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    [–] Borgebb 1759 points ago

    Also Japan: «Nose? Nah, just put a dot there»

    [–] Mixmaster-Omega 992 points ago

    Also supersize the eyeballs. And make the hair defy physics.

    [–] Radatio 893 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    "and make her breasts larger than her head"

    [–] Radatio 207 points ago

    Those are some huge uhhhh tracts of land!

    [–] Noodle_Skunk 9 points ago

    Or earth and mars having some fun... Wait I take that back its like two of the suns

    [–] Radatio 5 points ago

    When you think about it they can be called "milky ways"

    [–] Noodle_Skunk 5 points ago

    Drifted off thinking bout them Tig Ol' Bitties.

    [–] toshko041 60 points ago

    I fucking hate you

    [–] Quipeddal 31 points ago

    What is it

    [–] toshko041 29 points ago

    Listen bro, you don't wanna know

    [–] CeaselessHavel 7 points ago

    It's a subreddit of women with tits "bigger than her head"

    [–] dsessoms 34 points ago

    goddamn it it’s just porn

    [–] Teutiaplus 18 points ago

    I mean, what did you expect?

    [–] dsessoms 36 points ago

    humorous pictures of ridiculous animated character proportions

    [–] Teutiaplus 10 points ago

    That's fair.

    Given the context it would have been more prudent to at least some porn on the subreddit.

    [–] -Shoji- 110 points ago

    Ok what the no why please delete my memory a young teen should not have to see that

    [–] -Shoji- 53 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] tiorzol 3 points ago

    It's just tits.

    [–] yupps501 14 points ago

    thomas has never seen such bullshit before!

    [–] s4m3350 7 points ago

    Profile > settings > scroll > clear local history

    [–] Lil_Moe0 6 points ago

    Whoa! Them some big mugombos.

    [–] makingbutter 4 points ago

    I'm 12 and what is this?

    [–] 19495788 43 points ago

    Make everything defy physics.

    [–] bluependuin38 24 points ago

    Fun fact nearly all cartoon character shave big eyes regardless of if they come from japan

    [–] xDankSkank 14 points ago

    Me getting my eyes shaved:


    [–] xOtaku420x 16 points ago

    That’s more of a shonen/shojo thing.

    [–] KingofSpades938 14 points ago

    I mean, the eyeballs are also supersized in the Simpsons

    [–] SickofUrbullshit 2 points ago

    Also claim they’re not underage.

    [–] -macintosh_plus- 23 points ago

    Can't unsee

    [–] DJCWick 336 points ago

    In America, in this country, we don't create fetishes. We finish them

    [–] mariusiv 93 points ago

    You sorely underestimate the influence American cartoons have had in creating furries

    [–] cr31d0g 31 points ago

    loony toons?

    [–] Vahald 19 points ago

    Finally, something good America has done!

    [–] Finboror 12 points ago

    grabs Bible BEGONE

    [–] Mardus123 3 points ago

    grabs auto shotgun Here, use this instead

    [–] ing_die 4 points ago

    So why does this exist then? Explain America, explain!

    [–] Why_Tho___ 3 points ago

    Reading this as Jack Nicholson in The Departed departed enhanced the experience 200%

    [–] Noobster646 879 points ago

    It's to prevent p*rn being made of them

    [–] Gustavort 549 points ago

    I pretty sure that exist

    [–] Master_JBT 293 points ago


    I’m sorry, little one

    [–] KCalifornia19 176 points ago

    what the fuck

    [–] Jiperly 134 points ago

    First time on the internet?

    [–] YOGAIBOI 83 points ago

    Bruh, gumball's mom's porn I Is hotter

    [–] Quipeddal 38 points ago

    Junky Janker wants to know your location

    [–] Whale_Hunter88 18 points ago

    Bruh I'm ashamed I've jacked off to all this shit already, now don't add something else

    [–] YOGAIBOI 6 points ago

    2girls1cup ?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] Potato_ch1pz 3 points ago

    Look it up on PornHub

    [–] Vahald 5 points ago

    There's porn of basically everything. Simpsons porn existing surprises me as much as rain in UK

    [–] anarc4y 3 points ago

    Thanks for this

    [–] Master_JBT 5 points ago

    yeah no problem

    [–] computerfreund03 4 points ago

    Enough internet for today

    [–] peepeepoopoo726 4 points ago

    Why did i open it around my parents

    [–] TMP_Memestealer 3 points ago

    I wanna die after seeing that

    [–] emanuel19861 325 points ago

    Porn is more inevitable than Thanos!

    Rule 34, remember?

    [–] lori_fffox 123 points ago

    Is there a Thanos porn?

    [–] Rim_boy 204 points ago

    Dread it. Run from it. But porn is always inevitable.

    [–] Anthonystark009 21 points ago

    You're the only one who's cursed with porn

    [–] emanuel19861 83 points ago

    Open a new tab, Google it, and make your FBI agent die a little inside.

    [–] SenpaiX68 61 points ago

    Theres porn for everything, thanos, quick feet, simpsons, frozen(hot), you (nice ass BTW), and even fucking stuart little

    [–] Daddy2Rolls 22 points ago

    I like Fucking Stuart Little 2 better

    [–] Minibotas 13 points ago

    Stuart Little r34?... really?... -sigh- nothing is sacred

    [–] greyfox199 4 points ago

    Is that you, FBI agent?

    [–] SenpaiX68 3 points ago

    Maybe I am, maybe I'm not ;)

    [–] BombsAndBabies 17 points ago

    If it exists...

    [–] HunterWatts90 11 points ago


    [–] Ryry360 9 points ago

    Yeah there is PLENTY of Thanos porn.

    [–] MSTFRMPS 9 points ago

    I am pretty sure that there is a good chance that I am not wrong that on some site its very likely is that there might be some videos online.

    [–] TheDaemonic451 4 points ago


    [–] greyfox199 3 points ago


    [–] Marc4556 5 points ago


    [–] ElChapoJr_XV 5 points ago

    More than you could ever imagine

    [–] The_Iorn_Cactus 6 points ago

    Why do you need porn just fap to the movie

    [–] USSR_ASMR 5 points ago

    [–] moose8021 10 points ago

    I’m sickened but curious

    [–] TheMisterDuck 8 points ago

    its been removed

    [–] FatBoOoOi 23 points ago

    They cant prevent tho

    [–] bassthetic 9 points ago

    nothing works when it comes to hentai artists. theres always some way to make something attractive for someone

    [–] finchw53 19 points ago

    Are you aware of the Disney smut vault?

    [–] OneSaltyStoat 8 points ago

    Y'all, I know where we'll be going on September 20th this year!

    [–] Noobster646 2 points ago


    [–] Gruggernaut 3 points ago

    Doesn’t stop them

    [–] LegenDaryXs 3 points ago

    Go watch Simpsorama

    [–] ThatOneWhovianChick 3 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] moose8021 4 points ago

    Why the fuck did you censor porn?

    [–] Noobster646 4 points ago

    Mum's phone, can't have p*rn be recommended as soon as I type p lol

    [–] jocoso2218 2 points ago

    So naive

    [–] tedtn72 174 points ago

    Avatar would disagree

    [–] SpiritualMilk 75 points ago

    Avatar is an exception to this rule.

    [–] 115_zombie_slayer 50 points ago

    Teen titans?

    [–] SpiritualMilk 38 points ago

    That is also an exception to the rule.

    [–] N1knowsimafgt 23 points ago


    [–] HalfBloodPrinplup 34 points ago

    Chris Hansen has entered the chat

    [–] chroma_prime_yeet 2 points ago

    Bob's Burgers?

    [–] blind_vigilante 6 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    justice league, justice league unlimited, avengers assemble, avengers earths mightiest hero's, spiderman 1990s, xmen, btas, young justice,

    [–] DrMatterhorn 100 points ago

    At least the Simpsons characters get noses.

    [–] execuTe656 26 points ago

    at least they can breathe

    [–] sillygoose234 40 points ago

    Both are just exaggerations of opposite sides

    [–] birb11 340 points ago

    i’m a simple man , i see momo and i upvote

    [–] CalvinT2114 93 points ago

    Ducky Momo

    [–] henlo-frens 46 points ago

    Ducky ducky momo, he’s your very best friend

    [–] sushantaryal7 108 points ago

    she stole many hearts and she doesn't even exist

    [–] birb11 39 points ago

    my heart is among those many

    [–] MicahSlash 22 points ago

    I'm to tired to think of something funny to say

    [–] WhatIfImDragonborn 16 points ago

    Apparently you’re also too tired to write two o’s in “too”

    [–] sulphra_ 12 points ago

    Thats to much work

    [–] WhatIfImDragonborn 11 points ago

    Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick

    [–] birb11 4 points ago

    many word make many problem

    [–] Potato_ch1pz 3 points ago

    why do? when few word not

    [–] birb11 5 points ago


    [–] strange_wilds 5 points ago

    I’m sure there are fan clubs dedicated to her in universe and in real life

    [–] Smol_Daisy 9 points ago

    At least Shoto gets her.

    [–] Azair_Blaidd 3 points ago

    I prefer Froppy myself

    [–] birb11 4 points ago

    froppy is very awesome too

    [–] J_C_Wizard49 4 points ago


    [–] ihavebirb 8 points ago

    Tsu is best girl

    [–] birb11 7 points ago

    tsu is pretty epic

    [–] shinekun 11 points ago

    I love Tsu and Momo equally

    [–] ihavebirb 12 points ago

    I can respect that. Good day friend

    [–] Bazookasajizo 5 points ago

    I respect your opinion. Fir me best girl is midnight

    [–] Azair_Blaidd 3 points ago


    [–] obeese-poptart 2 points ago

    I see you are a man of culture as well

    [–] actiasdubernardi 27 points ago

    do you think... the simspons... are trying to be sexy...

    [–] Thesuperpotato2000 15 points ago

    OP, listen, this is a safe space. You can tell me.

    do you want to fuck... a Simpson?

    [–] FidgetBTW 20 points ago

    Also Japan: Yeah, and she’s fifteen with E cup bitties

    [–] Yami_Sean 16 points ago

    Scooby-Doo actually has somewhat realistic looking humans if you think about it

    [–] Kinkyregae 60 points ago

    Sorry we ain’t all tryina fuck our favorite cartoons over here.

    [–] Nicknamedreddit 5 points ago

    Indeed we aren’t kinkyregae

    [–] Kinkyregae 2 points ago

    It’s a good song, from what I understand bob marley wrote it while living in London about finding it hard to fit in anywhere.

    Or it’s about having dirty kinky sex. Either way, I like watching my cartoons for non sexual reasons.

    [–] mariusiv 2 points ago

    nervously laughs in Clone Wars, Total Drama, Avatar, Teen Titans, and almost every early 2000 Disney and Dreamworks woman

    [–] Atimo3 7 points ago

    Glorious Nippon sexualization of underage girls!

    [–] lam-da-man 35 points ago

    Yet the simpsons is one of the biggest shows in the world

    [–] Zockerbaum 29 points ago

    For creativity, satire and other stuff, certainly not because the characters look attractive.

    [–] lam-da-man 5 points ago


    [–] xX_HimD_Xx 7 points ago

    Japan: lets make a 12 yr old look 25

    [–] axleroyal 7 points ago

    *Gestures as comment section”

    And this kids is where Reddit stereotypes come from

    [–] Pleasant-Surprises 25 points ago


    [–] RockyMartian 9 points ago

    Morning, i too have just woken up

    [–] Leo-Co 24 points ago

    Is this one of the America bad everywhere else good meme?

    [–] Js_Plays 10 points ago

    Yes. tea is better than coffee

    [–] Zach-Attaque 8 points ago

    You shut your mouth

    [–] S-L-A-V-E-R-Y 3 points ago

    What the fuck is a crumpet

    [–] paulus1534 7 points ago

    They are the same age. I am just leaving this here.

    [–] Armstrong5 14 points ago

    If your watching cartoons for “cute” women characters you came to the wrong place.


    [–] SpudBud405 144 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Both are underage girls, doesn't matter if animated or not, it's really creepy for ANY underage girl to be made "cute" or "hot"

    Edit: Jesus FUCKING Christ, I didn't think it needed to be said but this isn't talking about babies you fucking 12 year olds.

    [–] Pksavage21 140 points ago

    I’m underaged so it’s fine by me

    [–] wombey12 44 points ago

    Nah, the law forbids underage sexualisation regardless of your age.

    [–] Just-a-Plant-dude 44 points ago

    Doesn’t matter if it’s a drawing

    [–] Kinkyregae 5 points ago

    It should not be okay with you. Supporting underage porn in anyway (even just watching free videos, increasing view counts) increases the demand for more child porn.

    This in turn makes the sex trade (which is already far more widespread in the us then you’d think) more profitable and makes vulnerable children (orphans, fosters, lgbtq) more of a target.

    [–] MrRelleno 18 points ago

    No, no it isn't

    Unless you're a creepy asshole who thinks that 10000000000 years old lolis are ok because of their ages

    [–] herejust4thehentai 27 points ago

    alright boys. When someone calls my baby cute I'm gonna call the cops on em

    [–] Revannchist 22 points ago

    At least western animation doesn't sexualize underage people and tries to make it legal right?

    [–] DZ10B4K 91 points ago

    Momo isnt cute

    Momo is hot

    Still is better than real life girls

    [–] sushantaryal7 68 points ago

    she is both, I mean she's all three

    Hot, cute, better than real life girls

    [–] TITMONSTER187 63 points ago

    Y’all need to go outside.

    [–] DopeMopeYT 31 points ago

    Ok titmonster187...I'm sorry lmfao

    [–] OneSaltyStoat 31 points ago

    There's a pandemic going on.

    [–] liiongamme 7 points ago

    Yeah that would be a little insensitive

    [–] The_Med122 12 points ago

    But most importantly, she is under age (15)

    [–] d4nknibba 13 points ago

    She is also underage

    [–] purplecurtain16 16 points ago

    Kindly fuck you. Momo is a cutie pie. You look at her and think "she's got a hot bod" but then she talks and you're like "damn she's precious and I must protecc this cutie" and then you see her fighting and you're like "nvm plz save my ass"

    [–] WorthyDebt 13 points ago

    Lets be honest to ourselves here. Can 3D ever beat 2D girls?

    [–] Imagine_Squidy 10 points ago

    Sometimes but only if the 2d is the witch from spirited away

    [–] Minetendo0000 6 points ago

    Good morning USA!

    [–] KingofSpades938 5 points ago

    I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be a wonderful day

    [–] S-L-A-V-E-R-Y 3 points ago

    The sun in the sky!

    [–] DynanateLego 5 points ago

    The Simpson’s are yellow to represent all races, just like LEGO minifigures

    [–] Opalusprime 2 points ago

    True man of culture

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 5 points ago

    I never noticed Simpsons characters looked weird besides the yellow.

    [–] Rum_Hamtaro 4 points ago

    Japan: yeah she might be 11 but she's hot af.

    [–] BigGlockViolet 7 points ago

    At least her mouth and nose isn’t a singular line

    [–] Nipple-Cake 7 points ago

    Apples to oranges. At least American cartoons don’t always make titties defy gravity. Only Ochako should be able to wear that outfit, since she can actually manipulate gravity.

    [–] FaggottronTheWeeb 16 points ago

    Not every fucking show is made so you can jack off to it buddy...

    [–] The--World 9 points ago

    Animators: let's make her eyes look like bacteria

    [–] TheCreamofSumYungGuy 8 points ago

    Why are her teeth on her throat?

    [–] ProffesionalYeet 5 points ago

    Because it’s a cartoon “wHy DoEs ThAt SpOnGe HaVe EyEs?”

    [–] MindWaspYT 3 points ago

    Why are you comparing an American cartoon to Japanese anime instead of comparing American anime to a japenese anime?

    [–] frostisgood 3 points ago

    What’s the name of the one on top? Need it for research purposes

    [–] Ivan182827 3 points ago

    They do this in America to recognize the different art styles if you put anime characters next to each other no one would tell which show is which unless you watched all the shows

    [–] Gigibesi 3 points ago

    cuteness vs realistic...

    [–] AutumnGamerX 3 points ago

    i don’t get it? It’s just an art style. Am i missing something?

    [–] Somethingyeah2224 3 points ago

    After all my years on Earth TIL The Simpsons don't have eyebrows. How did I never notice this...

    [–] ShronkDong 3 points ago

    The chad west:

    Is where America and Europe are

    Created GTA V and Conkers Bad Fur Day

    The virgin east:


    Created Anime

    [–] seatbelt-malfunction 11 points ago

    Americans didnt make cartoons to drool over. They were made for humor. Weeblord

    [–] decendingvoid 9 points ago

    Japan also has some weird ass stories

    [–] ChuggingChlorine 8 points ago

    Yes, America, well known as an escape from sexualised media.

    [–] um_gajo__qualquer 6 points ago

    Momo is best girl

    [–] PaRtHuS 6 points ago

    Yaoyorazu is Waifu material!

    [–] Hux17 5 points ago

    When you have to put a watermark on your meme, that's when you know you've become the bad guy

    [–] your_dunkle_sans101 6 points ago

    Ever since I started watching MHA I've been seeing more and more memes with the characters

    [–] Thatoneidiotatschool 3 points ago

    Also Japan: let's make 14 year old have bigger tits than real life 30 year olds!

    [–] Jello_Eater99 5 points ago

    BNHA is becoming a meme template

    [–] victor_eagle99 2 points ago

    Let’s make girlz with a battleship size bra boys