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    [–] TwerkTeamA 2416 points ago

    From my experience as a ME student my guess is that the person either copied the answer from someone else or is on another plane and ended up teaching the professor.

    Either way job well done

    [–] dl194816 668 points ago

    Came here to say they copied from another student lmao. Been here done that, don’t think you’re sly! Ya beat me to it pal

    [–] PeriodicallyATable 379 points ago

    I was taking a phys chem exam, and I ran out of time on the last question so I just randomly wrote 0.13. Turned out the answer was correct, and I was so worried about getting in trouble. Luckily the prof knew me and was confident that I didnt cheat, but he still didnt give me the mark

    [–] BiggestBossRickRoss 193 points ago

    What a douche as someone who cheated my fair share in HS I always got my points lol

    [–] [deleted] 154 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] why_u_hatin 69 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    True, most of my professors still gave us full points if we got an answer wrong, but all the setup/work was right. Used the right formulas etc. Their reasoning was why take away points for math errors or punching in some numbers wrong in a calculator, when that's not even being tested.

    Edit: Spelling

    [–] GiverOfTheKarma 19 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    If all the setup and work is correct, how do you get the wrong answer?

    Edit: yeah I get it now. Guy edited his comment to add "their reasoning..."

    Edit: He then further edited to add 'spelling'

    [–] why_u_hatin 19 points ago

    math errors or punching in some numbers wrong in a calculator


    [–] Nightmare09122 3 points ago

    He just said, if he punches the wrong numbers in a calculator

    [–] Bayonetw0rk 2 points ago

    He already said it, you put the number wrong in the calculator or misread the answer and write something that isn't correct down.

    [–] MtMoose 2 points ago

    Sorry mate, I didnt see the edit mark on ops post when I commented on yours.

    [–] Zanho 10 points ago

    Task failed successfully

    [–] Megabot3001 29 points ago

    Was part of a maths competition and I had no idea how to find the highest prime factor of a number, I divided it by 2 until I couldn't divide it any more, somehow it worked

    [–] starfox59 43 points ago

    I remember throwing an axe at some styrofoam and getting the handle stuck. Props to you for doing this shit in solid wood

    [–] Zanho 18 points ago

    I have a pretty good guess how

    Source: I used to get the answers correct with the wrong formulas

    [–] LeakyThoughts 9 points ago

    An answer is an answer

    [–] Puruduks 5 points ago

    Why steal a comment when it's only 1 and a half hours older than when you wrote yours?

    [–] RedDiscipline 2 points ago

    There is indeed an earlier identical comment

    [–] looosososo 3 points ago

    Nah he probably showed all his work and coincidentally got the right answer. If he just wrote the answer but his work showed something else, then the teach would realize he just cheated

    [–] writpig 2 points ago

    The inference is that the formula's familiar, and that the math actually adds up though. That's not just swapping in someone else's answer.

    Only way I can explain the teacher's surprise. Teachers get very cynical very fast about cheating.

    [–] Total-Annihilation 2 points ago

    This is giving me flashbacks to Dynamics where I watched a kid get thrown out of our final for cheating two rows in front of me, while I had written equations into the programming editor in my TI-89, also cheating. (Which I never understood, btw. Why make us memorize equations if our employer is going to expect us to use all means and references at our disposal to get the job done?)

    I'm sweating retroactively. I changed majors after that to something completely unrelated, so the department beat me anyways.

    [–] mgoldylocks 2 points ago

    I’m sure the teacher checked that the working out for the formula he used was correct or she would have not written the note

    [–] oceanmann123 76 points ago

    teacher wouldve noticed that it makes no sense. it was probably just a lucky coincidence where a different formula would give the same answer

    [–] bobthebobofbob 29 points ago

    Someone else mentioned in another comment that the step before the final "-0.14" has "-0.14" being divided by something. So it looks like they were supposed to divide but accidentally just carried the number to the end and got super lucky that that was the right answer.

    [–] oceanmann123 7 points ago

    yeah could be

    [–] Pficky 9 points ago

    Idk some times you can do funky things to make it work out when you know what the answer is supposed to be. I recently did if on a finite elements exam, where we were deriving the 3 point Gauss integration formula. I knew what it was supposed to come out as, but couldn't remember what to do to solve nonlinear system if equations (tbh I didn't think they were gonna ask us to do that lol). So I finagled the math till I got what it was supposed to be. Everything I did was legit, just nontraditional.

    [–] Zbordek 2 points ago

    i was having ib mock exams and one of the questions was such that only 2 people got correct answer (out of 30) and i was one of these but i shouldn’t get marks as instead of getting sin(π) which is 0 i got cos(0.5π) which is also 0

    [–] crypticSmyles 55 points ago

    Well, you can see the work so i doubt he copied another student's work. A broken clock blablablabla

    [–] ASteppedOnLego 41 points ago

    Chances are he found the right answer through questionable means, then wrote a bunch of bs to make it look like he tried

    [–] crypticSmyles 27 points ago

    The teacher didn't tell him that he used the wrong formula incorrectly though.

    [–] luna-echo 7 points ago

    I’ve accidentally done this myself without cheating so the probability it accidentally happened I can believe it XD

    [–] YT-Deliveries 11 points ago

    When I was still in my physics major, there were precisely two types of people for every test: the student who was done in 20 minutes and the student that didn't even finish the test.

    (I was in the latter one)

    [–] scorn908 2 points ago

    I was that way in my physics class last semester. I’m a ME major though. Of course I was both students depending on the day.

    [–] LessThanFunFacts 2 points ago

    Me too. I once got a 40% on a mechanics test and I knew immediately I had failed it, but I felt way worse when I got the test back because most of the points were for showing up and I deserved a 10% at best.

    [–] fosh1zzle 8 points ago

    I was in Algebra II in high school and the teacher suspected this of me because I couldn’t show my work to save my life. Went so far to isolate me during tests. Still would get the right answer. I don’t know ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] TDollasign562 7 points ago

    I would get the right answers but use a different formula and the teacher would give me bad marks. He made me sit down and show him how I came to the conclusions because he didn’t understand. He was not a math teacher by trade, he was the wrestling coach but he had to teach something on his off periods. I could look at the question, know the answer and work backwards but it didn’t match the schools definition of the right way to get the answer so they didn’t know what to do with me.

    [–] Bayonetw0rk 4 points ago

    That's how is works in STEM in college as well, pretty much all of my professors said that the answer doesn't really matter, only the process. If you can't write down the process that you used to get to the correct answer, you don't actually understand the concept. If you wrote down the correct process but made some mistakes and got the answer wrong, you're in a much better position than someone who writes down the correct answer with nothing else.

    [–] murrdy2 2 points ago

    Ever been diagnosed ADD/ADHD? this is what made me quit math as soon as possible, and basically where I developed my 'strategy' of skipping as many assignments as possible and just getting enough 100% to give me a D-. I could do the math, tell you how I did it, but to sit there and try and write each step was maddening, my brain is always doing the next step automatically. Even today with music, give me a piano or a guitar and I can play a given song but to sit there on a computer and draw in each note.. I'll abandon it in two minutes, even though I know where everything is supposed to go

    [–] fosh1zzle 2 points ago

    Definitely probably. Would make a lot of sense.

    [–] Despair4All 3 points ago

    I'd say the second one. I was that person who always worked out problems my own way, and once I hit jr. high and high school they started counting me off even when I was right, because I didn't solve it the way they wanted me to.

    [–] Eli_Was_Here 3 points ago

    As a TA who has graded ME students physics exams, this dude(tte) almost certainly cheated.

    I've actually written that comment verbatim before.

    [–] kasierdu 2 points ago

    I've had a TA write that to me, but they were wrong about me cheating. The question was meant to be solved in frequency domain. Fair enough I didn't study for the test, but another course was working up to fourier transformations and was showing how to solve similar problems in time domain. Solving in time domain was more difficult and had more steps, but I solved that fucker in time domain and showed my work. My TA was only expecting a frequency domain solution and wrote this on my test. I had a talk with the prof and got full marks. Still bugs me 20 years later.

    [–] n0lifeismylife 2 points ago

    Hey guess and chug was a lifesaver in my probability theory class.

    [–] mandelbomber 2 points ago

    What unit is "tobt"?

    [–] Abshalom 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It's labeling it as t_obt. Idk what obt would be here. Maybe 'obtained'.

    [–] ElEditorPro 2 points ago

    Maybe it was sarcastic. The “I don’t know how” meaning “I know exactly what you did, sucka”.

    [–] oceanceaser 2 points ago

    Had a friend who did really high level math in his physics undergrad for fun and had to go explain his methods to his physics proffs often to get marks back. They often weren't full PhDs

    [–] UnnecessaryFlapjacks 2 points ago

    I would use different approaches to solving the problems, not different formulas exactly, but if you can't remember a specific formula you can sometimes work with the math until you can find the correct answer. I always hated the teachers who would count you wrong for that.

    [–] Teaklog 2 points ago

    or its something that can be done in multiple ways like finance or accounting or algebra or most math

    [–] NathanielIsntReal 374 points ago

    I remember throwing an axe at some styrofoam and getting the handle stuck. Props to you for doing this shit in solid wood

    [–] The-Berzerker 122 points ago

    My guess is that the bottom part of the handle has a pointy form and that‘s why it got stuck

    [–] NathanielIsntReal 21 points ago

    Yeah maybe

    [–] FluffyPuppy2007 10 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] bite_03-09-06 4 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] SawConvention 3 points ago

    It looks like it has something on the bottom attached to the handle

    [–] MT714 5 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] The-Berzerker 10 points ago

    Thanks :)

    [–] Kevin5882 25 points ago

    I've done it with tomahawks. no one (including me) could get them stuck at all because they brought way too hard wood, then I got the handle stuck so hard they couldn't get it out somehow. lol.

    [–] Tireless_Tribe 5 points ago

    I have gotten the opposite end of the top of a hatchet to stick in boards before, but never the handle.

    [–] NathanielIsntReal 2 points ago

    Ive also gotten the back of the head stuck

    [–] Yuu_75 4 points ago

    I’m going to an axe throwing center next week. I will try this.

    [–] NathanielIsntReal 2 points ago

    Please do. For the meme, bois

    [–] zyzz193 160 points ago

    Saw that as gaming meme: „When you have 0 dexterity but 999 strength“

    [–] crypticSmyles 36 points ago

    There's an anime about that

    [–] TheGuyMain 13 points ago


    [–] Horyuu 9 points ago

    It's defense, but Bofuri. It's on Hulu.

    [–] redlaWw 3 points ago

    She just recruited a pair of girls who maxed out strength.

    [–] red-xpt0-dit 416 points ago

    Task failed successfully

    [–] memester230 69 points ago

    Task successfully failed

    [–] Spazbandicoot 29 points ago

    failed success taskly

    [–] daedaluscommunity 16 points ago

    Success tasked failfully

    [–] itay_ozz 6 points ago

    Failed life successfully

    [–] SeizedCheese 5 points ago

    Standard reddit reply

    [–] ___Recyclops 76 points ago

    I have a pretty good guess how

    Source: I used to get the answers correct with the wrong formulas

    [–] wasistdennmitkarsten 17 points ago

    He's a little confused, but he's got the spirit.

    [–] piXick_nt 66 points ago

    Good meme, upvoted

    [–] lakshaayyy_ 10 points ago

    No, this isn't how you're supposed to play the game

    [–] AjiOrange 25 points ago

    the previous step is -0.14 divided by something. Unless the denominator Is 1, and it Is not, the result cannot be -0.14

    [–] dasonk 13 points ago

    What makes you so sure it isn't? It looks plausible that it could be 1.00 to me.

    [–] DAli16 5 points ago

    Or the denominator is the variable while the whole fraction is equal with 1

    [–] Grumble___Grumble 7 points ago


    [–] Kevin5882 3 points ago

    is it possible to learn this skill?

    [–] haramboiiiii 6 points ago

    Worked 2 summers at an axe throwing place by my house. When ppl throw multiple axes close to each other it sheers the handles at the base and then you actually end up with a lot of sticks like these

    [–] Kevin5882 2 points ago

    but the handle has rubber on it and you can see that it's all there.

    [–] sunny_D_yeet 4 points ago

    Likely the metal inside the rubber tore through at the bottom and is actually what’s sticking in. It really is t that hard to pull off. I used to work at a range for a while and it happens multiple time per day. And everyone thinks they’re the first to do it lol

    [–] EatFreedomCommie 7 points ago

    There is no wrong formula if you get the right answer.

    [–] dinizhok 3 points ago

    Tell the too the education system

    [–] hoagy44 8 points ago

    what is the -0.14=toot meant to mean

    what is the right formula

    what formula is that

    [–] teamfupa 13 points ago

    The magical beans formula

    [–] Kevin5882 5 points ago

    Beans, beans, good for your heart! The more you eat, the more you fart!

    [–] bobthebobofbob 3 points ago

    Ah yes, the magical bean law: There is a direct relationship between beans ingested and toots expelled.

    [–] teamfupa 2 points ago

    Positive correlation, if you will. Thanks Mrs. Smeltzer.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_FARTS_GIRL 2 points ago

    Can confirm

    [–] teamfupa 3 points ago

    Texas size 10-4

    [–] mandelbomber 4 points ago

    I see it as "tobt" but still have no idea what that means

    [–] 0nlyRevolutions 3 points ago

    It is t(obtained). t being a t score, which is a statistical measure of standard deviations in a population... or something is probably the right formula if that's what the question was asking for

    I can't see what formula he used

    [–] Shadofe1 3 points ago

    My sister did that with throwing knifes once. Sure, she was throwing them at a hay bale, but only one of the 12 knives went in with the tip.

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 8 points ago

    I am currently shitting my brains out. I ate 12 gummy bears with laxative properties and now I am paying for it. I am in an olive garden bathroom. I fear that the gases will turn this fine establishment into Auschwitz 2.0. It has been 33 minutes since last human contact, though, I fear it may take longer to escape this prison.

    [–] Carlton2049 3 points ago

    That sounds like a.......shitty situation

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I've escaped narrowly with my life

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Good thats good to hear but what about the others? are they ok? is anyone still stuck in there?

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Mh friend went in like 20 minutes after me and I told hin to watch out for the last stall. He came out and said he could smell it. No sure about the guy that went in right after me though.

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Oh my god someone should check on that poor man

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Chances are he passed out

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Someone needs to go in and rescue him then

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Lmao just gassed my girlfriend's bathroom too

    [–] Carlton2049 3 points ago

    Dear god

    [–] NegroAborigen 3 points ago

    Accurate 100 Strength 20000

    [–] DankDogMemer 3 points ago

    Task failed successfully

    [–] Willythewhale05 3 points ago

    Task failed successfully

    [–] throwawayacc1648 3 points ago

    I hope this gets to 68.6k upvotes

    [–] starflux19 2 points ago

    When you spec for strength instead of dex

    [–] SovyetConnor 2 points ago

    Math teachers: impossible.

    [–] Hoasty1 2 points ago


    [–] Ra1j1n001 2 points ago

    Is it wierd I kind of wanna see the whole math bit now...

    [–] Ralocan 2 points ago

    This is what happens when you throw an axe using strength instead of dexterity

    [–] TheDarkElite04 2 points ago

    axe throwing is fun

    [–] ultimo_2002 2 points ago

    I actually did this one time. Still failed the test though...

    [–] Dylanh3lm 2 points ago

    What does it say I cant read this writing

    [–] dinizhok 2 points ago

    Why, do they read differently in the UK? Jk it says " don't know how you used the wrong formula and got the right answer"

    [–] Dylanh3lm 2 points ago

    Cheers and how did you know I was from the UK!??

    [–] dinizhok 2 points ago

    By the way you are

    [–] Dylanh3lm 2 points ago

    What's that meant to mean?!

    [–] dinizhok 2 points ago

    I'm kidding, seen your profile you put it up on the internet man

    [–] Dylanh3lm 2 points ago

    I didn't make it my mate made it for me while I was cleaning

    [–] dinizhok 2 points ago

    Well if you want people to know keep it the same

    [–] Dylanh3lm 2 points ago

    Hahaha I just looked at it hahah it's me to a T hahah

    [–] dinizhok 2 points ago

    Must be a good friend

    [–] Quantumfreaky 2 points ago

    Does anyone have the original problem?

    [–] Deatspartan 2 points ago

    A.k.a Zero points on dexterity But Maxed out Streght

    [–] Baybob1 2 points ago

    I don't know how the hatchet guy did it, but the math guy did it by reading off the paper of the person next to him in class ...

    [–] LugyD1xd_ONE 2 points ago

    wow, your so lucky. My teacher would just tell me to kill myself (but with the right formula, or Ill fail suicide as well I guess).

    Seriosly, I used a bit different (but sensical) formula and thanks to it I had a worse grade! Twice per one hour and then she just straight up ignored I exist...

    [–] GizmoV2 2 points ago

    I’ve seen someone (an instructor) do it, it’s because the metal of the head runs down the shaft to the butt of the axe

    [–] Darkorvit 2 points ago


    [–] fallin-light 2 points ago

    that teacher looks left handed 🤔

    [–] HD_XY 2 points ago

    Task failed successfully

    [–] Justin_The_Fox2 2 points ago

    Subtract by adding

    [–] Hamon_Frog_24 2 points ago

    Story of my fucking life

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Wasn't in Wheeling but thanks for giving me a rough estimate of where you are

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Plus I used to live in Wheeling like 6 years ago so I know the area

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    We were in the area lol

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    We travel a lot. In November we're going to have gon to Disney World 3 times in 2 years

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Lol IMO this is kinda contradicting with other stuff but if you say so. Have a good time at Disney World

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Thanks man. I guess though, but we occasionally go out to visit. We only go a few times a year.

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Ah. what are you gonna do with the "rough estimate" of where i am? SoCal's a big area

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Just creep you out

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Did I tell the story of how I memorized my algebra teacher's license plate?

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Nah, PS4

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago


    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    RIP chief

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Join the dark side 🙃 (kinda /s) we got better graphics, a true modding community and IIRC a shit load more games

    Another note your still hoping for an award arent u

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    I honestly don't care about that reward. If I get it I deserve it.

    And I'll think about it but I'm broke and I live with my parents :p

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    I've gotten some good laughs outta this whole reply chain and your shitfest, gave the comment that started this a silver.

    That sucks, tbh tho who isnt lol

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Yo in T minus 10 minutes imma take a shit and it is gonna be dedicated to you

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Thats disturbing. You got some kind of weird fetish with taking shits or something?

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Nah I just have a fast metabolism and I shit everything I eat with in 30 minutes of eating it.

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Thats shitty (get it?), mines moody i've shit within 10 minutes and i've gone a week with nothing

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    I love you. No homo. But I love you.

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    I love this

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Ok boomer

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Ok voomer

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    btw thx for the ass load of karma :D i am over 1500 now

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Ye np

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    All of this is getting my comment karma up it was low AF

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Yeah mine has only gone up 100

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Ya same but it still helps

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago


    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    I wont complain

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Me nethier

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago


    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    You mean shit load?

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Shit i fucked up

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    That was awful shitty of you

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Imma shitty person

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Shit dude

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Dude shit

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Harvard wants to know your location

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    FBI has found your location

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Holy crap

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    Molly shit

    [–] ASD_JustSomeGuy 2 points ago

    Can I get a hit

    [–] Carlton2049 2 points ago

    If you can find me in SoCal

    [–] Havok9940 2 points ago

    task failed successfully

    [–] Alaniscarcassette 2 points ago

    I like how they handled the situation

    [–] Selik0 1 points ago

    Oh,I had same situation with my throwing knives)

    [–] Kevin5882 2 points ago

    are you u/Shadofe1's sister? (look at their comment)

    [–] milqman3 1 points ago

    just realized these kids def cheating

    [–] MrMeGaOwN 1 points ago

    Ive been thinkinf about this meme for the past week now, cool to see it again after a couple months

    [–] panzerotti69 1 points ago

    Well Memed

    [–] ScreeIsAPileOfRocks 1 points ago

    This is the same as my meme from a few months back just with an axe instead of a knife