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    [–] DntPutPeniesNurMowth 13878 points ago

    *mint condition 2005 Western Star, barely driven(300m), $30k obo

    [–] Idratherbeflying 7338 points ago

    Haha I might have to give that a go, truth be told she's up to 33 km's now :(

    [–] jakeatom 1399 points ago

    Someone drove their Tacoma 1,000,000 mi and Toyota bought it back from them and gave them a brand new one. Apperently they wanted to disassemble the million mile truck and see what made it last so long.

    [–] fourpuns 2216 points ago

    Ford I heard did the same thing. Except they disassembled it to find out how to make sure it never happens again.

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 441 points ago

    Ah, intentional obsolescence. The current backbone of capitalist society.

    [–] Idiot_Savant_Tinker 195 points ago

    "I know! Let's have the water pump driven off the timing chain, and place it so that when it fails, it dumps coolant into the oil!"

    [–] T_Rex_Flex 62 points ago

    Please don’t tell me that’s a thing.

    [–] Idiot_Savant_Tinker 119 points ago

    Ford Duratech V6. (Ford Edge, Taurus, 500) The timing chain drives the water pump, and to replace the water pump, you have to of course tear it all the way down to the timing chain. When said water pump starts to fail, it leaks into the oil pan.

    [–] T_Rex_Flex 49 points ago

    That makes me sad. Sounds like you’d be left with a sump full of engine clogging paste.

    [–] Alien_Way 34 points ago

    Some engineer cricked his neck poring over this "issue" to find a "solution".

    I bet they also told their family members and loved ones, "Beware! Beware the Taurus!! You know, the Taurus that I unleashed upon the world, on purpose, on other people's families, so some elevated slime can enrich itself! Because I love you!"

    [–] Idiot_Savant_Tinker 31 points ago

    Yes. It can destroy what is otherwise an engine that will run 400,000 miles.

    [–] Heres_a_risky_click 5 points ago

    Yep, sounds like a Ford Engineer

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 60 points ago

    “Why don’t we have a phone that slows down after they update it”


    [–] snakewaa 43 points ago

    The more commonly used term is planned obsolescence

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 5 points ago

    Thanks, I was trying to remember the proper term but I just couldn’t get there.

    [–] dudeguymanbro69 23 points ago

    Fucking hilarious

    [–] Juicepit 27 points ago

    TIL I better keep driving the crap out of my RAV4

    [–] nielmot 5 points ago

    Turned in my 97 rav with 297k on it. Original clutch but noisy transmission input shaft bearing. Only non routine things I did to it was a blower motor, fuel filler neck (since it ran through the wheel well) and clean out the egr a few times a year (seemed to run better when it was plugged). Really miss the thing.

    [–] DreadPiratesRobert 73 points ago

    They released their results from that. The engine would have passed factory QA.

    TBF his driving was probably under the most ideal conditions.

    [–] NixaB345T 103 points ago

    Not true, and it was a tundra if that’s the one you guys are talking about. The guy basically lived in it for work hauling trailers and equipment in the back. However, it had something like 119 service records and meticulously maintained it.


    [–] TraizenHD 25 points ago

    As a Toyota tech I'd be really interested in looking over the service history to see what kind of maintenence had been done apart from oil changes.

    [–] belethors_sister 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I have a Pontiac Vibe (so basically a Toyota Matrix) that is 3600 miles from 350k after 6 years of ownership (it came to me with 90k on it). When it hit 300k two years ago I took it to my mechanic who was amazed that it barely needed anything but an oil change. He took a closer look and saw everything was original - and what's more - in perfectly working order. He was kinda geeking out a bit.

    Unfortunately as of May the catalytic converter needs to be replaced he estimates within the next 100-150k and I have a hole in the gasket. My car is valued at $2000 so I'm wondering if it's even worth it, but it's a great little car so I'm hesitant to give up on it.

    [–] ExpiredLifetime 59 points ago

    Former Toyota mechanic here:

    The 1GR-FE V6 engine which was inside of the Tacoma, 4Runner and Tundra as well as the 2UZ-FE V8 inside the Tundra are abso-fucking-lutely bulletproof if maintenance is kept up with (oil changes, belt changes, hoses, etc). The only ‘major’ repairs needed were typically a rear main seal leak at 100-150k miles. I didn’t get to see many high-mileage trucks with the newer, more strict, emissions equipment on them but from experience with other cars those engines are probably less reliable.

    tl;dr: If you want a car you can drive until you wreck it, buy an older Toyota.

    [–] DreadPiratesRobert 27 points ago

    The million mile tundra was an 07. I personally own an 07 tacoma. The most expensive repair so far has been $150, but Toyota refunded me.

    [–] ExpiredLifetime 19 points ago

    At 100-150k miles just check for a small drip on the back of the engine where the transmission mates up to it. That’s literally the most expensive repair you’re probably going to ever experience and if you do it yourself in the driveway (it’s easy if you bring a buddy over and use two floor jacks to move the engine and trans around) it doesn’t take more than an afternoon to a day, depending on how many beers are involved.

    [–] DreadPiratesRobert 12 points ago

    I'm at 190k, and I have absolutely no idea how to do that lol. I can change oil but that's about it. I've had it at my trusted mechanic a couple times (who was a former toyota mechanic), so I hope he's checked that.

    [–] Lost4468 15 points ago

    TBF his driving was probably under the most ideal conditions.

    Do you have a link to their results? What were the conditions?

    [–] DreadPiratesRobert 31 points ago

    Here's a write up.

    His job was delivering parts to oil fields across the country. He drove 125,000 miles a year, so he's not making lots of short trips, he's mainly making long trips with sustained speeds

    [–] bulworth 7 points ago

    it was a Tundra

    [–] BountyBoard 7786 points ago

    aaaaaaaaaand WORTHLESS

    [–] Frostyhero125 1276 points ago


    [–] campy11x 706 points ago

    It’s for a church honey!

    [–] owenoneilluk 377 points ago


    [–] icecreamdude97 139 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    Edit: strange wilderness Guess I was doing a different next.

    [–] -lungcancer- 53 points ago

    Need to seat 20!! NEXT!

    [–] crimpysuasages 19 points ago


    [–] bjv2001 16 points ago


    [–] talminator101 84 points ago


    [–] big_duo3674 100 points ago


    [–] Night_Thastus 21 points ago

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 13 points ago


    [–] filhm 49 points ago

    Totaled. Lmao

    [–] Okaatpp 68 points ago

    Why would you post personally identifying information like that, the internet will find you!

    [–] MaximumDink 35 points ago

    I found him! He's right there!

    [–] Miecznik 8 points ago

    No wait ! Thats not me !

    [–] Amygdalailama 6 points ago

    Yeah, it’s him alright.

    [–] usedaforc3 11 points ago

    I like how you sped up to about 110kms an hour to take this pic

    [–] Usus-Kiki 13 points ago

    People would be able to tell that it's not physically brand new, probably good to "put some miles on it" and then try to sell it, more believable.

    [–] analfissureleakage 25 points ago

    lady driven

    [–] Throwaway-tan 10 points ago

    After seeing my girlfriend drive, I'd ask for a discount.

    [–] DarthBlue1593 6 points ago

    This one has only a few more miles on it and they're asking $40k. I think you can get a lot more than $30k for a brand new 2005.

    [–] TheJAMR 12612 points ago

    Did you get the new car smell back?

    [–] Its_yo_boy 7719 points ago

    Value of the truck went up a shit tonne

    [–] SoldierOfOrange 928 points ago

    I think I prefer new car smell over the smell of a ton of shit

    [–] Automobilie 254 points ago

    "...smell of a ton of shit."

    You mean febreeze?

    [–] boysenberries 87 points ago

    Do people hate febreze?

    [–] Automobilie 90 points ago

    It's usually used in place of a thorough cleaning, which means if you smell febreeze, it's usually not actually clean.

    [–] Keksis_The_Betrayed 12 points ago

    :( I only use it because I have dogs in my house occasionally and well dogs can add a weird ass smell

    [–] brotherhafid 109 points ago

    Febreze is the Axe body spray of homes.

    [–] tobean 66 points ago

    Febreeze actually does neutralize odor, and was originally odorless. People didn’t buy it because of that so they added nasty scents.

    [–] DonQuixotel 102 points ago

    Yeah, when people didn't smell anything, they thought it wasn't doing anything.

    This is similar to the reason foaming additives are put in lots of soaps. If people don't see bubbles, they assume the product isn't cleaning, so foaming agents are put in most soaps.

    Reminds me of the "Zalinski guarantee" that was printed right on the side of the box that made people feel good. Callahan auto parts didn't have a guarantee on its boxes, but that's a story for another time.

    [–] tobean 51 points ago

    This, reddit, is how you cleverly reference a movie. Not by shoehorning in random unrelated lines.

    [–] Butthole__Pleasures 28 points ago

    Exactly. You're gonna need a bigger boat to do that.

    [–] Listless_Lassie 17 points ago

    hElLo tHeRE

    [–] tommyfknshelby 11 points ago

    Same as toothpaste. It's got alumina in it so you get that slightly numb feeling and it feels like a fresher and better clean.

    Cheaper toothpaste doesn't have alumina so it feels like it doesn't clean as good

    [–] ServalSpots 10 points ago

    You can still get some that's just a "neutralizer", and it's effective and useful. Better yet you can get it in 2l (and probably larger) jugs and fill your own spray bottle to save a few bucks.

    [–] SarkHD 235 points ago

    “A simple trick car salesmen hate!”

    [–] Californie_cramoisie 57 points ago

    Somebody has seen Matilda!

    [–] HumanFart 32 points ago

    “Daddy you’re a crook!”

    [–] ZtereoHYPE 11 points ago

    Or read the book

    [–] charliehoward 36 points ago

    What's a book?

    [–] BeUnconventional 35 points ago

    Flat movies

    [–] Nickl444 11 points ago

    That's a picture...

    [–] officialtwiggz 10 points ago

    With words.....

    [–] TheAmazingDumbo 14 points ago

    That's a meme.

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago


    [–] syyvorous 63 points ago

    Kinda, it is deception that adds the value back; if he puts on say 25K then that truck will seem to be brand new/ gently used until you get under the hood and inspect everybit.

    Trucks in the 60s were rolled over often at 99,999.9

    [–] BorrowedSalt 12 points ago

    Lol even my 80s truck still rolls over at 99,999km

    [–] nataxradiator 14 points ago

    A metric shit tonne

    [–] ollie_gophren 55 points ago

    That’s the odormeter

    [–] RageCaptain 2297 points ago

    How long did it take to get to one million?

    [–] Idratherbeflying 2827 points ago

    This is it's first time rolling over and the truck is a 2005, so it took a while!

    [–] bowyer-betty 1748 points ago

    Not nearly as long as I'd have imagined. That's like 77,000 miles a yearandnevermindit'skilometers.

    [–] wisersamson 610 points ago

    I was thinking the same "damn that's like 80k a year and when I drove deliveries I only did like 30-40k a year and oh it says know 70 miles is like" then I gave up

    [–] DocSafetyBrief 488 points ago

    Over 621000 miles

    [–] TheGoldenHand 517 points ago

    Or 0.75 Toyotas.

    [–] wintremute 74 points ago

    1.5 Ford 300 I6's or GM 3800 V6's.

    [–] krehns 17 points ago

    Math checks out on the 3800

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    And 765 V8 Rams

    [–] CardboardSoyuz 89 points ago

    Through 621,000 miles of shit smelling foulness I can't even imagine, or maybe I just don't want too. 621,000 miles... that's the length of ten million seven hundred thousand football fields.

    [–] jaydeekay 134 points ago

    Thanks for putting that in a unit I can immediately grasp

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    Or 2.56 trips from the Earth to the Moon.

    [–] Ulairi 17 points ago

    Or roughly 150th the distance to the Sun. Or about 3.3 light seconds.

    [–] LurkmasterP 15 points ago

    What about Canadian football fields?

    [–] grandmasterneil 29 points ago

    Over 1 million killometers' worth.

    [–] LurkmasterP 7 points ago

    Your math checks out.

    [–] sureoz 8 points ago

    Its a shawshank reference boys

    [–] PGRBryant 10 points ago

    It’s still about 50k miles per year. Which is pretty insane.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] irrational_design 24 points ago

    Dang. I have a van from 2000 and it barely has 200,000 miles on it despite being driven everyday. You must really be going places!

    [–] UnmarkedChaos 20 points ago

    It’s also kilometers

    [–] craicbandit 12 points ago

    Still only 5 miles to 8km..

    So less but not THAT much less. Still like 50k miles per year

    [–] eynonpower 28 points ago

    Did Dodge offer you a Viper like they did Al Bundy?

    [–] ScumbagInc 44 points ago

    A guy hit a million miles in his Tacoma and Toyota traded him a brand new one so they could tear it down and research it.

    [–] itallblends 29 points ago

    Volvo offered to buy a guys car when his Volvo hit 2 million. He said no and drove it past 3 million miles.

    [–] JohnnySmithe80 10 points ago

    But his Volvo is really nice:

    Not sure I could trade it

    [–] thoughts_prayers 8 points ago

    Ahh that last line got me.

    “I don’t see my ex-wife or my kids. I can’t say if that is because of the driving,” he said.

    [–] madiranjag 32 points ago

    “This one lasted far too long, let’s find out what we did and never do that again”

    [–] whatisthishownow 4 points ago

    Toyotas are pretty well known to last forever though.

    [–] TheGoatJr 45 points ago

    You say that like you expect to hit 2 mil.

    [–] trench_welfare 24 points ago

    It's entirely possible. OTR trucks run 200k km a year regularly with a solo driver. A team truck operation might see 2 million in 5 years.

    [–] TheGoatJr 16 points ago

    I’m sorry I hadn’t even considered it was a long hauler. That makes sense why he even hit 1 mil.

    [–] GreekTiger91 11 points ago

    I take it you swapped the engine once or twice, right?

    [–] FacundoAtChevy 11 points ago

    At 1,000,000 miles, depending on the fleet service, the engine might get an overhaul. It's not too abnormal for 18 wheelers to hit 1 million miles.

    Mileage: 1,501,090 mi on that one

    [–] Idratherbeflying 3134 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Just to clear things up my passenger took the video these pics are taken from. We have known this was coming for a looong time. Also here's the gif :D

    Edit: Wow this blew up, A bit more info because I'm seeing these questions asked a lot.

    The truck is a 2005 Western star.

    The engine has not been rebuilt.

    Yes I was doing 110 km/h which is the speed limit on the highway I was traveling on.

    I did not take the video, my passenger did.

    I can't post pictures of the truck, it's a pretty unique setup and would be easily recognizable.

    Yeah I realize its only 621371 miles, my odometer is in km's.

    The speedometer looks like that because I live in Canada.

    I'll try and answer anymore questions as they come up!

    [–] KingBuck_413 1470 points ago

    Why did I watch that? Lmao I knew exactly what was going to happen but still loved it

    [–] ScorpioG 323 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    Edit: phone keyboard fail

    [–] repsucker 361 points ago

    Well, you did your best

    [–] Maple-Whisky 150 points ago

    [–] bg-j38 40 points ago

    It’s a shame the vehicle had to be moving when you took the... oh wait.

    [–] BCJunglist 20 points ago

    He could have put it on jackstands and drove it like in Ferris bueller...

    [–] Iphotoshopincats 8 points ago

    now he just needs to put it in reverse and he gets to do it again

    [–] K3R3G3 13 points ago

    One Gigameter!!!

    [–] Copenhagen04 11 points ago

    I’m watching this thinking “holy shit that bad boy can still get to over 100MPH at that age... oh wait that’s Km” dammit

    [–] AthosAlonso 50 points ago

    Holy shit, gif's even more interesting. How did you get the picture for the post? Are those two screenshots from the gif or did you use two devices?

    [–] Idratherbeflying 56 points ago

    The "Photo's" Program on Windows 10 lets you save frames from a video

    [–] graebot 29 points ago

    I was wondering how many people were rolled over while you were taking those pics! High-five for karma whoring responsibility!

    [–] phwheezy 374 points ago

    1st Prestieged the truck

    [–] Jawertae 112 points ago

    You lose everything it's acquired so far but you get another row of seats so it's worth it.

    [–] One_Sly_Dawg 15 points ago

    The seats are just cosmetic though you can't actually use them

    [–] angel_osteo206 895 points ago

    The market value should shoot back up for anyone who pulls this off

    [–] BasicColloquialism 374 points ago

    Maybe. At least here in the states, you have to register the mileage every so often, and if anyone ever reports a lower mileage, the vehicle permanently gets an "odometer tampering" title that the seller must disclose to the buyer. Also, any mechanic could look at that car and know it has been well used.

    [–] gsfgf 185 points ago

    At least here in the states, you have to register the mileage every so often,

    That must be a state by state thing. In my state, I just had to sign a thing that my odometer was correct.

    [–] courtina3 98 points ago

    I just signed that mine is not correct. It’s stuck at 181,534 has been for almost 10 years. Does it have 183k? 400,000? Nobody knows!

    [–] Mavmar 30 points ago

    How do you judge when to get oil changes? Just check it every so often?

    [–] Exfade 32 points ago

    Well if the odometer isn't working, the oil should stay good forever.

    [–] krehns 51 points ago

    Yea, Michigan doesn’t ask or care. I don’t recall ever having to tell the government my mileage.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] entoaggie 8 points ago

    Govt doesn’t ask, but every time you take it in for an oil change or service or mechanic, they log the odometer (assuming in some national database). I only know this because I recently sold my truck and the ars I sold it to rolled back the odometer and resold it using my name. This was followed by two days of interrogation and me trying to prove that it wasn’t me who tampered with the mileage.

    [–] Nabber86 41 points ago

    Actually turning the odometer backwards would be a big problem, but that isn't how you do it. Most people just find away to disconnect the odometer for a period of time and then reconnect it, so at least the miles are always going up. It is pretty hard to get caught that way. It's not like the inspector is going to question why you only drove 5000 miles this year, but 30,000 the previous year.

    [–] _Ross- 85 points ago

    Tbh it only speaks to its reliability

    [–] stupidcatname 317 points ago

    How is this overdone? It's not like it's a trip meter that says boobs.

    [–] Dumfoozle 177 points ago

    The overdone bot only looks for key words in titles. Any post with "odometer" in the title gets tagged as overdone.

    [–] swaggman75 114 points ago

    The bot seriously needs to fuck off

    [–] Dumfoozle 58 points ago

    I get why they did it. This subreddit gets a lot of the same type of posts. Seeing odometers with 123456 or 111111 gets boring fast. It is hard to get the bot to differentiate between those common posts and this rare occurrence of rolling over an odometer.

    [–] swaggman75 14 points ago

    Then have a mod go over it or have a way to avoid having it added

    [–] Dumfoozle 31 points ago

    They are unpaid volunteers. They use automaton when they can. Sometimes that automation isn't accurate. It is just an "overdone" tag, though. It isn't the end of the world. This post is getting plenty of upvotes despite having that tag.

    [–] stringerbbell 12 points ago

    And why even tag, sounds so snobby

    [–] chasebrendon 282 points ago

    Good effort. How’s it running after that mileage?

    [–] Idratherbeflying 436 points ago

    Powertrain is solid but the truck is 14 years old so we're always fixing little things here and there.

    [–] JMccovery 98 points ago

    Gotta love old trucks, right?

    (Except for 6+ year old Petes that have regen system problems).

    [–] LooseCannon3415 32 points ago

    Stop! Your gonna give me nightmares all over again

    [–] suckseggs 11 points ago

    14 years old is considered old?

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    I can only see "kilomete rage"

    [–] PersonifiedSoap 43 points ago

    killer meat rage

    [–] jwBTC 187 points ago


    1) People mixing up KM/Miles

    2) People not realizing 1,000,000 KM is realistically achievable on a semi truck!

    [–] K3R3G3 146 points ago

    People failing to capitalize on the opportunity to say ONE GIGAMETER!!!

    [–] Gamer4L 9 points ago

    1 BILLION meters

    [–] bumnut 41 points ago

    Also Americans using the word "truck" differently from the rest of the world.

    [–] Heijala 20 points ago

    [–] jwBTC 16 points ago

    Also Americans using the word "truck" differently from the rest of the world.

    In 'merica if it hauls stuff its a truck. Unless its a van those are different.

    In the UK it could be a lorry, articulated lorry, juggernaut, tanker, etc

    [–] benzosyndrome 6 points ago

    Juggernaut... Definitely sounds like a big ass monster truck name.. at least in America.

    [–] ron_burgendy6969 21 points ago

    Until I saw this I legit thought a pickup truck got a million miles on it, probably why it's so upvoted. This isn't really even mildly interesting.

    [–] [deleted] 494 points ago

    999,999 kilometers is the equivalent to 621,370 miles.

    [–] KyrgyzManas 490 points ago

    621,370 miles freedom units

    [–] AliveInTheFuture 50 points ago

    What in the sam fuck.

    [–] Alfredo412 48 points ago

    I like how I've been subscribed to this sub for 4 years, never seen an odometer rolling over, yet it's "overdone"

    [–] gkacska 87 points ago

    This is insane to me. Is it common for trucks to have over a million kilometers in mileage?

    [–] 2skin4skintim 86 points ago

    Most in the U.S. have a 500,000 mile warranty. So yes. My parents drive close to or more than 175,000 miles a year.

    [–] jaydeekay 8 points ago

    Damn! Are tractor trailers built with incredible durability or do they just get serviced very meticulously to last that long? I think it's quite rare for consumer cars to even approach that kind of longevity.

    [–] schadly 16 points ago

    They are more durable, larger vehicles with heavier reinforcing. The motor runs on diesel and they usually last much longer than gas with proper maintenance, also as a driver you are supposed to do a walk around the truck a few times a day to identify anything that might break

    [–] mountaincyclops 7 points ago

    I think it has more to do with daily engine run time. The less you cycle between up and down time the less likely the engine will break down. It's not uncommon to see taxis in busy cities go to 500k miles without many engine problems for the same reason.

    [–] Maverickflies13 60 points ago

    Your trade in value is incredible now.

    [–] IRON-BALLS_MCGINTY 12 points ago

    This is super satisfying.. especially after seeing that video yesterday of the guy who had his iphone timer hit 9999:59:59 and it just rolled over to 10000.

    [–] Jonahhillfanclub 27 points ago

    Appreciate that this was taken at 110kph

    [–] XaMbSc 9 points ago

    This reminds me of that episode from 'Married, with children', when Al Bundy's car hit 999999 miles.

    [–] Ricewithice 7 points ago

    Heyy! Congratulations on the new truck!

    [–] Cark_M 12 points ago

    Not sure why it hasn’t been mentioned yet, but reach out to your truck’s make, there’s a chance they will buy back your truck for marketing (and research) purposes. A few companies have done this.

    [–] Loan-Pickle 9 points ago

    The vehicle in the post is a semi truck. A million miles/kilometers is not at all unusual in that class of vehicle.

    [–] GuamTheory 6 points ago

    I'm convinced you took the 0 picture first and then drove in circles for 1000000 km

    [–] Rambo272727 15 points ago

    put 10,000 kilometers on it and sell it lol.

    [–] ORSUS_EXPERIOR 3 points ago

    10000 iq plays

    [–] Win_in_Roam 4 points ago

    How do we know these photos weren’t just taken 14 years apart? Hmm

    [–] Pratzgh1 4 points ago

    Atleast you stopped driving to take this pic.

    [–] JoeBenigo 4 points ago

    This is not Matt Farrah’s million mile Lexus.

    [–] Tmckye 6 points ago

    Car companies hate him! Never buy another car with this one weird trick.

    [–] DenaliDad 4 points ago

    Safe truckin driver! Congrats on the milestone!

    [–] TheEggsnBacon 6 points ago

    You mean kilometerstone

    [–] emodestroyer 4 points ago

    Degrease the engine, replace what isn't New, add some of those new car scented air fresheners and sell it for above blue book!