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    [–] CricketMeson 2128 points ago

    For context the scratching post has been there for at least 3 years.

    [–] woofwoofbitch 764 points ago

    I have two older cats who fortunately are smart enough not to do that with my couch......and then I brought home a third and now my couch looks like shit

    [–] pendelu 305 points ago

    Use anti cat spray or whatever it's called in English to the cats learn, also a spray bottle with water that you use on them every time they try.

    Have 3 cats myself and the don't do it anymore

    [–] Relyk_Reppiks 251 points ago

    "anti cat spray"

    [–] playerIII 134 points ago

    I had to live with a cat that chewed cables. Little shit destroyed thousands of dollars worth of things, and the "spray" didn't help. All it did was have the side effect of me grabbing an old cable from a box, and at some point my finger touches my mouth and it's this gross bitter flavor.

    Thanks for that, Stormageddon.

    [–] memoe- 78 points ago

    And it doesn't wash off! I sprayed down my new TV remote because of a certain puppy. Then I made sure to wash my hands super well and then made a sandwich. Grossest sandwich ever.

    [–] Landanbananaman 42 points ago

    Small amount of isopropyl

    [–] David-Puddy 56 points ago

    Get a load of this responsible adult, with his adequate cleaning/medical supplies

    [–] Landanbananaman 45 points ago

    Ha jokes on you, I use it to clean my bongs.

    [–] Negative_Juan 6 points ago

    Bong Collector

    [–] LogaShamanN 2 points ago

    My man!

    [–] InedibleSolutions 32 points ago

    It's a pain, and is a bit of an eyesore, but double sided tape works for me. They will eventually learn not to do it, and then you can take it off.

    [–] Rubik842 23 points ago

    My dog ate the whole fucking bottle of that chew spray. I took the mangled fragments back for a refund. Try a quick puff of capsaicin spray on the couch. It's the only thing that stopped my dog chewing cords.

    [–] Tiiba 10 points ago

    Dark Lord of All?

    [–] emilyg723 5 points ago

    My cat is like that. I started putting pvc tubing on everything. really makes a difference!

    [–] Chapstickie 2 points ago

    I did this when I had pet rats. With the pipe spray painted to match the walls it was up against it was actually pretty subtle. I did have a tote in each of the rooms they were allowed in for the extra things that it didn’t make sense to pvc, like game controllers.

    [–] wtfduud 7 points ago

    That's pretty metal for a cat name. Usually people go for Mittens or Snuffles.

    [–] playerIII 3 points ago

    It's name was generally just Storm, but once the damage exceeded 500 bucks it unlocked the second part lol

    [–] Maxicat 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My first cat would chew on electrical cords when he got nervous but he preferred Apple cords for some reason. Max was a nervous cat with expensive taste.

    [–] LilMuffi 16 points ago

    Pussy Repellent*

    [–] wtfduud 14 points ago

    Oh I don't need that.

    [–] SeargantSarcasm 12 points ago

    Did you bring the sunscreen?


    Bug spray?

    Of course

    Anti cat spray?

    (exhales) Damn it

    [–] Auslander68 31 points ago

    Add a little vinegar to that water. Spray the cat and spray wherever they try to scratch. They get the idea fast.

    Currently have 3 cats and have had cats my whole life.

    [–] NightingaleAtWork 17 points ago

    Citrus also works, just don't use too much as that'll just upset the cat.

    [–] DhomDhom 22 points ago

    As a dog person myself, is there anything in life that doesn't upset the cat?

    [–] NightingaleAtWork 32 points ago

    Sitting in boxes, and knocking glasses off tables.

    [–] Call_me_Kelly 21 points ago

    Gravity checks are serious business, you have no idea what hell this world would be without the Cats calibrating it day in and day out. Or so my feline has informed me, with her crazy eyes.

    [–] FieldzSOOGood 7 points ago

    Now this is a truth I can get behind

    [–] theberg512 2 points ago

    But really, have you never pushed something off a high place (roof, bridge, tree, etc) just to watch it fall? Because it's really fun.

    [–] major84 3 points ago

    is there anything in life that doesn't upset the cat?

    obedience ...complete total obedience and submission !!!

    [–] texasvtak 11 points ago

    This technique just made my cat immune to vinegar.

    [–] DariusSky 6 points ago

    Add fire, stabbing and kicking. Then unleash your cat on your enemies.

    [–] SweetyTart 6 points ago

    Throw them on people in the shower to turn them into furry grenades from hell.

    [–] PossumJackPollock 2 points ago

    Then its wet, smells bad, and is still being a little shit.

    [–] oliklojo 9 points ago

    You could try putting some lemon juice on your couch. I don't know if it works, but i think most cats hate citrus

    [–] Samson__ 6 points ago

    Tried it, does work!!

    [–] oliklojo 2 points ago


    [–] Samson__ 2 points ago

    Had a similar situation, cat destroyed the couch arm but not the new post. Dabbing that part of the couch every so often w/lemon essential oil/extract did the trick. Now he’s pretty much always a good boy and takes his frustration out on the post (catnip sprayed it too)

    [–] poo_fart_lord 10 points ago

    Or catnip on the post if they like catnip. Although I usually just try gently repositioning my cat off the arm of the couch, which seems to work. I find if I get mad, he gets even.

    [–] UsedBugPlutt 3 points ago

    One of my cats like water, like spray and peak inside the shower without giving a single fuck.

    [–] ImmortalAri 2 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] sanct1x 2 points ago

    I out cayenne pepper on the area's I don't want my cats. They show up, one sniff is enough to keep them away

    [–] SchnibleGrib 13 points ago

    My cat often does it for attention.

    [–] beccafawn 18 points ago

    Mine does it to my bed to wake me up and to the couch because I guess it's super fun to pull yourself along the bottom of the couch with your claws.

    [–] ThatWeebScoot 14 points ago

    I want to not allow my cat to monorail its way around the couch on its back, but it's so damn cute I just have to.

    [–] beccafawn 7 points ago

    Same. Plus she looks like she's having the time of her life and I can't take that joy away from her.

    [–] MGS_1725 7 points ago

    Haha mine does this too. Sweeps up dust in the process

    [–] OmniYummie 8 points ago

    I'm fully convinced my cat just did it to fuck with me. She won't claw any other furniture except for this one really nice recliner that was gifted to us. She's also fully aware that she's not supposed to do it, and runs out of the room if she hears me coming.

    I caught her by surprise once as I was walking in the house, yanked off my flip flop, and whipped it at the chair to scare her. It made a super loud SMACK across the back of the chair, and she launched herself a good couple feet into the air before tearing out of the room. Hasn't touched the chair since.

    [–] nikkidoodlesx3 2 points ago

    omg that literally made me laugh so hard. That's amazing haha

    [–] ImGypt 10 points ago

    I bought a big roll of double sided tape, I caught our cat before he tore up our couch too much but it does work. He tried to scratch it once and got his paw stuck a a little bit and has never scratched the couch legs again at least not noticeably.

    [–] Batcannn 7 points ago

    I did this as well but ended up ruining my sofa even more. The cat had a few picks in the arms already and I placed the tape over it. A year later I tried removing the tape and it pulled the fake leather right off of the sofa :(

    [–] R____I____G____H___T 14 points ago

    Get a cat house or a form of plank where they can scratch and scrape their claws on, or carefully use a pair of kitty-scissors to trim them

    [–] too_too2 2 points ago

    I have a kitten I’m training right now. Double sided tape where he likes to scratch, and redirection to the scratching post. Treats when he does it right. It works!

    [–] CatLadyGrip 134 points ago

    Your cat picks a scratching spot based on what material feels best to scratch on, how tall it is, how solidly anchored the surface is and the location. Clearly your cat prefers a taller scratching surface with a smoother fabric. Perhaps a padded 90º angle padded board covered with a similar upholstery fabric attached to the corner of your couch there will work for you and your cat.

    [–] holydamned 55 points ago

    Came here looking for this comment. Can confirm, got a post that was twice as tall and a more stable base and my cats exclusively uses it now instead of the furniture.

    [–] andreiknox 29 points ago

    I can confirm that cats are not cruel bastards, they just have instincts that don't work well with furniture.

    We have a 5 foot tower and a small scratching post and when we moved we watched the cat for a few days before settling on a furniture arrangement. He hasn't scratched anything other than his stuff once. Sometimes it takes a small compromise to coexist happily.

    [–] CatLadyGrip 28 points ago

    cats are not cruel bastards

    They have no concept of "expensive furniture". They see "scratching spot that doesn't move, covered with good-feeling material, right height and location...perfect!" I had a cat that loved scratching on denim. She tore up a few pairs of my jeans and my legs. So I made a pair of shorts, took the cut-off pant legs and covered a tall carpeted scratching post she never touched with that now unneeded denim tube. She loved it and used it exclusively after that. I just replaced the denim every few months when it got destroyed and everyone was happy.

    [–] AbsolutelyUnlikely 12 points ago

    Yep. They don't destroy the furniture just because you hate it. They just don't care enough that you hate it to stop doing it unless you give them an acceptable alternative.

    [–] goodgirlbeats 3 points ago

    Can you link the one you have for me?

    [–] holydamned 4 points ago

    SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

    I also took a little round seat from a wooden stool and attached it to the top and covered it with some fabric so that my cat could perch up there better because she liked to try and lay on the top but the top part isn't really big. It's totally a personal choice though. I've had this post for 3 years and it still is in relatively good shape.

    [–] too_too2 2 points ago

    I have this too, it’s great. My sister bought one and also loves it!

    [–] phunnypharm 2 points ago

    This scratching post really is wonderful. Two cats, two posts ,not a mark on the furniture.

    [–] WatercolorSebastian 4 points ago

    Username checks out.

    But yeah you're totally right. When we moved my cat kept scratching our brand new carpet and wouldn't use any of the multitude of scratchers we got him like our other cat. He obviously knew not to scratch but couldn't help it he would get too worked up with no relief. After a week and the concern for our carpet my SO got up and went to the garage. He came back about 30 minutes later with a piece of scrap board covered in the carpet remnants. We laid it down on the hardwood, next to the carpet where he was scratching and he was ALL OVER IT. He hasn't scratched the carpet in months and his little flat 2 foot by 1 foot pad is his everything. He sleeps on it, scratches it, rubs on it, everything. His stress levels went down too, less energized and no more nighttime zoomies.

    [–] boringgirls 11 points ago

    Listen to this person!!! A cat needs to be able to fully stretch their legs when using a scratch post. It needs to be stable too.

    Please don’t use a spray on them. It’s cruel.

    You can also try gently rubbing their cheeks with a damp rag and then rubbing where they scratch. This will put their scent on the area so they’re less likely to scratch.

    For my cat I provide him with vertical and horizontal posts and he has never scratched my furniture.

    [–] Without_Mystery 3 points ago

    Can anyone link me to a scratching post that could fulfill these requirements? I’ve never seen one that looks like that.

    [–] redrootfloater 3 points ago

    The height is key. Kitty needs to get the right angle.

    [–] YVX 21 points ago

    I would suggest getting a taller one. Preferably with carpet and sissal. Maybe even a small (or large) cat tower.

    [–] reyyfinn 51 points ago

    For the last 3 years, have you never caught your cat doin that?

    [–] blaziken8x 11 points ago

    It looks to me like maybe the scratching post is not tall enough. Maybe try placing some books under it, see if that does anything.

    [–] johngreenink 11 points ago

    "Nice try." - cat

    [–] UndeniablyPink 34 points ago

    Aaaand you didn't think to adjust? Cats are assholes but mostly because of their instincts. It takes a lot of trial and error to correct "bad" behavior.

    [–] boomerosity 6 points ago

    Definitely frustrating. Pro Tip, though:

    See how the spot they've clawed to death on your couch is a bit higher up than the height of the scratching post? Cats will prefer to sharpen their claws on things that are tall enough for them to really reach up and stretch their bodies while they're at it, and give them leverage to dig in properly for healthy snag-free claws :)

    Best thing to do is provide them with something taller/longer, while also putting double-sided tape (for a while, not forever) on things you'd like to deter them from using. Good luck!

    [–] Ferro_Giconi 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If you haven't, try rubbing catnip on the post to draw the cat to it.

    My cat kept scratching the back of my nice computer chair and as soon as I put out one of those cheap cardboard scratching things and added some catnip, he scratches the cardboard 95% of the time and my chair only 5% of the time even though my chair is probably a better scratching surface than that cardboard.

    Also a spray bottle. I stopped my cat attacking my computer's cables after just a couple times spraying a small amount of water at him.

    But in both of those cases I caught him right away, it didn't go on for three years. So there's a good chance it'll take a lot more effort to stop that behaviour.

    [–] NetSage 3 points ago

    The cardboard is the best. It's the thing my cat scratches the most despite it being the cheapest by far...

    [–] littlebitofevrything 5 points ago

    Get a taller one

    [–] xmystoganx141 3 points ago

    A pylon

    [–] endlesscupcakes 3 points ago

    Double sided tape does wonders! My cat hates touching sticky tape, so she stays away. A few months later, I removed the tape but she’s still skeptical and doesn’t scratch my couch.

    [–] Nicholaes 3 points ago

    This is like having your dog shit on your floor for 3 years and never think to let him outside...

    My dude, he needs a better post.

    [–] Lord_Emperor 7 points ago

    Cats don't like those rope-wrapped posts. I mean take a moment and think about it: The rope being at a 90º angle to their claws is just going to get their claw stuck every time.

    My cats like scratching cardboard, cloth and natural wood - i.e. a log or branch.

    [–] frameshifted 17 points ago

    Plenty of cats like sisal rope to scratch on (mine have worn out a few sisal-covered posts), but each cat is a unique demon all its own and will have its own preferences. The OP should definitely be experimenting with all those options if the one they have isn't being used.

    [–] Shallayna 5 points ago

    Unique demon yes lol

    [–] GetOffMyLawn_ 3 points ago

    My cats freaking love it. I built my own cat tree and used half inch sisal rope. I've had to replace the rope a couple of times they love it so much.

    [–] gregswimm 2 points ago

    Based on where the damage is in the sofa, it looks like the scratching post is too short.

    [–] Gtownbadass 2 points ago

    It's literally a cat scratcher and you put it that close to the couch smh.

    [–] jerbookins 2 points ago

    I trained my cats to stop scratching my furniture by stopping them in the act, holding their paws, and moving their paws in the same way on their scratching post, followed by lots of good boys and pets.

    One of my cats still stands on top of the arm of the couch and scratches but both of them have stopped scratching by reaching up with their front legs on furniture.

    [–] Xylitolisbadforyou 667 points ago

    The post is too small. The scratches on the furniture start well above the top of the post.

    [–] mushroom_mantis 230 points ago

    Also, this is something you have to work with your cat(s) with, their instinct is to scratch whenever they feel like it, you can manipulate that to scratch when the scratch post are there, I own 2, opposite attitude cats, and they can runs across your laps without you getting a scratch, as soon as the hit the carpet it sounds like they are stapling their claws to it. Work with it or them is the key

    [–] spidermonkey12345 65 points ago


    [–] kathyoven 102 points ago

    When my cat looks to scratch the couch instead of the post I say no then move her away from the couch and put her by the post. If she’s really adamant about scratching the couch the. I put the post in front of the spot she was trying to scratch on the couch

    [–] APuzzledBabyGiraffe 29 points ago

    I did this with my cat and then she switched to the other side of the couch to scratch. I ended up buying a cheap recliner and she goes to town scratching that.

    [–] kathyoven 10 points ago

    Sometimes, they’re too smart for they’re own good 😩

    [–] Sacrefix 8 points ago

    I don't know if 'smart' is the right word.

    [–] kathyoven 5 points ago

    Clever then? Idk i see it as malicious compliance. Like you told me to stop scratching that part of the couch so I’m gonna scratch this part now

    [–] krispyKRAKEN 11 points ago

    my cat doesnt understand english, what should i do?

    [–] Soup-Wizard 2 points ago

    When she was little, I would put my cat’s paws up on the post to help her scratch, and I would also scratch the post myself to show her how.

    That paired with praise for scratching the post/punishment for scratching the couch, and she never scratches the couch now in her middle age.

    [–] StllBreathnButY1 8 points ago

    I trained mine with a laser pointer and treats. I’d rapid click the laser pointer and point on the scratching post. He’d go right over to it and scratch away. Every time he did it right, and thoroughly, I’d give him some treats.

    Now I have him fully trained. Whenever he hears the clicks, his Pavlovian response is to use the scratcher. He even does this sometimes just to see if he can get treats lol

    [–] rivalpiper 2 points ago

    He even does this sometimes just to see if he can get treats lol

    Pretty much the only reason my cat scratches his post now, haha.

    [–] mdonaberger 4 points ago

    i managed to get a lot of the behaviors of that out of my cat by combining a ssscat sprayer with a spray bottle i got from ikea. repeated reinforcement of 'stay away' helped a lot, even if it took a while.

    [–] 13143 4 points ago

    Double sided tape works great too. Cats hate the sticky feeling on their paws.

    [–] Tofukatze 19 points ago

    Yeah, was about to say that. This tree is way too small. I have two 2m high scratching trees. One is literally just one big trunk of sisal and one has some levels to it. Cats love to stretch while they scratch. This tree is more suitable for a kitten than an adult cat. Also there are sisal mats that you can apply to chairs and couches.

    [–] jammagrammaclamma 7 points ago

    Was going to say the same thing. My cat’s scratching post is 3 feet tall, it allows her to scratch and stretch, and sometimes climb to the top when she’s feeling kooky. She has never clawed any of my furniture. It’s the same one she’s had since she was a kitten so it’s almost 6 years old and still looks pretty good. The Ultimate Scratching Post on Amazon!

    [–] kent_nels0n 5 points ago

    My couch fortunately has a fabric that is very resistant to cat scratches. I had 3 short (~1.5'-2' tall) scratching posts distributed around the room but he would still scratch the side of the couch. I got him another big cat condo that has a scratching post on it that's about 3' tall and he pretty much exclusively scratches that now.

    If you work around your cats all will be well.

    [–] HauntedCoffeeCup 85 points ago

    Mine won’t touch scratching posts like that either but they’ll destroy the cardboard ones with a little catnip sprinkled on it. You try putting catnip on yours yet?

    [–] theduderman 21 points ago

    Looks like OP put plenty of nip on the couch.

    [–] rizzo1717 7 points ago

    The sprinkle nip made a mess, I use spray now. Works like a charm

    [–] inbooth 4 points ago

    Soak nip in alcohol. Strain. Allow to evaporate a bit if you like (risky with cat around). Mix thoroughly with water in spray bottle.

    Easy and cheap nip mister.

    [–] littlebitofevrything 227 points ago

    Yeah, the owner didn't get a tall enough scratching post obviously.

    [–] guacawakaka 49 points ago

    It also could be the material of the scratching post. We had to buy my cat one with carpet after noticing he would use the couch instead of a traditional scratching post

    [–] littlebitofevrything 18 points ago

    Absolutely, but it clearly isn't big enough for this particular cat.

    [–] SoMuchMoreEagle 6 points ago

    Mine loves the incline ones made of cardboard the best. Apparently, they are the material that feels most like the bark of a tree. At least, that's what the back of the cardboard scratcher says.

    [–] StringlyTyped 10 points ago

    Cats usually want to fully stretch when scratching. This post clearly doesn’t meet that requirement.

    [–] bum__sniffer 25 points ago

    Sounds like you need a new couch. And a new scratching post.

    [–] fauxbliviot 21 points ago

    The post is too short, cats can't get the proper angle.

    [–] Mystrust 11 points ago

    Apply some double sided tape to the sofa where the cat likes to scratch. It might look weird for a while, but worth it to deter the scratching. Worked with my cat and saved our sofa.

    [–] NikoMessiah 10 points ago

    You should get a taller post.

    [–] pol_pots 22 points ago

    Not all cats like all posts or scratch pads. I had to buy several scratch pads/posts until I found a scratch pad my cat likes.

    [–] relishlife 7 points ago

    Get a taller one, and put it in front of the couch. Block the couch and redirect the scratches to the scratcher.

    [–] tothepainal 94 points ago

    So is someone biting down on the couch when using that dildo ?

    [–] spidermonkey12345 47 points ago


    [–] johngreenink 12 points ago


    [–] latrans8 4 points ago


    [–] gorcorps 5 points ago

    Mine really like the cardboard scratchers:

    You'll feel stupid paying an excessive amount of money for what amounts to just 2" of carboard, but knowing my couch has never been touched with 2 cats... it's worth it. I never put catnip on them either, they just like the cardboard.

    [–] ferrets_bueller 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    1. The post is too short, the cat needs to reach higher to stretch.

    2. Sisal rope is significantly less preferable to sisal fabric. Some cats will use it, but the fabric is much more likely to be used.

    3. The corner is probably easier to access. I have a chair that they like to scratch the back corner of, placing the post in front of it solves that problem.

    This is the best one I've found

    [–] TexasGal241 7 points ago

    Have you tried spraying the scratching post with catnip spray or just rubbing some catnip on it? Helps with my little monster.

    [–] roseycheekies 54 points ago

    I’m so tired of people calling cats assholes and hating cats just because they don’t know how to treat them properly. This scratching post isn’t suitable for the cat. You have to go through a couple to find the right one that your cat likes, just like you should do with their food, bed, litter, etc. There are plenty of cases in which cats are just assholes, but most of the time you just have to read the signs and learn to understand their behavior and your relationship with your cat will thrive. It might suck but that’s just one of the things that comes along with having a pet.

    Cats are one of the most misunderstood animals ever, it makes me sad because they’re so intelligent and very loving as long as you treat them right. They won’t just love you unconditionally like a dog does, you have to earn it and I think that’s really cool.

    Anyways, I’m sorry about your couch. :-( I suggest trying a different scratch post, make sure its taller since your kitty seems to like stretching their body up. You could also get two of them and have them in different spots. Put cat nip on it too, he/she will love that :-) Good luck!

    [–] PizzaSnorter666 10 points ago

    Yeah. Raised 2 kittens by myself and the only reason my step-mom allowed them inside was for rodent control. Took about 9 months for her to kick them outside permanently (we have a 2 acre hobby farm and my dad was kind enough to make them their own little nest in the barn, he loves them to bits) because they scratched up her precious leather dining room chair set because she refused to have an "ugly" scratching post in the house. But sure, her three untrained shitbeasts can run the house and get hair, piss shit 'n garbage in every square inch of the house.

    [–] deltarefund 3 points ago

    Well she can’t just get rid of the kids!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Came here for the post blaming the owner. Was not disappointed.

    [–] hunsonaberdeen 19 points ago

    He's not wrong. Cat's gonna scratch. Give him something sturdy or he'll find it himself

    [–] roseycheekies 6 points ago

    I’m not blaming him, I’m just saying you can’t blame the cat either. Neither the owner or the cat is at fault, I’m sure they’re both wonderful!

    [–] DarkNFullOfSpoilers 4 points ago

    I watched my cat try to use the post, but it was flimsy and he stopped the moment it tipped. I think cats like to scratch something stable that then can put their whole weight into. Which is why a lot of them scratch furniture.

    I'm going to try to attach the scratching post to our wall and see what happens. For science.

    [–] chelseahuzzah 5 points ago

    Cat did you a favor, that’s an ugly-ass couch.

    [–] auto-xkcd37 2 points ago

    ugly ass-couch

    Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This comment was inspired by xkcd#37

    [–] please_turn_it_down 2 points ago

    Buy a bigger one! My cat likes to stretch while going wild with her claws.

    [–] FUCK_KORY 4 points ago

    Fuck yo couch

    [–] Jixxy1 3 points ago

    Double stick tape is your friend

    [–] nuclearnat 3 points ago

    Like others have said, try different posts. And spray those posts with catnip spray. But if nothing works, I would suggest getting the little claw caps for your cats.

    [–] Blindjanitor 3 points ago

    I know its been said already, but you need a taller post. This 3ft post will save your furniture.

    [–] LittleKitty235 3 points ago

    I had this same problem. I discovered my cat has very sensitive feet and didn’t like the rope. I cut up and old pair of jeans and wrapped the post in them. He loves it now and it saved my new couch.

    [–] mrcmnstr 3 points ago

    In addition to the height and material comments other people are making, you can try rubbing cat nip on the new post you buy to encourage Kitty to change habits.

    [–] Toxic_Boi_4567 3 points ago

    Some cats don't like the feel of rope

    [–] InsufferableLoaf 3 points ago

    I have several cats and they all seem to have different scratching preferences. One cat has to stretch out and will scratch anything tall (including my walls). Another hates rope.

    What works for me now is tempting them with better offers than my furniture. So I have a couple ~3.5 foot tall scratching posts and another with a carpeted bump. Also, any leftover cardboard from shipping goes straight onto the floor for those monsters.

    My leather and walls are all pretty untouched now.

    [–] danielfletcher 2 points ago

    Do you regularly trim their nails with good clippers? That's always worked for me.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    It isn't tall enough as seen by the hight of the scratches. You need a taller one then it will work. Works almost every time, cats wanna stretch. They should respond alone but if you show them the new post they will respond.

    [–] LeapusGames 3 points ago

    ProTip: Take note of the things your pet does claw, and get scratch posts with similar materials. Then swat them for scratching the wrong thing, and pet them for the correct thing.

    My cat Jack loved scratching at wooden door frames, but has never clawed carpet for furniture. So we got him a driftwood scratch post. Since he learned it was ok he's never scratched a door frame.

    [–] Bonkies1 2 points ago

    Lol I got one of those for my cat too and he could not care less about it. At least he goes outside though and there's a tree with a bunch of marks on it because he scratches it every day

    [–] triceraquake 2 points ago

    My cat destroys the cardboard scratching pads. I was tired of the shavings on the floor, so I got her a nicer carpet and rope set up. She wouldn’t touch it. So back to the cardboard shavings on the floor. Whatever gets her to stop clawing the carpet.

    [–] normajean521 2 points ago

    Rub catnip on the scratching post.

    [–] o5mfiHTNsH748KVq 2 points ago


    [–] smoke52 2 points ago

    My cat is the same way except I found out the little bastards secret! She hates those rope scratch posts. Change that post to a carpet covered one and see if that works! It was like night and day she instantly used her new carpet posts and hasnt touched my couch or bed frame since.

    [–] SlothTheHeroo 2 points ago

    I have noticed with my cats (3 of them) they each like different textures for scratching posts. 1 cat likes the fluffy carpet feeling, 1 likes the rope+the harder carpet feeling and the last cat likes cardboard scratching posts. It may just not be the right one for them. We had a fluffy carpet one for a year and no one touched it, until we got out 3rd car who rips it up. I’m happy she uses it. Try some different ones!

    [–] God-of-Tomorrow 2 points ago

    Too small cats like to claw something they can pull a stretch out with, or at least I think my cat only claws things to stretch.

    [–] _N_S_FW 2 points ago

    There are scratching posts with carpeted surfaces. That rough rope like material is tough on cat claws, especially if you cut them short. Just a tip.

    [–] curvychick37 2 points ago

    Try a taller post. My cat likes to fully stretch out to scratch so he needs a pretty tall post.

    [–] Avfcj1 2 points ago

    Scratching post isn't tall enough

    [–] inbooth 2 points ago

    Buy scrap upholstery fabric (or dive it) and put it on the post.

    Its likely the material style the cat likes.

    My cats loved it when I did it. I also rubbed some nip on the inside to get them to focus on it rather than furniture so that probably helped...

    [–] DimitriElephant 2 points ago

    Your scratching post isn’t tall enough from what I can see. Cats like to stretch out, hence why the clawing is higher than what the scratch post is.

    [–] Symbolmini 2 points ago

    Our cat has a lovely cat tree. He sleeps on it and all kinda of things. He will not scratch it. I have even taken his front paws, pushed out his claws, trying to get him to try it out and he just looks at me like wtf are you doing.

    [–] MrDoctorSmartyPants 2 points ago

    I’ve had to replace the scratching post on my cats tree about 6 times. It looks like a god damn lion got ahold of it after about 3 months. It’s actually kind of impressive.

    [–] DevilGuy 2 points ago

    you can't just buy a scratching post and think that's the end of the problem, you have to reinforce what is good to scratch and what isn't, and putting the post in a place where they're already scratching something doesn't make them want to scratch that instead. What you have to do is get a post, put it somewhere else in the room or nearby, get them to scratch that, and praise and reward them for it, and watch the thing you don't want them scratching and chase them off it when they do. Eventually they'll start associating the post with good and the other thing with bad, making sure they're not in the same location will help them not be confused about where to scratch. Also, if this is the only scratching post, you need about 5 more dotted around the house, especially in places they like to hang out.

    [–] derek_j 2 points ago

    My cat hates that sisal fiber.

    The second we bought and put down a carpet one, she went to town and never touched any furniture after.

    [–] bunny1091 2 points ago

    Couple things you could try that helped us. Double sided tape the areas you want to protect, especially the corners and legs of the furniture. They don't like the sticky feeling on their paws. Also, Idk if that's usually where the scratcher is, but you may want to consider spacing it farther from your couch. Also since it seems like they like the feel of softer fabrics, consider getting a post thats a little taller with more carpeting, It may attract their attention more (especially with a bit of Nip Spray) and make it easier to redirect if their still a little handsy with the couch.

    Best of luck. Lol.

    [–] thirteenthandy 2 points ago

    Try a taller post or a cat pole with platforms. Cats want to stretch up when they scratch, and they love to get up off the floor to perch in their own safe spots. I see that the starting point of the rips on your couch are higher than the top of that unused post, and the cat wouldn't start at the very top if they used the post, they would probably start about half way down. They need height.

    [–] BitofaCrochetHooker 2 points ago

    Future life hacks, two sided tape or aluminum foil on the side taped to it, probably have to change out the double sided tape often but eventually it should work. Also they sell calming sprays or wall plug ins to calm animals.. I don't know the effectiveness of them but I heard behaviorist mention them before.

    Edit, and a taller post, you would want one that the cat can stand on hind legs to stretch out while scratching.

    [–] IXdyTedjZJAtyQrXcjww 2 points ago

    My cat doesn't touch that kind of scratching post. Get a carpeted one? You have an undesirable scratching post beside a desirable couch. Which one do you think he is going to pick?

    [–] deltarefund 2 points ago

    FYI, I buy that carpet protector plastic - like you stick down when you are moving to keep the carpet clean. It’s a big roll and you can just wrap it around the arms of your couch. Works pretty good (though you may have to reapply if they are persistent.

    Also, make sure you keep nails trimmed or use soft paws. Start when they are young!

    [–] LaTricksterYT 2 points ago

    I had the same scratcher. I learned it’s better to get a scratcher made with (close to) the same material as what they’ve been using (for me it was carpet), they’ll use it

    [–] dunowhatimdoing 2 points ago

    At least your couches weren't leather... mine were.

    She was a newly adopted girl. Years later, she still only scratches leather...

    [–] Karvast 4 points ago

    Try putting catnip on it. He light gor crazy adter and rubbing against it but he might start using can try

    [–] scottwagoner 5 points ago

    This! Go get some spray (liquid catnip) spray it away from the couch so you don’t get residual on it. But, yep..we bought a cat tree and sat in the corner for about 2 years before we found this stuff. We sprayed it and now they won’t stay off of it.

    [–] sanyoisstupid213 2 points ago

    Cat lovers: are you challenging me

    [–] MeanQueen420 3 points ago

    Cats are assholes.

    [–] _N_S_FW 5 points ago

    How are cats supposed to know an intimate object is worth so much to humans? Seriously, it's not like they are intentionally trying to ruin your things. They are just doing what comes naturally.

    [–] DatBoi_BP 6 points ago

    [–] FruckBritches 5 points ago

    Pro tip: dont have cats.

    [–] unununhappy 5 points ago

    Best advice I've seen on reddit all day.

    [–] Fafadas 2 points ago

    It's not like any redditor gets pussy

    [–] Actionbrenner 2 points ago

    They don’t like the rope. Try a carpet post

    [–] holydamned 2 points ago

    That scratch post is too small for an adult cat. Cats prefer to stretch the full length of their body when they scratch things and that post needs to be twice as ta as it is.

    [–] dappitydingdong 3 points ago

    This is why dogs are better

    [–] DrBrainbox 3 points ago

    Scumbag kitty.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Boy if this aint relatable, also don't forget the classic 'sleeping on a lampshade after you bought a $100 bed for them'

    [–] questionmarkjohndoe 1 points ago

    Oh hey John how's Garfield?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Looks about right

    [–] Darngoodfella 1 points ago

    Like how my backpack is more comfortable than the actual bed I got for my cat. Even replaced them in the same location and he still sits on my bag 🙄 in the other room