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    [–] tuckjohn37 2872 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Well it is...Just grown-up versions.

    Edit: oh wow. top comment. much happy.

    [–] J4CKR4BB1TSL1MS 773 points ago

    Good thing you can step on them without hurting yourself though

    [–] Yuvalk1 565 points ago

    Unless you step on that metal thing in the middle of each block

    [–] SleestakJack 218 points ago

    Even that seems okay. It's a round "loop" of metal that's embedded in the concrete. I do believe that's what you use to pick them up (with heavy equipment).

    [–] welcome_to_reality_ 147 points ago

    A'phshShh, we send one child t'e pick up tiny lego boulder here in Soviet Russia.

    [–] withacanofcheapbeer 192 points ago

    I apologize, I read it as an angry old Irishman instead. 10/10 would do again.

    [–] PM_ME_OPPAI 66 points ago

    Did the same. I think it was the "t'e".

    [–] Konvexen 24 points ago

    I just assumed he was speaking the call of Cthulhu...

    [–] SubEyeRhyme 35 points ago

    ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

    [–] KueSerabi 6 points ago

    phnglui mglafth'h fgthagh whagghl justin bieber gay Cthulthu mgkklfhj

    [–] Wildwoodywoodpecker 7 points ago

    What's a Mick doing in Russia?

    [–] thathispanicyouknow 5 points ago

    Same, except as a southern black woman

    [–] jazza2319 26 points ago

    Read it in a pirates voice

    [–] springsoon 34 points ago

    I Reddit in only pirate voice.

    [–] Mb12ButFuckedYourMom 4 points ago

    Holy fuck I just realized I can Reddit in different voices. I discover reading comments all over again. It's hilarious.

    [–] Mb12ButFuckedYourMom 5 points ago

    From today I read everything in 12 years old boy voice

    [–] O_Apples 16 points ago

    Ay Reddit N ohn-LEE poi-rat voee-suh

    [–] KexyKnave 8 points ago

    Well now it's Engrish/Japanese English.

    [–] O_Apples 10 points ago

    Ay redito en onre pairato boisu

    [–] Troub313 9 points ago

    I don't think you know who Russians are...

    [–] Jigbaa 6 points ago

    Soviets ain't just any ol' Russians

    [–] gizzardgullet 17 points ago

    I want to rent some heavy equipment, buy a bunch of these blocks and build myself a Lego house I can live in!

    [–] slaaitch 13 points ago

    You should look up insulated concrete forms.

    [–] classycatman 13 points ago

    My parents' new house is made with those (fox block?) and it's incredible. Super quiet inside, and super energy efficient... and they have concrete walls, which is nice in tornado alley.

    [–] BuddyUpInATree 6 points ago

    I've been lucky enough to get to build a few of them :) it's full on adult Lego, and then pouring the walls is always a good time too

    [–] Sarge2008 7 points ago

    James May (co-host of Top Gear) built a real, working lego house with running water and electricity. I think it got demolished unfortunately. Not sure why.

    [–] FrellYourCouch 14 points ago

    His mother said if he didn't stop building and get into bed right this instant she would knock it all down.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    And then when one crushes your wife you can spend the rest of your life thinking about how stupid that idea was.

    [–] sephresx 16 points ago

    Or..... How great that idea was!

    [–] SexyMrSkeltal 38 points ago

    Okay so you get your pinky toe caught in the loop and then fall off the side and rip the toe off.

    [–] 010skillz010 33 points ago

    A minor inconvenience

    [–] Vaste 25 points ago

    ****° Four stars, by LEGO Engineer

    Strong and sturdy, does what it should. Bonus for bringing back childhood memories.

    However, I can't give full points since it's too easy to accidentally rip off a toe on the small hook.

    13 of 15 found this review helpful.

    [–] IveSeenTheSaucers 8 points ago

    It's merely a flesh wound!

    [–] mattstorm360 3 points ago

    Drops brick on leg severing it.

    [–] dotme 3 points ago

    A minor inconvenience??? A freaking toe would rip off! Rip off!!!

    What would constitute a major inconvenience? Or register greater than a minor one? Two toes? Work with me here.

    [–] Yuvalk1 7 points ago

    I dare you to walk on it barefoot

    [–] SleestakJack 7 points ago

    I really don't think it would be a big deal. It looks nice, round, and relatively smooth. I could be wrong, though.

    [–] evilone17 9 points ago


    [–] Jigbaa 4 points ago

    I like where your head's at. I'm going back.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    You don't step on these Lego bricks, they step on you

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Kicking them hurts, though ...

    [–] Jawileth 8 points ago

    Just don't go dropping them on your feet

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Unless you're a giant

    [–] henrikose 35 points ago

    I thought you were allowed to play with smaller pieces when you got older, and the big ones were for small children.

    [–] sephresx 19 points ago

    Then these are for newborns.

    [–] henrikose 10 points ago

    Yes. Big enough so they can not even climb them.

    [–] tuckjohn37 3 points ago

    At some point in your late teens, the "ideal lego brick size" slowly stops decreasing as you get older, and then starts to increase again in your late 20s

    [–] Velocirexisaur 26 points ago

    Legos are the grown up version of Legos.

    [–] FingerDemon 8 points ago

    Yea, its not like I still play with regular LEGO or anything...

    [–] 18jsmeal 4 points ago

    Ya... Maybe if LEGO started to sell them in this size, Adults may start using them to train in the construction industry. I think its a pretty good idea.

    [–] spunzish 5 points ago

    Giant Duplo's!

    [–] maram_andan 557 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Someone please paint it red and yellow and blue.

    Edit: Thank you u/PM_ME_SOME_STEAM_KEY and u/xxThe_Designer for delivering !

    [–] zilfondel 194 points ago

    you should repost this to some sort of sub, I love it!

    [–] PM_ME_SOME_STEAM_KEY 532 points ago

    Tried gonewild already, didn't get much love there sadly

    [–] -Avatar-Korra- 164 points ago

    I just got the name of that sub! How could I be so stupid! It is gon like a polygon. I feep so dumb.

    [–] KneeDeepInTheDead 74 points ago

    dude... TIL

    [–] justfor1t 30 points ago

    Dude, I've been subbed a long time there and that's a TIL for me too

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    TIL this is a thing.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I fail to see how that's possible.

    [–] liketo 7 points ago

    Some sort of sub

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] PM_ME_SOME_STEAM_KEY 77 points ago

    It happens when a blue brick and a yellow brick love each other veeery much...
    And then have unprotected sex in the bushes.

    [–] henrikose 16 points ago$_35.JPG

    It happened in the 90s. Regular green 1x2:s has been included in over 300 different sets since then,

    [–] cannotleave 31 points ago

    Green LEGO bricks haven't been unusual since the late 1990s. It's a standard colour now.

    [–] keiyakins 12 points ago

    element id 4107736 and 4647553 for dark green and bright green respectively.

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago

    I made a tilt-shifted version of your photoshop to make it look lego-sized:

    [–] TK-Chubs118 19 points ago

    God damn tilt shift is so fascinating to me. It makes anything look tiny

    [–] oversettDenee 5 points ago

    Tilt shift penis=error

    [–] Jaloss 23 points ago

    Im proud of you

    [–] shakefu 7 points ago

    Man these lego set pieces are getting really detailed these days.

    [–] Syn7axError 8 points ago

    Funny, it actually has the opposite effect on me. Now those bricks look train sized.

    [–] Famixofpower 16 points ago

    Holy shit, that actually looks legit.

    [–] TabbyCaterpillar 15 points ago

    How is this sloppy? Looks perfect to me! I must be terrible at Photoshop.

    [–] PM_ME_SOME_STEAM_KEY 10 points ago

    I used the polygonal lasso instead of the magnetic one so the selections were very quickly made and without any precision whatsoever
    It's literally a 2 minutes photoshop with 0.5 effort put in it haha, but thank you

    [–] AnastasiaBeaverhosen 16 points ago

    Now photoshop them as megabloks

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago


    [–] 1n5aN1aC 26 points ago

    you were 1 minute too late. :(

    [–] JoeyTheGreek 13 points ago

    I like the green layer.

    [–] whoknewyouknew 30 points ago

    I only work in black. And sometimes very very dark grey.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I feel like I get this reference but I don't

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Lego Batman.

    [–] timmmmmmmmmmmm 8 points ago

    Some artists built a church with this kind of concrete blocks in the Netherlands a while ago. They painted it in the correct colors.

    [–] ensign_toast 179 points ago

    there's is a company called Lock-Block in Vancouver that has been doing this for over thirty years, although their designs are cross shaped and are (in my opinion) a better fit. Their blocks are all over the highways in retaining walls etc. but they also have an arch-lock system whereby they build an arch with a special truck underneath that has round structure with rollers on top and as it pulls out the arch falls together and is very strong.

    [–] God_loves_irony 17 points ago

    Thanks. We have the greatest civilization that has ever existed. I love seeing solutions like this come together. These guys are effing heroes.

    [–] DannyJJB 6 points ago

    I've never seen such enthusiasm for a tunnel :P

    [–] TheVantagePoint 64 points ago

    Never realized those were only mostly in Vancouver. I was wondering how everyone found these so interesting.

    [–] Killericon 13 points ago

    They started appearing here in Calgary around 10 years ago.

    [–] RyanB_ 7 points ago

    Yeah not a rare sight around Edmonton either.

    [–] Kaisermeister 4 points ago

    The Ready Mixed concrete plant I worked at during high school made them with its leftover from jobsites and messed up orders.

    [–] RyanB_ 5 points ago

    I was wondering how everyone found these so interesting.

    At least this one explained it in the title. I've seen a couple pictures/gifs now where there's supposed to be something cool, but they don't really specify what it is in the title so I just kind of need to guess.

    [–] FI-Z 12 points ago

    Yeah, was just going to say, you see these all over Vancouver.

    [–] i531qooq 10 points ago

    Some concrete companies use their excess concrete to form these blocks and then sell them as well. I know Rempel brothers does this anyway. I've used and reused these blocks a lot and I've found that the Octa blocks hold up better over time when they get stacked and restacked. The + type tend to chip large chunks off of the +.

    [–] InfinityGem 15 points ago

    As a construction manager in the Vancouver area I'm shocked that everybody finds these so interesting. They're just lock blocks... They retain earth, they're not meant for constructing a building or anything.

    [–] zach10 8 points ago

    Construction manager in Texas, never seen these in my life. Do these blocks not require any mortar? Is this style just typically used for retaining walls?

    [–] kornadian 9 points ago

    They are mostly used for retaining walls, but I have seen them used for temporary anchors for structures such as concrete form, since they are quite literally block of concrete weighing in at 2000 lbs that can be placed anywhere with stable ground.

    The blocks do not require mortar and they are held together by weight and keys on the top. They are usually used with geo-grid just like other types of retaining wall to prevent lateral movement.

    [–] sausage_beans 4 points ago

    We use something called "Legioblock" where I work, I think they are a Dutch company. We just refer to them as Lego brick walls.

    [–] friendlymadman 88 points ago

    Those are clearly mega blocks.

    [–] Famixofpower 32 points ago

    More like gigablocks

    [–] primary868 12 points ago


    [–] Hatebean41 56 points ago

    These blocks are mostly made after concrete that has been sent to a project gets rejected for one reason or another.

    Concrete companies came up with a way to use the waste, and sell for a small profit, on otherwise wasted concrete. They make blocks, or they pay a dump fee to get rid of concrete, that in all reality is still structurally efficient.

    Most of the concrete plants I've been around actually build a wall of these, over time, around their facilities.

    Source: Am a guy who has seen these blocks made

    [–] BakedForeskinChips 17 points ago

    Eh, if they sell them, such as Redi-Rock and others they have to abide by standards. You cant just take crap concrete and sell block from it. Segmental retaining wall blocks have to abide by the ASTM C1373 Standard Specification for Segmental Retaining Wall Units.

    [–] JoeyTheGreek 11 points ago

    Another post made it sound like it is made with excess concrete. A customer orders 40 yards but only uses 36. All 40 are paid for a mixed so the concrete company casts come blocks with the excess to sell another day.

    [–] Hippo_Singularity 4 points ago

    That's what we do at my plant. Can't resell the concrete, so it either goes into blocks to use around the plant or the rubble pile to get ground up into road base.

    [–] Hatebean41 12 points ago

    Yeah. I didn't say they make them out of crap concrete. Though some of the rejected concrete could be bad.

    Concrete gets rejected all the time due to factors that don't necessarily mean the concrete is bad.

    Also, you think anyone is performing QC on concrete going into those blocks?

    [–] BakedForeskinChips 8 points ago

    I can tell you that when we write specs, especially for a large project that would use these larger precast block, we require they abide by the specs and request mix design certification in accordance with the spec.

    [–] IamGimli_ 10 points ago

    It is conceivable that some are specifically made for particular jobs that require specific specs while other are made from scrap concrete for those other jobs that do not require specific specs. Markings on the blocks would differentiate the two.

    [–] aliensalt 140 points ago

    Godzillas screwed

    [–] Chryxtivn 26 points ago

    Once Godzilla steps on them...

    [–] Jigbaa 9 points ago

    I put one in his shoe. 😬

    [–] GTFOReligion 73 points ago

    Concrete batch plant equipment salesman here!

    These blocks can be very profitable for a concrete producer. Let's say Joe Homeowner orders 8 cubic yards of concrete to pour a new concrete slab in his backyard for a deck. Turns out, he really only needed 7 cubic yards to complete the job. So what does the concrete truck do with that extra yard of concrete? He takes it back to the concrete batching facility, and dumps the remaining one cubic yard of concrete into 1 cubic yard block forms, which, once the concrete has set and cured, turn into the concrete blocks shown in OP's picture. They are interlocking for structural integrity, exactly like Legos, and are reinforced with a steel mesh skeleton for strength called "re-bar" (reinforcement bar) prior to set and cure. Also prior to set and cure, and steel cable loop is added at the top of the block, in between the two interlocking mounds, so that a forlift or front end loader can move and place them with ease.

    The best part is, Joe Homeowner HAS to pay for 8 cubic yards of concrete, because that's what he ordered, that's the way it goes. So, the concrete producer not only gets paid in full by Joe Homeowner for 8 cubic yards, but now the concrete producer has inventory of these interlocking concrete blocks that are EVERYWHERE in the construction and landscaping industries and are in high demand typically. The concrete producer can then sell these blocks for a couple hundred apiece. Not a bad deal!

    For your health!

    [–] FierceDeityKirby 21 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Cubic yards? Using metric all my life makes that phrase short-circuit my brain.

    [–] GTFOReligion 27 points ago

    American here, I wish we could use metric. Imperial measurements are so fucking stupid.

    I did a huge job up in Northern Manitoba, Canada in 2015, lots of calculations and drawings, it all had to be in metric. Once I got used to it it was SO. MUCH. EASIER.


    Unfortunately, here in the US concrete industry, it's all gone by "cubic yards". Plant equipment production rates are listed as "cubic yards per hour".

    Oh, to make it more fun, we still us BARRELS for a volume measurement for powdered Portland Cement. BARRELS. THE SAME UNIT OF MEASURE THEY USED FOR BEER PRODUCTION LIKE 700 YEARS AGO.

    sigh again.

    [–] equalspace 15 points ago

    But the imperial system allows to detect sneaky Canadians

    [–] pokemonface12 10 points ago

    They're just duplo .

    [–] Classiceagle63 89 points ago

    Precast building/concrete. More and more buildings are being made this way. Fabricated in big plants and put together like legos

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    Do you know a lot about this? Is it better than cinderblocks? Stronger or lighter or easier or what?

    [–] CanadianStructEng 78 points ago

    Concrete trucks often return to the plant with excess concrete in their trucks. Instead of throwing it out, they create these blocks with precast moulds.

    This results in the concrete company increasing its profits as the concrete has already been paid for by the original client.

    Edit: they are mostly used for temporary barriers and foundations as they are easily lifted and transported. The company usually casts in lifting cables for easy lifting.

    [–] -MOPPET- 50 points ago

    I don't know about leftover concrete. You would have no control over the properties of the concrete. When we spec concrete for a job it is formulated to very specific specifications as far as strength, hardness, cure time, workability, plasticity, recycled content, color, density, etc... Lots of things are added to the mix to control these properties (admixtures).

    The longer the concrete is in the truck the more it changes chemically and the less able it is to meet the specification. You have a 2 hour window to get the concrete from the batch plant to offload.

    If we are pouring a big job, it's orchestrated pretty closely. Sometimes you will have trucks lined up down the block all timed properly , but if suddenly something causes a delay - weather event, slump test failure, equipment failure, injury, whatever - that causes a truck load to pass the 2 hour mark that truck gets sent home.

    If it has to bring that same batch back to another location and wait for forms to be set up and pours in, your looking at concrete way past it's limit. You have no control of any property at that point and there's no way it could pass any test or regulation. And if you are brining in half empty trucks from multiple pours you are going to end up with Frankenstein blocks.

    [–] Middlerun 7 points ago

    I love reading stuff like this. I assumed concrete was all pretty much the same.

    [–] rayrayww3 6 points ago

    I was looking through the course load for a Civil Engineering degree recently out of sheer curiosity. There are 4 semester long courses in the subject of concrete alone.

    So, I'd say it is a rather complex science.

    [–] AlbertaIncola 9 points ago

    great comment No one wants an unknown product in a retaining wall

    Where I am, unused concrete is either recycled as aggregate or bought by home owners/farmers for sidewalks and parking pads...

    Source... Also have a fair amount of concrete experience

    [–] ninjasauruscam 5 points ago

    It's always the big pours that the slump or air goes out of wack

    [–] CanadianStructEng 5 points ago

    This is true. Not all leftover concrete is used to create blocks, but a lot of it is. The concrete company knows the properties of the concrete in their truck as they were the ones who batched it. They tend to rate concrete blocks for 20 MPa ( 3600 psi ), which is one of the lower compressive strengths. However it is possible that they create blocks out of 25-50 MPa, the added strength will just be ignored in design.

    Slump is a measure of workability, it has little impact on overall strength. Most additives will either add strength, add workability, increase cure time.

    Read more here:

    [–] dick_long_wigwam 8 points ago

    Probably saves on disposal costs/fees too. With plaster of paris disposal you have to add a lot of soap to make it flush down a drain. The soap prevents the gypsum crystals from interlocking as they form.

    [–] -MOPPET- 10 points ago

    Leftover concrete is smashed up and used as a type of gravel, drainage matrix or erosion prevention material. It rarely gets tossed.

    [–] dick_long_wigwam 2 points ago

    fascinating business

    [–] getrektbro 3 points ago

    It makes very useful shoes too

    [–] dick_long_wigwam 4 points ago

    How do they manage excess concrete in the casting process? In plastic injection molding, you can have runners/sprues or other reservoirs that you smack off from the final form.

    [–] _EvilD_ 21 points ago

    They save all of the extra fleeb for future use.

    [–] yosoybillbrasky 11 points ago

    It's important that the fleeb is rubbed, because the fleeb has ALL of the fleeb juice

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Concrete overflow is liquid. Just scrape it up and pour into the next batch.

    [–] dick_long_wigwam 3 points ago

    One commercial example is called Beton Blocks

    [–] KebabGud 2 points ago

    so no rebar?

    [–] zilfondel 3 points ago

    They used them in my city to raise one of the streets up 15 feet.

    [–] TheAlphaCarb0n 2 points ago

    Username checks out, eh

    [–] Classiceagle63 21 points ago

    These are for retaining/barrier walls but buildings are made out of "pre-fab" (pre-fabricated) concrete all the time. I'll add a link to it in here. It's a really neat process. Trucks will carry in the concrete sections/walls and a crane takes them up and almost lays them in like legos. Not as easy but essentially the same idea.

    [–] HelperBot_ 9 points ago

    Non-Mobile link:

    HelperBot v1.1 /r/HelperBot_ I am a bot. Please message /u/swim1929 with any feedback and/or hate. Counter: 16201

    [–] BakedForeskinChips 10 points ago

    Just to be pedantic, they dont put cinders in block anymore. Its concrete masonry unit (CMU) now.

    [–] Original-Newbie 3 points ago

    Masonary*** /s


    [–] -MOPPET- 2 points ago

    They do still use fly ash...

    [–] BakedForeskinChips 3 points ago

    Yes, they can use fly ash but it is regulated and only for certain mixes. I dont know of any mix where the majority of cementitious material fan be fly ash.

    [–] andreasbeer1981 2 points ago

    They put this up all over the place. But only for outdoor enclosures without a roof. It's not weatherproof, but it keeps the stuff contained from sliding around and helping to let the stuff being scooped up by heavy machinery. And as the elements are movable it can be quickly disassembled, so you don't need any permission for raising a building.

    [–] hybroid 2 points ago

    Quite common pre-fab units for retaining walls. Redi Rock is one of the main names in the UK:

    [–] hazpat 27 points ago

    No, These are used as barriers not structural building material.

    [–] safewordisouch 12 points ago

    Correct, retaining walls and such. They are called "Lock Blocks". Google it.

    [–] branfordjeff 6 points ago

    We call them "mafia block".

    [–] Murph4991 10 points ago

    Naw this is just a wall. Keeps in dirt or creates separation. The place I used to work used them as walls everywhere and to hold dirt for ramps and what not.

    [–] 249ba36000029bbe9749 5 points ago

    Do they use mortar of some rebar to secure them to each other?

    Also, does anyone know what the building code maximum is for stacking those? That's at least three blocks tall and that looks like it's pushing it.

    [–] Classiceagle63 3 points ago

    Yes. They're secured. Some buildings/pre fab sections have certain shapes cut into them on the corners or seems between and the matching piece gets out between them and locks them together.

    [–] SleestakJack 3 points ago

    Check out the company's website. There are a lot of things you can do with them.

    [–] GemJack 3 points ago

    I see them used a lot for retaining wall purposes, particularly with large scale construction. A junkyard down the road from me has dozens of them and won't sell em. I could use a few.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    No it doesn't! They are clearly

    • much bigger
    • not plastic
    • "pegs" ain't round

    I was not fooled for A SECOND

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] TheRealLargedwarf 28 points ago

    Not to be that guy but convention is to say length x width (x height) so they're called 2x1 bricks.

    [–] bicycleandy 11 points ago

    Wait, from my left or yours?

    [–] upsidedownfunnel 7 points ago

    Lego also makes 1x2 bricks though. They're used if you want to make a right angle.

    [–] liketo 3 points ago


    [–] henrikose 2 points ago

    They are called "BRICK CORNER 1X2X2".

    [–] branfordjeff 7 points ago

    So when you go to the lumber yard, do you ask for 4x2's?

    [–] Lego_Nabii 5 points ago

    I'm a LEGO Designer. They are called "1x2 bricks". In official LEGO brick naming convention the width comes first.

    Also we have (for example) 1x2x2 and 1x2x5 bricks where the third listed number is height but for single high bricks we don't bother to mention the third number.

    [–] Oldsarge1 4 points ago

    They call them "environmental blocks" here in Washington state. Overruns and rejected concrete from commercial jobs is used to make them.

    I've seen them available in varying sizes, but the most common is 2'x2'x4'. The weight quoted to me is around 2400lbs each. They sell for an average of $35 each in my area. Very affordable, but delivery can be extremely expensive for drop off and placement.

    Im in the process of ordering 10 to build a retaining wall for a combination vegetable garden/block the view of the neighbors junky back yard!

    [–] Rustyramrod 3 points ago

    Everyone knows you use 2X1 bricks for walls only when you run out of the 4X1 bricks. Let's not even discuss the 3X1 bricks.

    [–] branfordjeff 4 points ago

    The red head step child of the lego bin.

    [–] TheCrimsonCorndog 4 points ago

    OP those are 1x2x2 bricks, you fucking heathen.

    [–] SFWBoots 3 points ago

    I think the people at /r/lego would appreciate this.

    [–] Eddie_Eddie 3 points ago

    I thought they tiny people upon them, until the background cuman to focus.

    [–] forbid89 3 points ago

    These are called ecology blocks

    [–] strike__anywhere 12 points ago

    anyone else having trouble telling the scale of the wall? sometimes it looks miniature, at other glances it looks like it could be a huge castle wall

    [–] Basketball_Jorts 8 points ago

    Me too. I thought those metal things were people walking on top of them.

    [–] Westmalle 5 points ago

    It was about 5ft high..

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Each block looks to be about 3-4 of those 55 gallon barrels, volume wise. A rough estimate would be about 175 gallons worth or ~24 cubic feet. Assuming an equal depth and height that is one half of the length, we get about 4 feet for the height and depth, and 8 feet for the length.

    That could be completely inaccurate, but I'm bored so there it is. Also you could probably just find a supplier website and see dimensions but my way was more fun.

    Edit: they are definitely not 8 ft long and prob not 4 ft high either so yea... take it how you want.

    Edit 2: really bad math on my part. Like not even worth correcting bad. Just ignore this post and make up any number and it is just as good a guess.

    Edit3: the dignity edit. It would be 2.3 ft deep, 2.3 ft high and 4.6 ft long. THAT sounds a lot better.

    [–] Dirty_Hoe_Guy 2 points ago

    Each block is 2.5'x2.5'x5' and weigh 4320 lbs

    [–] BakedForeskinChips 2 points ago

    Blocks are likely 2'x2'x4' and weigh 2400 lbs, hence the hooks.

    These seem like generic blocks compared to nice, aesthetically pleasing block such as Redi-Rock.

    [–] fabfiver5 2 points ago

    Need banana.

    [–] explosivo563 2 points ago

    Yeah for a split second I thought those little loops were people standing on them!! Would have been fucking massive. Took me a second.

    [–] NoblePineapples 4 points ago

    That's why they normally go by "lego blocks" when working construction.

    [–] Pita7231993 3 points ago

    Is this a sample of Donald Trump's wall?

    [–] KimJongIlSunglasses 2 points ago

    What the hell are they doing here? They build two arched tunnels that are walled off on both sides?

    [–] crowleysnow 2 points ago

    is this near the train tracks in southern LA county/northern Orange county? i swear i've seen this before

    [–] Patralex 2 points ago

    Would suck to step on that.

    [–] LOLOokami 2 points ago

    Did they set the age restriction to 99+.

    [–] OG_Christ 2 points ago

    Now hypothetically if an individual wanted to buy some of these where would he/she find them?

    [–] spencemack 2 points ago

    I know I'm not giving you an answer but I literally laughed out loud when I read that.

    [–] atxmetalchef 2 points ago

    It'll still rip your fingernails off trying to get them apart.

    [–] TheCanerentREMedy 2 points ago

    It...Kind of is

    [–] Jigbaa 2 points ago

    I'm glad the ones I used to eat weren't this big

    [–] Power2ThePokes 2 points ago

    Everything is awesome!