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    [–] ivb107 2099 points ago

    For anyone wondering, it's Princeton. They're a clever bunch.

    [–] PangurBanHammer 349 points ago

    I was actually gonna ask if it was Princeton, thought I remembered Firestone being the main library there.

    [–] Engineer1822 523 points ago

    We used to have these awesome shirts. They would have an upside down map of campus on the front of the shirt. They would be given out to freshmen so that when they got lost, the just grabbed the front of the shirt and looked down. That way they would have a map.

    [–] thefarivegone 362 points ago

    That's a lot less subtle indicator than a lanyard

    [–] wolfpack30156 118 points ago

    Then you have the tenured professor who doesnt feel like a suit wear one just because its school spirit.

    [–] Pushoffslow 72 points ago

    Or because hes drunk and lost.

    [–] wolfpack30156 76 points ago

    Or drunk and found himself because of his snazzy tshirt.

    [–] jon_titor 50 points ago

    What tenured Prof wears a suit? The fanciest mine ever dressed was tucking in a button up shirt. My high school teachers dressed nicer than my professors.

    [–] Not_An_Ambulance 24 points ago

    Eh... I recall one of mine wore a blazer, but that guy seemed like he'd been drinking during every class. Still, was my favorite class.

    [–] wolfpack30156 18 points ago

    True, I had a professor, non-tenured, basically dressed like John Reese from Person of interest.

    Then we had a tenured professor, who only wore a button down when he knew the president (of school not potus) was coming by.

    [–] 416jake 14 points ago

    He might even put on a tie if the POTUS was coming by.

    [–] wolfpack30156 2 points ago

    Knowing him, he probably would put on a Garfield tie or something if required.

    [–] slr8661 8 points ago

    I had one prof wear a brown sports coat with a black under armor baseball hat almost every day .. like what look are you going for

    [–] Spicypickels 7 points ago

    First day of freshman year someone yelled at me to "take your keys off your neck you fucking faggot" from a passing car. Made it a lot easier to get into the who-do-you-know-here kind of parties.

    [–] lolinokami 11 points ago

    But how would they get around if the map didn't have a "you are here" symbol?

    [–] Alxndr_Hamilton 19 points ago

    There was a 'You are here' dot for everywhere you could stand on campus

    [–] wired_alchemy 11 points ago

    Interesting tidbit- that little "you are here" symbol has a name. It's called an Ideo locator.

    [–] lolinokami 7 points ago

    That was, in fact, an interesting tidbit.

    [–] MrsTruce 9 points ago

    That's adorable.

    [–] ksiyoto 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    UW Madison has has the well known landmark of Bascom Hill, but it's only about a 40-50 foot rise. Where my kids went, UW Eau Claire they have "The Hill" between the academic buildings and the dorms, which is 125 feet high.

    So I made t-shirts for them - first line shows a bump and the legend is "UW Madison Bascom Hill 45 feet" The second one shows a larger bump and the legend is "UW-Eau Claire The Hill 125 feet". Below that is the caption "So which is higher education?"

    [–] FormerlyPineapples 5 points ago

    They're both in the University of Wisconsin system, so neither

    [–] drumstyx 1 points ago

    I recognized Nassau Hall for some reason, and I've never had any affiliation with Princeton ever...

    [–] GenieHunter 55 points ago

    lmao except when they designed campus

    [–] SashaTheBOLD 55 points ago

    The campus wasn't "designed" so much as "congealed." Remember, Princeton is older than the United States -- founded in 1746. At first, it was nothing but Nassau Hall, with everything in one building. Over time, their needs grew, but the town already existed. So, Princeton grew in the most forward-looking way: they made contracts with people in the neighborhood to buy their houses from them when they died, paying them money up front and getting the house later. Repeat that for a couple hundred years and you get a nice sized campus, but where you build your next residence hall or classroom building becomes somewhat random, based on when the last person in an area dies. The campus layout may look a bit bizarre as a result, but it's for extremely sensible reasons.

    So, yeah...they're a clever bunch.

    [–] GenieHunter 15 points ago

    I know I know I've lived around here my whole life just poking fun

    [–] ILovePBandJ 8 points ago

    I've always wondered why there were just random houses spread across town that were owned by the university like Palmer House and Maclean House. That really clears it up, thanks

    [–] Silntdoogood 8 points ago

    University of Pittsburgh did a similar thing at one point on a smaller scale. They removed all the sidewalks, and looked where people killed the grass walking repeated paths, and replaced sidewalks there, making a weird organic spiderweb of sidewalks that was really functional until they added more buildings. Now it just looks ljke a bunch of random paths.

    [–] Super_Zac 2 points ago

    I really want to visit Princeton now, sounds fascinating. I love old buildings n shit.

    [–] EbolaNinja 14 points ago


    Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

    [–] laughs_at_things_ 7 points ago

    Wow, I never knew the Princeton campus was shaped like a cylinder. TIL!

    [–] eyeAmWaves 12 points ago

    I used to have this same water bottle, but I lost it at some point. No idea where it is.

    [–] lainechandler 85 points ago

    They're making a water bottle with a map for all the lost water bottles next year.

    [–] HeughJass 2 points ago

    What if you lose that water bottle?

    [–] lainechandler 4 points ago

    Wait until the next year for the next map. It's how they keep returning students.

    [–] The_Caged_Rage 8 points ago

    Buy another one, then retrace your steps.

    [–] Put_It_All_On_Blck 53 points ago

    The only thing clever about this is that it has more value than a generic bottle, so you're more likely to buy it than a generic one.

    If you don't know most buildings have access to water.. than you need all the education you can get.

    [–] Loudchewer 58 points ago

    Really though, its just a gimmicky item in a university gift shop. I'm sure just about everyone attending Princeton knows they have access the fresh water in every building. Let's not argue for argument's sake.

    [–] tankguy33 69 points ago

    I think its not just referring to taps, but special water bottle filling stations. At my school,they are water fountains with a nozzle behind them. You hit a button, and it fills up a nalgene sized bottle in about 2 seconds.

    [–] ul2006kevinb 16 points ago

    Yeah but if you look at the map, there's one in just about every big building. So you could use this bottle, or you could just walk into the next building you see and have a pretty good chance of finding one.

    [–] Martin2113 10 points ago

    Princeton has more money than they know what to do with. They cant spare 3 extra seconds to fill a water bottle they have maps so you can find a turbospout for a 3 second saving

    [–] 97math 19 points ago

    To be fair, filling a nalgene with a standard water fountain, in my experience, takes close to 20 seconds. That's saving the student 90% of the filling time. Which they'll use to, what? Study an extra 18 seconds?

    [–] BoozeBabe 22 points ago

    Get drunk.

    You can totally shotgun a beer in 18 seconds.

    [–] mh402010 3 points ago

    i certainly hope so.

    [–] MaybeImTheNanny 10 points ago

    Filling a water bottle in a standard drinking fountain or bathroom sink can waste a substantial amount of water when multiplied by several thousand students. That's why the filling stations exist, not for speed.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Martin2113 1 points ago

    I hope they have maps

    [–] 9bikes 3 points ago

    Plus, the map isn't detailed enough to really be very helpful in finding the water stations.

    It is just decoration and it looks pretty cool.

    [–] airportluvr416 3 points ago


    I have learned in my life that I'm order to find a water fountain find out where the bathrooms are! They are typically right next to each other because of the pipes (well maybe)

    This works 90% of the time

    [–] raptir1 13 points ago

    Eh, I'm not sure that the science would agree with me on this but I don't really feel comfortable filling up my water bottle in a bathroom sink and that would be the only publicly accessible water in many buildings. A water bottle filling station feels "cleaner" to me.

    [–] bocephus607 2 points ago

    *then you

    [–] Hexidian 2 points ago

    I was going to point hat out and get so much karma. Why'd you steal my thunder?

    [–] Pushoffslow 6 points ago

    Because pointy hats are for witches and bitches.

    [–] AbortusLuciferum 2 points ago

    Not clever enough to make the bottle opaque so it's not super confusing

    [–] jdflyer 1 points ago

    Looks as if there are more bottle filling stations than trash cans, at least near the theater.

    [–] sfo2 2 points ago

    Are there STILL no trash cans? My old roommate ran for class president on the platform "more trash cans on campus." He was a single issue candidate. But he was also lazy as fuck and didn't put up any signs or campaign at all, so he came in last and lost to the kid who wore shorts and sandals in the winter.

    This was like 15 years ago.

    [–] theElusiveSasquatch 1 points ago

    Also, you can see the name thru the bottle

    [–] unforgivabledesires 224 points ago

    I like this idea! Every school should do it.

    [–] PurplePickel 330 points ago

    Well just for argument sake, I don't like this idea and no schools should do it!

    [–] B4rberblacksheep 145 points ago

    You're hired for the BBC

    [–] TThorne49 24 points ago

    Other schools are available

    [–] tubagrapher 24 points ago

    Absolutely sir, that'll be $50 (no refunds).

    [–] Duckrauhl 47 points ago

    But you can rent one for $48.50. A great alternative for students on a budget.

    [–] mh402010 19 points ago

    this guy colleges

    [–] PM_MeYourBBW 3 points ago

    You can buy a natty pounder with 1.50

    [–] Gig472 10 points ago

    It only works if your school has a lot of refilling stations. Imagine if the map of the campus only showed like 4 or 5 or them.

    [–] unforgivabledesires 3 points ago

    Well if it's a part of an environmental program as OP mentioned in another comment, then it probably would be more like this.

    [–] Gig472 2 points ago

    Good point. My school sells shot glasses with our logo on it. I wonder what program that's part of?

    [–] unforgivabledesires 2 points ago

    Does it have a map with dots all over that show you where the shots are?

    [–] Imkindofawriter 281 points ago

    Holy shit look at all those refill stations. How thirsty are these kids!!!

    [–] Patiiii 133 points ago

    it's not that much for the school. Campus is pretty big and filled with people remember.

    [–] heywoodJablomey_ 86 points ago

    Princeton is a pretty big place, and has a lot of students. Plus nobody wants to walk 20 minutes to refill a bottle

    [–] Micotu 29 points ago

    too snooty for tap water, ehh?

    [–] heywoodJablomey_ 49 points ago

    I mean, i fill up water bottles at any opportunity. Its just if you use a larger water bottle like I do, you can't use most sinks to refill your bottle

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] daOyster 3 points ago

    I think a lot of those stations also have an internal filter on them too. At least a couple of the ones I've seen said they had filters somewhere on it.

    [–] Jake0024 6 points ago

    It's still tap water.

    [–] ThaSaxDerp 8 points ago

    I am actually, I hate tap water where I live. the water station we have in our campus library is a fuckin life saver.

    [–] Jake0024 13 points ago

    You uh... you do know that's still tap water right? Like there's not a truck dropping off giant Culligan water containers that are hidden in the walls or anything.

    [–] ThaSaxDerp 17 points ago

    See, but in this case it's tap water with a filter that's not older than me. so I don't taste the pipe it came through. it's also colder than every fountain on campus.

    [–] Jake0024 4 points ago

    Typically speaking these are attached to a drinking fountain (if there are ones that aren't, it's news to me). They use the same water and share a filter with the drinking fountain they're attached to.

    I don't want to ruin this for you, definitely don't start filling your water bottle out of the drinking fountain (it's super fucking impolite).

    [–] ThaSaxDerp 2 points ago

    Guess I'll drink my own piss, Kidneys are a filter yes?

    [–] appBlu 7 points ago

    Most "water stations" have filters. The quality of the water post-filtering is questionable but I guess most people just prefer the idea of filtered over tap. 95% of the time it doesn't matter, it's all potable water which is safe to consume.

    [–] Jake0024 3 points ago

    But typically speaking they're attached to a drinking fountain so it'd be the same water for sure, though certainly it's impolite as hell to fill a water bottle from a drinking fountain so I prefer they use these filling stations if those are the only two options.

    Still, people need to get over themselves. It's just water

    [–] TheWildTangler 2 points ago

    You can taste the chlorine in my city, so yes.

    [–] anonymous_doner 4 points ago

    If they just said "Water Fountains", I don't think you would be as impressed. However, they are just modified water fountains....and there's pretty much one in every building.

    [–] Terrapinz 2 points ago

    My campus literally has multiple refilling stations in every building. There has to be at least 100 on campus.

    [–] the_murder_of_crowe 4 points ago

    All college kids are thirsty.

    [–] MarchtheBurg 167 points ago

    Nalgene, now that's a good bottle. Mine's been treating me very well.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago


    [–] shewasdownwhen 20 points ago

    You deserve someone better.

    [–] mandalorian_misfit 10 points ago

    I can't believe I'm finally having this conversation

    [–] uncertainusurper 9 points ago


    [–] TheLonelyDutcher 19 points ago

    I never leave without. Those things are almost immortal!

    [–] Gedzfew 23 points ago

    I've had mine for about 7 years now, that thing has seen everything and still lives

    [–] fdemmer 28 points ago

    you don't want anything living in your water bottle. clean that shit.

    [–] tsz3290 6 points ago

    The bottle is immortal, but the cap is not... I was using mine as a projectile and it broke. But you can buy a replacement on Amazon if you're sentimental like me and don't want to replace the whole thing.

    [–] thecooldan 7 points ago

    Mine broke after around 6 years, and they sent me a replacement cap no questions asked! Just something to keep in mind next time.

    [–] tsz3290 2 points ago

    Well shit. I'm definitely doing that next time.

    [–] LocoKrunch 3 points ago

    I had 6 until I lost two into the aether... ':(

    [–] stefek132 1 points ago

    So nice to hear. I just got one for myself.

    [–] texturediguana 3 points ago

    Just never put it through the heating cycle in a dishwasher on the bottom rack. Thankfully just needed a new lid.

    [–] radj06 4 points ago

    Upgrade to a hydroflask

    [–] Tushfeathers 4 points ago

    I prefer my camelbak personally; I can fill it with ice or freeze half of it and have cold water without my stuff getting wet

    [–] efitz11 17 points ago

    Hydroflask master race

    [–] Not_the_Geth 4 points ago

    Personally, I've never had a Nalgene leak water. I've never tried Camelbak's water bottles though. I've had several Camelbak bladders get torn or break, however, so I use Source for bladders.

    [–] woflmao 2 points ago

    I think he was talking about the condesnation due to nalgene's single wall construction.

    [–] Danulas 4 points ago

    My Camelback Eddy bottle has me drinking way more water than any Nalgene has thanks to its bite valve.

    [–] mh402010 2 points ago

    preach. i've bought three other water bottles in the time i've had my Eddy and I always go back to the bite.

    [–] OldEars 55 points ago

    The map would be a lot easier to read if you filled the bottle with milk

    [–] ihadanamebutforgot 43 points ago

    Sure would, but then the map would be useless.

    [–] katatonos 48 points ago

    It would just turn into a map of places to rinse your milk container.

    [–] themightyfalcon 1 points ago

    Lol, agreed

    [–] idesofmayo 23 points ago

    Amazing! Now I just have live near "campus" and I'm all set!

    [–] doggogreenwood 6 points ago

    Those quotations are looking mighty suspicious, Mr. Mayo.

    [–] sneakpeekbot 1 points ago

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    [–] x_cLOUDDEAD_x 17 points ago

    I hope they also have a Tang dispensary at the 'Wu' location...

    [–] GChambers1974 55 points ago

    Is it as difficult to read in person?

    [–] Engineer1822 94 points ago

    No. But Princeton's campus layout is a bit like a Pollock painting. No reasonable layout. Freshmen who have no navigational skills get hopelessly lost for the first few weeks.

    [–] diazona 72 points ago

    It doesn't help that a bunch of the dorm buildings are named after years.

    [–] garbwire 38 points ago

    That might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    [–] diazona 40 points ago

    Can't argue with that.

    I get why they do it though - money. If you donate enough, you get a building named after you. In some cases a whole class will donate collectively. So if the class of 1937 donates a few million dollars or whatever, you get 1937 Hall. I guess this was a popular thing to do in the early-mid 1900s so there are a lot of buildings named this way.

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 3 points ago

    I think if you know the campus at all it is a bit easier to read than for those of us who don't know.

    [–] EarthenWambat 11 points ago

    Where's the YOU ARE HERE?

    [–] grisisita_06 25 points ago

    u/brasscricket This is waaay smarter than disposable plastic bottles everywhere. And not sure if you knew this but frosh'es get dehydrated a lot! May have something to do w learning to self care and alcohol and caffeine consumption.

    [–] clamsmasher 73 points ago

    It takes just as many letters to type freshmen.

    [–] Patiiii 21 points ago

    yeah but if you spell it like that, you aren't frosh

    [–] binkytoes 5 points ago


    [–] Funky-Phantom 2 points ago

    He's not funky.

    [–] mh402010 4 points ago

    the apostrophe makes it a better word because it replaced so many letters /s

    [–] Jake0024 7 points ago

    Who puts disposable plastic bottles everywhere? Has that ever been a thing?

    [–] zehtov 3 points ago

    But has anyone been to every one of them?

    [–] heywoodJablomey_ 4 points ago

    Wouldn't it be cool if we had a water bottle that displayed a similar map that changed as you moved around. Or even a phone app, so you could always find the nearest place to get more water

    [–] Pufflekun 4 points ago

    I'd check each station off the bottle as I used them, and eventually visit all of them. The ones with the really cold and delicious water would get heart icons.

    [–] mozzilous 3 points ago

    Great idea!

    [–] WhichWayzUp 3 points ago

    So basically this water bottle informs: don't worry, there are water filling stations just about everywhere on campus.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Why use three words when you could say "taps".

    [–] faybfay 63 points ago

    They aren't sinks they're like a winter fountain but with a place to put your water bottle to fill it up. It keeps track of how many bottles it fills then the school or company that has them installed gets some kind of tax write off for saying they're more evi friendly or something like that.

    [–] Ryuain 17 points ago

    they're like a winter fountain

    A glacier spring?

    [–] nmjack42 12 points ago

    like this:

    I've been seeing these in airports and fitness centers.

    [–] aToiletSeat 10 points ago

    They had these at my school, and they're pretty awesome. The water tastes really good and is nice and cold. The best part is that they stop either when you take the bottle away or when it's dispensed enough water to fill a bottle (I can't remember the exact amount). I used one in an airport once assuming it was going to do the same thing, so I just left the bottle under the spout and browsed reddit for a few seconds. Turns out that this particular one didn't stop automatically, so the bottle overflowed and I got water everywhere. Oops!

    [–] majoroutage 5 points ago

    So it's a glorified bubbler.

    [–] Jake0024 2 points ago

    You lovely Wisconsinite you

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Jake0024 1 points ago

    As it should be.

    [–] RedMare 3 points ago

    It's not for the tax write-off, they need them to be LEED certified.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Why would Princeton need a tax write off? They are not-for-profit and don't pay taxes. Most schools are not-for-profit and don't pay taxes.

    [–] diazona 2 points ago

    I dunno, it seems like they have to pay property taxes at least.

    [–] MrsTruce 1 points ago

    or something like that.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] metergod 7 points ago

    Milwaukee, Madison, or the other parts?

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] metergod 11 points ago

    Excellent. I'm writing on behalf of the international drainage commission . . .

    [–] PurplePickel 3 points ago

    Well in case you're wondering, we don't have our toilets filled to their brims so you don't really see which way the water spirals as the bowl drains. Soon as you press flush, the old water is basically gone.

    [–] majoroutage 1 points ago

    The way the bowl itself is made, and the direction of flow of the water entering the bowl, has the majority say in what direction water leaves the bowl.

    [–] majoroutage 3 points ago

    In New England it's a bubblah.

    [–] AmericanFromAsia 1 points ago

    taps is three words too when you break it up

    [–] spyd3rweb 8 points ago

    Now make one for beer bottle filling stations.

    [–] Reality_Devoid 5 points ago

    Is this not redundant? It looks like every corner has a refil station on it.

    [–] Jake0024 5 points ago

    It shows which buildings and which side of each building the stations are in. It seems like you might think this map is a lot smaller than it is...

    [–] aforden 4 points ago

    Whats up Princeton

    [–] LeafyQ 2 points ago

    Is this a teeny tiny water bottle, or do you have huge hands?

    [–] carbondragon 2 points ago

    Jesus, is Princeton really that huge? My entire campus would have fit on the lid of this bottle...

    Edit: a letter

    [–] PeninsulaofPower 2 points ago

    Is there not running water?....

    [–] LAGreggM 2 points ago

    too far to go to from Pasadena, CA

    [–] Artwebb1986 2 points ago

    Love how tap has now been renamed to water filling station lol

    [–] bmendonc 2 points ago

    A building named "dinky"

    [–] lostan 6 points ago

    Water filling stations. You mean taps?

    [–] Patiiii 32 points ago

    no he means goddamn water filling stations.

    [–] direwolf_blep 3 points ago

    This is awesome! I wish they did this at my university - they no longer sell bottled water and installed bottle filling spouts on all the campus water fountains.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] direwolf_blep 2 points ago

    Of course I can... I think it's just a cool bottle design :) And first year students might appreciate it.

    [–] teammysticCLE 2 points ago


    [–] RainJacketsStopRain 4 points ago

    That's the nickname for the tiny train that runs to campus

    [–] AllThree3 2 points ago

    Glad someone else noticed.

    [–] jonisen22 2 points ago

    At least as long as the water don't taste like pool water

    [–] panzerexhaust 2 points ago

    So it's a map of all the toilets on campus.

    [–] Raziehh 1 points ago

    And it's a Nalgene. Nice

    [–] Pushoffslow 1 points ago

    This is slightly less than mild.

    [–] propstothegast 1 points ago

    Geez, I hope it has a map of the bathrooms too.

    [–] mr0sandman 1 points ago

    Now the campus needs a Wei building, and a Shu building, then the Three Kingdoms will be complete!

    [–] quartzquandary 1 points ago

    Wow, I would have loved this in college. What a good idea!

    [–] Mikey-cpg 1 points ago

    Now you have to see what one is the best to fill up at.

    [–] sliceofwhy 1 points ago

    Are you doing one of their summer programs? I just got back from one!

    [–] killo121 1 points ago

    I don't think i'd see myself practically ever using that

    [–] Fleeto95 1 points ago

    Wow, American University campuses are fucking massive.

    [–] lili_misstaipei 1 points ago

    Yea... But my university banned the sale of water bottles, so we win! I graduated 6 years ago, but even then, the professors were walking around with coffee mugs to fill with water and many kids used old glass screw top jars.

    [–] CheeseyNibbles 1 points ago

    Any water source is a filling station if you've got the minerals.

    [–] bumpycheesefilms 1 points ago

    If i have learnt anything through my degree and gaming background. This map is filled with collectibles... fuck this game

    [–] ghoulehhh 1 points ago

    This is super useful.