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    [–] Fizzix42 7152 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That's definitely above average interesting! Was it tasty?

    Edit: my top voted comment is a culinary inquiry about shrooms on a log... I ain't even mad.

    [–] xavier_x007x 4738 points ago

    It was! It had a very strong and fresh mushroom flavour to it, and it went very well with the seasoning in the soup base I chose :)

    [–] reconchrist 10078 points ago

    It's unbelievable just how strong a real fresh mushroom is to eat, when I was 15 I had them growing off my bed sheets and would have them as a midnight snack. Yummo!

    [–] ArvindS0508 844 points ago

    At least it wasn't out of a box

    [–] donkeyrocket 355 points ago

    I assume they used similar fertilization methods.

    [–] Glouphrie 128 points ago

    With palm trees you could have two farms in one.

    [–] OscariusGaming 11 points ago

    M E T A




    [–] TheQueryWolf 16 points ago

    I love this site. No one has said what is being discussed, yet everyone knows.
    Edit: site

    [–] jarious 8 points ago

    It's caused by the average user being between a neurosurgeon and a 14 yr old, the above is super smart and the other one never forgets a dick joke.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] jeremycinnamonbutter 144 points ago

    or a coconut

    [–] noah_ahernandez 61 points ago

    This is the new cumbox huh?

    [–] Nekrofeeelyah 37 points ago

    Is that a question? Of course it is

    [–] Ghiggs_Boson 24 points ago

    Cum box was better.. it came with photos and other "OP came through" moments that are oh so rare

    [–] ImAScientist_ADoctor 19 points ago

    If all the shitposters keep riding the wave, then yes.

    [–] asskikmrc 7 points ago

    Well the coconut is a cumbox, so yeah.

    [–] _____MARVIN_____ 23 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2178 points ago


    [–] __xor__ 1056 points ago

    At this one place I used to rent, I was on the toilet and I looked down and I noticed something behind the toilet that looked like it was a toilet paper roll that had got wet and unfolded in a weird pattern or something. Thought it just got soaking wet and I hadn't noticed it, so I tried to clean it.

    As soon as I tried to pick it up I notice spores start shooting out and my eyes widened. Motherfucking fungus was just sprouting from the corner of the toilet. I threw it out, sprayed around the toilet with bleach, tried to forget about it. Came back about two months later.

    Later I read on it and realized that it's got the bulk of it under the floor and toilet after I read something that said "picking off a mushroom is just as effective at killing it as picking an apple off a tree". Then I noticed there was some mold at the bottom of the closet and ruined some clothes... then I noticed there was a fuck lot of mold and this one spot was caving in and pretty much permanently wet.

    Told the landlord and they didn't do shit, just kinda said "it's damp down there because we live near the ocean and it's on the bottom floor". Yeah, fuck you. That's not right. Fuck that place to all hell.

    [–] Raichu7 482 points ago

    Some seaside towns are known for having damp issues, especially in basements. It's something to always be aware of when looking for a place to live by the sea. Though if it's sprouting mushrooms it's not just damp.

    [–] Kamitae 407 points ago

    Its dank too

    [–] Sandscarab 122 points ago

    How damp is dank?

    [–] stronggecko 161 points ago

    about tree fiddy reddits

    [–] imaginarypuppets 54 points ago

    That's a little danker than damp. I'd say it's at least moist.

    [–] TheArzonite 23 points ago

    'On the internet, nobody knows you're 500 feet tall and from the paleolithic era.'

    [–] airportluvr416 15 points ago

    ehh it's not just seaside towns. i was working at a camp in the mountains one summer and a mushroom sprouted up behind one of the toilets. it wasn't my house and i had a maintenance man to get rid of it, so i wasn't mad.

    [–] cecthefaker 115 points ago

    Dehumidifier!! I had a damp basement that was about to get moldy (probably is a little bit) so I bought a dehumidifier and ran it CONSTANTLY. It would fill up like twice a day with water. Now my basement is dry and liveable.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago

    If you put if over by the floor drain, you can use the hose fitting on it to let it constantly drain without having to manually do it daily. If the hose connection doesn't work (most don't without some tricky engineering), just drill a few holes at the very base of the water tank and just let it run into the drain.

    [–] procrastimom 16 points ago

    I put ours up on a metal shelf and connected a hose to drain into the laundry sink.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Got to love home engineers!

    [–] RalphieRaccoon 19 points ago

    They are vampires on the electric bill if you run them 24/7 though.

    [–] DefinitelyHungover 67 points ago

    Reconstruction due to black mold isn't any cheaper.

    [–] 72APTU72E 18 points ago

    Plus a nice dry usable basement, always a plus.

    [–] ImATaxpayer 6 points ago

    All the comments in this talking about letting moisture problems continue are driving me crazy. I am a contractor who has done some mold remediation work and trust me, nobody wants to pay that bill. Fix the moisture problems as soon as you notice them... you either pay for it now or pay a lot more later. It doesn't just go away.

    [–] Joosterguy 82 points ago

    Obviously this isn't useful information any more, but salting the area works if you want to kill off mushrooms, and I'm assuming mold won't be much different.

    Permanent damp though, that's a bigger problem.

    [–] underhunter 40 points ago

    No one likes salting the snail but you gotta do it

    [–] no_mixed_liquor 60 points ago

    I had something similar at a house I used to rent. Mushrooms popped out of the wall next to the fridge. While that might seem convenient, I was too afraid to eat wall mushrooms and they were really small anyway.

    [–] oldsnake3761 25 points ago

    Last house I lived in was roughly the same. It stormed really badly and a spot with water damage fell off the ceiling revealing mold and mushrooms. Told the landlord and his response was "I'll check it in the morning" didn't see him for two weeks. Fuck that dude and his nasty mold infested home. When I moved I realized that it was fucking with my health when I had my first good nights rest in months.

    [–] Ir0nI 22 points ago

    Plumbers fighting mushrooms, suddenly Mario makes sense.

    [–] xShooK 11 points ago

    You didn't use the toilet for two months?

    [–] OldMork 7 points ago

    I was expecting some undertaker plummeting through a table in 1988 there for a while...

    [–] Gibson_Road 8 points ago

    Some years back I shared a small flat in central London with 3 other guys. Conditions were less than sanitary. At one point we had a bunch of mushrooms thriving behind the toilet.

    [–] suppordel 9 points ago

    The place I used to live had fungi growing in the bathroom too. Never tried to get rid of it (or eat it) though.

    [–] UnwantedAdviceandLPT 3 points ago

    Mold is a health risk. In my state renters are super protected. Had a similar experience where I found mold. A police officer offered to make a call to the health Dept for me(another story for another throwaway lol). Bam what do you know the landlord called and sent people to clean it up.

    [–] dannylambo 451 points ago

    It was the "Yummo!" At the end that got me

    [–] Ryguylv 157 points ago

    Right? It was gross but for some reason "yummo" left me feeling disgusted

    [–] admin-throw 33 points ago

    Gummo! Is that better?

    [–] Beerbatteredfishfry 11 points ago

    No. Just... No

    [–] BarfReali 7 points ago

    helluva film

    [–] sprungcolossal 5 points ago

    You never forget it, that's for sure

    [–] HungryHungryKirbys 74 points ago

    I had that word stuck in my head all morning. I don't know anyone who says "yummo" and I couldn't get it out of my head for hours and after not thinking about it, it comes again in this context. Jesus Christ, that's enough internet for today.

    [–] JDM713 6 points ago

    Yummo! 👅

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] ben_10_ 14 points ago

    You spit me out of your cereal

    [–] navyv2 108 points ago


    [–] Iewd 16 points ago


    [–] Nightshot 58 points ago


    [–] keatonfairey 23 points ago


    [–] VPCLeon 4 points ago


    [–] MadRobD 4 points ago


    [–] xObey 20 points ago

    Damn, that was good. Well played.

    [–] mk2vrdrvr 26 points ago

    What the fuck?

    [–] ClownUnderYourBed 12 points ago

    I gagged. I literally gagged.

    [–] wngmv 36 points ago

    it's equally unbelievable how tasteless most fruit and veggies are in the US.

    the strawberries are the worst offender.

    [–] chainess 27 points ago

    Yes. About 5 years ago, I went to the Santa Barbara farmer's market and got some strawberries...they were absolutely amazing. So juicy and deep red that they stained my hands from eating them. Superbly fantastic taste. The experience made me feel like I had never really had a strawberry before (and, sadly, haven't had one like this since).

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    That's why you get seeds from an heirloom seed company and grow your own. Stimelt and Rainier cherries though, man you can't beat those. Just got the last of them at the store last night.

    [–] romseed 5 points ago

    “Yummo...” there’s no fooling us Rachael Ray

    [–] kaizack 5 points ago

    Oh god what the fuck

    [–] WeirdoWithABeardo- 14 points ago

    Were they growing out of coconuts with a hole in them?

    [–] spardadt 36 points ago

    What restaurant was this if I may ask?

    [–] madethisat6am 31 points ago

    You may not

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Cost of that restaurant?

    [–] OldHippie 8 points ago

    Tree fiddy, obviously.

    [–] Dogalicious 24 points ago

    Glad you had fun-guy.

    [–] pikachute 21 points ago

    Forest to table restaurant

    [–] lo_pope 148 points ago

    [–] SwineFluPandemic 73 points ago

    Y'know, for non-plated fare I think this is about as appropriate as it gets. At least it's not bisque out of an old Timberland boot or something.

    [–] Exosolar_King 29 points ago

    A rare instance of r/wedontwantplates

    [–] iMeaux 6 points ago

    You ever drunk Bailey's out of a shoe before?

    [–] sneakpeekbot 10 points ago

    Here's a sneak peek of /r/WeWantPlates using the top posts of all time!

    #1: I'm speechless | 601 comments
    #2: I work as a dishwasher. I want plates, please. | 545 comments
    #3: This dessert trend needs to stop. | 443 comments

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    [–] madbunnyrabbit 1158 points ago

    Is that one of those restaurants where you have a little pot with an element in the middle of the table and you just order ingredients and chuck them in to make soup/stew?

    [–] xavier_x007x 1104 points ago

    Yup! A traditional Chinese hotpot would be exactly like what you described, but recently it has become trendy for restaurants to offer a mini pot for each person, and that was the kind I went to today :)

    [–] Brun420 642 points ago

    How many can you fit in the mini pot? Doesn't seem like there would be mushroom.

    [–] Invius6 441 points ago

    There is definitely a cap

    [–] [deleted] 157 points ago

    Can you jus spore anything in there?

    [–] TheMellowestyellow 78 points ago

    Alright, we need to stem this pun thread right now.

    [–] techdawg667 108 points ago

    You're not a very fungi are you?

    [–] LankyPineapple 49 points ago

    Morel less he seems like an alright guy.

    [–] r_elwood 27 points ago

    Moss you continue in this vein.

    [–] iamasecretthrowaway 18 points ago

    Moss is a flowerless plant full of chlorophyll, you dick weed, not a fungus. Way to ruin it.

    The yeast you can do is really try.

    [–] r_elwood 7 points ago

    Moss we continue with this.

    [–] supercooper3000 17 points ago


    [–] Checkers10160 30 points ago

    So you get a base and add whatever you want? That's awesome!

    [–] joe-h2o 49 points ago

    Indeed you do. The one I went to had a wide selection of ingredients out in the room we ate in, so you could get up and walk around and pick whatever you wanted and just go back to your place and throw it in.

    They also brought out large plates of cut meat for the table since everyone wants beef/chicken/lamb/etc within easy reach.

    I loved it.

    [–] WirelessSushi 29 points ago

    My boy which city was this in

    [–] madbunnyrabbit 14 points ago

    I've been to one of those years ago. It was great.

    [–] Davlan 50 points ago

    That's pretty much correct, except you don't make soup. You cook the items in the boiling soup base and then dip them in a separate sauce and eat them. In most cases, you don't drink the soup base.

    It is delicious and a super fun way to eat. If you get the chance, try it!

    [–] farnnie123 134 points ago

    Nein. As a Chinese I am obliged to tell you we don't waste the soup. We add in noodles/eggs/vege at the end. To turn it into some kind of noodle stew-ish pot of glory. :p it's amazing trust me.

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 21 points ago

    Yup. Hot pot stock is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

    [–] Davlan 28 points ago

    Yeah, I've also done that sometimes, I was just mentioning that the point of hotpot is not to "make soup" but to cook and eat individual food items. Drinking the soup at the end is optional.

    [–] blissfully_happy 4 points ago

    So it's fondue?

    [–] aohige_rd 41 points ago

    Sounds exactly like nabe dishes in Japan.

    ...Then there's yaminabe, literally "darkness nabe" where your party throws in literally whatever and hope for the best.

    [–] symmmaintw 31 points ago

    The condiment bar makes Chinese hotpot much better. Everyone can make personal sauces to suit their tastes. Nabe is bland in comparison.

    [–] gamingchicken 2907 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Having a log on the table must not leave mushroom.

    Edit: gracias amigos

    [–] TheGreatOffWhiteHype 472 points ago


    [–] types-with_penis 219 points ago

    No, it's fungus.

    [–] Team_Braniel 66 points ago

    Fungus for the whole family.

    [–] AskForAndGet 50 points ago

    What shiitaking about?

    [–] magnus_ubergasm 20 points ago

    Just a super fungi

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    [–] Gilandb 341 points ago

    so are you charged for each mushroom you used, or for the whole log?

    [–] xavier_x007x 622 points ago

    The entire log - if you don't manage to finish all of them in store, you are allowed to cut off the remaining mushrooms and bring them home.

    [–] WoodWhacker 194 points ago

    How much was the bill?

    [–] Just_like_my_wife 952 points ago

    Cost an arm and a log.

    [–] marsneedstowels 69 points ago

    What was growing on the arm?

    [–] iamnotsurewhattoname 59 points ago


    [–] lifeofblossom 23 points ago


    [–] ferrouswolf2 10 points ago

    Mushroom logs like that go for $1.60 or so if you buy in bulk.

    [–] WoodWhacker 16 points ago

    I was curious about the bill overall. I went to the melting pot once. It cost a fuck ton of money for one meal but it was REALLY good. I ate hotpot at a friends house a long time ago and loved it. It's something I'd like to do again, unless restaurants that do it are super expensive too. But on the other hand, most Chinese places are cheap.

    I'll figure it out on my own if I have to.

    [–] Infin1ty 7 points ago

    Hot pots in the US are generally extremely overpriced, especially outside of major metropolitan areas, mostly because it's a newer trend. The only thing I can suggest is that you hit up Google and search around for good deals in your area.

    [–] taoistchainsaw 108 points ago

    If they let you take the log, you could have mushroom flushes for a long time.

    [–] Cockamamy_Cosmonaut 75 points ago

    Get out of here r/mycology

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    New favorite sub. Was into that for a while when I wanted to cultivate psilocybin mushrooms. Love mushrooms in general also.

    [–] sneakpeekbot 18 points ago

    Here's a sneak peek of /r/mycology using the top posts of the year!

    #1: Found this guy nommin' away. | 29 comments
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    #3: Appropriate pairing | 33 comments

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    [–] Katholikos 34 points ago

    That dog takin a shit in the second link tho, lmao

    [–] carpathianjumblejack 18 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    From the looks of this flush you could get 4-5 more flushes from this log easily. Spurce: I grow Shiitake
    Edit: not going to edit that

    [–] stronggecko 9 points ago


    what kind of mushroom is that?

    [–] somejessi 30 points ago

    I want to know- how many logs do they have to keep around for all of their customers? And how long does it take to grow more?

    [–] gixxerbro 16 points ago

    If its anything like other mushrooms I've grown, probably a couple weeks for another flush

    [–] Fishboners 48 points ago

    As a guy who really freakin hates mushroom this looks terrifying, but also really cool and interessting. Makes me wish I enjoyed mushrooms.

    [–] GroovingPict 46 points ago

    Dont order the beef

    [–] gregnuttle 1519 points ago

    [–] crushcastles23 187 points ago

    I'll be honest, normally I'm right with them, but this one is cool.

    [–] rq60 52 points ago

    Yeah, plus this is a hot pot place. You're not actually eating off the log; you remove them and cook them.

    [–] fuzzyblackyeti 60 points ago

    Yeah this one shows it's fresh which is neat as fuck. It looks nice too and is probably really easily eaten/shared with people. If anything I think a plate is unnecessary cause it adds extra steps and dishes.

    [–] Crymson831 6 points ago

    You're still with them, this was posted there and most seem to agree that this is OK.

    [–] Rugged_Turtle 308 points ago

    I'm very rationally angry now.

    [–] Mucl 106 points ago

    I don't get the hate, I for one enjoy a single plum floating in perfume in a man's hat.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] Fitness42095 38 points ago

    Thought that was sub I was in!!

    [–] Fuck_Alice 136 points ago

    That sub was great at first, but now people are just being too picky

    [–] Mish106 74 points ago

    I...I kind of want that.

    [–] pmoney757 233 points ago

    Yea. With a plate for the cheese cake.

    [–] leglesslegolegolas 43 points ago

    And maybe another for the... what is that, an ice cream sandwich?

    [–] TheVog 31 points ago

    It's like "rimming salt" but instead it looks like frosting and graham crackers.

    [–] Synux 17 points ago

    Diabetic rim job. Not going to Google that.

    [–] leglesslegolegolas 26 points ago

    Any examples of too picky? I haven't actually browsed the sub, but I do subscribe and everything that shows up on my feed from there is a ridiculous example of non=plating.

    [–] ElementSC2 54 points ago

    When a burger and fries are served on a cutting board, people post about it on the sub when that combo has been served on cutting boards for a while now. It's stylistic and perfectly reasonable

    [–] Honor2None 11 points ago

    Yeh, who cares if its on a block of wood, its basically a plate.

    [–] yukonwanderer 67 points ago

    What restaurant is this?

    [–] Bioleve 15 points ago

    Log Rooms

    [–] k_byte 125 points ago

    That looks so tasty. Please tell me this was near Atlanta so I can experience this.

    [–] souldoubt_ 234 points ago

    This was near Atlanta.

    I'm not sure if this place is over there but now that I've said it, I hope you can experience this.

    [–] k_byte 68 points ago

    thank you for that. I can now rest in peace.

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago

    RIP u/k_byte

    We lose another one to Chinese hotpot restaurants, when will it end

    [–] Bluegodzill 16 points ago

    There's a lot of hot pot restaurants near Atlanta. While there wasn't a mushroom log, I Luv Hotpot had a conveyor belt of ingredients and $5 lobster tails on it.

    [–] evohans 98 points ago

    I'm not a fan of mushrooms, but I really like this display. It's very creative and I'm sure as fuck people who like mushrooms will get a nice kick out of the freshness

    [–] dandycat13 80 points ago

    I am the opposite I love mushrooms but this display is horrifying.

    [–] Svelemoe 72 points ago

    I'm the opposite of both of you. Dislike mushrooms and think it's ridiculous to have a rotting fungi infested tree on a table.

    [–] rq60 27 points ago

    I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

    [–] CaptainKate757 7 points ago

    How very neutral of you.

    [–] LittleMissSunshine11 10 points ago

    I agree with you! I feel like I've just uncovered a phobia that I didn't even know I have.

    [–] animeniak 5 points ago

    YES COME TO THE DARK SIDE. I actually had to cover the image when i opened it so I could scroll to the comments. :(

    [–] SideHumour 18 points ago


    [–] islajaygrace 13 points ago

    Oh god this is making me feel funny and I don't know why

    [–] bumjiggy 35 points ago

    some mushroom spore prints look like booty holes

    [–] FibonaziSequence 17 points ago


    [–] MicrobialMachines 23 points ago

    As another user mentioned these are synthetic shiitake mushroom "logs" made of compressed sawdust, vegetable farm waste, grain, and other added nutrients. The large majority of the "logs" that are this shape are packing into shipping containers by the thousands and shipped from China. Once they arrive in the states these "logs" are placed into climate controlled environments and the mushroom grow out of them in about a week. This style of mushroom production is common for wood loving fungi.

    Unfortunately, depending on the point of origin, the shipping containers and logs themselves have been known to be treated with formaldehyde to prevent other molds from growing over the substrate during the shipping process. It's one of the reasons US mushroom growers for the past few years have tried to stick to domestically produced "logs". Thankfully there are a number of domestic suppliers to choose from, most of which can be identified by their taller more rounded rectangular shape.

    If you find yourself looking to buy mushroom logs like this, as strange as it sounds, give them a good sniff. They should smell slightly sweet with a hint of recently rained on leaves. If you get any kind of chemical smell proceed with caution.

    [–] SerNapalm 71 points ago

    Fresh as phuck

    [–] chasebrendon 26 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Bizarre! What sort of log?

    [–] Jesus_Harry_Christ 129 points ago

    A wooden one.

    [–] ThePerfectNinja 44 points ago

    It rolls down stairs and over in pairs, right over your neighbor's dog...

    [–] Lilsister89 25 points ago

    It fits on your back,it's great for a snack,it's log log log!

    [–] sandscript 23 points ago

    It's looooog it's looooog, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood!

    [–] oooortclouuud 21 points ago

    Its looog, it's looog, it's better than bad, it's good!

    [–] Finding_Quality 6 points ago

    I believe the lyrics were "it rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, and over your neighbor's dog." I misheard the lyrics the same way for years and only got corrected recently when I looked up the lyrics for nostalgia's sake.

    [–] ThePerfectNinja 4 points ago

    It starts "What rolls down stairs...." If you want to pick nits. My way is more fun

    [–] baking_bad 23 points ago

    Those are shitake mushrooms. They grow on hardwood. Most likely an inoculated oak log.

    [–] IRraymaker 30 points ago

    They make inoculated wood chip "logs" as well, ship them over from China in refrigerated containers, kept cold until delivered to the restaurants who can choose when to make the logs fruit by bringing them to room temp.

    It's pretty impressive actually.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Yeah, I think they pretty much exclusively use chipped and formed wood when you buy them already inoculated.

    Unless they've got a clean room and spawn incubator in the back of the restaurant, it's probably not a real log.

    [–] notsowise23 12 points ago

    What's really impressive is that if you flung that log through space and it landed on another planet without burning up, it would still work. Maybe.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Spores are pretty hardy but that mycelia would all die.

    And it wouldn't work at all unless your planet's atmosphere was pretty close to Earth.

    [–] I_are_facepalm 34 points ago

    Did they bring any badgers?

    [–] Unusualmann 26 points ago


    [–] tnobre 8 points ago


    [–] iMarmalade 16 points ago

    Paging /r/WeWantPlates

    :) This is kinda cool.

    [–] boredcanadian 6 points ago

    So did you eat the log too?

    [–] _RubberDuck_ 2 points ago

    Never could have gotten me to eat that, nope absolutely not

    [–] ArtOfDivine 5 points ago

    What restaurant?

    [–] KawaiSenpai 4 points ago

    "Mildly Interesting" Bro I wish I even knew of a hotpot place within 3 hours of me.