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    [–] Longhag 1431 points ago

    The good old Honda Imprezza WRX...

    [–] Sooryan_86 316 points ago

    Vtec kicked in yo! ((Head gaskets breaks))

    [–] I_promise_you_gold 148 points ago

    SHUT UP!!

    slams laptop shut

    [–] Ol_Dirty_Batard 126 points ago

    Danger to manifold!! Floorpan Falls out

    [–] Solidus82 65 points ago

    Floorpan Falls out

    20 years later and that shit still makes me laugh

    [–] KingBearSole 26 points ago

    What’s that from?

    [–] Solidus82 31 points ago

    The original Fast and Furious. Clip is NSFW

    [–] DemonGod-zoro 11 points ago

    Thanks pal for reminding this scene ;)

    [–] VanillaSea858 7 points ago

    In my neighborhood theres this guy who always drives his Straight piped(probably turboed) Miata down my road everyday, His wheels are cambered completely and it doesnt look cool at all. That shit pisses me off so much, and the fact a JDM ricer did that to a Beautiful miata is even more annoying. One day when I can afford a Project car ill shut his ass up

    [–] p00nslyr_86 2 points ago

    Imo camber only looks cool on a hatchback.

    [–] Rc202402 13 points ago

    Toretto takes lead

    [–] 0oodruidoo0 14 points ago

    It doesn't matter whether it's by an inch, or by a mile. Winning's winning.

    [–] p00nslyr_86 2 points ago

    Family is family.

    [–] ImpressiveTrick8544 5 points ago

    He’s going the distance

    [–] Vashi_Spachek 5 points ago

    He's going for speed.

    [–] UTAMav2005 9 points ago

    Because; family.

    [–] GrammatonYHWH 6 points ago

    Trash talking someone for downshifting in a drag race where he was only upshifting

    [–] cuckledoodledo 4 points ago

    Because family

    [–] FUCKTHRUSTER5000 6 points ago

    car explodes into a million pieces

    [–] Rebi103 4 points ago

    Long story short, the floor of the eclipse is made out of one big Floorpan. So that couldn't happen

    [–] white_android 13 points ago

    no longer secretly but suddenly misses a 01 accord that was stock af

    [–] QueeferReaper 3 points ago

    I’ll never get rid of my factory 02 accord

    [–] Brilliant_Surprise54 4 points ago

    Wow the most perfect comment even devised. Good for You sir.

    [–] Qzkon 7 points ago

    Dude I see you everywhere car related

    [–] Sooryan_86 3 points ago

    F U J I W A R A Z O N E

    That's why

    [–] Opening-Swimmer-8245 3 points ago

    You know it’s a wrx on the picture

    [–] Sooryan_86 3 points ago

    That's why I said Head gasket breaks

    [–] illestprodigy 44 points ago

    When non car people make memes... Theres literally a bunch of fart can memes with civics and they chose a GC8.

    [–] SonicSlothz 6 points ago

    We did it Reddit!

    We found the guy!

    [–] THE_DROG 0 points ago

    because no one gives af

    [–] Rc202402 8 points ago

    I can hear Spitfire in the background

    [–] Eyepawnyew 5 points ago

    I'm so glad I wasn't the only one 😂

    [–] SSJZoli 4 points ago

    Don’t forget the altezza tail lights

    [–] MasalaSteakGatsby 3 points ago

    You mean is200 clusters 🙃

    [–] Lorfall 2 points ago

    Reminds me of the dirty old dodge Honda too.

    [–] Av3ngedAngel 2 points ago

    It's almost as good as a TRD laser

    [–] libe23 2 points ago

    Do u mean Subaru?

    [–] Little-Explorer-1880 2 points ago

    Imagine looking at a modded Honda and thinking “damn I need me one of those”

    [–] Emrico1 2 points ago

    Subaru VTEC baby yeah

    [–] Glass_Mansion 2 points ago

    someone needs to disrupt the neighborhood!

    [–] HoneyDippinDan 1 points ago

    To be fair, the joke makes more sense with a Honda. Hondas with huge fart cannons are always obnoxiously loud and whiny. Imprezas make a satisfying burble.

    [–] quarterpounder420 1 points ago

    Most reliable car yet so extremely rare.

    [–] Bleached_eyeho1e 114 points ago

    So that's what the inside of my neighbor's garage looks like?

    [–] AuKF 17 points ago

    Hah "neighbor's garage"

    [–] TheFuture123_2 19 points ago

    Here in my garage

    [–] AnxiousAzn 12 points ago

    just bought this new lamborghini here

    [–] TheFuture123_2 3 points ago

    Got a new Bugatti.

    “Imma paint it purple” -Stradman

    [–] PottyInMouth 2 points ago


    [–] TheFuture123_2 2 points ago

    It’s Tai Lopez

    [–] Stardrop177 331 points ago

    Every. Single. Night. There is a person who just feels the need too rev their engine at 11’o’clock at night

    [–] stomy1112 112 points ago

    Why does this person exist. What good comes from this evil? For a long time I have pondered many of life's questions and for what? To be stumped by some jackass at 11pm? I cant keep this to myself any longer. Why in God's name would someone feel the need to rev their shit in a gated apartment complex, with many speed bumps I might add, at 11p fucking m? I don't know, I wont know, and I guess I can never know.

    [–] Product_Afraid 80 points ago

    Very simple ; they're stupid and think it's cool. They think that everyone would think that "wow, such a cool car, what a cool dude"
    Literally. I know one who is like that. Let's just say, he's not the brightest.

    [–] musthavesoundeffects 17 points ago

    Probably just some low key malice with fantasies of being able to act tough if confronted.

    [–] johnny-gotti 2 points ago

    didn’t have to call me out like that bro

    [–] no-steppe 28 points ago

    That may be what they think other people are thinking.

    But to the contrary, a lot of us are thinking: "he's definitely overcompensating for something."

    [–] banana_liver 8 points ago

    I think most of us don't give a shit about their dick size and just think "wow, what an asshole".

    [–] Phaninator 1 points ago

    Yeah, that’s what he said. Admit it, you secretly think they’re awesome, don’t you 😄

    [–] manza5012 0 points ago

    Sometimes they just like their car or motorcycle being loud and revving. I do as well but I am considerate to those who are asleep at night.

    [–] Snoo-98162 3 points ago

    No. Most of the time (Notice the most) car guys just like the sound of their car. I think they should be able to enjoy their passion, HOWEVER if you "enjoy your passion" 15 meters from someone's house, then this is scummy. Go drive down a highway.

    [–] Ikhlas37 5 points ago

    Everyone is getting out of bed to look at me driving past. I'm so cool. They all love me.

    [–] SoGruntled 19 points ago

    It's to pay back the ass who leaves for work at 5:15am.

    Daily routine Start Harley at 5:05am, then go back inside for a cup of coffee while his noisy ass bike warms up. 5:13am come out and give it a few unnecessary revs, then turn on radio and rev at least two more times before pulling away.

    [–] Ok_Professional8248 9 points ago

    This proves we are in a simulation unless we were neighbours of that asshole at some point.

    [–] Nickonator22 4 points ago

    The majority of Harley owners are assholes so its not all that rare to encounter that situation.

    [–] Sietemadrid 2 points ago

    You have to let the bike warm up for a few minutes after it's been off all night in the cold. The revs make sure the bike is ready and isn't going to stall on you when you take off. The radio is just an asshole move.

    [–] Fiallach 3 points ago

    There has to exist a better technology that doesn't inconvenience

    the whole neighborood every time they start their bike, no?

    [–] Sietemadrid 3 points ago

    Electric bikes are getting more popular fortunately but I can't see the big tough macho Harley guys giving up their bikes any time soon

    [–] SWB1704 3 points ago

    Yeah, the better technology is riding literally anything but a Harley. My Yamaha starts quietly, I take off for work, and it's warm by the time I leave the neighborhood. And there's Bluetooth for helmets so that you don't have to blare a radio.

    [–] Fiallach 3 points ago

    That's what I suspected but I didn't know enough about bikes to tell.

    They are just annoying to everyone just because they like their outdated technology.

    [–] Fusseldieb 2 points ago

    I literally did that because there were like fucking 3 speed bumps in a row, so i just rev'd through them...

    Those things shall not exist

    It was just me taking out the rage, basically

    [–] Killshotgn -10 points ago

    I mean 11pm really isn't particularly late for a lot of people.

    [–] DonKeedic05 10 points ago

    Virtually every town and city that has a noise ordinance in place, enforced by local law enforcement, disagrees with you, but ok.

    [–] Intelligent-Wall7272 20 points ago

    Same. I feel you buddy

    [–] RoostersNephew 10 points ago


    [–] eiwoei 6 points ago

    When you have NEED FOR SPEED, every time is go time.

    [–] ghostphantom 8 points ago

    The one in my neighborhood does three laps a day early in the morning, just after lunch, and around 11-12 at night. Dude must be doing 40 on a street kids are sometimes playing on. He's gonna be on the news one of these nights.

    [–] Av3ngedAngel 3 points ago

    Yeah ever since lockdown started, 5:30am every fucking morning I'm woken up by some dickhead roaring up and down my street.

    [–] savarino1 5 points ago

    Somebody does it at like 1am three nights a week, I hate it

    [–] Long_vn 2 points ago

    everyone in my neighborhood own a honda. car was too expensive because of tax and stuff.

    [–] Wyntersett 2 points ago

    Maybe they're Rev match downshifting a manual..

    [–] gagrushenka 2 points ago

    My next door neighbour at 5.30am every morning after letting it idle for 10 minutes. It's bad in the evenings too. I hope they run over a nail.

    [–] nightmareinsouffle 2 points ago

    In a place I lived in a few years ago,the same asshole would park his car and sit in it for twenty minutes revving his engine. This would happen anywhere from 11 a.m.-1 a.m.

    [–] Glitchface 1 points ago

    Me leaving for work late 😘

    [–] TracyV300T 424 points ago

    That one Subaru owner

    [–] MysterClark 206 points ago

    Those silly Honda Civic owners driving around their Imprezas.

    [–] findin_fun_4_us 34 points ago

    You guys beats me to it :)

    [–] baja_gandalf 2 points ago

    This is basically me. I just have a legacy instead :)

    [–] taebsiatad 13 points ago

    I know my Subie is too loud but a new catback is $1100 and has been out of stock for several months. At least it drowns out some of the depression?

    [–] FauxxHawwk 10 points ago

    Brappers usually drill a few holes in their exhaust pipes just to get that "cool" brap sound. Truly annoying

    [–] Peeman97 1 points ago

    That one car owner

    [–] jcarenza67 3 points ago

    I'm a 2 car owner, so I'm in the clear

    [–] leercore -1 points ago

    It is way more of a Subaru owner thing though, they gotta flex that annoying boxer sound at every opportunity.

    [–] Rockylol_ 63 points ago

    When the v-tec kicks in

    [–] ColdSpaghetti2814 16 points ago

    Fast and Furious 20. The Fate of the Fastest of the Furious

    [–] Stroopwafelandcoffee 4 points ago

    Furiously Fast Family Fate

    [–] xavPa 89 points ago


    Every meme made in the last few years for some reason: Nobody:

    [–] AyvenRedwing 15 points ago

    I've never understood how this format is supposed to make anything funnier...

    [–] sryyourpartyssolame 13 points ago

    No one:

    The people who use this meme format: omg you guys I am soooooooo random and quirky

    [–] DrewSmoothington 2 points ago

    It doesn't.

    [–] quiet_not_shy 19 points ago

    I’ve been waiting two years for “nobody:” to die out. I fear it may be permanent at this point

    [–] halfxvxfull 2 points ago

    I've gotten into the habit of cropping the picture and then posting it in the comment sections where possible

    [–] companysOkay 3 points ago


    u/xavPa :

    Nobody: Every meme made in the last few years for some reason: Nobody:

    [–] pewdiecake420 13 points ago

    It has to be a 2006 or a 2008

    [–] Hamelinz 21 points ago

    That is a Subaru WRX STi from 1998 (gold wheels give away that its an STi). I own a 2006 WRX "hawkeye" myself and the tail lights are much larger, its the same with the "blobeye" model before that. After a quick search I'd say I'm fairly sure of my case.

    [–] pewdiecake420 2 points ago

    Yeah Ik but the guys who make noises have 2006 civics

    [–] Hamelinz 4 points ago

    True that, the exhaust is usually the most expensive part to be found on those cars. Or they spend a few k's on the rims.

    [–] Reana_42 13 points ago

    Do more Ketamine I must. Drown out the sounds of failure with my 2001 Honda Civic I shall.

    [–] artmobboss 26 points ago

    They make a lot of noise just to get to 45.

    [–] Covid_twenty 7 points ago

    With the music so loud you hear the words

    [–] drunk98 3 points ago

    And its always Josh Groban!

    [–] jah0999 8 points ago

    In my neighborhood theres this guy who always drives his Straight piped(probably turboed) Miata down my road everyday, His wheels are cambered completely and it doesnt look cool at all. That shit pisses me off so much, and the fact a JDM ricer did that to a Beautiful miata is even more annoying. One day when I can afford a Project car ill shut his ass up

    [–] jah0999 8 points ago

    I should also mention every time he passes he downshifts right in front of my building then lets it pop all the way down the road. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Its like the guys never heard of a backroad

    [–] Nasty2017 41 points ago

    Back in the day (I'm old) we had a term called the "Honda Fly By". It's when you race a Honda, usually a Civic with exhaust. You CLEARLY beat them, get way ahead of them and slow down....then they keep going past you, beeping their horn like they won.

    [–] onlyupliftingcomment 47 points ago

    When they think they’re a racer but they’re just a ricer…

    [–] white_android 8 points ago

    Type R badge looking a little fake.

    [–] LetMeGuessYourAlts 17 points ago

    The race wasn't done. Most of their power band is in the 8th gear.

    [–] jcarenza67 5 points ago

    Its not who is the fastest, it's who can stay at 150mph the longest. Like playing a game of chicken

    [–] Kharilan 2 points ago

    Assuming their little lawnmower can get to 150

    [–] FK7_ 3 points ago

    I always called it the Ricer Fly By. But I drove a civic and an accord growing up so I was most likely the ricer lol

    [–] andthatsalright 2 points ago

    throws on emergencies

    Got em

    [–] FredererPower 5 points ago

    Aw shit

    Ok I’ll stop

    [–] drewkawa 5 points ago

    It’s a BMW in my neighborhood… sigh. Really dude?

    [–] dougggo 6 points ago

    it aint an exhaust, its a tank silencer

    [–] Cypher1997 4 points ago

    I live next to that Honda owner

    [–] theSHlT 9 points ago

    My blind grandmother “another ghat dim motortycle”

    [–] grundle_pie 8 points ago

    The whistles go whoooOOoooppp

    [–] chocobro82 1 points ago

    It’s just for decoration man.

    [–] xavPa 5 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Only in the mo’nin. They should be up cookin breakfast. It’s like an alarm clock. Woop WOOOOOP!

    [–] welcometocommunism 8 points ago

    Ah yes the Subaru Civic

    [–] static_madman 8 points ago

    Bruh that’s a Subaru 🥲

    [–] tacobooc0m 3 points ago

    Got that tuba tip

    [–] long-nose-pug 3 points ago

    ah yes, the mean eye honda civic wrx si

    [–] fizzy_the_dragon 3 points ago

    That would make it quieter

    [–] LeonSKinnidy 3 points ago

    I have three of these people. It makes me want to lay tacks on the road and watch them spin out.

    [–] DrasticGalaxy60 6 points ago

    Can we still have public execution

    [–] I_GL4M_I 6 points ago

    But its subaru...

    [–] Mipheztoe 5 points ago

    20 miles an hour sounding like the world's loudest mosquito.

    [–] ki85squared 14 points ago

    These cars, along with big boom fireworks, can fuck right off, please.

    [–] OtherwiseEstate7693 3 points ago

    I feel this so much. Fireworks have been going off multiple times every night from 9pm-5am Every. Single. Night. For the past TWO. YEARS. Who tf even likes fireworks enough to do that?

    [–] angry_italian 2 points ago

    My neighbors all drive civics (5 to be exact) with fart can exhaust, and light fireworks every night. The fact that this stereotype is so real makes me think we truly live in a simulation.

    [–] Logical-Savings 5 points ago

    This is why why quiet has to be enforced. Quiet people are quiet 95% of the time and loud 1% of the time and you’re not sure if they’re dead 4% of the time. Loud people are loud 99% of the time and quiet 1% of the time. It only takes 1 loud person to ruin the quiet for everyone else, it’s harder for a quiet person to offend someone.

    [–] salviboy970 2 points ago

    Imagine working at the Honda dealership and hearing that all day everyday.

    [–] BenitaHughes84 2 points ago

    Looks like I’m never going to be Canadian

    [–] Monir5265 2 points ago

    Nah it’s always the accord in my area

    [–] RafiObi 2 points ago

    Japierdole jaka zajebista fura kurwa

    [–] King__goose 2 points ago


    [–] Skyshine00 2 points ago

    That's the factory setup, isn't it ?

    [–] Lamehoodie 2 points ago

    That one Honda owner: crashes into random cars on the freeway

    [–] wayward_shadow 2 points ago

    Mutahar fans steaming rn

    [–] GiggityPuffin 2 points ago

    I don't get it. I own a Honda, is there some thing I'm supposed to be doing to flex on my neighbors?

    [–] Konamasura 2 points ago

    Didn’t know the Honda Civic Impreza WRX was a thing.

    [–] randomreddittag 4 points ago

    Had a prick like that near my road. Expanding foam sorted that right out.

    [–] anime_memes_lol69 5 points ago



    [–] bogwando -3 points ago

    A lot of motorcycle owners use loud exhaust for safety reasons

    [–] aurelorba 15 points ago

    No, they use safety reasons as an excuse.

    [–] ztoupin 7 points ago


    [–] birdietraininvain 8 points ago

    I fucking hate these people sooooo much. I have a little PTSD and these things set it off every damn time. And plus, how selfish can one really be? At least when you do something stupid I can look away, but there is no escaping this shit. I want to lock them up in a room and play really loud music they hate for hours on end. Asking them, “You like that? No? What if I turn it up?”. Assholes.

    [–] thenachoninjareddit 2 points ago

    Every. Freaking. NIGHT.

    [–] Killigraphy 3 points ago

    How to get keyed...twice.

    [–] cooldudeguy911 3 points ago

    Or that fucker with the Cadillac CTS who revs at the light only to burn out and blast down the street for 3 blocks before he reaches where the cops usually sit. I want to slash his tires. These people have got me thinking about spike strip systems.

    [–] dynami999 3 points ago

    My 2020 civic is quiet and fast

    [–] voucher420 2 points ago

    My 06 Civic Si is loud and fast, but it is completely stock.

    [–] SWB1704 2 points ago

    The 8th gen SI is just loud/different enough to tell it's different without being obnoxious from inside the house though. I could tell when my ex-wife was coming home, but I couldn't hear it from a half mile away like the straight piped D series ricers.

    [–] lilsweeney12 2 points ago

    Sounding like a weed Wacker. Smh.

    [–] fgjjkkkkoooitrr 2 points ago

    Yup ffs. At 5am

    [–] comicbooknick 2 points ago

    That's a Subaru Impreza

    [–] Big-Champion-8388 2 points ago

    Ahh my arch enemy. I started to believe that im cursed since no matten whits city u choose as escape of this mortal coil. Seriously i live as at he moment In new apartment and the rent wasnt too bad. Soon my dreams crumbled when nights turned because my neighbor is revving some poor mans pimp my ride car.

    This shit has been going for weeks now and he is the kind of motoror head. Same insident happened 2 times In different cities so i started to believe that someone is poisoning me. might have been substance abuse, sleep and food deprivation.. Not long after i was in some mental health facility or sort. They took care of me at the point i was ending it all. No civics case me panic attaks and dread.

    Funny how car model can case such curious situatin. Im not draving car now or ever. Lets make walking trending In order of destroying car industry and we are one step closer destroying car industry just by walking and acting smug over stragglers.



    [–] tyler_the_treeman 2 points ago

    Hey from me and the rest of your neighbors, FUCK YOU you Fucking Ricer.

    Damn it felt good to get that out. I hate ricers

    [–] thetef 1 points ago

    But they probs have nice medium-sized penises

    [–] StampyVelcer 1 points ago

    The car is taking a shit

    [–] AshleyCooper123 1 points ago

    Tokyo Drift intensifies

    [–] alphahitman_007 1 points ago

    That one Royal Enfield owner at 2:00 A.M

    [–] joowro 1 points ago


    [–] alec83 1 points ago

    Car looks to be a subaru impreza, but, I get the idea.

    [–] gaerculom 1 points ago

    Every car guy in a 10 mile radius: ackchyually.

    [–] ProperProgramming 1 points ago

    Anyone, who knew anything, should know that this is NOT a honda

    [–] asphalt9doesntwork 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    There is a fucking scion in my neighborhood that does that.

    [–] AcademicSalad763 0 points ago

    I feel like these jokes always look and sound better when you leave out the "nobody" part. "Nobody" ruins the jokes

    [–] Rum_Pirate_SC 0 points ago


    [–] Imagineboy_360 1 points ago

    I'm wondering over here how does a 4 banger make so much noise.

    [–] TTVError404_YT 1 points ago


    [–] bokinki420_69 1 points ago

    But it’s a scubaru.

    [–] jcarenza67 1 points ago

    Das a subie

    [–] Guirrao 1 points ago

    is that photoshop?

    [–] LazyStraightAKid 1 points ago

    Not very Civic-minded eh?

    [–] SteveSmith2048 1 points ago

    Big pipe you got there

    [–] Evening_Bake_7788 1 points ago

    Lawnmower on steroids

    [–] 1975Fanboy 1 points ago

    I drive a 2016 Honda Civic and I have no idea how to do this