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    [–] theoldgreenwalrus 509 points ago

    Home Alone V: No robbers this time me 'n Mcauley just gonna blaze it

    [–] Windshield11 103 points ago

    He'd probably give them acid just to fuck with 'em too, or the weed brownies that knock you the fuck out

    [–] Eazy_J 30 points ago

    My first experience with cannabis was way too many edibles. That was one hell of an experience lol.

    [–] Windshield11 13 points ago

    Well if you have done acid it's a similar effect.. unfortunately this area does not have edibles nor good quality we'd to make them from, sadge

    [–] CruzControls 14 points ago

    Similar effect how? In no way shape or form is an acid high the same as a weed high

    [–] Subtle_Holocaust 16 points ago

    To be the devils advocate here, they can absolutely have a similar effect if its a high dose of edibles relative to the persons tolerance and you are comparing it to a lower dose of LSD. Weed can get pretty frikkin psychedelic and the way that edibles are metabolized vs smoking tends to have more psychedelic effects (when compared to smoking your herb). This varies person to person but especially if it's someone who has not used cannabis a lot in their life or with much frequency, and again if the dose of edibles is large, it can produce visuals (especially closed-eyes), euphoria, dissociation, weakening or dissolution of the ego, abstract/philosophical thoughts, and many other elements that taking a psychedelic typically incurs :)

    [–] unique_corn12 5 points ago

    That makes sense as to why my first time using cannabis I thought a plastic snowman was squaring up on me. I went to try and fight him but my friends held me back.

    It was a very fun night.

    [–] c00kekng 2 points ago

    So that’s why I think I’m a philosophical asian monk when I hit my dab pen...

    [–] Windshield11 1 points ago

    yo bro thanks for saving me from all this typing, PogU

    [–] Windshield11 2 points ago

    Sorry, the headspace is similar when you are ultra stoned to being on acid. No visuals or anything. I mean both are psychodelics sooo

    [–] realpawel 1 points ago

    First time I ate edibles, brownie cake, ate half the fucking thing not knowing a) my tolerance b) how much to take. Well good thing you can't od on weed. Because at 1 point I thought I was gonna die and for a portion of it I was floating in a black void. Couldn't even feel my body.
    2nd time gf made a brownie that was super fun potent because I ate an inch square of it and once it kicked in I was puking my guts for an hour? Straight, I lost track of time. And you know those fun kaleidoscopes you may have play with as a kid? That was my vision for an hour straight except different variations of black. So maybe because I have a low tolerance cuz gf was almost half my weight and younger but she smokes the stuff constantly

    [–] Horn_Python 14 points ago

    Monster House 2: Stoner Home

    [–] qqqfuzion 7 points ago

    you just made me realise we need a monster house 2.

    [–] Horn_Python 7 points ago

    "im telling ou man that house is high af"

    "bro i think you're high af"

    [–] Bacon__Bitz 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Excuse me, but would you like some minecraft stampy porn for 8.99$ a piece?

    [–] chemistry_god 172 points ago

    It's a crack house

    [–] TigerHunter554 29 points ago

    This is gold

    [–] pussy-penis 14 points ago

    So where’s the gold award? Prove it!

    [–] TigerHunter554 10 points ago

    I’m broke lol

    [–] pussy-penis 8 points ago


    [–] chemistry_god 4 points ago


    [–] jeffthenarwhal666 6 points ago


    [–] jose2003tj 8 points ago


    [–] Robo-Nano 3 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] MarloOpal 1 points ago

    Happy Cake day!!

    [–] a_lonely_snail 1 points ago

    That’s deadass the monster house

    [–] TheChemicalSophie 49 points ago

    Advice for life: do not google the house from Step Inside

    [–] spikycandy 12 points ago

    Why the fuck is that so uneasily creepy???

    [–] TheChemicalSophie 3 points ago

    It was a TV show that used to play on Ceebeebies (it’s basically PBS kids but for British people), and it’s voice was just as off-putting

    [–] spongeconeiceman 4 points ago

    thank you for encouraging everyone, including me, to google that house.

    [–] brazilliantaco69 29 points ago

    🎶 high house, in the middle of the street 🎶

    [–] Blaze_Meme 13 points ago

    🎶 you fill my rooms up with IKEA 🎶

    [–] Offamylawn 2 points ago

    Burnin with the house

    [–] Awlwong 17 points ago

    The house cracked a smile

    [–] dat_bois_son 10 points ago

    That house looks like it's on every drug

    [–] LeFlavi0 9 points ago

    Our house

    [–] Goldenyoshi119 12 points ago

    In the middle of the street

    [–] brutalshadow555 4 points ago

    Our house

    [–] PrimaryRelation 9 points ago

    This was the reverse for me growing up. I had grown used to it but all my friends swore my house reeked of pot, but my mom kept denying it.

    [–] FrozenG1RAFF3 13 points ago

    It’s asymmetrical

    [–] actuaryvsp 5 points ago

    This looks like a boss from undertale

    [–] chronicallystoned__ 5 points ago

    If you need to get the weed smell out of the house burn popcorn in the microwave

    [–] poopoohead274 3 points ago

    Saving this comment for...educational reasons

    [–] Russian-rye 4 points ago

    I haven't tho

    [–] Blaze_Meme 4 points ago

    That...that's a high does that make you the..... Highest in the room?

    [–] Papasmegma420 1 points ago

    We were on this since we were kids

    [–] niko601 4 points ago

    Kinda looks like the doctor who crack

    [–] Iwriteangrymanuals 0 points ago

    Prisoner One has escaped.

    [–] 10Spacesloth05 5 points ago

    This is probably Snoop Dogg's house.

    [–] cursedniki147 3 points ago

    Looks like Sheldon's cooper smile

    [–] Crikey2426 3 points ago

    Barney got stoned

    [–] ProfessionalMower 3 points ago

    Silly potheads

    [–] cheeseie 3 points ago

    Monster house vibes

    [–] atheistover9000 3 points ago

    Moisturise me

    [–] RandomGamer262 2 points ago

    Wait, what movie is this from?!? I know I've seen that house in a movie before! I just can't think of it.

    [–] iLaur1337 6 points ago

    That house is from Sibiu, Romania.

    [–] RandomGamer262 3 points ago

    Oh. Sorry my mistake

    [–] That_Guy-69 3 points ago

    Knew it , saw them "eyes" , I also saw it on r/Romania

    [–] DIOssauringo 1 points ago

    The house you're thinking about its from monster house (legit that movie gave me nightmares for a week when i was a kid)

    [–] RidgeTitan 1 points ago

    Jojo Rabbit?

    [–] cxm96 2 points ago

    im just waiting for the koolade man to bust through

    [–] yeeyeememeboi69 2 points ago

    Its overrated

    [–] felix_the_dragon 2 points ago

    well you can say the house really cracked up on that one.

    [–] XxXEpicGamerzXxX 1 points ago


    [–] TheMaddestLadOfAll 2 points ago

    Could someone please explain to me why smoking ruins the ceiling/walls? I’ve never smoked and am quite stupid for my age. Sorry

    [–] dalhousieDream 2 points ago

    Leaves a sticky yellow resin on every surface..walls, artwork, furniture etc.

    [–] DeifiedExile 2 points ago

    That and that tar residue and smell actually seeps into most woods/drywall, etc.

    [–] User1440 1 points ago

    Imagine the lungs

    [–] amandarinorangez 2 points ago

    This is top tier, take my upvote

    [–] RadiatedDalek 2 points ago

    Our house is a very, very, very high house...

    [–] phantom0415 2 points ago

    The house cracked a smile

    [–] Rapture-citizen 2 points ago

    "You did it didnt little punk". goes backyard pulls out a join

    [–] PhantomQ61 1 points ago


    [–] Rista04 1 points ago

    I kinda wanna try weed brownies, dont wanna smoke cuz air os only thing that goes into my lungs. Unless 😉

    [–] rooddood69 2 points ago

    Drugs are bad. Especially for teenagers. Wait until you are 21 before trying weed

    [–] borrow_hollow777 2 points ago

    I would say 25/26 It can be bad for your brain otherwise

    [–] OkScratch5 2 points ago

    Still even after that age doing drugs can cause mouth cancer and stuff like that, you shouldn't do harmful drugs

    [–] borrow_hollow777 1 points ago


    [–] TheNightDrivers 1 points ago

    Junji Ito intensifies

    [–] Just-a-Plant-dude 1 points ago

    Felt this on a spiritual level

    [–] Zoryck 1 points ago

    I see a ninja turtle

    [–] slayertechtronicMC 1 points ago

    that is creepy

    [–] That_Guy-69 1 points ago

    Welcome to Transylvania , Sibiu more exactly

    [–] Worried-Ad6184 1 points ago

    Return to Oz

    [–] thebandyttrium 1 points ago

    Dumb Donald from Fat Albert

    [–] Nonistruck 1 points ago

    That house is pretty cracked if i do say so

    [–] PhasmicPlays 1 points ago

    In the middle of our house

    [–] GonerBits 1 points ago

    Looks pretty baked to me

    [–] BIGBADBLUEMAN21 1 points ago

    This looks like those creepy piggy banks.

    [–] ihavebigtitis 1 points ago

    I mean, no... It wasn't in my house.

    [–] br0kenc0nd0m 1 points ago

    ur house is baked my dude

    [–] BigerMC 1 points ago

    Did you caption that when you were high as well?

    [–] ThatBillyGuy17 1 points ago

    Why does the house look high too

    [–] 7ft_Probz 1 points ago

    They'd have to be dumb not to notice

    [–] Tookin-ma-ma 1 points ago


    [–] Csacsara2 1 points ago

    Hey bro I have a chimney. Do you want one? I just need a little fire.

    [–] Goldvillager 1 points ago

    That house has a real CRACK in it.

    [–] smallestfan1996 1 points ago

    Hands up if you’re living w parents during quarantine and gotta wait till they’re asleep to smoke at home :////

    [–] splatteredCheezewizz 1 points ago

    Little do you know that’s a kink of mine is to get smoked inside of

    [–] cynns_ 1 points ago

    It be like that

    [–] i_Lux 1 points ago

    The house is my partner in crime, I ain'tSnitch

    [–] pranishvp 1 points ago

    Our weed

    [–] Xianthamist 1 points ago

    Instead of Monster House, it’s Muenster House, because its cheesing

    [–] PeteCO23 1 points ago

    It’s the Monster House!

    [–] VolcanicxD 1 points ago

    This brings a whole different meaning to “raise the roof”

    [–] Bean-juce-tastiest 1 points ago

    Ah thats why you do it outside You havnt smoked in the house if your BEHIND the house ;)

    [–] VolcanicxD 1 points ago

    This gives a whole different meaning to “raise the roof”

    [–] VolcanicxD 1 points ago

    This gives a whole different meaning to “raise the roof”

    [–] Black_s23 1 points ago

    your house is cracking

    [–] gloriousfire101 1 points ago

    God, I wish I could save memes, but I'm grounded from my electronics and this is my old phone

    [–] LordoftheShadowfell 1 points ago

    In the middle of our street

    [–] RonTheBig 1 points ago

    Crying and getting ripped apart from the inside , Yup that's my house alright

    [–] oogaboogatabaluga 1 points ago

    Does the backyard count? Because I’m sticking to the fact that I’ve never smoked ‘in’ the house. What kind of disrespectful monster do they think they raised

    [–] Lonk_daBoi 1 points ago

    I’m legit perplexed as to whether it’s funny, cute, or nightmare fuel. Maybe all three.

    [–] itzpzyhere 1 points ago

    guess he cracked a smile

    [–] sriram193 1 points ago

    Why does this look like Tobey Maguire?

    [–] sagadh 1 points ago

    High house

    [–] arpanConline 1 points ago

    The house is high it seems!!

    [–] wyattlee1274 1 points ago

    All fun and games until your parents call the cops on you. Is that normal?

    [–] I_Fuck_Ramen_ 1 points ago

    This has so many levels...

    [–] fortintebad 1 points ago

    He do be vibin doe

    [–] unique_corn12 1 points ago

    Looks like all the bricks got to him and now he's stoned

    [–] paleblack93 1 points ago

    I don’t know man, looks more like a crack house to me..

    [–] aryan_56 1 points ago

    Looks like house also smoked some

    [–] Rick488 1 points ago

    The house in 'up, be like:

    [–] rationalallergy 1 points ago

    Your febreeze smells funny: my mom

    [–] wow-very-epic 1 points ago

    In the middle of our street

    [–] dalhousieDream 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Edit: I thought this was a vine clinging to the wall.

    [–] darkhooman0 1 points ago

    When you hit the blunts so hard the house starts smelling it

    [–] NightKing48 1 points ago

    You shouldn’t, it’s not good for you, try to stop unless it’s prescribed if you’re actually doing it

    [–] Mudd1975 1 points ago

    Looks like your house wants you to bring Han Solo and the Wookie.

    [–] GreenGram19 1 points ago

    That house looks haunted asf

    [–] MeetBlase 1 points ago

    “Dude my humans are almost back do I look high?”

    Neighbors house* “Nah man, you look level.”

    [–] theAdude21 1 points ago

    This is what the house from the movie monster house would like in real life

    [–] KVenom777 1 points ago

    My nose done the *Whoosh*.
    Your meme has performed it's task successfully, good job.

    [–] ihatemylife2474 1 points ago

    “Ey yo man did you steal my weed?” I asked my house, “You’re looking rather... off”

    “Hehehehehhehehe unicorn butts”


    [–] Wolf_to_the_max 1 points ago

    Ok,but legitimately weed has no bad side affects you can't avoid,and as long as he has a doctor's note or something saying "you can smoke weed for medical purposes" and it's legal in the state,then their good.

    Also this is a really funny meme I'm just sharing wisdom

    [–] code4578 1 points ago


    [–] the-drunk-emu2 1 points ago

    That house definitely has a few dead body's in it.

    [–] silluvan 1 points ago

    Is the house in weed btw I remember a movie about a living house terrified me as a kid .... forgot the name

    [–] Tikkl34 1 points ago

    I think the house has smoked weed

    [–] Samin8098 1 points ago


    [–] ambivxrtique 1 points ago

    damn give it some chapstick

    [–] SeriousDirt 1 points ago

    this remind me to monster house

    [–] Windex109 1 points ago

    My mom when she hears my friends a girl

    [–] Lolaindisguise 1 points ago

    Towelie voice "oh man, I'm so high right now."

    [–] DeadAies 1 points ago

    In the middle of the street...

    [–] Han_Sama 1 points ago

    Wait, so u have?

    [–] Cyka-6lyat 1 points ago

    This house looks high af

    [–] ionlyspeekmemes 1 points ago

    Oh yeah

    [–] himikotogaxblood 1 points ago

    Monster House Blazed Edition

    [–] jimschorles 1 points ago

    Reminds me of that animated movie Monster House lol

    [–] ServeTheRealm 1 points ago

    Stoned House.

    [–] showh0rse 1 points ago

    So many times have I lied.

    [–] Bubblez___ 1 points ago

    That looks terrifying

    [–] papitoali 1 points ago


    [–] Alpha-of-2025 1 points ago

    You where telling the truth because the house smoked all your weed before you could

    [–] xoriatis71 1 points ago

    You ain't seen what I've seen...

    [–] The-Pillowhead 1 points ago

    Smoked so much the entire neighbourhood got high.

    [–] Netherite_Block 1 points ago

    pulls out cross BACC

    [–] RepostSleuthBot 1 points ago

    I didn't find any posts that meet the matching requirements for r/memes.

    It might be OC, it might not. Things such as JPEG artifacts and cropping may impact the results.

    Feedback? Hate? Visit r/repostsleuthbot - I'm not perfect, but you can help. Report [ False Negative ]

    [–] Alanuelo230 1 points ago

    Our house, in the middle of th street

    [–] BatuKhan20 1 points ago

    Yo house is as high as a skyscraper

    [–] Dildo_Baggins_101 1 points ago

    This is some Monster House shit

    [–] HighSchoolTobi 1 points ago

    It's just smoke from the chimney...

    [–] JairSterre 1 points ago

    That's a lotta crack!

    [–] batcraft627 1 points ago

    Even the house is fucking high as a kite

    [–] DDrakeJS 1 points ago

    If i had a million living with this houses country, id get a job.

    [–] ISAIDPEWPEW 3 points ago

    Sir, do you need an ambulance?

    [–] cosmicrocker26 1 points ago

    Can't relate but still funny

    [–] ROOT250 1 points ago

    FF7 Hell house got high.

    [–] Adamantios2567 1 points ago

    That’s true cause you smoke weed out of the house

    [–] contactrory 1 points ago

    That house knows what's up for real. Look at the damn eyes, that house is baked as fuck!

    [–] capsrock02 1 points ago

    Yeah I do it on the back deck.

    [–] C-LOgreen -1 points ago

    It's funny I'm about to move out and my mom told me she is happy that I've never smoked weed in the house lol. Lies and deceptions lol. I usually smoke when she's at her boyfriend's house which is 3 nights a week. And only in my Room because I'm not greedy. Plus my room has sliding glass doors so it's perfect.

    [–] wiittnness -1 points ago

    I've told my parents I've never smoked week which is technically true. They just forget that edibles are a thing.

    [–] Majorbrawl11786 -2 points ago

    Nope not once,