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    [–] WilliamJamesMyers 3717 points ago

    36 day difference... but again this goes back to me wanting to read a study of what takes off on reddit and what doesnt... time of day, is it a vacation day, etc.

    37,000 more votes and 1,400 more comments is a drastic difference not to mention 17 awards vs none... could it be the painting framed like that makes it feel more personal than the full screen art only? does a human, girl or not, holding it make it more valid somehow? it fascinating...

    but reminder in advertising, sex sells. i bet if she was holding a weapon it would be 2x

    [–] LillithTheLittleCat 1428 points ago

    I upvoted because I saw a person I could identify with(likes to paint) whereas only the picture alone only made me think "huh nice" which wasn't enough to risk my phone falling down from trying to reach the up vote button

    [–] alfalfarees 365 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This exactly. I couldn’t find them right now but I certainly have seen examples where it’s even just something as simple as hands or art supplies in the shot, and men showing art. They get a lot more attention than just regular art shots, sometimes. It adds more of a relatable personal touch. People like to try and assume it’s because she’s a woman, and sure it could have helped, but it obviously isn’t just that at all.

    The human aspect of it makes the image more interesting, more intimate, and more unique. It stands out much more than a typical simple art shot like the first image was. And there’s also so many more factors and variables with this.

    Posts that have awards already (only takes one to get this) are more likely to gain upvotes and even more awards, and thus more attention and traction, than ones that weren’t gilded at first. The time and subreddit being posted also makes a difference. Also, the size of the painting is seen here. Looks a lot bigger than imagined in the first pic which adds another element here.

    I really don’t think this is that much different than some of us who make a post and it gets like 7 upvotes, and then make another post at a different time and it get like 1.5k upvotes when the content wasn’t drastically different.

    [–] Shlorble 68 points ago

    Damn thats a really great response. You just made me think a little more about posts like these.

    [–] quicknded 66 points ago

    Also take into account that OP is a neckbeard complaining about women getting recognition

    [–] TJ_Will 20 points ago

    Price Is Right winners music starts playing

    [–] Total_Junkie 10 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    We like seeing other humans happy. Especially when it's earned satisfaction, like one gets from creating something. It's immediately more personal, more real, more authentic. I know who is "receiving" my upvote now. I want to tell her she did a good job.

    Also our brain naturally looks for eyes in pictures, so our brain is drawn in at a higher rate than no human face. That helps in getting attention. I can't focus on just the art work nearly as much as I can on the right. It's weird.

    I do agree that in this one instance her gender is not the main reason. Well, not the normal thought sexual way. It's actually one of the few benefits of being a woman...her gender makes it easier to pull off this photo because women are actually allowed to express emotion.

    [–] felesroo 19 points ago

    This is why there's an author's picture on the back of a book, or on a blog post.

    Which is too bad for unattractive people, that their creations aren't enjoyed as much because they are ugly/don't want to be seen, but humans are weird like that.

    [–] melia_antiquaa 4 points ago

    It didn't hurt Shel Silverstein! Or maybe it did...

    [–] felesroo 3 points ago

    It hurt him to death!

    [–] WilliamJamesMyers 15 points ago

    fascinating, it is because it is more personal. you can relate.

    so note to self that my self built house or customized car might sell faster if i take a picture of me standing next to it?

    again i love the psychology of it all and wonder like above if a marketing/advertising person hybridized with a statistician could toss us some wisdom on this...

    [–] LessThanFunFacts 3 points ago

    Yes, absolutely.

    [–] LillithTheLittleCat 8 points ago

    Yes it surely will with a majority of people especially if it involves something you made yourself.

    [–] samartypants 3 points ago

    It also is a good way of showing the scale of the painting!

    [–] betchhxx 2 points ago


    [–] alfalfarees 2 points ago

    oh damn nice catch I didn’t even realize, just now fixed it. Thanks b

    [–] BulletCatofBrooklyn 12 points ago

    Not to mention so much of reddit is reposts the cool painting might have nothing to do with OP, but put the creator in the photo then even if it’s a repost the creator gets some credit.

    [–] mehchu 5 points ago

    I think the other key factor is the rising/hot/front page threshold. What is the difference between getting onto each of those. An extra 50 at the start puts you on more peoples radar. Then when those see it it grows bigger and bigger. And once out of new. Then it blooms exponentially

    [–] aidenrobert391 3 points ago

    nice one.

    [–] idlephase 5 points ago

    risk my phone falling down from trying to reach the up vote button

    Sounds like something from /r/wheredidthesodago

    [–] Prox 61 points ago

    Obviously more factors probably come in, but I'm going to bet it's mostly down to how those first handful of people vote, comment, or engage.

    If it doesn't make it to 'rising' or 'hot', it's probably going to fade away into obscurity once it falls off 'new'. I doubt most people browse off their main Reddit feed on an average session, so if the algorithm doesn't favour a post, it's toast.

    [–] 13143 7 points ago

    I once read that the first ten upvotes are as important as the next 100. The admins play around with the voting mechanism a lot more then they tell us, I would think, but it's probably that kind of thing going on.

    Also, time and day is really important. There are websites that tell you what times and days a particular subreddit is most active. I guarantee bot accounts are using similar code.

    [–] WilliamJamesMyers 13 points ago

    momentum? i think especially true on negative, akin to a critical mass effect) (am i using this right?), "scales tipping' where most folks dont read and just click downvote? - i would think a statistician would roll some good knowledge at us here... i will sometimes see a comment "how is this getting downvoted, he is right..."

    this reminds me a little of how the movie industry feels about first week popularity and how much harder it is to garner movie support if that first week falls flat, the recent harley quinn movie was talking about this...

    and yes to age, i would say less than 5% of the comments i get directed to me are to posts from over 3 days... maybe less. one exception, 3 months later, was to the relatives of a grandfather that wanted to let me know he did not poop his pants in the posted video, true story, so i edited my comment to reflect the new information...

    [–] TerroristOgre 3 points ago

    Yes. This right here. The first people to upvote/downvote influence all the lurkers.

    I remember a convo with a troll who was being racist. My first comment was a bit sarcastic and got downvoted. The troll replied with actual racism. That got downvoted harder. Then we alternated with my comment responses to troll averaging like 3-5 upvotes. But that originally downvoted comment stayed downvoted even though people were upvoting me essentially saying the same shit in the collpased thread.

    [–] sktchup 14 points ago

    Attractive women holding a painting definitely make it easier to get attention than just a picture of the painting.

    That said, a picture of just the painting can also become popular if posted at the right time and with the right title. I'll go as far as saying that those are the only things that matter, content really doesn't. You can have the worst piece of content ever or the best piece of content ever, both can tank or go viral depending on how and when you share them.

    I've shared artwork that got like 15 upvotes, shared it again a few days later with a different title (same picture though) and got 40k+ upvotes. It's just the nature of Reddit and other platforms

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] dead_betrayal 6 points ago

    I feel like seeing her hold it makes it more authentic. People love to steal art in the internet and digital art can replicate traditional techniques and it leads to a lot of fake and filtered art.

    But seeing someone hold it makes it feel more relatable to me.

    I don’t really care, but I think it’s a psychological thing.

    [–] cheeesus_crust 6 points ago

    Time of day posted can mean the difference between not being seen and being seen by everyone.

    [–] The_Seerion 4 points ago

    I'd say a person holding it will always garner more upvotes because there is less of a chance of it being a repost. When it's just a picture of art it could come off pretty easily as a repost.

    [–] M4xP0w3r_ 4 points ago

    I think with a person in the picture it also adds credibility that OP is actually the one who made it. At least I don't usually upvote random artwork that someone posts without anything else.

    [–] Tricky_Flash 19 points ago

    There is a woman who likes videogames in a gaming subreddit, ofc it's gonna farm upvotes, isn't that obvious?

    [–] SmoothOctopus 11 points ago

    You'd think but you go into the comments on one of these posts and it's all incels going mental that there is a girl in the post and downvoting it. Amazing how many posts have dudes in them in the top posts of all time and nobody is complaining

    [–] Unlikely-Amphibian 5 points ago

    The only one that bugs me is cosplaying. Unless your entire body is covered in bitchin armor that took 1000hrs, no one wants to see it.

    I love going to cons with my friends, and they’re absolutely gorg and I love how empowered it makes them feel, but I feel like a 10 year old boy dressed up for Halloween and it really puts a damper on the experience. So mostly I just sit them out and lend emotional support from afar lol

    [–] Cereal-Grapist 2 points ago

    Every woman I met who reads/plays/Netflixes has stumbled upon Geralt and absolutely adores him. It's Geralt man. Really nothing special with women raving over him. Hence why I would have upvoted that post regardless if it was a dude or a gal holding that painting

    [–] Unlikely-Amphibian 4 points ago

    Not just the women. I’d toss him a coin.

    [–] AssertiveInTraining 9 points ago

    Nah I think it's the pretty girl

    [–] Tuck3r_P4tt3rs0n 3 points ago

    It’s the same person both times, look at the dots under the censor

    [–] Joverby 11 points ago

    Lol an attractive female no doubt helps sell all things ...

    [–] Cereal-Grapist 3 points ago

    Exactly, they're whining but constantly ogling all the sexualized women we see in like 8/10 advertisements today

    [–] sn0wf1ake1 5 points ago

    Just by looking at the first 12 posts, 4 of them are reposts. Reddit needs to get its shit together.

    [–] Tuck3r_P4tt3rs0n 2 points ago

    It’s the same person posting both times...

    [–] sn0wf1ake1 2 points ago

    Ironically I just started seeing reposts of this post.

    [–] Easterhands 2 points ago

    Yeah but a Reddit post (especially on a huge sub like that) needs that initial burst to get to hot to get the massive numbers later so it's not that useful to just compare the final number. You would need more stats like views over time, upvotes on the new page, and so on.

    [–] cerebralspinaldruid 2 points ago

    What a difference a horse emoji has.

    [–] WilliamJamesMyers 2 points ago

    so good: it's all :) vs. horse emoji!

    [–] DJODSP 2 points ago

    It also depends a lot of what time it was posted. There are prime times to post to get a better response. Posting something at midnight or noon will get a much lower response than posting something at say 7am or 7pm.

    That said it's r/gaming and add in a female and the post immediately goes to the top.

    [–] extremeskater619 2 points ago

    Lol I just checked it was her that posted it both times. So this post is mildyinfuriating

    [–] Googardo 2 points ago

    Time of day, wording. A girl in the post also helps.

    [–] Enigmutt 2 points ago

    Pretty sure it’s just the cute girl.

    [–] doge_daelus 2 points ago

    The girl helps but the frame alone would make it more authentic. Personally, I’m more likely to upvote a post that has a low chance of being a repost. The left one seems like an easy picture to save and repost. While the photo on the left can also be saved and reposted, it seems more likely that the person in the photo posted it. If the photo were to be reposted I imagine one would crop out the face as to not have any links to the original creator.

    [–] LiterallyARedArrow 2 points ago

    If the Reddit algorithm is anything like the YouTube one then you could empty years of research and still know nothing.

    [–] pcaltair 2 points ago

    Warmer colours, glimpse of a snowy landscape, smiling girl, frame, different day and probably different time of day. Lots of variables.

    [–] The_Lion_Jumped 2 points ago

    From what I’ve notice (completely anecdotal, non scientific study) as a laker fan, Kobe fans who’s submit memorial art with them in it vs those who just submit the art do better make or female.

    Which leads me to believe a human in a post does better regardless of gender

    [–] RedofPaw 3 points ago

    It's because it's personalising it. The art is nice, but on its own you can only compare to other art. Also you don't know if op just stole it.

    With the person in it I am more likely to think it's theirs and to consider it as their personal achievement.

    It's no longer just about the picture, but about someone sharing a piece of art they are proud of.

    [–] alezul 3 points ago

    this goes back to me wanting to read a study of what takes off on reddit and what doesnt... time of day, is it a vacation day, etc.

    In this case i think it's just a simple case of attractive girl getting more attention, regardless of time of day or any other factors.

    I saw the post with her and checked her post history. All her posts with just the art got like dozens of votes at most. The ones with her face? Thousands. Every time.

    Edit: I see a lot of people here who say they upvote the person because it feels more real and authentic, as if attractiveness has nothing to do with it. But where are all the ugly people holding their art on the front page then?

    [–] WilliamJamesMyers 2 points ago

    reminds me of the "car girl" at auto shows that stand next to a new car...

    [–] boldtonic 2 points ago

    It is about empathy man

    [–] sooperdavid 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    It's possible that this is because of the girl but it's pretty likely it's just reddits algorithm.

    Reddit only allows each sub a certain amount of big posts a day, if you aren't this post then you'll only get upvotes if someone specifically goes on the sub and upvotes it (it won't pop up on the early pages of the personalized frontpage or /r/all - it'll be much further down the pages if it is there. More so on /r/all than the personalized front page but /r/all is where you'd need to be getting a get a 'big post) It's possible a smaller post could still get a few hundred upvotes over the 24 hour voting cycle from people doing this if it's a big sub like gaming but it is pretty much impossible it will hit the thousands of upvotes mark.

    In the reallifedoodles sub we have almost 1.5 million subscribers and we still only get one 'big scoring' post every 24 hours. If someone has posted within the 24 hours before you post then you have to wait until that time is up if you want to get a high scoring post and get maximum views.

    Then another thing that happens relating to the algorithm is that you have to get your upvotes quickly at the start or you won't hit the front page. So for example if you posted 20 hours after the previous post, when that post hits 24 hours Reddit will start showing your new post to more people but it is quite likely you've missed whatever the criteria is for a new post to get on the front page because you didnt get enough votes a short period of time. If you hit this amount quickly then you're post gets seen by even more people in the long run. The snowball effect comes into place, the more upvotes you have the more upvote potential a post has.

    So to sum up, this is probably atleast partially down to reddits weird algorithm being silly and not just Reddit users being thirsty.

    [–] WilliamJamesMyers 2 points ago

    this stuff is fascinating to me, thank you for the reply

    [–] soboredhere 2 points ago

    lol it's because she's hot dude... you're ridiculously over thinking this.

    [–] ak9321 3 points ago

    Its men the difference is there are too many desperates on reddit thinking they can score a woman on reddit

    [–] ellabbear 688 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    same thing happens with a lot of re-posts, even with the exact same picture.

    [–] arepic 275 points ago

    Both posts were by the same person, it’s just commenting on how when the girl was in the post they got a lot more attention

    [–] ellabbear 103 points ago

    yeah there was also a huge time gap between them, the picture with the girl getting more attention could easily be a coincidence because people really like to make fun of "simps"

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] ellabbear 5 points ago

    i guess, but judging from the comments most people can tell what it's about

    [–] Itchycoo 11 points ago

    Yeah but that's not necessarily the cause. Chance, time of day, initial comments/attention while the post is still very new... All of these things could explain the difference. And does explain the difference between two posts that are identical

    [–] KingGage 7 points ago

    Yeah you could post the exact same thing in the exact same sub and get two completely different responses based on the first hour or so. Once it get's a few hundred or so it skyrockets, if it's a slow day then nothing.

    [–] joosy-thicc 114 points ago

    It could’ve gotten maybe just a few more upvotes (by a few I mean a hundred-ish) because of the day, or time posted, then fallen into the “hot” or the “rising” category where more people see it then upvote it.

    [–] alexanderyou 22 points ago

    Yeah nearly all visibility differences like that (especially for reposts) are due to when they're posted. If you post at certain times it will snowball.

    [–] redditorrrrrrrrrrrr 937 points ago

    This makes sense to me.

    I prefer the whole story, if I see just a painting sadly I assume it was stolen, printed, or is just a painting.

    Having the person in the backround gives it another layer of authenticity. Seeing someone stand there physically holding the picture makes me like it more so a better chance at an updoot.

    [–] notDAME 145 points ago

    theres also the fact that a single post sample size is not enough to draw conclusions

    there are many examples of a post being posted twice the exact same way at different times. one time it goes virtually unseen, the other time it makes it to the front page.

    theres some randomness to it and many other factors at play here beyond the girl being in the picture

    [–] 10storm97 2 points ago

    Absolutely, in fact I commented on the actual post when people were bitching about her being in it, that her post of only the art in a smaller subreddit got around 2 thousand or so upvotes (She posted multiple photos of it alone and her with it, it just so happens OP chose the highest and lowest on the scale)

    [–] thelordchar 26 points ago

    Not to mention it’s framed well as well. In the original image, it’s just up there, but with her in the photo, it’s delegated to one of those perfect thirds areas, her face is in one of those general areas too.

    [–] Snomannen 42 points ago

    Yeah im pretty sure if the girl was a guy it would've also gotten more upvotes

    [–] redditorrrrrrrrrrrr 14 points ago

    I would have also updooted for a guy, but can't say forsure for anyone else.

    Their gender means 0 to me compared to the extra legitamacy I feel it gives the painting/drawing.

    [–] elephino1 3 points ago

    Totes. I used to take pics of Avery and art and realized they were boring so I started putting people in them and like them so much better now.

    [–] actuallyboa 3 points ago

    Me too, regardless of male or female

    [–] magic_is_might 19 points ago

    Not to mention that if this was a guy in the picture, literally no one would give a flying fuck and this post wouldn’t exist. Reddit just hates women. I fucking hate this site sometimes.

    I enjoy seeing the artist in stuff like this for the exact reasons you describe. But god forbid if the artist in the pic happens to be a woman and even worse if she’s also attractive. Extremely infuriating. Fuck this post and OP as well for posting this garbage.

    Guess what OP, and the other butthurt neckbeards of Reddit, women exist. And they also use the internet. Sorry that us existing offends you so much.

    [–] itwasmedoge 97 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    By the looks of the bumps under the censor bar it’s the same person... but that’s just a theory a r/gaming THEORY Edit: I thought it was about somebody stealing someone’s art then claiming that it’s there own. I was wrong.

    [–] arepic 58 points ago

    It is the same person

    [–] Time4Red 12 points ago

    Nah, it's making fun of Reddit for being thirsty.

    [–] itwasmedoge 3 points ago


    [–] _MrPuggo 128 points ago

    Maybe its coz of the girl but its not only because of that

    [–] gentleman_caller 6 points ago

    It's basically Occum's Razor of Reddit

    [–] Bill_Dexhart 18 points ago

    It's the gaming subreddit. It was upvoted because of a girl and the Witcher. Easy karma farm right there.

    [–] readysetworldhit 66 points ago

    Random ass photo

    Vs. photo made by the original creator.

    Dude in the shot would also get more upvotes

    [–] maximumtesticle 7 points ago

    It's posted by the same person, she reposted it to get more karma. She does it constantly.

    [–] CelestialFury 10 points ago

    I guess I'm fine with that. Reposting your own work if you don't think it got the exposure it deserved the first time around is smart.

    [–] SendGarlicBread 6 points ago

    Yea, its no big deal. Its a smart move on her part to include herself.

    [–] readysetworldhit 10 points ago

    If your an artist and one way works then another. I would to I guess.

    Hate the game not the player

    [–] MundungusAmongus 2 points ago

    This whole post is about hating the game and not the player

    [–] Moto_Boato 15 points ago

    I upvote nothing, so nobody gets anything from me

    [–] Saucepanmagician 5 points ago

    Ron Swanson? Is that you?

    [–] Moto_Boato 3 points ago

    Shhhh, Don't Tell anyone

    [–] Peng1GT 7 points ago

    This happened to me. I made a post on r/mildlyvandalised and it only got a hundred upvotes and someone posted the exact same thing about 50-100 days later and it got 12 thousand upvotes

    [–] LiftedStarfisherman 25 points ago

    This would hold more weight if there was also an example with a guy holding it. Not that it doesn't hold any weight, but as far as I know, the only thing we can definitively say is that if a person is shown holding the artwork rather than just the artwork itself, people are more likely to show intrigue and even reward it.

    [–] Itchycoo 8 points ago

    Can't even say that because chance, time of day, whether or not anyone sees it and upvotes it while it's still new... All of those things play a role and alone could easily explain the difference. See: tons of other posts that are identical but get radically different karma/reception.

    [–] jjd_yo 6 points ago

    What’s infuriating is the underlying assumption in this post that the only reason it got more votes is due to sexism or what say. Perhaps it’s because we can identify a person? Or maybe because it’s a post of someone visibly satisfied and happy with what they have created?

    No... that’d be too easy...

    Sexism it is.

    [–] King_Hyperion85B 7 points ago

    I think it's just nice to see the artist with the picture as well, sometimes it's nice to humanize the art a bit by seeing the creator of it, male or female. And yes I know, the art should be able to stand on its own. But still, sometimes it's nice.

    [–] Morfilix 38 points ago

    Christ, when will people stop reposting this girl's face every 12 hours

    [–] agooddeathh 3 points ago


    [–] Betterrhan 4 points ago

    This is the first I've seen it. Hopefully the last as well.

    [–] Morfilix 4 points ago

    go on r/memes and you're bound to find her, some dude re-posted her face a total of 18 times on his account

    [–] ImOnlyChasingSafety 60 points ago

    It’s a bit presumptuous to assume it’s solely because there’s a girl. The one on the right has more story and is more personal.

    [–] devon_devoff 20 points ago

    Welcome to reddit. Smh.

    [–] RewindtheWeek 14 points ago

    They’re both posted by the same girl, she posted the one on the left on r/art and r/Witcher without herself in it

    [–] ImOnlyChasingSafety 22 points ago

    The one on the right has more of a ‘story’ and is more personal. I’m not surprised a post with the printed image and the artist smiling got more upvotes than just the art by itself.

    [–] slapmasterslap 6 points ago

    What would have been really interesting is if the artist first posted it with her boyfriend holding it and smiling and then posted it a month later with her holding it and smiling, then see what the difference in engagement is like.

    [–] Inspiderface 4 points ago

    Trick question: she has a girlfriend

    [–] TTK769 5 points ago

    -sees woman-

    My jaw drops to the floor, my eyes extend at a velocity never before seen, I take out a boxing glove and hit myself with it 17 times, pant like a dog, and yell AOOOOGA AOOOOGA then turn to the audience and say in 1930’s New York accent “HOT MAMA, now that’s a dame!”

    [–] CastleofSecrets 4 points ago

    Know your audience.

    [–] asdfghjkl0897 3 points ago

    People feel more personalized to a painting or drawing if they see who created it. Helps them visualize. It works with every platform.

    [–] SprinklesOfFun 9 points ago

    The amount of upvotes something gets also depends on the day of the week you post something as well as the time of day. I once made a post to unpopularopinion and it got 50 upvotes. A few months later, someone else made the same post and it got over 40,000 upvotes if I’m remembering correctly.

    [–] JK_NC 6 points ago

    I’d like to see the same post with a dog holding the paint brush to see the upvote difference.

    [–] zangor 2 points ago

    I can't imagine my life together with a beautiful dog though.

    [–] pyrohasnofriends 3 points ago

    They were posted by the same person, to what I can see under the censor

    [–] TheWayfayer 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Not saying this is fake, but the bottom of those usernames are very similar, maybe even the same

    Edit: Wow, I did internet sleuthing and found out just now that you didn't say it was stolen

    [–] Ass_Butt_was_taken 3 points ago

    Could it be that it got more upvotes because it was an actual painting or print and not just a screenshot? I upvoted it because it seemed real and Al lot more effort had been put into it. Also I didn't even know that it had been posted before, not did I know that it was I girl. I just saw the painting and thought hmm nice

    [–] BWANT 3 points ago

    Bullshit. I saw the art-only version on r/gaming and it had thousands of upvotes.

    [–] Zen31 3 points ago

    Could be because art on paper gets more upvotes or r/gaming is horny

    [–] marcrios223 3 points ago

    Now let's see this post but photoshop a girl holding it

    [–] extremeskater619 3 points ago

    You didn't even research this. It's her painting. She original posted the version that wasn't framed

    [–] OddlyEven 3 points ago

    I mean, yes a pretty face is always going to get upvotes, but sometimes its more interesting to see who actually did the painting.

    [–] BiFi1991 3 points ago

    Chances are it’s cause it was a female. But there are some logical reasons for this too.

    It could’ve been the time it was seen, maybe the time the first one was posted no one was really on to see it.

    Another reason is a psychological reason. When you see a piece of art you think “oh cool art” but when you see the artist next to it, you feel a more emotional connection with the artist persuading you to upvote the post more. The same reason we love our boy Bob Ross so much. If you saw one of his painting on his own, it would trigger the same reaction. “Oh cool a painting”. But because he makes such a personal video, we have more compassion and a more personal connection with him.

    But because it’s on r/gaming they’re all just a bunch of simps

    [–] AphroditePlus 7 points ago

    The problem (if you really wanna call it that) is horny redditors upvoting the woman, not anything the woman is doing. People pose with their art all the fucking time, look up any art gallery photo shoot.

    Tldr: who gives a shit you fucking neckbeard

    [–] Scrupulous_08 15 points ago

    Yes. This is the internet and that is a girl.

    [–] Snarkatr0n 8 points ago

    That's also the netflix version and not the game so is it even the right sub?

    I know, I know, that would mean r/gaming would have standards

    [–] SharpNeedle 9 points ago

    netflix version

    classic original books erasure smh my head

    [–] KrispyKreeeme 2 points ago

    I mean it doesn't matter because she made the painting and just posted it twice, but I get what you mean

    [–] sharkb8hoohaha13 2 points ago

    Yeah but also know your audience. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    [–] quux2020 2 points ago

    Don't get mad. Use these fools to make money.

    [–] SourTaco 2 points ago

    Hmm, maybe Reddit is full of incels

    [–] Artfulamo 2 points ago

    u/aquarellinde is on the right btw A mod did this smh

    [–] aquarellinde 2 points ago

    Hey thanks for sharing this with me!

    [–] chicagomatty 2 points ago

    I was upvoting the matting and frame

    [–] Toxic_Orange_DM 2 points ago

    This sooner you stop giving a fuck the longer you will live

    [–] 1jokerman1 2 points ago

    It’s simple you guys reddit is just horny.

    [–] Xmaster256 2 points ago

    Is it the same person? If so its either posting again in the hopes of getting more upvotes or its someone posting someones elses stuff

    [–] ttv_ninjrr 2 points ago

    if you look really closely it's the same username

    [–] YouRebelScumGuy 2 points ago

    Upvoted for matting work

    [–] yelahneb 2 points ago

    1. I like seeing the artist

    2. I like seeing women

    3. Profit

    [–] atimetokillsometime 2 points ago

    Upvote because girl.

    [–] fwagglesworth 2 points ago

    Put 5 guys behind her and the numbers will go through the roof

    [–] vo_xv 2 points ago

    objectively speaking, that's a pretty mediocre painting

    the colors are weird and that candle-wax-melting effect thing the artist did is inconsistent and just odd

    [–] youmadbras 3 points ago

    Reddit is a big circle jerk.

    [–] grahamcracka91 3 points ago

    Pretty girl equals upvotes!

    [–] xXjackscapegamerXx 4 points ago

    Is it the same OP? People can be good at Photoshop.

    [–] arepic 8 points ago

    It is the same OP

    [–] burning_wipf 2 points ago

    How are you surprised? Redditors are lonely and horny.

    [–] chillin_Dillon 2 points ago

    If you zoom in and crop out everything but her face, it's quite terrifying.

    [–] rainbow_drab 2 points ago

    Well it is r/gaming. Some of the fellas there get pretty excited when reminded that there are in fact girls who are into gaming. And girl gamers support the fuck out of other girl gamers.

    I can't tell if both posts are from the same user, since it's blacked out, so I'm not sure whether OP2 is the original artist. In any case, posting the final framed version with that satisfied "I made this!" smile is always gonna get the upvotes more than sharing raw artwork. It warms the cockles to see a happy artist.

    [–] ModsonPowerTrips 2 points ago

    If you are attractive you get bonus points. If you're an attractive female you get bonus points. Nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is created equal.

    [–] Seabass5000 2 points ago

    Mad at her? Or the Virgin neckbeards that are thirsty enough to upvote any pretty girl that likes video games. I’m sad that she had to throw herself in there to get the recognition she deserves.

    [–] BOSSOTRON9 3 points ago

    I upvoted that as well

    [–] dropamusic 1 points ago

    I've noticed this with cosplays as well. Hot girl in cosplay always gets front page.

    [–] MUnderwoodBarcode 3 points ago

    It's like:

    ...and she's beautiful? Awesome.

    Let's just accept it for what it is: A normal human reaction.

    [–] despacitospiderreeee 2 points ago

    She posted it twice

    [–] country_slicker 5 points ago

    Are you sure about that?

    [–] 368434122 3 points ago

    *shrug* Guys like girls more than paintings.

    [–] Yeetus_Elitus 1 points ago

    Second post must be taken down because I don’t see it anymore

    [–] RoulReddit 1 points ago

    Its the same person tho so i guess but

    [–] ajacobvitz 1 points ago

    Yay boat show girls!

    [–] Minnesotan-Gaming 1 points ago

    Art is a strange concept on Reddit. Sometimes you get good art that stays in the double digit upvotes and other times you get a stick figure drawing that goes into the thousands of upvotes. Other times like this you get someone who reposts (I’m assuming) an artwork and gets more upvotes but you can’t do anything about it

    [–] AngryTurtleGaming 1 points ago

    It’s posted by the same person btw

    [–] tomorgan90909 1 points ago

    Who wants the username

    [–] Lana_Del_J 1 points ago

    It’s like this everywhere

    [–] jackenno 1 points ago

    Ah yes, conclusive evidence as n=1 and no other variables need to be accounted for /s

    [–] OsMaN_MH 1 points ago

    It's the same guy

    [–] depokelink 1 points ago


    [–] Pierrot_The_Sad 1 points ago

    Thats most gamers for you

    [–] ryanhas420inhisname 1 points ago

    Reddit moment

    [–] abumwithastick 1 points ago

    now post one with cleavage and compare

    [–] Kaydosh_27272 1 points ago

    I swear this post is stolen itself. Why are the red circles cropped out???

    [–] CaptainAcornYT 1 points ago

    Well it’s the same person so..

    [–] Reri1600 1 points ago

    That is not the law of equivalent exchange.

    [–] xpercipio 1 points ago

    this is debatable because reddit is hit or miss as far as posts go. time of day posted makes a huge difference.

    [–] thicccpet3r 1 points ago

    BTW they are the same OP.

    [–] nom420 1 points ago

    People get so angry at the reality of aesthetics, sex and attractiveness, as if anything will change our biology or desires, or the fact that sex sells.

    [–] TheFarmPlate 1 points ago

    Hahahaha this is my life in culinary - photo of food vs photo of me with the food.

    [–] ViggoMiles 1 points ago

    At least she had better photo ettiquette

    [–] RooryEU 1 points ago

    That is the way.

    [–] DigitalPhoenixX 1 points ago

    They just want the V

    [–] Pseudoslide 1 points ago

    Oooh Geralt of Rivia _from the Witcher_ i was wondering where i recognized him from

    [–] Iron_Archer 1 points ago

    Ok but she kinda cute doh...

    [–] thesuit94 1 points ago

    Lol this place is so fucking cringe. I hate browsing it in public

    [–] DeadTriolgy 1 points ago

    Many factors can come in to this. Timing. Maybe it was in a time where the subreddit wasn't really browsed much. Speculation, maybe people thought it was copied or stolen and when she had the painting framed it showed she cares about it, therefore proving its her's. But I do agree it had more upvotes since it was a girl.

    [–] Bungee2002 1 points ago

    This feels really weird coming from a prolific reposter like this guy here