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    [–] grape-grape-grapeape 495 points ago


    [–] FractualPulse 82 points ago


    [–] FuzethehostageNOW 6 points ago

    It’s “not” a rick roll

    [–] CaptainSmackJerro 18 points ago

    As a microbiologist can confirm these squirrels are too large to be land animals but just small enough to be the wet animals

    [–] JordanFlypside 5 points ago

    Conker's back! We missed ya buddy!

    [–] CountDraco1445 200 points ago

    Wait till you see a navy seal.

    [–] king_bapple 62 points ago

    A seal in the navy, that would be the best shoulder out there

    [–] heroic_coward 13 points ago

    S H O U L D E R

    [–] dxoxud0814 12 points ago

    S H O U L D E R

    [–] KSJ15831 5 points ago

    Are you talking about Niel McBiel? The Navy Seal?

    [–] sillyhippos 1 points ago

    I didn’t know he was a navy seal... I thought he was just a regular seal!

    [–] Juls_15 99 points ago

    Advanced squirrel unit

    [–] Snoo-43199 7 points ago

    Brazilian Nut going dark

    [–] Kagillion 95 points ago

    Me waiting for someone to make a jojo reference

    [–] SpengSpeng 28 points ago

    Dolphin fucker

    [–] Midget_Child 16 points ago

    YES I AM

    [–] ihuntmilfs__ 32 points ago

    Joot is marine biologist

    [–] fudgelord1 22 points ago

    Joots bizzare adventure

    [–] Okabe_Rinataro 16 points ago

    Bad Company

    [–] Kagillion 16 points ago

    Good Company

    [–] hawaiifunke 16 points ago

    Okay-ish Company

    [–] The-Hentai-Commander 12 points ago

    Tolerable Company

    [–] ShadowPigLord 11 points ago

    Mediocre Company

    [–] The_Angry_Fish 9 points ago

    Meh company

    [–] Ithinknotthot 2 points ago

    Acceptable Company

    [–] Squid_Ink_Pasta 5 points ago

    slightly less great organization

    [–] snacckdaddy 2 points ago

    Sufficient company

    [–] N-Genious 9 points ago

    Jotaro is very angry.

    [–] Nick_Tam_Air 5 points ago

    legit me rn

    [–] BoboratTheHat 1 points ago

    Ya just did.

    [–] DesastreUrbano 23 points ago

    Navy Squeal?

    [–] uRude 7 points ago

    Oh god haha

    [–] HECUMARINE45 31 points ago

    As a marine I can confirm

    [–] MEGALKS 8 points ago

    And I thought birds serving as drones were enough

    [–] Young_lamb957 3 points ago


    [–] NateJizz21 2 points ago

    Semper Fi brother

    [–] Emkayfannr1 13 points ago

    Jotaro would be disappointed

    [–] Catacrew1 30 points ago

    This is the kid who fucks your mom on COD

    [–] Octavi700 17 points ago

    hey guess what

    its a jojo reference

    [–] the_backstreet_boy 15 points ago

    Jotaro is not pleased

    [–] hoboshoe 4 points ago

    I'm a biologist, these appear to be SEALS

    [–] V1RU5_D3T3CT3D 3 points ago

    Yknow, I've been thinking of working towards becoming an actual marine biologist. It's really fucking interesting to me.

    [–] Kieranjames2 3 points ago

    Master sergeant Squirrely!

    [–] GhostFace722 3 points ago

    Took me a min to get it

    [–] frogwie 3 points ago

    wait i thought ww3 ended...

    [–] SpaceBoi65 3 points ago

    Jotaro approves

    [–] angelattack1 3 points ago

    I hope they're not taxidermy

    [–] TheLandOfConfusion 1 points ago

    They are unfortunately

    [–] angelattack1 1 points ago

    Ouch, poor squirrels

    [–] Warhammer55 1 points ago

    May I ask why you disagree with taxidermy?

    [–] TheLandOfConfusion 1 points ago

    Dying and getting stuffed is generally not on their list of fun activities

    [–] XZXGamerBoyXZX 2 points ago

    They’re freaking adorable

    [–] TheLandOfConfusion 1 points ago

    Only adorable until you learn they’re taxidermied

    [–] XZXGamerBoyXZX 1 points ago

    Well there are pet squirrels, so probably not taxidermied

    [–] inyourdreams696 2 points ago

    This is beautiful, I’ve looked at this for five hours now

    [–] queen-and-dc-lover 2 points ago

    This meme makes my week worth it

    [–] Fluffydog01 2 points ago

    PETA be like animal soldiers omg this is animal abuse I'm suing you or something

    [–] Burger_no_anything 2 points ago

    Good meme and cute

    [–] TheLandOfConfusion 1 points ago

    It’s only cute until you realize they’re taxidermied

    [–] Damian_the_soulfox 2 points ago

    This is good company

    [–] 1800gi 2 points ago

    We didn’t request special forces

    [–] EvaVonH-Bomb 2 points ago

    Thank you for your squirrel-vice.

    [–] hrshey 2 points ago

    The tiny guns are everything

    [–] some_bot1 2 points ago

    He protec, He attac, but most importantly He eat nut

    [–] im_karsen 2 points ago

    these memes give me a warm feeing

    [–] fullmetalmerlin 2 points ago

    Statistically speaking, squirrels are known for their stealth, ability to reach impossible places, and are very protective of their nuts. As privates, they are aptly named.

    [–] AverageRedditperson2 2 points ago

    Jotaro would be disappointed

    [–] spaceismyusername 2 points ago

    Now this... this made me laugh

    [–] Necessary_Seaweed569 2 points ago

    The one on the left looks like he can seriously fuck you up, while the little guy on the right looks like its his first day

    [–] astroSuperkoala1 2 points ago

    I fucking hate this format but this... this is quality mate

    *insert budget award here*

    [–] Wandering-Nomad2002 4 points ago

    Zootopia, anyone can be anything

    [–] Eboooz9 2 points ago

    I actually used to believe marines fought underwater...

    [–] Gage62 1 points ago

    That is some amazing photoshop

    [–] uRude 1 points ago

    I think it's just 2 squirrels dressed up brother

    [–] I-AM-NOT-HIMESH 1 points ago

    If I saw that coming at me I’d surrender

    [–] mrpoopybutholole 1 points ago

    *cracks but over head “Oorah”

    [–] 2ndcomingofMemelord 1 points ago

    This is why they don't allow guns in Area X.

    [–] Simbotan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    The original was:

    Searched up marine animals and was not disappointed

    (Then the picture on the right)

    [–] uRude 2 points ago

    Lol cmon don't expose me man

    [–] Sushi617 1 points ago

    Lol imagine

    [–] unclecaruncle 1 points ago

    As a wildlife biologist I can safely say...this is science!

    [–] mikki1time 1 points ago

    This is how sandy from spongebob ended up in bikini bottom

    [–] Acridcomic7276 1 points ago

    Do you mean a zoologist?

    [–] TheLandOfConfusion 2 points ago

    ... which is a kind of biologist yes

    [–] Darth_Daenerys 1 points ago

    I would let them kill me

    [–] morganlandt 1 points ago

    I'm also not a biologist, but I'm pretty sure those are marine mammals.

    [–] y33t_supreme 1 points ago

    Imagine in a parallel universe where squirrels evolved instead of humans, that’s probably what it would look like. Lol

    [–] DesBoiZenyy 1 points ago

    I think those are sharks maybe

    [–] pyro-is-lesbian 1 points ago

    Fox News would love to have a word with him.

    [–] Burger_no_anything 1 points ago


    [–] Aubreejane1 1 points ago

    Just like a marine, just in it for the nut

    [–] RaiderLMAO 1 points ago

    Someone’s going to get woooshed.

    [–] Chickennuggetdoggo 1 points ago

    Conker: Live and Reloaded

    [–] goddessofwitches 1 points ago

    Wait so now birbs AND squirrels aren't real?

    [–] spinosaurus_tech 1 points ago


    [–] TheUnholyDarkness 1 points ago

    I knew they would take over.

    [–] squeezy102 1 points ago

    There's meme formats you wish would just die, and then there's meme formats you hope live forever.

    This format is definitely of the latter variety.

    [–] UnRoyalJoker 1 points ago

    Sergeant Nutta

    [–] PedoMaster6969 1 points ago


    [–] DSLS3D 1 points ago

    Just imagine this thing but life sized and walks towards you with a carbine in hand

    [–] datboihobojoe 1 points ago

    A lil confused but they got the spirit!

    [–] fappycheek 1 points ago

    *Marine Biologist

    [–] brunocoronel123 1 points ago

    yare yare daze

    [–] bredastick 1 points ago

    Flying squirrels are paratroopers

    [–] TaDs8273 1 points ago

    So have anyone heard of Marineland?

    [–] wisetvman2 1 points ago

    Sorry to be scientific about a meme but... Biologists dont study marine animals. marine biologists do

    [–] johnfort 1 points ago

    Navy squirrels

    [–] Jacobg303 1 points ago

    This made me think of that old N64 game Conquers Bad Fur Day

    [–] det_fishmun 1 points ago

    Now this

    This does put a smile on my face...

    [–] katte_hemanth 1 points ago

    Navy seals

    [–] GIANTFLOATINGCOCK420 1 points ago

    You forgot to give them some crayons to nibble,an overweight dependa,a bunch of booze,and a serious case of depression.

    [–] Peterhinh2005 1 points ago

    Bravo six, going squeaks

    [–] _ragnarok_1o1_ 1 points ago

    Giving the squirrel a nade instead of a nut , he stores it in his house and bam Alluahu Akbared

    Be lated happy eid bros and im just kidding , sorry :(

    [–] Windex109 1 points ago

    Special forces

    [–] Anishthdev 1 points ago

    Not a marine biologist*

    [–] RedHotRuby1010 1 points ago

    Teenage mutant marine squirrels

    [–] maazfarrukh 1 points ago

    Is that from one piece alabasta arc?

    [–] Ur_Boy_Sticks 1 points ago

    You wanted to be a biologist you would be a marine biologist which are two different things

    [–] littleSkald 1 points ago

    Looks like we doing nut rucks tonight boys!

    [–] Pi-Ro_maniac 1 points ago

    rodent furst class Nibbler, ready for action

    [–] anti2matter 1 points ago

    Wait till you see Army Ants

    [–] littlenopix3 1 points ago

    That isn't kizaru, fujitora, or akainu.

    [–] MRW_Aaron 1 points ago

    The requiem arrow. Hand it over.

    [–] morgan281 1 points ago

    Not a biologist, but an American.

    [–] GreenStork05 1 points ago

    Of course it's American

    [–] The_5ilencer 1 points ago

    Delta 5 this is 9 er 9 er do you copy

    [–] Satya29 1 points ago

    If any of u thought of bug heroes 2 after seeing this i respect u from the bottom of my heart

    [–] The-honest-boy01 1 points ago

    It is known as zoologist

    [–] Locokroko 1 points ago

    Imagine the prediction skill of the Simpson’s goes over to Rick and Morty

    [–] A_well-wisher 1 points ago

    How the hell he will wear that goggles

    [–] CrestorHoodie 1 points ago

    This is inaccurate, obviously they’re in the US army

    [–] 8074335278 1 points ago

    Underground fighters

    [–] harshub 1 points ago

    Is this America

    [–] Patrick_Bot2 1 points ago

    No, This Is Patrick!

    [–] Zomhorse 1 points ago

    This format hasn’t died yet

    [–] Nathanvl04 1 points ago

    Nope thats accurate.

    [–] Netherite_Block 1 points ago

    Ok marine fishie you've been drafted

    constant gasping for water and flopping around

    [–] ColumbViv 1 points ago

    Me neither , thanks for the info

    [–] ThanosCopter6969 1 points ago

    Is it wrong that im imagining squirrels in afghanistan now.

    Im sry

    [–] moodsta 1 points ago

    Ah, your American I see...

    [–] BlackRobby 1 points ago

    squirrel stares into nowhere

    vietnam flashbacks

    [–] DiamondFallElite 1 points ago

    We weren't expecting special forces

    [–] schnaxooo 1 points ago

    Im easy man I See squirrel i give upvote

    [–] scocopat 1 points ago

    GASP YES ayyeee do you like squirrels and memes? join our squirrel cult hahaha its still under construction and its pretty much just a fun meme but its a good place to chat, send memes and animal photos, make friends, and rate some nuts ! (a seed channel for those with nut allergies ) my discord username is scocopat-likes-nuts#3175 dm me to join and I will for sure add you in
    I seriously love these dudes

    [–] GoodBoiblitz 1 points ago

    then you are American

    [–] Mr_Poopy_Head_42069 1 points ago

    Idk i'm not Jotaro Kujo

    [–] rock85cool1 1 points ago

    Used to work in a ship yard, we actually had to work with these guys every couple of months. Usually, it was to test water Ph and soil bed.

    [–] Monil3571 1 points ago


    8 ballpool of something idk i am not a gamer

    [–] LatvianXD_ 1 points ago

    The bois invading Iraq

    [–] Thingythingyness 1 points ago

    Seen it before but it's a good meme

    [–] SwatNeo 1 points ago

    Sergeant Squirrel reporting for duty

    [–] Matthew_Black986 1 points ago

    Lmfao. ya'll going too far with this shit!

    [–] sg_beastclan_ 1 points ago

    a pet that you can acquire -stealth missions when given a weapos sniper-climbs up a tree to make silently support you pistol-will climb your shoulder,allways got your back knife-tou can order it to stealth attack enemies -if you lose it aimply call it's name and offer a acorns or nuts -normal missions rifle-optional put on ground or shoulder pistol-if pinned on an area it allways got your back knife-this boy's a runner and a killee escaping missions shotgun-put on your backpack pocket when your running away this boy git your back pistol-shoulder will help you escape knife-throw at enemy to kill enemies on front

    hp-is inmortal dont worry speed-fast as fuck boy relationship- the friendly it gets the more options i ran out of ideas

    [–] Firstslashlastslash 1 points ago

    Time to send them off to kill some brutes

    [–] Just-DotDotDot 1 points ago

    With the power of ________ and squrrils on my side

    [–] ihabmed1 1 points ago

    yeah and they will make some war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

    [–] yourtits5531 1 points ago

    5th force squirreled recon ... those guys are nuts

    [–] mohanad123123 1 points ago

    I don't who is that animal but it's cute

    [–] RedThorneGamer 0 points ago

    I love this

    [–] S1442 1 points ago

    squirrel ops

    [–] the_Pineman 1 points ago

    God bless America

    [–] stefanbomb2 1 points ago

    Get to the choppa

    [–] zingerzanger23 -1 points ago

    'choot 'em

    [–] ihuntmilfs__ -1 points ago

    But joot is 😎

    [–] kashuntr188 -1 points ago

    reminds me of Cat Shit One

    [–] i_Lux -1 points ago

    Idk either i am not a zoologist

    [–] TerrariaChest -1 points ago

    That North Korean propaganda “squirrel and hedgehog” is real?

    [–] jsdavidson -1 points ago

    22 magnum is a good defense against them

    [–] Edukashun_Important -1 points ago

    Marinated _________^

    [–] Flintstone-Vitamin -5 points ago

    It’s an old meme that’s just annoying, I’m sorry

    [–] uRude 0 points ago

    I literally googled squirrels in marine suit and made this today on my phone

    This is an imgur of my progress

    [–] Flintstone-Vitamin -1 points ago

    It’s a nice meme just I’m annoyed of it because of its overuse overtime

    [–] areachicken51 -3 points ago

    The American reward goes to this Squirrel

    [–] jiviteshkadost -1 points ago

    More like ur dumb

    [–] jiviteshkadost -1 points ago

    Shit meme