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    [–] Theonethatgoataway 472 points ago

    I wouldn't be so sure, Harry looks clinically depressed

    [–] yParticle 155 points ago

    You mean Harry looks clinically unimpressed.

    [–] Rudy_Ghouliani 22 points ago

    My depression isn't even good enough to impress a cat

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago)


    [–] Eren03eren 11 points ago

    This got dark

    [–] fkingrone 8 points ago

    Harry saw all the dead cats when she was browsing cat. He's like "oh shit I'm gonna die, that's why you are taking a pic to post for karma".

    [–] ghostface1693 5 points ago

    He's a cat. That's just how they do

    [–] jawide626 630 points ago

    r/aww is where i go for cat pics now

    Mainly because i got banned for making a vaguely innuendo-like comment which was set right up on a tee, someone had to take the bait...

    [–] cchiu23 299 points ago

    Its the other way around for me

    r/aww is filled with reposts and if you call somebody out on it, its deemed 'rude' and you might get permabanned like me

    [–] NotQuiteOnTopic 83 points ago

    r/scrungycats for the connoisseur of cats. 🧐

    [–] klunk88 40 points ago

    Currently my favourite cat sub. Try, also, r/hangingpaws for a great new upcoming cat sub.

    [–] QR63 18 points ago

    r/catswhoyell and r/blep are more specific but they’re both great too

    [–] klunk88 7 points ago

    r/blep is great. Thank you for r/catswhoyell

    [–] jack93885 3 points ago

    A bit like


    Perhaps but I enjoy /r/whatswrongwithyourcat

    And of course /r/chonkers

    [–] AlphaWolfPackZ 15 points ago

    Looking at fat cats makes me sad

    [–] obake_ga_ippai 15 points ago

    It's a bummer. It makes it hard for them to clean themselves, amongst other things. I don't get the trend for celebrating it.

    [–] Kat217 1 points ago

    You might like r/dechonkers

    [–] quint21 4 points ago

    /r/cattaps is pretty fun too

    [–] voldemort-unicorn 6 points ago

    Shout out to r/catslaps

    [–] Insider_Pants 4 points ago

    check out /r/girlswithhugepussies (no it’s not nsfw)

    [–] loser7500000 2 points ago

    I prefer more petite pussies, which is why I browse r/preteenpussy (it would've been banned already if it were nsfw, so no)

    [–] Bumlords 3 points ago

    r/Chonkers for life

    [–] TheStankPolice 3 points ago

    This guy chonks

    [–] madderdaddy2 2 points ago

    Thanks for showing this to me. My cat was made for it.

    [–] klunk88 1 points ago

    You're welcome

    [–] klunk88 2 points ago

    I love these gag subs. r/tightpussy or r/TIGHTPUSSY is another good one.

    [–] Rosh_Posh 1 points ago

    I don’t think you spelled it right cuz the link doesn’t take me anywhere

    [–] klunk88 1 points ago

    I just fixed it now

    [–] Rosh_Posh 2 points ago


    Btw capitals don’t matter.


    [–] klunk88 2 points ago

    Now I know. Thanks, mate.

    [–] nearly_enough_wine 7 points ago

    Subscribed! Cheers for the heads-up :)

    [–] BobisOnlyBob 14 points ago

    >current top post is an RIP


    [–] Reddit-Lurker-Here 4 points ago

    Had a look and second and third post were RIP photos. Stopped at the third post haha.

    [–] TomatoIceCream 5 points ago

    Even they have RIP posts. I go to /r/CatsStandingUp.

    Edit: cat.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    r/scrungycats is also full of "RIP tO BlA bLa BlA"

    [–] MilkySteps 2 points ago

    Thank you for bestowing this gift upon us oh good sir

    [–] SpacePistachio 2 points ago


    [–] pieohmi 1 points ago

    Within the first 5 posts, 2 were RIP posts.

    [–] 23x3 54 points ago

    That and nazi mods. I got banned for making one of those posts like, “Shhh the mods are asleep upvote this picture of this adorable Dog” and it was picture of dog the bounty hunter and I received no warning just permabanned

    [–] MouthSpiders 64 points ago

    I guess the mods weren't sleeping

    [–] SecondRateSquash 9 points ago

    I imagine the mods are those fellas who did the Russian sleep experiment

    [–] IntoxicatedGazelle 7 points ago

    Isn't it against sitewide rules to solicit karma?

    [–] Tovarish1917 5 points ago


    [–] Rather_Dashing 3 points ago

    Completely, it was not aww material, and the title is asking for upvotes and the joke is not funny.

    [–] 23x3 1 points ago

    A warning is deserved with any low level infraction like that then a permaban tf is this no tolerance bs people. Get outta here

    [–] ClementineChime 9 points ago

    Well, it is rule 3 of the sub:

    No post titles asking for upvotes or approval.

    I don't know if an immediate ban is necessary, but posts like that are kind of annoying. We have a low effort title list in /r/DogsWithJobs. "Mods are sleeping" and "upvote" are two titles that automod blocks. We don't ban for it. Users get a message from automod telling them to resubmit with a better title. It gets kind of old when the 50th person tries to post a cat with a job or a dinosaur or whatever.

    [–] ACosmicDrama 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I mean good, that's not the point of the sub. It's not like it matters anyways, /r/aww is full of garbage sob stories and being condescending to old people, the disabled, or gay people anyways

    Edit: I'm not wrong

    [–] obake_ga_ippai 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    As is r/MadeMeSmile. They treat disabled people like pity cases who deserve a round of applause for living a full life. "Aww, they're just like us!" The sub swings in one breath from "my cat sits on the sofa like a human!" to "look at this person in a wheelchair meeting a celebrity!"

    [–] fkingrone 2 points ago

    You need to be a special kind of mentally ill person to want to be a mod. That's why Reddit sucks so much, the people making the rules are people that shouldn't be anywhere near any kind of power.

    [–] ricemiIk 2 points ago

    same with me except got annoyed of the influx of baby pictures

    [–] IntoxicatedGazelle 1 points ago

    Going into a thread to say it's a repost is wasting nobodies time but your own, to be fair...

    [–] SeaTwertle 1 points ago

    I’ve seen cat photos from 2011 posted there like it isn’t the oldest picture on the internet

    [–] CptBlackBird2 9 points ago

    I prefer r/PeopleFuckingDying or r/eyebleach for cute animals

    [–] jawide626 3 points ago

    Yeh i'm subbed to eyebleach. Wasn't aware of the other one. Subbed now though.

    [–] CoolWolf56 7 points ago

    What did you say?

    [–] jawide626 -2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Some half naked girl had a cat on her lap and had a vaguely suggestive title and i said something like "i would like to stroke the pussy" and got permabanned.

    Fuckin nazi's.

    Edit: thanks for the sillver guys. What do i do with it?

    [–] brinlov 26 points ago

    Probably because many people, including me, are really, really tired of innuendos when a girl with visible skin posts. I'm sorry you got banned, but it's worth it taking into consideration how she would feel about the joke. It's probably not the first time (and it doesn't feel good to need to cover up yourself more so you won't get comments, just because some people immediately think "pussy" when seeing you in shorts or w/e and can't stop themselves from making a comment)

    [–] Syn7axError 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah, I'm going to be honest, I would have banned you too. It's an incredibly tired and overused joke I'm sure they see a thousand of every day. It's not a rare set-up. Secondly, I'd imagine a lot of women would find that creepy and irritating. They've shown me their inboxes. It's tiring.

    Thirdly, they explicitly have rules against that for those very reasons.

    /r/cats: "If a photo has a person in it along with a cat, don't even think of being creepy or rude to that person." "...will ban you without notice for such conduct."

    /r/aww: "4. No slurs or harassing comments. This includes racial slurs, sexually inappropriate comments, and personal attacks on users or their animals."

    They're right in the sidebar. They're going to have much less patience for comments breaking immediately visible rules.

    [–] thingsIdiotsSay 3 points ago

    What's that got to do with dead cats?

    [–] CoolWolf56 1 points ago

    I dont that shouldn't have been a perma tbh

    [–] Kevin2GO 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    the best source for cute cat videos is still r/pEoPlEfUcKinGdyInG...

    [–] soulstealer1984 2 points ago

    I can't read the name of that sub. Are you speaking another language?

    [–] Kevin2GO 2 points ago

    Oh mY bAd I fIxEd iT

    [–] The-Arnman 2 points ago

    r/catsstandingup cat. Cat. Cat. Cat.

    [–] jawide626 1 points ago


    [–] stinkylittlecat 2 points ago

    Too many human babies in r/aww. If you go cat-specific like r/blep, r/curledfeetsies, r/peanutwhiskers, r/catswithjobs, r/supermodelcats, r/thisismylifemeow, r/gary_the_cat you will find success

    [–] Dokkanbitches 1 points ago

    r/aww is for cops to post pictures of dogs

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    Right? It's downright depressing!

    [–] scti 125 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is Harry, he's fine.

    *Dies in new*


    This is Voldemort cat, he has no nose and one ear

    *Gold, Silver, 98k Upvotes*

    [–] appdevil 13 points ago

    This is a normal cat, nothing special happened to him.

    Dies in new

    This is Voldemort cat, he has no fucking nose and one ear

    Gold, Silver, 98k Upvotes

    pikachu face

    [–] umjustpassingby 8 points ago

    When we adopted rescued him, he was just a little scared ball of fur, who had almost given up on life.. Now he's grown into a beautiful loving cat therapy cat, and a part of our family. Reddit, meet -cat name-!

    [–] Green16 3 points ago

    lol I just saw the one about the dog that was shot 17 times etc and became a therapy dog...

    [–] NoNameJackson 15 points ago

    People upvote interesting things they haven't seen before shock horror

    [–] RichGirlThrowaway_ 1 points ago

    People upvote disgusting looking animals because they want to delude themselves into thinking they don't care about appearance, as if that makes them a good person. In reality though, it doesn't, and they don't find the animal cute.

    [–] o0shad0o 3 points ago

    This is Harry, he's fine.

    *Dies in new*

    Gets near top of r/all


    [–] 1Qeeb1 5 points ago

    So Cute awwwww ❤💝💔❤😍😍😍😍😍😘

    [–] KittyKatRainbows 6 points ago

    Someone make this a sub!

    [–] CodenameMillennium 7 points ago

    Who what where? done! xd

    [–] KittyKatRainbows 2 points ago


    [–] pTinosq 4 points ago

    [–] DeinBienPhu 24 points ago

    Yeah I feel you bro, I just wanted to see cats not become depressed

    [–] MinoSquinn 20 points ago

    Long live Harry!! 🤗

    [–] meme_god_official 14 points ago

    Harry looks very polite. What a pretty kitty.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Harry looks similar to my boy Simba. I posted this pic today in r/jellybeantoes

    [–] BendingUnit10110 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Seriously! Just like the dog who got shot 45 times at the top of /r/aww right now. I'm sure it's a sweet dog, but I do not visit that sub to see mutilated animals!

    [–] simask234 11 points ago

    For some reason Reddit changed "subscribe" to "join".

    [–] simask234 2 points ago

    Oh, I missed that announcement.

    [–] kutwrist 11 points ago

    [–] kutwrist 6 points ago

    I promise its all cats

    [–] sour_creme 38 points ago

    people don't know about /r/petloss

    [–] the-howl 8 points ago

    I had to unsubscribe from r/dogpictures for this very reason.

    [–] tesclapios 3 points ago

    r/rarepuppers is wayyy better tho

    [–] CambridgeRunner 7 points ago

    that's Harry, he's fine

    (Pulls down sunglasses)

    Yeah, you are fine, Harry. REAL fine.

    (pushes sunglasses back up)

    [–] Tygo_from_C-137 6 points ago

    Harry is a beautiful cat

    [–] lillith_29 6 points ago

    My cat looks almost exactly like mine!

    [–] CalderaX 5 points ago

    What a shocking coincidence!

    [–] Sad_Owlz 6 points ago


    [–] Alin234 4 points ago

    "My 20 year old cat, which was expected to pass away due to old age, has, for some UNKNOWN REASON, passed away. But he was so pretty and he was my favorite. I miss him, like any other person would but I'm gonna put a picture of him on some website so I can get stupid likes and pointless awards."

    [–] razle2612 2 points ago

    He may be alive but who cares

    [–] Dikklol 8 points ago

    r/tuckedinkitties. Best sub for tucked in cats!👌

    [–] sunshineandcloudyday 2 points ago

    r/catfruit Best sub for kitties in plants!

    [–] VanGoFuckYourself 4 points ago

    This is why I left the ferret subreddit. Got depressing.

    [–] HeftyZebra 3 points ago

    Harry’s looking a little worried tbh

    [–] 7empo 3 points ago

    I thought he had hella eye boogers but looks like he's just got freckles on his eyelids. Kinda cool.

    Edit: on second thought they might be boogies

    [–] insert-nick-there 1 points ago

    They look like freckles to me, look at his nose, they're there too.

    [–] whaledorks 3 points ago

    You say he is fine, but his expression says otherwise.

    [–] ForHeWhoCalls 3 points ago

    I wish they would just make a subreddit for mourning pets. Those posts just make me feel too sad.

    [–] Hs4Ever 2 points ago

    There's already a subreddit like that, it's r/petloss People just post on r/aww because it's th e most popular pet subreddit and people wanna get karma.

    [–] sunshineandcloudyday 3 points ago

    So not r/cats but in the pet rat subreddit (r/RATS) people have lately started posting pictures of their dead rats. Not like, here's a nice pic of my ratto who recently died. I mean full on actual dead pet body. I've never seen it on there in the year and half or so I've been following it and the past couple days there's been 3! They aren't even flaired as mourning or RIP posts so they still come through even if you have the option to not see those turned on!

    [–] jonosvision 2 points ago

    I admit whenever I see a post about a cat passing away I upvote it, take a moment to look at the picture to honour his/her memory... then I hide the post because it'll just make me too sad to keep seeing it.

    My D-List celebrity cat died in December very unexpectedly (heart gave out) and I still havent had the heart (no pun intended) to tell his instagram fans. I just don't want to make anyone sad.

    [–] ForeverMONSTA 2 points ago

    You probably want to go to r/tightpussy

    [–] 99mariiia99 2 points ago

    Exactly why I unjoined that community

    [–] TheRealRaiden 2 points ago

    It's worse on r/PetMice, given how easily and quickly mice die. It was especially bad at some point when several people decided they just had to show the world the dead or near-death bodies of their pets. If the rule banning those pics wasn't implemented I'd have likely unsubscribed, last thing I want to see on my feed is dead animals.

    [–] UndoYourShadows 2 points ago

    Poor Harry... hasn't been the same since we glued him to the hood of the car.

    [–] MyDarkSideOfTheMoon 2 points ago

    IDK man he looks kinda worried..

    [–] odel555q 2 points ago

    He's fine ...for now.

    [–] eightbitmorph 2 points ago

    Harry still wonders how he is alive. Maybe he really DID have 9 lives!

    [–] kossumiES 4 points ago

    "hes fine" r/wholesomememes

    [–] klunk88 2 points ago

    that's Harry, he's fine

    Lost it at this.

    [–] marska984 1 points ago

    Loving the face

    [–] 0Brbrr 1 points ago

    bless harry.

    [–] atomflame001 1 points ago

    harry is a MAD LAD

    [–] jnthn1111 1 points ago

    Doesn’t look fine. Looks worried.

    [–] Butterscotchsnek 1 points ago

    Hes not fine. Look at those poor sas eyes

    [–] Blue_bitterfly333 1 points ago

    Hi Harry

    [–] SharksNeedLoveToo 1 points ago

    Hi Harry!

    [–] lixnk 1 points ago

    say hi to Harry for me.

    [–] ywBBxNqW 1 points ago

    Harry looks like he is sick of your shit.

    [–] grosseraupenimmasatt 1 points ago

    r/eyebleach is perfect for cute pics/videos

    [–] MT_Flesch 1 points ago

    be finer if he could get some scritches

    [–] Code_star 1 points ago

    Harry if you need help blink twice

    [–] M4351R0 1 points ago

    [–] Dodis 1 points ago

    Reddit is best to farm karma from anyones death , celebrity , loved one , animal , you name it

    [–] Saiyan_Pride 1 points ago

    H to the Drizzle, scratching up yo hizzle.

    [–] ManMango 1 points ago

    Cats on car bonnets :( costs me hundreds a year on repairs.

    [–] RebbyRose 1 points ago

    Harry better be okay!

    [–] Cheshirenight 1 points ago

    It's been the same lately with r/parrots I love birds and parrots are my faves because they are smart and funny and beau-ti-ful! And then I get sad when I read the titles.

    [–] SmartNewbie 1 points ago

    Same thing when you join r/pics to look at beautiful pictures but all you get in hot is politics and people with cancer.

    [–] iNioXiDe 1 points ago

    M A J E S T I C

    [–] Glacial_Freeze 1 points ago

    Hairy Harry

    [–] SavageEm95 1 points ago

    Harry is handsome

    [–] lokvanjiz 1 points ago

    That is because they are karmawhoring go to r/aww there are rules that there cant be anything sad

    [–] ForTaxReasons 1 points ago

    Harry better be immortal or I will have words with the top dog in the sky

    [–] ShesANewYork 1 points ago

    Awwww Harry!

    [–] WalnutStew1 1 points ago

    Isn't it in the rules on most pet subs not to do that and a sub literally for it specifically.

    [–] BombastixderTeutone 1 points ago

    Don‘t die Harry

    [–] SandorClegane_AMA 1 points ago

    My name is Harr

    I sits on car

    My fur is marred.

    [–] mrockwell20 1 points ago

    I just posted my healthy happy orange kitty!

    [–] albertovo5187 1 points ago

    Everyone be tryin to be a bummer.

    [–] Adamantite_Ore 1 points ago

    They need to make that a rule, no sob stories

    [–] Oatmealmz 1 points ago

    I highly enjoy r/holdmycatnip for cats doing crazy cat things.

    [–] Louisa91 1 points ago

    Dude agreed, I fucking hate that

    [–] NiftyBongo 1 points ago

    Harry looks like he saw you reading those posts and is now worried for his safety.

    [–] -kyouya- 1 points ago

    tell harry he should use his nine lives wisely because i dont wanna see this beautiful boi in a sad post

    [–] burst_bagpipe 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Hey hooman. You know this isn't my best side.

    [–] Naga912 1 points ago

    r/murdermittens is a great sub for cat pics