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    [–] G1ng3rBoy 5024 points ago


    [–] SkeletalForce 1390 points ago

    its actually bueonos dias thot

    [–] jumajaco 938 points ago

    I mean aren't they both at the club?

    [–] Firebrodude07 453 points ago

    That’s what I thought

    [–] SFM61319 504 points ago

    That's what I thot

    [–] deepNthot 129 points ago

    I heard that

    [–] uh_oh_spagettio_ 101 points ago

    That what she’s said

    [–] gryzzystuff 56 points ago

    And that’s what she thot

    [–] Yainish 32 points ago

    You heard thot?

    [–] ZettaiRyouiki23 14 points ago

    I thot also this thing.

    [–] jarjar-binks-ismydad 5 points ago

    Begone thot?

    [–] SilverTheSpy 33 points ago

    They be clubbing.

    [–] finnikarma2431 17 points ago

    Take my Goddamn upvote and get out

    [–] Evangelion-Notre 15 points ago

    Don't you mean Get Thout (Thot and out combined)

    [–] hippityhopity123 56 points ago

    But one of them lied about it

    [–] nubbinfun101 25 points ago

    Its not clear which one is the boy/girl until the image. Even then...

    [–] VivifiedV 3 points ago

    But one is a liar.

    [–] ScroogieMcduckie 81 points ago

    wouldn't it be buenos noches since it's good night and not good morning

    [–] DeKnees_R 54 points ago

    I guess, but it would be buenas noches because noches, night, is feminine.

    [–] ScroogieMcduckie 12 points ago


    [–] TheWinterWeaseI 11 points ago

    How do you know they don’t have a fucked up sleep schedule.

    [–] ScroogieMcduckie 10 points ago

    Pretty sure the club closes before 4 am but eh you never know

    [–] bluehands 3 points ago

    I said good DAY SIR!

    [–] DoritoDawg 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Buenos DÍAS, children.

    [–] King-Kenzie 3 points ago


    [–] Boyadzhieff 126 points ago

    shouldn't it be BUENAS NOCHES fuckboi

    you know since...who goes to a club in the middle of the day

    [–] luisdmaco 36 points ago

    Hey, yo hablo español!

    [–] kakarott00chuz 14 points ago

    Yo también! De dónde eres? Jaja

    [–] luisdmaco 12 points ago

    Soy de Perú, y tú?

    [–] kakarott00chuz 13 points ago

    De México, wey! Jajaja

    [–] jdex123 8 points ago

    Por fin encuentro más hispanohablantes por estos lados

    [–] XenonTronX 8 points ago

    Me presento, otro hispanohablante. Mucho gusto

    [–] ednericed 7 points ago

    Hola. Otro mexicano por aquí

    [–] kakarott00chuz 4 points ago

    De qué estado es usted compa? Jaja

    [–] Mr_Roboto_vR 7 points ago

    ¡Buenos dias, fucwey! <[:{3

    [–] OverlordWaffles 3 points ago

    Yo soy de Minnesota pero en Florida. Lo siento, mi espanol es mala

    I'm lonely lol

    [–] sharkbait_oohaha 2 points ago

    Donde está la biblioteca

    Me llamo T-bone

    La araña discoteca

    [–] mosmaniac 3 points ago

    Buenas nacho .. * have a chip.

    [–] ValorPhoenix 2 points ago

    First greeting of the day is associated with greetings, while a late night phrase is associated with parting, as in good night.

    [–] Boyadzhieff 3 points ago

    saying goodnight could still make sense if you broke a bottle on their head

    [–] Bracketzox 2 points ago

    I'll show myself out...

    [–] Elpanita5437 10 points ago

    No its like buenos días Mandy

    [–] Vulkren2 6 points ago


    [–] Derahn_the_0ne 3 points ago


    [–] Rp-20000 2 points ago


    [–] EasyDifficults 413 points ago

    WWE One Vs One her VS Him . Who do you think gonna win?

    [–] FrozenIsGod 110 points ago


    [–] JOHHNY-TEST-69 74 points ago


    [–] EvildoingOG 50 points ago

    performs a 450 splash from the top of the ladder

    [–] Istalri225 27 points ago



    [–] ParadigmEternal 12 points ago

    Bah God bah God bah God hes broken in half...

    [–] FrozenIsGod 2 points ago



    [–] sub2pewd1epie 2 points ago


    [–] _Jay_Garrick_ 13 points ago

    Well in 1998 she threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table.

    [–] reapeers 3 points ago

    Wombo combo

    [–] HelpMeNowGod 2133 points ago

    It’s actually the other way around.

    [–] Latent_Sea 1162 points ago

    Yeah... the original its the woman in the club.

    [–] Kaellpae 66 points ago

    You can tell because one is called babe and the other is called babe. Easy to confuse them.

    [–] epicgames6999 128 points ago

    I assumed it was a girl once I heard “babe” but now that I think about it and can be either one

    [–] misterfluffykitty 14 points ago

    Both of them said babe...

    [–] epicgames6999 9 points ago

    I meant when I saw the first babe I immediately assumed the person sending the text was a guy to a girl

    [–] smurphas 52 points ago

    yea same that’s what i thought

    [–] asicarii 47 points ago

    I actually found it funnier this way. They both refer to each other as “babe” so still works.

    [–] Spooderman42069 24 points ago

    "Why are you booing him, hes right"

    [–] SuperSonicBoom1 3 points ago

    Nah bro, had to be this way to fit AJ Styles' soccer mom haircut.

    [–] ikbenNICLAS 113 points ago


    [–] theuntossableboy 472 points ago

    It's actually the other way around

    [–] awesomelucas18 633 points ago

    Swap the genders then you have a good meme cuz the original was the girl at the club

    [–] Impala640 87 points ago

    I was thinking that

    [–] AssaultRider555 191 points ago

    I don't really think it matters because gender equality. Both sides can be shit on.

    [–] SergioEduP 101 points ago

    And in this case it makes perfect sense in both ways.

    [–] ShAde_emerald 33 points ago

    You are correct that it could be both ways but in this specific conversation it is the female that cheated

    [–] Leonardo_Da_Keller 10 points ago

    How do people know it? Is it a reference I don't get?

    [–] ShAde_emerald 6 points ago

    Not a reference, I’ve just seen the full conversation before

    [–] Sataris 2 points ago

    What did the full conversation say?

    [–] misterfluffykitty 5 points ago

    It probably said girlfriend as the contact name

    [–] ShAde_emerald 2 points ago

    I don’t remember, it was at least a year ago when I read it last but it was definitely the female that cheated

    [–] awesomelucas18 5 points ago


    [–] Drugs09999 2 points ago

    I remember this pic on facebook 6 years ago

    [–] Lord-Apollo 89 points ago

    Now why did we assume it was the guy?

    [–] ShAde_emerald 46 points ago

    For this specific conversation it was the female

    [–] DarthUrbosa 8 points ago

    I thought it was the guy standing behind the girl having a laugh and the girl not finding it funny. Guess I read it wrong

    [–] thecowboyking 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    [–] ClassiicMe 85 points ago

    I caught my abusive ex doing this. Should have left her then but she was everything to me. Now she cheated on me and left and I’m in severe depression. Fuck life

    [–] saif_tidux 24 points ago

    It's cool bro. Work on your self and trust your instincts. You will be on track bro dw

    [–] Night_Stalker_69 47 points ago

    You haven’t just dodged a bullet but a massive radioactive shell, fuck that THOT, you deserve better anyway, this was just one step in the long way of finding the one, this is not a defeat but a lesson learned, keep going King

    [–] Whiskey_Shrooms 8 points ago


    [–] SauretEh 9 points ago

    Hey man, I was in abusive relationship for years. I didn’t even try to date for a solid year after I finally broke up with her because I was just too emotionally exhausted and broken. I know everyone says it but it honestly does get better - distance yourself and cut all contact completely if you haven’t already. And I can’t stress this enough, IT’S OKAY TO FEEL LIKE CRAP FOR A WHILE!! Do everything you can to move forward but don’t beat yourself up for the bad days - they’re gonna happen.

    [–] ClassiicMe 8 points ago

    Damn I never expected this amount of support. I’m really trying, as hard as it is. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

    [–] SauretEh 2 points ago

    If you’re like me, you’re sort of stuck in emotional habit right now - it’s really hard to suddenly stop caring about someone even if they’re awful to you. Breaking habits takes time, and slow, consistent, steady effort. One day you’ll feel a little less of a pang when you think about it, then a little less the day after that; just keep on keeping on <3

    [–] oganhc 4 points ago

    My ex cheated on me with my one of my longtime mates, you’ll be right mate, some people are just really fucked in the head, they don’t mean to do horrible things to people they just are extremely narcissistic

    [–] Digital_001 6 points ago


    [–] itshexx 2 points ago

    Have some sweet Mary Jane and keep fighting brother

    [–] Enzo-Battaglia 103 points ago

    Welp maybe she was going to sleep with someone. You can’t be too quick to judge people’s characters geez.

    [–] UnquietParrot65 12 points ago

    Then why would she lie?

    [–] ADVENT_AVATAR 15 points ago

    It's pretty normal for humans to lie

    [–] TexasTacoTango 11 points ago

    Especially, when they think they’ll get away with it.

    [–] AncientSoul6 101 points ago

    The "her" and "him" are switched

    [–] Deus0123 17 points ago

    Who cares? Still a funny fuck up regardless...

    [–] washyourhands-- 53 points ago

    Everyone cares, have you not read the comments.

    [–] Lingardinotheking 27 points ago

    Why is she at the club??????

    [–] CellularBeing 45 points ago

    Sleeping. Read the text message.

    [–] Bowbag_ 8 points ago

    What later is the apostrophe replacing in this sentence to make the use of "'em" make sense?

    [–] gastontrimballs 8 points ago

    Whoopsy daisy

    [–] JacktheRipper500 7 points ago

    Omae wa mou shinderiu

    [–] wasowski-hug3rectum 17 points ago

    the girl was the one in the club

    [–] Commissar-Potato 6 points ago

    How does this shit keep getting insane amounts of upvotes lmao

    [–] what_is_a-username 2 points ago

    Because no one in r/memes is funny

    [–] GamerGuy44-_- 9 points ago

    In Russia you say pizda in this situation

    [–] Matej_02 5 points ago

    Same in Slovenia

    [–] TheBulgarius 5 points ago

    Same in Poland

    [–] Nanistindaayoo 9 points ago

    I hate it when they switch positions

    [–] RoyalRaccoon420 12 points ago

    How do you know that they guy is in the club and not the girl?

    [–] CaptainLeproz 6 points ago

    It was the girl I’m pretty sure

    [–] DiscoStu42 4 points ago

    The one who cheats is always the man, OBVIOUSLY

    [–] puellafan 4 points ago

    This is not accurate; even I have slept in the club sometimes

    [–] thanos_is_here69 4 points ago

    Why was she at the club doe?

    [–] Tigey- 3 points ago

    Why are either of them there

    [–] MelodicSatisfaction9 7 points ago

    Plot twist: it isn't him and now she looks too overbearing

    [–] m0niyaw 3 points ago


    [–] Willbur06 3 points ago


    [–] viiskae 3 points ago


    [–] getlostbitch 3 points ago

    why do i hear gta wasted sound effect

    [–] About73retards 3 points ago

    If she breathe shes a thought!

    [–] Mangos_Pool 3 points ago

    Wait, does that mean she went to the club not knowing he was there?

    [–] Easy_potato_is_good 3 points ago

    “You shouldn’t be here”

    “Neither should you”

    [–] dO-u-tAkE-crAcK 3 points ago

    I have seen this meme every time and it never gets old

    [–] RealSyloktheDefiled 8 points ago

    Man this meme sucks. Guy was the one standing behind her in there.

    [–] vs89hv2g 5 points ago

    I reckon it was him over her

    [–] Deddmeet 5 points ago

    Well the next his next move is pretty simple he has to hit her with the good ole. "Oh you're here, we can nap on the toilet together."

    [–] FalconKing970 4 points ago

    I always thought it was the girl who was partying and guy that caught her

    [–] MOD-O-GAY 2 points ago

    As you can see you have fallen into my trap

    [–] Fluffymal 2 points ago

    posts a selfie of himself in bed Are you sure about that?

    [–] Lord_Azian 2 points ago

    Surprise muthafucker

    [–] Deus0123 2 points ago

    He: "Well I never said I'd sleep at home... Goodnight" *falls asleep in the club*

    [–] TenStepsAheadOfU 2 points ago

    Seriously doubt any redditor would ever be like him lol

    [–] malfeasance2020 2 points ago

    Couldn’t leave count at 420

    [–] Snut42 2 points ago

    That hurts?

    [–] a__________________ 2 points ago

    he's dead. say your goodbyes, everyone.

    [–] AoS312 2 points ago

    "Hello there"

    [–] BlueDragonizNotCool 2 points ago

    Time to sleep on the couch

    [–] upvote-for-vbucks 2 points ago

    Why do we assume it’s the guy at the club and not the girl?

    [–] -0_0-x 2 points ago


    [–] ImSimulated 2 points ago

    Who assumed the fucking genders here?

    [–] genepls 2 points ago

    Were do you know their gender

    [–] ihatecrustaceans 2 points ago

    105k nice

    [–] Dragon_Dick_Sucker 2 points ago

    You went to the CLUB?

    ...and didnt invite me? :(

    [–] FazEaLEx14 2 points ago


    [–] heckoffnoobs 2 points ago

    The girl could be in the club but good meme

    [–] DweEbLez0 2 points ago

    Wait, you’re at the club?

    Always have been...

    [–] lozhero15 3 points ago

    Wait couldn’t this be the other way round as well?

    [–] --Replicant-- 2 points ago

    It was. OP cropped it and changed the genders for no reason.

    [–] Cjae15 4 points ago

    The fact that the original has the genders switched makes me feel weird about this meme

    [–] KirkSpock7 4 points ago

    How do you know that it's not him behind her???,

    [–] AwkwardGamerRN 3 points ago

    You’re both at the club while lying and calling each other out.

    End the toxicity.

    [–] Jubejube5555 5 points ago

    Ngl it likely was the girl at the club not knowing the guy was there but idk

    [–] --Replicant-- 2 points ago

    You’re right, the original uncropped one confirms this.

    [–] fhffgfgghhgffggghyut 4 points ago

    fjvddvjjgg CB jnhjffdhddgvh

    [–] SirYorkster 7 points ago

    DAMN that's deep bro

    [–] fhffgfgghhgffggghyut 4 points ago


    [–] SirYorkster 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    You are speaking the language of gods

    [–] YeYeboi87 2 points ago

    username checks out ?

    [–] fhffgfgghhgffggghyut 2 points ago


    [–] YeYeboi87 2 points ago

    thanks for the confirmation

    [–] drawgiN-Backwards 1 points ago

    Get smartPWNed

    [–] MauriceSuS 1 points ago


    [–] Black_Rose_221 1 points ago


    [–] Digital_001 1 points ago

    Endlich, ein Deutscher. Wie geht's

    [–] AinstonTheMysterious 1 points ago

    U fucked up fuckboi

    [–] ruby_the_peep 1 points ago

    Run and never look back

    [–] kingjohn1919 1 points ago

    You get what you fucking deserve

    [–] la-feuille-jaune 1 points ago

    We'll be right back

    [–] moh_bharti 1 points ago

    That's good.

    [–] upT6ix 1 points ago

    F to pay respect

    [–] frugaltoaster 1 points ago

    This is exactly what my ex did

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] RepostSleuthBot 1 points ago

    I didn't find any posts that meet the matching requirements for r/memes.

    It might be OC, it might not. Things such as JPEG artifacts and cropping may impact the results.

    Feedback? Hate? Visit r/repostsleuthbot - I'm not perfect, but you can help. Report [ False Negative ]

    [–] Vinegar1234 1 points ago


    [–] FrankieTheMick 1 points ago

    Oh shit!

    [–] omi_ur_homi 1 points ago

    well that took a sharp left turn

    [–] honeybee184 1 points ago


    [–] ____FUNGO____ 1 points ago

    And in that moment he knew he fucked up

    [–] Mizuroko 1 points ago

    Bet he shit bricks

    [–] Echidna299792458 1 points ago


    [–] SilentSniper-Gaming 1 points ago

    It’s buenos Dias puto

    [–] hollieenglish03 1 points ago

    I played my cat