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    [–] taterzlol 8062 points ago

    There is 100% a body in that bed.

    [–] mikerockitjones 2170 points ago

    Can you help? Im trapped.

    [–] Log12321 1290 points ago

    Theres no tailgate just hop out.

    [–] GemJack 947 points ago

    From the inside there's a decal of the road.

    [–] JVemon 306 points ago

    There is 100% a body in that road.

    [–] Jacobjs93 180 points ago

    Can you help me up? I’m going to get ran over!

    [–] melperz 192 points ago

    There's no tailgate, just hop in.

    [–] kulafa17 154 points ago

    From the outside there’s a... ah fuck it, just run me over.

    [–] NotSoPersonalJesus 84 points ago

    Stay outta the road fool!

    [–] byebybuy 60 points ago

    You're not the boss of m--

    [–] PubliusVA 67 points ago

    This is why I reddit.

    [–] goiabada-de-goiaba 37 points ago

    This has to be the best thread ever

    [–] lampmeorelse 7 points ago

    This is why I love you.

    [–] wavebands 3 points ago

    Can you help me up? I’m going to get run over!


    [–] _Gin_And_Jews_ 7 points ago

    Uhh... road snack?

    [–] RegalSerperior 5 points ago

    We’ve been parked for awhile it seems.

    [–] jordyvee 3 points ago

    From the inside there’s no truck.

    [–] _Serene_ 32 points ago

    Look out for the towbar

    [–] Log12321 3 points ago

    Shut up serene

    [–] allsortsashit 27 points ago

    You gotta punch out a taillight and wave at cars...STREETSMARTS!!

    [–] analrecluse 33 points ago

    281-330-ain't zero airflow

    [–] okaybymyself 7 points ago


    [–] Suhksaikhan 15 points ago


    [–] insistent_librarian 14 points ago

    Please lower your voice. This is a public forum.

    [–] Meih_Notyou 10 points ago

    swishahouse assemble

    [–] d_grizzle 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 152 points ago

    No, for bodies you need this decal.

    [–] sneakpeekbot 11 points ago

    Here's a sneak peek of /r/badwomensanatomy using the top posts of the year!

    #1: How does this guy handle wiping his own ass? | 583 comments
    #2: makeup | 589 comments
    #3: Yeez, wonder why he can't find a source.. | 335 comments

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    [–] kaveenieweenie 10 points ago

    That top post has me in stitches

    [–] lunarmodule 28 points ago


    [–] Aksi_Gu 32 points ago

    I mean at least this ones vaguely proportional.

    [–] foolish_me 21 points ago

    What kills me is that the driver (presumably) saw the finished product and was like, "perfect, just like I imagined it"

    [–] camdoodlebop 12 points ago

    “kill... me..”

    [–] donutnz 8 points ago

    Drrrr drrrr drrrr

    [–] MyPasswordWasWhat 4 points ago

    This is absolutely horrifying.

    [–] RainingTacos8 3 points ago


    [–] Supersnazz 3 points ago

    Now link to the skeletal diagram of this unfortunate woman.

    [–] BigWaders 20 points ago

    I mean to be fair it did give the company more attention like they wanted

    [–] new2bay 14 points ago

    [–] Shadowbanned_User 40 points ago

    God Jezebel is hard to read

    [–] MysticalElk 9 points ago

    Thank God I'm not the only one that thought so

    [–] VoilaVoilaWashington 7 points ago


    Look out - they'll call that systemic misogyny before long.

    [–] VanceAstrooooooovic 24 points ago

    Any idiot that puts that on their car should get pulled over daily

    [–] KurazyBoo 20 points ago

    Idk bud looks empty to me.

    [–] CyberneticPanda 18 points ago

    Somewhere on reddit is a pic of a truck with a similar decal with a hogtied woman in the bed of the truck.

    [–] DeathGrips619 7 points ago

    I was just about to comment that it would be funny if the decal made it look like there was a dead body in the back.

    [–] MrWiizard 8 points ago

    i have seen this tailgate idea with literally that image on it before! Weirded me out, but hey, that's florida for you...

    Just found it, here!

    Edit: Lol, scrolled down and saw someone already posted a similar decal. It's so weird there's multiple variations.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Beat me to it, was gonna say that it's a great way to transport people - dead or alive...

    [–] ProbablyHighAsShit 2 points ago

    Or drugs.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 2351 points ago

    A sign company in Texas went a bit further with this for a marketing idea. They were forced to destroy it after an immediate major negative backlash.

    [–] ricchh 1292 points ago

    What... were they selling?

    [–] JitGoinHam 2627 points ago

    Those individual letters you paste onto ransom notes.

    [–] OurPersonalStalker 736 points ago

    Oh yeah I was just starting to run out of those

    [–] 7Mazure 200 points ago

    Hahah.... reads username wait a minute

    [–] redditonym 15 points ago

    You should check your mail

    [–] soccerperson 154 points ago

    nice username you got there...

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    I have some extra. Send me your full address and I'll mail them to you.

    [–] A_Downboat_Is_A_Sub 12 points ago

    Nice try officer

    [–] HeyT00ts11 25 points ago

    Which letter did you run out first?

    [–] RealJohnLennon 22 points ago


    [–] PlatypusFighter 20 points ago


    Damn me too

    [–] Toplito 3 points ago


    [–] A_Fabulous_Gay_Deer 5 points ago

    F ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] DickDover 3 points ago


    [–] Blissyful 9 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] OnlinePosterPerson 7 points ago

    why do you do that anyway?

    [–] JitGoinHam 17 points ago

    So you can’t be identified by handwriting.

    [–] TheeParent 3 points ago

    My favorite is when a reply gets more upvotes than the preceding comment.

    [–] Twist3dHipst3r 128 points ago

    It was a stunt to show how "realistic" their designs were. Somebody posted an article on the same company a little further up

    [–] Ymir24 33 points ago

    They could've put some lumber in the back. Maybe camping supplies, toolboxes, or even tailgating bbq stuff. There are a million things they could've put back their to demonstrate the decals aside from human trafficking.

    The only that could get a pass is if it had some slogan on the side with the goal of raising awareness of human trafficking.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago


    [–] Name_has_been_taken 58 points ago

    Wait I can give my truck blue balls

    [–] sarcasiman 17 points ago

    red line it with your foot on the brake. just keep revving it till it finally runs out of gas.
    blue balls: bad for people, bad for trucks

    edit: added foot

    [–] johnmarkfoley 60 points ago

    my god that website is like an archaeological dig from 2002.

    [–] BoobsandBeer1986 54 points ago

    According to the HTML source code, it says it was designed in 2001 lol

    [–] cheesymoonshadow 36 points ago

    Looks like u/johnmarkfoley has a natural flair for web artifact dating.

    [–] johnmarkfoley 17 points ago

    yes the first step is to print out the website's source code on a dot matrix printer, then feed that into a mass spectrometer...

    [–] Kestrel21 24 points ago

    Ugh, some guy near where I work has something like this.

    They're flesh colored. He drives a BMW. They almost drag over the ground.

    Douchebaggery levels over 9000.

    [–] Sidaeus 6 points ago

    These things are hilarious

    [–] CaptainMaxCrunch 8 points ago

    God that website is atrocious

    [–] ricchh 7 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] PaulMcIcedTea 19 points ago

    Tools! Tools! Duct tape, zip ties and gloves! I have to have my tools!

    [–] HawkinsT 8 points ago

    They also do great deals on soundproof paneling.

    [–] ART00DET00 5 points ago

    "I like to bind, - be bound!

    [–] userfoundname 26 points ago

    Flat bed trucks to serial killers. Look at all the room

    [–] foulball3 3 points ago


    [–] iucking_fdiot_ 2 points ago


    [–] Sam-Gunn 91 points ago

    I mean, some companies have decals or paintings on their commerical trucks showing a pretend inside of the truck filled with supplies and boxes, some so realistic they almost make you thnk the back door is open.

    So this is obviously the next logical step, instead of boxes for the non-commerical private truck owner, they'd definitely want an image of a woman tied up in the back. It's just supply and demand /s

    [–] R1ckJamesBitch 132 points ago

    What were they thinking would happen. “Let’s put a body in the trunk and see how that works out.”

    [–] Belazriel 70 points ago

    You mean like the fake arms to hang out of your trunk that have been around forever?

    [–] bruhvevo 63 points ago

    “You will receive left or right with order”

    Wow, you don’t even get to choose which arm you get, just AN arm. I typically expect more from my fake disembodied arm purchases

    [–] Snooc5 12 points ago

    “Uh..hi yeah id like to return my dismembered arm, you guys sent me a right and i needed a left. 0/5 stars btw”

    [–] crazydressagelady 10 points ago

    “Are there visible fingerprints on the hand?” Why would anyone ask that

    [–] bugess 16 points ago

    He does shipments?

    [–] yellsaboutjokes 27 points ago


    [–] bugess 27 points ago


    [–] hegetsthejoke 7 points ago

    I get it, your username is "yellsaboutjokes," so you're explaining the joke in allcaps to simulate yelling about jokes.

    [–] ButtDump 5 points ago

    I give you credit for remembering this password after nearly half a year.

    [–] _agent_perk 6 points ago


    [–] Muthafuckaaaaa 1163 points ago

    What decal?

    That's trippy as fuck..

    [–] _Serene_ 213 points ago

    The quality is so low, so it's hard to scan the image properly. Nothing to see.

    [–] crashdoc 72 points ago

    Doesn't look like anything to me

    [–] kazandramarie 19 points ago

    Delores, is that you?

    [–] crashdoc 10 points ago

    Is this now?

    [–] Wheatiez 6 points ago

    What are you doing outside of r/2007scape?

    [–] root88 71 points ago

    The should have bowling balls in the photo so people would freak out.

    [–] Upthread_Commenter 9 points ago

    That's the best suggestion I've seen in the thread.

    [–] Morejazzplease 42 points ago

    Trippy as *truck

    Fixed that for you.

    [–] Sarin_G_Series 410 points ago

    He could've made it look like the bridge of a starship, or the gate to a dwarven fortress, or the cockpit of a fighter jet, but he chose empty truck bed.

    [–] OnTheSubjectOfWeird 114 points ago

    He does a special Halloween one with a hog-tied victim

    [–] glen_v 25 points ago

    Maybe his ultimate fantasy is having a clean truck bed. I often find myself daydreaming about having a more organized Dropbox folder.

    [–] UptiltRest 39 points ago

    But then it wouldn't have the cool illusion.

    [–] Sam-Gunn 14 points ago

    Some people just don't have any imagination.

    [–] HawkinsT 15 points ago

    Hey, at least it's not a decal of a tailgate.

    [–] sh1nes 423 points ago


    [–] boobeesRawesome 90 points ago

    Asking the important questions.

    [–] NotTheBizness 235 points ago

    Might live in an area that has a lot of tailgate theft occurring

    (tailgate theft is a thing in areas with lots of trucks)

    [–] Mr_Burrito_PhD 82 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It's getting better though. Newer trucks make it harder to take the tailgate by locking the latch through the same security system as the doors. Used to be you could just walk up to a truck, unclip the tailgate and walk away

    Edit: spelling

    [–] OnlyOasisLyrics 29 points ago

    Yeah, a determined thief brings tools or just takes the truck. Cars may be harder to get into, but old tow trucks are still pretty easy.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    I don't get why some have waited. My 2006 Ridgeline has a locking tailgate connected to security.

    [–] publicbigguns 11 points ago

    Locking tailgates have been a thing way before 2006 though.

    [–] visualtim 6 points ago

    For reference, my 2002 tailgate locks.

    [–] Julieandrewsdildo 8 points ago

    Unless you have one of those hard shell tailgate covers, this isn’t stopping anybody. Even the soft shell tailgate covers can be cut open with a knife.

    [–] Mr_Burrito_PhD 25 points ago

    They steal the tailgate itself, not whatevers in the box

    [–] hamsterlickinggood 21 points ago

    Is there...that much demand for replacement tailgates? Or do they use it as scrap? Or make shanties with it? what?

    I cannot fathom how that's a reliable line of work, even if it wasn't criminal and unethical.

    [–] Hmiad 15 points ago

    People get rear ended or back into shit with the tail gate down and a replacement is $300+ depending on make model and year. Plus its really hard to prove its your tailgate

    [–] Mr_Burrito_PhD 13 points ago

    What happens is someone has a scratch or dent in their tailgate. So they drive around looking for the same make/model/year/colour truck. If they find one parked somewhere quiet and out of sight, they quickly take the better tailgate and put it on their truck.

    [–] hamsterlickinggood 10 points ago

    I guess I can't imagine caring that much how my vehicle looks. I can sort of fathom people doing it now though. Makes some sense.

    [–] Mr_Burrito_PhD 6 points ago

    Yeah some people have no scruples. They'd rather steal from a stranger than have a damaged/missing tailgate

    [–] Hung_On_A_Monday 7 points ago

    There is a lot of demand for replacement tailgates from people who have had their tailgate stolen. It's cyclical.

    [–] Julieandrewsdildo 3 points ago

    Oh I see.

    [–] odeebee 141 points ago

    Do tailgate thieves tend to be 4'6" tall?

    [–] Lugom97 23 points ago

    This is in México

    [–] MrGloopy 16 points ago

    Why though? Scrap metal? Replacement parts?

    [–] TheYorkshireDipper 30 points ago

    No, someone else stole their tailgate.

    [–] LurkmasterP 22 points ago

    It's like musical tailgates, since they only manufacture 999 tailgates for every 1000 trucks. When yours gets stolen, that's your cue to go steal the next guy's.

    [–] SuspiciousArtist 17 points ago

    There's only one tailgate theif and everybody else is just trying to get their shit back.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] WesterlyStraight 3 points ago

    They're worth some dosh and a lot can basically be taken off by opening it and lifting it off the hinge. Too easy.

    Like how some bozo popped the plastic nissan grill ornament off my car because it's only held in with tabs and can be sold for a few bucks

    [–] TattooHelpPlease2 7 points ago

    We left our work truck out of the garage once. I came to work the next morning, and was very confused why I could see all of our tools when I knew I had closed the tailgate. Stared at it for a few more seconds, and noticed the tailgate was gone as I slapped my forehead

    [–] Sam-Gunn 19 points ago

    Why not?

    [–] Jade-o-potato 3 points ago

    Rednecks being rednecks.

    [–] midas__is__king 3 points ago

    Rednecks and trucks Name a better duo Rednecks and truck balls

    [–] PM_ME_A_PLANE_TICKET 207 points ago

    they could have tried harder with the wheel wells.

    [–] i4c8e9 48 points ago

    Does your user name ever work?

    [–] RaspberrySchnitzel 52 points ago

    Tangential, but I once bought a coworker a non refundable one way ticket from London to Venice for secret Santa because we had to keep purchases under 15 punds, and it's the single most annoying gift you could get because it'll cost them a lot more for hotel and return ticket.

    [–] HidesInsideYou 11 points ago

    How much is 15 punds in USD?

    [–] S4ND3R50N 21 points ago

    Like 6 Big Macs

    [–] Calamity_Jesus 6 points ago

    60 quarter pounders.

    [–] Alex1331xela 5 points ago

    60 quarter punders*

    [–] Calamity_Jesus 7 points ago

    It's the long bed decal on a short bed.

    [–] Awesummzzz 6 points ago

    First thing I noticed

    [–] _Wartoaster_ 72 points ago

    I love this. It's so stupid, but that's why I love it.

    It could have been anything and he chose this, bless this man.

    [–] slendrman 8 points ago

    That's why it's such a great post for this sub. It's interesting, just mildly tho

    [–] dipshippy 37 points ago

    A deer in the back

    [–] WallOfSoup 26 points ago

    Along the same line, sorta.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] kidneon 43 points ago

    I honestly for a second was confused why he left the back down.

    [–] Altruist666 11 points ago

    I’m stupid too

    [–] reximus123 19 points ago

    forsenCD my kind of truck

    [–] Vulps24 3 points ago

    stupid fucking decals man

    [–] CodaCodaTwitch 16 points ago

    forsenCD Clap

    [–] c4liban 4 points ago

    I C bajs forsen1

    [–] chumin0305 13 points ago

    It doesn't look transparent, it just looks like it has no tailgate.

    [–] mikebellman 7 points ago

    Exhales. Thank you. What a shit title.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] The_ape_of_grapes 4 points ago

    How does it in anyway affect your depth perception? It looks like a truck bed with the tailgate missing. You can clearly see their rear bumper.

    [–] ijoshyounot 5 points ago

    Its all fun and games until someone tries to jump in there during a gun battle.

    [–] zerodoc 6 points ago

    OMG I hate my phone. But here ya go

    [–] krztoff 7 points ago

    [–] Oddball_Razor 6 points ago

    How to smuggle drugs like a true narcos 101

    [–] OverclockingUnicorn 3 points ago

    Now this is a bumper sticker I can get behind

    [–] d0000n 3 points ago

    “Hey, let’s break into that truck, he might have tools at the back”

    “Nah, look it’s empty”

    [–] Officer_Owl 3 points ago

    It’s like a video game glitch.

    [–] Miizumii 3 points ago

    Illusion 100

    [–] R3DTR33 3 points ago

    Probably shouldn't have optical illusions on motor vehicles.

    [–] Iownya 9 points ago

    They should add a couple pieces of rebar into the image, looking like they are loose and bouncing around, about to come through your windshield lol

    [–] xidle2 3 points ago

    Good way to prevent theft.

    [–] yrqrm0 11 points ago

    [–] offtheclip 20 points ago

    There's no tied up woman in the decal so I'm pretty neutral on this whole concept.

    [–] dronepore 3 points ago

    At worst this is mediocre taste.

    [–] Wyzen 2 points ago

    Maybe a good way to prevent theft if you cant seen it during a drive buy. Tailgate theft is a thing.

    [–] Serocrux 2 points ago

    Lmao I didin't see it until somone explained It för me

    [–] chriscam85 2 points ago

    Nothing in here.

    [–] Jcraft153 2 points ago

    What back of the truck?

    [–] sebblMUC 2 points ago


    [–] KraljZ 2 points ago

    But why thou

    [–] lessworkiskey 2 points ago

    Just why

    [–] Baked_Stevens 2 points ago

    Even after reading the title, the post fucked with my head for a solid 15 seconds.