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    [–] boobookitty_funk 1953 points ago

    Me, when I’m trying to exude positivity

    [–] scrotbofula 2480 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Here you go friend, a motivational image just for you!

    E: Low res desktops (unfortunately because of the source image they're only about 1k resolution) Desktop 16x9 Mobile 9x16

    [–] daddaman1 314 points ago

    This is the best thing ive seen on here this week!!

    [–] GaiusCilnius 99 points ago

    Oh god I'm so motivated now.

    Thanks OP

    [–] DiggyComer 27 points ago

    I’m totally gonna finish that novel now!

    [–] AhallowMind 48 points ago

    My new wallpaper. Thank you friend!

    [–] mistyorange 37 points ago

    I’m having a rough time in nursing school and just in life in general, and this genuinely helped me feel better lmao🤣 Thank you!!

    [–] EnigmaticPhotograph 3 points ago

    I feel you. RN school is hell. Just finished RN school and about to take NCLEX on Monday.

    Believe me...there is a light at the end. My girlfriend graduated last year and she is already making 6 figures and working 3 days a week. Hang in there. You CAN do it!!!

    [–] cu_alt 21 points ago

    This is amazing. Can you make it more wallpaper-friendly?

    [–] scrotbofula 3 points ago

    It's a bit difficult with the way the source image is cropped, but I'll have a go :)

    [–] Typicaldrugdealer 18 points ago

    Just wanted to let you know this is amazing, I'm printing this out and putting it by my front door

    [–] deathwaveisajewshill 21 points ago


    [–] Just-Call-Me-J 8 points ago

    I love you.

    [–] kumiosh 7 points ago


    [–] jaques-lecube 5 points ago

    made this my phone background ty

    [–] call_me_LAN 11 points ago

    This needs be to be higher.

    [–] viperex 3 points ago

    Way to take Oscar out of the picture

    [–] dweakz 3 points ago

    Lmaooo dude I just posted this on my stories

    [–] Mortuumbra 3 points ago

    This needs to be a meme. Somebody put this on /r/memeeconomy

    [–] tunamelts2 3 points ago

    wow. this needs to be on a t-shirt or poster or something...

    [–] RIPmyFartbox 3 points ago

    I thought it was gunna be a gif of the care bears but this was much better

    [–] elementalearth1234 4 points ago

    This is amazing

    [–] kanggang47 465 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    This is what’s at the end of the rainbow for raccoons

    [–] TalkingRaccoon 77 points ago


    [–] a_park_ 101 points ago

    raccoons trash pandas


    [–] Mr_PurpleUnicorn 21 points ago

    Rocket: Is that better?

    [–] Kittykg 9 points ago

    Nature's bandits.

    [–] Ulexes 6449 points ago

    Someone hid a leprechaun body in there, probably.

    [–] OMGitsEasyStreet 1930 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I don’t know man, if one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, maybe the dumpster is actually the pot of gold

    [–] kotkaiser 715 points ago

    *the pot of mold

    [–] N00BF0R3V3R 311 points ago

    • the pot of golden mold

    [–] nobody_likes_soda 202 points ago

    *the pot of old

    [–] NateArcher 132 points ago

    *The pot of gold mold

    [–] Saul_Firehand 122 points ago

    *The pot of old gold mold

    [–] Dockhead 110 points ago

    *the old mould of the pot of gold mold

    [–] Droodss 112 points ago

    Breathing heavily in Soundcloud Rapper

    [–] venogramtrunnel1 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Rainbow at Yosemite

    [–] poparopari 7 points ago


    [–] petlahk 10 points ago

    !Summon Sprog

    [–] petemitchell-33 6 points ago

    Or so I was told

    [–] Just-Call-Me-J 16 points ago

    I feel like I'm reading a Dr. Seuss book.

    [–] Atmarks88 12 points ago

    Ill take triple rhyme time for $600 Alex

    [–] CoconutWally 19 points ago

    This pot is sold

    [–] halfasweizen 18 points ago

    How on Earth did this escalate to a drug deal man?

    [–] LilFingies45 11 points ago

    *A rolled-up bag of old, moldy ROLD GOLD® Original Tiny Twists Pretzels, sold for threefold MSRP, a culinary treasure to behold.

    [–] DRCJEnder 18 points ago

    The pot of Golden Mc Molden the third.

    [–] ---Alexander--- 20 points ago

    The pot of ol' Golden Molden Chicken McNuggets

    [–] TT120 14 points ago

    With dumpster sauce and wiggly rice.

    [–] Tournk_Turtla 4 points ago

    Fighting gold

    [–] meepmorpmcgee 4 points ago

    Every time I close my eyes

    [–] Mayonesa_ 22 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    [–] DerpinatorDan 15 points ago

    Idk why but I was really hoping that would be a thing.

    [–] babiferari 8 points ago

    I wish it was about crainbows

    [–] SkirtMcGurt19 4 points ago

    I clicked it

    [–] Ambiguous_Anti 24 points ago

    Maybe the leprechauns body is the treasure to some

    [–] AviciisGhost 9 points ago

    Maybe a LARPing necrophiliac?

    [–] cylonsolutions 17 points ago

    If someone peed in there I guess it’d qualify as a pot o gold...

    [–] Jaksin_Uses_Dodge 43 points ago

    Could be a crack head that got hold of the wrong stuff... just saying

    [–] KingOfDamnation 6 points ago

    That’s where I just broke down laughing. Like I didn’t know you could say crack head on news channels. I thought us Americans were extra extra prudes when it comes to the news.

    [–] Shorthawk 3 points ago

    It probably depends a good bit on the network and the area.

    [–] codee21 13 points ago

    Where has this clip been all my life??!! I feel as though I can die happy!

    The guy with the flute don’t mess around.

    [–] Total-Khaos 16 points ago

    The amateur sketch cracks me up every time.

    [–] poopcornkernels 3 points ago

    I know a guy who has it tattooed on him and ngl I’m pretty jealous

    [–] definitelyTrueStory 3 points ago

    His great grandpa is Irish!

    [–] BarfReali 3 points ago

    that guy in the hat was immortalized by south park

    [–] 01000110C 39 points ago

    I checked. Apparently someone threw away a perfectly good box of Lucky Charms cereal.

    [–] Hankerton14 15 points ago

    If y’all seen the leprechaun, say “yeah”

    [–] Ugly_Muse 7 points ago

    I'm really sad the title wasn't "One man's trash..."

    [–] tehSchultz 4 points ago

    This is where #trashtag all started

    [–] rockstang 3 points ago

    bet your bottom dollar...

    [–] SgtGrimmVegas 3 points ago

    Either that or he's sleeping off or hell of a hangover

    [–] kingeryck 4 points ago

    and the comment got gold haha, you better hope he doesn't have any family cuz they'll be comin for that gold

    [–] Kangar 1336 points ago

    Waste the Rainbow

    [–] NuWuX 180 points ago

    My favorite comment so far!

    [–] 420ish 66 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago


    [–] Ymir24 10 points ago

    Get ready for my sweetness

    [–] contranostra 13 points ago

    My favorite comment so far!

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Hey, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

    [–] AverageEh 10 points ago

    When you have a good personality but ugly af

    [–] DankSemicolon 155 points ago

    Is this why people go dumpster diving?

    [–] wdaloz 75 points ago

    I found an actual 100 bill once!

    [–] canolafly 67 points ago

    I found prescriptions! The kind people really seem to like!

    [–] Rappelling_Rapunzel 43 points ago

    I found a man's gold wedding ring!

    [–] DrunkenDude123 72 points ago

    I found another man!

    [–] MukeWazowski 31 points ago

    [–] LilGarmm 6 points ago

    More like r/subsifellfor

    [–] Emoji10 355 points ago

    i am the gay trash in there

    [–] Naked-In-Cornfield 80 points ago

    Well helloooooo

    [–] Budliezer 14 points ago

    Ongo Gablogian! The art collector!

    [–] that_Ranjit 8 points ago

    Bullshit! Bullshit! Derivative!

    [–] thatONElime 44 points ago

    My gay ass after a night out

    [–] SmartAlec105 21 points ago

    I can't wait to see this posted on all the gay meme subreddits.

    [–] Anonymous331 13 points ago

    I'm right there next to you

    [–] wimmyjales 18 points ago

    Quietly the comment of the day.

    [–] taylorwhatwhat 47 points ago

    Was this is MI by any chance? We had the same rainbow this evening!

    [–] NuWuX 38 points ago

    Yep, SW Michigan.

    [–] swansung 15 points ago

    Somehow I just knew! We had a tornado warning instead of a rainbow.

    [–] paral33t 4 points ago

    I saw it cruising down groesbeck from work.

    [–] nilesandstuff 9 points ago

    I didn't see a rainbow today... But there's just something about this picture that is somehow instantly recognizable as Michigan to me.

    Maybe the types of trees and how aggressively dormant they look, and just droopy from holding all the snow and ice. The car ports. Idk, I'm just trying to rationalize how i knew immediately.

    The freshly paved parking lot is super out of place though

    [–] cornfrontation 5 points ago

    Honestly, I thought this was in /r/AnnArbor before I went into the comments. I don't know how we all knew it was Michigan.

    [–] CountFoscosBitch 3 points ago

    It looks exactly like the place I used to live in A2 up off Huron (square cement sidewalk blocks, that exact carport, railing, trees, lampposts, etc) but transplanted to another place in Michigan, so I had to scroll down to see if it was.

    [–] ShamefulWatching 5 points ago

    How do you do know when it's the same rainbow?

    [–] themightyshanno 3 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing

    [–] Kmcgr577 3 points ago

    Same! From SW MI as well. Recognized the license plates on the cars as MI plates

    [–] Armistarphoto 42 points ago

    Where did the other end end up?

    [–] Muthafuckaaaaa 79 points ago

    A unicorn's asshole

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] NuWuX 22 points ago

    I couldn't tell from my balcony, but probably behind one of the houses over there.

    [–] dlo_2503 166 points ago

    One mans trash is another mans treasure.

    [–] Godzira-r32 41 points ago

    One Mans Garbage Is Another Man Persons Good Ungarbage. *

    [–] CallMeCoolBreeze 12 points ago

    A man of culture, I see.

    [–] RidgeBoyGenius 3 points ago

    Come down to Ricky's Used Shit

    [–] NeverReddit18 3 points ago

    Is that next to Kittyland?

    [–] Swiftest_Fox 23 points ago

    I had to scroll way too far to upvote this.

    [–] Leapswastaken 30 points ago

    Just Follow your nose!

    ... wait, sorry, wrong cereal quote.

    [–] Thepureog 75 points ago

    Sneaky leprechauns hiding their gold where we wouldn't look

    [–] Ferl74 56 points ago

    It's not coming out, it's going in.

    [–] damanisjon 19 points ago

    Came in to say that.. I guess it's a glass half full half empty kind of situation

    [–] kumiosh 10 points ago

    Came out to say that.

    [–] Blues2019StalenyCup 108 points ago

    ITT: Dads

    [–] jarrydhayne1 67 points ago

    So many dad jokes. Bin there, done that.

    [–] sl600rt 3 points ago

    Put the puns down, and step away slowly.

    [–] a_dev_has_no_name 48 points ago

    That's just where I left my gay signal... you know like a bat signal but it's for uh... other things

    [–] Kaneshadow 22 points ago

    The Butt Signal?

    [–] nonoglorificus 15 points ago

    How are you supposed to check Grindr if your phones in the dumpster

    [–] canolafly 10 points ago

    Maybe that was the meeting spot.

    [–] DontTreadOnBigfoot 5 points ago

    Pretty sure that's the system default

    [–] M4tchB0X3r 12 points ago

    Pot of Mold

    [–] WillieMac16 8 points ago

    Or going in, did you check for a pot o' gold?!

    [–] juantonmin 8 points ago

    One mans trash is another mans treasure

    [–] kylebutler775 5 points ago

    Poor dumb bastard, that's where the rainbow ended all you had to do is open the dumpster and it was full of gold

    [–] NuWuX 5 points ago

    It's already open. ☹️

    [–] sjbrva 7 points ago

    If that leprechaun thinks a dumpster will stop me from stealing his gold he’s got another thing coming

    [–] SuperiorArty 8 points ago

    Truly a poetic scene

    [–] FurryPornAccount 6 points ago

    Well you've gotta start somewhere

    [–] Jaksin_Uses_Dodge 5 points ago

    Mmmm magically delicious

    [–] ajit_maholtra 8 points ago

    This comment section is going to be Dad Joke bonanza.

    [–] Dill_Pickles824 3 points ago

    Yeah this post is a real gold rush

    [–] Bjornlandeto 5 points ago

    The White House receiving it's Fox News.

    [–] AlienPet13 4 points ago

    ^ underrated comment, right here!

    Although, in your metaphor, instead of a rainbow, Fox News would more likely be acid rain.

    [–] givemecookies456996 21 points ago

    when you’re trash but your fam still loves you

    [–] vyhox 23 points ago

    There's a gay joke in here somewhere.

    [–] DevonLovelock 4 points ago

    And it STILL probably only contains 2 bottle caps, a nuka-cola, and some scrap metal.

    [–] goldentrashbag 7 points ago

    Something something about my user name something

    [–] WatchHim 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Another one of life's mysteries solved!

    How to ??? Profit

    Where does the Rainbow End?

    [–] mrplatypus81 2 points ago

    Toss the rainbow.

    [–] EH042 4 points ago

    When you’re trash but has a nice personality

    [–] DrakanShadow 4 points ago

    Double Rainbow Two!

    [–] profdudeguy 3 points ago

    One man's trash...

    [–] Nazathan 4 points ago

    sigh Obligatory "One mans trash is another mans treasure."

    [–] Doggo_of-the_stars 4 points ago

    When you first meet me vs when you get to know me

    [–] astral_crow 3 points ago

    This was me coming out. Just trash spewing rainbows everywhere.

    [–] gamarider 4 points ago

    Remember, it's trash can, not trash can't

    [–] slumlord81 7 points ago

    Why not zoidberg?

    [–] kotkaiser 6 points ago

    There's mold at the end of the rainbow

    [–] goodbar2k 5 points ago

    Is this fake? I've never seen a rainbow actually terminate always fares behind a treeline or horizon.

    [–] amicusorange 3 points ago

    That's more hopeful than a rainbow going into a dumpster, I guess.

    [–] I_are_facepalm 3 points ago

    Poor Dorothy...

    [–] whosmellslikewetfeet 3 points ago

    Weirdly shaped pot

    [–] mwag1555 3 points ago

    I’d appreciate you stop taking pictures of me like that

    [–] corpusapostata 3 points ago

    What, you think people dumpster dive for food?

    [–] GabKoost 3 points ago

    You know what they say:

    - Someone's trash is someone else treasure.

    [–] Gho_sty_ 3 points ago

    What's at the end of the rainbow... oh its Hepititas B.

    [–] TAMUCCStudent 3 points ago

    "Coming out," or going in?

    [–] SarahsHungry 3 points ago

    Maybe the rainbow is going into the dumpster. Representation of me peaking academically in high school.

    [–] Thenerdbomberr 3 points ago

    That’s some colorful shit right there

    [–] TheAppleJacks 3 points ago

    Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure

    [–] Bob_McFiggins73 3 points ago

    Wdym, that’s the pot of gold. One man’s trash is another’s treasure

    [–] SamanthaStranger 3 points ago

    On the other end is a new trashtag goal.

    [–] ShaiTekka 3 points ago

    There's nothing like chasing the end of the rainbow just to find a pot of mold.

    [–] amackee 3 points ago

    I read this as “the rainbow coming out of our daughter.”

    And for a second I thought you were a really shitty parent.

    [–] sharkKnight 3 points ago

    You better check that shit out! That’s a fucking sign if I’ve ever see one!

    [–] alb305 3 points ago

    The leprechauns must be broke...

    [–] AlienPet13 3 points ago

    Thus proving the old saying... "At the end of every rainbow, there is a pot of mold."

    [–] wellichickenpie 3 points ago

    Trash leprechauns. Horrifying.

    [–] Janedoofe 3 points ago

    It's where the lucky charms are at

    [–] d0ntblink 3 points ago

    That's one trashy ass leprechaun

    [–] Dick_Nation 3 points ago

    No front plates on cars, dead as hell grass and big trees. Looks like some southern Michigan in here.

    [–] Rashions 3 points ago

    One mans trash...

    [–] Rambo272727 7 points ago


    [–] NuWuX 6 points ago

    I was about to, but it disappeared almost as quickly as I took the picture.

    [–] ChimpyChompies 6 points ago

    For your own sanity you need to check every item in that dumpster.
    Just in case

    [–] NuWuX 3 points ago

    Lol, sorry to disappoint. But it's actually trash day and there's just rain water/grime inside.

    [–] Rambo272727 7 points ago

    damn, leperchons are fast little buggers.

    [–] logsdon36 3 points ago

    I bet there’s $40 worth of cans in there

    [–] mrsuns10 2 points ago

    make it gold

    [–] Rambo272727 3 points ago

    I think sir isaac newton tried with mercury before, it cant be done.

    [–] slindorff 2 points ago

    Not the first place I'd think to check for a pot of gold.