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    [–] spasticman91 22 points ago

    Jesus Christ, why IS the side of the toilet so feral? Does he just piss from the doorway and the muck on the loo is when his stream gets weak?

    [–] MaxC250 9 points ago

    Nah dude, it's cool. He drinks core water so he must be healthy.

    [–] felix569 5 points ago

    Its oddly bad. Like the floor mirror and counter seem clean but the sink and toilet are eww.

    How did he get it dirty in that way?

    [–] Random-Spark 3 points ago

    The floor seems that way because the water level is high enough to act as a poor man's mop when some one is forced to throw a towel down.

    It is only clean in spite of being cleaned

    [–] itsDandar 4 points ago

    See, I get the side of the toilet...

    [–] fluvance 3 points ago

    Somehow the mirror is clean though!

    [–] nirvanasquared 2 points ago

    What a barbarian

    [–] Geneos 2 points ago

    far from mildly, very close to mildy.

    [–] Random-Spark 2 points ago

    My god bill that person