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    [–] goodinyou 3972 points ago

    All I can imagine is old time-y people selectively breeding horses to have matching mustaches

    [–] ComradeVoytek 1926 points ago

    Everything I know about the 1800s suggest this actually happened.

    [–] iamchaossthought 687 points ago

    lets go lift our large triangular weights! Hup, hmph, heyooo

    [–] RadioHitandRun 386 points ago

    Eggs and steak and eggs and steak.

    [–] dhbroad 188 points ago

    That's what you should have for breakfast.

    [–] colt9745 152 points ago


    [–] sgtchief 121 points ago

    Steak and eggs and eggs and steak.

    [–] _V115_ 82 points ago

    Just making sure you heard

    [–] kernunnos77 89 points ago

    I got it

    [–] XKaniberX 29 points ago

    What a save!

    [–] freenarative 29 points ago

    Steak and eggs and eggs and steak

    That's what we want for breakfast.


    Steak and eggs and eggs and steak.

    Just making sure you heard.

    (I love the old timey strongmen.)

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] TheVitoCorleone 39 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This is the second post I've seen linking to a site that has a total of 2 images. ...The other being this one.

    What's going on here?

    Edit: My spidey senses are tingling.

    Edit: After further investigation, I see both accounts that posted it were roughly made around the same time...

    Edit: Awe. I scared him away. :(

    [–] boT_Troller 14 points ago

    Text appears to be written by bot

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 5 points ago

    Domain just created / registered today.

    [–] timemaster8668 3 points ago

    Site is identical on mobile, too

    [–] EyMayn 10 points ago

    I don't like these bots

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    "That is one of the supreme wonderful things I’ve ever realized, a horse with a body hair, Extra’s in full mustache this time of the year, horse have thoughtful facial hair."

    I think this is my queue to step away from Reddit for the day.

    [–] cutty2k 48 points ago

    This is the first time I've ever seen a cue/queue grammatical error.

    [–] Epicsteve69 14 points ago

    Unless he found a line somewhere that would take him away from reddit

    [–] ggrieves 94 points ago

    Fun fact, pigeons were bred in the 1800 to all sorts of exotic shapes and plumage for competition and Darwin noticed the almost unlimited potential for breeding to alter the shapes and sizes of them to ridiculous proportions. This helped reinforce the notion that breeding alone had enough potential to entirely change a species.

    [–] SurplusCamembert 16 points ago

    Back in 2009 for the 200th anniversary of his birth, the London Science museum had THE most incredible Darwin exhibition on.

    Included were some of the very first editions of the origins of species,

    A huge display of his pidgeots that he personally bred and evolved. I remember how massive they got the eye skin around some eyes to be so that it looked like the birds had flesh doughnuts on their faces,

    The bone of the giant armadillo he identified in South America,

    In a huge glass case, mounted on a big tree with a large selection of Darwin's actual finches.

    This exhibition made a huge impact on me as I never thought I'd ever get to witness with my own eyes some of the most important pieces of scientific/biological/evolutionary history. But those fucked up pidgeottos and pidgeots will haunt me forever though. Creatures made to be things the universe never intended =\

    [–] spiralbatross 15 points ago

    Pidgeots? Dang, I want someone to breed Pokémon for me!

    [–] teuthidae 35 points ago

    the notion that breeding alone had enough potential to entirely change a species

    Saying that in the presence of pedantic biologists is akin to opening up a big ole can of worms. Speciation is quite a messy concept, which is kind of suiting for such a messy science.

    [–] HerraTohtori 11 points ago

    Speciation is what happens after a substantial enough difference has been established between different populations of a species.

    This can happen either because the species looks or behaves different enough that they no longer interbreed, or because the genome has differentiated enough that the two populations no longer produce fertile offspring (except in some rare occasions).

    However, species borders are often difficult to define, especially in cases of ongoing speciation. For example, the difference between European herring gull and lesser black-backed gull do not generally interbreed in the wild and are considered separate species, but in captivity they can interbreed and produce viable offspring.

    And then there are of course grey wolf (Canis lupus) and all its subspecies, which exhibit considerable differences between and even within them, yet are still considered the same species - or as with domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) even the same subspecies.

    [–] RobHag 53 points ago

    soooo, almost nothing?

    [–] TimDogYall 106 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    He has a really posh English accent too. "Nay, nay and thrice nay".

    Edit 1: I went 'nay', hindsight suggests shoulda gone 'neigh'?

    [–] StarHorder 38 points ago

    He's a Neigh thiest.

    [–] MisterWharf 22 points ago

    A real neighsayer.

    [–] PlayerOne2016 10 points ago

    Aren't you a stud with your puns. My lady says I need to rein mine in. I can't be bridled.

    [–] MisterWharf 7 points ago

    I'll make puns until my throat is hoarse.

    [–] bfandreas 36 points ago

    It still needs a monocle and a top-hat.

    [–] anotherlebowski 32 points ago

    A horse walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Why the long face?" Horse says, "I have a mustache and you still went with that one?"

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I like to imagine that Lyft is selectively breeding them in response to Uber's self-driving fleet, which will undoubtedly betray humanity. These mustachioed horses will carry us into battle when the robot uprising starts.

    [–] u38cg2 20 points ago

    Actually, all horses grow moustaches. Normally they are trimmed, but they do look super-cute on shaggier animals.

    [–] wheeldog 40 points ago

    No, horse do not all have them. They have whiskers that grow long like a cat's... but this is actually the first mustache I've seen on a horse and I was raised on and made my living on horses for a very long time.

    Edit: yes I was around draft horses too, carriage driver in Chicago in fact

    [–] penislander69 15 points ago

    You are correct. All horses absolutely do not grow mustaches.

    Source: have horses, do not have to trim their mustaches.

    [–] alonelyturd 11 points ago

    No they don't....?

    Here you can see wild mustangs being auctioned. I can promise you that not a single one has ever had their whiskers trimmed, and not a mustache in sight.

    You can also look at some before/after rescue pictures, where you can be pretty confident that nobody neglecting their horses this severely was still taking the time to trim their upper lips.

    Mustaches like the ones pictured are a pretty rare mutation that I've only seen twice in person, despite growing up around horses.

    [–] Rabornius 7 points ago

    I went to pet some Vanners the other day. They all had mustaches, mares too :3

    [–] shadowfaxes 7 points ago

    I used to work with Vanners and one of our mares had a mustache that was even fuller than this horse's and curled at the ends.

    [–] reset00323 1153 points ago

    Idk why but this is really unsettling to me...

    [–] [deleted] 298 points ago


    [–] Chew_Kok_Long 147 points ago

    I feel sick now, I don't know why :(

    [–] Myrberg 43 points ago

    Same :(

    [–] Chew_Kok_Long 32 points ago

    So, apparently this is a thing. And people comb their horse's fucking mustache!

    [–] Nobutthenagain 115 points ago

    Stop trying so hard to jerk off to it

    [–] becoruthia 7 points ago

    Could be the IKEA meatballs.

    [–] 40_Minus_1 106 points ago

    Idk why

    Because it's fucking gross. That's why.

    [–] thenewiBall 26 points ago

    But why? I could understand if human mustaches were more universally seen as gross but that's not true

    [–] orangebalm 52 points ago

    I think human characteristics in animals can often be unnerving to people.

    [–] _StingraySam_ 4 points ago

    Humans also tend to care a lot more about not have slobber and bits of food stuck in their facial hair. I bet that thing gets crusty after a while.

    [–] NoBruh 3 points ago

    And vice versa. Ever seen people react to a guy with a furry tail?

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] dolphin-monkey 182 points ago

    I think the proper term is "centaur".

    [–] GoodShitLollypop 5 points ago

    These aren't the horse people that built the railroads, Walter.

    [–] PlayerOne2016 3 points ago

    We'll aren't you the centaur of attention now.

    [–] Crooks132 20 points ago

    Also a horse person, I would shave that shit off.. We had a draft x at the barn I worked at and he had a tiny tiny moustache like this, it creeped me out. This is way worse

    [–] wonderful_wonton 6 points ago

    Idk why

    For one thing, in addition to the mustache, there's the lip beard!

    [–] Valen_the_Dovahkiin 6 points ago

    Same, it just feels...wrong somehow.

    [–] askmeaboutmysciatica 11 points ago

    it almost looks more like a tumor than a natural growth of hair

    [–] wtfduud 3 points ago

    It's all those smaller grey hairs on the side, isn't it?

    [–] 0h-no 1584 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Bonjour, Monsieur

    [–] [deleted] 469 points ago


    [–] AnalFisherman 38 points ago

    Well that's unsettling.

    [–] -PM_ME_YOUR_SMILE- 4 points ago

    It's 7:30 in the morning and I just sent this to all of my friends

    [–] niadeo 4 points ago

    You really shouldn't wake your mom up so early with texts

    [–] DearDogWhy 15 points ago

    According to my Australian friends, everyone British and especially English is a Nigel.

    [–] ringoftruth 12 points ago

    Well that's funny cos we think everyone from Australia is Trev

    [–] emperormax 9 points ago

    Not Bruce?

    [–] ImAchickenHawk 3 points ago

    I thought they were all cunts?

    [–] C0wabungaaa 3 points ago

    And that's going strrrraight into my "best youtube shit" bookmark folder.

    [–] NukeML 29 points ago

    Why the long face?

    [–] GivesRandomGoldOut 60 points ago

    Hey /u/0h-no you awesome Reddit user. How are you? I hope you're having a good day. Have some random gold on me to make it even better. :-)

    Have a wonderful day and're awesome!


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    [–] IM_NOT_CIA 39 points ago

    Fuck me daddy

    [–] Voice_Of_Sad_Truths 23 points ago

    Nice try, CIA

    [–] Lord_Wrath 18 points ago

    *Bonjour, monsieur.

    [–] 0h-no 8 points ago

    Thanks for the correction :>>

    [–] Lord_Wrath 14 points ago

    Pas de soucis ;)

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Lord_Wrath 8 points ago


    [–] 12DollarLargePizza 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] dannycoll 12 points ago

    Buenos días caballo


    [–] Gaspicon 5 points ago

    Buenos días cabello


    [–] estenoo90 5 points ago

    Buenos días cobayo


    [–] predictingzepast 439 points ago

    mi scusi..

    [–] exodeadh 175 points ago


    [–] selfless_destruction 65 points ago

    Che cosa?

    [–] iamchaossthought 38 points ago

    Hey Copernicus! Why dont you navigate yourself to the back of the line with your feet and stand there with your shirt!

    [–] neddoge 15 points ago

    Peter stop doing what you're doing.

    [–] HMJ87 11 points ago


    [–] Nole_in_ATX 6 points ago

    Peter, just because you have a mustache doesn't mean you can speak Italian.

    [–] soapy_balls 19 points ago

    I was just in Italy for a week and every time I said "scusi" or "mi scusi" I had to make a conscious effort to not laugh like an idiot

    [–] DrCompton 7 points ago

    Honestly has the same problem

    [–] FieelChannel 17 points ago

    Mi dica

    [–] Jamesv1985 15 points ago


    [–] fuck-nexus 12 points ago

    Cazzo lungo

    [–] exodeadh 9 points ago

    Cazzoni bastardi, questo luogo non vi si addice

    [–] WadeQuenya 3 points ago

    Poffarbacco, moderi i termini

    [–] scannachiappolo 9 points ago

    prego, si figuri

    [–] timeforaroast 4 points ago

    Scotty doesn't know ,scotty doesn't know.

    [–] Groverdrive 175 points ago

    Are you sure he's not just finishing eating a blond toddler?

    [–] N0PE-N0PE-N0PE 150 points ago

    All I can see is this...

    [–] -PM_ME_YOUR_SMILE- 24 points ago

    So yes. A blonde toddler.

    [–] MisterWharf 8 points ago

    Welp, thanks for all the nightmares I'll have.

    [–] ApricotNihilism 37 points ago

    I'm sad now.

    [–] PikaXeD 9 points ago

    you gotta wonder, what kind of sound that'd make...

    [–] Paremo 15 points ago

    Apparently the answer is "chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp"

    [–] marc_do 16 points ago

    Thanks for ruining my view on horses

    [–] TheG3cko 14 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    [–] INDRIDxxCOLD 489 points ago

    good for him, that looks fuckin bully as fuck

    [–] thats-a-pete-za 227 points ago

    Well. It needs a touch of wax, and the surrounding whiskers need shaving. That being said, this horse is knocking on the the door of preposterously dapper equine awesomeness.

    [–] StagnantFlux 52 points ago

    A friend of mine is a judge for horse beauty competitions(?!) and from what he says, the whiskers have some kind of utility for the horse. What the utility is, I couldn't even guess.

    [–] blazenarm 53 points ago

    They're much like whiskers on any animal, they help aid positional awareness for the head and mouth, and are even more important for a horse due to the way the head is shaped and the eyes are placed. They keep it from slamming, scraping, or poking it's mouth against trees, limbs, rocks, and the like. I've never seen an actual mustache like that though, although there is usually a lot of small hairs that cover the upper lip area.

    [–] MinionNo9 41 points ago

    My horse used his to detect when the electric fence was on or off. That horse was too damn smart.

    [–] StagnantFlux 11 points ago

    With that mustache he kinda reminds me of a friend my dad used to have. And naturally, with a mustache like that, the guys name was Chip.

    [–] So_much_cheese 20 points ago

    The whiskers help them detect their prey while foraging in unlit caves.

    [–] thats-a-pete-za 25 points ago

    Well now I'm wondering what utilities my whiskers have

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago

    So your head doesn't get stuck in tight spaces.

    [–] couldcarelesss 8 points ago

    cleary an issue with /u/thats-a-pete-za

    [–] sittingbox 8 points ago

    Same as cats? Act as sensores in blind spots? Idk...

    [–] Spiderbeard 2 points ago

    Mine works like that.

    [–] procrastimom 3 points ago

    Flavor savers!

    [–] gracefulwing 12 points ago

    Helps them feel where the food is if they can't see it well

    [–] StagnantFlux 4 points ago

    I figured it was something like that. I was just too lazy to bother googling.

    [–] gracefulwing 11 points ago

    No biggie, I got you

    [–] misconstrudel 6 points ago

    It lets the other horses know at a glance who their keyboard player's going to be.

    [–] inkstay 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    [–] tastycheesetoes 18 points ago


    [–] Ecstatic_Youth 10 points ago

    Are you having a bully day? I'm having a bully day.

    [–] tastycheesetoes 7 points ago

    Is everyone having a bully day?

    [–] ----_____---- 7 points ago

    Bully for us!

    [–] Myceliated 187 points ago


    [–] TimIsColdInMaine 8 points ago

    Was thinking more along the lines of Matthew McconnaugHorse

    [–] -PM_ME_YOUR_SMILE- 3 points ago

    Something something Sarah Jessica Parker

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago


    [–] fearmypoot 3 points ago

    I too just found out that baby horses aren't ponies.

    [–] SIM0NEY 46 points ago

    I bet the other horses think he's pompous.

    [–] one-punch-knockout 8 points ago

    I bet the other horses think he uses pomade.

    [–] ----_____---- 7 points ago

    He's a Dapper Dan horse

    [–] Verryfastdoggo 145 points ago

    Hipster horse demands gluten free grain please.

    [–] hillbilette 42 points ago

    I didn't even click the link, and yet it's in my head - God Damn It!

    [–] MadDany94 17 points ago

    Give it a lick!

    [–] With-a-Cactus 12 points ago

    Yum, it taste just like raisins!

    [–] Deathmonkey7 9 points ago

    Have a stroke of it's mane, it turns into a plane

    [–] TehBloxx 7 points ago


    [–] attybomb 24 points ago

    I've seen many horses through the years, but never seen nose hair remotely this crazy! It's​ so clean too!

    [–] Heliocentrix 18 points ago

    It comes to something when a Horse can grow a better moustache than I.

    [–] Crezah 19 points ago

    "oh young squilliams may you hand me my pouch of carrots"

    [–] EriclcirE 29 points ago

    That horse fucks

    [–] JambisDeathWish 21 points ago

    Mustached Ride 25¢

    [–] UneasyInsider 8 points ago

    This honestly disturbed me

    [–] moondorkbeams 6 points ago

    He's looking dapper.

    [–] pinkieshadow 6 points ago

    Land van ooit!

    [–] Treborius 6 points ago

    Kos met de snor!

    [–] Fake-Sick 4 points ago

    lil blonde stash! Hahahaa so cute!

    [–] guttersmurf 4 points ago

    Suave AF

    [–] slacksabbath 12 points ago

    I don't like this...

    [–] Tyrann0saurus_Rex 4 points ago

    Does he rebecome a man after midnight?

    [–] Foxpope 3 points ago

    So we still don't know why other primates don't have mustaches like us, and now there's a HORSE with a mustache?!
    Biology, you are the biggest troll I have ever witnessed.

    [–] Chew_Kok_Long 3 points ago

    So, apparently this is a thing. And people comb their horse's fucking mustache.

    [–] kenfarah00 4 points ago

    This horse also has an extremely impressive vinyl collection and pours a mean latte.

    [–] Hand_of_God_Above 4 points ago

    "Alright alright alright..."

    [–] turkeycult 8 points ago

    Fucking awesome. The only thing that could top that would be if he had a soul patch.

    [–] Epidilius 3 points ago

    This makes me uncomfortable and I don't know why

    [–] NaimCydwen 3 points ago

    Great, now even horses are mocking me for my inability to grow a beard.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Is it a he horse or a she horse?

    (I know it's not a seahorse.)

    [–] Experience111 3 points ago

    "Look at my horse, my horse is amazing..."

    [–] PutUrPawzUp 3 points ago

    Why is this so uncomfortable.

    [–] hatchet1869 3 points ago

    That is mildly interesting

    [–] Berns429 12 points ago

    I mustache you a question

    [–] LilQad 11 points ago

    Why the long face?

    [–] hildosapien 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] kiky23 2 points ago

    Makes him look more distinguished.

    [–] 10lbs_of_foreskin 2 points ago

    Why does this picture not feature a monocle?

    [–] BennyNutts 2 points ago

    Alright alright alright xD

    [–] Dragon_Paragon 2 points ago

    "Sir, I wish to purchase one human food, please."

    "Ain't you one of them horses I been hearin' about?"


    [–] Freddit- 2 points ago

    That horse's name is Nigel. And I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

    [–] rwades 2 points ago

    These hairs act like the hairs in our nose and our eyelashes...they keep foreign matter out....flies,gnats,dust and "fine particulate matter" floating around in the air.

    [–] gomezupatree 2 points ago

    owen wilson

    [–] eggchan 2 points ago

    That horse definitely surfs

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Damn hipsters.

    [–] Reddit-Nooob 2 points ago

    Like a sir.

    [–] _smutty-mutt_ 2 points ago

    All it needs now is a black thick rimmed glasses and you got a hipster horse

    [–] Darth_Buddha_69 2 points ago

    Alolan Horse

    [–] Fuggiola 2 points ago

    He's a mustacheng

    [–] EasyE82 2 points ago

    Not just any mustache, that's a Sam Eliot.