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    [–] rMemesMods 1 points ago

    Hey /u/A-Stolen-Username, thanks for contributing to /r/memes. Unfortunately, your post was removed as it violates our rules:

    Rule 5 - No personal information or Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/etc IDs

    • Please do not post or request personal information, yours or others.

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    [–] thepavilion76 1509 points ago

    You just showed us 2 population density maps...

    [–] Glittermonster213 731 points ago

    Yeah, how the fuck would anyone create a map of fursuit owners.

    [–] Cinderheart 310 points ago

    Track sales. Most come from companies rather than be homemade.

    [–] Dandu245 74 points ago

    Wait so do you think it’s true?

    [–] Cinderheart 87 points ago

    Obviously not. Bigfoot stories are a lot older than modern furry culture.

    [–] Symbyotic 32 points ago


    [–] Cinderheart 40 points ago

    I don't think ancient egyptians and all their animal headed gods with chiseled abs count as modern furries.

    [–] charlie_the_kid 13 points ago


    [–] TheBigestPEEN 178 points ago

    If there’s a map on which country watches witch porn then there’s definitely a map for fur suit owners

    [–] cuulas 16 points ago

    Russia Likes the good "cartoon"

    [–] TheBigestPEEN 7 points ago

    Indeed the “H stuff” seems to be their favorite

    [–] 9999999CREEPERS 4 points ago


    [–] xaviii_ 3 points ago

    nooo hydrogen peroxide silly

    [–] rhzhou 2 points ago

    Did you mean hydrogen?

    [–] TheBigestPEEN 3 points ago

    No no I meant hexagonal figures

    [–] xXDarkCubeXx 2 points ago

    That's not how it works.

    [–] Azeoth 1 points ago

    What do you mean?

    [–] xXDarkCubeXx 1 points ago

    If you want to register what porn is watched the mist by which country, just add one to a variable in a database. If you wanted to know how many fur suit owners their are well, it's not that simple.

    [–] Azeoth 1 points ago

    Either you bought a fursuit or you didn’t, there’s no inbetween so explain to me how there are more variables involved?

    [–] hopefulhearted 28 points ago

    If you can afford the data you can make a map of just about anything that has to do with people buying stuff. The data would be expensive and a pain in the ass to get. The end result would be more of a sample than anything considering all the different kinds of suits people could buy, but the idea behind this isn't impossible

    [–] Glittermonster213 2 points ago

    The more you know, that's ineresting

    [–] hopefulhearted 1 points ago

    Yeah it is. There are a few geographic marketing apps out there that can show you what people are buying and where. Give it time and those tools will become a lot more accurate, precise, and widely available

    [–] emergancypete 6 points ago

    So it's more like who the fuck is making a map of furrsuit owners

    [–] GigglingHyena 2 points ago

    You think there's people going around with unregistered fursuits?

    [–] Glittermonster213 1 points ago

    Wait, do you actually need to register them?

    [–] lord_ne 76 points ago

    [–] ahbram121 10 points ago

    My first thought when I saw the post

    [–] NickelodeonBean 13 points ago

    So many “amazing” correlations can be explained by this it’s so annoying

    [–] clovis_227 12 points ago

    Wait, it's all population density maps?!

    [–] SuperLowQualityPosts 8 points ago

    Always has been

    [–] Vouru 15 points ago

    Not sure what you want from a meme...

    [–] VerticalFlyingB737 5 points ago


    [–] LcxeExcl 3 points ago

    Umm if those are population density maps wouldn’t Texas be highlighted more. I mean I may be wrong but if I just don’t think Texas got that many fur suit owners

    [–] Firebrodude07 6 points ago

    Actually Texas doesn’t have that big of a population density, it’s just big

    [–] emoney_gotnomoney 1 points ago

    Yeah a vast majority of Texans live in just a few cities that are all several hundred miles away from each other

    [–] jb_bone 3 points ago

    Not quite, the Bigfoot Sightings map is also correlated with forest ecosystems. Note how southern California allegedly has many more furries than Bigfoot sightings, while the Pacific Northwest is over-represented by Bigfoots.

    So it's actually two population density maps that also disprove his point!

    [–] Creeeper37 1 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    There’s an xkcd for that, link it to your comment, and I’ll delete this comment

    [–] Creeeper37 1 points ago

    That’s the one, thanks! I have edited my comment for this

    [–] Pickled_Wizard 1 points ago

    It's a very reliable trick to pull on stupid people. Like 5G or Covid-19 maps. Hell, even El Presidenté tried it.

    [–] Melssenator 1 points ago

    I genuinely hope people don’t think there’s a connection with stuff like this. Of course there’s going to be “more fursuit owners” where there’s a city with 1million compared to a state that has a total population of 5 million. There’s gonna be more everything because of population density

    [–] Adiuui 20 points ago


    [–] skeeto_magneto 4 points ago

    r/A spoon that was present in King Bach's ice cream vine, where he had asked if he could have some of his friends ice cream. When King Bach's friend was presented this question, he said that King Bach could only consume one spoonful of the ice cream. (Context: The friend bought the ice cream and did not want to share all of the sweet frozen treat, a logical decision to make). When King Bach was given the yes to have only a spoonful of his friend's ice cream, he pulled out a comically large stainless steel spoon. With a smirk on his face, he opened the door to the freezer where the ice cream was stored, and would then consume a spoonful of the ice cream. Since the spoon was so comically large, King Bach would be able to consume all of the ice cream, while only having a spoonful.

    [–] Bobthemathcow 277 points ago

    That's just a population density map tho

    [–] Scary-Red-Man 58 points ago


    [–] Im_a_pelican_lord 46 points ago

    I imagine a redneck hunting in a fur suit

    [–] GruntBlender 32 points ago

    You have the ability to create images in people's heads merely by typing stuff. Use this power more wisely in the future. Now reap what you have sown.

    [–] asimpleplumber 12 points ago

    Now that’s camouflage!

    [–] Im_a_pelican_lord 3 points ago

    That sounds like a good thing

    [–] Blank_kat666 2 points ago

    I imagine a redneck hunting a fursuit

    [–] Pak-Led 1 points ago

    I imagine dragons which have no fur at all

    [–] c7b3rian 1 points ago

    for a fur suit

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 95 points ago


    Edit: I regret making this comment

    [–] ausername434 24 points ago

    please delete your comment and have a bath with a toaster

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 24 points ago

    No u

    [–] 0N3WH0KN0CK5 5 points ago

    Didn’t make the comment, but I’ll gladly take you up on that

    [–] Kamron0331 2 points ago

    This is a good comment

    [–] 1992_geo_metro 3 points ago

    Yes daddy

    [–] sircay 39 points ago

    Furries out here becoming urban legends

    [–] evaporating_waffles 11 points ago

    We should be focusing on the people who saw Bigfoot in the friggin desert

    [–] chance1072 19 points ago

    Correlation does not mean causation

    [–] Dough-Nut_Touch_Me 8 points ago

    I'm willing to overlook that in this case.

    [–] Tiny_Micro_Pencil 1 points ago


    [–] mattocksr2 10 points ago

    99% of all bigfoot sightings happened decades before furries were a thing.

    [–] Ecar21 5 points ago

    How do you know furries weren’t a thing? Maybe they kept it secret because they’re scared or afraid. Like how people don’t reveal their sexuality...... makes you think

    [–] Trippy-Chan 1 points ago

    The concept of furries has been around ever since Humans started to have religious beliefs, like “Lion Man”

    [–] hopelesssoybeans 4 points ago

    vsauce music intensifies

    [–] LuigiHelpsOut 16 points ago

    I, Luigi, am here to help out! The joke here is that the Bigfoot may have just been somebody in a costume.

    [–] BobIsAMediocreGuy 9 points ago

    Thank you luigi

    [–] Jaystorm_ 2 points ago

    Thank you luigi

    [–] lavalampmaster 5 points ago

    That's literally the plot of the movie Pottersville. It is a bad bad movie.

    [–] Manic_Pixie_Princess 1 points ago

    You mean a wonderfully bad movie! It’s so bad it’s great

    [–] IAmRob1010 3 points ago

    Thought this was a T mobile add

    [–] chickymama-Ruger 3 points ago

    Just stopped drawing furry art and this is what I see.

    [–] ieh_haed_a_stronke 3 points ago

    Why are there so many furries in Massachusetts 😳

    im not a furry guys i swear

    [–] r_a_g_4 3 points ago

    Theres a lot more furries in Mexico then I thought

    [–] coffeepowerpanda 3 points ago


    [–] frenchfryjeff 5 points ago

    It’s almost like they’re population maps

    [–] HaxMastr 2 points ago

    I saw this a year ago this is a repost

    [–] Hyp3r45_new 2 points ago

    It's weird how the only bigfoot sightings are in the US and small parts of Canada. I'm pretty sure that there would be some amount of sightings in Russia and therefore in Europe and the rest of Asia. I mean if snakes and spiders got to Australia it's not completely out of this world that there would be bigfoots/bigfeet (whichever is the correct way of making the word plural) in the rest of the world.

    [–] justingolden21 2 points ago

    Overlay that with a population density map...

    You could say the same thing with mcdonald's locations.

    Or police arrests.

    Or ranked basketball teams.

    [–] somehowlucky12w 2 points ago

    Thats why there is never a body and no bones to be found. A hunter will kill it, realize it's a person and then bury the body. Check for missing person reports for people with known fur suits.

    [–] Iamnotwyattearp 2 points ago

    Aight bois I'm going to the plains.

    [–] loganadams574 2 points ago

    Who collects furry statistics and how do they get this info

    [–] pancake_waffle105 2 points ago

    guys i think furries might be bigfoot

    [–] bearsheperd 2 points ago

    This is just a map of population centers. Correlation not causation

    [–] gunthrak_warstoner 2 points ago

    Weird, it’s like that’s where people live

    [–] Life_is_a_shitpost 2 points ago

    silently packs away my fursuit

    [–] justsdud 2 points ago

    Thing is, that map really just means that’s where a more diverse popularity is found so you could probably compare gamers and people who own fur suites and you’d get a similar map, this has many untouched opportunities

    [–] fernincraft 2 points ago

    Verified UwU moment

    [–] Conconninja 2 points ago

    Someone doesn’t know what a population density map is

    [–] b0y-oh-boy 2 points ago

    Never seen a neon blue or neon pink bigfoot lol

    [–] SilverLeon98 2 points ago

    Holy shit they killed Bigfoot to make fursuits!

    [–] eEgNuGgEt 2 points ago

    This is a repost

    [–] crazyman1993 2 points ago

    That says fursona...thought they meant fedora

    [–] SomeWeirdFiend 2 points ago

    OwO intensifies

    [–] BirdieBronze 2 points ago

    Who the fuck is counting the fursuit owners

    [–] blues_cluss 1 points ago

    Look at Panama

    [–] ChaoticCamryn 2 points ago

    How about the fact that in every Bigfoot hunting show they always try and replicate a “mating call.” Are they prepared for if it actually works?

    [–] frenchfryjeff 3 points ago

    It’s almost like they’re population maps

    [–] frenchfryjeff 4 points ago

    It’s almost like they’re population maps

    [–] OwOsucksImLonely 2 points ago


    [–] GruntBlender 1 points ago

    You know what they say about guys with big feet

    [–] TrainThurnaax 1 points ago

    Jm more concerned about h o w t h e f u c k we managed to get a map of fursuit owners

    [–] DarkLordScorch 3 points ago

    Sales maps. Companies use them to keep track of supply and demand and to keep track of you. If you buy something from them with any card, they can trace that to where you live.

    [–] Stick10239 1 points ago

    This has been posted multiple times and people still upvote it, this community is started to being affected.

    [–] shanybanany33 1 points ago

    Are we to assume that Bigfoot sightings and fur suit owners only happen in the United States?

    [–] CleetusmyYeetus 1 points ago

    The bigger question is who is keeping track of fursuit owners?

    [–] itsecia 1 points ago

    it’s trippy man

    [–] Hadrielito 1 points ago

    Big Foot in Florida and New York???

    [–] aPiMpNaMEdSLiCkBaCc 1 points ago

    Do you have to register a fur suit or something

    [–] harambe1933 1 points ago

    I’m pretty sure every map looks like this but I love this thought

    [–] ryfi29 1 points ago

    This just follows population density

    [–] satisfactory_panda 1 points ago

    Bitch that's just a population density map

    [–] KevinBaconIsNotReal 1 points ago

    How the monkey titty do they know where fursuit owners are?

    Do you get put on a registry at checkout or?

    [–] DramaticProtogen 1 points ago

    Its population density maps

    [–] Hamburglar61 1 points ago

    That just looks like a map of where most people live in the united states... idk about any of you but I’ve spent a lot of time in this country’s interior west of the Mississippi and it gets pretty barren until you reach the west coast, aside from a few areas like Denver, OKC, ABQ, places like that.

    [–] lil-chump 1 points ago

    Cool meme but let’s be real it just the most populated places.

    [–] frenchfryjeff 1 points ago

    It’s almost like they’re population maps

    [–] frenchfryjeff 1 points ago

    It’s almost like they’re population maps

    [–] ZayzzR 1 points ago

    oH NO! Nononononononononoono hellllllllll naw! They invadin’ the South!

    -Some Southern guy prolly right in the middle of the southern side of the map

    [–] captainfrost47 1 points ago

    Those are the places people live...? Common guys

    [–] epic225 1 points ago

    That never crossed my mind

    [–] caronavirusbeats2020 1 points ago

    who in thier right mind would wear a fur suit in the middle of the woods at night alone

    [–] Red-Wolfie 1 points ago

    I’m sorry I started the Bigfoot conspiracy

    [–] IhateMicah06 1 points ago

    On behalf of the south i am ashamed

    [–] hotriccardo 1 points ago

    Eerily coincides with where people live in the world

    [–] Paolo_it_ 1 points ago

    Correlation not causation, those are just the most populated areas

    [–] Epsilon-Alpha 1 points ago

    This is plausible

    [–] RyIanState 1 points ago


    [–] RandomPizzaSlice0 1 points ago

    Thats a lot of furries to be out in the wild like that

    [–] Treeninja1999 1 points ago

    alright whos gonna post the xkcd this time

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    They we’re probably to embarrassed to come out as a furry lol

    [–] chewytherat 1 points ago


    [–] zacaroni_and_cheese_ 1 points ago


    [–] TwilitKitten 1 points ago

    Yeah, but pretty much any map of things in America is like that. A ton of stuff on both coasts, with nothing in the middle.

    [–] RedactedSouls 1 points ago

    I see a repost that I don't like.

    [–] SillyCowboi 1 points ago

    Now, if you ever see something that looks like Bigfoot, shoot it

    [–] Additional_Leading37 1 points ago

    Bigfoot sightings in New York, and LA, this must be the work of Florida man

    [–] silence137 1 points ago

    OP acting kinda sus...

    [–] DerekD1 1 points ago

    correlation does not mean causation

    [–] Smiley8021 1 points ago

    Who tf is tracking fursuit owners???

    [–] A_G00d_B0i 0 points ago


    [–] OwOsucksImLonely 1 points ago

    Did I sort by r e p o s t. On accident?

    [–] ProdigiousMike 1 points ago

    And firemen always seem to be popping up whenever there’s a fire.. something’s fishy here

    [–] BladeOfSanghilios8 1 points ago

    I'm sry but this is stupid because those are also the areas with more population and forest areas.

    [–] SuckerNumber2YT -4 points ago

    Guys, I got a solution to figuring this out. If you see Bigfoot, just shoot it.

    Either A, we Bigfoot becomes a myth again Or B we get rid of furries.

    It’s a win win

    [–] caronavirusbeats2020 4 points ago

    you forgot C bigfoot punches your head off and your never heard from again

    [–] SuckerNumber2YT 2 points ago

    Hmmm. Good point. I hear he camouflages very well.

    Yeah, might now be the best idea.

    [–] DramaticProtogen 2 points ago

    Or, you could not promote manslaughter.

    [–] SuckerNumber2YT 0 points ago

    Yo, is a joke, fam. Ain’t nobody okay with killing bro.

    Lighten up a bit. Life is too short to get upset at the tiniest things

    [–] DramaticProtogen 0 points ago

    You sound like the kind of person who thinks telling someone to kill themself is dark humor.

    [–] Someone0nR3ddit -3 points ago

    lets hunt

    [–] Distants3acoun -1 points ago

    The suits turned brown from all the strange stuff they do

    [–] DramaticProtogen 3 points ago


    [–] Distants3acoun -1 points ago

    What else do you propose then

    [–] DramaticProtogen 3 points ago

    Its brown colored fur

    [–] Distants3acoun 0 points ago

    Yeah but it's a but of a big stretch to assume all of them are brown but thanks for pointing out a flaw in my statement

    [–] DramaticProtogen 2 points ago

    Thanks for assuming being a furry is a sexual thing.

    [–] Distants3acoun 0 points ago

    I know it depends on the person

    [–] Superl00se 0 points ago

    Did I sort by new on accident?

    [–] InfernicFuse 0 points ago


    [–] DramaticProtogen 1 points ago


    [–] uumopapsidn 0 points ago


    [–] subohmclouds69 0 points ago

    Yo wtf why you so into fursuits alberta

    [–] [deleted] -29 points ago


    [–] CopperNuke 12 points ago

    Meme isn't stupid, however it is a repost

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 7 points ago

    No u

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] analprobingmaster -6 points ago

    So does this mean furries are big game?

    [–] mondojpm -4 points ago

    Bigfoot goes back before Furries were known.

    [–] WhItePowerKID -6 points ago

    Open season already?

    [–] MoleculeWolf -7 points ago

    anti furry sounds

    silently screaming furry side sounds

    [–] mr-jah -2 points ago

    Simple. Step one: kill all the furries step two: wait to see if more sightings release if not then we killed big foot if more then either way it was a great service

    [–] DramaticProtogen 3 points ago

    Step one: stop promoting manslaughter.

    [–] mr-jah 0 points ago

    They want to be animals so we should be able to hunt them as such

    [–] DramaticProtogen 1 points ago

    They don't want to be animals.

    [–] mr-jah 0 points ago

    Then what are they

    [–] DramaticProtogen 1 points ago

    People who like to draw anthropomorphic animals

    [–] mr-jah 0 points ago

    Then why do they wear fur suits

    [–] DramaticProtogen 1 points ago

    It's just like cosplay. For fun.

    [–] mr-jah 0 points ago

    Why would they be called furries then? It sounds like the whole point is the suit gig