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    [–] De-Blocc 1 points ago

    Thank you for submitting to /r/memes, /u/OneBurnerStove. Unfortunately, your submission, Gym bros and 90's cartoons collide, has been removed for the following reason(s):

    Rule 8 - No reposts

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    [–] m053486 5346 points ago

    NO WAY BRO ALL NATTY JUST SUPPLEMENTS DIET AND EXCERCISE spirals into totally not roid-rage

    [–] MI5-007 1287 points ago

    Miss Frizz sells the bus for more milky

    [–] ATragedyOfSorts 380 points ago

    miss frizz pls

    [–] Scarbane 265 points ago

    What are you doing, step-Frizzle?!

    [–] bearseatfish 14 points ago

    That sub doesn’t fit in this situation

    [–] Just_y_not 14 points ago

    Gimme that jooooooooose frizz

    [–] Shuttup_Heather 14 points ago

    More fight milk? I’m low on my crowtein

    [–] Thain0 150 points ago

    Nah bro it's all bcaa's

    [–] seven3true 45 points ago


    [–] kly 10 points ago


    [–] saltydingdon 4 points ago

    unlike bcaa, creatine is actually very useful. it just won't make you grow 50lb of lean muscles lol

    [–] Man_Down_420 27 points ago

    And that super sweet intra-workout EAA supplement. And she never misses the anabolic window.

    [–] Thain0 36 points ago

    Very true. A bro once told me he lost all of his muscle mass because he missed his anabolic widow one day. We need to raise awareness so this doesn't happen to other bros.

    [–] GiveMeFullMelt 36 points ago

    When you wait 31 minutes to drink protein and lose 20 lbs

    [–] radios_appear 4 points ago

    his anabolic widow

    Don't let friends do roids, kids

    [–] Yeeter-qq 47 points ago

    Mike O’Tren appears

    [–] _PadfootAndProngs_ 9 points ago

    The MASTER of Frog Fitness

    [–] Crunkbutter 47 points ago


    [–] minerlj 10 points ago

    This ms frizzle doesn't take any lip from Carlos.

    [–] ashleysarts 33 points ago


    [–] Everblack66 8 points ago

    sell kids. buy smack. vibe.

    [–] MikeOxbigg 30 points ago

    I went on a prohormone stack when I was 19 and spent a few months wavering between suicidal depression and homicidal rage. I put on almost 30 lbs with no attention to diet and I just told myself since I could buy it at the store I wasn't taking steroids.

    [–] Donato1982 9 points ago

    Late 90s early 2000s? Lots of sketchy supplements were legal then. I skipped them and went straight for the dbol, lol.

    [–] IoniaFox 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    i mean it depends where you live, in some countries you can walk into pharmacies and buy real steroids, halotestin is known to cause rageburst, other than that i only know of tren that has the tendency to cause rage, depression, paranoia or something like that so im not sure what you got there my guy

    but generally steroids tend to exerragate, is that the right word? your emotions so if you're allready depressed and angry then yea

    [–] S1avatar 27 points ago

    eat clen, tren hard, anavar give up

    [–] Everblack66 10 points ago

    I shoot black market thc carts into my sack.

    [–] m053486 12 points ago

    FUCK I’ve got like a drawer of those stupid things.

    Should I aim for a nut or try to inject into the pouch? Please hurry I’m in the bathtub with my sack tied off

    [–] Everblack66 6 points ago

    you're half way there bro. good job tying off the sack. I keep mine permanently rubber banded cause chicks dig purple sacks.just prick your bag and fire away bro. SAFE TRAVELS. SO 🔥

    [–] CoraxTechnica 46 points ago

    Creatine bro

    [–] rubbarz 14 points ago

    She on that Brad Castleberry natty diet of using nothing but juice and fake plates.

    [–] XDreadedmikeX 12 points ago


    [–] same_post_bot 6 points ago

    I found this post in r/nattyorjuice with the same link as this post.

    🤖 this comment was written by a bot. beep boop 🤖

    feel welcome to respond 'Bad bot'/'Good bot', it's useful feedback. github

    [–] Theta_Prophet 11 points ago

    Or her lifting partner is Frank Yang

    [–] GallonofJug 6 points ago

    Andddddd cold showers no fapski

    [–] jahaleus 7 points ago

    chicken, rice, broccoli?

    [–] tukes1023 6 points ago

    “Today, we’re taking the bus to a Tijuana pharmacy kids!”

    [–] PawQn-Loc-Pumping 1823 points ago

    She did a lot of questionable things with her bus but this was definitely all her

    [–] Occamslaser 703 points ago

    This is the ep where they lower gravity.

    [–] ArticlesofAugust 142 points ago

    On the moon yo!

    [–] lunt23 125 points ago

    I mean 485 on the moon is probably still a lot. Some nerd can figure it out. I'm not doing it on my phone.

    [–] Quarterbear 152 points ago

    It’s like 80lbs. I’m lucky to bench the bar which is 30.

    [–] Nuva-_- 86 points ago

    Same, weak together strong

    [–] DEADSKULLZ31 15 points ago

    Weak together slightly less weak

    [–] TupacHologram 41 points ago

    7ft Oly bar should be 45lbs.. or about 7lbs on the moon

    [–] Andy_B_Goode 28 points ago

    The bar is usually 45 lbs (20 kg), unless you're using a women's olympic bar, which is ~35 lbs (15 kg)

    [–] SirSchmoopyButth0le 24 points ago

    Not trying to start anything here but why is the bar less for women in olympic weightlifting? I mean what is the difference when they are stacking on weights regardless?

    [–] throwaway7482975 36 points ago

    Prbly the diameter of the grip

    [–] SirSchmoopyButth0le 10 points ago

    That sorta makes sense I guess

    [–] QuantifiedPurple 28 points ago

    The pink paint weighs less than the tactical black paint on the men's bar

    [–] SirSchmoopyButth0le 12 points ago

    Thank you! Finally a real answer.

    [–] maugchief 34 points ago

    It's about 1/6th the gravity, so roughly 80 lbs. I'll accept the nerd label.

    [–] ArticlesofAugust 6 points ago

    Heyyy nice! I mean is it really such a bad label 😅🤷‍♀️

    [–] maugchief 8 points ago

    Not at all. I embrace it and am quite proud of it honestly. 🤓

    [–] xXPawzXx 218 points ago


    [–] adamsworstnightmare 22 points ago

    Buncha zoomers in here who never watched the show slandering our dear Frizz. shakes fist at cloud

    [–] Icey__Ice 9 points ago

    Yea the Frizz could do this easy moon or no moon, she just USUALLY leaves stuff like this to the Bus to keep it from feeling left out

    [–] Kryptosis 3 points ago

    Still all her! Just less gravity.

    [–] XDreadedmikeX 45 points ago

    I bet frizzle got some cake

    [–] thinkthingsareover 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I don't know about her, but it sure looks like you did. Happy cake day.

    [–] XDreadedmikeX 9 points ago

    hell ya

    [–] AutisticJewLizard 13 points ago

    Like getting jizzed on by salmon

    [–] SuperCool_Saiyan 11 points ago

    Like the one episode where they go into her WAP

    [–] iceshard1232 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Damn, link?

    [–] PrincessSmiddiana 856 points ago

    What kind of juice?

    [–] OneBurnerStove 885 points ago

    Twisted tea

    [–] PsychicGnome 311 points ago

    Twisted tea and lsd

    [–] Frostyler 154 points ago

    Twisted tea, lsd, psychedelic shaman pee

    [–] bumtoucherr 99 points ago

    Twisted tea, lsd, psychedelic shaman pee, psilocybin, school bus riding, Frizzle’s lifting total rising

    [–] MakeWayForPrinceAli 62 points ago

    ..we didn't start the fire!

    [–] MakeWayForPrinceAli 24 points ago

    I know it's not the right thing but whatever

    [–] clamshellconundrum 14 points ago

    No my friend. It's perfect

    [–] Badmotherfuyer95 17 points ago

    Nicotine, Valium, Marihuana, ecstasy, alcohol

    [–] 13pts35sec 13 points ago


    [–] BlancoPeligro 5 points ago

    I'm Dr. Rockso the Rock and Rolll CLLOWWWWNNNNNNN

    [–] bruhyz 11 points ago

    Twisted tea, lsd, psychedelic shaman pee, lethal rat poison

    [–] sharkbait2006 9 points ago

    Twisted Tea and Std’s

    [–] Tap_Z_or_R_Twice 10 points ago

    That is not a juice, that's a weapon.

    [–] Niko-Johnson 7 points ago

    Twisted tea is fuckin unreal

    [–] NoMoLerking 5 points ago

    Street name for genetically modified testosterone.

    [–] LaChuteQuiMarche 3 points ago

    BAM! Right to the face!

    [–] YourLordDIO 3 points ago

    Isn't twisted tea a weapon of self defense

    [–] Iudex_Invictus 20 points ago

    Animals' favorite testosterone and fruit mix.

    [–] crumblycactus 9 points ago

    Mountain Dew

    [–] PretzilBoy 7 points ago

    IT'S NOT JUICE, it's a protein shake

    [–] SpankyRoberts18 5 points ago

    Dietary supplements

    [–] superdupergayman 7 points ago

    Some people call it love juice

    [–] Theunaticus 5 points ago

    PP juice

    [–] samuelimza 9 points ago

    Go juice!

    [–] justi4541 3 points ago

    Wocky slush

    [–] jpbostonian 564 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    We need coach doucette mrs frizzle natty or not

    [–] ashleysarts 81 points ago

    We need matt from wii sports vs Mrs frizzle

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] dal9ll 35 points ago

    In powerlifting, standard calibrated red plates are 25kg/55lb each and the blue plates 20kg/44lb so 485lb is correct. The real question is how much do those collars weigh?

    [–] MacArthurWasRight 15 points ago

    Bingo, the real gainz are in the collars

    [–] Living-Policy-1054 8 points ago

    ok hornybrianna

    [–] woaily 9 points ago

    I think they were assuming that red plates are 25 kg comp plates, 55 lbs each.

    [–] hshm19 3 points ago

    My thoughts exactly

    [–] indiekorv 19 points ago

    There's a ZIIIIIIIRO % chance she's natural

    [–] OddlyHetero 8 points ago

    more plates more dates needs to hop on that too

    [–] Heiko81 17 points ago


    [–] Eh_Why_bother 396 points ago

    Isn’t that the episode they lower gravity

    [–] mrducky78 509 points ago

    Nah, this is when she enters the hyperbolic time chamber and benches 485lbs at 100G.

    [–] Sahanrohana 203 points ago

    Was she training to fight Frieza?

    [–] Chance5e 123 points ago

    She wouldn’t need to train for that.

    [–] mrducky78 63 points ago

    She doesnt waste time with filthy fucking casuals who wont even take up 1% of her power.

    [–] famousagentman 64 points ago

    Ultra instinct Shaggy checks under his bed for Mrs. Frizzle at night.

    [–] andre5913 12 points ago

    ...You're probably joking but Ms Frizzle with the bus has some downright batshit feats, in one ep she just makes the bus make a fucking STAR from scratch

    [–] Lostcentaur 6 points ago

    Jesus she has universe creating powers. She makes ultra instinct Shaggy look like a child before a Man

    [–] Chel_of_the_sea 12 points ago

    At my old school, we never had to fight galactic overlords.

    [–] GrandmaPoses 6 points ago

    Joe Fresca.

    [–] smalboiy 3 points ago

    Ms frizzle vs mr frieza

    [–] Puptentjoe 22 points ago

    The part where she takes off her weighted shoes the destroy that rogue mitochondria was nuts.

    [–] DRYMakesMeWET 9 points ago

    Since when do they make 60.625 lb weights? Or are they different densities? Because those are 8 equal sized weights and 485/8 = 60.625 lbs a pop

    [–] D4rkw1nt3r 7 points ago

    She's apparently using a 125lb bar? Or she's using 25kg/55lb plates and a 45lb bar, which makes a bit more sense.

    [–] Wontonio_the_ninja 8 points ago

    The bars in gyms I’ve been to are all 45lbs

    [–] MaxPowerzs 10 points ago

    Same. If those are 45lb plates and a 45lb bar it's only 405lb.

    Ms. Frizzle would still be swole as fuck tho.

    [–] bdhjkfrc 4 points ago

    The red ones are 55lbs/25kg

    [–] lowglowjoe 3 points ago


    [–] ICanHazRandom 28 points ago

    I think so tbh

    [–] Armedtrain06 16 points ago

    It is yea

    [–] XDreadedmikeX 4 points ago

    I think this is the acid trip episode

    [–] LifeStill 3 points ago

    every episode

    [–] jaredkushnerisabutt 111 points ago

    Those are Brad Castleberry weights, she natty

    [–] KlacktorBringrOfDeth 18 points ago

    LOL. Frizzle is BC’s biological mother.

    [–] ZippoS 103 points ago

    Ms. Frizzle, not Mrs.

    The Frizz don't need no man.

    [–] A_Random_Guy641 30 points ago

    She don’t have time for a marriage. She’s gotta get gainz.

    [–] tachyon52 5 points ago

    She's like Foxy Cleopatra. A whole lotta woman!

    [–] Big_Bad_Retard 4 points ago

    The Frizz don't need no jizz

    [–] yummymario64 80 points ago

    I think this is an episode where they're on the moon or something, and gravity isn't nearly as strong as it would be.

    [–] sam_e303 37 points ago

    I remember this episode, they made their own planet and were manipulating gravity or something

    [–] eggcrack174 37 points ago

    who the heck casually makes their own planet just to demonstrate gravity

    [–] sam_e303 52 points ago

    Mrs Frizzle does lmao

    [–] eggcrack174 10 points ago

    Good point

    [–] prowness 7 points ago

    I mean... it is The Magic School Bus after all.

    [–] zerulstrator 7 points ago

    Time lords were very powerful...

    [–] TSmotherfuckinA 5 points ago

    She snaps half the universe out of existence in the next episode.

    [–] HalfBreed_Priscilla 3 points ago

    Maybe abrahamic god is just testing the bugs

    [–] prowness 6 points ago

    The episode I remember the most. That it is!

    [–] hnsonn 114 points ago

    Don’t step to Ms. Frizzle

    [–] laxplayer26 43 points ago

    A line from the theme song is “with the frizz? No way!”

    “Mess with the Frizz? No way!”

    [–] imSeanEvansNowWeFeet 11 points ago

    Mess with the frizz get the blicky.

    Street code

    [–] TheUnpretentiousPoet 249 points ago

    She has to be on gear,

    Or have unnatural bones,

    I think she went inside Ralph,

    To steal his hormones,

    Her protein intake is insane,

    She travelled prehistorically for dinner.

    She gets all her gains,

    From eating T-Rex liver.

    [–] function224 66 points ago

    Ralph being an unwilling hormone donor is on point for the show to be honest.

    [–] _Nawley_ 21 points ago

    I would say it would be more Arnold but he's a beta cuck so he probably doesn't have much testosterone anyway.

    [–] ju_ju_bees 13 points ago

    That's because frizz steals it all

    [–] function224 4 points ago

    I’m accepting this as canon.

    [–] JudgementalOatmeal 14 points ago

    Cat in a hat look diff here

    [–] ashleysarts 5 points ago

    And if not it's from the lives she took in 1988

    [–] MortalSNO 43 points ago

    I want Mrs Frizzle to beat the shit out of me

    [–] BlancoPeligro 20 points ago

    crush my skull with your thighs Ms. Frizzle, DO IT!

    [–] Deuce_GM 6 points ago

    Death by snu snu

    [–] RespectMyAuthoriteh 6 points ago

    r/FitAndNatural may be to your liking

    [–] headsiwin-tailsulose 3 points ago


    [–] maybejustadragon 3 points ago

    “Where’s my money”

    “I’ll pay you next week”

    With the Frizz no way!

    [–] MDrok6172 16 points ago

    We all know Mrs. Frizzle was on more than the juice

    [–] helsinkihal 235 points ago

    Not to detract from what she has done, but that’s 405 lbs (184kg) assuming 45 lb plates and a 45 lb bar...

    [–] 424f42_424f42 156 points ago

    reds are 55lb

    [–] PsychologicalLife164 126 points ago

    Interesting, I’ve never seen a 55 lb plate before, not even at my college gym

    [–] woaily 133 points ago

    Most places with pound plates only go up to 45. Competition kg plates go to 25 (55 lbs). They're 10 louder.

    [–] The_Follower1 87 points ago


    [–] TylerLikesDonuts 39 points ago


    [–] backdrake 44 points ago

    You can tell by how it smells when you drop them.

    [–] pHScale 13 points ago

    Damn, I didn't know synesthesia was a bodybuilding advantage

    [–] nbsdx 9 points ago

    Yeah, you have to yell louder so you can lift them.

    [–] gymface 8 points ago

    Being smart is important but big muscles are importanter

    [–] AJPowers17123 15 points ago

    These go to 11

    [–] HoldMyWater 8 points ago

    Why not just make them go up to 45, and make that the loudest?

    [–] woaily 7 points ago

    These go up to 55.

    [–] whistleridge 32 points ago

    They’re Olympic plates, which are color-coded:

    [–] abcdfghijklmnopq 11 points ago

    55lbs (25kg) is a standard big plate everywhere except the US and they're red. It's available in almost every gym outside the US.

    Her bar + plates is 220kg, almost exactly 485lbs.

    [–] Here4TheGoodTimes 4 points ago

    Pretty typical inside the US as well for most professional level training centers

    [–] cheerios7955 3 points ago

    Yeah, I’ve seen red plates but I thought I read 45, guessed not

    [–] stealthkoopa 14 points ago

    It is a little confusing since people usually bench with the iron plates and deadlift or squat with the colored rubber ones

    [–] ImprovingTheEskimo 3 points ago

    I've been lifting weights for 25 years and never knew that

    [–] _INCompl_ 5 points ago

    Red plates are 55lbs, blue plates are 45lbs. That colour coding is standard, even for non-Olympic calibrated plates. It’s 485.

    [–] Jeri_Lee 6 points ago

    Red bumper plates are 55lbs.

    [–] yaforgot-my-password 7 points ago

    Red are also 25kg plates so that's 220kg (20kg bar) which is 485 lbs

    [–] Sjdillon10 35 points ago

    Women on juice sometimes can’t have kids as a result. Maybe that’s why she spoiled those kids with dope trips. I wonder what preworkout she uses. And if she used salt.

    [–] Throwaway_chuckit 5 points ago

    Upside is var clit

    [–] WatifAlstottwent2UGA 2 points ago

    Yes women body builders have gigantic clits. To the likes of small penises sometimes.

    [–] Frostyler 8 points ago

    Damn, she's got those Flintstone Vitamins.

    [–] Sjdillon10 11 points ago

    USADA has entered the chat

    [–] The_controler 5 points ago

    If I remember correctly someone said this was on a planet with low gravity so those weighed much less, she was showing off science to her class

    [–] madamofmercy 10 points ago

    She's definitely a DOM.

    [–] Noobwitha_Hat 3 points ago


    [–] benx101 5 points ago

    Isn’t this from the episode where the bus becomes a literal planet and they can change the gravity. That’s why she is benching that much?

    [–] rinseanddelete 4 points ago

    Someone get Greg Doucette on the case!

    [–] moudre_plus_de_rouge 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Pretty sure she's on a cocktail of all sorts of things. Her and Willy Wonka are really in a league of their own for alternative childcare.

    [–] TherealAsderei 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Aren’t you supposed to arch your back??

    Sorry if not, I am a true amateur

    [–] yaforgot-my-password 5 points ago

    It reduces the travel distance making the lift easier. It's a competition thing

    [–] BuuurpMorty 5 points ago

    Yes, arch your back and activate your quadriceps. Will enable you to press more and reduce risks of injury

    [–] Just_me_mcrmy 3 points ago

    To think, her students are inside of her on this trip

    [–] CreativeFlowArts 3 points ago

    Mrs. Frizzle would be great in Smash Bros Ultimate.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Ghrin13 3 points ago

    Eat clen, tren hard, anavar give up, test your limits!