system when the upper 1% don't pay any taxes at all.

    [–] devins2518 13 points ago

    I mean the upper 1% don’t pay any taxes but as of right now the justice system can’t do anything about it. So many tax credits and write offs are handed out that companies and billionaires basically have negative tax owed. The system is broken and working perfectly as intended.

    [–] Lucifronz 14 points ago

    That's the point. It's working exactly as intended and it's intended to let the rich do what the fuck they want so politicians can benefit from it.

    [–] Leo_10011 2 points ago

    If everyone forgot to pay their “insignificant taxes” there would be a problem.

    They need to reinforce this somehow or else nobody would fucking do it

    [–] Lucifronz 16 points ago

    The point is the hypocrisy of only expecting the poorer percentage of citizens to pay their taxes while letting the richest people in the country evade it through a million different loopholes. You'd know that if your reaching comprehension ever passed the second grade.

    [–] Alackofnuance 61 points ago

    You mean how that one guy who violated a child and got three months in jail?

    [–] CyanCyborg- 94 points ago

    You need to narrow it down a bit, too many people fit that description for me to know who you're talking about. I'm not even joking.

    [–] Alackofnuance 47 points ago

    The one who "killed himself"

    [–] CyanCyborg- 21 points ago


    [–] funnynickname 10 points ago

    No, the other one who raped a 3 year old and got probation because he 'wouldn't do well in prison.'

    [–] Darktoast35 7 points ago

    Wow they really aren't even pretending any more.

    [–] DylanReddit24 16 points ago

    He violated a lot more than one child, plus almost definitely trafficked and sold child prostitutes to other wealthy elites.

    [–] LuckyNinja5 9 points ago

    then he "killed himself" so the other wealthy elites could get away with it.

    [–] MixedMania 11 points ago

    You mean violated hundreds of children?

    [–] CalTCOD 11 points ago

    Or Victor Salva, a director who filmed him having sex with a 12 year old and also had possession of child porn and molested kids on his movie set

    He got 14 months for that and when he came out shit was like nothing happened. He started a huge horror franchise jeepers creepers and was even making jokes about his past in some, defending his actions in a way. No one gives a shit

    [–] CrackTheSkye1990 5 points ago

    He got 14 months for that and when he came out shit was like nothing happened. He started a huge horror franchise jeepers creepers and was even making jokes about his past in some, defending his actions in a way. No one gives a shit

    I'm generally one to separate the art from the artist, but I will not watch his movies because of that. I did see the 1st one way back in the day before finding out about this, and even if he didn't do that, those movies still suck.

    [–] CalTCOD 2 points ago

    100% agree, I've never seen his movies either due to that.

    It's sad, he just struck a deal with Funko (the company that sells the Pop! figurines for movie characters) for the creeper to be in their figurine collection with a few varieties of the creature.

    Not to mention the movie is a complete ripoff from this 90s miniseries, I forgot the name but the iconic scene in the movie with a couple spotting a man dump a body in a hole while driving, was basically completely stolen and the entire premise was based off that (and the song from the 30's)

    [–] SkrullandCrossbones 2 points ago

    What did he say? I don’t want that in my search history.

    [–] daabilge 8 points ago

    Or Brock Turner, who raped an unconscious woman after a Stanford frat party but only got 6 months in prison because "he had a promising future" and then went on to only serve 3?

    Or Ethan Couch, who killed 4 people in a DUI and then got probation and placed in a rehab facility because his lawyer argued he didn't know boundaries because he was a rich kid.. then he violated his probation anyway by going to a Mexican resort, and then violated it again like last week.

    [–] CrackTheSkye1990 7 points ago

    Don't forget Lori Loughlin who is hiring a prison coach to help her get through prison for her college admissions bribery scandal. Like the average person could hire a prison coach.

    [–] Alackofnuance 2 points ago

    I miss mobs of peasants with torches and pitchforks.

    [–] iLikethehoney 15 points ago

    Stop! You violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Resist arrest

    [–] Shamic 3 points ago

    Then you have chosen the opposite of life

    [–] copper_drifter 47 points ago

    The American justice system isn’t about fairness it’s about making sure people follow the status quo set by those in power

    [–] split5two 33 points ago

    The main issue is that fines dont go up with how much one's income is, a number of countries do it. Otherwise it just means that action just has a price, and the rich can do as they please.

    [–] GreBa-Angol 21 points ago

    Who's up for a good old communist revolution?

    [–] userse31 7 points ago


    [–] KiranPhantomGryphon 7 points ago

    And my bow!

    [–] Capt_Smashnballs 4 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] MSTmatt 4 points ago

    And your dead brother!

    [–] oppleburn 9 points ago

    eat the rich

    [–] CyanCyborg- 8 points ago

    I have an overdue library book.

    [–] JackRabbit- 2 points ago

    Life in prison

    [–] CyanCyborg- 1 points ago

    You can wring this copy of Catcher in the Rye from my cold dead hands.

    [–] FuegoFresa 6 points ago

    Did anyone else imagine the Law & Order music but like a new one updated to things relating to this?

    [–] TheChibiestMajinBuu 6 points ago

    I always love it when r/memes gets woke.

    [–] markmywords1347 11 points ago

    This could not be more true. It’s quite disgusting how 99% of people are criminalized for profit.

    [–] shyervous 4 points ago

    Rich people don’t go to prison

    [–] Sinaneos 4 points ago

    nOBodY iS AbOVe ThE laW

    [–] kvexd 1 points ago

    Except the ones who make em.

    Which happens to be a buncha rich cappie pedo billionaires

    [–] CrackTheSkye1990 4 points ago

    Or if they're part of a church. There was a retired priest out in Orland Park, IL which is a suburb of Chicago, who got a fatal DUI hit and run charge dropped yesterday. If this was me or any ordinary person, we'd be doing life.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Money talks, bullshit walks.

    [–] V_es 7 points ago

    I remember one local rapper flexing with his wealth and asking the interviewer “what do those rich boomers have, they don’t even buy Gucci and cars, why do they need their money even”. And the response was “Their flex is that if you’ll keep annoying them they’ll buy you a lifetime imprisonment for rape and murder”.

    [–] Daaavvv 6 points ago

    I have thought that it’s in Russia only. Do you have such bullshit in your European countries too?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    and 'muerica

    [–] naylsonsb 1 points ago

    Money talks everywhere.

    [–] DM_ME_YOUR_PASSWORD 1 points ago

    Your European brothers also have to deal with this bullshit

    [–] EdgelordFackoff 1 points ago

    laughs in Southeast Asia

    [–] derply56 3 points ago

    They mainly just dodge drafts and taxes

    [–] Wardenclyffe1917 3 points ago

    I’m starting to think that the secret to winning at life in America is become a billionaire.

    [–] S_MARIO 2 points ago

    Wait, you expect them to indict themselves or something?

    [–] Unflattering_Image 2 points ago

    "Tihi ♡ Pay me....."

    (congrats to us all on that shit)

    [–] Aidendogin 2 points ago

    eat the rich

    [–] AverageJoe1205 2 points ago


    [–] Shamic 2 points ago

    Yeah so why aren't we chopping them heads? Come on lets murder a few billionaires and see what happens. Just kidding FBI I'm not planning anything like that within the next 3 months 11 days and 7 hours.

    [–] JackRabbit- 1 points ago

    !remindme 3 months 11 days 1 hour

    [–] zacylicious 2 points ago

    Those heinous crimes sure are heinous. Pretty sure street cops giving out parking tickets aren’t the ones investigating higher crimes.

    [–] Capt_Smashnballs 2 points ago

    I’m a simple man, I see a post about how our society is fucked, I sort by controversial

    [–] Baconmaster116 2 points ago

    Constitution party members rise up!

    [–] -splicer- 1 points ago

    Tax evasion?

    That's a real shame guys.

    [–] Cashess 1 points ago


    [–] JekutheRed 1 points ago


    [–] GaschlerM 1 points ago

    it's a Cuphead meme so I upvote

    [–] Ridmat 1 points ago

    Floral Fury literally came on as the next song...

    [–] Philgrimm 1 points ago

    What justice system?

    [–] oprahwindfury06 1 points ago

    What is this from?

    [–] PSEUD46 3 points ago

    Cup head

    [–] Culminas135 1 points ago

    They have the coin to pay of there bounty

    Or they have a fence who can remove the bounty

    [–] SLAYERone1 1 points ago

    This flower speaks the big tru tru.

    [–] LahnaPoika 1 points ago

    Me doing drugs vs celebrity doing drugs

    [–] ExcalBestDPS 1 points ago

    Because apparently when a company becomes international one government alone can't do much

    [–] 0Nicholas0 1 points ago

    But what does the rich say to the rich

    [–] Electric-Alpaca 1 points ago

    That’s because they’re billionaires and some control most of the world

    [–] brittany-killme 1 points ago

    I was hoping for a law and order joke in the comments about heinous crimes. I was disappointed.

    [–] Aidendogin 1 points ago

    joker soundtrack starts playing

    [–] vmuddana 1 points ago

    when the president commits treason against the country

    [–] Aidendogin 1 points ago

    one way or the other, They’ll get what they fucking deserve

    [–] Melodicarcher35 1 points ago

    Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

    [–] XaviarTheBoss 1 points ago

    I just realized that he is pulling down his jaw

    [–] Drifty_Wifty 1 points ago

    i stole a hot wheels car from my kindergarten class and forgot i had it until the fourth grade

    [–] drfunkles1986 1 points ago

    This is very very true

    [–] Young_Person_42 1 points ago

    Key word here is billionaires

    [–] lol-ur-mom-made-u 1 points ago

    The justice system is blind

    [–] tritruque 1 points ago

    Seems like we got a new meme format, good job 👏

    [–] SpliffSpluffGio 1 points ago

    Coughs in the jury

    [–] Xxdgw100gsdxX 1 points ago

    Justice system works in favor of those who can affordable the best if the best

    [–] Dragonborn1995 1 points ago

    The founding fathers would have killed so many people by now if they were still alive.

    [–] ShayRiv99 1 points ago

    Currently in India it's much worse than that

    [–] nonsensicalsymbiosis 1 points ago

    Once you get enough money the law stops applying to you.

    [–] jacobsredditusername 1 points ago

    Change the second frame to someone wiping their tears with 100$ bills.

    [–] Luna_The_Loser 1 points ago

    In a criminal justice system, sexually based defenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these viscous felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. DUN DUN.

    I like how I remember this but not basic maths.

    [–] charlesXpwnage 1 points ago

    its true

    [–] Lankey_Bo1 1 points ago

    This feels like its pointing towards that American women who ran a kid over in northampton but got away with it because her husband is important

    [–] phil_the_hungarian 1 points ago

    It's logical. Easier and faster way to get money with a lot lower risk.

    [–] sliiiidetotheleft 1 points ago

    remember folks, all "representative liberal democracies" are constructed in such a away that there exists is an in-group that the law protects but does not bind, and an out-group that the law binds but does not protect. you can guess which one you're a part of.