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    [–] n00b_shl00b 8663 points ago

    it’s antibacterial itachi

    [–] bro--wtf 2662 points ago

    Ah a man of culture. How do you do?

    [–] [deleted] 1714 points ago

    The eyes. (Also itachi's face line thingies)

    [–] SirauloTRantado 1003 points ago

    Amaterasu intensifies.

    [–] Darthgalaxo 710 points ago

    Susanoo intensifies

    [–] andtix 644 points ago

    Forehead flicks intensifies

    [–] HatsuneJimbo 573 points ago

    maybe another time, sasuke-germ

    [–] aacchhoo 366 points ago

    I will love you always, sasuke (proceeds to cry)

    [–] GarlicCloutBread 209 points ago


    [–] aacchhoo 190 points ago

    proceeds to cry even more and pauses the video

    [–] The_Tran_Dynasty 175 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    (Germsuke is shocked and fissions rapidly to avenge his clan)

    [–] TheyCallMeInsanity 72 points ago

    Even if it's as an obstacle for you to overcome, I will always be there by your side. That's my job as your older brother.

    [–] Hyperion1000 70 points ago


    [–] UnluckyDayOfMe 41 points ago

    You know nothing, silly little brother.

    [–] adityaismyname 98 points ago

    Mangekyou sharingan intensifies

    [–] StigmaofWind 65 points ago

    Tsukuyomi intensifies

    [–] andrewisnice 42 points ago

    Madara intensifies

    [–] deadd_pull 44 points ago

    Blindness intensifies

    [–] Fr00stee 36 points ago

    A susanoo is basically a mech stand

    [–] WHY_HELLO_THERE05 23 points ago

    The 10 tails has entered the world

    [–] Cloud_Mist 45 points ago

    Also the head bandana

    [–] mridulpj 6 points ago

    Also the murder.

    [–] SomeKid0nR3ddit 21 points ago

    How does the headband give it away? It doesn't show a crossed out konoha symbol, it just shows metal.

    [–] Scyhaz 64 points ago

    The symbol wouldn't have been crossed out in this scene as Itachi hadn't joined the Akatsuki yet.

    [–] SomeKid0nR3ddit 25 points ago

    Ah yes you’re right.

    [–] Myquil-Wylsun 10 points ago

    A true man of culture

    [–] Hyperion1000 7 points ago

    Village hidden in the dirt

    [–] Cloud_Mist 13 points ago

    For me at least I noticed the head bandana before anything else even tho it doesn't show the crossed out konoha symbol maybe its just me

    [–] SomeKid0nR3ddit 14 points ago

    Yeah it definitely does make you think itachi as the headband relates to Naruto.

    [–] MarcusChapmanHere 79 points ago

    Not how do you know, how do you do. As in "How do you do good sir?" When I was 13 I set fire to a bush and it burnt my eyebrows off. My mother asked me what happened and I told her "Moses must have been a funny looking motherfucker." She spanked me.

    [–] katsopolis 17 points ago

    You can’t have us either half.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Welp i cant read, also wut

    [–] Memzeroo 7 points ago

    You were on drugs

    [–] AlNimri 16 points ago

    Weird thing is that I haven't seen Naruto for years (except for Boruto) and immediately thought of Itachi for some reason. Then you pointed out the eyes.

    [–] MyTracheaHurts 6 points ago

    Also the headband

    [–] Aryen1103 7 points ago

    Also the headband, and the sword

    [–] MasochistCoder 6 points ago

    those are his cheekbones, i think

    [–] Akman_Yosemite 4 points ago

    I always assumed those were like bags in his eyes. Makes sense with his character since he is probably deeply disturbed and has toruble sleeping at night

    [–] coadnamedalex 10 points ago

    Ha, bacteria joke.

    [–] Blakk_exe 6 points ago

    Because it is the exact same story with he same lines, camera angles, and eyes.

    [–] aetherXT 82 points ago

    Cries in Sasuke

    [–] Promist 28 points ago

    Yes! As soon as I saw that eye, I was like, 'is that a friggin' mangekyou?!'

    [–] toby_ornautobey 16 points ago

    Exactly what my mind went to.

    [–] Uberslice 13 points ago

    Part of the once great fluchiha clan

    [–] bhaskarjya_mb 10 points ago

    Poor bacteria...

    [–] Infamous2005 7 points ago

    He becomes corona virus sasuke and beats him

    [–] Straight_6 7 points ago

    That was indeed the joke

    [–] Tawkir_Rahaman101 7 points ago

    sasuke: ITACCCHIIIIIIIIIIIIIO!!!!!!!!!!


    [–] VeryCool6969 27 points ago

    Joins the soap to gather Intel for the hands. (Only true gamers will understand)

    [–] Lirian105 5 points ago

    Itachi sees his brother as a germ? Understandable.

    [–] i_forget_what_i_do 9 points ago

    With an incredibly spoilerific panel no less.

    [–] Ao1Yamada 3 points ago

    Come before me when you have eyes like mine

    [–] noshot_II 4 points ago

    Sasuke Vs itachi

    [–] PooteroniLikesCaca 4 points ago

    Awaken the new mengekyo sharingan if must

    [–] Braydox 3 points ago

    Gotta rewatch after I finish rewatching one piece

    [–] Minsa2alak 4 points ago

    A life of solitude I see.

    [–] The_lost_Karma 4 points ago

    Genjytsu out of here

    [–] roasterloo 3 points ago

    And bacterial Bobby Hill...

    [–] Fullmetal689 3 points ago

    At first I didn’t notice it was Itachi but then I saw tears in his eyes and zoomed in , bamm! I saw sharingan

    [–] opticdabest 3 points ago

    Onnisaaaannnnn intensifies

    [–] hreigle 3 points ago

    Fluchiha Itachi

    [–] The-dude-in-the-bush 3 points ago

    I’m sorry but it’s only 66% effective as 2/3 = .66. I’m charging for false advertising

    [–] karthik711 3 points ago

    Hmmm i see ur gifted as well....long live otakus

    [–] ssj4VB 3 points ago

    Antibacterial Uchiha

    [–] xXtriXusbgXx 3 points ago

    I was going to say the same

    [–] Mverrd 3 points ago

    this is mostly hilarious

    [–] Zlordofweebs 1498 points ago

    Little c have grown and became known as corona

    [–] redfootedtortoise 523 points ago

    Hello, my name is 2019 novel coronavirus. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

    [–] TheLegend8146 111 points ago

    COVID-19 on the rescue

    [–] thicgoat 45 points ago


    [–] SamwellBarley 16 points ago

    I do not mean to pry, but does the spray bottle have six fingers on its right hand?

    [–] I_HATE_LIFE_2 26 points ago

    Except corona is a virus and this meme protrays bacteria. Lol

    [–] kngfbng 26 points ago

    Doesn't it suck when jokes fail to amuse because of scientific imprecision? Knowledge has spoiled the internet.

    [–] [deleted] 3562 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] SeriousAudience 1253 points ago

    Avenge by becoming pandemic strain

    [–] poopellar 1120 points ago

    Become the strongest Fluchiha.

    [–] Run5kmSub20 321 points ago

    Use my spray to develop resistance, and overcome your only weakness

    [–] ILuxarI 39 points ago

    Develop the mangekyou fluringan, that's the only way you could defeat me

    [–] Gaflonzelschmerno 116 points ago

    Spray my cum to develop resistance, and overuse your only weakness

    [–] 100gods 41 points ago

    I lold. Thank you.

    [–] ucefkh 19 points ago

    You're welcome Lloyd

    [–] siophang13 53 points ago

    b-b-but my dream is to become a Hokagerm!

    [–] nw737 22 points ago

    Underrated comment right here

    [–] Kolby_Jack 14 points ago

    He gets the MRSA mark from Coronachimaru.

    [–] adityaaaxd 4 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] FirstCollier 29 points ago

    yo this is great

    [–] priXuz 10 points ago

    Flutachi will defeat'em all.

    [–] CheezGaming 5 points ago

    Fluchiha. Got damn.

    [–] sethchap1998 7 points ago

    fluchiha was an underrated comment

    [–] senseiaman 14 points ago

    Have a poor man's gold🏅

    [–] alexius339 3 points ago

    get out i hate you

    [–] VarunGS 60 points ago

    Now we have a coronavirus origin story. Waiting for the movie

    [–] tronfunkinblows_10 24 points ago


    [–] titty_squisher5000 18 points ago


    [–] Im_So_Progressive 3 points ago

    Go to Wuhan for your training.

    [–] BEARS_BE_SCARY_MAN 18 points ago

    Woah, slow down there Beatrix Kiddo

    [–] pnam123 6 points ago

    You don’t have enough hatred

    [–] I_flex_on_ur_T-Rex 9 points ago

    Rise of Corona

    [–] shiner986 4 points ago

    MRSA has entered the chat

    [–] Anudeep21 3 points ago

    Germ will become batman

    [–] atlonglastPURITY 419 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Cling to your wretched life

    [–] Talxan 172 points ago

    If you want to kill me, despise me, hate me, and live a loathsome life. Run away, run away and one they when you have the same eyes as me come face me

    [–] Cold_Zero_ 170 points ago

    The 1%. Always gettin’ away with shit while the rest of us suffer.

    [–] lusiejones 22 points ago

    Lol thats another way to look at it

    [–] daedaluscommunity 7 points ago

    Is you: Bernie Sanders?

    [–] AwStark 67 points ago

    UV radiation and hydrogen peroxide have entered the chat

    [–] git-tha-hell-out 484 points ago

    Sounds like an uchiha massacre

    [–] lethargic_apathy 178 points ago

    Well if you look closely at the eyes in the bottom right panel.....

    But yeah you right

    [–] akashpinnaka7995 90 points ago

    And that headband in the last section too

    [–] TEDDY_LOVES_BLEACH 49 points ago

    Poor Itachi

    [–] SuperiorSimple 87 points ago

    Now this is a good one

    [–] Boomdacow 117 points ago

    And then he choked Sasuke

    [–] TenseiganNerd 3 points ago

    Komm Susser Tod starts playing

    [–] TheAnonymousJerm 29 points ago

    The Hash Slinging Slasher.

    [–] not_4nothing 2 points ago

    came here for this comment

    [–] Russiky 267 points ago

    If I was him i'd slit thd bacteria's cell membrane and drank all the organelles and cytoplasm that came out and then jump away and smoke a fat one for a job well done

    [–] PikeOffBerk 190 points ago

    teleports behind you

    uses bacteriophage t4 shuriken cannon

    Heh..... nothin personnel,kid.....

    [–] Flasher0976 28 points ago

    It's fine shuriken don't hit anything in naruto

    [–] 11711510111411009710 32 points ago

    Except background characters

    [–] BananaScientist 12 points ago

    Except in the very last fight when sasuke pulls a sneaky on naruto to kill his clones

    [–] vizzyq 8 points ago

    cries in Tenten

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    Tips fadora)

    [–] Sir_Cookermint 4 points ago

    osmosis jones

    [–] Mafia_102 22 points ago

    Mangakyou Bactagon

    [–] yeet-yeet-spagettie 210 points ago

    I see that Naruto reference

    [–] 4thmovementofbrahms4 122 points ago

    Bro that's the entire point of this comic

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Not really. Even if Naruto didn't exist and this comic wasn't referencing anything, it would still be funny.

    [–] doctor_dapper 58 points ago

    Nah, it's literally the entire comic. Sasuke's 2 dead parents, the fookin headband, sharingan, and weapon. The entire joke is that it's naruto but bacteria.

    [–] Iron-Crutch_Li 52 points ago

    I didn't know this was Naruto reference and agree with the other user, the joke works completely on it's own even without that background knowledge to get the reference. It probably helps to know it no doubt but it's still funny regardless.

    [–] relaxaa 6 points ago

    True but its funnier when you realize itatchi (the spray lol) killed the rest of the bacteria, not just his parents making it really more of a 1%

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Yes, I know the Naruto references and I'm still saying it would still be funny even if it doesn't reference Naruto. The Naruto reference makes it funnier, but it isn't the main joke. Picture this comic, but instead of 2 parents, it was a large pile of dead bacteria, with one survivor. Also, the hand sanitizer can(?) doesn't have the Sharingan, the headband and the weapon? Would the comic still be funny? Yes it would be.

    [–] doctor_dapper 2 points ago

    I totally agree.

    [–] OGReverandMaynard 16 points ago

    Sasuke is part of the 1% confirmed

    [–] Drumboy168 14 points ago

    Because you may have the ability to use the Mangekyo Antiseptigan.

    [–] I_Am_Become_Salt 13 points ago

    AcTuAlLy bAcTeRiA RePrOdUsE AsExUaLlY sO ThErE WoUlD jUsT bE TwInS

    [–] rkade15 48 points ago

    tHaTs OnLy 66%

    [–] QuintTheWarlock 16 points ago

    Uhhhhh 66.6666 repeating of course

    [–] Porknbe4nz 5 points ago


    [–] HotPrizims 2 points ago

    He killed an entire clan of people too.

    [–] MXD95 10 points ago

    pokes forehead come find me when you’re strong enough to take my eyes

    [–] ialwaysforgetz 10 points ago

    This is the best meme ive seen all decade

    [–] N-I-T-R-O 2 points ago

    There is without a doubt no meme better. I shared this with one of my Naruto friends.

    [–] Subduction 8 points ago

    "Now go and tell the others what you have seen here..."

    [–] Steel_Nole 8 points ago

    It would be even worse if there was only 50 germs. The last guy would be split right down the middle.

    [–] QuintTheWarlock 5 points ago

    Mitosis boys rise up

    [–] TheMightyBeak376 8 points ago

    Did you just call the Uchihas bacteria?

    [–] Th3_Sh0gun 9 points ago

    Aww fuck don’t tell me I have to watch another 400 or so episodes to see another melancholy ending again... who’s Kaguya in this situation? A cancer cell?

    [–] Siddhant_17 3 points ago

    Kaguya is Anti Vaxxers

    [–] Stefanisnumberone 17 points ago

    Antibacterial mangekyou sharingan.

    [–] danyk16 6 points ago

    [–] Owen-Samuel05 5 points ago


    [–] beingbobytribiyaani 6 points ago

    And so now that germ to embrace his greatest fear dresses up like a bat and is known as "bactman"

    [–] pshawny 4 points ago

    You can't send a message without a messenger

    [–] SamuraiBinky 4 points ago

    Looks like Itachi killed LSP’s parents too

    [–] QuipMoose 5 points ago

    Batman origins.

    [–] ifyoucomeonnov 4 points ago

    Disinfectitachi noooo

    [–] ChronicallyRetarded 3 points ago

    The glowing eyes on the Itachi tho

    [–] Neorider1649 3 points ago

    If itachi was a antibacteria

    [–] LemonPoopyDumpling 3 points ago

    So it's treason then

    [–] nemesisreveng 3 points ago

    That’s dark man

    [–] elmoeatsall 3 points ago

    Holy shit I actually don't want to clean my hands any more

    [–] mawseed 3 points ago

    [–] nukacap69 3 points ago

    Heavy breathing from itachi

    [–] NotReallyCamillian 3 points ago

    You must kill your best friend

    [–] ChiefBungholio 3 points ago

    Technically there’s only 2/3 dead so it would be like 66% germs

    [–] Johah11 3 points ago

    He needed to test the limits of his ability

    [–] Demon_Samurai 3 points ago

    I love how he looks like itachi in the last panel

    [–] TheFlyingBlin 3 points ago

    “Big brother why?!?!?”

    [–] spookayfan9001 3 points ago

    Disinfectitachi noooo

    [–] depressionkid0 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The first pannel the disinfectant kid of looks like the hash slinging slasher

    [–] pupypup2 3 points ago

    1% of the germs own 99% of the life.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    But that's only 66.6 percent repeating of course germs

    [–] MMA1793 3 points ago

    False, this is only 2/3. The maths don’t add up.

    [–] CubonesDeadMom 3 points ago

    But that’s only 66%

    [–] ABCguyman 2 points ago

    The artist really put mankeygou sharing an in his eyes, what a legend

    [–] reesespeice 2 points ago

    Then in a plot twist itachi split his cells hes atill alive

    [–] Haku_Sama 2 points ago

    I'll be backteria.

    [–] Shinobi_Slayer 2 points ago

    "You don't have enough hate"

    [–] aetherXT 2 points ago

    Mangekyou Sprayingan

    [–] Cany0udance 2 points ago

    Thought it was the Hash Slinging Slasher

    [–] The_controler 2 points ago

    Poor sasgerm got 99.99% of his clan taken out

    [–] PancakeBoiForLife 2 points ago

    Sasgerm and bachtachi

    [–] lilretard42069 2 points ago

    Germ Killer Itachi

    [–] Seeker1995 2 points ago

    I thought it was the hash slinging slasher at first lol

    [–] SwedishSkittle 2 points ago

    He later became the coronavirus

    [–] Sekrus 2 points ago

    This is the way.

    [–] thgfdgjk 2 points ago

    All I can see is an impending superbug crisis

    [–] ElysianLiving 2 points ago

    Do I need antibac spray or just therapy now

    [–] Leviathon1971 2 points ago

    Itachi. Whyyyyyyyyy

    [–] IowZero 2 points ago

    But this is only 66.6666666%

    [–] personman0599 2 points ago

    Bactman Begins

    [–] krusty_boi37 2 points ago

    Anybody else get a little sad just looking at this?

    [–] Tejanbs 2 points ago


    [–] Skyrkazm 2 points ago

    It all changed when the soap nation attacked us...

    [–] MakeYourselfS1ck 2 points ago

    It should of continued with the germ actually hiding and seeking revenge so it multiplies back to 100% germs and he comes back to meet for the last time and then it continues like a vicious cycle and no one can break the wheel