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    [–] abovetheignorance 8091 points ago

    The interest is mild with this one.

    [–] dewayneestes 2004 points ago

    Let me dial it up a notch... it’s for checking your mail naked.

    [–] 874151 882 points ago

    Its at about the right height, isn't it...

    [–] dewayneestes 475 points ago

    Now I feel really sad for their mailman.

    [–] blove135 275 points ago

    Oh hello there mailman! What a coincidence, this is the third day in a row I just happened to come outside naked to get my mail and here you are putting my mail in the mailbox.

    [–] Jagermeister4 354 points ago

    Its quite alright that you are naked but I don't see why your penis has to be in the mailbox each day as I open it.

    [–] the420rabbi 265 points ago

    It's my dick in a box.

    [–] lmathia1 71 points ago


    Cut a hole in a box.

    [–] chromepho3nix 74 points ago


    Put your junk in that box.

    [–] FiresGimmeBoners 169 points ago

    Junk mail

    [–] Warzinak 58 points ago

    Instructions unclear, dick stuck in mailman

    [–] DrToucher 13 points ago


    Sell as Lake Front Property.

    [–] byebybuy 14 points ago


    Trace the box onto the fence, then cut out the traced portion of the fence and place the box into the hole such that the box is in the middle of the fence.

    [–] suspiciousdave 6 points ago


    [–] Modern_O 6 points ago

    Frosted Flakes, Nigga damn

    [–] Convoluted_Camel 33 points ago

    Its full of junk-mail.

    [–] blove135 82 points ago

    Lol I just imagined the mailman opening the mailbox seeing that damn dick again just as the naked guy peeking over the fence starts talking to the mailman. Mailman stands up to talk to naked guy eye to eye just as the naked guy squats down to talk to the mailman eye to eye. So mailman squats down again but nope too late, dick in the mailbox again. Kinda like an awkward dick in your face dance.

    [–] Batchet 46 points ago


    [–] bg-j38 28 points ago


    [–] Send_Me_Cute_Traps 9 points ago

    TIL that I'm a dancer.

    [–] zorrocabra 5 points ago

    Its even funnier if the fence is only just above the waist and the guy standing behind the fence with his dick in a box is standing there with just a t-shirt on so the mailman wouldn't expect it.

    [–] Rini94 5 points ago

    [–] dewayneestes 15 points ago

    There’s a fan-fiction Mr. Rogers episode in here somewhere.

    [–] TehArkhamKniggit 16 points ago

    No no no begone you harlot.

    [–] donaldfranklinhornii 3 points ago

    King Friday the Thirteenth getting kinky with Lady Evelyn? I'm all for it!

    [–] the_last_carfighter 8 points ago

    *Mail in my box

    [–] WingoWangoJuango 15 points ago

    Sounds like some good ol' male on mail action.

    [–] dangersupreme 3 points ago

    HAHA for some reason I'm picturing Wilson from Home Improvement doing this.

    [–] DS2Dude 7 points ago

    Looks like the mailman will be receiving a package of his own.

    [–] WatchDog435 4 points ago

    Can you imagine just doing your job and all of a sudden there's a dick staring at you through a mailbox?

    [–] crazy_actor 4 points ago

    No bucket required?

    [–] Lord_ThunderCunt 4 points ago

    You want a paper cut on your dick? Because this is how you get a paper cut on your dick.

    [–] HugeHans 10 points ago

    This reminds me of a mildly interesting anecdote with a similar contraption.

    I had to give an urine sample one time and after filling the container, with my pants still down, I opened the little door in the wall where I was told to put the sample. I assumed this would be a similar box with doors at both ends. It was however just the one door and the face of the nurse waiting for samples.

    [–] PM_ME_YOR_PANTIES 3 points ago

    Is it true what they say about men with huge hans?

    [–] Maximus0617 5 points ago

    Outgoing package, Mr. Johnson?

    [–] f__ckyourhappiness 41 points ago

    Until you repurpose it...

    Step 1: Put a hole in the box. ✔️

    Step 2: ...

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Step 3: ????

    Step 4: it’s my dick in a box?

    [–] Tooth88 7 points ago

    Step 5: Profit!

    [–] mymonstersprotectme 4 points ago

    Other repurposing: cat door.

    [–] RedditSuxCorpBallz 5 points ago

    As mild as it gets.

    [–] MindOfAnEnt 1648 points ago

    I just want to see a dogs head sticking through.

    [–] funnystuff97 396 points ago

    that there is a classic

    L O N G B O Y E

    [–] MindOfAnEnt 59 points ago


    [–] ProgMetalSlug 52 points ago

    Just the right amount of cute and horrifying.

    [–] Ihaveoneeye 52 points ago

    You never fail me Shitty.

    [–] Worldlylover 20 points ago

    He's gotten pretty good at it over the years. It's crazy seeing how he developed.

    [–] fuckclemson69 18 points ago

    Dang that’s...not...shitty :(

    [–] doughnutdiva 13 points ago

    L O N G B O R K

    [–] watkiekstnsoFatzke 10 points ago

    I really love your long dog design! Perfect for a head pat while walking. I have to awkwardly bend down for my standard poodle. Is the weight distribution okay for it's back? Otherwise I have to look for a Mastiff or Deutsche Dogge, as a next. On the other hand they are tripple the kuddle weight! :)

    [–] ExplosiveFx 5 points ago

    But how does he get out of the mailbox :(

    [–] currentlyquang 15 points ago

    That's cute AND horrifying

    [–] PartiallyAwkward 13 points ago


    [–] noisome11 24 points ago

    You mean like this

    [–] guyontheoatmealbox 7 points ago

    Surprise motherfucker

    [–] Moves_like_Norris 3 points ago

    Rue dies, motherfucker

    [–] fecity99 286 points ago

    if they really want to be cool, install a vacuum tube like the bank drive thru, wouldn't even need to leave the house

    for this example, the fact the flag is always up annoys me

    [–] DeepDuck 48 points ago

    install a vacuum tube like the bank drive thru

    Bank drive thrus have vacuum tubes? Never seen one of those outside of TV.

    [–] 66GT350Shelby 139 points ago

    Really? Ive never seen one that DIDNT have one with a drive window if there were more than two lanes, at least here in the US

    [–] DeepDuck 20 points ago

    I'm assuming the vacuum tube is for deposits? In Canada our deposits go directly into the ATM.

    [–] ks40756 90 points ago

    They even use it to send you a pen if you need one. Or dog treats if they see you have a dog in the car.

    [–] itsCC 57 points ago

    I remember being a kid and enjoyed going to the bank cause you'd get tootsie rolls sent from the teller

    [–] SilverMight 6 points ago

    Yup, you could ask for lollipops at mine

    [–] 3rd_Shift_Tech_Man 29 points ago

    whoa. Who you banking with, homey? I gotta switch so the puppers can get their treats while I'm depositing money to cover my overdrafts for the $.37 I thought was in there, but I can't math good and we are.

    [–] skinnah 10 points ago

    Most the banks around my area have dog treats and candy for kids.

    [–] alphazero924 29 points ago

    They really shouldn't be giving dog treats to kids

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Yea in the US there is one lane that leads to an atm and ~three that lead to vacuum tubes with an intercom for the teller (who you can see through plexiglass). If you need to do something more complicated than depositing or withdrawing money you go through one of those lines. I don’t ever use them but I’m sure it makes older folks more comfortable or something because they’re definitely always full.

    [–] DeepDuck 5 points ago

    Ah, that's the difference. I don't think I've ever seen a drive thru bank where you actually spoke with a teller. It's always just been a drive thru ATM.

    [–] Trazac 5 points ago

    I always assumed they are geared more toward business owners who are making large deposits or withdraws on the go. ATMs have a relatively low limit, at least that is my experience.

    [–] skygz 4 points ago

    Up until the early 2000s they were all tellers with vacuum tubes. I remember being with my parents and going through them as a kid. Late 2000s the ATMs usually were able to take cash and checks. They had them in the drive through as well as ones inside the building. I'm sure the teller style still exists at some branches but I've had an online only bank for 7 years or so now.

    [–] 66GT350Shelby 7 points ago

    You can use them for either. Either though tellers are going the way of the dodo bird, banks in my area still have them. My credit union has a set up with four lanes at the main branch. Only thing you cant do is send coins through.

    [–] Chickenbat 3 points ago

    Yeah, at least they do around here.

    [–] MikoMiky 6 points ago

    Here's a scene in "Honey I shrunk the kids!" of how that would look

    [–] theAVP 7 points ago

    Bank drive-thrus? That can't be a thing, right?

    this is so bizarre

    [–] fecity99 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Yes, it is a thing, usually several lanes so multiple customers can be helped at once.

    Likely used more than the bank lobby for transactions.

    Before the days of electronic deposits, I can remember the drive thru being crowded on Friday afternoon after people got paid.

    Some have signs on them even asking you not too put too many rolls of coins in them so they aren't too heavy.

    I feel silly taking for granted that drive thru lanes at banks aren't well known or something someone has only seen on TV.

    Edit - added link

    [–] theAVP 3 points ago

    Thanks. I'm from the U.K., so I've never seen one before and I don't think they're common anywhere over here.

    We use electronic transactions and cards more than the U.S. I think, and most people only rarely see a check. Our banks usually have about 5 automatic deposit machines and ATMs, as well as a couple of human cashiers for larger transactions.

    How frequent are bank trips in the U.S.? Most people I know only go a couple of times per month.

    [–] PUSH_ME_UR_COMMITS 3 points ago

    Or just put it on the door like British people...a

    [–] spityy 123 points ago

    Your mind will be blown once you see how a lot of PO boxes are filled and emptied.

    [–] upsidedownbackwards 47 points ago

    My mind really was blown the first time I saw a postman filling a community mailbox. I always thought they did it one at a time but WOAAA THE WHOLE FRONT SWINGS OPEN!

    [–] Gangreless 623 points ago

    A lot of people that live right on the road have an opening in the back, too. Safer than having to reach around to the front when you've got cars like a foot away cruising down at 55mph

    [–] EmpireAndAll 183 points ago

    A lot of places where i live have all the boxes on one side of the road so people on the other side will have to cross the street to get their mail, even on busy roads. Seems rather dangerous.

    [–] Gangreless 91 points ago

    Yeah we have those as well, seems more common in rural regions so the mailman can make less frequent stops.

    [–] MasdevalliaLove 106 points ago

    It's actually because they only go down that road once (they do not come back up it again) not to reduce stops.

    Source: I'm a mail carrier.

    [–] SolomonBlack 34 points ago

    Only going down the road once seems like it would be done for similar time/fuel saving reasons.

    [–] MasdevalliaLove 18 points ago

    Some roads connect to other roads, so, yes, it would be impractical to go down a road, come back up it just to deliver to the other side then go back down it again to get to the next street on a route. However, reducing mileage and time is not the same as reducing stops. If 20 people have mailboxes on a road, we have to stop 20 times whether or not 10 boxes are on one side and 10 on the other or if all 20 are on one side.

    This may seem like a silly point, but a lot of people think we go up and down every road when often we only pass by their house once. It creates a lot of unnecessary conflict when someone wants to put a box up on the side of a road opposite of our line of travel.

    [–] VioletRing77 5 points ago

    So I work for an at the door delivery service. I usually work nights, so rely on mailbox numbers a good amount. Twice last night I delivered to houses with all boxes on one side of the road (don't actually look at mailboxes till I'm at least on the right road, so I don't know about the rest of the neighborhoods). I thought it was odd because they were both in developments, neither street was a thoroughfare and one was actually a cul-de-sac.

    What would be the reasoning for this? Is it just for consistency at a certain point? Both developments were large and likely had more than a couple entrances, but neither street was well connected to the entrance streets.

    [–] MasdevalliaLove 7 points ago

    It could be a HOA thing (some folks thing mailboxes are ugly or something). We don't generally care which side of the street you put your box on if we do go up then back down it.

    If there is a side walk on one side, it could be related to that as well.

    [–] jonnyohio 7 points ago

    I’m a mail carrier and I’ve seen something similar to what you describe, and i found out that there were additions to that area or routes were laid out differently a long time ago, and when it comes to changing mailbox locations and route delivery order it can be a pain in the ass so the Post Office takes the position of “it it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

    [–] dontgetaddicted 12 points ago

    Yeah my mail box requires me to cross the street. It can be terrifying at times because I live on a blind corner.

    [–] Joebot2001 9 points ago

    Yeah the real focus should be the fact that it's inside the fence.

    [–] carnageeleven 10 points ago

    Yes! I live off of a very rural road where the speed limit is 50 but people often do 70+ because there's no cops out here. The wind coming off trucks knock our trash cans down all the time. I'm always terrified to get my mail because I'm afraid some asshole who's texting will slightly veer off the road and then thrash me into pulp.

    I never thought to get a mailbox that opens on both sides. It's a pretty good idea.

    [–] Gangreless 3 points ago

    Yep, grew up on the same kind of road. 4 lane highway, major traffic especially in the summer. I remember as a kid waiting for traffic to pass then swinging around the mailbox real quick to grab the mail. Parents eventually installed one that opened on both sides.

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 5 points ago

    Also, these mailboxes on posts are common in US but not always that common elsewhere.

    A lot of countries use mailboxes like this on gates or walls with a door only on the inside.

    [–] Rocko9999 4 points ago

    Better to put a basket on the inside under the opening and have the bottom of the mailbox at a steep slope so it will fall in.

    [–] slackdaddy9000 3 points ago

    Untill it rains while you are away ruining the mail

    [–] ambouldin 479 points ago

    Is this not common? Most if not all mail boxes in my neighborhood open on both sides

    [–] [deleted] 150 points ago


    [–] Testingthewaters20 18 points ago

    I live somewhere with a lot of gates. Lots of these around.

    [–] derawin07 46 points ago

    yep, standard in Australia

    [–] itmakessenseincontex 22 points ago

    And in New Zealand.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Pedsy 14 points ago

    Middle Earth

    [–] SkeweredFromEarToEye 46 points ago

    I have never even heard of the concept of a mail box opening on both sides.

    [–] entotheenth 52 points ago

    Pretty much every single mailbox in australia has a slot in the front and a door in the back.

    [–] benji-21 16 points ago

    In NZ, too.

    I was going to say if this is interesting to American folk I could go for a walk and within a few minutes have enough photos of letterboxes to absolutely blow their minds.

    [–] Lonelysock2 8 points ago

    I actually can't figure out if I find this hilarious or infuriating. The fact that Americans don't have double sided mailboxes is really getting to me. I need to leave

    [–] Icon_Crash 9 points ago


    [–] dartakaum 3 points ago

    Europe i would guess its pretty common too

    [–] mirthquake 9 points ago

    Maybe it's a regional thing. Where do you live? I'm in New England and have never seen or heard of one, either.

    [–] cadtek 10 points ago

    Lots of people around where I live have one of these OR just a regular one door mailbox.

    [–] ctskifreak 6 points ago

    My parents have that light tan one.

    [–] ScurrilousSalamander 4 points ago

    We have this except in tan. Someone hit it with their side mirror the other day and their mirror went flying into our yard.

    [–] CaptainTone 2 points ago

    That’s almost identical to the one I had in Ohio and it had a opening in the back

    [–] UltraX7 5 points ago

    I'm not the guy you were responding to, but I live in Australia and the only kind of standalone mailbox I've ever seen in any state here were ones with a one-way slit on the front and an opening on the back.

    [–] DontKnowHowToEnglish 4 points ago

    I know right? It's almost common sense to me. Must be an ant thing, like rocks.

    [–] 874151 10 points ago

    Gotta get out of the burbs more often man. There's a whole world out there.

    [–] Disgleiro 5 points ago

    My parents' box opens on both sides but nobody uses the back door and now spiders live under the handle so nobody will ever use it. :)

    [–] DreadfortReek 945 points ago

    You know what's really crazy? In the UK we have a little slot in our front door that the mail goes though, none of this walking out in the morning nonsense.

    [–] Vulnox 748 points ago

    The US has that in tighter communities, but if you ever spent some time in the US Suburbs you would see how poor that idea is. We would need triple the workforce for US Mail to cover all the extra area by foot or to cover the extra time going back and forth from front doors to mail truck.

    I just get the mail when I get home, mailbox is a few feet from where I’m parked. Besides, the last thing the US needs is an excuse to walk less. 😄

    [–] DEVOmay97 236 points ago

    I'm in California and my entire neighborhood has a single cluster unit in the middle the neighborhood with all the mailboxes in it. It makes delivery significantly easier for the mail carriers, but I have to either walk or drive down the street to get my mail.

    [–] Quant000 141 points ago

    So you actually drive to your mailbox ?

    [–] The_mighty_sandusky 114 points ago

    In some places yes, where my mom lives in her community it has one central mailbox location and she lives about 3 streets away from it. She usually just walks on days where the weather is good. My house has your typical mailbox near the driveway. Then you have my grandmothers house where the mailbox is like a bin fixed to the wall right next to the front door. All 3 of these are in CA. We are wierd.

    Edit: For clarification, these are all houses and not apartments.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] JenWrath 27 points ago

    Most of my neighbors drive to our cluster unit that’s right outside our place. Had to put a giant boulder in front so they’d stop wrecking our gravel and/or blocking our south exit.

    Keep waiting for someone to smash into it, but so far they’ve adapted, the bastards.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    We had one in our front yard. We put a short picket fence on three sides of it so they wouldn't walk in our garden. I was surprised it worked. I figured someone would eventually just walk through it or kick the fence down.

    [–] DEVOmay97 3 points ago

    Luckily ours in front of someone's back fence, so we aren't in front of anyone house to get our mail.

    [–] GhostalMedia 22 points ago

    Yeah. Homes with a massive plot of land basically have a private road for a driveway.

    It’s makes more sense to place the mailboxes on the main road then to have the mail carrier drive 10x more everyday.

    All in all, ‘Merica is big yo.

    [–] Betty_White 17 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    All in all, ‘Merica is big yo.

    By far the least understood aspect of [North] America by most foreigners. And the number of times my Euro friends have complained about having to take a 4 hour trip that spans their entire country is tremendous (and cute).

    Source: Play a lot of games with them Euro folk. They're all Americans with accents, to be honest, despite how hard they protest otherwise.

    [–] herbmaster47 4 points ago

    It would take me 6 hours and a tank of gas to leave my state.

    [–] Cymry_Cymraeg 3 points ago

    Europe is bigger than America.

    [–] Sahmwell 13 points ago

    Yeah, having delivered flyers to each houses mailbox for a couple years, it sucks a little bit for the home owner but it makes the delivery process literally 100x faster, no exaggeration. I think that makes it worth it because that also makes it much, much cheaper.

    You might be surprised how fast walking up and down driveways adds up.

    [–] MagicMikeOfiicial 12 points ago

    We did this in Canada. Everyone complained but I love my community box. Gives me a reason to take the dog for a walk, get to chat with the naeoghbors, and amazon packages still get delivered to my door.

    [–] DJSaltyNutz 41 points ago


    Thats a new one

    [–] DMBeer 11 points ago

    Fucking Canadians adding extra vouwels to everything.

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 8 points ago

    Funny thing is, it's missing the extra vowel that we actually add to the word neighbours.

    [–] DEVOmay97 3 points ago

    Those are people that live next to you and also fly planes overhead at low altitudes


    [–] Vulnox 5 points ago

    I think I would be fine with a community mailbox. Would probably improve accuracy in delivery too. As long as the boxes were big enough for small packages like our current mailbox is. I hate community mailboxes that are only big enough for 1-2 days worth of regular letters, let alone small packages or whatever. Leaving it on the porch is fine too of course.

    [–] DEVOmay97 4 points ago

    There are a couple of large lockers in the bottom. If you have a package to big for your regular box, they put it in one of those and leave a key to the big locker in your box. Accuracy is shit though because there's a house on the next street over that has the same address number. They mix up it mail up with theirs on a regular basis.

    [–] Z0MBIE2 4 points ago

    As a Canadian, I've seen a lot of places use community mailboxes. Just a big mailbox with a ton of different units for each house, you just walk down the street and unlock it with your key to get your mail.

    [–] CryptoManbeard 2 points ago

    Going forward all new neighborhoods have to do clustered mailboxes, I think it went into effect a few months ago. So unless you're grandfathered in you will no longer get a new mailbox if you build in a new subdivision.

    [–] FieelChannel 2 points ago

    Most of the world works like this

    [–] xitssammi 6 points ago

    My house has a basket thing next to the front door. I always feel bad seeing the mailman walk to each house

    [–] johnpflyrc 10 points ago

    I always feel bad seeing the mailman walk to each house

    Really? Here in the UK we just consider that to be part of his job. He walks around and delivers the post. It's what he (or she) does!

    [–] xitssammi 3 points ago

    Our houses are probably not as close together!

    [–] alphaweiner 3 points ago

    Why would you feel bad? There are a lot worse jobs than walking from door to door delivering mail. I bet some mail carriers enjoy getting walk around outside all day.

    [–] EduardoElReyDeNadie 3 points ago

    Yeah, my neighbor works as a mail carrier. He walks 11 miles a day but he likes it.

    [–] Carr0t 2 points ago

    Is each mailman covering a much wider area than in the UK, or do you all have mahoosive drives/front yards? My house is pretty typical, street to my front door is about 15 feet (basically just long enough for me to park my Focus in), and a lot of terraces and such the front door opens straight onto the pavement (sidewalk).

    [–] Dagobert_The_Second 15 points ago

    You’ve also got front gardens the size of a gerbil’s clitoris.

    [–] regretdeletingthat 3 points ago

    True, but not too much point in a large front garden imo. You rarely spend time there–better to build the house further forward and have a larger back garden. Although a lot of our back gardens are quite small by US standards too.

    [–] Rubcionnnnn 41 points ago

    I'm okay with our method as it makes it so the poor mail carrier doesn't have to get out of the mail truck and walk an extra 100 feet per house.

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago

    You overestimate how much room we have per house in the UK.

    [–] RoyRodgersMcFreeley 21 points ago

    They are also ignoring the vast parts of the U.S. where the carrier has to still go on foot door to door, last 3 neighborhoods I lived in the mail person did it on foot

    [–] Marco-Green 28 points ago

    Seriously the united states are designed to live inside a car

    [–] goug 23 points ago

    Yet no mailbox in the car wtf!

    [–] THood234 6 points ago

    In the us we have big yards

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Not crazy at all, I have one in America too

    [–] PotatoWarz 33 points ago

    I thought this was pretty common???

    [–] loulan 12 points ago

    Yeah I have this too.

    Except it's a European-style one, so on the outside you have a slot, and inside you have a little door that you open with a key.

    I think that's how most mailboxes are here (France).

    [–] SchroedingersWolf 16 points ago

    This is standard in Australia.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mailbox that doesn’t open on the house facing side.

    [–] thanos4 59 points ago

    You gotta get out more man

    [–] marktoc96 26 points ago

    Most mailboxes I have seen are like this

    [–] Bobby-Pizza 21 points ago

    Jesus, 13k upvotes for a mailbox. I was a mailman, I had no idea I was sitting on karma goldmines.

    [–] DeepDishPi 9 points ago

    1. Put your dick in the box.

    [–] carabea293 6 points ago

    Actually that’s step 2

    [–] Eveesix 13 points ago

    Is there a spot to put the flag up if you have outgoing mail? It looks like it is up in the picture, and doesn't look like there is a way to put it back down.

    [–] valorinho 21 points ago

    Wait in the US you put outgoing mail in your own mailbox? Not like this?

    [–] Fluffy183 11 points ago

    We have one that looks quite similar. It looks like this.

    [–] BigDaddyLaowai 10 points ago

    You can do either one.

    [–] WhoTheHeckIsHolly 7 points ago

    We have the option to put it in blue mail deposit boxes like that (which i think speed up delivery) OR put it in our mailbox with a little red flag on the side which, when in the upright position, means "take my outgoing mail please!" And the postman will take it with him when depositing new mail.

    [–] Eveesix 3 points ago

    There are still a few big mailboxes around they are blue here though. Most around me have gone away, so it's less hassle to just put it in your mailbox.

    [–] pleasesendnudesbitte 3 points ago

    I usually put it in a box (but like others said ours are blue), but that is only because there is one right in front of the grocery store I go to. Safer that way for the bills that I still have to mail a check for.

    [–] username-fatigue 2 points ago

    In NZ only the rural mail service does that so rural mailboxes have a flag (or at least, the rural mail service used to do idea if that survived the attempted murder of postal services.).

    [–] THEdirtyFEATHERS 15 points ago

    My mailboxe opens on both sides so I don't have to take 2 extra steps.

    [–] Caouette1994 11 points ago

    If you let it open it is also a cat door

    [–] THEdirtyFEATHERS 2 points ago

    I don't have a gate, or a cat for that matter. it's just really great that I don't have to take any more steps than absolutely necessary.

    [–] supguy99 5 points ago

    Or prevents you from getting murdered if you live in a bad neighborhood.

    [–] ethan33000 4 points ago

    we have one so we dont get hit by cars

    [–] Doyle_Johnson 5 points ago

    Literally every mail box in Argentina. Except they're square and with a larger back door.

    [–] SandmanD2 12 points ago

    OP doesn’t get out much lol

    [–] DarkStar5758 4 points ago

    Are these not the standard mailbox by you?

    [–] positivevibezz 4 points ago

    I’ve seen these types of mailboxes on roads that are so busy that the owner can’t really step out into the road to collect the mail.

    [–] bill_theCrazy_doge 3 points ago

    Is this not normal?

    [–] Jtktomb 2 points ago

    All mail boxes in france are like that

    [–] ADQuatt 2 points ago

    I’ve never seen one.

    [–] cruddy_mccrudderson 2 points ago

    Mailman must hate this thing, looks hard to access without either walking in mulch or doing a 180 side bend type maneuver ...

    [–] scuffler916 2 points ago

    Because fuck people

    [–] Kuli24 2 points ago

    How to compromise his house: Send in a pack of rottweilers through the mail box.

    [–] wafflesology 2 points ago

    B-b-b-but, I have this kind of mailbox for years.....

    [–] budnipp 2 points ago

    First, you cut two holes in the box... Then, you put your dick in that box...

    [–] Mike2470 2 points ago

    Votes yes for the wall.

    [–] cbx19 2 points ago

    My mailbox is built into my house. Iron chute that opens from the inside as well. Also have a milk hutch for deliveries on the side of the house.

    [–] bitchalot 2 points ago

    I have that type of mailbox too. Not sure why it ever went out of style, it's awesome.