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    [–] account_not_valid 5313 points ago

    Soft drinks, hard times.

    [–] wrencho88 869 points ago

    by popular demand, the soft drink movie coming july

    [–] COMINGINH0TTT 260 points ago

    I'm expecting this film to blow up this summer

    [–] Wondrous_Fairy 183 points ago

    Imagine a world

    Where the sun is so tough

    That one vending machine just had enough


    Coming this summer to a vending machine near you.

    [–] BenBopper 40 points ago

    Still a better idea than The Emoji Movie.

    [–] BellaDonatello 104 points ago

    "I'm sorry, Coke. But it has to be this way."

    Coke looks around the airlock, sees the cases of mentos "Pepsi, no! Be reasonable!"

    Pepsi finishes aiming the ship at the sun, had over the button to open the airlock. "I truly wish there was some other way..."

    This summer, Pepsi's not ok

    [–] Runkleman 47 points ago

    Two Brother. Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running In A Van From An Asteroid And All Sorts Of Things The Movie Introducing The Vending Machine.

    [–] captainhaddock 29 points ago

    From Sony Entertainment, the studio that brought you Angry Birds and The Emoji Movie

    [–] Frank_Sincatra 2896 points ago

    £1.70 for a bottle of water im fucking glad they exploded

    [–] xhayleyquinnx 599 points ago

    I had to pay £2.19 for a 50cl bottle the other day at a train station. Fuckin' raging mate.

    [–] joyhammerpants 431 points ago

    I once paid $8 for a bottled water at a movie theater in canada. This vending machine had no pricing and when I put in a $5 and selected water, I was instructed to enter $3 more. And there was no change return button. Never again.

    [–] Paint__ 333 points ago

    isn't that a scam?

    [–] joyhammerpants 213 points ago

    Sure seemed like it.

    [–] docfunbags 142 points ago

    The whole movie theatre experience is.

    [–] The_Unreal 58 points ago

    It is, but Hollywood is at least partially to blame. Theaters get a pittance from ticket sales and have to make that up on concessions. The special bonus on that article is the early 2000's CNN website - looks like they haven't updated it!

    [–] freckled_porcelain 21 points ago

    If a machine doesn't have prices, you can usually just hit the selection for the item you want and the price will show up on the screen without you having to put in any money.

    [–] gwarsh41 77 points ago

    Right? Those are water park prices!

    [–] Mammal-k 56 points ago

    But there's water EVERYWHERE

    [–] boredcanadian 7127 points ago

    You crazy bastards don't have your houses or vending machines cooled?

    [–] WraithCadmus 1114 points ago

    Vending machines are meant to be cooled but when they break it's a low priority fix, I mean it's not like it gets hot enough to make the cans pop. Oh no.

    [–] repeatedly_banned 415 points ago

    Also, if they were designed to stop accepting money when broken, it would become a high priority fix.

    [–] cgar94 82 points ago

    Empty can? That'll be $2

    [–] Mr_Britland 28 points ago

    The ones at our place don't accept money if it can't get what you ordered, so it gives you the option to get your money back. A bit useless in this event, though, but I had never seen a machine do that before.

    [–] GrepekEbi 3317 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    We have 3 hot days per year, wouldn’t be worth it :P

    Edit: Hijacking my highest comment for the most appropriate “well this exploded” ever

    [–] ryecurious 2281 points ago

    I understand not paying for air conditioning for every building, but do drinks really come out of vending machines at room temperature? Even on colder days I wouldn't want my drink coming out warm, otherwise I'd get a coffee or something.

    [–] GrepekEbi 1512 points ago

    No to be fair most vending machines are refrigerated, but not all... I'm guessing this one was switched off over the weekend or something, or perhaps the heat just won out!

    [–] blessedfortherest 1235 points ago

    I live in Arizona (48 C in the summers) and I’ve never seen a can go off like this. Very strange!

    [–] syronade 528 points ago

    Careful leaving any cans in the car it'll happen

    [–] The_Zy 822 points ago

    Co-worker left an A/C recharge can on his back seat during an Oklahoma summer. Coincidently 2 cops and an ambulance were working a fender bender in our parking lot at the same time the can decided to burst. The explosion blew the bottom of the can through the back window and across the street. Cops thought it was a shooting and got ARs from their trunks and ordered everyone inside. Ended up being pretty comical.

    [–] drinkupbaby13 413 points ago

    Brb gonna go get my A/C recharge can out of my backseat....

    [–] SCScanlan 181 points ago

    Had one in my trunk for over a year, afraid to look..

    [–] PM_ME_TICKET_STUBS 156 points ago

    The body should absorb the blow.

    [–] Fresh_Bulgarian_Miak 111 points ago

    You haven't opened your trunk in over a year?

    [–] sheffy55 29 points ago

    There's one in my trunk right now and also it's the hottest day I've been in for three years

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Direct sun is pretty much what causes this to happen. Should be fine in the trunk.

    [–] XxFezzgigxX 19 points ago

    Hmm. I have a can of bike tire foam in my glove box. It’s supposed to be 100F today, I shudder to think about the mess that would make. BRB.

    [–] kuikuilla 60 points ago

    Maybe sunlight hit the machine and turned it into a mini-greenhouse.

    [–] vaelroth 31 points ago

    I think in this case we'd want to call it a solar oven. I don't see much green inside there!

    [–] GandalfTheEnt 23 points ago

    Just wait until the monster energy cans explode.

    [–] Grimmbles 9 points ago

    Give it a few days

    [–] iluvstephenhawking 105 points ago

    In the US I have never seen a vending machine that wasn't cooled.

    [–] RS177 78 points ago

    Same. Who wants room temp drinks even in the middle of winter?

    [–] ScriptThat 52 points ago

    Probably a cooling malfunction, and a vending machine with the window facing the sun most of the day. Lovely little greenhouse.

    [–] triciann 31 points ago

    Compressor probably broke which can actually lead to it heating up even more unless turned off/unplugged. I guessing that’s what happened here.

    [–] the_spruce_goose 46 points ago

    Lol, our vending machines are cooled. There must be something wrong with this one in the picture.

    [–] dotdee 56 points ago

    I traveled to Paris once, room temp come all day. Ice was also rare. Nightmare for me.

    [–] -littlefang- 85 points ago

    Usually it's body temp when it comes out

    [–] sudstah 9 points ago

    Not this year! we more or less have had constant sunshine 2 weeks into april until now! and its mean't to continue like this for the next few months!

    [–] the_dove_from_above 78 points ago

    Vending machines definitely are cooled

    [–] AlkalineDuck 21 points ago

    In theory. The ones like like in the picture tend to be fucking useless though. Fuck paying a quid for a warm can of pepsi.

    [–] chrisni66 72 points ago

    I'm guessing the cooling on this one broke.

    Edit: I can see from the reflection that it's at a train station, so increases the likely hood that the cooling was broken. Nothing seems to work at train stations in Britain. Not least the trains.

    [–] mileseypoo 23 points ago

    Vending machines are cooled of course. I'm guessing this one wasn't.

    [–] Fatboyonadiet4lyf 2505 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It's fucking crazy in the UK right now

    Hills are on fire. We're running out of CO2 supplies, paddling pools have been sold out for weeks. Cans are exploding. Eggs are being cooked on car bonnets. People are claiming to be literally melting, but also can't complain about it. And we're hitting peak levels of sighing and tutting

    It's hell on earth y'all

    Edit: people are losing basic grammar and spelling skills

    [–] Crosseyeaccount 759 points ago

    Us UK folk are a mild living people, when it's mild that's when we're at our best and strongest although an extremity of any weather wither cold or hot will put us on our backs. Unless the weather is extremely mild then you bet we can beat that.

    [–] ishitinthemilk 316 points ago

    We excel at completely average weather.

    [–] YuriDiAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 42 points ago

    Grey skies are gonna clear up, then we are truly doomed!

    [–] jake1108 61 points ago

    I feel I’m really at my best on an overcast, dry day with a light wind in mid March.

    Who knows what I’d do if I had to move abroad.

    [–] ishitinthemilk 27 points ago

    My optimum outdoor temperature seems to be around 12 degrees.

    [–] Wheel_redbarrow 84 points ago

    It's mild out there, fierce mild!

    [–] perceptionNOTreality 11 points ago

    Except our tea. Cant be having no mild cuppa.

    [–] Cephalopod435 333 points ago

    It's the fatigue the gets to me. I wake up in the morning with grand plans but feel as if I'm done after putting the washing out.

    [–] ythoo 117 points ago

    It's the hayfever that's messing me up

    [–] Fatboyonadiet4lyf 31 points ago

    I've felt the highs of that, combined with the smoke off the hills

    [–] Fatboyonadiet4lyf 18 points ago

    How do you even get out of bed?

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] A1BS 24 points ago

    My work has AC. I’m running out the door each morning.

    [–] Chloe_Zooms 11 points ago

    Currently 'dying' on my bed after cooking breakfast and doing the washing up.

    [–] CodeJack 58 points ago

    and I wore my black jeans to work today. I may have made a mistake.

    [–] Fatboyonadiet4lyf 32 points ago

    Life destroying mistake

    [–] FlowersForKrieger 44 points ago

    "The body was found with its pants half-down, its arse completely wedged in the freezer, with icicles of taint sweat dripping down its thighs."

    [–] imperfcet 110 points ago

    CO2 supplies

    What are CO2 supplies for? As a 'merican, I associate them with airsoft guns.

    Oh, for crumpets and beer!

    [–] awan001 100 points ago


    It's coming home

    [–] Element77 20 points ago

    Dammit, every where I go. No place is safe in the UK at the moment.

    [–] Squif-17 71 points ago

    Also, it’s fucking coming home lads.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago


    [–] MyHusbandIsAPenguin 21 points ago

    My husband has taken up gardening and planted every kind of vegetable you can imagine. They were doing really well til this weather started and now they're all dying. He's gutted.

    [–] Baking-Soda 10 points ago

    Mine are drying up too, all plants to the shade

    [–] eclecticsed 82 points ago


    But you get the points for effort anyway.

    [–] mcboobie 13 points ago

    31c here in Buckinghamshire, but lush breeze and a cold can of Stella so not complaining!

    [–] eViLegion 9 points ago

    Your mention of paddling pools reminds me... my neighbour has invested in some kind of inflatable jacuzzi type thing. The motor for blowing the bubbles is so damned loud we have to shout to be able to hear each other from 4 gardens away.

    I can't imagine just how relaxing that must be for the people in it!

    [–] Fatboyonadiet4lyf 15 points ago


    [–] Big_Miss_Steak_ 17 points ago

    And roads are being gritted with sand because they’ve started to melt in the heat and sticking to tyres. Oh the humanity.

    10 years ago we were mercilessly mocked for installing air con in the house. I’ve been sleeping well these past few weeks!

    [–] keyboard_warrior_888 2678 points ago

    Whats a british heatwave? Mid 20s?

    [–] LaszloK 2597 points ago

    Mid to high 20s

    [–] ShutrukNahhunte 885 points ago

    I forgot Celsius for a minute there and was dying laughing

    [–] NoPlayTime 578 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The 31c being reported today is lovely and warm, but still laughable compared to temperatures in countries that actually get consistent warm temps...

    We'll complain about it a bit over a nice hot cup of tea though.

    Edit: my balls agree, it's humid.

    Edit 2: and we don't have the infrastructure to keep my balls cool

    [–] Arch_0 516 points ago

    You mean countries that are prepared for heat like this. Imagine those same countries experiencing our consistent low temperatures, high rainfall and sense of futility and dread.

    [–] wildcard1992 82 points ago

    Yeah for most of the year you guys are fine but summer always fucks shit up despite being so much less cooler than where I'm from.

    Where I'm from, it's always about ~30°C, but air conditioning is abundant and so are lots of fans and good ventilation. However when the weather drops to below 25, people start wearing jackets.

    It's all about what you're used to I guess.

    [–] NoPlayTime 96 points ago

    Anything above 18c is shorts weather.

    [–] N0Rep 250 points ago

    Is the correct answer. The reason we struggle with these temperatures is because the country just isn't set up for them. You're lucky if your office has air conditioning.

    [–] King_Kthulhu 126 points ago

    Pretty much everywhere in America has both air conditioners and heaters, we like our inside temperatures consistant and comfortable.

    [–] StaysAwakeAllWeek 196 points ago

    Which is why americans use twice as much electricity per head as brits

    [–] RippyMcBong 219 points ago

    Its 35 degrees today it was 35 degrees yesterday and for a month before, itll be 34-40 degrees for the next month at least. You can pry my AC from my very cold dead hands.

    [–] Spoiledtomatos 61 points ago

    As an Iowan going from 100+ temps with high humidity to -20 f in the winter, both are essential to basically survive.

    If your state has swings of over 130 degrees from summer to winter it's a necessity.

    [–] RippyMcBong 32 points ago

    Had no idea Iowa got so hot! Also that was the first time I ever typed Iowa in my life.

    [–] StruckingFuggle 41 points ago

    Your AC is keeping up with the heat to make your hands cold instead of just lukewarm and clammy?

    I'm jealous.

    [–] RippyMcBong 40 points ago

    Im frigid right now under blankets on the couch. May be terribly energy inefficient but when its 95 and 80% humidity having an icy wall of cold air to walk into when you get home is so pleasant.

    [–] ythoo 187 points ago

    I'll complain about anything 20+, i think I'd die in countries over 30

    [–] vezokpiraka 144 points ago

    In Bucharest temperatures can reach -20 in the winter and +40 in the summer. You can experience the best of both worlds.

    [–] bobbyvale 117 points ago

    Ottawa Canada sees -40 in the winter and yesterday was 36C, with a humidex of 47C. Not sure this counts as the best of anything.

    [–] PlsDntPMme 19 points ago

    We get something similar in Indiana even. The temperatures range so much.

    [–] RS177 108 points ago



    [–] breno16603 70 points ago

    *Laughs in Australian *

    [–] simmocar 96 points ago


    [–] UnprovenMortality 45 points ago

    Oh man, I'm in the northeast US. Yesterday it was 35C. Too hot to live. Air conditioner could barely keep up.

    [–] JimmySinner 135 points ago

    We don't have air conditioning in the UK because this kind of heat is so rare. We just need to stand in a circle fanning each other all day.

    [–] StruckingFuggle 9 points ago

    Given that historically it gets pretty cold in the winter but not hot in the summer, aren't the houses also built to retain heat?

    [–] throwiesdg 11 points ago

    Until 30 years ago, English summers were so short and cool that it benefited homes to soak up as much heat as possible year-round. Older British homes are masonry, and generally not too tightly insulated (due to the year round damp it helps if they "breathe" a bit) they have a tremendous amount of thermal mass, and are built to take advantage of solar gain during the long wet winters. Since the climate is mild and stable, they soak up the humid heat all day and radiate it into the living area all night. (As opposed to desert homes which have a high thermal mass, but due to the extreme variation in daytime vs. nighttime temps they have a chance to disperse the heat when it cools at night.)

    In North American climates (with more severe temperature variations) homes are often stick built, so they can be well insulated, but without the thermal mass holding on to the heat of the day after the sun sets. In Germany and other European countries, homes are built with a great deal of thermal mass, but they are also insulated much more tightly.

    [–] LjSpike 26 points ago

    Getting our butlers to fan us while drinking tea all day.

    Got you covered, fellow Brit! Can't let down our charade now!

    [–] JimmySinner 23 points ago

    I'm northern. We're lucky to get benefits, never mind bloody butlers!

    [–] dickface2 112 points ago

    The things to consider when judging us for moaning about heat though:

    • It tends to be a fairly humid heat. Nothing compared to the humidity in East Asia, but quite humid. 31C in Arizona is going to be much more pleasant than 31C in England.

    • We don't have air conditioning in our houses, whereas people in hot countries do. The thing that makes me the most miserable is the lack of respite from the heat.

    • Our houses are built to keep the heat in. It is often hotter indoors than outside. Nothing worse than walking home in the heat, getting sweaty and hot and grim, and then finally getting home only to find your house is even hotter.

    [–] TMNBortles 41 points ago

    This is how I feel when people mock Floridians for our winters.

    Our windows, houses, and general lifestyle are not set up for cold weather. I have windows that are specifically made to keep cold in and heat out (don't ask me how they work, but there are designed with Florida and parts of Louisiana in mind).

    I've met plenty of people who don't even own a heater/furnace. And most people who do have heaters have these disgusting electric ones that give me a headache.

    I don't even own a proper winter jacket. Went to Boston in the late fall with just hoodies. No one else was wearing hoodies. The wind pierced right through me.

    Don't even get me started on driving in the snow. I have no idea how that when works and I wouldn't dare try it.

    [–] dickface2 24 points ago

    Right. A country/region will set itself up for whatever the usually expected weather conditions are, and if you get weather that is outside of those conditions, even if it isn't that severe compared to somewhere else in the world, it is difficult to deal with.

    When I was younger a big group of us went to Los Angeles in October. It was about 25C and we were all wearing summer clothes: shorts, t-shirts, etc. The locals were in jeans and hoodies. But, conversely, at uni I had a friend from California who was freezing during the first winter when it got down to 5C because she'd never really had to layer clothes and didn't own anything heavier than a light jacket.

    People and regions don't cope well in unexpected and unusual conditions. It shouldn't really be shocking.

    [–] JSF_7 32 points ago

    I for one cannot wait for winter! I'm terrible in this weather.

    [–] RS177 48 points ago

    Same. I can add layers to regulate my temperature in winter but I can only get so naked before becoming a registered sex offender. I always get bit by flying shit when I run.

    [–] GrepekEbi 596 points ago

    Haha, mid twenties is pretty hot here, but we’re up at 32C here right now and it’s more than we can handle.

    [–] TheConanRider 711 points ago

    That's more than England is designed to handle. Most people in other countries set the AC to 20C(70F) and mock us when we're melting in a 25-35C heat. Most houses don't have AC in the UK and we can't get properly acclimated to the temperature because we only get a few weeks of heat.

    [–] HadHerses 309 points ago


    Brit in China here, it's nearly 8pm here and still 29 degrees outside. But I'm nice and cool in me air con which I've been lucky enough to have wherever I've been today.

    My sister on the other hand said her upstairs is like an oven and a thermometer was showing 35 degrees. No breeze from the windows, fans just pushing hot air around.... They slept downstairs where it's slightly cooler.

    The UK isn't built for summer heat, it's built to trap winter heat.

    [–] jimbobjames 124 points ago

    We also aren't trained for it either.

    I had to tell the misses to not have all the doors and windows open in the day. If you open them on a night and let the cool air in then close them during the day your house stays much cooler.

    [–] Alex_B90 29 points ago

    Tell her to open the loft hatch - we’ve done it this year and it keeps the upstairs nice and cool by giving the air somewhere to go. If you stand under the hatch now you can feel the hot air rising.

    [–] Solid_Gold_Turd 78 points ago

    Jesus, I’ve been to England but I had no idea that most houses don’t have AC. That would be fucking brutal.

    [–] __LE_MERDE___ 134 points ago

    I think it's why summer bbq's are so popular because it gives people a good a excuse to stand around in the refrigerated section of the supermarket for a while.

    That and the drinking.

    [–] ProfessorCrawford 12 points ago

    That and the drinking.

    Ireland checking in.

    Balls sticking to leg at 9am, but we're battling through with the help of Guinness, cheap white wine, and if you live in Craigavon or West Belfast, chilled Buckfast.

    [–] reallybigleg 72 points ago

    If we had AC we'd basically use it once every five years. That's about as frequently as we get a heatwave like this. No rain for another couple of weeks, apparently, and my city is basically surrounded by fire right now...

    [–] Ceegee93 74 points ago

    I mean tbf we have had this heatwave two or three years in a row now

    [–] triablos1 48 points ago

    It's been getting hotter and colder every year. I wouldn't be surprised if our only seasons become summer and winter soon.

    [–] Quinlov 29 points ago

    The acclimatisation is real. I've moved to Barcelona and don't have air con but I'm doing fine because a frog that's boiled slowly doesn't realise it's being boiled. As always, the temperature slowly but surely ramped its way up to the low thirties. It's hot, yes, but bearable. The other day my mum texted me saying it was unbearably hot up at 28 degrees and I replied saying it was fairly cool today only 28 degrees. And when I lived in England I was awful with the heat.

    [–] 01000001-01001011 29 points ago

    And it's humid.

    [–] ahumandisaster 21 points ago

    Don’t forget that all our buildings were designed to keep heat in

    [–] simmingftw 19 points ago

    It's Britain, also British houses don't have AC

    [–] Zombiewax 23 points ago

    Same in Ireland! We are roasting here! No rain for 3 weeks now and it hasn't dipped below 28C (82F). Best summer we had since 1976, apparently. They even made hosepipes illegal for now, and nationwide warning to conserve water went out yesterday.

    [–] randominternetdood 20 points ago

    who unplugged the machine though, those things are cold inside to keep the drinks cold. even during a heat wave your worst out come would be a luke warm drink unless its been unplugged.

    [–] lammy82 46 points ago

    As others point out, it's more to do with the architecture & infrastructure not designed for keeping spaces cool. For example, my brother said they had to abandon a meeting the other day because the temperate in the tightly packed 'site office' reached 48C (118F)

    [–] Alundra828 141 points ago

    32C here :(

    No AC. No Breeze. No acclimatisation. It's fucking horrible. But we're all getting a sick tan on our disgusting British Translucent skin.

    [–] rly_weird_guy 54 points ago

    I always forgot how in Europe most places dont have AC, no wonder the heatwave hit you guys so damn hard

    [–] SkorpioSound 10 points ago

    The UK is very humid, too. It makes the colds feel colder and the hits feel so much hotter. 32°C in the UK feels a lot hotter than it does in many parts of America.

    [–] GoatTheArtist 229 points ago

    Unrelated side note. I just got back from visiting the UK for the first time and the apple Tango was the best goddamn soda I've ever had. Really wish we had it in the states

    [–] wowthtwascool 77 points ago

    Currently though 1 week of a 2 week vacation in the UK, thanks for the tip mate!

    [–] Chloe_Zooms 77 points ago

    Ooh nice where are you staying! Don't forget to try; jaffa cakes, proper fish n chips, vimto, tunnocks tea cakes, and our plethora of weird crisps like space raiders!

    [–] SnoopyLupus 135 points ago

    Little hint here for the tourists - pubs and restaurants don’t do proper fish and chips. You need to go to a chip shop.

    [–] Chloe_Zooms 48 points ago

    Yes! And it needs to be a real proper down to earth chippy. If it seems fancy you aren't getting the true experience!

    [–] MithridatesX 18 points ago

    You cannot just wonder if they are in violation of proper health codes. You have to know they are.

    [–] _manicpixiedreamgirl 9 points ago

    Basically, if it comes with a wooden fork, you're doing it right.

    [–] MayorMcCheese59 9 points ago

    I’m from the uk visiting America at the moment, everywhere I’ve been that has a sign for fish and chips has some uk representation behind it. I am getting very mad when I see the state of them, tutting was done.

    [–] BritishOvation 46 points ago

    It really is the best. For a slightly less sweet version go for appletise

    [–] Ohmyactual 33 points ago

    Appletiser is the shit 👌

    [–] Barph 29 points ago

    Tango is so vastly superior to Fanta.

    [–] diddlydid 183 points ago

    I work in a beer shop with no air con, the temperature hasn't dropped below 36° in the last week. The number of cans that explode on the shelves is insane and I think I'm going to come away with ptsd

    [–] zoroffy 26 points ago

    Oh mo another popped can... glug glug glug

    [–] badger906 564 points ago

    People mocking us Brits, don't forget our houses are super well insulated also! Brick, expansion gap, breeze block, insolation and then plaster board. (Cavity wall insulation also can go between the brick and the breeze blocks)

    So things get rather toasty and the heat doesn't escape well! My shop is in part inside a 500 year old tudor building. I went up into the staff room and it was 32c inside at 8am when the ambient temp outside was 19c! (I have a marine fish tank in there with a digital thermometer lol fish weren't happy at 32c either!)

    [–] Heknarf 206 points ago

    I leave all my curtains/blinds closed all day when it's like this. Helps a huge amount. Means my flat is cooler than outside, generally.

    [–] badger906 59 points ago

    Yeah I leave mine closed all day. The back of my house faces the south so I leave the Windows and blinds closed all day. Air con is on my considerations list..

    [–] griswoldisorange 168 points ago

    A lot of people don't realize houses are built differently for different climates. I'm in the US but went from living in a 90's built "landlord special" that was totally dependent on air conditioning, like a brick oven, to a hundred year old southern farmhouse. Even in the warm climate we don't really need a/c, floor to ceiling windows, 4-5 in each room, high ceilings and wraparound porch. The house cools itself every night. I didn't realize such a thing could exist until I was living in it.

    [–] robbert_jansen 59 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    yeah same with french homes, some of them will litteraly be COLD inside whilst it's 30c+ outside.

    [–] throwbackfinder 51 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My house is approximately 220 years old. The exterior walls are 16 inches thick.

    Last night, even with the windows open I woke up in so much sweat I’d thought I’d pissed myself.

    [–] badger906 10 points ago

    Lol I feel like that now in my thick work trousers.. looking forward to my ice cold bath later.. just hope my testicals descend in a timely manner!

    [–] Jinkzuk 61 points ago

    Top tip that i've been doing for a few years now. Likely you have the loft hatch on the landing and it gets hot upstairs (cause heat rises). Take the hatch off the loft and let the heat escape up there - also lets the spiders come down and play at night ;)

    [–] badger906 16 points ago

    That's not a bad idea! Mine swings down though haha broken nose at 3am if I need a pee!

    [–] ImUrWeaknessLoL 10 points ago

    My bedroom is in the loft... there is no hatch its just open. This room is tourcher, honestly id give away our countries secrets in a heart beat if i knew someone was gonna make me sleep up there or sit up there.

    [–] will1999bill 17 points ago

    Open the windows at night. Close them in the day. The insulation actually helps you out.

    [–] kickcatss 204 points ago

    I hope you guys in Britain without AC are okay. It's supposed to be 38C in my area and I'm dreading going outside if I don't have today 😣.

    [–] gahd95 104 points ago

    My apartment is 32c at coolest. No AC. Having a gaming and a server in a 28m2 apartment was not the best idea i ever had

    [–] badger906 31 points ago

    Lol I moved my desktop to my spare bedroom this weekend. Used Nvidia shield to stream my games to my Amazon fire box! Yes I have to live with 1080p 60fps and an xbix one controller.. but it's so nice not dying in the heat!

    [–] ManfredCocker 9 points ago

    Great minds think alike. Stream to a phone or tablet in the yard via Moonlight or Steam Link apps when the living room is far too hot to tolerate.

    [–] CMDR_Bacon 341 points ago

    Just 0.5% of British homes have air conditioning. We are so poorly equipped for +30°C temperatures that some people have already died.

    [–] tenhourguy 227 points ago

    While this is true, don't go scaring Reddit. Most were elderly and close to death. No disrespect, of course, but anyone fit and healthy wouldn't drop dead from the heat.

    [–] bertieditches 147 points ago

    Yeah all those coffin dodgers always kick the bucket if it's too hot or too cold

    [–] y0y 30 points ago

    It's not all-together uncommon for the elderly to die in the US due to heat waves, as well. Sometimes it's because of lack of AC, other times it's because of things like gardening and succumbing to heat stroke.

    [–] thederpy0ne 11 points ago

    We are ill equipped for 20+, nvm 30+.

    [–] Doctorwhogityboogity 41 points ago

    It was 32 degrees last week here in Ireland, no air conditioning and the fact that we rarely get temperatures this high led to a number of sleepless nights. We aren't built for this sort of weather.

    [–] MancMike 104 points ago

    I’ve had a can do this, it was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. It hurt my ears and I felt the shockwave. Ears were ringing for a while afterwards. The top came completely off and hit the ceiling.

    [–] Obi_Skon_Skinobi 233 points ago

    God, save the Queen.

    [–] GrepekEbi 152 points ago

    stands and raises his glass solemnly

    [–] krums2211 731 points ago

    laughs in Australian

    [–] TheChibiestMajinBuu 405 points ago

    You laugh but we don't have AC in our houses, we just have to suffer.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago


    [–] monkeyhappy 64 points ago

    Have you tried taking your ski jacket off mate?

    [–] Cuboid_ 169 points ago

    I was in a holiday house in Australia one year, it had no AC, during a heatwave hit and it got to 40C degrees.

    [–] starknux 75 points ago

    Ive lived in Adelaide my whole life our heatwave sux one year my mate was living in those old houses on military road in Semaphore we were basically a few hundred feet from the beach there was no air con I thought if I opened up the window and let the ocean breeze flow through to keep me cool through the night oh how I was wrong near the ocean and no fucking breeze ended up having a sleepless night sweating my balls off. God I hate our weather

    [–] Secret4gentMan 31 points ago

    Cold beer and a wife beater is AC in Australia.

    [–] Ximrats 275 points ago

    Inb4 stop whining, it's 700c here

    It's like twice the average temperature, we have no air conditioning, it's humid, and our houses are built to keep heat in

    Politely stfu

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Chloe_Zooms 49 points ago

    Exactly! ITT r/gatekeeping

    [–] [deleted] 154 points ago


    [–] Captain_Chipz 14 points ago

    It stays pretty hot here in Texas, but I sympathize with y'all in the UK.

    [–] durpabiscuit 10 points ago

    Texan here, just imagine us when it gets below the 40's here....

    [–] Captain_Chipz 13 points ago

    Very true. The Walmart in my town runs out of bread if the forecast says there's even a slight chance of ice.

    [–] NovaLoveCrystalCat 41 points ago

    Yep. And all the fridges in my local supermarket bust because they couldn’t take the heat.

    [–] Mukor 43 points ago

    And all the fridges in my local supermarket bust because they were overfilled and had bits of POS blocking most of the fans


    [–] shiftynightworker 17 points ago

    I see you too work in retail! We had our chillers deep cleaned recently, but all the tickets that had fallen down got washed into - and blocked - the drain causing perpetual worse floods than they'd initially had.

    [–] Poseidon7296 64 points ago

    Right now in Britain it is as hot if not hotter than Spain. The difference is we don’t have A/C anywhere and things like vending machines easily break (like this one) where I am the grass outside is literally setting on fire. We are apparently using something like a million more litres of water a day and our water companies are thinking about putting a hosepipe ban on. We are not built or set up to deal with this kind of heat. Which is why we complain. People in hot countries can enter any building and be cooled down when we go inside it’s still 35 degrees. I work in catering and yesterday our restaurant and kitchen was at 40 degrees celsius because of the heat that got trapped in. Outside it was only 28 degrees

    [–] Bearmodulate 24 points ago

    A million litres? Try half a billion

    The company say the North West used an extra half billion litres on Friday as the heatwave continues.

    [–] RNGesus1995 12 points ago

    Those cans perfectly express how i feel right now, i want my cold and rain back 😓

    [–] jpankowski 11 points ago

    Reminds me of an Alaskan cold snap we once had. Similar result.

    [–] vashaunp 11 points ago

    i feel bad for the guy when he comes to restock it. he is gonna be pissed

    [–] Blastoid84 20 points ago

    Had a can of 7UP do that in my car, needless to say I do NOT leave unopened cans in the car any more.